MS-DOS machines Reading Atari 8-bit Disks - ASG

From: Aron Gamman (ac721@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/26/90-04:44:20 AM Z

From: ac721@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Aron Gamman)
Subject: MS-DOS machines Reading Atari 8-bit Disks - ASG
Date: Sat May 26 04:44:20 1990

I will be purchasing an MS-DOS machine in the near future and I was
wondering if there was any way you could read an disk from an 8-bit disk.

I know I could make a null-modem but, I was thinking of something less
complex. I have certain files I'd wish to transfer to my MS-DOS machine.

Any suggestions?
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From what I have heard it is possible for an IBM compat.  to copy
disks from other actually be able to read them,
I highly doubt it.  You'll probably have to make a null modm
(modem) cable which isn't all that complex.  This cable can be
hooked to a P:R: connection and to your ibm compat.   Most
of the terminal programs for the IBM and Atari 8 bit have
null modem options on them...To make the cable is easy.  I don't
have the plans handy, but I can drop them off to you in e-mail, and
Aron, also try posting a question on the IBM SIG as well...I'm sure
they can provide some more information as well....Like I said, I
know an IBM can copy disks from other computers, but am not sure
if they can actually read them and translate them into a form that
the IBM can understand...its certainly possible...just requires 
someone to write a program for such a task...
will post them here when I get them also...
P.S. I'll try and post the plans on here, or somewhere appropriate as well!


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