From: Jason Kraley (ai100)
Date: 03/15/90-04:51:08 PM Z

From: ai100 (Jason Kraley)
Subject: 1200=800?
Date: Thu Mar 15 16:51:08 1990

Could you please help a friend of mine?

He wants to know if the Atari 1200xl is compatible with the Atari

Thank you..

ai100 Jason Kraley (Trekker)
Director of Full Force, Inc...

        "In the race of art."

The 1200xl is about 90% compatible with the 800xl...
Some differences include the fact that the 1200xl doesn't
have the Basic language built in....Another difference is the
fact that you cannot run a device such as an Xm301 or P:R: Connection
without modifying the serial port....This is because Atari originally
didn't want devices drawing power from the computer...They later decided
to allow it with the 800 xl not having the limitation...this modification
is really easy to do...There are a couple other differences and extras
to the 1200xl, but most software that runs on the 800xl should run on the
1200xl....If anyone has any more information please reply...

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