Re: Hard Drive Controller

From: Ed Krimen (al661@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/03/91-10:41:00 AM Z

From: al661@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Ed Krimen)
Subject: Re: Hard Drive Controller
Date: Sun Mar  3 10:41:00 1991

In a previous article, ap241@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Berry) says:

>**********Answered by Peter Haller: 02/28/1991****************

Why not just follow-up like everyone else would?  It makes responding 
so much easier for people who want to respond to your comments.

I'm having problems quoting, so I'll just say what I want to say.  
The theory is that you can format an MFM drive with an RLL controller 
on an IBM to get 30megs, for example, instead of 20megs.  On the ST, 
I don't know how safe this is.  But, if you want to use an MFM or RLL 
drive on the ST with a ICD, Supra, or BMS, or any other host adapter 
you can find, you need either an Adaptec or an OMTI controller.  The 
Atari Megafiles use an Adaptec, but I hear the OMTIs are better.  If 
you want more information about these, I suggest you call ICD at 
1-815-968-2228.  Their BBS number is 815-968-2229.  Or you can reach 
them on GEnie and CompuServe.
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