ON T.A.P. - December 1989

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/01/94-04:31:16 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: ON T.A.P. - December 1989
Date: Tue Mar  1 16:31:16 1994

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| / | \ |__||  |  | o | |o |  o / | \ |
|/  |  \                       /  |  \|

            H A P P Y

            H O L I D A Y S
            | __________ |
            || _ \  / _ ||
            ||/ \_||_/ \||
            ||-/|-  -|\-||
            ||  |_--_|  ||
           |/___/    _--_ |
        | / / / / / / /   /|\|
        | L L L L L L L  L L |__
        |L L L L L L L  L L L|  \
        |____________________| _/_

 Brought to you by the Atari Peekers of

             Lakewood, Ohio

|   PRESIDENT  |  From the Editor   2
| Mark Waldron |
|  1-365-9063  |  Oasis BBS!        2
|   VICE-PRES  |
|Milan Ponechal|  Appology! (Sorry) 3
|   842-4856   |
|   TREASURER  |  DC Utilities from
|Jack Ippolito |  Doublic Click     4
|   734-4373   |
|Jason Heidloff|   BEST WISHES
|   226-0348   |
|    EDITOR    |
|Jason Heidloff|   MERRY CHRISTMAS
|The Atari Peekers of Lakewood, Ohio  |
|is a non-profit organization.        |
|Membership fees are a one time       |
|initiation fee of $13.00 and annual  |
|dues of $12.00 per year thereafter.  |
|Reprinting articles is permitted with|
|proper credit to the author of the   |
|article and the Atari Peeker's of    |
|Lakewood, OH.  ON T.A.P. is available|
|to other user groups on an exchange  |
|basis.  Meetings are held the second |
|Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.    |
|The Center on Aging:                 |
|16022 Madison Ave.,                  |
|Lakewood, OH 44107                   |

        From The Editors Desk

     Well, another year is about to cone to a close.  With a slow start in
the beginning, the Peekers were scared that there would be no more T.A.P.  As
the year progressed, we were reassured that T.A.P. would survive (for now).  I
must say that I have enjoyed MOST of the year as secretary and newsletter
editor but of course, with every job you run into problems.  It is in my
best interest that I see the Peekers continue and I hope that I could be a
part of the group as secretary and newsletter editor as well.

     Many things will be planned for the 1990 Atari season (I don't know
what but we always come through(?)).  We will have a new penelist of officers
who will TRY and do the best that they can for the club.  I also hope that we
will have more subscription/members added to the roster as well as old.

     However, if I am to continue to publish On T.A.P., I must get more
support from YOU!  I am sure that it is quite boring having a 3-5 page
newsletter with hardly anything in it.  So on that note, I would like to
challenge all the Atari Peekers to contribute at least one article this
year!  I would like to thank Pete Ortenzi for his articles that he
contributed.  I also think that we should thank members of the B&G Staff
for putting up with me over the few months when I didn't have a computer. 
They were there helping me with a new and wonderful program called
Pagestream!  Thanks guys!

     And so I wll leave you with that!  I would like to wish each and every one
of you Seasons Greetings and hopefully the Happy New Year will be filled with
new and exciting things from Atari!  Looking forward to serve you!

           Press Release

(reprinted from clevatari newsletter december 1989)

     PRESS RELEASE August 19, 1989 From Z Innovators and MAX Systems On August
17, 1989 an agreement was reached between Z Innovators, the owners and
authors of the powerful 100% machine language bulletin board system OASIS,
and MAX systems, publishers of software for the Atari and Commodore 8-bit
computers.  MAX Systems will now be the exclusive marketing agent for the OASIS
BBS, thus allowing Z Innovators to concentrate on improving an already
find program without the need to deal with the details of order processing
and advertising.  This will allow time for the development of external modules

     OASIS BBS is a 100% machine language program that allows the BBS
SysOp to start off with a small hardware investment of two floppy disk
drives and a "stock" Atari 8-bit computer, but still have the ability to
move up to a large scale system of 100+ megabytes of hard disk storage as the
SysOp's needs and budget call for.

     OASIS has been available for several years, first being released by
the original authors/owners (Renner, Walden, and Newman of ARC fame) and
later as a product of Z Innovators.  Since taking over the OASIS project, Z
Innovators have brought the program through several versions, each more
powerful than the last, and haev been the leaders in many areas of Atari
8-bit BBS programs, such as FILE mail.  The most recent version of OASIS, 4.6A,
includes the new Multi-Board Environment, or MBEs, that allow the
Atari SysOp for the first time to have as many as ten totally separate
bulletin boards online at one time.  Couple the MBE power with OASIS's
ability to send VT52, ANSI, ATASCII, and Commodore Color Graphics, and the
SysOp has the perfect BBS for supporting many different computers.

     The first major project that Z Innovators and MAX Systems will be
undertaking as a team is a complete re-write of the OASIS documentation
into a comprehensive manual that will guide the new SysOp and "Old Pro" alike
through the set up and operation of the OASIS BBS.  This project is expected to
take several weeks to complete, however, OASIS BBS will continue to
ship to new customers in the meantime.  Any new OASIS SysOps that order OASIS
BBS before the new manual is completed will receive the manual as soon as it
is completed.

     When the new OASIS SysOp purchased the OASIS BBS package, he gets much
more than just a few disks.  He also gets the support of both Z Innovators
and MAX Systems.  Z Innovators operates a MAX System operates a BBS in the
Sacramento CA area.  Both Z Innovators and MAX Systems are also avaailable on
the GEnie network.  The purchase price of the OASIS BBS package includes
access to the Private Oasis Software Library and Bulletin Board areas of
GEnie; access to the Private Oasis SysOp area of the Z Innovators BBS
which will give them the ability to download any future upgrades to the
BBS; and access to The Breakfast Club BBS run by MAX Systems.  Both of the
BBSs above are PC Pursuitable and GEnie is a local call for most cities,
although there are the normal GEnie connect charges.

     To order OASIS BBS, send your check or money order for $55.00 payable
to MAX Systems to:
     MAX Systems Suite 6-216 4405 Manzanite Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608
Attn: Oasis

          ___ page 2 ___

  |                               |
  |Introducing the Atari Portfolio|
  |                               |
  |        (advertisment)         |
  |                               |

            S O R R Y ! !

     Sorry, Pete Ortenzi, but I lost the disk that Terry gave me!  They will
be in the next issue!

     1990 IS ALMOST HERE!
    And it is also time for
    elections!  The positions
    that will be voted upon
    this month are as follows:






            ___ page 3 ___

    DC Utilities from Double Click
      By Bill Ray
       From Atari Interface Magazine

     This package of ST utility programs and accessories from Double
Click Software can be summed up in one word - INNOVATIVE!  The six programs
that make up DC Utilities are all siimply amazing...the kind of programs
that make you say, "Wow!" everytime you use them.  Don't believe me?  Read on,
skeptical one!

     DC Squish is similar to the public domain program Packer from Germany, a
program that actually squeezes all your runnable programs, making them smaller
while still allowing you to run those programs.  DC Squish shrinks all
programs and desk accessories, sometimes over 50 percent and (on the
files I've tested) smaller than Packer.  And, believe it or not, these
"squished" files load FASTER than they did before you squished them!

     From Rainbow TOS (1.4) owners, DC Squish also lets you set the "Fast
Load" bit on your programs, taking advantage of a new feature allowing you
to boot programs quickly under TOS 1.4.  Using DC Squish, I've regained over
four Megs of space on my 20 Meg hard drive!  I haven't found a single
program that I've regained over four Megs of space on my 20 Meg hard drive! 
I haven't found a single program that I've squished that doesn't work exactly
the way it did previously, including FLASH!, Timework's DTP, PageStream,
SuperBase Professional and even desk accessories like Turbo ST and

     DC Squish has a number of options that allow you to either overwrite the
unsquished program with the squished version or to automatically make a
backup copy of the original program "just in case."

     Ever wish your favorite GEM based program also had keyboard equipvalents
to go with every option on those drop-down menus?  Using the DC Deskey
desk accessory, you can add them yourself!

     You define the keystrokes to correspond with the items in a
program's dropdown menus and then save these selections to a file with a .DSK
extension.  Then, every time you run that program, the .DSK file will
automatically load and your keyboard equivalents will be available -
providing that you have Deskey accessory loaded, of course!

     Desk accessories can also be called up from the desktop or within
GEM programs using simple keyboard commands.

     Boy, this is one neat utility.  IBMers have had self-extracting ARChive
programs for some time.  Now, the ST also has its own self-extracting ARC
(SEA) programs.  And talk about easy to use!  DC SEA will convert any existing
ARChive into a SEA - no need to unARC all those files in your club library or
on your BBS.  Simply run DC SEA, select the ARC to convert and then select the
filename you wish the self-extracting ARC to have, ending with a .PRG

     Now, if you double click on the newly-created file, you're given the
option of extracting the files from the ARC, printing a verbose listing of the
ARC's contents to your screen or cancelling the procedure.  If you
decide to extract the files, an item selector allows you to unARC the files
to the drive/folder you choose.

     Here's a RAMdisk that user group librarians are going to flip over!  DC
RAMit can be configured to look just like a standard ST disk by setting the
proper number of tracks, sectors and sides.  Then, you can pack the RAMdisk
with files and use the DC RAMit accessory to format disks and
automatically copy the contents of the RAMdisk to floppy.

     DC RAMit can also be run as a program to install a temporary RAMdisk
that will disappear when you exit from the program.  This can be extremely
useful to users with only one disk drive who don't want constantly use
their "precious" memory on a RAMdisk.

     Do you own both a color and monochrome monitor or a multisyne?  Do
you occasionally switch between resolutions?  Are you currently using
an Auto program to select between multiple DESKTOP.INF files?

     If you fit into any of the above categories, DC Desk Organizer is a
great little utility made just for you!  This utility will convert any
DESKTOP.INF file into a runnable program!

     Even if you only have a mopnochrome monitor, you may find it
convenient to have a number of different desktop configurations. 
Using DC Desk Organizer, these configurations are now claim DC Xtract
is four times faster than ARC.TTP.  I believe it!

     DC Xtract allows you to extract files from an ARChive, test the
integrity of the files in an ARChive or view a "verbose" listing of the ARC's
contents.  When extracting files, DC Xtract presents an item selector,
allowing the files to be unARced to the drive/folder of your choise.

     Double Click's first entry in the commercial software market is destined
to be a hit.

           ___ page 4 ___

           Have a SAFE and

            HAPPY Holiday!

(This has been copied EXACTLY from the ON T.A.P. user group newsletter by Len
Stys.  Only the advertisments were excluded.)



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