Re: ASCII Files

From: Ron Abrams (ab065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/12/91-10:49:46 PM Z

From: ab065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Ron Abrams)
Subject: Re: ASCII Files
Date: Tue Mar 12 22:49:46 1991

My question is "how do you create an ASCII file using an Atari 800 and
Atari Writer?"  I tried it, but there is nothing on the menu that
permits it (like a "print to disk" or "save as text" command).

Ron Abrams [ab065]

Answered By Pete Haller....

        As I stated, I don't use Atari Writer, only AW+.  It does not
have a menu item for saving as ASCII either.  You just type Ctrl-S and
is saves as an ASCII file - all printer codes stripped out.  As far as
printing to a disk/file - I can't tell you, for the same reasons, but
I will check it out ( a friend of mine uses Atari Writer.)  I'll get
back to you on this.   Sorry I couldn't be more help.

                                Peter Haller

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