CAIN Newsletter: 10-Mar-94 #0101

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/25/94-12:50:48 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: CAIN Newsletter: 10-Mar-94 #0101
Date: Wed May 25 12:50:48 1994

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     The Official Online Newsletter of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
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            CAIN Online Newsletter Published and Copyright (c) 1994
                              by Cain Publishing

   Voting/Conferences.........Mark Leair
  Assistant Editor
   SIG Manager/Jaguar Area....Len Stys
  8-Bit Support Area..........Michael Current
  8-Bit Technical Forum.......Craig Lisowski
  16/32-Bit Support Area......Bruce D. Nelson
  Portfolio Support Area......Fred Horvat
  Lynx Support Area...........Barry W. Cantin

  Contributor.................Ethan Larson      ALMO@UWYO.EDU

  Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Internet E-Mail:
  Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, P.O. Box 364, Mentor, OH  U.S.A. 44061-0364

                               Table of Contents

>From the Editor .........................................The CAIN Newsletter
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager .....................The Cleveland Free-Net & Atari SIG
                                                                    -Len Stys

Free-Net News ..................................Temporary Machine Name Change
                                                    Increased Internet Access
                                              Atari SIGOp positions available
                                                                   -Atari SIG

Atari News.................................Jaguar Developer List News Release
                                                                 -Atari Corp.

8-Bit Computers Support Area ..........8-Bit Support Area News, Product News,
                                         Bulletin Board Messages of Interest,
                                            Commentary, & Information of Need
                                                             -Michael Current

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area ................16/32-Bit Support Area News,
                                                             -Bruce D. Nelson

Portfolio Support Area .............................Portfolio Support is Here
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Lynx Support Area ......................Lynx Support Area News, Product News,
                                         Bulletin Board Messages of Interest,
                                            Commentary, & Information of Need
                                                             -Barry W. Cantin

Jaguar Support Area ..................Jaguar Support Area News, Product News,
                                         Bulletin Board Messages of Interest,
                                            Commentary, & Information of Need
                                                                    -Len Stys

Reviews/Articles of Interest ...........................Jaguar Rai-Den Review
                                                                -Ethan Larson

Upcoming Atari Shows......................................Atari Show Calendar
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Information Listing of the Month.............Who's Who in the Atari Community
                                                             E-Mail Directory
                                                                    -Len Stys

Voting Issues and Results............Reader and User Opinion Poll Information
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Online Atari Conferences......................Conferencing with the Atari SIG
                                                                  -Mark Leair

General Information of Need........................How to Contribute to CAIN,
                                                             Article Requests
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the Editor

Welcome to the premier issue of CAIN!  As an extension to the Cleveland
Free-Net (CFN) Atari SIG, it is our hope that this newsletter will provide
news, reviews,  and feature articles on Atari products.  Importantly, we
hope to use this newsletter as a "communication-link" to those whom normally
do not, or cannot log onto CFN's Atari SIG.  Finally, as an extension to the
Atari SIG, we hope to provide feature articles, such as commentary and
tutorials, that are normally not found in other publications.  If you are
interested in contributing to this newsletter, please read the section
entitled "General Information of Need."

We have planned a very special first issue.  First off, the Atari SIG has
received a face-lift!  Major Improvements have been done to the SIG.  Read
about these improvements in each support area.  Next, Michael Current
brings you information on a new 256K upgrade in his Atari 8 bit Support area.
In Lynx news, Donald Thomas, Jr. of Atari Customer Services tells us what
users can do that claim they should have received a free game from Atari.
Read the Lynx Support Area for the latest developments.  Last but not least,
the Jaguar section is packed with news, reviews, and commentary on this new
high-end game machine.

As this is our first issue, let us know how we are doing.  Please send any
comments or suggestions to "" or use the U.S.
mail address found in this newsletter's header.  It is our utmost desire to
provide a newsletter that is informative, easy to read, as well as

Mark Leair, Editor/Publisher
CAIN Newsletter

>From the SIG Manager

If you aren't familiar with the Cleveland Free-Net, it is a large, multi-user
computer system that provides free public community telecomputing.  The
computer system is arranged as an "electronic city" where users can choose
from many topics of interest by either a menu system or by "go" commands.
As computers become more popular in homes, the "Free-Net" community computer
systems may one day be similar to public libraries.  The difference being
that anyone can access a city's Free-Net from anywhere.  Many Free-Net
systems are popping up throughout the world.  Don't be surprised if one pops
up in your neighborhood in the future.

Since the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG was started in 1986, it has evolved
from a simple few option menu SIG to a complex (but easy to use) multiple
level menu SIG.  In fact, it has evolved so greatly in the last few years
that it has become the largest computer SIG and one of the largest SIGs on
the Cleveland Free-Net.  One of the major evolutionary advancements happened
on February 25, 1994 when the Atari SIG Operators released a new version of
the Atari SIG.  The new version includes enhancements of the already popular
"8-Bit Computers Support Area", a restructured "16/32-Bit Computers Support
Area", an improved "Lynx Support Area", a new "Jaguar Support Area", an
expanded "Atari Library", and a new "CAIN Online Newsroom."  The changes made
were so great that the new version took the Atari SIGOps over two months to

The main goal of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is to offer the most
support possible to Atari users.  The Atari SIGOps work to reach this goal
by providing as much information online as possible and by making this
information easily accessible.  As in the CAIN acronym, INFORMATION is a big
part of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG and this newsletter.  This is
important because the world is reaching a point in time where information
is everything.

"You get what you pay for"

Isn't that a silly statement?  If you are a regular user of the Cleveland
Free-Net Atari SIG, you realize how silly that statement is.  There is a lot
of quality support for $10/hour?  $8/hour?  $5/hour?  $3/hour?!  $2/hour?!
Try $0/hour!  No tricks.  No con.  Nothing.  There is not even a Free-Net
registration fee!  And I better start wrapping this article up pretty soon
before I start on the "there is no such thing as a free lunch" statement.
That statement is even more ridiculous!

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is going full force.  And because it is
going full force, it can now be the mother to other Free-Net Atari SIGs.
There are over twenty Free-Net systems in existence and only three of them
have Atari SIGs.  Most of them have IBM SIGs or PC SIGs.  Half of them
have Apple and Commodore SIGs.  But only three of them have Atari SIGs.
Do you live near one of the following cities?

Dillon, Montana; Buffalo, New York; British Columbia, Canada;
Columbia, Missouri; Dayton, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Mount Pleasant, Michigan;
Erlangen, Germany; Battle Creek, Michigan; Peoria, Illinois;
Elyria, Ohio; Medina, Ohio; Ottawa, Canada; Champaign-Urbana, Illinois;
Tallahassee, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada;
Wellington, New Zealand; Youngstown, Ohio

Each of these cities has a Free-Net community computer system.  And there
are seventy more Free-Nets just getting started in other cities.  Why not get
a few friends together and start an Atari SIG?  The Cleveland Free-Net
Atari SIGOps would be glad to help you get started.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the new version of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari
SIG.  All of the Atari SIGOps have worked hard on it for your benefit.
I have _never_ worked with a group of individuals that are more committed,
hard working, and determined than my Co-SIGOps.  And get this--they don't
even get paid for what they do on Free-Net!

Len Stys, SIG Manager
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG

Free-Net News

IMPORTANT!!! Temporary Internet Machine Change

INTERNET MACHINE CHANGED TEMPORARILY: The machine that handles internet
connections will be changed to ( sometime
during the next couple of days so we can upgrade kanga.  Please send any
problems with roo to xx999.

Cleveland Free-Net Adds More Internet Lines!

The Cleveland Free-Net has expanded its Internet access by upgrading the
existing computer and by adding a newer computer called  The Cleveland Free-Net is now capable of handling 105
Internet connections up from 20 a month ago.

ST/TT/Falcon030 Programming and MIDI SIGOp Wanted

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is in need of two 16/32-Bit Atari SIG
Operators.  The first is a Programming SIGOp that knows how to program in
a few languages (preferably C and Assembly) and is knowledgeable somewhat
about the hardware aspects of the Atari 16/32-bit computers.

The second is a MIDI SIGOp that is knowledgeable in the area of music making
and Atari computers.

Each SIGOp will be responsible for his or her area on the Atari SIG.
The present Atari SIGOps feel that these two areas are very important to
users and the future of Atari computers.

Anyone interested should be willing to hold the position for a minimum of
one year.

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is taking very large steps to become one of
the greatest Atari information sources in the United States if not world.
If you are interested in helping the Atari SIG accomplish this goal, please
send e-mail to the Atari SIG at

Atari News


     Atari  Corp. (AMEX: ATC) announced today that its award-winning Jaguar
64-bit game system has attracted 86 top developers, publishers and
licensees since its introduction in November 1993.

     Among the 48 new partners announced today are ReadySoft Inc., publisher
of "Dragon's Lair," "Dragon's Lair II" and "Space Ace"; Bullfrog Productions
Ltd., developer of "Populous" and "Powermonger"; Imagineer, publisher of
"Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)"; Jaleco, a leading manufacturer of arcade games and
home video games including "Super Bases Loaded" and "Pro-Sport Hockey"; and
Sculptured Software, developer of "Mortal Kombat" for Acclaim.

   "The innovative technology unleashed by Jaguar challenges us to change our
approach to developing software," said Glen Williams, technical director,
Williams Brothers Development, one of the newly signed software developers.
"With Jaguar, game developing is no longer a matter of working within the
machine's capabilities, but of living up to them."

   Since Jan. 1, 1994,  Atari  has signed 48 new partners.  These are:
    Accent Media Productions
    Anthill Industries
    (ASG) All Systems Go
    Argonaut Software Ltd.
    Audio Visual Magic
    Bethesda Softworks
    Bjorn Joos/Kris Van Lier
    Black Scorpion Software
    Borta & Associates
    Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
    Clearwater Software
    Computer Music Consulting
    Delta Music Systems Inc.
    Domark Group Ltd.
    Duncan Brown
    EZ Score Software Inc.
    GameTek Inc.
    Genus Microprogramming Inc.
    H2O Design Corp.
    ICD Inc.
    Imagineer Co. Ltd.
    Limelight Media Inc.
    Manley & Associates Inc.
    NMS Software Ltd.
    PIXIS Interactive
    ReadySoft Inc.
    Rest Energy
    Sculptured Software Inc.
    Software Creations
    Team Infinity
    Team 17 Software Ltd.
    Technation Digital World
    Teque London Ltd.
    Virtual Xperience
    Visual Concepts
    Williams Brothers
    WMS Industries

    "We are pleased the industry's most innovative, successful software
companies continues to join the Jaguar team," said Sam Tramiel,
president of  Atari.   "Jaguar is the world's most powerful multimedia
video game system.  Consequently, this platform offers leading
developers and publishers unprecedented creative and commercial
    "Atari  has used cutting-edge technology to push Jaguar's system
architecture beyond the industry's next natural stage and leaped ahead
of its competitors in the process," said Lou Viveros, president of
V-Reel and Viveros and Associates, a leading video game consulting firm.
"Our games will require creativity and flexibility in the development
process and outstanding system performance during game play.
Consequently, the decision to develop for Jaguar was an easy one."
    V-Reel will develop and market Arena Football exclusively for
Jaguar.  This represents the first license of the Arena Football League
for home video game systems.  V-Reel also plans to develop Horrorscope,
a Jaguar fighting game based on the 12 characters of the Zodiac.
    Atari  Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in
the United States.  Jaguar was recently named the industry's "Best New
Game System" (VideoGames Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game
Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard
GameFan).   Atari  expects to deliver its Jaguar CD-peripheral mid-year
at a suggested retail price of $200.
    Atari  Corp., based in Sunnyvale, manufactures and markets 64-bit
interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video games and personal
computers for the home, office and educational marketplaces.
    NOTE:  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
     CONTACT: Terry Valeski of  Atari,  408-745-2000; or Lynn Thompson
of Cunningham Communication, 408-764-0740, for Atari.

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8-Bit Computers Support Area

8-Bit Support Area News

The big news is the addition of full access to Usenet's comp.sys.atari.8bit
right within the Support Area!  More than ever, this is THE place for online
8-bit Atari support.

Also, our new 8-Bit Technical Forum has recently opened, run by our new
8-bit Technical SIGOp, Craig Lisowski (BRiTiSH).  Craig has exciting plans
for his area, plus his expertise on our favorite 8-bit machines is
extensive.  Support the 8-Bit Technical Forum!

In addition, probably worthy of mention here in this issue of the CAIN
Newsletter is the 8-Bit Computers Support Area's recent completion of our
Z*Magazine collection project.  You'll find all 210 or so issues, every
last one of 'em, right here in the Atari SIG.

In case you haven't visited recently, here's our menu today:


  1 About this Support Area
  2 The Atari 8-Bit Computers
  3 Reference Desk...
  4 8-Bit News
  5 Bulletin Board
  6 Usenet: comp.sys.atari.8bit
  7 Technical Forum...
  8 Product Summaries
  9 Product Reviews
 10 File Area...
 11 Info-Atari8 Digest
 12 Z*Magazine
 13 8-Bit Computer User Directory...

8-Bit Product News

 The Yorky 256k plug in memory upgrade for the Atari 800/600XL computers.
This memory upgrade simply plugs into the PBI port on the back of your XL
and gives you 256k of bank switched XE compatible memory. It is supplied with
a printed manual and a disk of support software.

        Current price is #50 (UK pounds) plus #2 shipping.
                                              #5 shipping if outside UK

     (Current price in US dollars including worldwide shipping = $85)

  A PBI feedthrough port is completed, we have tested it on the Rambit PPP
printer interface and all works well - now all that remains is for testing on
a Black box. Once testing is complete I will announce the availability and
new price structure.
  Rambit (a company run by a friend of mine) have available a printer
interface that plugs into the PBI port and also the knowledge and schematics
for interconnecting two computers via the PBI. I will post more details as a
service for Rambit when I have them.

Due to a really pathetic level of support from the community (ie zero sales)
we have decided to create a double pack called 'Maze Mania' featuring two
games (details below) and offer them at a give away price. The two games are:

 1) JAWBREAKER    Guide a pair of chomping teeth around a maze eating as much
                  candy as you can, but don't forget that important dental
                  hygiene. This package includes two separate mazes
                  originally sold as individual games as well as a pause

 2) MOUSEKATTACK  Plumb all the levels of Rat Alley but watch out for those
                  giant rats. Classic arcade action for one ot two players
                  (on screen at once) with improved joystick control and a
                  pause function.

 This double pack is available NOW on disk, tape or Rambit Turbo tape!

 PRICES:  UK (inluding p&p) #6.95 per pack.

          Worldwide (including shipping)  #10 or $18  per pack.


We also have several more games in the pipeline - more details will be
released when we are closer to their completion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If there are any software authors out there with products finished or nearly
finished we would be very happy to consider marketing them. This applies
to new software and old games so long as you have the rights to them.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For more details or to order write to:


  or e-mail RG9@UK.AC.YORK.VAX   or   RG9@UK.AC.YORK.TOWER

   (for those outside the UK you may have to invert the
   (part to                                            )

   Telephone enquiries can also be accepted over the weekend period from
7pm on friday evening to 4pm on sunday afternoon.

   In the UK phone (0302) 784642,  outside the UK refer to your phone book
on how to dial internationally, and ask for Richard.

8-Bit Bulletin Board Messages of Interest

Article #1065 (1077 is last):
From: cr198@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (James E. King)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit
Subject: Fine Tooned Engineering
Date: Wed Feb 16 10:00:27 1994

Greetings, all.. It's been quite some time since I was last
online the Freenet and quite a bit has changed since then.

Last night, I got the honor of having Mike Hohman (owner
of Fine Tooned Engineering, the firm that bought out ICD's
8bit rights) visit my home, and we chatted for about 2 hours.

I cant divulge what exactly we discussed, but the Atari 8bit
market is in for a real excellent shocker when FTe finally
releases its latest innovations and re-releases (mods) of
existing 8bit hardware.

The MIO,  SDX and SpartaDos are all being revised and updated
and will be winners beyond compare.  Stay tuned here and  in
Atari Classics magazine for additional information!!

James King aka Kamaro Kid,
AC Exchange Editor & Delphi 8-bit Manager
SysOp of the Korner BBS @ 801-969-9554 (300-19.2k)

Article #1070 (1077 is last):
From: ak527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Martin Quinones)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit
Subject: atr8000 help!!
Date: Sun Feb 20 07:35:15 1994

I have just acquired an ATR8000 ?interface/memory expansion? no
docs or cables besides the one for power where can I find info
on these. I also acquired an Indus GT disc drive with no docs
where can I get some info on this? I think that both of these
outfits ,SWP and Indus have closed there doors long ago.

Thank you in advance.

Article #1077 (1077 is last):
From: aj445@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bill Somrak)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit
Subject: 1200XL mystery solved!
Date: Mon Feb 28 11:13:49 1994

A while back I posted a bulletin , stating a problem
that I'd been having with my 1200xl.  The problem was that
it would boot from SOME disk drives, but not the ones I wanted to
use with it .. those that had been modified, like a Percom,
US1050, Happy 810, etc.  It also would not boot from any
disk drive if I had the Atari 850 interface plugged in at the same
time.  After months of investigations, and numerous querries
for help from Ben P. of AC, and others, I was talking with the
owner of Best Electronics, where I'd hoped to get a
replacement for a suspect chip.  The guy told me to check R63.
R63 is a 100 ohm current limitting resistor in the 5v. ref.
line of the SIO.  Well, upon checking my mother board, there
was NO R63 installed.  I HAD NO 5v. REF. on the SIO.  Apparrently
some drives don't need this 5v. ref.  At any rate, I installed
a wire jumper in the holes provided ... and IT WORKS!!!

If any of you have 1200xls, do yourself a favor and check out this
potential problem area.

My 1200xl has a 1 meg Newell upgrade in it, as well as Ben P.'s
excellent Super Video 2.1 ... what a great little machine.


8-Bit Commentary

Certainly the most exciting word in the 8-bit Atari scene is the creation
of the new firm called Fine Tooned Engineering, and their re-release of
most, if not all, of the ICD (and OSS) product line.  Product was to begin
shipping in March.  Products mentioned include revised versions of MAC/65,
Action!, SpartaDOS X, the R-Time-8 and the Multi I/O.  Our community has
starved without these products for a long time; hopefully the efforts
involved to bring these products back to market will be rewarded with
strong sales.

And, hopefully, the latest version of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG will
in its own rite pump some new life into our intimate community.  Your
Atari SIGOps have worked very hard "behind the scenes," so to speak, to
greatly enhance the Atari SIG.  Besides the outward improvements such as
the addition of Atari-related Usenet newsgroups (something I've asked for
a long time--thanks Len!) and the addition of the Jaguar Support Area,
the internal structure of the SIG has been greatly enhanced as well.  My
hands are literally hurting as I type this.  But, in the end, volunteering
as 8-bit Atari SIGOp continues to be an enjoyable hobby.  I hope 8-bit
Atari users continue to participate in the Atari SIG as much as they have
in the past--the Atari SIG, and the 8-Bit Computers Support Area, is as
good as you make it!

8-Bit Information of Need

One project that was discussed but apparently not worked on was the indexing
of the Z*Mag collection.  What I would like to see first is a complete
collection of the indexes that the Z*Mag people themselves put out.  I know
not all issues were covered, but it would be a fine starting point.  If
you can help locate these official Z*Mag indexes, please let us know!

Also, the Product Summaries and Product Reviews boards have been dormant for
quite a long time.  Let's hear about some of the new products out there!

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area

16-32 Bit Support Area News

As mentioned in the other support areas, the big news in the reorganizing
of the entire Atari SIG is the addition of the Usenet groups related to
Atari. And this SIG is no exception - we now have access to, probably the world's largest Atari "BBS".

It's really a great asset to the worldwide Atari community because not only
can you ask a question and get back umpteen answers within a few hours, but
some of those answers come from some "really important" people in the
business. While there does not currently seem to be very many official Atari
Corporation people reading "the Net" right now, there are many other
developers who contribute to the message base.

One of the features of the Atari SIG is our online magazine archive.  While
on the "pay" services, copies of the online magazines are all zipp'ed,
zoo'ed, arc'es or lharc'ed, here we have them in plain 'ol ASCII.  You can
read them online, or save them to a file and mail them back to your Internet
account, or download them if you are dialed in to the Free-Net.  While we
don't have every last one of the Z*Net's and ST Reports, we probably have the
largest accessable collection anywhere.  And we do have all the Atari
Explorer Online issues.

The Jaguar news has swamped out a lot of the news of anything else happening
with Atari. But in our 16/32 bit news area we have collected as many news
releases as we could find from over the past few months.

We will be working on stuffing more info into the 16/32 bit area as time
goes by. And if you have anything to contribute, or if you happen to find
mis-information somehere in the SIG, be sure to let us know (email to xx004).

If you haven't visited the SIG since the reorganization, here's our top-
level menu:

        ST/e,Mega ST/e,TT,Falcon030

  1 About this Support Area
  2 The ST(e),TT,Falcon Computers
  3 Reference Desk...
  4 16/32-Bit News
  5 Bulletin Board
  6 Usenet:
  7 MIDI Application Forum...
  8 Programming/Developing Forum...
  9 Product Summaries
 10 Product Reviews
 11 File Area...
 12 Online Magazines
 13 16/32-Bit Computer User Directory...

Bruce D. Nelson, aa789
Atari 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp

Portfolio Support Area

    Having a tough time finding support for your trusty Portfolio?  Does
it seem that Atari and the rest of the world have forgotten about you?
Well, support is a lot closer and easier to find then you think.  First
off if you are reading this then that's a first step in many to finding
support.  Obviously BBS's are a great wealth of information for any
computer.  Where else can someone ask a question and reach from novices to
experts all at the same place.  The benefit of varied user levels is that
some things that seem so obvious to some may not be to others and the
issue gets posted and all levels of users can respond with their knowledge
of the subject.  This requires participation from all users to be of any
benefit.  So if you have a question that you just can't seem to find an
answer to, then go ahead and post it here on the Free-Net's Atari Portfolio
section.  Odds are someone will have an answer or be able to steer you in
the proper direction.

    This first installment of many is here to cheer you up and get you
ready for hopefully more use and support out of your trusty Portfolio.
I've been down this road before with the Coleco ADAM.  When it seemed that
all was lost just a little effort on my part turned up a wealth of support
for this great computer system.  Even 10 years after Coleco quit producing
the machine users and dealers are still producing new software and hardware
items for it.  Bottom line, if there is interest there will be support.
All we Portfolio users have to show is some interest to others in our
computer and there will be support.

    For future articles I will be trying to find and print dealers, BBS's,
usergroups, and any other way for you to get information, products, and
support for the Portfolio.  If you have any information on a dealer or BBS
that supports our machine please E-mail me here on the Free-Net at xx004
account with the information.  Please mention Portfolio somewhere in the
header so as I can locate the message quicker.  Until next time happy

Here is what the Portfolio Support Area menu looks like:


  1 About this Support Area
  2 The Portfolio Computer
  3 Portfolio News
  4 Bulletin Board
  5 Usenet: comp.sys.palmtops
  6 Product Summaries
  7 Product Reviews
  8 Tips & Tricks
  9 Portable Addiction Magazine
 10 Portfolio User Directory...

Fred Horvat, ap748
Portfolio Support Area SIGOp

Lynx Support Area

Lynx Support Area News

The Lynx Support Area has expanded and now has many more features, making
this THE source for Lynx information!

This is how the Lynx Support Area's main menu looks now:


  1 About this Support Area
  2 The Lynx Portable Video Game System
  3 Reference Desk...
  4 Lynx News
  5 Bulletin Board
  6 Usenet:
  7 Atari Explorer Game Card Summaries
  8 Game Card Reviews
  9 Rate Lynx Games...
 10 Tips & Tricks
 11 Online Publications...
 12 Lynx Player Directory...

The Reference Desk allows you access to lots of useful Lynx info, such as
Lynx FAQs, Cheats, Record High Scores lists, Game Reviews (by Robert Jung),
a Comlynx User List, and the Best/Worst Games Awards for the past three
years.  Many, many thanks to Rob Jung for his incredible work and allowing us
to use his reviews, awards, and other text files in this section.  A great
place to start!

There is a Lynx News category, where you can catch up on the latest info on
Lynx releases, special deals, and anything new related to the Lynx!  This
will be updated regularly, so you can be sure it's new stuff.

The Bulletin Board is a good place to swap ideas, talk about games, or
anything Lynx-related.  You can find some good hints, tips and tricks to many
of your favorite Lynx games - contributed by Free-Net users - on the Tips &
Tricks Board

There are also the Atari Explorer Game Card Summaries, the Rate Lynx Games,
and Lynx Player Directory areas - just as before.

New additions include access to the Usenet newsgroup
Here you can read the *very* latest information and messages from around the
world via Internet.  The base covers the Lynx and the Jaguar - and you can
post messages as well.

Also, three online publications are available, too:  APE Newsletter,
Portable Addiction Magazine, and Atari Explorer.  The APE Newsletter (Atari
Portable Entertainment, recently changed to Atari Power Entertainment to
include the Jag) is published five times a year by Clinton Smith, an avid
Atari gaming enthusiast.  He has been producing this newsletter since 1990
and you can catch lots of great Lynx and Jaguar information here, including
upcoming games, hints and tips unavailable anywhere else, maps, and even
rumors!   Portable Addiction Magazine was the first online magazine to
specialize in the Lynx, and features some coverage of the Atari Portfolio as
well.  P.A. originated in Europe, and gives us an interesting European
perspective on the Lynx and its releases.  Now defunct, we have ALL issues
online here at the Free-Net.  Atari Explorer Online is a well-known online
mag that covers all types of Atari products, and is a valuable source for
Lynx info as well.

With the addition of these new features, the Cleveland Free-Net is your best
stop for Lynx news and information, all in one location!

Lynx Product News

Telegames plans to release Super Off-Road (hopefully) by the summer.  No
word on Krazy Ace Miniature Golf.  They have set up an automated telephone
line through which you can order Lynx hardware and software.

Beyond Games is now marketing Shadowsoft products, including Joust.  They
sent out a flyer a few weeks ago announcing this.

Atari - particularly Hank Cappa - told me that Fat Bobby is nearly finished,
Eye of the Beholder is in production, and other games being tested include
Full Court Press, Heavyweight Contender, and several others.  There should
be some activity in the next month or so.

-Barry Cantin

You Didn't Receive Your Free Game Card?
By: Len Stys

There are still quite a few people that claim they still haven't received
their game card.  I asked Don Thomas, Jr. of Atari Customer Service why
people have not received theirs.  He stated that some people were not
qualified for the free game card, but Atari will be willing to check their
records to see if a mistake was made:

-Date: Tue Mar  1 02:31:51 1994
-From: 75300.1267@CompuServe.COM ("Donald A. Thomas, Jr.")
-We have fulfilled all offers to the best of my knowledge. If someone wishes
-to resubmit a specific claim, we invite them to do so and we will *prompt*
-review but his claim must be mailed to:
- Atari Corporation
- P.O. Box 61657
- Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657

As a related note, I sent in all the appropriate information for my BATMAN
RETURNS free game and I received it four months later.  I did not receive a
rebate for other items I purchased until nine months later.  And this was
after I sent Atari photocopies of my Lynx package, receipt, and coupon offer.

Of course, if you do send in all the appropriate information, a good company
will respond immediately by honoring the offer.  But if they do not, it is
good to have photocopies of the information before you send it!

I believe that if you really did send in all the correct information, you
still have a good chance to get your game if you did not.  Just make sure
that you include as much information as you can such as what offer, the time,
the place of purchase, serial number of game, the game requested, etc.  If
you are entitled to the game, I'm sure Atari will send you the game.  After
all, NO company can afford to lose repeat business.

[[Keep the Atari SIG updated on your situation:]]

Lynx Bulletin Board Messages of Interest

From: an913@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tom P. Jarvela)
Subject: Eye of the Beholder
Reply-To: an913@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tom P. Jarvela)
Date: Sun Feb  6 12:08:30 1994

I'm just curious about this game... I used to have it for my Amiga, but
never really got into it, due to circumstances beyond my control.

It did appear to be quite a nice game, though, and I'm interested in the
upcoming LYNX version. Does anybody have any details about the game, and
possibly the price?


From: aa852@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Barry W. Cantin)
Subject: Re: Eye of the Beholder
Date: Sun Feb  6 16:43:50 1994

Tom --
  I'll tell you everything I know.  Atari has licensed this game
from SSI as the first role-playing game for the Lynx, and have
developed a special technique for saving the games.  Now that
you're interested, I don't know what that technique is (SORRY!).
The game's release date has been delayed so many times that many
people have declared it dead but I JUST called Atari's 1-800
number (1-800-221-EDGE) to see if it was out.  Guess what... nope!

I got the same response I've heard the last two months about this
game -- "try back in two weeks".  The game will sell for about
$50, and I have heard that the steep price is due to that new
technology I mentioned above (may be some sort of battery back-
up, but don't quote me on it).

I spoke with Robert Jung about it (writes for Atari Explorer
magazine) and he said it's pretty certain that it'll be released.
I've read on GEnie and elsewhere that the "beta" versions seen
at electronics shows have been very, very impressive.  Each
person that saw it said it was well worth the asking price.

There are a lot of people antsy for this one to come out, myself
included!  I'll post here when it's released.


From: aa852@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Barry W. Cantin)
Subject: Re: Eye of the Beholder
Date: Tue Mar  1 13:33:53 1994

Tom, if you check over in the Lynx news area you'll see an excerpt
from the latest Atari Explorer Online magazine.  There is an entry
in it about Eye of the Beholder -- seems it's complete and the
cards are being manufactured right now.  It'll have battery backup
too - this should be interesting!  A good replacement for Guardians
(too bad about that one getting cancelled...).


Lynx Commentary

Atari continues to support the Lynx with some exciting releases upcoming
this month and next:  Eye of the Beholder and Fat Bobby. Eye of the Beholder
is the RPG well-known on the IBM-PC and Amiga systems and will be the first
RPG for the Lynx.  The best feature, perhaps, is that this game will have
battery backup - the first of its kind for the Lynx!  You'll need it,
because it won't take just a few days to complete this game.  It's a
4-megabit card and initial reports have it to be *stunning*.  Can't wait.

Atari is testing several other games at the moment - including "Fat Bobby",
in which you play rock-n-roller "James", who is protecting his bandmates
from the evil "Fat Bobby".  This one is cited to have great graphics and
promises exciting gameplay.

Other releases in the testing stage include Asteroids/Missile Command
(remember those classics?  Now you'll be able to play them ONLY on your
Lynx!!!) in updated versions, and a couple sports titles:  Heavyweight
Contender (boxing simulation) and Full Court Press (Basketball game with
several levels of play, from high school to the pros).  The games are still
coming out!

Here on the Cleveland Freenet you will be able to read reviews of all these
games, expertly written by Robert Jung, the "guru" of Lynx reviewers.  Rob
has written reviews of every Lynx game and we have them all.  Another
exciting addition is the inclusion of electronic versions of the premier
Lynx-only newsletter -A.P.E. ("Atari Portable Entertainment").  This
newsletter has changed with the times to include news and info on the new
Jaguar system - still called A.P.E. ("Atari Power Entertainment") you can
still expect Editor Clinton Smith's outstanding Lynx news and rumors
coverage to be just as excellent as always.  And within the next two weeks,
you will be able to access them all online here, on the Cleveland Freenet.

As for the availability of Lynx games everywhere, besides mail-order there
is hope that stores will begin carrying the Lynx and its software once
again when the Jaguar sales increase.  I have been told by *several*
electronics store managers that with the success of the Jag, the Lynx will
breathe new life, on the coattails of its bigger brother  (not to mention
the fact that of the five or so managers I spoke with, the Lynx was their
favorite handheld system PERIOD.  They have not enjoyed its lack of
availability but look forward to a change very soon).

I hope to see you at the enhanced Lynx Support Area real soon!  All of the
improvements have been made just for you!

Lynx Information of Need

The Lynx Support Area would like to know which games you would like to see
available for the Lynx.  Please make sure to list the developer of the game.

Send e-mail to:

Use the subject header: Lynx Game Wish

Barry Cantin, aa852
Lynx Support Area SIGOp

Jaguar Support Area

Jaguar Support Area News

The latest and greatest news is the creation of the Jaguar Support Area on
the Atari SIG.  The Jaguar Support Area was created to be the ultimate
online information source for Jaguar players!  The support area includes
a description file, reference desk, news file, bulletin board, game
summaries, game reviews, rate games area, tips & tricks, online publications,
and a Jaguar player directory.

The Reference Desk includes the Jaguar FAQ, Game Cheat List, Record High
Scores Reported, News Releases & Articles, and a Jaguar Developers List.
Most of the text files within the Reference Desk are maintained by readers
of Usenet's

The Jaguar Support Area also has direct access to Usenet's newsgroup.  This international bulletin board is
the best place in the world for discussions relating to Atari's video game
systems.  All your Jaguar information needs can be taken care of right
from the Jaguar Support Area.

The Jaguar Support Area menu looks like the following:


  1 About this Support Area
  2 The Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System
  3 Reference Desk...
  4 Jaguar News
  5 Bulletin Board
  6 Usenet:
  7 Game Summaries
  8 Game Reviews
  9 Rate Jaguar Games...
 10 Tips & Tricks
 11 Online Publications...
 12 Jaguar Player Directory...

Jaguar Product News

                    Jaguar DOOM needs Multi-Player Power

Well, if you haven't heard by now, the highly awaited DOOM by id Software
is reported by one of id Software's developers to be only TWO-PLAYER
comlynxable.  After talking to quite a few individuals that were interested
in getting together with four or more other players to play DOOM in the
future, I know there will be great disappointment.

The only thing I can suggest is that you write id Software immediately
encouraging the company to make it at least FOUR-PLAYER and to allow the
game to be played through telephone lines.

There is a lot of excitement in the Atari Community about how much better
DOOM will be on the Jaguar than the PC.  The only way these expectations can
be met is if DOOM on the Jaguar is better than the PC version.

The Internet e-mail address for id Software is:

New Jaguar reviews that can be found in the Jaguar Support Area:

CRESCENT GALAXY by: Mathew A. Hennessy
  ITCMATT@UBVMS [bitnet]
RAIDEN by: Ethan Larson
RAIDEN by: Tim Wilson (AEO_0303)
          GEnie: AEO.8  Internet:

Jaguar Bulletin Board Messages of Interest

From: ap748@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Jaguar Demo/Commercial Tape
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:02:30 1994

        Today I saw the Jaguar Demo/Commercial tape.  It showed live
game footage of Cybermorph, Checkered Flag, Aliens vs Preditor, Trevor
Mcfur, Dino Dudes, Raiden, Tiny Toons, and more.  Music was by Pearl Jam.
Very nice piece of work.  This may be the TV commercial they'll bomb the
MTV audience with.

                                                Fred Horvat

From: ap748@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Panasonic is Concerned!
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:03:15 1994

        Big news this week on the week the Jaguar is suppossed to ship
nationwide.  Panasonic drops the price of the 3DO from $699.00 to $499.00.
They still have a way to go to match the $249.00 Jaguar price and in no way
in the actual product itself.

                                                Fred Horvat
From: (Robert A. Jung)
Subject: Jaguar tops DIE HARD again
Date: Sat Mar  5 19:14:49 1994

  Well, if you haven't seen it already, TEMPEST 2000 for the Jaguar made the
cover of the newest DIE HARD GAME FAN magazine (March '94, their post-L.A.
earthquake edition).  It got named "Game of the month", even beating out
MADDEN 3DO, which should give the 3DO enthusiasts more excuses to write
nasty letters or somesuch.


Jaguar Commentary

There are many reasons why a company test markets a new product in certain
cities before going nationally.  They want to see what marketing works and
what doesn't.  They want to find the bugs in a new product before the company
sells it in mass quantities.  They want to sell a small batch first to
help pay for the marketing and manufacturing of a second larger batch.  They
want to wait until other products are released to complement their product.
And they want to see what the first buyers of their product like/dislike
about it so that they might be able to improve upon its weaknesses (if able)
for future buyers.

There is little doubt in my mind that Atari test marketed the Jaguar for
these very reasons.  But I have not read any posts from Atari representatives
asking Jaguar owners their opinions about their recently purchased product
so I'm going to give mine.  And I'm going to ask YOU to give your opinion by
either sending me e-mail at the address: or by
posting messages on the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Jaguar Support Area
Bulletin Board.

-=- Cartridges -=-

Have you noticed that Jaguar cartridges come with handles on top?  Have
you ever asked yourself how difficult finding a game cartridge will be when
all of your cartridges are in a case without any labels on top?

The cartridges looks slick, but not practical.  Atari is going to have to
make a new cartridge mold before Jaguar players spend more time looking for
the game they want to play than playing it.

-=- Jaguar Controller -=-

I have used the Jaguar controller extensively since I purchased the Jaguar as
well as many other controllers for other systems.  The Jaguar controller is
light weight and comfortable to hold.  It is safe to say that your hands will
never get tired of holding this controller and for this I applaud Atari's

The only problem that I have encountered with the use of the controller is in
fast action games.  Cybermorph (and future games) relies on the keypad
buttons for some important features in the game.  When aliens are racing
towards you, it takes time to move your thumb down to the first row of keypad
buttons.  What is a half second?  It is the difference between getting
obliterated and making it to the next level.  And if you move your thumb
super-fast to make up for the location of the button you need, if you are
like me, you end up hitting the wrong button.  And it is almost impossible
to reach the second and third rows without moving your hand from either the
joypad or fire buttons.  Can you imagine future fighting games where you will
have to move your thumb to the keypad buttons?

Don't get me wrong. The keypad is fantastic for strategy games, role-playing
games, and will be perfect for interactive multi-media software, but not fast
action games.  The Jaguar simply needs more buttons closer to the A,B,C fire
buttons.  This small problem can be solved by including three programmable
buttons right above the A,B,C buttons.  These three buttons can be programmed
as any three keypad buttons.  The buttons do not even have to be that big
since they will only be used secondary to the main A,B,C buttons.  And no
precious time will be used to reach these buttons.

-=- Sporting Titles -=-

Most of the Jaguar sporting titles are ports of Accolade's sporting games.
After seeing NFL Football, Baseball Heroes, and a few other Lynx sporting
games made by Atari, I'm a little worried.

Sporting titles sell video game systems.  Every day I hope that I see some
other company signed by Atari to produce more sporting titles.  Sega (if you
remember) made sure that multiple games were made of the same sport.  If one
of the games turned out to be a lemon, the system had a couple of others to
fall back on.  Hey, it worked for the Genesis and look where the system and
the company are now!

-=- Networking & Modem Play Games -=-

I think many people would agree with me that networking and modem games is
the future of gaming behind Virtual Reality.  Bob Brodie himself said in the
March 4th, Bob Brodie GEnie RTC:

-<BOB-BRODIE> Re the Lynx/Jag connection. Our developer staff is anxiously
-working with ALL of the developers to encourage them to build this
-feature into their games. With over 86 devs now, I think that there is
-plenty of chances for that kind of thing to happen, Fruity. :)

I hope that Atari will be using Jaguar networking and modem play in most of
their games.  One game that seems like it would be perfect to include this
feature is ALIEN VS. PREDATOR.  I wonder if we will see Atari listening to
its own advice when it comes to games?
Doom is suppose to be only capable of two player networking.  This might be a
very big mistake.  How many Atari shows have you been to with a room full of
Atarians playing MIDI Maze?  How spoiled have Lynx players gotten from their
multi-player games?  Two players is nothing for Atari game players.  And if it
doesn't allow for modem play, forget it.

-=- Jaguar Sales Estimate -=-

The 1994 sales goal of Jaguar units is 500,000 according to Sam Tramiel.
The sales goal should be 1 million units minimum.  Remember, Nintendo sold
2.1 million units of SNES in the United States the first four months of its
release.  If Atari sold 500,000 in 1994 and let's say 2 million in 1995,
they will be ahead in the 64-bit race by 2,550,000 units right?  Wrong.
Nintendo and Sega will most likely release their 64-bit systems in late 1995
to challenge Atari's Jaguar.  If Nintendo can do the same thing with their
64-bit as they did with their SNES, Nintendo will pass Atari's total sales
number within the first six months of its new system's release.  Sega will
probably do the same.

Another reason for Atari to hit 1 million units this year is for the company
to capture third-party software support.  Nintendo and Sega will be looking
for game companies to make games for their new systems at the end of this
year.  If these game companies are already committed to the Jaguar, Nintendo
and Sega will have a hard time finding games for their new systems.  Sort'of
what happened to Atari when trying to find companies to make games for their
7800 system.  Nintendo already had all of the game companies locked-up!

The 1 million sales objective will never be reached at the Jaguar's present
suggested retail price of $249.99.  That price is going to have to drop by
at least $20.00 soon.  And then hit $199.99 in the Fall.  Will Atari still
make profit by this price reduction?  Yes.  Atari will not make as much
profit in the beginning because of the price reduction, but some of that will
be made up by the increase in sales.  In the future, however, the company
will be selling twice amount of company owned games.  Since money is usually
made on software sales, not hardware sales, it is a good idea to get as many
Jaguars out there as possible.  Panasonic has already lowered the suggested
retail price of their 3DO unit.

-=- Future -=-

The future looks pretty good for the Jaguar right now.  Atari has a number
of game companies writing games for it, Panasonic has seemingly been forced
to lower the price of its R.E.A.L. because of the Jaguar, and the Jaguar does
not look like it will have any competition in the 64-bit market from Nintendo
and Sega until next year sometime.

The Jaguar is also now strongly supported by the Cleveland Free-Net which
means Jaguar players will always have a place to go for the latest Jaguar
news and information.

Jaguar Information of Need

Game reviews is something that we are always in need of at the Jaguar Support
Area.  If you would like to contribute a Jaguar game review, feel free to
send it to the Atari SIG's e-mail address or contribute it to the Game
Reviews section in the support area.  We may, with your permission, use the
game review in the next issue of CAIN Newsletter.

The Jaguar Support Area would also like to know which games you would like to
see available for the Jaguar.  Please make sure to list the developer of the

Send e-mail to:

Use the subject header: Jaguar Game Wish

Len Stys, aa399
Jaguar Support Area SIGOp

Reviews/Articles of Interest

(The following is reprinted from issue #4 of Intelligent Gamer Magazine with
permission from both the publisher and author.  Game0394.txt.
FTP pub/pselect/intgmr)

Review of Rai-Den for Jaguar
     by Ethan Larson (ALMO@UWYO.EDU)

Hardware: Jaguar and one controller. (two controllers for two player)
Price   : $49.95 list price
Type    : Vertical Scrolling Shoot Game

     Those of you who have been looking for a good port of this excellent
arcade shoot-'em-up need look no further.  Aside from minor details, this
is a replica of the arcade machine.
     Rai-Den is a relatively simple game : blow away anything that moves
(except for the cows down on the ground).  The player flies a jet fighter
through a series of levels, eight to be exact, shooting everything in sight.
At the end of each level is a "Big Bad Guy", who takes a lot of damage before
dying.  Some of them even change their attack patterns as they take damage.
For instance, the BBG (Big Bad Guy) on Level 3 first attacks with a 2x4 bank
of guns.  After blowing those away, the entire top of the BBG explodes,
revealing 5 spead fire guns beneath.  After destroying these, a larger
spread gun appears, and proceeds to shoot bullets all over the screen.
After hosing on him some more, he finally explodes, ending the level.
The ultimate goal of the game is to survive all eight levels, and hose the
Big BIG HUGE Bad Terrible Guy at the end of Level 8.
     Each level consists of a long flight through heavily fortified enemy
territory.  Enemy defenses include ground emplacements, tanks (lots of
these) of various types, jets and planes of various types, and a few other
oddities.  The BBG's are all large machines of some sort or another, and
most of them go through several transformations as you continue to pummel
them.  As you go, there are medals and bonus items strewn in your path.  At
the end of a level, the medals you've collected are multiplied by the bombs
you have left, and then by 1000.  This is the end of level bonus.  My best
so far has been 6 bombs, 20 medals on level 3.  The problem is that free
fighters come at 150,000, 400,000, and every 400,000 after that.  So use
your bombs to live, or save them for points for more fighters to live.
The problem is if you die, you lose excess bombs, and your medal count
goes to zero.  This adds a nice greed element to the game.
     Fortunately, the game provides power-ups.  These are in the form of
floating squares that the player must chase down to catch.  They are red or
blue front-firing shots, or green or yellow missiles.  The red gun speads
its power out, covering the screen when fully charged up.  The blue gun
concentrates its power straight forward.  The yellow missiles are direct fire
and unguided, while the green are guided and home in on the closest target.
The yellow missiles do more damage, however.  If you have red shots, and pick
up blue, you switch to the blue gun, at the same power level.  Same goes for
the missiles : if you pick up the color you don't have, you switch missiles
types, and stay at the same power.  Also, you have Nuclear Bombs.  These
create a huge (1/4 the screen) explosion that lasts about 5 seconds.  The
explosion damages anything in it (excluding the player) and stops enemy
bullets from passing through.  These are in short supply.  Each player ship
starts with three, and only about two extras are available per level.  There
are twice as many power-ups in a two player game, with the same amount of
enemies.  If you die, you lose all of your firepower, except for a few
merciful squares that are released from your exploding fighter.  This
way, if you die, you aren't reduced to the poot blaster.
     Those of you familiar with the arcade machine will want to know what
details are different.  Some of the enemy firing patterns are different, for
example, the square tank on Level 1 with the quad-rotating guns that shoots
the spray of bullets in the arcade, only shoots a spiral on the Jag.  The
arcade machine allowed the players to "sweep" the screen from left to right
to reveal more of the terrain below.  In the arcade, if you moved all the
way across the screen, it took a few seconds for the side scrolling to catch
up with you.  On the Jag, the screen only scrolls when you are moving left
or right.  However, if you move from the far right to the far left, it
doesn't cover the whole layout.  You must continue to push left to continue
scrolling the screen.  Unfortunately, this means an enemy off the side could
run into you while doing this.  This is my biggest complaint about this
cartridge.  After playing a while you will memorize the positions of the
enemies, and this will be less of a problem.  The time delay between levels
is about 10 seconds too long, and it seems as if the game will never
continue.  The music seems to use the same melodies, but the instrumentation
is that of a rather cheesy synthesizer.  Also, the blue gun is more
effective against BBG's than in the arcade.
     As for the nice details they remembered, there are many.  The shadows
of objects in the air are not just black; They are a half-tone reduction of
the terrain beneath them.  Two shadows together make a darker one.  Also,
when your ship reaches a certain level of power-up, it transforms into a
larger ship.  The transformation is done in several frames of animation, as
it should.  Those little towers that blew up in the arcade as a series of
explosions act the same way on the Jag.  I personally could never resist
destroying those in the arcade because the explosion was so neat.  You can
hit a button on the Player 2 controller, and play the blue ship in a one
player game.  This is nice, so you are not forced to get accustomed to
playing red, when one person must play blue in a 2 player game.  One other
small detail they remembered is that when you die, your fighter explodes
into about 30 pieces that radiate and damage anything they hit (except
your fellow fighter pilot).
     The difficulty level of the game is adjustable, since you can determine
how many credits to use.  Recently I used several credits to see what
happens if you finish all 8 levels (I can't get past Level 7 with just one
credit).  It gives you a 1,000,000 point bonus, and sends you back to level
1.  This would be a bummer, but the enemy shot speed increases.  Now you are
challenged to complete the 8 levels again, but now they are much more
difficult.  For the player who only uses one credit, this game should offer
endless challenge.  Nice that the high scores are retained in the
cartridge's memory.
    Overall, this game has excellent gameplay, graphics nearly identical to
the arcade machine, good sound effects, and plenty of challenge.  Its weak
points are the music and the side-to-side screen scrolling system.  On IG's
rating scale of one to ten, Jaguar Rai-Den gets an 8.

Upcoming Atari Shows

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To include shows (preferably shows that include Atari products), for the
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Show list and the CAIN newsletter, send the
show's name, date, location, and any additional information to  Please address the e-mail with the subject
"Computer Show".  The following information is correct to the best of our
knowledge.  However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Corrections and
cancellations are therefore requested.

|Shows at a Glance|
|        Name                    |     Location             |  Date    |
|1. SAC EXPO '94                 |Sacramento, CA            |03/12/94  |
|2. Benelux Computer Show        |Utrecht, The Netherlands  |04/01/94  |
|3. Connecticut Atarifest '94    |Windsor Locks, CT         |08/27/94  |
|                                                                      |

Since many of the show information files are several pages long, we are
unable to include these due to space limitation.  However, these files can be
obtained from the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG.

Information Listing of the Month

                         Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's
                Who's Who in the Atari Community E-Mail Directory
                                  March 1, 1994

The following people are members of the Atari Community that do things that
helps Atari users and the Atari Community in some way on a continuous basis.
They are Atari BBS sysops, dealers, developers, publishers, user group
presidents, writers, FAQ maintainers, etc.  They are even Atari employees.

Everyone on this list gave their permission to be on this list.

If you contribute some way to help others in the Atari Community on a continuous
basis and would like to be made more available through e-mail incase someone
wishes to contact you, please send e-mail to the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
at:  We will not include your name on this list no
matter how famous you are or how well your e-mail address is known without you
sending us the information yourself.

Report any changes to:

This list may not be reprinted for profit.

Atari user groups may reprint this list without permission as long as
the following information is included on the top of this text file:

      Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's
      "Who's Who in the Atari Community E-Mail Directory"
      type 'go atari' at any menu

Free-Net Users: Press "/" at the page break and then the last name of the
individual that you wish to contact.  If the individual is listed, information
should appear on the screen about him or her.

Arranged in alphabetical order (last name first).

NAME                                ADDRESS(ES)

            Atari Developer, Falcon030 C programmer, Jaguar programmer
Bussche, Egbert Jan van
            Registered SpeedoGDOS Developer, working on: Epson Stylus 800
            driver, always looking for other speedogdos developers to
            exchange knowledge
            Brainstorm Developer (Communication, hardware link, system
            development), development tools, system and DSP programs,
            high-end algorithm software. Atari products: Adebug/Assemble,
            official Atari DSP Debugger, and own JPEG/MPEG decoders
                                    GENIE: D.CLIFTON4
            SpiritWare Developer (Bible study tools)
                                    CIS: 75300,763
                                    GENIE: LEXICOR
                                    Delphi: LEXICVOR, LEXICORWORLD
            Lexicor Developer
            Info-Atari8 Digest/Info-Atari16 Digest mailing list moderator
                                    UUCP: ...!umn-cs!ccnfld!mcurrent
            Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp
            Maintainer of the Usenet/Internet 8-bit Atari FAQ List
            Maintainer of the Usenet/Internet 8-bit Atari Vendor/Developer List
            Suburban Chicago ATarians (SCAT) users' group (8-bit,ST/TT/Falcon)
            Austin Atari Computer Enthusiasts e-mail and Usenet news organizer,
            maintainer of user group product database, 5 8-bit Atari's, 4 ST's
            Professional graphic artist for ST series of computers, created
            graphics for several commercial and shareware ST games,
            Majic Soft, Inc., Marketing Director, regular contributing writer
            to ATARI UNITED! Disk Magazine
            Largest Slovenian computer magazine--Atari Department Head
Heller, Andrew
            System Administrator of temp jag site on,
            includes: avi files, screen shots, faq, and various other Jag facts
            UNIX applications ports: official Atari port of INFO-ZIP's free
            unzip application, a varient of NetHack (called netHack--),
            ported text adventure Dinkum, working on porting Angband 2.5,
            GEM development using GNU C++ and Warwick Allison's GEM++ library,
            user-tech-support via email and, help users
            get UUCP connections on their ST, and beta tester of software
            "ST Applications" UK Magazine, Desktop Discussion columnist
            Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Portfolio Support Area SIGOp
Lake, Marshall......................mlake@irscscm.uucp
                                    UUCP: ...!uunet!media!irscscm!mlake
                                    GEnie: or MLAKE
                                    CIS: 73717.3174
            TEAM Software Developer, software includes: "A Day at the Races"
            (ADAR), "A Day at the Races Companion" (ADARC), Owned by:
            Marshall Lake, Piet Francke
            Delphi--Technical Associate, Online Services, reference for
            Atari communities with full Internet access on DELPHI and BIX
            Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Voting Administrator, Conference
            Organizer, CAIN Newsletter Publisher/Editor, Basement
            UnderWorld BBS SysOp (216-381-7859 300-14.4Kbps) run off of 800xl
            using BBS Express Pro! (V.2.1a) software, program BBS modules in
            Bay Area Atari Users Group (BAAUG), President
            Brainstorm Developer (Manager, GEM development, system development)
            development tools, system and DSP programs, high-end algorithm
            software. Atari products: Adebug/Assemble, official Atari DSP
            Debugger, and own JPEG/MPEG decoders
            Brainstorm Developer (Graphics programming, DSP programming,
            system development), development tools, system and DSP programs,
            high-end algorithm software. Atari products: Adebug/Assemble,
            official Atari DSP Debugger, and own JPEG/MPEG decoders
            ACE BBS SysOp in Sydney, Australia--official BBS of ACE (NSW)
            Fido 3:712/520
Nelson, Bruce
            Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area
            SIGOp, ACORN Kernel Assistant Newsletter Editor for the
            Atari Computer Owners of Rochester, NY (ACORN)
            Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus, President
            8-bit programmer of shareware applications/utilities in assembly:
            CRAB NEBULA, Member of the AGDA team which released "Maze of
            Agdagon" (multi-comuter, 3-D graphics maze game), Graphics and
            Entertainment Software Editor for Atari Classics magazine.
            Contributor of articles to AC, AIM, and user group newsletters.
            Neat & Nifty Developer & Co-Owner, Products: Taz terminal program,
            TurboRS program and hardware.
                                    CIS: 75300,763
                                    GENIE: LEXICOR
                                    Delphi: LEXICVOR, LEXICORWORLD
            Lexicor Developer
            Dutch Jaguar Club, Founder, organizer of new Jaguar publication,
            Lynx reviewer/importer of games in Netherlands
Roloson, Dani
            Kitchener-Waterloo Eight Sixteen Thirty-two (KWEST) Atari User
            Group Newsletter Editor
                                    CIS: 75300,763
                                    GENIE: LEXICOR
                                    Delphi: LEXICVOR, LEXICORWORLD
            Lexicor Developer
                                    CIS: 75300,763
                                    GENIE: LEXICOR
                                    Delphi: LEXICVOR, LEXICORWORLD
            Lexicor Developer
                                    CIS: 75300,763
                                    GENIE: LEXICOR
                                    Delphi: LEXICVOR, LEXICORWORLD
            Lexicor Developer
            Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Manager, Jaguar Support Area SIGOp,
            Lynx Assistant SIGOp, CAIN Newsletter Assistant Editor,
            "Who's Who in the Atari Community E-Mail Directory" Maintainer
            Neat & Nifty Developer & Co-Owner, Products: Taz terminal program,
            TurboRS program and hardware.
            ST Informer Writer (part-time)
            Brainstorm Developer (Image recognition, parallel programming,
            system development), development tools, system and DSP programs,
            high-end algorithm software. Atari products: Adebug/Assemble,
            official Atari DSP Debugger, and own JPEG/MPEG decoders
            Maintainer of the ftp site.
            Austin Atari Computer Enthusiasts, President

Vote Issues and Results
                             << Voting Booth >>

One exciting feature of the Atari SIG is its voting booth.  Here, users can
create their own opinion polls.  The voting booth is accessible from the main
menu of the Atari SIG on the Cleveland Free-net (CFN).  Select option '11'
from this main menu to enter the voting booth.

This month's voting poll of interest was submitted by Len Stys:

Do you feel the Atari Jaguar will be a success this year will sales over

                       Vote Options:

                          1. Yes
                          2. No

You may vote on this issue through the Atari SIG on CFN.  If you do not
have an account on CFN yet, you may send your ballot by internet e-mail to
"".  Please address your letter with the subject
"Jaguar Vote".  We will post the results to this poll in the next issue of

Online Atari Conferences

The Cleveland Free-Net (CFN) has the facilities to provide Real-Time Online
Conferencing.  It is hoped that the Atari SIG can sponsor Atari conferences
in the future.  The conferences would be held on CFN's chat system called the
"IRC".  IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat."  This is a special program that
allows real-time conferencing through the internet network.  However, CFN's
IRC is local, or accessible only by CFN users.  If you are interested in
these conferences, or would like to be a guest-speaker on one of these
conferences, please send internet e-mail to "".
Finally, stay tuned to this newsletter for transcripts from these conferences.

General Information of Need

How to Contribute to CAIN

For full details on contributing to CAIN, please check out the "CAIN Online
Newsroom," option 13 from the Atari SIG's main menu.  In summary, we can
use articles, tutorials, and reviews on Atari products.  The format is simple
--ASCII format with 80 characters per line.  The text should be sent via
internet electronic mail to "".  All submissions
to CAIN become the property of CAIN, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Article Requests

Below are some suggestions of articles we would like to see in future
issues of CAIN:

                              Newsletter Needs

                         << Updated 21-Feb-1994 >>

Communications:  Any articles that fit into the area of communications (ie:
reviews, summaries, articles, tutorials on BBS systems, term or BBS
software, services, etc for any Atari computer) may be submitted to this
section.  When submitting to this section, please address this article with
the subject "Communications".

File Archives:  Any type of summary, review, or list of new files that
are on any Atari ftp archive will benefit our readers.  Please address this
article with the subject "ftp archives".

Information requested for a future feature article:

Atari Users Groups all over the United States have been reporting drastic
declines in membership over the years.  Among others, one probable cause is
Atari's stagnant marketing strategies.  At the very least this is preventing
new users from entering the Atari user-base; but what about the existing
Atari users who are leaving the scene?  There are probably strategies out
there for keeping people interested in Users Groups and Atari products.  In a
future issue of CAIN I would like to provide an article which covers
successful methods users groups are using to keep people in groups.
Furthermore, I'm interested in having a look at any users groups who are
successfully supporting an orphaned computer (ie: TI, Timex, Adam, etc.).
Perhaps our community can learn something from these other communities.  Any
commentary, research, or interviews from Users Groups who are successfully
dealing with this epidemic, will benefit the Atari community.  No deadline
has been set on this article yet, but certainly if you have any helpful
information, please send it to the publisher.  Address any information on
this topic with the subject "User Group Feature".

THOUGHT OF THE MONTH: Who enjoys seeing kids vomit on television commercials?
   [C]entral [A]tari [I]nformation [N]etwork Newsletter  March 10, 1994
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