Megamax C to MWC

From: Jeffery T. Varga (ai117)
Date: 03/15/90-10:32:00 AM Z

From: ai117 (Jeffery T. Varga)
Subject: Megamax C to MWC
Date: Thu Mar 15 10:32:00 1990

        I'am using Mark Williams C (MWC) compiler to learn the C language
for writing MIDI related programs. However,the only tutorial books I have found recently use the Megamax and or Laser C compiler for the examples. This
compiler includes header files (portab.h,machine.h,and define.h) which my 
compiler does not include. I have checked with MWC customer service dept. and
they suggested that I find someone with Megamax or Laser C and import these
header files to my compiler.
        So, if anyone out there has Megamax or Laser C, I would appreciate
any help in this matter.
        Please reply to ai117 email.

Mark Williams C may have a lot of the
standard header files already built
in, such as stdio.h...however, I do
have Laser C (Laser C is the current
updated version of Megamax C) and have
the source code to many header files...
If you drop me a line I'll be more than
happy to get the source you want to you....

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