Can WE talk?

From: Jason Kraley (ai100)
Date: 03/04/90-07:12:41 PM Z

From: ai100 (Jason Kraley)
Subject: Can WE talk?
Date: Sun Mar  4 19:12:41 1990

Ok, word got to me that you never recieved this msgs, so here it
is:  Can you supply me with info and/or a list of BASIC commands
which I can incorporate into a basic program which will access my
sx212 modem? 

And please, don't tell me to go and read a book, because I don't 
have any at the moment about sx212 modems in basic...

thank you for your attention...

ai100 Jason Kraley (Trekker)
Director of Full Force, Inc...

        "In the race of art."

  I am currently in conjunction with Atari about SX212 modem
  commands and asking for info on their handler, hoping that
  they will supply me with what I need. So far, no go.

  I will keep you updated when I get more info.

-- _pmc '92 --

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