The Best of Creative Computing Volume 3
Edited by David Ahl and Burchenal Green, published 1980

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Preface by Burchenal Green
Table of Contents


Technology - Present and Future
Trends Into the Future by Stephen B. Gray
EFTS: Living is Better Electronically Or IS IT? by Deanna J. Dragunas
The World In Your Own Notebook by John Lees
Eeny, Meeny, Micro And More by Alan B. Salisbury
The Pocket Computer is (Almost) Here by Richard A. Ahern
Microprocessors: A Primer by Theodore J. Cohen, PhD

Public Access
Coin-in-the-Slot Computing at a Public Library by Harold M. Shair
Computer Power to the People! by David H. Ahl
A Dream for Irving Snerd by Ted Nelson
It's Time For A National Computer Club by Rich Kuzmack
The Microcomputer Inflicts "Future Shock" on Technical Education by Richard Vuillequez

Computers in Education
Interactive Computing in Secondary Schools in France by Robert S. McLean
A Microcomputer Software Course by Joseph C. Williams, David S. Yaney, Robert K. MacCrone
Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon Univ. by Susan Hastings
Final Exams -- Let the Computer Write Them by Bernard Eisenberg
Computational Unsolvability by Lynn Arthur Steen
State-of-the-Art vs. Compatibility by David H. Ahl

Languages and Programming Theory
Something is Missing by Craig A. Finseth
Programming Techniques: File Structures by John Lees
PILOT by Gregory Yob
Be Careful of RFI and TVI From Your CPU
Ten Ways to Spot a Computer Expert by Chuck McMichael
A Taste of APL by Craig A. Finseth
ARTSPEAK -- A Computer Language For Young At Heart And The Art Lover by Jehosua Friedmann

Computers in Medicine and Science
A New Generation of Biomedical Instruments by John M. Brus
The Miraculous Medical Microprocessor: A Look Into the Future by Pamela Weintraub
Computerized Robots: A Step Into The Future for Hospitals by Susan Trout Armstrong
Computer Correction of Optical Illusions by David A. Smith
Brown Scientists Peer Into Fourth Dimension by Curt Norris
An Inexpensive Reading Machine For The Blind by John M. Brus
Medical Computerized Data Bases by Susan Hastings
The Placebo and the Computer -- Unexpected Antagonists

Computers in Music
Music Dream Machines: New Realities for Computer-Based Musical Instruction by Fred T. Hofstetter
Interactive Woman-Machine Improvisations or Live Computer-Music, Performed by Dance
New Horizons for Microcomputer Music by Malcolm Wright
Bottom-Up Bizet: Reflections on Implementing Release 234.5 of The Pearl Fishers by Robert P. Taylor
The Digital Computer: Orchestra or Composer's Assistant? by Arthur Layzer
The Transposition and Composition of Music by Computer by David B. Shmoys

All by Ahl
Saga of a System by David H. Ahl
The First West Coast Computer Faire by David H. Ahl
Gamboling in Atlantic City by David H. Ahl
Some Tips On Using A TV Set For Computer Output by David H. Ahl


The Land of Halco by Frank B. Rowlett, Jr.
Them Hobbyists by Jim Dunion
Computer Control by Michale R. Vitale
How I Installed a Yellow Computer and Saved 50 Cents a Week by Alex Ragen
Edu-Man Meets Pseudo Hero by David H. Ahl
Edu-Man Meets the Rumor Mongers by David H. Ahl
The Lighter Side of Robots
The Lighter Side of Computer Dating
Nords by Sunstone Graphics
Glorobots by Gloria Maxson
The Floating Point Solution by Robert P. Taylor, Esq.
Ohms 'n' Wrigley by Ned Sonntag
Glittering Skyline of Marsport by Ned Sonntag
Intergalactic Incident by Ned Sonntag
The Memory Club by Ned Sonntag
Out of the Mouths of Babes by Eve R. Wirth
Still a Few Bugs in the System


Compleat Computer Catalogue
So What's the Bad Word?
A Tragedy of Errors by Susan Hastings
The Computer Tree by Management Information Corp.
World Model Bibliography
Computer Music Bibliography by John Snell
Electronic and Computer Music
The Digital Computer: Orchestra or Composer's Assistant? by Arthur Layzer

Quizzes and Questionnaires
Computer History Trivia Quiz by Edward Pasahow
Does This Question Apply to You? by Adam Yarmolinsky
The Future of Computing by Craig Johnson, The DaVinci Group
The Case of the Reader Uncovered, or The Clue From the 41 Square Boxes by Burchenal Green
Computer History Trivia Quiz
Comp Sci Serenade by Terry Bollinger, The Watt Five
Why I Did It by Robert Elliott Purser
S-100 Bus Compatible Computer Kits by Robert Elliott Purser


Puzzles & Problems
Puzzles & Problems, Computer Recreations, Thinkers' Corner by various authors
Maze by Gary D. Sasaki
How Late Can You Sleep in the Morning? by David H. Ahl

For the Calculator
A Picture in 20 Lines by E. Young
Birthday Plots

Problem Solving and Programming Techniques
Complex Problem-Solving Experience for Undergraduates via Computer Technology by Michael Szabo, Ph.D., Thomas Rhodes
Learning by Doing by Fred Gruenberger
Algorithmic BASIC by Tom Allen
Shuffling by John Jaworski
A Crooked Shuffle: A Case Study in Bebugging the Programmer by Alan Filipski
Shuffling Revisited
Grid Addressing by Gerard Akkerhuis
J, J, J & T!
Find the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States
Thinking Strategies with the Computer: Inference by Donald T. Piele, Larry E. Wood
Thinking Strategies with the Computer: Working Backward by Donald T. Piele, Larry E. Wood
Thinking Strategies with the Computer: Subgoals by Donald T. Piele, Larry E. Wood
Railroad Talk by Tom Korb
Thinking Strategies with the Computer: Trial-and-Error by Donald T. Piele, Larry E. Wood
Thinking Strategies with the Computer: Contradiction by Donald T. Piele, Larry E. Wood

Computer Aided Instruction
CAI: Mathematics Drill and Practice by David H. Ahl
CAI: Structuring the Lesson to the Student by David H. Ahl
cosmic rays are bombarding my body by Peter Payack
Friend by Edward Stewart
CAI: Further Considerations for Presenting Multiple-Problem Types by Laura L. McLaughlin

Short Programs
Keeping the Loan Arranger Honest by James A. Warden
Short Programs by David H. Ahl

Applications for Art, Music and Science
Anamorphic Art by Andy A. Zucker
Lissajous by Larry Ruane
Art and Mathematical Structures: Flips and Spins by R. Chandhok, M. Critchfield
Musical Magic Squares by Fred T. Hofstetter
Scales by Marvin S. Thostenson
Eliza by Steve North
A for Effort, Zero for Arab by William J. Wiswesser
Inorganic Chemistry Program by J.P. Peer


Othello by Ed Wright
Swarms by Rand K. Miller
Euchre by Victor Raybaud
Daytona 500 by Geoffrey Churchill


Of Calculators
Sophisticated Electronic Pocket Calculators: Theory and Practice for the Consumer and User by Edward R. Tufte
Data Processing Definitions

Of Games
Smart Electronic Games by David H. Ahl, staff
Comp IV by Stephen B. Gray

Of Equipment
Selecting a Micro by Stephen B. Gray
Heath: Two Computers and Two Peripherals, for Openers by Stephen B. Gray
Building the SWTPC 6800 by Bryan Loofbourrow
How I Built an IMSAI 8080 With Solder, Luck, and Very Little Help From the Manual by Steve North
Teletype Model 43 Terminal by David H. Ahl
The Sol-20: Simple Enough for a Six-Year Old by Steve North
Radio Shack's $600 Home Computer by Wes Thomas
From the Log of the Mark V Home Computer & Intruder Alarum

Of Software
Software Technology Music System by David H. Ahl
A Comparison of Software Systems by David H. Ahl
Review of Five Small Interpreters by Steve North
Some Notes on Languages and Another Test Installation by Geoffrey Chase
A Dynamic Debugging System by Steve North
6800 Programming for Logic Design by Jeff Grossman
An Evaluation of Three 8080 8K BASICS by Steve North
New Benchmark Program by Geoffrey Chase
Two Space Games (With Graphics!) For Your Home Computer by Steve North

Of Books
Reviews: A Bushel of APL by John Lees
Programming Problem Books by F. Sokolowski
The Computer and Music by Robert W. Placek
The Technology of Computer Music by Richard E. Saalfeld
The Uses of Digital Computers in Electronic Music Generation by David Swanzy
Computer Careers, Planning, Prerequisites, Potential by Daniel Krautheim
Introduction to Programming Languages by William J. Marshall
The Best of Creative Computing, Volume 1 by John J. Jackobs
BASIC Software Library, Volume II: Engineering and Statistics by Steve North
CMOS Cookbook by Dennis Keats
Model Railroad Electronics by staff
Programming Proverbs for Fortran Programmers by Thomas A. Boyle
Computer Graphics: 118 Computer-Generated Designs by Jay Wooten
Graze Ecology Simulation by Scott Davidson
Hobby Computers Are Here! by Steve North
Computers and You by John L. Randall
Computing with Mini-Computers by Daniel Krautheim
Finite State Fantasies by Dennie Van Tassel
Background Math For A Computer World by Bruce W. De Young
FORTRAN Techniques by Brian N. Hess


Reflections At the End of Our Third Year by David H. Ahl

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Table of Contents  (brief | detailed)
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