Using the Programs in This Book

This book includes some BASIC programs designed to help you get the most out of your Epson printer and Atari computer. BASIC may not be the programming language of choice by professional programmers, but it came free with your Atari computer and a price like that's tough to beat. If you prefer working in another language, you're welcome to use these programs as models and translate them into your favorite working medium.
        These programs were purposely kept simple. They are quite functional in achieving their goals, but many of the "bells and whistles" were eliminated so they may demonstrate the capabilities of your computer system without requiring you to type volumes of code. I hope you will modify and improve them to fit your specific needs.
        Every program over ten lines has a line that reads:

        10 REM SAVE "Dl:program name"

        This is meant to save you time while typing in programs. You should save your programs often when you are typing them into your computer. This will help guard against losing the information you have so carefully input. When you want to save your programs as you're inputting it, type LIST 10 <RETURN>. Line 10 will appear. Press the Up Arrow three times and then the space bar six times. This will leave SAVE "D1:program name" on the screen. Press RETURN and your file will be saved to diskette. No muss, no fuss. It ensures that you save the file to the same name every time. It's a life saver late at night when you're eyes are closing but your fingers are still pounding.
        The most important point of all is to have fun while you are typing and using these programs. If it turns into drudgery, stop for a while and return after you've played a few action games on your Atari Computer.

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