Artist and Computer
Edited by Ruth Leavitt
published 1976

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Table of Contents

Title Page
Ann H. Murray
Robert Mallary
Aldo Giorgini
Aaron Marcus
Colette and Charles Bangert
Ben F. Laposky
Leslie Mezei
Tony Longson
Peter Struycken
Edward Ihnatowicz
Vera Molnar
Laurence Press
Manuel Barbadillo
Patsy Scala
William J. Kolomyjec
Edward Zajec
Edward Manning
Duane M. Palyka
Kenneth Knowlton
Joseph Scala
Karen E. Huff
Miljenenko Horvat
John Whitney
Herbert W. Franke
Charles Csuri
Christopher William Tyler
Manfred Mohr
Ruth Leavitt
Kurt F. Lauckner
Vicky Chaet
Lillian Schwartz
Larry Elin
Hiroshi Kawano
Roger Vilder
Jacques Palumbo
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