Uploading MCI Mail on Compuserve

From: Joyce Brabner (ah881@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/19/90-05:21:19 PM Z

From: ah881@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joyce Brabner)
Subject: Uploading MCI Mail on Compuserve
Date: Thu Apr 19 17:21:19 1990

I'm having trouble sending out postal mail on Compuserve-- the 
deal where they laser print your letter and get it delivered by 
mail the next day.  They require that lines be no more than 60 
characters long.

I have a 130XE.  I use 850 Express!-- and Vidtex on the 850 
Express!, although there's also ASCII and ATASCII.  I usually 
write with Paperclip or AtariWriter+.  I've tried setting margins 
to just under 60, and uploading by XMODEM with 850 Express!  No 
good, sending with and without the control codes.

The closest I've come has been by uploading from "send from disc".
60 space margins and no codes got up there, but it looked like 
a zig zag, and a lot of space was wasted.

Please tell me how I can compose and upload letters on 
Compuserve using what I've got, or what software I should be 

* Answered by Len Stys on 4-19-90 *

     I believe Atari Writer and
Paper Clip both have special control
codes included on the top of the file
when you create it.  This tells the
printer how to print it up when using
the word processors.  The problems
that this creates is that you can't
send it text without it giving you
problems.  I don't really know if you
are sending them an actual file or
you are sending them text.  If you
are sending them a file (like uploading
a file xmodem) then you should use
xmodem.  But, it seems to me that
you want to just send text so you
would use "send from disk."

     So, what can you do to get rid of
the special control codes in the
beginning of the file that Atari Writer
leaves?  This is what you can do:

     I sent you through the U.S. mail
a disk with a program by the name of
"TEXTWIZ.COM".  If you still have this
program then I think your problems may
be solved.  Load the program up,
it will show you a screen full of
menus and what each feature does.
Press "Option" to get to the actual
editor.  When you are in the editor
(you will know) then you should insert
your data disk in the drive.  Press
"Option & L" at the same time and
type the file name of your text.
If you don't remember it then hit
escape and press "Option & 1" for
a directory. It will show you all the
files on the disk.  When you press
"Option & L", you will want to type
the file name and the return key.
It will then load up your file to
the editor.  This editor shows
EVERYTHING- all text, all control
codes.  If you see a whole bunch of
control codes in the beginning of the
text, move the cursor up and get rid
of them.  Text Wiz is similar to
Atari Writer but is only a text editor.
Move the cursor down and make sure
that you don't see TOO many other
control characters.  Some control
characters are for TAB, END OF LINE,
CENTER, etc.  These charcters shouldn't
cause a problem.  You may also want
to change the columns to 60 columns.
You can do this by pressing "Option &
C".  Just type in 60 when it asks for
the number of columns.  When you are
done, it should be displayed in 60
column format.  You can scroll over
with the cursor to see the rest of
the text.  The reason you can't see
it all on the screen at the same time
is because your 130XE is only 40
columns.  20 of the columns would
get cut off if it didn't scroll.
I think Compuserve wants a RETURN at
the end of each line.  Make sure you
see a control character at the end
of each line which represents "RETURN"

     If everything looks fine and is
the way you want it then save it by
"Option & S".

     When you load up 850 Express!
You will want to send the file from
disk.  Type the delay rate of 0,1,2
or whatever you would like.
This slows down the transmission
speed.  The 60 columns will look
funny when you upload it since you
are looking at it with a 40 column
screen!  It should look like this:

Hi, this is a test to show you what 60 columns looks like!

As you can see, it goes over and
doesn't stay within 40 columns.
This is good.

When you are all finished, save it
on Compuserve and have it sent to
whoever you are suppose to.

If you are still having problems,
leave me e-mail and you can transmit
me the file by XMODEM and I will try
to fix it up for you.


Len Stys (aa399)


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