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From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Ultima III
Date: Tue Mar  6 11:36:08 1990

               ULTIMA III             Strategy

 Lord British's "Ultima III: Exodus" is his latest, and most ambitious, 
offering in an outstanding fantasy role-playing series.  Every aspect of 
this game, from the documentation to the computer graphics, is a logical, yet enhanced, extension of the earlier 
two chapters of the "Ultima" saga.  In "Exodus," however, there is a 
fundamental new twist:  No longer must a solitary character strive to 
overcome the evil abroad in the land; a party of up to four players may join 
the quest.  The strategy tips in this file should aid your party during its 
perilous adventure.


 Start out by thoroughly studying the four booklets that come with the game:  
The Book of Play, the Ancient Liturgy of Truth, the Book of Amber Runes, and 
the Player Reference Card. You must then form a party by designating race 
and profession and by allocating 50 points among four attributes.  Each 
profession has different valuable characteristics, and part of this game's 
flexibility is that you may try various combinations. 

 Perhaps the best initial party will be composed of an elf thief, a dwarf 
fighter, a bobbit cleric, and a fuzzy wizard.  A dwarf or bobbit paladin, or 
a human ranger, may easily be substituted for the dwarf fighter.  It is 
certainly desirable to include both a cleric and a wizard in your group 
because only they have the capacity to develop advanced spell-casting 

 In combat situations, each party member takes a turn in order.  Therefore, 
it is important to position the characters in such a way as to take 
advantage of their particular abilities. Generally, characters who have more 
weapon/armor options should be in first and second place; the spell casters 
should be in the next rank.  I had very good luck with "Snatch" (elf thief) 
and "Devo" (dwarf fighter) in the front, with "Wanda" (fuzzy wizard) and 
"Clarissa" (bobbit cleric) in the rear.  Since combat may seem too fast and 
confusing at first, it may help you to give your characters mnemonic names. 


 Your little band begins its adventure near the castle and city of Lord 
British on the grassy plains of the continent of Sosaria.  Immediately equip 
your characters with daggers and cloth armor.  Then, save the game.  
Frequent "saves" will help you to avoid getting stuck with a group of dead 
bodies on your hands; if disaster seems imminent, you can turn off your 
machine and restore your previous game position. 

 Enter the town, where it is safe.  Examining the player roster, you will 
see that each party member possesses 150 gold pieces and 150 items of food. 
You should transfer extra gold to one character, preferably a fighter type, 
so that he may purchase a bow.  Long-range weapons such as bows and slings 
are vital to surviving combat. Of course, daggers may be thrown, but they 
are then lost; it is useful to obtain an abundant supply.  Remember to re-
ready and/or re-equip a player who transacts with merchants or you might 
find a character with a bow and leather armor in her inventory standing 
naked and empty-handed against eight titans.  It goes without saying that 
your group must have adequate supplies of food. 

 Any player may attempt to steal from the gold-laden chests that are located 
in weapons and armor shops; however, thieves have the most success.  Lower 
level characters haven't a prayer against guards, so larceny is a risky 
endeavor.  It is not possible to steal food in this game; however, chests 
occasionally contain a valuable weapon or item of armor.  If you wish to 
steal with impunity, you can bribe guards.  Greasing guards' palms causes 
them to instantly disappear. 

 Gold, money, crass lucre:  You will need copious amounts to advance in 
"Ultima III." Sometimes you'll think it's money that makes Sosaria go 
'round!  Although many of the clues vital to winning the game may be freely 
obtained by transacting with people in towns and castles, gold is needed to 
purchase not only important information from barkeeps and oracles, but is 
also necessary in order to raise your players' attributes, equip them with 
better weapons and armor, and bribe guards.  You may wish to create several 
"sacrificial" characters whose sole purpose is to transfer all their gold, 
weapons, food, and armor to one of your "real" party members. Using this 
admittedly opportunistic technique, your "real" party can become well-
equipped even before its first foray. 

 A note about "roll over":  Lord British has almost completely corrected the 
problem (from "Ultima II") of players' "numbers" rolling over to zero after 
99 or 9999.  Now, if you inadvertently purchase more than 99 daggers, only 
99 will show up (not 0) on the status report. The same holds true for other 
equipment and players' attributes.  However, a bug remains in the food 
counter.  Be careful not to exceed 9999 items of food or very strange things 
will happen to your players' names and armor. [Note: Rollover still occurs 
in some versions.] III.  THE INHABITANTS OF SOSARIA  Within the towns or 
Lord British's castle, you will encounter guards, merchants, barkeeps, 
jesters, oracles, or healers as well as any of the regular player types such 
as fighters, thieves, clerics and wizards.  You must transact with almost 
everyone you meet in order to learn the clues which are vital to winning 
this game. Carefully explore every inch of every town; you can locate 
informative individuals behind shops, within wooded areas, or on the other 
side of locked doors.  [See the "Layout" and "Clues" files for more specific 


 Much of your time, especially in the beginning stages of the game, will be 
devoted to slaying monsters.  On land, in the sea, and deep within the 
dungeons of Sosaria your party will engage in combat with more than two 
dozen species of monsters as well as renegade player types. Examine your 
Book of Play for the descriptions of these creatures. 

 Some monsters (orcs, goblins, and trolls) may be dispelled by your wizard's 
"Repond."  The undead creatures (skeletons, ghouls, zombies) are turned by 
your cleric's "Pontori."  When your cleric or mage reaches his or her full 
potential, he or she (or "O"!) can cast helpful (transport, light, heal, 
cure, map, resurrect) or devastating (wound, negate time, destroy) spells.  
However, since spell casting temporarily drains magic points, most combat 
involves the use of weapons.  Be aware that a cleric's use of the "P" 
(Resurrect from Ashes) spell drains wisdom points.   

 The weapons available range from daggers to +4 bows (6550 g.p.) to the 
mysterious "exotics."  Naturally, as your players gain strength, one arrow 
may be all that is needed to dispatch the dread balron. Long-range weapons 
should, therefore, be obtained as soon as possible.  Since your party always 
gets to fire the first shot in a combat situation, slings or bows can mean 
the difference between life and death.  Hand-to-hand weapons are relatively 
ineffective because your players have to waste turns moving toward the enemy 
and taking hits instead of fighting. Since daggers may be thrown, they are 
more versatile than maces.  The same is true regarding the use of bows as 
opposed to swords.  The ranger I created was more successful and efficient 
with his simple bow than a +2 sword. 

 Armor is, of course, vital in protecting your players from injury.  
Depending on their professions, characters may wear anything from cloth to 
+2 plate (8250 g.p.).  Try to obtain leather armor, at least, for those 
players who may wear it; they will survive more easily and will rapidly 
advance in experience levels. 

 Players' hit points are directly related to their experience.  Each 

character begins with 150 hit points at level one.  As the game proceeds and 
your players slay numerous monsters, their experience points will increase.  
Remember, however, that only the character striking the death blow wins 
experience points!  As additional levels are reached, the party should visit 
Lord British who will see that his wizard raises the characters' hit points.  
However, after level five, the Lord will refuse to raise the hit maximum. 
Instead, he says:  "Seek ye the Mark of Kings."  Once your group obtains 
this mark (one of four available -- each with a different purpose), Lord 
British will raise your characters' hit points, according to his or her 
experience level, to the absolute maximum of 2550. 

 If you want to build up backward players' hit points, you must position 
them so that they may inflict the fatal blows.  This may even involve 
passing over (by hitting the space bar) a couple of players in favor of your 
"slower" ones. 

 After your players reach level five or so, and have purchased decent 
weapons, armor and, hopefully, a few powders (to negate time), they may use 
the following procedure to rapidly build up more experience points: Enter a 
town that has only two sets of guards stationed at the entrance; attack and 
kill the guards; immediately leave the town and save the game.  Guards are 
worth 15 experience points each, and, although they are extremely powerful, 
they don't throw fireballs or poisoned bolts at your group.   

 While your party is still relatively inexperienced, try to avoid sea 
serpents, men-o-war, and pirates.  You can usually see these opponents 
approaching, and can detour around them.  Do not descend below level four or 
so in any dungeon until your party is quite strong; otherwise, the manes, 
devils, and wyverns, among others, will surely decimate your group. Several 
monsters not only wound your players, but poison them. However, when your 
party is healthy and well-equipped, it can win thousands of experience 
points and gold pieces by slaying these creatures.  In the case of pirates, 
your group can also commandeer a frigate; no experience points or treasure 
is gained if the ship's cannons are used in battle. 

 Before your group obtains long-range weapons, try to avoid thieves, 
cutpurses, and brigands.  These characters love to steal the weapons or 
armor that are not currently in use by players. 

 Within dungeons, the invisible gremlins like to steal food.  Be sure to 
carry plenty of rations or your band might starve to death! 

 Here is a list of various opponents and the experience points received by 
players when they defeat these creatures: 

 Merchants = 1; Jesters and Grasss = 2; Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, and Floors = 
3; Skeletons, Zombies, and Ghouls = 4; Cutpurses, Brigands, and Thieves = 5; 
Golems, Giants, Titans, and Horses = 6; Fighters, Manes, Gargoyles, and 
Daemons = 8; Wizards, Pincers, and Bradles = 10; Serpents, Dragons, 
Griffons, Wyverns, and Guards = 15; Men-O-War, Orcuss, Devils, and Balrons = 

 The tougher the enemy, the more experience pointscible.  He 
will allow you to take the chests behind the force field, but will attack if 
you initiate violence within his domain. 


 The natural result of all this fighting is injured, or even deceased, party 
members.  Be sure that you carefully map Sosaria, pinpointing the locations 
of healing kiosks. Your group will have to visit the healers frequently, 
especially if a character is poisoned.  As always, gold works wonders. 

 Of course, clerics as well as advanced wizards may cast healing spells.  
Use their powers with discrimination since every spell drains magic points 
which may be needed for an unexpected battle.   

 Healing fountains are located inside dungeons.  A drink from one will 
restore your players' lost hit points.  You cannot tell whether a fountain 

is healthy or poisoned without testing it.  There are four types of 
fountains:  good, innocuous, harmful, and poisonous.  Save your game before 
descending into a dungeon and be careful! 


 There are three modes of transportation in this game: foot, horse, and 
frigate.  Most of the time, your players will be on foot and their food 
supplies will diminish rapidly as they explore Sosaria. Obtaining a horse 
not only slows the decrease in food, but allows your party to out run 
monsters. There are only two places where horses may be purchased or stolen:  
in the City of Dawn or the City of Devil Guard.  [Check the "Layout" file 
for the locations of these cities.] Horses may be ridden through moon gates. 

 Frigates may be commandeered by defeating a pirate crew.  Once you have a 
frigate, your party may then traverse the seas, visiting important islands 
and learning the secret of the whirlpool. 

 The whirlpool is both beneficial and harmful.  It may destroy ships that 
are docked and empty.  Yet, by sailing into the whirlpool, your party will 
be transported to the Lost Continent of Ambrosia where the players will be 
able to raise their attributes and obtain the four cards needed to destroy 


 There are four valuable items which your players must purchase in order to 
win the game.  These are:  torches, keys, gems, and powders.  Only in 
thieves' guilds can your party buy these special items [check the "Layout" 
file for locations]. 

 Torches, of course, are needed for light while the party explores dungeons.  
Because of the prevalence of "strange wind" throughout all of the dungeons, 
numerous torches should be carried. 

 Keys are used to unlock doors. They are particularly useful in Lord 
British's Castle, the City of Montor West, and Ambrosia. 

 Gems give you a bird's eye view of your current location.  Buy as many gems 
as possible; you can use them to map dungeons, explore the nooks and 
crannies of cities, and proceed effortlessly through mazes. 

 Powders are, perhaps, the most valuable objects of all:  They stop time.  
Use powders frequently during fierce battles, especially in the Castle of 
Death [Note: This may not work in some versions]. The incessant fireballs, 
though, are not affected by powders. 


 Unlike in "Ultima II," your group must explore all the dungeons in order to 
win this game.  Four "marks" must be obtained by each party member. Marks 
are usually located in a wall on the 8th level of a dungeon.  The Mark of 
Kings is needed before Lord British will raise the characters' hit maximum 
above 550; the Mark of Force is used to pass uninjured through force fields; 
the Mark of Fire allows the party to walk through fire; the Mark of the 
Snake is needed to bypass the Silver Snake which guards the Castle of Death. 

 The best dungeon strategy is to use plenty of gems to locate ladders and/or 
cast ladder up and ladder down spells.  It is not wise to linger on the 
upper levels if your group is simply looking for marks.  Enter the dungeon 
and descend, as quickly as possible, to level 8.  Then, obtain the mark and 
exit the dungeon.  Of course, it is helpful to explore all levels of all 
dungeons, but this can be fatal if your party is weak. 


 Ah, these mysterious and ephemeral portals!  What is their secret?  By 
stepping into a moon gate, your group will be transported to various 
locations, some of which are inaccessible by any other means. There are 
eight moon gates, and the most important is, perhaps, the one that delivers 
your players to the dungeon of the Time Lord.  Experiment with different 
gates and note their locations, the timing of their appearances, and their 

 An understanding of the cycles of the two moons of Sosaria, displayed on 
the cloth map and constantly counted on your screen, is vital in your search 
for the legendary City of Dawn. [See the "Layout" file for more details.] 


 Who or what is Exodus?  The product of an unholy alliance between Mondain 
and Minax, Exodus is more machine than monster.  Could he or it be a 
computer?  Perhaps so:  Exodus' powers are legion and he is "turned off" by 
inserting four cards, in proper order, into slots in his "body."  The Time 
Lord, if he will, can tell your party the proper order of the cards. 

 Do not attempt to destroy Exodus until your party is extremely strong.  
Located within the aptly named Castle of Death, Exodus is protected by an 
army of fiends as well as a continuous stream of fireballs. Further, the 
usual weapons are ineffectual against monsters in this castle; your group 
must be equipped with "exotic arms" in order to slay these creatures in 
hand-to-hand combat. 

 After your little band battles its way to Exodus, it must conquer the 
strange and invisible floors.  The floors repeatedly attack until they have 
been completely destroyed. The best strategy against the floors is to have 
your cleric cast his "O" spell and/or your wizard cast her "P" spell. Then, 
move forward step-by-step, attacking in all directions. The floors are 
difficult, but certainly not impossible to overcome. 

 A final note:  If you try to leave the Castle of Death without destroying 
Exodus, or if you linger near the entrance, your players will have to battle 
the grasss.  The same strategy should be used against grasss as is used in 
combat with floors. 

 [See the "Layout" file and the "Clues" file for additional information.]

                    ULTIMA III              Layout


 The map that is supplied with the game is very useful, especially if you 
take out a sturdy black pen and mark locations on it.  I used triangles to designate castles, squares to 
represent towns, circles for dungeons, and squiggly lines for moon gates. 
The map shows the continent of Sosaria as explored by the late, great 
Hawkwind.  Your party will exceed even his accomplishments before the game 
is over. 

 Also displayed on the map are a series of drawings of various locations as 
well as representations of the cycles of the two Sosarian moons.  The runes 
are not difficult to decipher.  For example, on the top left is a picture of 
the Castle of Lord British.  On the top right is Death Gulch.  The moon of 
Trammel has a 48 day cycle, and the moon of Felucca has a 16 day cycle.   


 Here is a list of the cities of Sosaria, their locations, and their 
important features: 

 1.  CITY OF LORD BRITISH: Located to the northeast of Sosaria, this city 
overlooks a harbor.  Within the town you will find a pub, a grocery, a 
weapons shop, and an armory.  As always, be sure to transact with everyone 
you meet. 

 2.  MONTOR WEST:  South of Lord British are the twin cities of Montor West 

and Montor East.  In the western town you will find a grocery, two pubs, a 
weapons shop, an armory, a prison, and four guard stations.  It is important 
to speak to two thieves who are inside prison cells.  Either bribe the many 
guards or be prepared for a series of long battles if you enter the prison. 

 3.  MONTOR EAST:  Again, you will visit a pub, an armory, and a weapons 
shop.  Guard stations abound, but you need not do battle in this town.  
Simply transact with all the player types you meet; valuable clues are to be 
had here. 

 4.  CITY OF YEW:  Within this holy city are dozens of clerics as well as 
the Circle of Light, Rogation Worship, Sanescere healing kiosk, and the 
Aliment food shop.  Take care in this heavily forested town else you might 
stumble into a wall of fire.  The City of Yew is located in mountains to the 
west of Lord British. 

 5.  CITY OF MOON:  Further west from Yew lies Moon.  Moon may also be 
reached by travelling southeast from Montor East. This small town contains a 
grocery, a pub, and a healing stand.  The forested areas should be carefully 
explored for hidden clues; avoid those balrons, though!   

 6.  CITY OF GREY:  Due south of Moon, on a southwestern tip of Sosaria, you 
will find the City of Grey.  This town has a pub, a grocery, a weapons shop, 
an armory, a thieves' guild, and a chamber containing chests. Vital clues 
are to be had from a thief, a fighter, and a cleric. Be sure to visit Grey 
often in order to stock up on gems, powders, torches, and keys from the 

 7.  DEATH GULCH:  Off the coast, on a large island to the southeast of 
British, is Death Gulch.  This town is heavily guarded, but violence can be 
avoided.  Here you will find a pub, grocery, weapons, and armor.  The daemon 
and guard at the front entrance may be cautiously bypassed in order to enter 
the town.  Bring keys. You can also sneak into Death Gulch through the 
forested areas to the north and south of the entrance.  This town has 
several mazes, force fields, and a river of fire.  None is of much 
importance.  Lots of chests here. 

 8.  CITY OF FAWN:  On a small island off the coast of Sosaria, to the 
northwest of British, is the City of Fawn.  Here you will find a pub, a food 
shop, a healing kiosk, and a thieves' guild.  Four clerics will impart 
significant clues. 

 9.  DEVIL GUARD:  This town is locked within mountains to the southwest of 
British.  To reach Devil Guard, your party must take one of three moon gates 
[discussed below].  A pirates' frigate, firing from the shore of a small 
lake with no outlets, attacks your group when you visit this town.  Devil 
Guard is a dangerous place, but a very important one.  Here, there are six 
fighters and one thief who can give you winning clues. Devil Guard contains 
a pub and grocery, a healing stand, another thieves' guild, and a stables.  
You may purchase four horses here for 800 g.p.; they cannot be stolen. 

 10.  CITY OF DAWN:  Dawn, the city of myths and magic!  It is located, for 
a brief moment only, in the forest southwest of British.  Dawn possesses the 
usual line-up of shops:  food, pub, weapons, and armor. However, you will 
also find another thieves' guild here as well as an oracle and stables. Both 
the weapons and armor shops sell advanced items.  Bring thousands of gold 
pieces and your party will leave Dawn very well-equipped.  Horses here may 
be stolen, but expect a series of battles with Dawn's many guards.  There 
are three clerics, hiding in the southeast corner of the town, who can tell 
you much about "exotic arms." However, two of the clerics will not let your 
party pass in order to transact with the third; you will have to kill them.  
Prepare your group by bribing as many guards as possible before dealing with 
the clerics.   


 There are two castles in this game:  Lord British and Death. Lord British's 
Castle is next to his city.  You will visit the castle many times in order 

to transact with the Lord and to purchase cures or healings. Most of the 
areas in this castle are unimportant; however, by using keys to unlock 
doors, you can locate several individuals who have important knowledge about 
your quest.  In particular, explore the prison, the winding corridors, and 
the exterior of the castle.   

 The Castle of Death is the domain of Exodus.  It is located on an island 
off the southwest coast of Sosaria. Reach it by sailing past the Silver 
Snake (be sure to bring horses with you!).  If you survive the dangers, you 
will find Exodus in a chamber against the northern wall. 


 Only in dungeons may "marks" be found.  Dungeons are hazardous places.  Not 
only do they house an abundance of vicious creatures, but there are traps, 
gremlins, strange winds, poisoned fountains, mazes, and dead ends.  Here is 
a list of the dungeons of Sosaria, their locations, and their important 

 1.  PERINIAN DEPTHS:  This dungeon is located to the northeast of the City 
of Lord British.  There are two Marks of Kings on the lst level, and another 
on the 8th level.  A Mark of Fire may be found on the 8th level as well.  
There is a healing fountain in the southwestern corner of the 8th level. 

 2.  DARDIN'S PIT:  To the northwest of British is Dardin's Pit.  The Mark 
of Kings may be found in two locations on level 8. 

 3.  FIRES OF HELL:  Surrounded by fire, this dungeon is located in 
mountains to the southeast of British.  The Mark of Force and the Mark of 
Fire are on the 8th level.  There are also four fountains on level 8, one of 
each type. 

 4.  DOOM:  Southwest of British, in a heavily forested area, is the Dungeon 
of Doom. In the center of level 8, you will find the Mark of Force. All four 
types of fountains are on level 8 as well. 

 5.  MINES OF MORINIA:  North of the City of Grey, on the west coast of 
Sosaria, are the Mines. The Mark of Kings is located on level 3 and on level 
8.  Also on level 8 is the Mark of Fire. Your party will use transport and 
ladder spells often in an effort to fully explore this dungeon. 

 6.  SNAKE:  On an island off the southeast coast of Sosaria is the Dungeon 
of the Snake. Important clues are to be had on levels 2 and 3.  There are 
two healing fountains on level 6 and one healing fountain on level 7. Both 
the Mark of Kings and the Mark of the Snake are located on level 8. 

 7.  TIME:  This dungeon is completely surrounded by impenetrable mountains 
and may only be reached via moon gates [discussed below].  There are two 
healing fountains on level 1, another on level 4, and another on level 8.  
The Mark of Kings may be found on level 2 and on level 8.  Most importantly, 
the Time Lord himself resides on level 8. Listen carfully to what he says. 


 In order to raise your players' attributes and to obtain the cards needed 
to defeat Exodus, your group must pass through the whirlpool to a submerged 
continent.  There are four shrines located on Ambrosia: Dexterity 
(southeast), Wisdom (northeast), Intelligence (northwest), and Strength 

 Use gems to map this continent; the many mazes can be quite confusing.  
Also, keys are needed to unlock several different doors.  Be sure to bring 
lots of gold!   

 Commandeer frigates from the pirates you encounter; you will need to cross 
water to reach two of the shrines.  The game cannot be "saved" while you are 
visiting Ambrosia, but you can sail back into the whirlpool to return to 


 There are eight of these mysterious portals scattered throughout Sosaria.  
Depending upon the phases of the twin moons, the shimmering gates will 
teleport your party to various different locations.  Here is a list of the 

locations of the moon gates, the phases of the moons when the gates appear, 
and their destinations: 

 1.  NORTH OF THE CITY OF MOON: (00) -- static; (01) -- to the dungeon 
island SE of British; (02) -- to the north gate at the mountainous dead end. 

 2.  DUNGEON ISLAND SE OF BRITISH:  (13) -- to the south coast, southwest of 
the Montors; (14) -- to the south gate at the mountainous dead end; (15) -- 
to the Castle of Death. 

 3.  NORTH GATE AT MOUNTAINOUS DEAD END:  (26) -- to Devil Guard; (27) -- to 
the Time Lord's Dungeon; (20) -- north of the City of Moon. 

 4.  SOUTHWEST OF THE MONTORS: (31) -- to the dungeon island SE of British; 
(32) -- to the north gate at the mountainous dead end; (33) -- static. 

 5.  SOUTH GATE AT MOUNTAINOUS DEAD END:  (44) -- static; (45) -- to the 
Castle of Death; (46) -- to Devil Guard. 

 6.  CASTLE OF DEATH:  (57) -- to the Time Lord's Dungeon; (50) -- north of 
the City of Moon; (51) -- to the dungeon island SE of British. 

 7.  EAST OF DEVIL GUARD:  (62) -- to the north gate at the mountainous dead 
end; (63) -- southwest of the Montors; (64) -- to the south gate at the 
mountainous dead end. 

 8.  TIME LORD'S DUNGEON:  (75) -- to the Castle of Death; (76) -- to Devil 
Guard; (77) -- static. 

            ULTIMA III     Clues for the Desperate


 In most cities, your group will visit pubs.  Transacting with a bartender, 
and payment of copious sums of gold, causes this little tale to unfold:

 "Ambrosia.  Ever hear of it? Dawn.  City of Myths and Magic! The 
conjunction of the moons finds a link!  Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure 
thee ready, fore thee embark.  None return so I'm told, from the pool, dark 
and cold.  Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, all are lost into the 
brink.  Fountains fair and fountains foul, all are found in dungeons bowel. 
Exodus:  Ultima III, which is next?  Now could it be?  Seek ye out the Lord 
of Time, and the one way is a sure find!" 

 Doggerel, to be sure, but very informative. 


 Oracles are found in only two places.  Once again, transacting and paying 

 "And so the sage said unto thee:  If thou can solve my rhyme, you'll learn 
of marks and playing cards and hidden holy shrines.  Of marks I say there 
are but 4, of Fire, Force, Snake, and King.  Learn their use in Devil Guard 
or death you'll surely bring.  Shrines there are again but 4, to which you 
go and pray.  Their uses are innumerable and clues throughout I say.  The 
cards their suits do number 4, called Sol, Moon, Death, and Love.  Unto the 
Montors thou must go for guidance from above.  To aid thee in thy cryptic 
search, to dungeons thou must fare.  There seek out the Lord of Time to help 
you if he cares." 


 By transacting with the various individuals whom your party encounters in 
cities, the group will learn a series of extremely important clues: 

"Marks" are useful! 

"Exotics" are useful! 

"Cards" are useful!

4 cards, 4 panels! Hot metal leaves a mark! 

4 marks, 4 uses! 

The King favors a mark! 

"Marks" gained in dungeons! 

A "mark" helps invoke the Snake! 

Mark thee well! 

Seek ye the dungeon of fire! 

Exodus lies beyond the Silver Snake! 

Only with exotic arms can you win! 

Dawn comes each new pair! Exotic clues found at Dawn! 

Only exotics will protect you from great evil!   

Search and ye shall find! 

<Pray> in the Circle of Light! 

Invoke the Silver Snake! 

<Pray> for the Invocation! 

To pass you need a mark! 

Seek the jester in castle fire! 

Seek ye the shrines of truth! 

<Search> for cards! <Search> the shrines! 

<Bribe> me to enter! 

<Bribe> guards!  They will leave! 

<Dig> up exotics! 

<Dig> carefully! 

<Dig> on the isles! 

<Insert> cards into panels! 

West-8, South-35.  And Dawn awaits! 

The following clues are found in the Dungeon of the Snake: 

<Insert> cards into Exodus! <Search> the shrines! 



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