AAA Video - December 1989

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: AAA Video - December 1989
Date: Tue Mar  1 16:29:07 1994

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          N e w s n o t e s

       December 1989  Issue #2

   /  \__                           
  *\/\   \_                         
      \ / _\                       
  _    \_/  |                      
 |+|_  | - -|                      
 |_|X|/|  ^ |\      M E R R Y      
 \___/ |/\-/|_                     
 |    /|\___/ |  C H R I S T M A S 
 |   | |    | |  _________________ 
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 |   | _  \_/_|          .         
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    \_\  \   |          /_\  *  *  
      |\ |_ _|       *  | |       
      | \|_|_ \        /| |\       
      |_______|       |_____| ^ *  
      | ATARI |     * |     | |    
      |_______|       |_____|| |   
       |  ||  |         ___  | | * 
       |  ||  |     *  |___| ___   
      /  / |  |         \ / |___|  
      |__| |__|          |   \ /   
      |  | |  | 1 9 9 0  |    |    
      |  _ |  -         /_\   |    
      |___)|___)             /_\   

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 | Video * Repair & * Computers * tm  |
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            User Group News


December 20, 1989

     This month's meeting was pushed back a week, so I can get in a few
notes here about the user group.  N.O.A.H.  We organized this about one
and a half years ago and though not a very large group at the moment we have
done a lot of good both getting software into the area.  A A A Video,
and helping other Atarians with any problems and questions concerning their
computers and associated software.  In the past few months we decided to open
up the group to new members and see what happened.  To our surprise the
response was GREAT!  We have had many people stop in and see what was going
on and then decided to keep coming.

     Dale Kelsey and Gary Turton have taken on the responsibility of getting
all this organized so a round of applause goes to them first.  A lot of
their time and energy has gone into this so drop them a line with any
comments, questions or suggestions on any of the H.O.A.H. BBS'.

     New officer elections will be held at the meeting in January so if you
want to help out by becoming an officer let us know.  At the very least, come
to the next meeting and vote to support the group.

     Any and all articles will be considered for this newsletter so send
them to any of the N.O.A.H. boards.  please include your real name and a
daytime phone number so we can reach you to confirm the article.

Rodents in The Keep

     The Cat of the Keep has just opened a new section to the BBS.  He
has just about any program you may be looking for.  ST Informer, STart, Just
Ask Publishing, and ST Log are just a few of the magazines he has disks from.
 The Cat makes his list of what he has, descriptions included, and U/L's it to
the BBS.  All you need to do is call and either D/L the list or read it
online!  If there is something you need or want, leave a message in the Cats
Meow base (#10) and he will U/L it into that section.  The list will be updated
at least once a month, so there is always something new to look forward
to.  This section is a N.O.A.H. User Group Exclusive, which means you must
be registered with the user group to enter this SIG.  That's all there is to
it.  Need a program, The Cat most likely has it.  If not, the User Group
would be happy to try to track it down for you.  Just leave a message.  If you
have not called The Keep yet, what are you waiting for?  Stop in and look
around, play a few games, meet new people, leave some messages.  That's
what BBS's are all about.  Don't just log on, look for new files, and log
off.  There is a lot more to many BBS's then just Upload and Download.

.... Archer

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          |     44129     |
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      The Readers Talk Back ...

     The points made by Gary in the Editorial last month are very true, and
we, as experienced users, must do all we can to help new people in using the
ST.  But after reading it, and giving some thought to what I have experienced
in the past, I must also shift a lot of the blame to the people running Atari.

     In the past I have done a lot to increase the interest in the Atari
computer.  From the time I got my first 130 XE, I was captured by the
simplicity and power of its basic programming language.  It was fun to
use and there was a lot of good magazines and PD software available on
BBSs.  I didn't mind the long hours I spent helping new users to get
aquainted, helping people set up their printers with interfaces to use Print
Shop, or even to start someone in the world of downloading with a modem.  I
myself recieved help at one time, from a person that had a lot of patience and
experience, which showed me yet another good point of the computer, the
consideration other users have for one another.  Since them I have tried many
other types and still maintain that the Atari ST is the best computer on the
market at the price.

     Why then does it still not have the reputation it deserves?  Maybe the
same reason that Beta video recorders. (which at the time were surperior to
the VHS format), did not gain gain the support.  The same reason designer
clothes are more popular and in demand than the less expensive ones.  Because
some marketing wizard floods the market with misinformation or paints a picture
of the buyers of the product that people want to be like.  This is
successful marketing which comes from research from research from the company
putting out the product.  It should be easier if your product is superior in
the first place, which is why I can't understand a salesman recommending an
Amiga, and having no knowledge of an ST.  Is it my job to sell ST's to the
salespeople?  No it's Atari's job and it would make it much better for our
user groups to promote to people if there were more places to expect
service and hardware support.

     We all don't live next to an AAA Vidio.  Please don't misinterpret my
opinion as something negative to the user groups and stores that sell the
ST.  I still think we all should work a little harder in our efforts to promote
the ST, but in order to be more effective in this campaign, we have to
confront all possible problems facing us.  The only way to do that is to
bring them out in the open.

     So how do we give a reputation to a computer that everyone seems to
overlook?  For one thing we can stand behind our dealers and service
representatives and buy our products there instead of mail ordering them.  I
am not one to throw money away, but I would rather see somone I know make a
profit, than a dealer that lives out of state.  The few dollars more it cost to
buy locally ammounts to nothing more than a tip in the average resturaunt. 
A dealer that makes money will also do more to promote the computer with ads
and demos which in turn should sell computers.

     I don't have sure fire answers to all the problems facing us, but maybe
if the user groups were to band together on a national network such as
GEnie, maybe our voice will be better heard to the Tramiel boys.  If their
bean counters get the message that they can make money here as well as Europe,
we might just get the national exposure our computer so honestly deserves. 
Well, I have used up enough space with my opinion, but I would like to heat
and learn from others on this topic.

Thanks - John Morris

   What can I do to Support the ST?

     Well, most of us want to help support our computer but don't really
know what to do.  One simple way is to make sure you send in your Warranty
Cards.  I know most people do it for expensive hardware, but what about the
little pieces of software?  It may sound stupid but every time you send in
a card you let the programmers know you BOUGHT it and want more!  Let them know
how good or bad the program (or anything) is.  The more feedback the
programmers get, the more they will be willing to put out!  Also, sending in
the card lets the company know who to send product updates and new product
information too.  Remember, don't just leave the card in the package, send it


         The Editor's Corner

     Well, here it is the end of yet another year.  Many things that have
happened is the appearance of the Lynx and the Portfolio from Atari.  Both
machines have made an impact in a very limited amount of time.  Just on the
horizon, hold your breath, are the STacy, the STe and the TT.  We should
see them around February or March.  Software has been in plentiful supplies
with a large amount coming from across the Atlantic.  One major thing that we
have yet to see in any real advertising from Big Grey.  We did have a short
blitz there around the summer months but other than that and a few well
placed ads in USA Today for the Portfolio...NOTHING!!

     Being the owner of a repair shop which has sold the ST line, both
software and hardware, for about 2 years, this can be very frustrating. 
Though my major business income is derived from repairs of Video related
equipment, TV's, VCR's etc, it is nice to see that having over 150 ST software
titles in stock is beginning to pay off for both you and for me.  I own several
ST's and related peripherals and do thouroughly enjoy them both for
recreation and business purposes.  The amount of Public Domain software out
there is a real booster also.

     Here's hoping the New Year brings you happiness, good health and success
in whatever you undertake.  The best Holidays to you and yours.

Doug Novak

Owner:  AAA Video Repair
           & Computers

             LDW Power

     The LDW Power spreadsheet delivers what it's name implies...POWER.  LDW
Power is far and away the most advanced spreadsheet available for the Atari ST
line of cmputers.  It's Fast: Experience ultra-fast response times in
scrolling, recalculation and copying that beats the competition hands down.
It's easy to use: Uses the GEM operating environment or switch to the
LOTUS 1-2-3 compatiable environment.  It's versatile: Choose from about 300
commands and 80 functons to do everything from recording complex
macros to creating presentation quality graphics.  LDW Power is compatible with
LOTUS 1-2-3 Release 2 and can load files to and from LOTUS.  LDW Power
runs on all Atari ST computers including the MEGA ST and requires a
minimum of 512K of memory and one disk drive!!

GENERAL FEATURES: LOTUS 1-2-3 Release 2 compatable.  GEM and LOTUS
interchangable  interface.  Fast scrolling and quick response time, 
Simultaneous use of up to 4 windows,  Ability to hide columns, 18 display
formats, customized monetary format, Alignment for labels and numbers, Bold
and Underline styles, Note feature for every cell.  Different formats in
different windows.  Close to 300 commands.

ARITHMETIC: More than 80 functions, String functions, Fast minimum

GRAPHS: Five graph types: XY, Line, Bar, Stacked bar, Pie, Automatic and
manual scaling, optional grid, average, and standard deviation lines.

PRINTING: Sideways printing program.

FILE HANDLING: Direct load of LOTUS files, Saving and retreiving of partial
worksheets, external file link function, password file protection,
Importing of ASCII files, Conversion of files into LOTUS format, Data Parse

DATABASE: Quick sort using one or two keys, Sophisticated Data Query
operations, Criteria involving formulas and logical operators, Single and
double variable data tables, Frequency analysis.

MACROS: Macro language compatable with LOTUS 1-2-3, Macro recorder, Long macro
names, UNLIMITED number of macros.

Distributor: Logical Design Works (Domestic)

Suggested Retail Price $ 149.95.

AAA Video EVERYDAY LOW Price $ 129.95.

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         || Members Of..... ||
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         ||      REVOLUTION ||


     Winter is finally here.  Time to find indoor recreations to keep us out
of the WELL below zero weather outside.  How about a nice game of Putt-Putt? 
On the computer of course!

     A number of Putt-Putt golf games have been put out for the ST, such as
Hole-In-One-Minature-Golf and Zany Golf.  If you want a couple of hours of
great enjoyment, buy Zany Golf.  It is not real hard to learn and the graphics
are super!  The game is played a lot like using a Pool cue to hit your ball
in the direction you want the ball to go.  Just place the cross hairs on your
ball and press and hold the left mouse button.  Now pull back the mouse away
from the ball, opposite of the direction you want the ball to go. i.e.
pool cue.  A small dotted line will appear between your ball and the cross
hairs.  The farther you pull away, the stronger the shot.  Let the button go
and the ball is on it's way, hopefully the right way!  Put the ball in the
hole without using up all your strokes and you go to the next hole.  9 levels
of zany, and they are ZANY, holes.  The School House, Hamburger Hill, and Fans
are just a few of the holes you'll go through.  You will see a castle, play a
pinball machine and attempt the infamous ENERGY.  Make it through all 9
and your one hell of a zany golfer.  The question is, are you good enough to
find hole #10?  Be very observent, and try anything.  You won't get there by
just sinking the ball on the 9th hole.  Oh well, trust me on this one, you'll
have hours of fun over the holidays.  Forget Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary
(The Board Games) and sit down with your relatives and play Zany Golf!


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(This has been copied by Len Stys EXACTLY from the N.O.A.H. user group
newsletter.  Only the advertisments were excluded.)


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