Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail

By Ed Churnside - APX Catalog Number 20265

Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail Image

The version that is downloadable here is 2.0, which was distributed by Antic's APX Classics.

A PC version of this game is available from http://dragonquest.com

The author wrote: "APX picked up DragonQuest in their last full quarter. It won the Consumer Products Award and I got my $3000 and Atari Star Plaque. Then Atari went belly up. According to their accounting department, they never sold any copies, or at least they never sent me any of my promised royalties.

The game lay for over a year in disuse. I decided to resurrect it, and reworked it somewhat. The parser was improved, a couple of minor errors fixed, and almost all the graphics were redrawn. This was picked up by Antic and sold in their APX catalog. It sold very well, and I got several nice checks before the market totally collapsed.

...The first was apparently not widely seen. I think that you can tell the difference easily by reading the posters in the castle courtyard. The original version said something about Atari games, while the newer one just said to buy more games. (I was annoyed about the lack of royalties and removed the free ad.)"

Mr. Churnside also released Dragon's TAIL, the development library he used to create Dragon's Quest. You can download Dragon's TAIL here.

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