From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 03/06/90-11:38:18 AM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Ulysses
Date: Tue Mar  6 11:38:18 1990

             ULYSSES AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE             Part One

The object of this game is a simple one:  You must find the golden fleece 
and bring it back to the King.  Of course, along the way there will be 
various traps and hazards to avoid or overcome, and the purpose of this 
walkthru is to help you complete the game successfully. 

You start on a 3-way road in a Greek city.  To the West is a store with a 
fence next to it. The first thing to do is "Climb Fence" and get the gold 
coin in the alley.  Then climb the fence again.  After this, never go 
through the alleyway again, or something valuable will be stolen from you by 
a thief. Now, go East into the forest. From there, go South, South, East, 
North, and East.  At this point, you will find a chest. Don't try to open it 
yet, because you can't.  Get the chest, then go South, South, West, and 
North.  As you go North, you will get a message of importance.  However, you 
are now at a dead end, so it is necessary for you to retrace your steps to 
get out of the forest.  Go South, East, North, West, West, North, North, and 
West.  You will now be back in the town where you began. 

Now head South and just follow the road until you come to the King's Castle.  
Go West to enter, and you will find yourself facing a guard.  "Talk Guard."  
He will ask if you are Ulysses;  just type "Yes."  He will take you to see 
the King, who will give you some money to get started.  The guard will then 
escort you back outside the castle.  Go East and follow the road back to the 

>From there, go West into the store and read the sign.  Buy all items except 
the lantern (you won't need it).  Leave the store by going East (if you go 
North, you will be in the alley and your chest will be stolen, and you'll 
need that later!). Go North, then West into the tavern.  "Hire Sailors."  
You now have a crew to man your ship.  Exit East.  Get the bottle that's 
floating by the dock and remove the note you find inside.  Read the note 
because the word written on it will come in handy later.  Do not discard the 

Now you must deal with the guard on the dock.  "Talk Guard" and tell him you 
are Ulysses.  Then "Give Coin."  You are bribing him so that he will give 
you a map that will help you get safely past a hurricane.  Go East, and you 
will see one of the King's ships.  Go North, and you will be on board.  Now 
it's time to "Cast Off."  Once on the ocean, you must go North, then West.  
A kindly albatross will drop a bag on the deck.  Get the bag.  Then, go 
East, South, and East.  A condor will smack into your mast.  Get the condor 
(you will need it later).  Go East once more, and you will be facing a 

Now is the time to read the map and follow the directions on it very, very, 
carefully.  You will then find yourself offshore at the Island of Storms. 

             ULYSSES AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE             Part Two

After avoiding the hurricane, you have found yourself offshore at the Island 
of Storms.  "Go Island."  Only Ulysses will go. The crew will remain behind 
on the ship.  Now, go South and East.  There is a bridle there, so "Get 
Bridle."  Go East, then South.  Look in the hole in the tree and get the 
sparkling dust which is inside.  Now, head North, West, and North. Continue 
northward until you come to the base of a mountain. "Go Up." 

You will now be at the entrance to a cave.  "Go Cave."  Once inside the 
cave, go East, then North.  You will be at a spring. Fill your bottle with 
water from the spring.  Now, go South, West, and North.  You will be at a 
pit in the floor.  "Go Pit," then "Down Pit." 

>From here, it's South, East, South, East, South, and East. You are now 
facing an unjumpable fjord.  Here is where those leather straps come in 
handy. "Tie Straps."  (To what?) "To Straps."  Then, "Throw Straps" and you 
will be able to cross the fjord safely.  Once you've made it over that 
hurdle, go North, East, and North.  Well, hello Dragon!  Give the bag of 
gems to the Dragon, who will take them and leave.  Now, head North, East, 
East, and North. You will find yourself on the edge of a canyon. 

You thought it was hard crossing the fjord!  Well, now comes the fun part.  
First, pluck that poor old condor.  Then, "Make Wings."  (With what?) "With 
Wax."  (And what?) "And Feathers."  You will now have a pair of wings, so 

You certainly are making progress now.  On this side of the canyon is a 
rock.  Get the rock and the reins that are underneath the rock.  Now, go 
down the hole.  From there, head West, West, and South.  Uh oh! There's 
Pluto, God of the Underworld!  He isn't too thrilled to see you, so you had 
better "Throw Dust" to make him go away.  Then, head South, East, East, and 
you come to a wall of flame (hot stuff!). 

It's easy to get past the fire wall, though.  "Pour Wine." (Where?) "On 
Self."  Now that you're dripping wet, go South through the flames.  Catch 
your breath, and go East.  There's a hole, so "Go Hole."  Ah, fresh air 

You will now be back in the jungle.  Head West, then South, and you're back 
at the ship. "Go Ship."  It's time to move on to better things, so go North, 
West, North, North, and North. Whoops!  There's King Neptune, and he doesn't 
look too friendly!  Better "Pour Potion." (Where?) "In Ocean."  Wasn't that 
sneaky disguising the potion as that spring water you got?  Sail on North, 
East, and East.   

At this point, you will get a warning message about the Sirens.  Ignore it!  
You must hear the Sirens' song.  Go North.  Now, follow these directions 
carefully:  "Hold Wax;"  then, "Plug Ears."  When you're asked whether you 
want to plug your ears, say "No."  Then, "Tie Ulysses."  (To what?) "To 
Mast."  (You want to tie yourself to the mast?) "Yes." In this way, you can 
hear the song of the Sirens in safety. Remember the last word of their song;  
it is very important!   

Now sail West, North, West, and continue North until you are offshore at the 
Colossal Island. You're getting closer to the fleece all the time, but there 
are still a few obstacles to overcome! 

            ULYSSES AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE            Part Three

You are now offshore at the Colossal Island.  "Go Island." This time your 
crew will accompany you.  Head West, West, and North.  There is a tree here, 
so "Look Tree" and "Read Carving."  Hmmmmm, "SVENEESAS." SVENEESAS???  It's 
an anagram. You can think it over while you trudge East, East, North, East, 
and North.  By now, your men are getting a little hungry, so perhaps you 
should go East, South, and East.  You will be in front of a cave, so "Go 

Urk!  There's a Cyclops!  Well, why not try talking to him?  In fact, he 
looks thirsty, so "Give Wine."  When the Cyclops asks you what you'll need 
to make him some more, say "Grapes."  When he leaves to get the grapes, get 
the trunk he carelessly leaves behind, and "Sharpen Trunk." Now, just do 
anything for a move or two, when old one-eye will return.  Make some wine 
for him (twice is enough) to get him tipsy.  Then "Use Trunk." (Where?) "In 
Eye."  So much for the nasty Cyclops! 

Leave the cave by going South. Some sheep will be following you.  "Kill 
Sheep," "Make Fire," "Cook Sheep," and "Eat Sheep." Starvation has been 
avoided, and you can continue your search. Head West, North, West, and West. 

Here you will find a strange sight:  A man in a cage being pestered by 
Harpes.  You'll have to do something about that.  Say the magic word 
"Sevenseas" and "Open Cage."  The grateful prisoner will give you a mallet. 
Take it from him. 

Now, trudge East, East, South, East, South, East, and North. Gee, those 
skeletons don't look too friendly!  You had better say the word that was on 
the note in the bottle.  Voila!  The chest opens at last!  "Look Chest."  
There is a sword in the chest, so "Get Sword," and "Use Sword."  Those 
skeletons won't be bothering you now. 

Well, you're almost there!  Go East, North, and North.  You are at the base 
of a cliff.  Say the last word from the Sirens' song and head North into the 
cliff. There you will find Pegasus, chained to a stake.  "Use Mallet" to 
break the chain. "Put Bridle" and "Put Reins." Then you can "Ride Pegasus." 
Here is the golden fleece at last!  Don't just sit there..."Get Fleece."  
Now ride Pegasus again, and you will be transported back to the King's 

Once you're at the castle, go West.  No need to talk to the guard, just say 
"Yes."  Then "Give Fleece," and....YOU DID IT!!!  (Whew!  You need a 
vacation after all this! Hmmmmm, a vacation.  Where will you go?  Well, 
there happens to be this little Time Machine over here....) 



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