help 1200 and printer

From: Judson S. Elliott (ab884@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/01/90-03:24:25 PM Z

From: ab884@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Judson S. Elliott)
Subject: help 1200 and printer
Date: Tue May  1 15:24:25 1990

This is a more complete version of a question posted yesterday.
A student here has an Atari 1200 with a 1027 printer.
She and her mother get nothing at the printer after following
the directions.  She can't find any self-test directions for that
printer.  What should she do next.
Address answers to this board or
ab884 (Judson Elliott).


Answerd by Scotty Meredith, Ab016

I at one time had a 1027 printer.  there is no help test availabele
as I remember.  I do remember having the same problem quite a while
back.  I switched the I/O cables with my disk drive AFTER the program
loaded in.  and it worked fine.  So all I had to do was get a new I/O
cable.  That is one nice feature of the 8-bit line.  Most all the
perephials use the same I/O cable. If that does not work, try having
the printer looked at.   Dont pay more than $40-50 to get it fixed,
because I saw them mail order for a little more than that.

Hope I helped.
Scotty Meredith

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