Appendix D: Binary File Autorun

Since assembly language files (object code) generated by SynAssembler and many other assemblers will not run automatically from the DOS menu without specifying the run address, we have provided a BASIC language utility that will fix the problem. Files run automatically from Atari DOS if the starting address in low byte, high byte order is appended to the file, DOS reads these two values into locations $2E0 and $2E1 (736, 737). Upon completion of the binary load, control is normally passed back to the DOS menu. However, if there is an address in these locations, the computer will jump to that location.

Our utility will append your file automatically, a function that used to be provided with the /A command in the old DOS 1.0 menu. The program only asks for the name of the file and its run address in decimal. Assuming the file in on the disk in the disk drive, the utility will open the file, append the run address, then close it. It will now run automatically when you load it from the DOS menu using the L command.

Download AUTORUN.BAS (Saved BASIC)
Download / View AUTORUN.LST (Listed BASIC)

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