Parallel Bus

From: Scott C. Glynn (aj721@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/10/90-05:03:44 PM Z

From: aj721@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Scott C. Glynn)
Subject: Parallel Bus
Date: Thu May 10 17:03:44 1990

I was wondering if any one has done or has the plans to either
making a completely variable modem or to modify an existing one.
I currently have an MPP1000e 300bd and wish to either modify it
to 1200,2400 and if possible also to 9600. If that is not         
possible I would like to try and build one that takes advantage
of the supposedly powerful parallel bus on the 800XL. However
to do either one of these projects I need to have some          
schematics, parts list and instruction. If anyone out there
has any or all of the things that I mentioned could you please
contact me. Thank You
UCI144@URIACC.BITNET   (Bytor)    Scott C Glynn
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As far as I know there aren't any such plans out there.  I think it
would be rather impossible to modify the MPP to 1200 or great bps simply
by the fact that it hooks into the joystick port of the computer.
If its possible it would pretty much require building a whole new
modem through replacing the various chips and possibly putting in a PROM
with teh hayes commands on it (although this part is obviously optional)
Seeing the time it would take for experiementing and R&D it'd probably
be cheaper just to buy an upgraded modem.  As for the parallel bus,
there isn't too much information available for it...I believe the
XL (& XE) version of Mapping the Atari has information on the parallel
bus including pin-outs.  This book is/was published by
Compute! and maybe still available...


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