Hard Drives.HELP!

From: Mike Rossman (aj421@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/12/90-04:15:54 PM Z

From: aj421@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mike Rossman)
Subject: Hard Drives.HELP!
Date: Thu Apr 12 16:15:54 1990

I have a 520ST and an 800XL and I want to hook a HD up to either of them how would I go about doing this....I mean interfaces etc...
Mike Rossman A.K.A. Maydeath [aj421] Member:ZPHA/APA.
for the 8 bit you can do the following:
Purchase an MIO...256K or 1 meg from ICD or there's another interface
that Bob Puff has out...In the MIO owner's manual there's a list of
compatible hard disks and controller cards...Just about any hard disk
will work, but the MIO does have a limit on the amount of Megs it can
address...I believe Bob Puff's box can address more than the MIO but I'm
not certain...the limit for the MIO I believe is greater than 100 megs
though...anyways, you'll need to purchase a controller and a hard disk..
depending on the controller you may want to purchase 2 hard disks...my
controller, the Adaptec 4000 (I believe the number is right) can address
2 hard disks...After purchasing your controller (I bought mine through
B&G Electronics but the Adaptec is available from ICD) and the
hard disk(s) (JB Technologies out of California have very competitive
prices...they advertise in Computer Shopper), you want to buy a case,
cooling fan, power supply...cases generally come complete with fans,
power supplies...I bought mine from B&G Electronics...next you want
to either buy or make your ribbon cables...I don't have the ribbon
cable info handy right now, but would be more than happy to get back to
you...I purchased my first set of ribbon cables through B&G, and
made my second set...Next you want to get a formatting program...
I strongly recommend you use SpartaDos 3.2d on your hd...ICD
has a formatting program....I can put it up on my board (The Basement)
for download if you like...its pd...Don't power your hard drive up
until you have it in its permanet place and you are ready to
format it....this is due to the fact that on most HD's adding power
to them will take them out of the park location...the park location
is a location the heads go into inorder to prevent the heads from
getting misallighned...You can always re-park the heads with a park
program from ICD (I have it and can give it to you...its pd...)
when moving the hd around...You can then build your partitions via
the MIO menu, after formatting it, then build your directories
via a directory builder program...this generally comes on the same
disk as the formatter....That's briefly how to set one up for the
8 bit...
As for the ST, I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with ST hard drives...
if anyone else can provide ifo on the ST HD please drop Michael
a line....If you want, Mike, I can research it for you...
Supra does have a pre-assembled one for the ST, but its a lot cheaper
to put it together on your own...


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