From: Chris Thomas (ai245@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/10/90-09:50:04 PM Z

From: ai245@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Chris Thomas)
Subject: "Stalker"
Date: Tue Apr 10 21:50:04 1990

I would like to know anything  about this terminal program you can
offer since I am considering buying it.

I would like a terminal program for a 520ST with word-processing

Any suggestions?
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** Answered by Len Stys on 04-10-90 **

      I personally have never heard of a terminal program called "Stalker".

      However, I can recommend to you a program called "Interlink."
I believe Interlink is the best known terminal software available for the ST
computers.  I believe it has everything that you wish.
It doesn't have a word processor but it does have a text editor.  A text
editor is almost like a simple word processor where you can edit buffers,
write small articles, etc.

      Interlink even has an option that allows you to run other programs
while on-line.  For example, if you wanted to load up 1st Word plus while
on Free-Net, you could.  The only problem with this is that you must have
enough memory for both programs.  With a 520 ST and only 512k, you would not
have enough memory to run other large programs.

       You can purchase Interlink for about $25.00.  You may get it cheaper
or you may find it to cost a little more especially if you buy it from a
dealer (dealer could possibly show you how it works).

Thanks for your question!

Len Stys


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