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From: Judson S. Elliott (ab884@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/10/90-04:55:34 PM Z

From: ab884@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Judson S. Elliott)
Subject: atari 1200
Date: Thu May 10 16:55:34 1990

Help.  One of my students cannot get her printer
to work with her atari 1200

She says the printer is a model 1027.  When she tries to print
she says nothing happens.  
Please help us with this problem...this is a class demo
Judson Elliott, Willoughby Middle School
What are you trying to print?  If a printer is not printing there are
only a few problems that are occuring.  Is the printer online?  Is
it in the daisy chain?  Are you keying in the right command for
print?  These questions might sound silly, but they are the only
things that can prevent a perfectly normal printer from printing.
Commands for the printer are:
List "P:"  to list a basic program to printer.

Open #iocb,8,0,"P:"
One more thing, its been awhile since I've worked with the 1027, but anychance
does the printer come without a power supply?  I mean does the printer have
its own power supply?  I believe it does but its been so long.  If it
doesn't, then that may be the problem.  The 1200 xl right out of the
factory doesn't allow daisy chain devices to draw power from the computer
without a modification done in the inside.  You can probably disregard this
comment though since I'm fairly sure (but not positive) that the 1027
has its own power supply.

If all of these things are being taken into account and the printer
simply won't print then there could be something wrong with the
If there's more information on the problem, then drop it on by and
perhaps we can give you further information.

                           -Mark aa338


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