The Epson Connection: Atari XE/XL
by Leigh Edward Zeitz, published 1986

Book cover

Title Page & Copyright
Dedication and Acknowledgements
Preface to the Epson Library
Using the Programs in This Book
Chapter 1: This is Your Epson Printer
Chapter 2: This is Your Atari Computer
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Epson Printer and Atari Computer
Chapter 4: Making Your Epson Printer Jump Through Hoops
Chapter 5: Word Processing Applications for the Household
Chapter 6: Computing in the Kitchen
Chapter 7: Home Finances on the Epson Printer
Chapter 8: Getting Better Grades on Your Reports Using Your Epson Printer
Chapter 9: Improving Test Scores with the Computer
Chapter 10: Programming Applications for Your Epson Printer
Chapter 11: Writing with the Epson Printer
Chapter 12: Spreadsheets and Your Epson Printer
Chapter 13: Telecomputing and Your Epson Printer
Appendix A: ASCII Code
Appendix B: Epson Printer Control Codes
Appendix C: Epson Printer Specifications

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