Inside Atari DOS
by Bill Wilkinson, published 1982

Book cover

Title Page
Introduction: Being a History of Two Births: "Coleen" and "Candy"
Chapter One: Atari DOS Overview
Chapter Two: Disk Organization
Chapter Three: FMS File Control Blocks (FCB)
Chapter Four: FMS Initialization
Chapter Five: FMS Entry
Chapter Six: FMS Exit
Chapter Seven: Device Dependent Commands
Chapter Eight: FMS Open Routines
Chapter Nine: FMS Close Routines
Chapter Ten: The GET BYTE Routine
Chapter Eleven: The PUT BYTE Routine
Chapter Twelve: Burst I/O
Chapter Thirteen: Reading the Directory as a File
Chapter Fourteen: Sector I/O Routines
Chapter Fifteen: File Name Decode Routine
Chapter Sixteen: Directory Searching
Chapter Seventeen: Write Next Sector
Chapter Eighteen: Read Next Sector
Chapter Nineteen: Get and Free Sector Routines
Chapter Twenty: The Boot Process
Chapter Twenty-One: Maintaining the Boot Record
Atari DOS 2.0S
Appendix A: An Intermediate User's Guide To This Book

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