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Words from the Editor...........................Len Stys
What is going on at the Atari SIG...............Mark Leair
How to access the Atari Usenet boards...........Doug Wokoun
What was in the letter to Elie Kenan............Len Stys
Reprint of Z*Net Atari (only) related
news bits for the last two months...............

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                         Words from the Editor

     Two more months have gone by and there has been MAJOR chaos going on

     The biggest news is the departure of Elie Kenan, Atari's new leader has
just become old news.  Everyone seemed to have hope for Atari because of him,
including myself.  About four months ago, I sent Mr. Kenan a package to
encourage him to think about relocating to Cleveland.  It was my duty as a
Cleveland Atarian and it seemed to me as a major contender.  I also included
in this package information on what you and I both wanted to see improved at
Atari.  In response, Bob Brodie sent me a letter stating that Elie Kenan was
impressed by the proposal and that Cleveland was being considered.
I also believe in response to my letter was the major improvements in Atari
that we had requested.  It seems too coincidental that everything mentioned
in the letter is being worked on or has already been accomplished by Atari.
When Mr. Kenan was asked how he is going about to reconstruct Atari, he
had said he listens to what their customers want or what they would like
to see.  It is a shame that he is supposely no longer with Atari U.S.
especially because I see almost everything that we requested,
fullfilled.  He seemed like someone who didn't do what he wanted but what
WE wanted and that is what makes a great company- after all, who buys
their products anyways??  So what did I write in this letter to him?
You are about to FINALLY find out... it is being reprinted in this newsletter.

     Is Atari still going strong however?  It seems so.
The Fall COMDEX is coming up and everywhere you go, you hear the same
thing, THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL.  It has been rumored that Atari will come back
to the U.S. market place like no other computer company has ever come back
before starting at this show.

     In an attempt to bring Atari users together, the Atari SIGOps had agreed
to let the Atari SIG become a link between the four user groups in the
Cleveland area.  We were willing to open a new section on the Atari SIG
specifically for the Atari user groups of Cleveland.  What we had hoped to
accomplish was:

 1) User groups to increase communication between other user

 2) Provide each user group a bulletin board for the user group members.

 3) Have a representative from each user group provide monthly information
on the date and time of the next meeting and what the group has planned
for their next meeting.

 4) Increase user group population.

 5) Give other user groups ideas on what to plan for their next meeting.

 6) Allow anyone to read from these boards and encourage them to check out
the user group.

 7) Possibly get users together from all user groups to have a national
Atari show here.

 8) Recognition by everyone for existing- including potential future
Atari users.

     I had sent a proposal to all four user groups about three weeks ago.
I have not heard anything from the user group Presidents but one proposal had
returned to me due to an incorrect address given to me by one of the user
groups.  I also heard a response from B&G stating that they would like for
me to take back what I said about Atari Dealers in the first newsletter and
then they will consider STance having a bulletin board with other user groups.
I won't take back what I had said but I will explain myself later in this

     If you are a member of a user group here in Cleveland and would like
to see a bulletin board for your user group, I would recommend contacting
your user group President.  However, three weeks is still a short time and
your user group may be just trying to get everything together.

     I would like to take this time to clear up some confusion
that has been brought up by Joe Adato from B&G Electronics.  Joe had
commented that in the first newsletter, I had wrote in an article a statement
that claimed almost half of the Atari Dealers throughout the U.S. over charge
their customers.  Joe says that B&G Electronics, an Atari Dealer here in
Cleveland feels strongly against this and that what I had stated was a
common misconception.  He said that when you own a store front, you have
to pay for having a store front, this includes paying electricity, gas,
phone bills, employees, and taxes.  The dealership then provides for users what
mail-order cannot such as look at before you buy, help, and many other
things in exchange that you pay for the store front bills.  It is a fair
exchange and I have no argument with this.  However, I was looking at the
little "extras" involved that are commonly overlooked by everyone-
including Atari Dealers.  For example, a dealer may have a BBS and they
think is a nice thing to have for their customers, so they add the cost
of the BBS on to the products that you buy from them.  Another example
might be for a dealer to have enough hired help so that when you walk
into the store, you do not have to wait for the salesman to get done
with another customer.  They then add on the cost of having that employee
there for you (so you don't have to wait) on to the product that you are
going to buy.  The list can go on and on according to what your dealer
thinks YOU want them to provide "extra" for you.  Soon, your dealer is
charging you for everything they think you want and you have no other
choice but to pay for these "extras" because they are an Atari monopoly
in town.

     My article's main point was to show how the Atari Advantage package
could benefit us.  I believed that it could increase dealership and with
increased dealership- the price of products will be lowered due to
competition.  You would be able to choose what "extras" your Atari Dealer
should or should not provide.  If your Atari Dealer has extra employees so
you don't have to wait, you can say to yourself, "I don't like to wait and my
time is valuable so I'll pay the extra $5 for that employee to help me as soon
as I walk in."  But if you would be willing to wait instead of paying the
extra $5 then you can go to another Atari Dealer who doesn't have as many
employees and charges $5 less for that disk drive.  The more people going
to the Atari Dealer who provides or doesn't provide the "extra" will tell
both Atari Dealers what YOU want.  But as long as there are very few Atari
Dealers, they decide what "extras" you want.

     The point wasn't to attack your Atari Dealer.  It was to state that
more Atari Dealers will benefit you, the consumer.  Competition will not
only let you choose what "extras" you like but it will also make sure that
you aren't being taken advantage of.  I had phoned several dealers across the
U.S. and price compared.  Some dealers were charging a certain price while
others were charging as much as 25% more- this is what caused me to make
the statement that almost half the Atari Dealers over charge.  Even
though I explained how a dealer may over charge, I don't believe I had to.

     As for more news with the Atari SIG, since we are considering adding
new sections on the Atari SIG, you are encouraged to tell us WHAT YOU
WANT on the Atari SIG.  Just write to
the Atari SIG account (xx004) and state what you would like to see on the Atari
SIG and if you can help maintain it.  If it is pretty sensible and seems like
a good idea, you may be seeing it in the Atari SIG in the future.

     This newsletter will be lacking articles about different topics and
different authors but it will give you the latest Atari news during the last
two months.  The reason for the lack of authors is the lack of time.


      What is going on with the Atari SIG
                 By: Mark Leair

       The user base of the Atari S.I.G. is rapidly growing!  In the
coming weeks be prepared to see users of the S.I.G. jump in numbers!  Why
recent increase in users?  Well, there are many reasons, but some key 
events initiated this.  When Freenet version 2 was implemented it gave 
access for people all over the world.  Freenet is tied into the Internet 
Networking system that allows anyone anywhere in the world who has access to a 
networking machine to call any other networking machine anywhere in the 
world.  There are a large number of Atari enthusiasts all over the world
that are present on the Internet.  A greatdeal o them meet on a Usen
newsgroup (bulletin board) known as com.sys.atari.  Recently, some of the
sysops were able to posts some messages on this board to attract users to
The Atari S.I.G. and freenet.  The response has been great!  The majority
of the users with "al" id's on the Atari S.I.G. are network users calling
out of state!  Other sources include various users groups.  Once again we're
attempting to attract some of the most avid Atari users here in Cleveland to
our service.  So far we've had some great response.  Last month's STance
users group was a great success.  Special thanks goes to Jim Haynes who
put on a very informative presentation of the Cleveland Freenet and the Atari
S.I.G.  He showed the enthusiastic Atarians the many features of Freenet's
largest computer S.I.G. including the Conference system.  Last but not least,
one of the biggest features that has attracted the most people is the 
conference capability.  The Atari S.I.G. has been meeting on channel 1040
every sunday at 8pm EDT since the second week the multi-chat was 
implemented on Freenet.  This makes the Atari Conference one of the longest
running computer conferences!  Thanks goes out to each and everyone
who has met on these conferences!  Let's keep up the great work!

Mark Leair


     Usenet Atari boards now available to read on Free-Net!

       How to access the Usenet Atari boards
                     by Doug Wokoun

        Type 'Go Teleport' and select option 4, Usenet groups.

        Wait for the system to process and give you a menu of major
headings available.  Type "Go comp.sys.atari" and the system will give
an error message, but will still take you to the Atari boards.  Select
whichever one you want to use and you will be in the bulletin board
server, able to read messages from that usenet group, but not post.

        There is a way to post however:

Taken from:

-Newsgroups: freenet.sysops.letters
-From: ad094@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Alex Lai)
-Subject: How to post to Usenet from your community account
-Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 20:06:47 GMT

"Yeah!!!! We finally got Usenet! :) The number and topic
 of Usenet available to us are quite limited and VERY "PG-13",
 but it's better than nothing.

 Currently, we can only read Usenet, but can't post to it.
 However, there's a way around this. Say you read something
 in and you desperately want to respond.
 What do you do? you send email to:
                                       ^  ^
                                      replace "." with "-"
 This will work with any newsgroup. Just substitute the "."
 with "-". and "" at the end.
 For example, if you want to post to you would send
 email to:

 REMEMBER: Once you post to Usenet, there is NO WAY to
 delete the message. As soon as it's sent, it gets posted 
 automatically to just about every Usenet site
 around the world. Use common sense w/ this.

 Also, your message won't appear right away. It takes a little

 You might want to have a list of usenet newsgroup addresses
 in your alias file. This will make it easier for you to post
 to your favorite Usenet newsgroups.

 Note: This information is provided by me, Why? Because
 I'm such a nice guy :)  INS and CWRU do not endorse nor
 discourage the use of this mechanism."

        That's it!

Doug Wokoun - (aa384)
   -  -  -  -  -     



             What did it say???

(The following passage has been talken from a good sized letter to Elie Kenan
that was sent about four months ago.)

     The last thing I have to say pertains to Atari's future.
As you know, Atari has been criticized by everyone including
Atari users themselves.  The last bit of hope everyone has
for Atari remains in you.  If you do not succeed in
reconstructing the company soon, there will be no Atari users
left, no Atari publications left, and no user group support
left in the United States.  As of now, the Atari user size in
Cleveland is dwindling to an all time low.  Atari has to
prove to people and to themselves that they can make an incredible product that can keep up with the future.

     How do you need to help reconstruct the company?  The
first thing that needs to be taken care of is the Atari TT.
The Atari TT is Atari's future.  If Atari doesn't make this
computer better than the Commodore Amiga, they can forget
about competing in this computer market.  The Amiga is
already on dealers' shelves and they are being sold.  The TT
is not.  IBMs and Apple Macintoshs are both very well
known as BUSINESS computers in the U.S.  Atari is not.  This
means that in order for people to want to take a chance and
go with Atari, they have to be influenced by a very powerful
computer at a reasonable price and it has to be a lot better
than the Amiga, IBM, and Macintosh.  I think you know this
but I just want to make sure you don't forget it.

     The next thing that seemed like a very good idea but was
rumored for about a year now was the Power Pack now called
the Atari Advantage.  The Atari Advantage package was to
consist of the Atari 520STfm and a lot of software.  The
reason it seemed like a very good idea to me was because it
would attract the Nintendo kiddies who are getting tired of
video games and believe me- there are many.  The only two
things that worried me about this package was the fact that
it would consist of the 520STfm not the 520STe.  The STe is
the latest in Atari technology.  Atari shouldn't be playing
with producing old technology when they have new technology
sitting on their lap.  Can you imagine what would happen if
Atari released the Atari 520STfm in the Advantage package and
Commodore decided to release a package of their own
consisting of the Amiga 500?  The Atari Advantage package
would be dead and the reason for this is that the Amiga 500
has better graphics and sound.  If Atari would release the
520STe in this package instead, I don't believe you would
have to worry about Commodore trying to steal any of the home
computer market away from you.  With 6 joystick ports, stereo
sound, 4,096 colors, fantastic graphics and MIDI, the Atari
Advantage package would have no other choice but to be a hit.
The next fact that worried me was that the Advantage package
would include ONLY games.  Parents will not think twice about
getting the Advantage package for their kids if their is
productivity software included.  Productivity software such
as a word processor, a database, and a spreadsheet will
convince parents that it will not only be used for games but
school as well.  With productivity software, you may also get
adults to buy it who are afraid of the complicated IBM and
Macintosh.  I believe if there is a home computer market boom
again and Atari does sell the STe with productivity and game
software, it will be very successful.  What about dealers?
They shouldn't get hurt by the package because of several
reasons.  The stores carrying this package probably won't
carry all the extras such as hard drives, monochrome
monitors, and modems.  People will have to go to Atari
dealers to get these things.  Dealers will also have the
Mega, Stacy, TT, and Portfolio to sell.

     The third thing that needs to be taken care of is a new
Atari Explorer magazine.  I have just read that Atari doesn't
plan on releasing a new Explorer magazine as they promised
when the publication was terminated.  I have no idea how
Atari plans on making their computers a success here in the
U.S. without it.  If I was a prospective computer buyer and
saw over five Amiga publications and one Atari publication -
STart, I wuld go with Amiga.  You must get the Explorer
magazine back in publication for the new Atari Advantage
owners and for the new 1040 STe owners.  You have to rebuild
the Atari kingdom in the U.S. and I don't think you can do it
without the magazine.

     The fourth thing that people are waiting for is a Mega
STe.  The Mega STe computers could be sold by Atari dealers
in the U.S. as professional compter systems.  The systems
look professional and dealers will need something more
powerful to sell if you do decide on including the STe with
the Advantage package.  What would you call this new Mega
system that is enhanced to have similar features of that of
the STe?  Call it the Atari "Mega Plus" or the "Mega +".  You
may even want to consider altering the Mega Plus(+) to make
it better than the STe that is already out.  This computer
could be sold for a price between the STe and the TT.  The
Atari Stacy Portable should also be altered to be STe
compatible.  One of the best features of the new STe is that
it has a stereo port on the back for musicians.  I am not
sure if the Stacy has this feature but it should.  The Stacy
might also one day be shipped with a color LCD screen.  When
that day arrives, you as might as well be prepared and have
it so that it can take advantage of the 4,096 colors.  There
was also a rumored ST Portfolio.  If Atari does release an ST
Portfolio, please make sure that it has a full size screen
and not the 8x40 screen of the Portfolio now out- that is
probably its major fault.

     I think I mentioned all the major problems I and Atari
users from across the U.S. see in Atari.  The minor problems
that may change to major problems are of the following:

     TOS 1.6 problem- Atari should ship new TOS 1.62 to new
STe onwers at no charge.

     The Lynx- a great portable game system but only in ONE
toy store- Toys'R'Us.  I hope Atari can get them in more
stores by Christmas.

     Stacy hard drive problems?  Fixed?

     Atari Dealer support- shipments late with poor relations.

     The press release of products way before it is ready for

     The Atari employee revolving door.  It seems as if
anytime there is a new important employee at Atari, he is
gone within the year.  If he or she wasn't good to begin with
then he or she should never have been hired.

*** Please note that other information was included along with this but
was mentioned throughout the entire letter in different places.
The Cleveland Lynx-Up was one of them and what we were trying to accomplish
at the Atari SIG Mini-Expo. ***


 \/    Make TT better than the Amiga 3000 and the best it can be.
       << the TT is upgraded from 16 to 32mhtz.>>

 \/    Get the Atari Advantage package out.
       << news is- it will be released at Fall COMDEX >>

 \/    Get a new Atari Explorer magazine back.
       << TCP BBS has just informed everyone that the Explorer magazine
          is indeed coming back. >>

 \/    Get a Mega STe out and make it better than the regular STe
       << Word is the Mega STe has been created and is ready for production
          with a new desktop to make it look even more professional. >>

 \/    Have Stacy with stereo ports
       << If they didn't have them before, they sure do now. >>
 |  |
 |__|  Atari should ship new TOS 1.62 to present STe owners.
       << No word yet >>

 \/    Get the Lynx in more toy stores
       << A few weeks later, the Lynx appears in all major toy stores in
          Cleveland. >>

 \/    Stacy hard drive problems fixed?
       << Stacys do not presently have any more problems with their hard
          drive. >>

 \/    Better Atari Dealership shipments and support
       << B&G Electronics has informed me that their shipments are coming
          in strong and they are overall having better support. >>

 \/    The correction of press release of products way before prodution.
       << I have heard little about the TT, Mega STe, and Advantage package
          besides inside rumors.  No official statments as like the past. >>

 \/    Cleveland Atari Lynx-Up
       << It may have given Mr. Kenan an idea for the Lynx-Up at their last
          major show in California. >>

/ | \  The Atari employee revolving door
       << OOOOooops!!!!  I guess that didn't work out too well, now did it? >>

     I recently sent a letter to Jack Tramiel of Atari (a little over a week
ago).  The letter I sent him expressed anger that he would let the company go
downhill so far as to let Atari's stock hit under $2.  In this letter, I told
him similar things to what I had told Elie Kenan- I guess you could say, I told
him how we wanted Atari ran...  I believe it may get through, I tried a pretty
good way.


 |  |
 |__|  The TT- to make it so affordable that it shocks the entire industry.

       << I claimed to him that Atari was producing fair technology at a
          fair price instead of power without the price much like why he
          said he left Commodore in the first place- to get away from sitting
          around a table to find out how much money they can make. >>
 |  |
 |__|  A recession- take advantage of it.

       << This might be a chance for Atari to get into the business market
          by supplying low-cost powerful computers with a low-price. >>
 |  |
 |__|  Advertise Atari' computers

       << Advertise but stress Atari's major strength- power without the cost
          in a time of economic uncertainty. >>

 |  |
 |__|  Contact a local Atari Dealer here in town

       << The chance of the TTs being used by a major hi-tech organization. >>

 |  |
 |__|  Make sure the Atari Advantage package has been market researched on the
       chance of succeeding and if it does, release it

       << Atari has a chance on controlling the home computer market IF they
          market the 520STe in the appropriate way. >>

 |  |
 |__|  Market: STe as home computer
               Mega STe as profesional computer
               TT as business and university computer

 |  |
 |__|  Make sure hardware for the Atari Advantage package can only be obtained
       at Atari Dealers to insure dealer growth across the nation.

 |  |
 |__|  Release the Atari CD-ROM player nationally
       << It could be used to really get the TT into the business market
          and if the Atari Advantage package takes off, perhaps CD-ROM games
          will be created for it. >>

  \/   Get Atari Explorer magazine back into publication
       << As with Elie Kenan, I told Jack to work on getting the Explorer
          magazine back as well. >>

 |  |
 |__|  Make sure televised commercials are being produced to advertise the
       Lynx for Christmas season plus make sure a fantastic multi-player
       football game is released.
       << A football game would be perfect.  Everyone I know owns a football
          game for every game system they have.  It may really sell especially
          in football season. >>

     Again, do I have a right to tell Atari how we want Atari ran?  Or even
how I personally would like to see it ran?  Yes, when I have an investment in
the company, I do have a right- we all have a few hundred invested and if its
not in stock, it's in our Atari computer and hardware.

* ____            __ ___  *
*    / \ / |\  | |    |   *
*  /   ATARI NEWS|-   |   *
* /___ / \ |   | |__  |   *
*                         *

ZNET August 31,1990  #535

    September 15 & 16 will bring the largest collection of Atari
    exhibitors ever to Glendale, California.  The vendor list is firming
    up, and next week we will have a new all-confirmed compilation of
    those who are coming.  The Southern California Atari Computer Faire,
    Version 4.0b, is being managed by John King Tarpinian, who can be
    reached for last minute bookings or other information at (818) 246-
    7286.  Atari has let it be known that they have some very special
    things planned for this show, and even Elie Kenan, new General
    Manager at Atari, has taken part in coordinating the advertising for
    the show in major papers and on radio.  Bob Brodie and many other
    Atari employees will be attending.  A first for any show will be a
    LYNX-LINK PLAYOFF, similar in concept to the Midi-Maze competitions
    that have been popular at many events.  Prizes for those competing
    in the continuous multi-player LYNX games will include , of course,
    Lynx game units and lots of game carts.  Late word says that 
    Portfolio developer Xetoerix will display a remarkable 20 meg hard
    drive for the palm size Portfolio computer.  New seminars being
    planned include a hands-on HOTZ MIDI TRANSLATOR session and a pair
    of PORTFOLIO "classes".  Look for more detail next week in Z*Net.
    Sources close to Atari have let it known that the hard drive
    operation problem in the Atari STe computers has been eradicated
    completely in the new production machines now leaving Sunnyvale.
    Since no official statement has as yet been made by Atari regarding
    the resolution of the nasty DMA problem, Z*NET has asked Bob Brodie
    to investigate and make an official respons to our inquiry about it.
    We hope to have the last word on this and on the handling of
    exisiting machines by next week.

    A joint statement is expected shortly from Atari Corp and former ST-
    World Magazine owner Richard Tsukiji, explaining that investigation
    of the "Bob Brodie FAX" incident has determined that the fax was in
    fact sent from the ST-World offices, but from persons unknown.  The
    FAX in question falsely purported to be from Atari Manager of User
    Group Services, Bob Brodie, and urged a boycott of World of Atari
    shows.  ST-World Magazine offices were closed and Tsukiji was
    allegedly out of the state on July 2, 1990, when the FAX was sent.
    Tsukiji is said to suspect that disgruntled former ST-World
    employees sent the damaging FAX.  Tsukiji transferred ownership of
    the magazine to several employees for the sum of $1.00, bypassing
    other employees and editors who had expected to take over the ST

    Delta Controls, a major supplier of heating and air-conditioning
    units for large office complexes has developed new software for the
    Portfolio.  Using the Portfolio's serial interface and connecting to
    the buildings environment system, the user is supplied with all
    programming data such as area temperatures, run cycle time, duty
    cycle time, on/off times for each floor and/or rooms.  The unit can
    even tell if it is functioning properly through it's own self-test
    mode.  The temperatures can then be adjusted to maximum efficiency
    for occupancy and energy conservation.  Data can then be stored in the
    Portfolio and transfered to a PC via the card drive for storage
    or further analysis in a graphical representation of the building.

    Are you tired of scanning through page after page of Nintendo stuff
    in video game magazines just so you can find a little Lynx news?
    Don't you wish there was... oh,I don't know...a newsletter that was
    devoted solely to Lynx news and game tips.  Well now there is.  APE
    (Atari Portable Entertainment) is a quarterly newsletter that covers
    the Lynx exclusively.  The June Premiere issue features Summer
    Consumer Electronics Show news, Lynx Game Secrets, tips and hints
    for California Games, Blue Lightning, Chip's Challenge, Electrocop,
    Gates of Zendocon, and Gauntlet 3.  The editor of APE is Clinton
    Smith.  Smith is an avid Atari game player and has written several
    reviews for Atari Explorer and has some coming up in STart.  If
    you're interested in subscribing now, (you'll receive the free
    Premiere issue automatically) send your Check or money order for
    $6.00 to:
    CHICAGO,IL 60639
Z*Net September 7, 1990 #536
    A regular contributor to ST WORLD MAGAZINE, Dave Small has now announced
    that he will no longer submit articles for that magazine.  Dave, the
    well liked developer of the SPECTRE Mac Emulator for the Atari ST, told
    Z*NET that he felt that he didn't want to continue his association with
    the Oregon-based magazine since finding out that "The FAX" came from ST
    WORLD.  Dave had assisted in the investigation to determine the source
    of the FAX that falsely purported to be from Atari's Bob Brodie and
    urged a boycott of World of Atari shows.

    Gadgets By Small is getting ready to release version 3.0 of Spectre, the
    MacIntosh emulator.  Discussions in the Gadgets area on GEnie are
    positive and we encourage everyone to stay up to date by reading
    Category 7, Topic 68 in the Gadgets Roundtale on GEnie.  Read more on
    the soon to be released version in the Spectre Update in this issue.

 Category 7,  Topic 68 Message 1
 Wed Sep 05, 1990
 STACE [RT SysOp]  at 01:20 EDT

 Dave has given the O.K. to go ahead and "divuldge" some of the "goodies"
 that will be in Spectre version 3.0.

 First of all, as of this writting, Spectre version 3.0 is still in beta
 test.  It is VERY close.  The remaining bugs are few and very minor in
 nature.  On the other hand, the added features are too many to count on
 both hands and feet!  <grin>


 "STATUS" OF SPECTRE 3.0.  Spectre 3.0 is NOT ready is getting
 real close but telephone calls requesting information about the
 availability  of 3.0 will only tie up the valuable time needed to get
 3.0 out the door.

 All registered users will be notified via the next issue of the Gadgets
 Newsletter when Spectre 3.0 is ready to ship.  The upgrade price to
 Spectre 3.0 has not been set yet.

 OK...that out of the way, here are some of the "goodies" you will find
 waiting for you in the next revision of Spectre software!

 * Spectre now supports up to 16 HD partitions
 * The Spectre "function key" keyboard mapping has been changed as to
   support the added HD partitions as well as to "standardize" Spectre's
   other various key functions!  Example:  Color mode Scrunch and Scroll
   modes have been moved to CONTROL-F1 and CONTROL F2.
 * Alternate-Control-Delete does a Warmboot back into Mac mode
 * Alternate-Control-RightShift-Delete does a coldboot into ST mode
   (You see...standardization was the key word with this release!)
 * Keypad and arrow keys now function the same as a Mac Plus
 * Sound Manager (used in System 6.0+ and HyperCard) now works (HyperCard
   now has sound!!) (Currently, Sound Manager does not work in 832K mode)
 * Serial port advanced control call for setting baud rate works (CDC
   Connect now works)
 * Aync LaserWriter driver now supported (Print thru the serial port to
   a PostScript laser printer!)
 * Spectre code now works with 68020 and 68030 CPUs.
 * Mac mode *Spectre* disk formatting now supported
 * Aladin format disks now supported
 * DOS Mounter and Apple File Exchange now work (Use MS-DOS disks in Mac
 * New HD formatter (now called OOP instead of ACK) provides several
   different improvements:

   1) PARAM RAM/CONFIG PAGE settings are saved WITHOUT the need for
      programs like Disk Param INIT

   2) New partition format now works properly with Disk First Aid, Disk
      Express II and Mac HD backup programs

 * MegaTalk option added to the Spectre menu
 * User selectable vertical blank interupt allows support of many MIDI
   programs that rely on screen for timing, etc.
 * Spectre menu page has complete redesign and new layout
 * The Mac's RESTART menu option now works properly
 * System's 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 now work 100% properly
 * Numerous "clean-up" bug fixes to the Bus handler and serial drivers
   allow many problem programs to work.  Grammatik Mac now works.
   PageMaker 4.0's print PostScript to disk now works.  Many HyperCard
   stacks that locked up before now work.

 Welp...believe it or not..there is more!!  The README file that
 accompanies the beta 3.0 release is 9 1/2 single spaced pages long!!
 Have I got news for you!  Check out these new keys now supported in
 Spectre 3.0!

  ESC    -   Same as keypad Clear (this results in a true ESC code)
  UNDO   -   Same as Command-Z (normally UNDO menu entry)
  DELETE -   Same as Command-X (normally CUT menu entry)
  INSERT -   Same as Command-V (normally PASTE menu entry)
  HELP   -   Same as Command-? (normally HELP menu entry...if available)
  CLR/HOME - Same as Command-C (normally COPY menu entry)

 Or how about this:

 Alernate-Control-Clr/Home   -  Parks ALL hard disks

 You CAN toggle sound off in Mac mode!!  Just use the SOUND CDEV to turn
 the volume down to 0 and no more sound!!!  If Spectre doesn't actually
 PLAY the sound you don't get any CPU slowdown!

 --Doug @ Gadgets

Z*NET September 22, 1990 #538
    Leonard Tramiel officially announced last weekend that the production
    TT030 computer would indeed have a 32 Mhz 68030 CPU, a fact reported by
    Z*NET over a month ago.  It is expected to perform about 1.7 times
    faster overall than the "prototype" 16 Mhz TT's that have been sold to
    some developers.  Another new announcement was that GEM has been totally
    re-written for the TT.  The resulting desktop is much more versatile and
    pleasing to look at and work with.  Developers with the old TT's are
    being offered both the CPU and desktop upgrades.  Z*Net had an
    opportunity to see the new GEM and found it to be remarkably like
    NEODESK in appearance and operation.  We talked to Gribnif Software's
    Rick Flashman, who confirmed that while Gribnif had no hand in the
    design of the TT desktop, Atari acknowledged that the public acceptance
    of NEODESK influenced their design concepts.  Custom editable icons for
    any program, programs on the desktop, "live" icons that allow dragging a
    data file to an application to simultaneously load the application and
    the data, and a fancy new Control Panel are some of the features of the
    new desktop.  It will NOT be adapted by Atari for the ST line of
    computers, but the new Control Panel is to become standard with the STE
    computers.  It features clever images including a turning head wearing
    earphones to graphically show stereo balance, etc.  Further, it is said
    that the MEGA STe idea is still alive at Atari, and that if it is ever
    committed for production, the MEGA STe will probably carry the new
    desktop, as the Mega line will then be seen more as "small TT's" than as
    "big STe's".  It was observed that perhaps Atari could have left Gribnif
    to design a TT NEODESK, but as another developer sagely explained while
    pondering the fact that his own hard drive host adaptor would be
    unnecessary on the new TT, "It's the third party developer's place to
    patch holes we find in existing hardware, not to dictate where we want
    the holes to be in future hardware."  (See a more complete look at the
    new TT DESKTOP later in this Z*NET.)
    The popular BBS program, BBS Express! ST, was purchased from ICD, Inc.
    by Rick Taylor, a longtime Atari enthusiast and programmer, but new to
    the commercial scene.  Written by the well respected Keith Ledbetter,
    and marketed by ICD since its inception, Express will now be marketed
    under Rick's new "T-Squared" software company.  Rick is a longtime
    Express sysop, and has shown to be a fine programmer with his BBS
    utilities such as "ChatPerfect" and "Quotes."  Although popular, BBS
    EXPRESS hasn't been updated since 1987
    the commercial scene.  Written by the well respected Keith Ledbetter,
    and marketed by ICD since its inception, Express will now be marketed
    under Rick's new "T-Squared" software company.  Rick is a longtime
    Express sysop, and has shown to be a fine programmer with his BBS
    utilities such as "ChatPerfect" and "Quotes."  Although popular, BBS
    EXPRESS hasn't been updated since 1987.  New development is expected to
    begin almost immediately on an update,
    but no specifics are known (even
    by Rick) at this time.  The new support BBS number for Express is (714)
    357-6806.  However, it may be a few days before the conversion from
    personal BBS to support BBS is complete.

    Reported in Z*NET a few weeks back, the new TV series "THE FLASH" is to
    have Atari computers featured in many scenes... but on the premier
    episode last Wednesday, the only computers seen were... old IBM PC's.
    It may be that the pilot episode was filmed some time before the rest,
    and that Ari'willbe sen on later sho.  queson tt com to
    mind  "who will see them"?  "The Flash" is slotted against THE
    SIMPSONS and COSBY.  Can you say "Cancelled"?  I knew that you could.


    Atari may be waiting for the week of Fall COMDEX to promote their
    computers on Flash.  It would hardly make sense to promote the ST or TT
    so that people will just think it's just a regular generic computer being

Z*Net September 28, 1990 Issue #539

    Z*Net congratulates our former Z*NET correspondent who has just passed
    his one-year anniversary at Atari Corporation.  Bob Brodie, Manager of
    User Group Services since September 1989, went to Atari after being both
    a staff writer for Z*Net and President of ACAOC, the Orange County,
    California user group.  He was also instrumental in the organization of
    the original Glendale Atari Shows.  In a year, Bob has become the most
    sought after public speaker for Atari, and the most respected source of
    information about Atari.  Thanks for everything, Bob!
    Frank Foster, formerly Atari's music division head, left the company
    early in September.  Frank came to Atari from HYBRID ARTS, a respected
    software development company that lead the way for early MIDI
    applications on the Atari.  Although there is no official statement from
    Atari regarding his departure, it is believed to have been a mutual
    decision of Frank and Atari.  It is known that Foster did not agree with
    some of the new policies of the new administration at Atari, and had
    recently failed to follow through on sales appearances and other
    commitments.  Friends of Foster have said that he has moved on to a
    graphics company, a field Foster has had considerable experience and
    success in even while at Atari.  His departure leaves Atari with no
    individual directly in charge of MIDI development and music industry
    As Atari prepares for COMDEX, November's big Computer Marketplace of the
    World, the ATARI ADVANTAGE is being once again prepared for
    presentation.  The Las Vegas, Nevada, show draws hundreds of thousands
    of people, and thousands of vendors to show their wares.  Atari has said
    that they will have the TT READY FOR SHIPPING by the November show, and
    now, the focus is widening to cover the 520ST system (or possibly an
    STe?) bundled with an array of software for a blockbuster price.  This
    time for SURE...?

    The editor of the largest computer magazine in the world, COMPUTER
    SHOPPER MAGAZINE, told his writers and contributors this week that his
    magazine will end its regular Atari coverage with the November, 1990,
    issue.  Editor in Chief, Bob Lindstrom, said that it was a hard
    decision, and one that was just made in the last 30 days after
    considerable market and supplier research.  Earlier rumors of their
    dropping Atari were neither based on fact nor were they an influence on
    the final decision.  Computer Shopper is moving more and more towards
    being MS-DOS only, with Amiga and even MAC coverage under careful
    scrutiny now.  Shopper will probably continue to run major stories
    covering Atari products when it is warranted, such as when major new
    hardware is introduced.
    Next weekend the WAACE show will include Atari reps and many Atari
    developers.  This is one of the premeire east coast Atari shows and
    one of the longest regular events for Atari enthusiasts.  Please make
    an effort to attend this show next week!

Z*NET October 12, 1990 Issue #541

    Beginning with the December, 1990 issue, the popular Z*NET NewsWire will
    be presented within STart Magazine each month.  STart's Tom Byron and
    Z*Net's Ron Kovacs recently signed contracts that make Z*NET the
    exclusive news column in the well known monthly ST specific glossy
    magazine.  STart features the largest circulation of any domestic Atari
    magazine, and has recently added the subscribers of ANALOG and ST-LOG to
    their rolls.  Z*Net will provide about three pages of news bits and news
    stories for each issue of STart.  Says Tom Byron, Editor of STart, "Its
    a natural progression.  Z*Net has the reputation and track record for
    solid news reporting."  Z*Net Publisher Ron Kovacs adds, "This is a
    chance for Z*Net to reach a wider audience, beyond the modem users and
    user-group members who already get the Z*Net News Services."  It is
    expected that the added recognition and credibility that the merger of
    efforts will bring to both publications, will further increase the
    quality and quantity of Atari news presented in all media ventures of
    STart and Z*Net.  Z*Net is already a regular part of the news coverage
    of a number of magazines worldwide, including PD JOURNAL of Germany and
    soon ST USER of Great Britain.  The Z*Net User Group Newsletter
    Supplement also goes to nearly 4,000 readers in the USA, Canada, Panama,
    New Zealand, Australia, and England.

    Released to dealers this week was a new color monitor to compliment the
    STE's stereo sound.  The SC1435 is the latest edition to Atari's ever
    growing line-up of computer products.  With the release of the STE
    line's stereo sound capabilities it was a natural to follow it up with
    the SC1435.  The monitor is not a re-structured SC1224 as was first
    thought but of a completely different design.
 Z*NET October 19, 1990 Issue #542
    Story by John Nagy for Z*NET

    It is official: Atari employees have confirmed that the widely praised
    and respected new General Manager for Atari USA, CANADA, and FRANCE has
    resigned from the position.  Elie Kenan, who just weeks ago was
    discussing future plans for ATARI with developers at the WAACE and
    GLENDALE Atari Shows, has returned to France where he will continue to
    work as France's General Manager.  Mr. Kenan has declined to accept the
    appointment for the USA and Canada.

    Some developers and others have suggested that Kenan may have simply
    gone to the already scheduled Atari show in France, and that as such,
    there is no truth to the story of his departure from Atari USA and
    Canada.  Others have said that, until Atari makes a formal statement,
    nothing should be said or discussed.  This position may be partly due to
    a hope that Elie's decision is not final and that the public should be
    spared the anguish of the truth until it is proven to be unreconcilable.
    For whatever good intent or self deception may be causing these
    comments, it remains a verified fact: Elie has turned down the
    appointment as General Manager of Atari USA and Canada.

    Although the complete reasons for Kenan's departure, after so much
    public exposure and acclaim, may never be completely known, it is said
    by those close to the situation that the "official" comment from Atari
    will be that Kenan found the USA to be too large, too culturally
    different from the Socialist France he is used to.

    However, it is known that after the WAACE show in early October, Kenan
    went alone to examine sites in the Boston area.  Kenan had preliminary
    reports done earlier for a possible relocation of Atari USA to the
    Boston area, and speculation is that he had found some sites that he
    wished to seriously consider.  Shortly after returning to Sunnyvale,
    Kenan met with Jack Tramiel, his long time friend and the Chairman of
    the Board for Atari, the man who hired Kenan to come to Sunnyvale from
    France.  The subject matter of that meeting is unknown, but Kenan then
    returned to France after some hasty farewells to Atari employees.  It is
    suspected by some that Kenan's change of heart may have been prompted by
    some refusal by Tramiel of the control and free hand he had been
    promised in the re-shaping of Atari in the US.

    On Friday, October 12, 1990, Greg Pratt was introduced to ranking
    employees as the new General Manger for Atari USA.  Pratt is a longtime
    Atari officer from the Finance department who also ran the ill-fated
    Federated Stores operation near the end of that affair.  Pratt had, for
    a time, been attempting to procure a leveraged buy out of the troubled
    Federated Stores from Atari for himself and other investors.

    While Pratt is thought by many at Atari to be a competent replacement
    for Kenan, reaction has been widespread and uniform - shock and fear of
    what this may mean for Atari is being expressed among employees and
    developers who met with Kenan and had high hopes for his plans at Atari.
    A depression has set in at Atari Corp. that will most certainly now
    spread to every corner of the Atari community.

    Z*Net has heard from several sources that Jack Tramiel is travelling to
    France to try to talk Kenan into changing his mind.  If he succeeds and
    Kenan does come back to the USA, it may signify a momentous event: the
    first time that the iron grip of the Tramiel family has been pried open
    by an outsider.  If Kenan can be persuaded to return to Atari USA, his
    power will be more consolidated and unquestioned than before, and he may
    be even more effective.  Only time will tell.  Z*Net will continue to
    follow this story and will bring you special updates if the facts merit.

    The Vice President of Atari (USA) for Advertising and Marketing, Jim
    Fisher resigned from Atari last week.  It appears that Fisher's decision
    was made before it was known that Elie Kenan was leaving, and was not
    influenced by that event.  No details have been officially released, but
    it is said that Fisher's resignation was entirely his own idea.  Fisher
    had recently taken a more active part in preparation and planning of
    advertising for Atari, moving from a marketing-only orientation.  A
    successor has not been named.

    In March, 1990, Atari announced that it would purchase an old Commodore
    plant in Philadelphia, PA, to build liquid crystal display units.  In an
    article in the Philadelphia Inquirer dated September 30, 1990, it was
    announced that the deal had fallen through and that another company has
    arranged to buy the facility.  It would have been a $5.2 million dollar
    plant, with 200 jobs, but Atari dropped the deal before financing was
    arranged.  The article says that it was unknown why Atari backed out.

    A file being known as "TOS 2" has been circulating on private bulletin
    boards for several weeks.  Loaded as an AUTO file with TOS 1.4, this
    program provides an early version of the new TT Desktop which will
    operate on an ST.  While the idea of using it is attractive, Atari
    reminds users both that the file is a STOLEN, PIRATED file that belongs
    to Atari, and that it is an early version that is known to be incomplete
    and unstable.  Use of "TOS 2" is both illegal and unsafe to your system
    data.  Please do what you can to eliminate "TOS 2" from distribution.
    The completed new GEM and TOS will NOT be called TOS 2, by the way.  It
    is being called "TOS 030" in the USA and "TOS 3.01" by the press in
    Germany, and will come in chip form for the TT only, although it is
    expected to be compatible with the STe machine design.  If Atari
    produces a future STe based MEGA computer, it is expected to also
    feature the new TOS/Desktop, and to share the TT case and hard drive
    design.  If ever built, a MEGA STe would also be card-compatible with
    the VME bus of the TT, and might be running a 68000 at 16 Mhz.

    Atari's Taiwan subsidiary has been indicted in Taiwan for allegedly
    using pirated copies of common software programs, according to a recent
    UPI report.  A criminal indictment for copyright infringement was handed
    down against Atari Taiwan Manufacturing Corp and two employees earlier
    this month.  The indictment followed a court-ordered search of the
    company in April that turned up several suspected unauthorized copies of
    Ashton Tate's dBase III Plus software and Lotus Development Corp.'s
    Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program.  According to the UPI story, Atari said
    the unauthorized programs were used by two employees without the
    company's knowledge and against its policy.  The company accused the BSA
    of blowing the case, which involved less than a dozen pirate copies, far
    out of proportion.  "Being a computer company, we are very sensitive to
    the software community," said August Liguori, vice president of finance.
    "We fight this kind of (piracy) all the time.  It would be foolish for
    us to cheat our own peers over a few hundred dollars."

    Lake County Atari Computer Enthusiasts are proud to present "Chicago
    AtariFest" to be held November 11th (Sunday) 1990 at the American Legion
    Gurnee Post located at W. Grand and Il. Rt. 21 (just 1 mile east of I-94
    and the "Great America" theme park).  The show will open to the public
    at 10:00 AM and will run until 4:00 PM. General admission will be $2.00
    in advance, $3.00 at the door.  Children under 6 will be admitted free
    with a paying adult.

    All paid admissions will have a chance at one of several valuable door
    prizes to be awarded at various times during the day.  For more
    information on advance ticket sales and general show information, please
    contact LCACE at P.O. Box 8788, Waukegan, IL 60079-8788.  A special show
    message base is available on the Python BBS, (708) 680-5105 300/1200/
    2400 24hrs.

     These Z*Net News bits have been taken from Z*Nets that had important
news concering Atari in them.  It is to save you time from reading each
issue just for the main news.


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