The Master Memory Map for the Atari
by Craig Patchett and Robin Sherer, published 1984

Book cover

Title Page & Copyright
What is a Memory Location?
Bits and Bytes
How to PEEK
How to POKE
Computer Mathematics
Hexadecimal Numbers
Decimal to Hex
Hex to Decimal
How to Read the Memory Map
Page Zero
The Floating Point Package
Page One
Pages Two through Four
Input/Output Control Blocks (IOCBs)
Page Six
Page Seven, Eight, Nine
Special Chips and ROM
The Operating System
Floating Point Package
The Character Set
Vectors and Vector Tables
CIO Routines
Interrupt Handler Routines
System VBLANK Routines
SIO Routines
Disk Interface Routines
Printer Handler Routines
Cassette Handler Routines
Monitor Routines
Display Handler Routines
Screen Editor Routines
Keyboard Handler Routines
More Display Handler Routines
Tables, Tables, and More Tables
One More Keyboard Routine
That's All Folks

Appendix One-Designing Your Own Character Sets
Appendix Two-Player/Missile Graphics
Appendix Three-Designing Your Own Graphics Modes
Appendix Four-GTIA Graphics Modes Nine, Ten, and Eleven
Appendix Five-The Different Versions of the OS
Appendix Six-Basic Bugs
Appendix Seven-Input/Output
Appendix Eight-IOCB Command Byte Values
Appendix Nine-Character Values
Appendix Ten-Stage Two VBLANK
Appendix Eleven-The Atari XL Computers
Appendix Twelve-Display List Commands and Antic Modes
Appendix Thirteen-Safe OS Vectors

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