Re: Can WE talk?

From: Jason Kraley (ai100@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/12/90-04:23:21 PM Z

From: ai100@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jason Kraley)
Subject: Re: Can WE talk?
Date: Thu Apr 12 16:23:21 1990

I have a handler, but I don't know what it's based on... all I know is that it is working through an SIO port...


ai100 Jason Kraley (Trekker)
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Chances are the handler may translate the R: handler for your modem, but
if I'm correct, its rather slow....the sx212 is s'spose to be Hayes
compatible with a P:R: Connection or an 850 interface...
I can provide you information on communicating with an R: handler./..
if you decide to go that route, You'll need an R: or PRC handler...
one comes with the P:R: Connection and one comes with SpartaDos...
You'll simply have to execute that program before you run a modem 
program...if you'd like to go that route I can provide you with information...
there's some info in the P:R: owner's manual, but if you need explanations
on it, I can provide that with you...
There is a 1030 Amis BBS program out there floating around that's pd...
it may work with the sx212 since it works with the xm301 which is 
compatible with the 1030 and supposely with the sx212 that may work
with some modifications...


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