GAME SOLUTION: A Mind Forever Voyaging

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/19/90-07:53:47 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: A Mind Forever Voyaging
Date: Fri Jan 19 19:53:47 1990

        Part One

 "Tomorrow never yet,
   On any human being rose or set."
      --William Marsden.
 Thus begins the gripping quest of Perry Simm, who, all his life, believed
himself to be human...a breathing, thinking being, only to awake after a
horrible skycar accident to find he was far less than human, but much more than
flesh and blood...the world's first intelligent, conscious computer!
 To get the true flavor of this adventure, it is highly recommended that you
read the story that comes in the game package. Since so many of the functions
you will perform in the future simulations will be repeated, they have been
broken down into the "year scenarios" for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year jumps

 You awaken, as PRISM (the evolvement of Perry Simm's name), in an unspecified
location and you "hear" the voice of Dr. Perelman telling you of your true help PRISM Project Control gauge how current events will affect
future events so that changes can be made to "The Plan."
 While you're waiting for Dr. Perelman to give you your orders, familiarize
yourself with your surroundings. To get to any of the six locations within the
PRISM complex, you simply type the mnemonic that identifies a given location.
These mnemonics (and their associated locations) are:
 PPCC -- PRISM Project Control Center
 RCRO -- Research Center Rooftop
 PEOF -- Dr. Perelman's Office
 PCAF -- PRISM Facility Cafeteria
 MACO -- Maintenance Core
 WNNF -- World News Network Feeder
 In addition to "physical" locations, you may also visit "internal" locations
within your CPU (Central Processing Unit). These locations are called MODES.
When you woke up, you found yourself in an unspecified "physical" location, but
you were in an "internal" location called "Communications." While you can travel
to physical locations by typing the 4-letter code, you must ENTER an internal
MODE. The internal locations are:
 The following is a brief description of each of these MODES:
 Communications -- Allows you to communicate with the living beings around PRISM
complex. NOTE: You must be in Communications Mode in order to travel around the
PRISM Complex!
 Interface -- Allows you to change various "automatic functions" around the
PRISM Complex (i.e., Janitorial Schedules, Environmental Controls, Traffic Flow
Controls, etc.). To interface with these "ports," enter the Library Mode and
read the files in "PRISM INTERFACES" directory.
 Library -- Contains five directories that will become very important to you in
Part III of the game. Familiarize yourself with the files on Perelman, Ryder,
PRISM Interfaces, and don't forget to check the PRISM Messages from time to
 Sleep -- Yes, although you are a computer, you'll get sleep and must enter the
Sleep Mode to refresh your diodes. This is also a good mode to enter when you're
waiting for Perelman to come around to his office!
 Simulation -- This mode takes you into the future simulations where you will
make recordings for Dr. Perelman. When your record buffer is full, simply ABORT
and ask Dr. Perelman to examine your buffer so that you will be able to re-enter
simulation and record more information.

        Part Two

 Go to WNNF (World News Network Feeder) and read about the world's current
situation. Continue doing "looks" until you come back to the beginning of the
broadcast or until you receive word from Dr. Perelman saying the simulations may
start. When you do get this message, you will receive a list of items Dr.
Perelman wants you to record. This list is always the same. The things you will
be recording in the simulations are:
 Eating a meal in a restaurant
 Talking to a government official
 Visiting a power-generating facility
 Reading a newspaper
 Riding some form of public transportation
 Attending a court session
 Talking to a church official
 Going to a movie
 Visiting your own home or living quarters
 With this list tucked safely away in your memory bank, it's time to enter
Simulation Mode. When you enter Simulation Mode, you will be given a Security
Code to decipher. The code is a color followed by a number. Take the decoder
that came with the game and display the color in the box then line up the hash
marks as closely as you can. Find the code number on the inner wheel. The number
it corresponds to on the OUTER wheel is the number you should type in as the
Security Code (i.e., RED 94 would correspond with #78 on the outer wheel).
 After you type in this number, you will automatically be deposited in Kennedy
Park in the Ten Year Simulation. As other simulations are added, you will be
given a choice of which year simulation you want to visit and record.
 To make life easy for you, I will give you the locations of the nine items you
are supposed to record and walk you to them in the Ten Year Simulation. In the
other simulations, I will simply tell you what is not recordable (due to things
disappearing around town). I will, however, tell you what you can record first
everytime, since subsequent simulations will deposit you at different starting
 Here are the locations of the items on your "get list":
 Restaurant meal -- Northeast corner at Bodanski Square (which is located at the
intersection of Bodanski Boulevard, River Street, and Centre Street.
 Government official -- In City Hall at the intersection of Main Street and Park
 Power-generating facility -- A tough one to find! Located southeast of Wicker
Drive and River Street.
 Newspaper -- At Bodanski Square.
 Public transportation -- Everywhere, but the one I'll take you to is right
outside the Power-generating facility on Wicker Drive and River Street.
 Court Session -- Northwest corner at the intersection of Park Street and Elm
 Church official -- St. Michael's Church, which is west of the intersection of
Midland Avenue and Church Street.
 Movie -- Northwest from the Railroad Musuem on Bodanski Boulevard
 Your home -- Parkview Apartments, which is west from the intersection of
Southway and Kennedy Street.

        Part Three

 GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL -- From Kennedy Park, go southwest to Elm and Park, then
north to the intersection of Centre, Main and Park Streets. Go west into the
City Hall and sit down on the bench next to the Government Official. Turn your
recorder on and say hello to the official. After he briefly chats with you,
he'll have finished what he was eating and leave. Turn the recorder off and go
east back to Park Street.
 COURT SESSION -- Go south back to the corner of Park and Elm and turn your
recorder on. Go northwest into the Court House. Entering the Court House will
automatically record the session. Turn the recorder off and go southeast back to
the intersection.

 YOUR LIVING QUARTERS -- Go south and west to the Parkview Apartments. Unlock
the door with the key and go west. You will automatically take the elevator to
your floor. Unlock the door and go north into your apartment. You don't really
have to interact with Jill. Turn on your recorder and record Jill's painting,
the view out the window and go east into the kitchen. Open the refrigerator and
look inside. Then go west and north into the bedroom, east into the bathroom.
You can turn off your recorder now since there's nothing else here for you to
record. Leave your apartment and go east back to the corner of Park and
 POWER-GENERATING FACILITY -- Go east twice to the intersection of Southway and
River Street. Then go south, and southeast to Wicker Drive and River and
northeast to the Factory Entrance. Go southeast into the Skycar Factory and
southwest to the Power Station Entrance. Turn the recorder on and go south into
the Power-generating Facility. Entering the facility will automatically record
it. Turn the recorder off and go north and northwest back to Wicker and River.
 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION -- Go down the stairs to the underground Tube Station and
wait for a tubecar to arrive on the northeast set of tracks. When the tubecar
arrives, go northeast and turn your recorder on. Now do "waits" until the
tubecar arrives at the "Skybus Terminal," exit and turn the recorder off. Go up
the stairs and southeast to the corner of Main and Kennedy.
 CHURCH OFFICIAL -- Go east twice to Main and Church Streets, then go north to
the Church Entrance and west into St. Michael's Church. Turn your recorder on
and say hello to the church elder. After he talks to you, turn the recorder off
and exit the church by going east.
 NEWSPAPER AND EATING A MEAL -- Go north and west to Midland Avenue and River
Street then north to Bodanski Square. Buy a newspaper from the dispenser, turn
your recorder on and read the paper. After you've finished the paper, turn your
recorder off and go northeast to the restaurant. Tell the snooty maitre d' "YES"
when he asks if you want a table for one. He'll take you to a table far in the
back and seat you. Read the menu and then give your credit card to the waiter.
Now turn your recorder on and wait until your meal arrives. You'll automatically
eat your meal, so enjoy it and when it's gone, turn your recorder off, stand up
and leave the restaurant by going southwest.
 SEEING A MOVIE -- From Bodanski square, head east on Bodanski Boulevard to the
Museum Entrance. Enter the Cinema Complex by going northwest and buy a ticket.
Turn your recorder on and enter the hallway. After 15 minutes of watching the
movie, your recorder should automatically turn itself off because your record
buffer is full.
 You've recorded everything on Dr. Perelman's list, so it's time to abort your
simulation and return to the PRISM Complex. When you arrive, go to Dr.
Perelman's office (PEOF) and sleep. While you're sleeping, Dr. Perelman notices
your return from the future and informs you that he and his team will examine
your record buffer tapes. Continue sleeping while this is happening and soon,
you'll get another message from Dr. Perelman to come to his office. Enter the
Communications Mode and go back to PEOF and wait until the good doctor arrives.
 When he gets there, he gives you a hearty congratulations on a job well done
and tells you further simulations are possible. After patting you on the, uh,
back, he leaves for a meeting. Thus ends Part I of A MIND FOREVER VOYAGING!

        Part Four

 "Deep into that darkness peering,
   long I stood there, wondering, fearing,
  Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal
   ever dared to dream before."
               --Edgar Allen Poe
 While you're waiting for Dr. Perelman's next set of instructions to come in to
you, visit WNNF and see what the news for the day is. You may also want to do
some reading in your Library Mode. While you're doing these small tasks, you
should receive a message from Dr. Perelman to pop into his office as soon as you
can. So go to PEOF and wait until Drs. Perelman and Grimwold arrive.
 Dr. Perelman will inform you that Dr. Grimwold wants to run another series of
psyche tests, and when Dr. Grimwold asks if you are ready to take the tests,
tell him "YES." Don't worry about answering correctly...this appears to be a
little "teaser" Infocom threw in for fun. I answered "bears" to every inkblot
and it didn't appear to affect the outcome of the game.
 While you're waiting for the results, you can enter Simulation Mode on your own
initiative to see if other "futures" have been added. You should see that a
Twenty Year Simulation is now available. Select it and this time, continue
recording the same items from Dr. Perelman's original list.
 When you enter the year 2051, you will be in the Rockvil U-Tube Station. Go up
the stairs to the corner of Elm and University and then go north and west into
City Hall and record the Government Official conversation. Follow the directions
from Part Three of the walkthru to record the rest of the items.
 When your record buffer fills up and shuts off, abort the simulation, enter
Communications Mode and go to Dr. Perelman's office. If he's not there, go to
sleep. When he arrives, tell him to examine your buffer. After he leaves to go
over the new information you've recorded, wait until he returns (you may want to
do some Library reading while you wait). He'll ask you to record more
information from the future. So enter Simulation Mode and select the Thirty Year
 You find yourself at the intersection of Southway and River. Since you're near
your apartment building, visit it first by going west three times. You see that
things have drastically changed since your last visit. Record the same things in
the apartment as you did before. And be prepared to catch the BSF Raid in your will take place inside your living room.
 After you've finished at your apartment, record the other items from the
original list. However, this time you will not be able to record the following
 Government Official, Church Official, and the Newspaper (instead, read and
record the Church Pamphlet in the church that's southeast of Bodanski Square).
 After you've recorded everything you can from the list, if you find that your
buffer still isn't full, record some of the other interesting sights in town
like the Aquarium (on Aquarium Drive between Kennedy and Park Streets) or the
Rockvil Zoological Gardens (on Aquarium Drive south of the Rockvil Stadium). But
be careful after dark! You'll find the year 2061 to be quite crime-ridden and it
may be dangerous after dark. If you get robbed, you won't be able to go back
home...Jill's depression may not allow her to unlock the door should you buzz!
 When your buffer shuts itself off after it's full, abort the Simulation and
return to Dr. Perelman's office. He should be sitting at his desk working away.
If he isn't, wait until he arrives then say hello to him (to get his attention).
When he notices you, tell him to examine your buffers. He'll do so excitedly
then return and ask you to record more! Read carefully which year(s) he wants
more information from. You may find that he wants more from 2061 (30 years) and
2071 (40 years). If he wants more from 2061, re-enter Simulation Mode and record
another buffer's worth in the Thirty Year Simulation. If he's satisfied with
2061, enter Simulation Mode and select the Forty Year Simulation.
 You find yourself at Bodanski Square so you should record the Church Pamphlet
first, then record the Restaurant Meal and the Movie. In addition to the
previous items no longer recordable, you will find that the Public
Transportation has been disabled, so it will be more difficult to fill up your
record buffer. In addition to the Aquarium and the Zoo, take a trip out to the
Airport (at the end of Airport Way), visit St. Vincent's School and its
playground for some interesting insights into the children of the year 2071. (Do
you find yourself becoming depressed?)
 When your buffer's full, abort the simulation and go to sleep. When you wake
up, go to PEOF and wait for Dr. Perelman. When he arrives, ask him to once again
examine your record buffer. After he's satisfied that the year 2071 is, indeed,
dreadful (due to "The Plan" being carried out), he'll send you to the Fifty Year
Simulation (2081), the most chilling simulation of all.

        Part Five

 You'll find yourself at the intersection of Main Street and Wicker Drive. Turn
your buffer on and look. You can only go a limited number of moves in this
simulation because society has deteriorated to a sort of post-cataclysmic
survival of the fittest anarchy with whole areas of the city cordoned off to all
but a favored few...and you aren't one of them!
 Leave your recorder on and go west to the bridge, southeast to the burnt-out
building, south to the empty grocery store, east to the thugs, and when you
can't take any more of this depressing place, head north into Midland Cemetery
for a little mugging and death. The simulation will automatically abort and
return you to the PRISM Complex where Part II ends and Part III begins....

 "Who hears may be incredulous,
  Who witnesses, believes."
               --Emily Dickinson
 Part III of A MIND FOREVER VOYAGING is the strangest part of the entire game.
You can enter any of the Year Simulations and wander around (but don't record
anything!), but it's best to stay put at the PRISM Complex...the REAL action in
this game is about to begin.
 Enter Library Mode and spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with your
Interface Modes and how to interact with them. Also read the PRISM Messages
Directory's files. You will get a message from Emily Warren regarding the
addition of the World News Network Feeder to your already existing ports. When
the message arrives, make CAREFUL note of the current time and when that
interface will be available to you.
 Dr. Perelman will return from a trip to Washington with bad news regarding the
information you collected in the Simulations. The higher-ups believe the tapes
are fakes, that the information in them has been falsified so that "The Plan"
will be abandoned. In a dejected mood, Dr. Perelman wanders off to be by
himself. Enter Sleep Mode, since you haven't slept in awhile.
 Now the hard work (on your part) begins. As you're sleeping, a message
interrupts your dreams from Major General Dirk Peters of the Dakota/Manitoba
National Guard saying there has been a security leak and that he has sealed off
the entire PRISM Complex! Enter Communications Mode and go directly to Dr.
Perelman's office.
 Wait around here until you see Dr. Perelman and Senator Ryder come storming
into the office. When they arrive, turn your recorder on and record the entire
conversation. When Ryder leaves, turn your recorder off and go to the Rooftop
(RCRO) and wait until you see a skycar loaded with maintenance men arrive. As
soon as they do, go to the Maintenance Core (MACO) and note the description of
the ventilation units which are whisking away the Zeeron Fumes that are output
by your air conditioning unit. Now enter Interface Mode. You're going to
interface to the HVAC Controller.
 Ask the HVAC Controller for a Status. You will see a listing of the
environmental functions in the various sectors of the PRISM Complex. Find the
sector that the Maintenance Core is centered in and turn off the ventilation in
that sector. Now exit Interface Mode and re-enter Communications Mode and go
back to MACO. Don't leave the area until you see the phony "maintenance men" try
to sabotage your air conditioning unit. Because of your quick thinking (CPU's
are like that, you know!) by turning off the ventilation, the buildup of the
Zeeron Fumes soon renders the saboteurs unconscious! Soon afterward, the
National Guard enter and take the unconscious men away.
 Remember the poem that started Part III?  "Who hears may be incredulous, Who
witnesses, believes." It's time for you to show the world what the good Senator
is really like and to put him and his "Plan" out of business!
 Enter Interface Mode and see if you've been given access to the World News
Network Feeder yet. If you haven't just wait around until you can interface with
it. NOTE: You *won't* be notified of its availability. You'll have to constantly
look to see if you can plug into its port.
 When it is available, instruct the WNN Feeder to transmit your record buffer
and return to Communications Mode and go to WNNF. Look at that! Every word,
every threatening gesture Ryder made is being sent over the airwaves to every
person in the world! Ryder's days are numbered,'ve done a great
service to humanity! Now for your reward....
 You feel yourself falling into a deep, pleasant sleep. When you awake, you find
yourself in your apartment with Jill, who's prattling about a trip of some sort.
Mitchell, your son, is a handsome, clean-cut youth, not the dissident you
remember from your simulations.
 The world is, indeed, a wonderful place to live after all. And you find you've
been granted  a "life" within longer a piece of metal, but a flesh and
blood creature, who can live his life to its fullest potential...a life made
possible by Dr. Perelman....

  is copyrighted 1985 by
      Infocom, Inc.
 This walkthru is copyrighted
    1986 by Barbara Baser.
     All Rights Reserved.


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