Atari Graphics & Arcade Game Design cover Atari Graphics & Arcade Game Design
By Jeffrey Stanton with Dan Pinal

Front Matter
Chapter  1. Graphics Modes And Color Registers
Chapter  2. Display Lists
Chapter  3. Character Set Graphics
Chapter  4. Assembly Language Applied To Game Design
Chapter  5. Player-Missile Graphics
Chapter  6. Vertical Blank & Display List Interrupts
Chapter  7. Games That Scroll
Chapter  8. Raster Graphics & Sound
Chapter  9. Advanced Arcade Techniques
Chapter 10. Game Design Theory
Appendix A. Useful Peeks and Pokes
Appendix B. ATASCII Character Set
Appendix C. Assembler Comparisons
Appendix D. Binary File Loader
Appendix E. Source Code for Chapters 3 & 5
About The Authors
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