The Software Library features assorted 8-bit software which we have permission to make available for download.

Simax Video Signmaker

Simax Video Signmaker is a program for displaying animated advertisements in a store or other public place. It was a commercial program. Picture disks added clip art. Boot Atari with Atari BASIC to use it. Here is the review of Video Signmaker from Antic magzazine.

Two versions are available for download. The 1984 version adds: changeable fonts including serif, sans serif, and Broadway (for video stores); graphic screen and editor; pre-made graphics for holidays; film-like marquee effects especially for video stores. How to Download and Run Simax Video Signmaker an Atari Emulator.

Simax Video Signmaker screenshot Simax Video Signmaker screenshot


SCREENS is a programmer's utility for text and graphics output. It allows you to designate an arbitrary rectangular area as an independent screen or window, and to output to or get input from that window without affecting the rest of the display. An earlier version of the program was released by APX as T: A Text Display Device.

Boot with Atari BASIC to use SCREENS. Info about the downloads: SCR86 is the product disc, identical to what was delivered to customers. SCR10 is a two-sided disk. According to Mr. Wrobel, "It includes everything that is in the product disc plus a bit more. For one thing, it is a double-sided disc with the full text of the SCREENS manual on the back side. It also has some text files describing my shareware policy. That policy is no longer in force."

SCREENS screenshot

Games by Steve Hales

Slime, Fort Apocalypse, and Dimension X -- three great games written by Steve Hales and published by Synapse.

Slime screenshot Fort Apocalypse Dimension X screenshot

Games by Mike Potter

Chicken, Nautilus, Protector II, and Shadow World -- four classic games written by Mike Potter and published by Synapse. (Chicken, Nautilus, and Protector II require an Atari 400/800 or translator disk.)

Chicken screenshot Nautilus screenshot Protector II screenshot Shadow World screenshot

Dragon's TAIL

Dragon's TAIL (Toolkit And Integrated Library) is a library of machine language routines that Ed Churnside built for creating the game Dragon's Quest.

Dragon's TAIL screenshot


Shark is a game in which you control a shark, avoiding undersea threats to your fishy existence. It is an unreleased game by Matthew Stepka.

Shark screenshot


OS/II is an unreleased, unfishished windowing system by Matthew Stepka. He said, "The reason you see the memo pad is that it runs in the background. There's a couple of things you can do. Try moving the pointer around and selling the pull-down menus or opening the disk icon."

Shark screenshot


Syn is an unreleased music program by John Kelleher. The Greek root "syn" means "together." With SYN you can play a melody and an accompaniment together on the Atari keyboard. Brief documentation.

Syn screenshot