About The Authors

Jeffrey Stanton received a BME (1967) and a MSME (1969) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He worked as a control systems engineer and mechanical engineer for the aerospace industry in the early 1970's. His interest in computer game design sidetracked his career as a photographer and book illustrator in the late 1970's. In addition to writing several Apple arcade games and doing some occasional consulting, he is the author of Apple Graphics and Arcade Game Design, and one of the editor/reviewers for the books of Apple and Atari Computer Software. He currently divides his time between writing and reviewing software in the mornings, and operating a postcard stand on the Venice Beach boardwalk in the afternoons. He lives in Venice, California.

Dan Pinal, typical of many of the early computer hobbyists, is self educated. He was one of the first to own an Atari computer, and entered the micro-computer industry a year later. Dan consulted, taught and did game programming for two software houses at the peak of the game market in 1983. He has one Atari game currently on the market. Dan currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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