Arabesque by John Whitney
Arabesque by John Whitney
Papillions by Lillian Schwartz
Frames from film "Papillon" copyright © 1973/2004 Lillian F. Schwartz courtesy of the Lillian Feldman Schwartz Collection, Ohio State University Library and Foundation. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.


Imagine a museum gallery.

There, hanging side by side are a Rembrandt and a Fortran. Fortran?

A new artist?

No, a computer language.

Possible? Not really.

No computer will ever take the place of an artist.

But many artists are discovering computers as a new means of self-expression.

Some use computers as a medium to create finished pieces of art, while others explore new art forms, using the computer as an idea machine.

With more than 160 illustrations, this volume introduces 35 computer artists, each of whom has written a chapter describing their use of a computer to make artistic vision a reality.

ISBN : 0-517-527359

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