From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 03/06/90-11:39:46 AM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Uninvited
Date: Tue Mar  6 11:39:46 1990

Uninvited Part 1
By Kiran S. Kedlaya
Welcome to the walkthrough for Uninvited. If you are reading this, chances are
you have Uninvited. So let's get down to business.
LOOKOUT! Hmm... wonder what that black shape was. Anyway, your car's a wreck,
your brother's gone, and I think I smell gas. What a way to start the day.
Speaking of gas, I'd get out of the car.
Boom! Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Your brother is probably inside that
creepy mansion. But don't go in yet. Open the mailbox and read the mail. You
don't need the letter (just keep track somehow of what it said), but hang on to
the amulet. Now open the door, and go through.
This place is not exactly a comfy environment, but no time to worry about that
now. You must be exhausted; why don't you have a seat. (Try everything you can
sit on.) Ouch! Something sharp must be in that chair. But since we can't open it
yet, you'll have to leave it alone. Now that you have a choice of two exits,
take the door on the right.
This small room isn't too important, but that book is. Take down the definitions
inside (if you're curious, those words are Latin), and leave. Now that you're
back here in this entrance hall, take the door on top (from now on, exits will
be referred to by their position in the Exits window).
Though it doesn't look it at first, this would be a good place to save your
position. Why? You'll see in a minute. Open any of the doors except the one on
the top right (that's the one you just came through). Voila! A Scarlett O'Hara
lookalike. But definitely not a Scarlett O'Hara actalike, as you'll notice very
shortly. Now do anything. Whoops! That Scarlett's a killer. We'll deal with her
shortly, but for now open that saved game (you DID save your game before this,
didn't you?) and go upstairs.
Welcome to what is known as a six-way junction. There's quite a bit to explore
up here, so let's go one door at a time, starting at the lower right door. Open
it up and go through.
Well, well, well, a storage closet. Who'd store anything in this place, anyway?
In any case, most of this stuff is pretty useless, but examine the things to
find out what you need.
What's this, a bottle of No-Ghost? Well, we DO have a ghost to kill downstairs,
but for now, just open it up and hang on to it. Also keep the Spider Cider
handy. Now you can leave the same way you came in, and use the next door, on the
middle right.
That axe may be very useful, if you're a psychotic, or you want to finish the
game, so drag it into the inventory. Don't go up the stairs, but if you must,
save your game here and climb up those stairs. Open the cell door and go inside.
Uh-oh... Time to open that saved game, and leave the way you came.
Now we go through the door on the top right. But since the radio doesn't work,
there's no time to sleep, and the star in the dresser will soon be superseded by
a better model, we might as well leave.
Next, the top left door. Well, here's a book for us to read! Let's read it...
Not much interesting there, but what about this nightstand? Examine it. "The
solid-looking nightstand makes a hollow ring when you knock on it." I wonder
why... Maybe it is hollow! Try opening it. That cigar-type object is really a
scroll. Open that too and examine it. Those six words should sound familiar.
They're in that book we read some turns back! If you wrote down the definitions
(and I hope you did), you will be able to translate those words as "Talking
head" and a magic word, and "Instant light" and a magic word. Those are spells
that can be cast on objects. But you just need to know the words, so leave the
scroll where it is and use the door in the top right corner.
Hmm, no toilet in this bathroom. Maybe it was used for something else... But
anyway, examine the various objects in here, specifically that funny-looking
light on the ceiling. Looks grippable, the game says. Maybe we can open it...
but we can't reach it right now, so just go back out into the upstairs hallway.
Now we'll go through the final unused door on the bottom left. Look, another
book! (Hey, that rhymes!) Open it up and take down what's inside. "My servant
sealed his star inside my hingeless box." Hmm.. where's the box? "I've hidden
the key, a chair knows where." And if you interpreted that correctly, you should
know where, too. But at this point, open that cabinet. Or rather, try. It seems
to be locked, but we know where the key is, so go out and head back downstairs.
Now in the hall, go back to the entrance hall (the door on the top right,
remember?). We can now open the chair, but not by Opening it. We have to hack it
up. Operate the axe on the chair, and presto! a key. Drag that into the
inventory. But wait, there's a head here. Maybe it talks. Try saying that
talking head spell (Specan Heafod Abraxas) to the head. "Find your brother!"
Wow, quite useful, but don't despair. That's not the only talking head around
here. At this point go to the hall and open one of the doors.
There's Scarlett again. But this time we're ready to kill that ghost once and
for all. Operate the open bottle of No-Ghost on her. That worked quite well, and
you can drop the No-Ghost, since it's empty. Remember the locked cabinet
upstairs? We now have a key! So head on upstairs back into the master bedroom.
Now that we're here, unlock the cabinet and pop it open. Well, what's this? Two
scrolls, a bottle and a box! First open the scrolls, read them and keep track of
what's on 'em.
Try examining that bottle. The liquid inside seems to be in one piece. Ever see
any liquids that act like that? I'll give you a hint. It's in thermometers...
right, it's mercury! And the bottle has a gold cap. Recalling one of the
scrolls, "Gold, silver, and mercury. Together they form a key." But wait, first
of all you have no silver, and second of all if you did, there would be no way
to put them all together. The "key" mentioned is not what you think.
Let's take a look at the box. Seems to be airtight. Maybe we can open it... then
again, maybe not. Notice there are no hinges on this box, so it's a "hingeless
box". Sound familiar? But we can't open it... yet, so just drag it into the
By now you'll have noticed a couple of things which haven't been addressed here,
so I'll address them. The first is that skull which pops out of nowhere. The
game gives you a certain number of turns in which to finish. If you don't finish
by then, you're finished for sure. The skull just is a reminder of how long you
have left.
Also, you most likely have seen a little creature run across the screen waving a
key. Unfortunately, you can't do anything while he's there, so anything you do
to him must be set up beforehand. And yes, that key is useful, but not now.
Now it's time to head for the hall. We can go several directions here, so you
might want to explore the various exits. But there's no time to lose, your
brother's in danger!
Uninvited is copyright 1986 by Mindscape, Inc.
This walkthru has not been copyrighted yet by Kiran S. Kedlaya, but this
walkthru may be distributed freely, provided that it is distributed in its
entirety, including this notice.

Uninvited Part 2
By Kiran S. Kedlaya
Welcome back. If you're reading this, chances are you have downloaded and read
part 1 of this walkthru. But I'm not going to assume you have, just that you've
completed everything covered in Part 1, like getting the key and the airtight
box, etc.
As we return to the scene, we find ourselves in the hall. We have several ways
to proceed, so let's go through the door on the bottom right (remember, exits
will be referred to by their position in the Exits window), taking care to open
it first.
Hmm... this parlor seems to be totally insignificant. But there is a closed door
at the top left, so let's proceed.
Welcome to a veranda. That spider seems to have some importance. But how do we
get at him? Remember the bottle in the storage closet? You know, the one marked
Spider Cider? The "arachnid anesthetizer" could come in very handy.
Unfortunately for us, he only appears when we come out here, and is gone before
we can do anything. But how could we set things up so that he'd get a dose of
Spider Cider while crossing? Perhaps if he stepped in a puddle of it, he'd be
knocked out. This puddle can be created by spraying the Spider Cider on the
veranda. Now go back in and come out. Voila! Paralyzed spider! We can now pick
it up and carry it with us, which you should do now before going back to the
Back at the hall, it's time to take the upper left door.
Food! Obviously this place isn't as deserted as you thought. You can grab a bite
from the bowl if you want, but there's no need. Just grab the flowers, open the
double doors at the top and proceed through.
This place is getting more inhabited by the minute. This study seems to have
been used a lot, judging from the description of the desk. Open it and have a
Well, well, well, index cards! These will not be important themselves, but make
sure you note the information on them.
Anyhow, visiting time is over, so go through the door on the top right. Whoops!
It's locked, but we have a skeleton key, so use it. Oh dear, that doesn't seem
to work either. But don't worry about it much. Just go back the other way to the dining room.
This time, take the double doors on the top left.
Presenting... the kitchen! You're right, it isn't worth a fancy leadup. Just
take the door on the right.
This pantry is reasonably stocked, considering this is a haunted mansion.
However, since the oven doesn't work (try it yourself), there's really nothing
important here except the matchbox. At this point, depart and take the door on
the left from the kitchen.
This room seems to belong to someone... but who? You'll see, but for now, just
look around. Specifically at the light. If you've poked around a bit you'll
remember that all the lamps around here seem to fail due to lack of electricity.
But this one doesn't require electricity, so flick it on.
Presto! A secret compartment! Also a mean ghost guarding it. To deal with him,
you'll have to use some object you've picked up already. Just keep Operating
things on him until... Bam! The spider really touched him off, didn't it? Now
that we have access to the compartment, open the book and read it. Remember its
contents: they're important. At this point dispose of the spider.
"I've hidden the star in Master's special box. It never opens, it has no locks.
Dracan's star never discerns. In fire it freezes, in ice it burns." Poetry
aside, this should turn the gears in your mind. Master's special box, that never
opens? The hingeless box! But wait! There's more. If it freezes in fire, and
burns in ice, that gives us a way to destroy the box without ruining its
contents. But enough chatter, let's return to the dining room.
Now take the door on the right back to the hall. Don't worry about the door on
the bottom: we'll get there anyway. Take the top right door back to the entrance
We can now use fire to access the contents of the box. Open the matchbook and
strike a match (operate a match on the matchbook; you can select the matchbook
by clicking anywhere in the window for the open matchbook). Now light the
fireplace with this match, before it goes out. Vroom! That kindling sure could
use the warmth. Now for the piece d'resistance. Pop the box in the fire.
We now have a pentagram. This will be INCREDIBLY useful in time, but for now,
just hang on to it. Now, go back to the hall and take the final door on the
bottom left.
This seems to be a rec room. Kinda out of place, don't you think? But there's no
time for nitpicking right now. Try operating the victrola. Oh well, one victrola in for repairs... There is the locked cabinet, though. Luckily you have a key.
Open the cabinet with the key and look inside. That doll sure looks interesting,
and may have some value to boot. Now for the exits. The door on the right leads
to the dining room (that's the one we didn't take), so go through the door on
How impressive! Skins and heads galore. But this room is "don't touch", so hands
off the animals. That cage is useful, though. If you carry it around, you can
put things in and increase the capacity of your inventory! So drag it in right
away. At this point, take the door on top.
Follow the yellow brick road... never mind. This junction seems interesting,
follow the middle brick road.
Welcome to a greenhouse. Why not go inside?
Lots of dead plants inhabit this greenhouse. If you examine them carefully,
though, one is not dead yet. The watering can here only has water for one plant,
so water the undead plant.
At first you shouldn't see any response, but a watched pot never boils. Come
back later for an update.
Now go back out to the junction and down the right path. This would be a good
time to save your game, as you are in immediate danger. Those dogs are vicious.
You have no means of killing them, but maybe you could scare them. Try a little
Remember the scroll with the Latin words on them? One of them translated to
"Instant light" and a magic word. Maybe a little "instant light" would turn
these vicious beasts. Say "Instantum Illuminaris Abraxas" to one of the dogs.
Now we can go inside. (The bit about watching your step is just a red herring.)
But step on it, there's no time to lose!
Uninvited is copyright 1986 by Mindscape, Inc.
This walkthru has not been copyrighted yet by Kiran S. Kedlaya, but this
walkthru may be distributed freely, provided that it is distributed in its
entirety, including this notice.

Uninvited Part 3
By Kiran S. Kedlaya
Greetings. As the scene unfolds, we find ourselves at Chapel Entrance, freezing
in the bitter wind. The chapel is obviously a haven from the breeze, so stroll
Time to make a study of the objects here. Notice the head on the stand. Remember
back at Entrance Hall, the other head? The one we cast a spell on? If you don't,
in one of the scrolls were printed six words from the book, in two lines. One of
these translated to "Instant light", which you've already invoked if you've
gotten this far. The other one translated to "Talking head". Maybe this head
talks... Say "Specan Heafod Abraxas" to the head.
Zam! The door opened. But don't leave yet, there's still work to do. Notice the
cross. That seems like a handy doodad to have around. Pick it up.
Well, we have a secret trapdoor here. But don't go there either. Examine the
candelabra. Maybe we could pick it up... Drag it in (if it doesn't fit, open the
cage and put things in there). Now save your position. Don't ask any questions,
just do it. You're at a life-threatening position, though it doesn't seem like
Now we can exit two ways. Let's go through the trapdoor. Hmm... what's this
about a spider? Try again. The game seems intent on keeping you up here. Keep
trying, and eventually you'll get through. Whoops! There IS a spider here! And a
very big one at that!
Open the saved game and try again. This time, though, take the door on the left.
Oh oh, this poltergeist won't even give you a ghost of a chance. Open the saved
game again.
Anything we do to it must be set up beforehand. Ghosts can be easily frightened,
strangely. And any creep usually can be warded off by a religious symbol of some
Look at the candelabra. Notice that it's not lit. Maybe we'd have better luck it
it were lit. Strike a match (remember, operate it on the matchbox) and light the
candelabra. Now proceed back through the door.
That candelabra sure frightened the ghost! Anyhow, up ahead is a garden maze,
but a very gloomy one. Time to whip out the graph paper and head onward into the
We now are in a gloomy garden maze. Luckily, your sense of direction has
actually sharpened, not faded. You always will be facing the same direction in
the maze. Map any way you like. Just wander around, mapping passages and
avoiding hazards, until something interesting happens.
If you happen upon a bunch of zombies, run the way you came. There is no way to
deal with them. There is one band that never moves, but if you do find a bunch,
come back again to see if they've left.
If you find one zombie, you can deal with him (it?) very simply. A zombie is, of
course, undead. That should ring a bell... Remember the letter we read at the
very beginning of the game? "The undead fear symbology." Remember what came with
it? The amulet, of course! Operate it on him (it?) for best results.
If you find a tombstone or coffin, make a note of where it was, but don't worry
about it right now.
If you've been everywhere there is to be, and seen everything there is to see,
you'll remember there are a few tombstones about. You do have a bunch of
flowers, but only one. Which tombstone is different from all the rest? The
unmarked one. Operate the flowers on it.
A hidden passage! What luck! Go through it right away.
Three cages here to distract us. Which one to open? Don't worry, there's only
one lock. Unlock it with the key.
Here would be a good point to save your game. One wrong move and you're cat
food, snake food and bird food simultaneously. The animal we're interested in is
the bird, so operate the cage on it.
What a hungry snake! Now that that's over, take the exit at the bottom (the exit
at the left leads back to the bunch of zombies). Keep going until you find
something interesting.
Did you see what was under the bouncing creature? If you didn't, recall one of
the scrolls you found in the Master Bedroom. "The heart of the maze contains the
Blothney gem." Welcome to the heart of the maze.
But we still have a bouncing creature to take care of. It looks friendly. Maybe
it's hungry. It also looks fat enough to be a carnivore. Maybe we can give him a
bird to munch on... Open the cage to get at the bird.
Oh well, it got away. But look! the bouncing creature is chasing it. Now we can
get at that gem and get out of here, which you should do.
Now go back to the junction we left earlier and re-enter the greenhouse.
Look! That plant we watered earlier has born some fruit. Grab the plant and go
back to the junction.
Heading up the left path, we find ourselves at Magisterium. That should sound
familiar. Remember the book? Magisterium translates to "mystery". Now recall the
second half of one of the scrolls in Master Bedroom. "There are places you
cannot go, 'til you unlock the 'mystery'."
There is a gem-shaped hole in the doorway. Putting together the parts of the
message, we should be able to unlock the door with the Blothney gem. Try it.
Open sesame! We can now go inside, which we should do.
That demon seems more vicious than he is. Maybe he's hungry. But he doesn't seem
like he'll want any "normal" food. Try feeding him some home-grown food, from
the greenhouse.
There he goes! We are now very near the conclusion of our hunt. But as the
tension grows, so does the danger, so watch your step (I mean it this time!).
Uninvited is copyright 1986 by Mindscape, Inc.
This walkthru has not been copyrighted yet by Kiran S. Kedlaya, but this
walkthru may be distributed freely, provided that it is distributed in its
entirety, including this notice.

Uninvited Part 4
By Kiran S. Kedlaya
It's time now for the fourth installment in our saga. If you've made it this
far, you're really close to the end. But as they say, it ain't over 'til it's
over, so let's go to work.
We find ourselves in the Magisterium, at a three-way junction. Let's take the
door on the right (remember, doorways are referred to by their position in the
Exits window).
This room seems to be some sort of observatory. What varied interests the undead
have! Nothing here seems to be of interest except the book, so take a look.
Darnit, that book is in some indecipherable scrawl. Time to leave and take the
door on the left.
Whoops! That door is locked, and you don't have the key. Don't worry, you can't
get past that door, so go through the top door and take a look.
Somebody must be doing something important in here (or at least important-
looking). There is a safe here for the opening. But what's the combination? Time
to invoke one of the messages we read a long time back. The one that was in the
Master Bedroom... "Gold, silver, and mercury. Together they form a key." These
three words have appeared elsewhere. I wonder where... yank out the list of the
information on the cards in the study. The ones that had some of the elements on
them. Find the numbers of gold, silver, and mercury, and string them together
with dashes. This is the combination to the safe.
What's this, a cookie jar inside! Open it. Well, then we'll have to open it the
hard way. Remember how we "opened" the chair back in the entrance hall? Attack
the cookie jar with the axe. Voila! One cookie. Though you might be tempted,
don't eat it. Hang on to it.
Remember anybody who seems to have had a sugar rush lately? Been acting awfully
hyper? The little gremlin you remember taunting you with a key can now be faced.
But to face him, you'll have to go in the house. Go back to the trophy room (or
anyplace inside). Now just drop the cookie and do something until the demon runs
by again.
That cookie really WAS tempting! The key he's left you will be very handy, so
grab it and race back to the room we came back from.
The trapdoor is a good place to go right now. Open it and descend downwards.
It's now time to save your game, because you could be in deep trouble if you
screw up now.
Go through the top passage. Yow! This is the same spider you spotted from coming
through the altar trapdoor. Yes, they are connected. But this time, you have
time to escape, so come back. Now take the middle passage.
Who was that bearded man, anyway? It's time to melt the ice. A fire will not do
right now, so it's time to invoke some more poetry. Recall the rhymes from the
servant's diary? "Dracan's star never discerns. In fire it freezes, in ice it
burns." We found Dracan's star in the hingeless box: the pentagram. Since it
burns in ice, we can use it to melt this cave. But save your position first. Now
operate the star on the ice cave.
Something's happening, and you'll have to hurry to stop it. Follow the body
through the top passage into the next cave.
Here's the body, and you must get rid of it--as far away as possible. Examine
the hole in the center of the room. A bottomless pit... that's pretty far. Throw
the body down it. Now go through the passage near the pit, but don't go down the
pit, unless you're a masochist.
Here we have a wooden door. Open it and... oops, it's locked. Try the skeleton
key. No luck? Maybe the key we got from the demon will do it... Voila! Now open
it. Not another creaking door! Go through, and...
Omigosh! That's your brother, and his pained screams seem to be coming from
above. We'll have to go above--upstairs, that is. Go back to the hall and take
the stairs.
You're getting closer, but not yet. We have to go up further. Recall the odd
light fixture, that looked grippable? Head through the top left door and into
the bathroom.
Somebody wants you here, or something. You're almost there. Now try to open the
light fixture.
Save your game here, because the next step involves some risk. You have no way
of reaching that light fixture on solid ground. Maybe the ground you must be on
is liquid...
Turn on the water in the tub. No, you can't take a bath, but the water is going
to gush. Out of the tub, even. This overflow could raise you a bit. Try to open
the fixture again.
Next time, maybe. Keep trying until it finally opens.
Now there's no time to lose. If you hesitate you'll be all wet. Go through the
A secret room! And your brother!! Examine him. He's delirious. And there's a
potential escape route in the window. There are three ways to proceed here, the
easiest of which is to dawdle. But there are faster ways.
If you want to take care of your brother first, you'll realize he is slightly
dizzy, delirious, etc. Time to smack some sense into him. Hit him (but NOT with
the axe--that has a bit too much effect.)
If you'd rather open up an escape route first, open the window. But not by
opening it, that won't work. You'll have to open it the old-fashioned way, the
way we opened the chair and the cookie jar; hack it up with the axe.
Either way, a sceptre will come out of your brother, who will escape out the
window. He's safe: it's now your turn to escape. Save your game; one wrong move
and you're dead... er, undead.
Remember the infamous line in the letter? "The undead fear symbology." And
usually religious symbology, to boot. What religious symbology do you have for
The cross! Show it to him.
Whoa! That really did him in. Just go through the window and smell the fresh
You did it! Now wasn't that fun? Don't forget to print out a certificate of
I hope you enjoyed Uninvited as much as I did. And I hope the walkthru was
useful. If you have any comments/gripes/praise/etc., just leave me E-Mail at
GEMail address K.KEDLAYA.
Uninvited is copyright 1986 by Mindscape, Inc.
This walkthru has not been copyrighted yet by Kiran S. Kedlaya, but this
walkthru may be distributed freely, provided that it is distributed in its
entirety, including this notice.



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