Music Studio Info

From: Jason Kraley (ai100)
Date: 11/28/89-02:23:39 PM Z

From: ai100 (Jason Kraley)
Subject: Music Studio Info
Date: Tue Nov 28 14:23:39 1989

Can someone tell me everything that is available for the Music Studio
by Activision--The XL/XE Version? Exactly how good are its MIDI 

And also, would a Yamaha PSS-480 keyboard be able to converse with
Music Studio? 

ai100 Jason Kraley (Trekker)
Director of Full Force, Inc...

*****Answered by Len Stys (aa399)*****

     I regret to say that the Atari 8-bit version of Music Studio does not have
the feature of MIDI interfacing.  I have read many articles on Music Studio and
no one seems to know why they did not include this feature.  It could have
been easily compatible with Hybrid Arts' MIDITRACK but Activision did not
choose to include it.

     The Atari ST version of Music Studio does have the MIDI feature and that
is where you may have gotten confused.

     The only two MIDI software programs available that I know of is MIDI
MAX which comes with an interface, M.M.S. software with powerful editor,
A.M.S. to M.M.S. file converter program, instruction manual, sample song files,
and two six-foot MIDI cables.  MIDI Max retails for about $225.00.  Also,
there is MidiTrack II & III available for about $175xD each.

     Don't hold me to this but I think your keyboard will work with the
MidiTrack software as long as you buy the patch filer as well.

Thanks for asking!

Len Stys (aa399)
Atari SIGOp

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