From: Ron Abrams (ab065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/28/91-11:18:48 AM Z

From: ab065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Ron Abrams)
Subject: ASCII Files
Date: Thu Feb 28 11:18:48 1991

Is it true that if you create a file with Atari Writer on an Atari 800
and you want to save it as an ASCII file for transmission on a modem,
you can do so by hitting Ctrl-S instead of "S"?

Ron Abrams [ab065]

************************Answered by Peter Haller: 02/28/1991 *********


        I use Atari Writer + on my 130xe and yes you can save the
Atari Writer files as ASCII text. ( I have never used Atari Writer,
so I don't know.  Try it, just make sure that you give it a different
name or save it to another disk so as not to loose the original.)

        If it does work, let me know and I'll leave your message
in the programmers and developing forums Information and Ideas area!

                                Thanks for the Question!
                                  Peter Haller [ae302]
                                Hallsound Systems & Software


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