Uploading MCI Mail on Compuserve

From: Joyce Brabner (ah881@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/19/90-05:08:12 PM Z

From: ah881@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joyce Brabner)
Subject: Uploading MCI Mail on Compuserve
Date: Thu Apr 19 17:08:12 1990

I'm having trouble sending out postal mail on Compuserve-- the 
deal where they laser print your letter and get it delivered by 
mail the next day.  They require that lines be no more than 60 
characters long.

I have a 130XE.  I use 850 Express!-- and Vidtex on the 850 
Express!, although there's also ASCII and ATASCII.  I usually 
write with Paperclip or AtariWriter+.  I've tried setting margins 
to just under 60, and uploading by XMODEM with 850 Express!  No 
good, sending with and without the control codes.

The closest I've come has been by uploading from "send from disc".
60 space margins and no codes got up there, but it looked like 
a zig zag, and a lot of space was wasted.

Please tell me how I can compose and upload letters on 
Compuserve using what I've got, or what software I should be 

Although I'm not familiar with Compuserve (its been ages since I've been
possibly the protocol you're selecting on CIS's end...Send from Disk is
for sending strictly the ASCII portion of your file...Make sure there aren't
any funny graphic or control codes in your text...I know Atari Writer 
doesn't put any control codes in the file if you don't want it to, but
am not sure with Atari Writer +....Another editor, the Action! editor
is real good for just writing exactly what you type to your disk...
Another idea is try logging onto CIS in just ASCII mode...
Another idea is try simply make sure that you're not exceeding the 60
character boundary...are you hitting return on the 60th. (or less depending
on how much text is on a line) character/column?
As long as you're using a word processor that will save simply the text,
like Atari Writer or Action! editor and are hitting return no later than
on the 60th. character or column and using the same protocol as on 
CIS (be it ASCII/send from Disk or Xmodem/Upload file) it should work...
I think paperclip puts special characters in the file, but am not
real sure...If anyone has information on AtariWriter+ or Paperclip,
please leave a message here or send one to Joyce...
Hope this helps you out...
online), I'm guessing that the problem is


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