Locations 1536 through 1791 are normally not used by the OS, BASIC, or the floating point package. That leaves them free for your use (page six is a good place to store a machine language routine). Now I did say that they are "normally" not used. That means that they're not completely safe. If you try and INPUT more than 128 bytes during I/O, then the extra bytes are stored in page six. That means one of two things. Either don't INPUT more than 128 bytes at a time, or only use the second half of page six (locations 1664 through 1791). These locations are absolutely guaranteed not to be used by anything no matter what.

Please notice that I only said the OS, BASIC, and the floating point package wouldn't use page six. If you are using another language, it might, so check the documentation that comes with it.

memory island

memory map

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