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Date: 03/06/90-11:33:13 AM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Ultima II
Date: Tue Mar  6 11:33:13 1990

                        ULTIMA II           Strategy

Ultima II (The Revenge of the Enchantress) is Lord British's exciting sequel 
to Ultima I. In Ultima II, you are challenged to discover the secret of 
Minax, the evil apprentice of Mondain whom you defeated in Ultima I. Once 
again, you must create a player character who will roam land, sea, air, and 
even outer space, battling strange creatures and increasing your character's 
attributes and possessions. However, in Ultima II, you must also unlock the 
mysteries of the Time Doors. The strategy tips presented in this file should 
assist you in your difficult quest. 


By allocating 90 points among 6 attributes and choosing race, profession, 
and sex, you may create a player character who is initially powerful or 
weak. For example, relatively high strength is the key to being able to wear 
certain armor; high agility will allow your character to wield certain 
weapons and steal more easily. I had good luck with my Elf Thief ("Bugsy") 
who was able to steal plenty of food, weapons, and armour. However, the 
Dwarf Wizard ("Hirsutus") I created endured a long, slow battle to merely 
stay alive. Experiment with different combinations to find out which is more 
successful and enjoyable for you.  

A note about spellcasters: Clerics and Wizards may purchase spells in 
Villages. However, spells are both very expensive and relatively useless. 
Spells can only be cast within Dungeons and Towers and, unfortunately, you 
can easily win the game without ever entering either of those places. 


You start out with 400 hit points, 400 foods, and 400 gold. This may seem 
like plenty, but it isn't. Your food disappears quickly as you explore, your 
hit points diminish rapidly when you are attacked by creatures, and your 
gold pieces must be exchanged for supplies and equipment. However, you can 
always attempt to steal, and you can purchase additional hit points by 
transacting with a King. 

Your first task is to obtain a weapon and armour. From where you are when 
you boot the game diskette, walk west and south into Towne Linda (it l
solving the game will be revealed to you (occasionally, however, you have to 
offer gold to purchase a particularly valuable hint or item). In one Town, 
you will discover that offering gold results in significant increases to 
your character's attributes. As I mentioned earlier, you can obtain more hit 
points by transacting with a King (he pockets some of your gold as payment 
for this service). Be aware, however, that after 99 your attributes will 
roll over to 0! (Rollover occurs as well when any of your possessions total 
more than 99 and when your hit points, experience points, food, or gold 
climb above 9999). Don't be too greedy! 


Utilize the "Z" (status) command frequently, especially after you have slain 
a creature. You will notice that there are certain items in your inventory 
which were not there before the battle. You will learn what each of these 
items is for (e.g., magical boots save you from a paralysis spell and tools 
allow you to escape from traps in Towers or Dungeons), and will discover 
which creatures are more likely to possess something you need. 

There are a total of 20 objects for you to find, including: Torches, Keys, 
Tools, Quick Swords, Wands, Staffs, Boots, Cloaks, Helms, Gems, Ankhs, Red 
Gems, Skull Keys, Green Gems, Brass Buttons, Blue Tassles, Strange Coins, 
Green Idols, Tri- Lithiums, and Rings. Once you've obtained a particularly 
precious item (such as blue tassles which you'll need to board a frigate or 
strange coins which allow you to stop time), be sure to save the game state. 
Thieves just love to steal from you, and you may want to recover your 
earlier position. You will encounter an individual who claims to own "one of 
everything." Offer him gold and find out! 


You may buy a horse in a Town in order to conserve food as you travel by 
land. However, frigates and planes are needed to traverse the oceans. You 
will need a rocketship to enter space.  

Frigates may be boarded (as they pass by you on a coastline) if you already 
possess a set of blue tassles. However, planes and rockets must be stolen. 
Planes are available in only one Town; you'll need brass buttons and skull 
keys in order to fly a plane. Once you have a plane, you can "walk" it 
through a Time Door (Time Doors are discussed in the next file entitled 
"Ultima II -- Layout"). 

Rockets are found only in one Town and you'll need a number of items in 
order to blast off (if you need extra Tri-Lithiums, you can find hordes of 
the stuff on the highest level of a Tower or the lowest level of a Dungeon). 
Once in space, explore and transact until you discover the mysterious Planet 
X and the kindly Father Antos. A note about spaceflight: Landing is the 
trickiest part of this task; be extremely careful that you land on the 
grass, otherwise you'll be killed.  


Ah, yes, the dread enchantress! She rules time and the universe, ever so 
confidently, from her chambers within her Castle on Legends. Do not attempt 
to destroy her until you have spent many, many hours developing your 
character's abilities and have obtained weapons, armour, and valuable items. 
One item in particular, a ring, must be in your possession if you wish to 
pass unscathed through Minax's force fields. She is unwilling to die easily 
and leads you on a not-so-merry chase from chamber to chamber while her 
minions attempt to kill you. You can deal with her lackeys by stopping time, 
but only if you have sufficient quantities of strange coins. Persist in your 
attack; she will ultimately succumb and she and all her works will be 

                      ULTIMA  II          THE  LAYOUT

The cloth map and the pamphlet that come with the game are very helpful. 
Study both and make your own notes as you continue your quest. The map shows 
the world as it appears in the A.D. time period with symbols representing 
the 20 Time Doors that exist. The Time Doors take you from one time period 
to another, and there are five such periods: B.C. (1423 B.C.); A.D. (1990 
A.D.); Pangea (9 million B.C.); Aftermath (2112 A.D.); and Legends (no 
time). Once you obtain a magical helm, you will be able to "V"iew your exact 
location (note, however, that your helm disappears when you "V"). The 
following is an outline of the various time periods and the locations of 
their Time Doors. 

I. 1423 B.C. 

This is where you begin your adventure. You will find yourself in Eurasia 
with connecting passages by land to North America, Africa, and South 
America. Locations you'll visit include Towne Linda in Italy, Le Jester 
Village in Africa, a Tower in South America, a Dungeon in Greenland, Lord 
British's Castle in England, and a Signpost in Australia (islands may be 
reached once you board a frigate). 

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) The NW Time Door in Europe takes you to England 
in 1990 A.D.; 2) The North Central Time Door in Europe takes you to the 
eastern peninsula in 9 million B.C.; 3) The NE Time Door in North America 
takes you to Legends; and 4) The SE Time Door in South America takes you to 
the north of North America in 2112 A.D. 

II. 1990 A.D. 

Here you will visit Lord British's Castle and Port Bonifice in England, New 
San Antonio in North America, a Tower in Africa, a Dungeon in Greenland, and 
a Signpost in Australia.  

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) The Time Door in South America takes you to North 
America in 2112 A.D.; 2) The Time Door by the Signpost in Australia takes 
you to the eastern part of the continent in 9 million B.C.; 3) The Time Door 
near Lord British's Castle in England takes you to Europe in 1423 B.C.; and 
4) The Time Door by the Dungeon in Greenland takes you to the east of the 
continent in 9 million B.C. 


In this ancient time, the continents as we know them have not yet separated. 
This land mass appears to be one great island. You will visit Baradin's 
Town, a Dungeon, and a Signpost. 

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) The NE Time Door by the Dungeon takes you to 
Legends; 2) The eastern Time Door takes you to Europe in 1423 B.C.; 3) The 
southern Time Door near the Signpost takes you to England in 1990 A.D.; and 
4) The north central Time Door (north of Baradin's Town) takes you to North 
America in 1990 A.D. 

IV. 2112 A.D. 

This is the world of the Aftermath, a time of high technology and 
destruction. Nothing remains in North America, South America or Africa, but 
there is a Town (Pirate's Harbour) in northern Europe, a Dungeon in 
Greenland, and a Signpost in Australia. You will need to bring an airplane 
through the Time Doors in order to fly from North America to Eurasia (where 
you will find a rocketship). 

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) In North America, the NW Time Door takes you to 
South America in 1990 A.D.; 2) The SE Time Door in North America takes you 
to Legends; 3) In Eurasia, the southern Time Door takes you to the east of 
the continent in 9 million B.C.; and 4) In eastern Eurasia, the Time Door 
takes you to Europe in 1423 B.C. 


You will visit Legends often in an attempt to break through Minax's armies 
and into her sanctum. Her Castle in located in the center of the continent; 
besides numerous creatures, there is only a Signpost on Legends. 

There are 4 Time Doors in a row south of the Signpost. Starting from the 
west: 1) This Time Door takes you to the northeast of the continent in 9 
million B.C.; 2) This one takes you to Europe in 1423 B.C.; 3) This one 
takes you to England in 1990 A.D.; and 4) The eastern Time Door takes you to 
North America in 2112 A.D. [Note: Dates and Time Door locations may differ 
in various versions of Ultima II.] 

VI. SPACE  Use your galactic map to plot the coordinates for space travel. 
You will know you have reached the planet you are seeking when you find 
Towne Basko and Castle Barataria. Be prepared to fight; the inhabitants are 
belligerent and the thieves tend to steal from you. Remember also to take 
extreme care in landing your rocket; instant death results from one careless 
move. There are no Time Doors in space. 



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