I have no particular theory or philosophy about my work. I try to do what I like and what I am able to do—technically speaking. So I will just try to answer your questions as sincerely as I can.

"How/why did you become involved with the computer (in producing art)?"

It was available—or almost—so I tried it and liked it.

"What is your art background?"

I am a painter since mid-fifties.

"What role does the computer play for you ... simulation, tool, etc.? What is your role?"

Extremely fast executing tool.

"Are your computer works related to non-computer art?"

It's not related or very slightly.

"Do you have a final image in mind when work begins?"

Yes, but not always a very clear one.

"Could your work be done without the aid of a computer? If yes, why use the computer?"

Of course it could be done without a computer. But to produce the same amount of work, it would take a couple of thousand times more in time and energy than I can afford.

"To what extent are you involved in the technical production of your work, for example, in programming?"

I work closely with Serge Poulard, an excellent programmer.

"Do you feel art work created with a computer has now or will have an impact on art as a whole in the future?"

It has very little impact now on art as a whole; I hope the impact will grow in the future.

"Do you intend to continue using the computer to create art pieces?"


"Do you recommend the use of the computer for others in creating works of art?"

Yes, but only if the use of the computer is justified by creative needs or sensibility of a particular artist.

Montreal, Canada
October 1975


'ERATOS', electrostatic point printer drawing.
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