From: Jason Kraley (ai100)
Date: 01/15/90-04:44:36 PM Z

From: ai100 (Jason Kraley)
Subject: PM?!
Date: Mon Jan 15 16:44:36 1990

Can someone give me a simple basic program(short of course) which sets up
and initiates P/M graphics to work in a program using Gr. 8/24 after I load 
a picture in memory.?? 

I'm a dullard when it comes to P/M programming...

ai100 Jason Kraley(Trekker)
Director-Full Force, Inc...

      Welcoming the 199O's...

Answered by: Doug Wokoun (aa384) on 15-Jan-90 at 16:43:44

        Check the Information Base under the Atari Library menu for a set
of items called the Atari Technical Reference Manual.  One of the chapters
is on P/M Graphics and should give you much help including an example
program for setting up PMGs.

        Also, Basic XE has commands for handling PM/Gs is you have the
money to dish out for the cart and they are much faster than what you can
do with Atari Basic...

        Hope this helps....

        Thank you for your question....

                /-] Doug Wokoun [-] aa384 [-] Atari SigOp [-/


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