GAME SOLUTION: Borrowed Time

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/19/90-07:57:16 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Borrowed Time
Date: Fri Jan 19 19:57:16 1990


 1 Introduction, Thug, Starting,
   Lebock's, Rita's, Doctor's
 2 Shack, Doris', Stiles', Trash
   Pile, Farnham, Dogs, Light's,
   Post Office, Park, Endgame

    Part 1

  BORROWED TIME is an action-packed adventure by Activision Home
Computer Software. It is available for many different computers.
Versions may differ slightly and there may be more than one way to solve
it. I played the Macintosh version. In this walkthru, I am presenting
one possible solution. I have tried to cover all the major problems in a
step-by-step procedure as I solved the game. However, it is not
necessary to do everything in this exact order. Because of one very
annoying character in the game, the thug, you can expect to be "killed"
frequently so save often and map carefully.
 THE THUG. I wasn't able to do anything about him. It seemed that he
appeared when I had taken too many moves between finding evidence or
obtaining information. I usually received a warning about three moves
before he started blasting.
 GAME BEGINNING. You are in your office. Answer phone. Read your case
files (all 7 of them). Go east to the little office and read the note.
Take the east exit to the alley. This is where the action starts! Go
east to the Dixie Arms Hotel. Hide behind the chair. Crawl north. Lock
the door. Go up to the attic. Break the window. Take the shard of glass.
Go east to the ledge. Climb the cable. When you get to the second-story
window of the Dublin Rose Bar, cut the cable with the shard of glass. Go
down to the bar.
 LEBOCK'S HOUSE. If you are having trouble finding or entering Lebock's
house, go to the bar. Talk to the thug. Show gun to the thug. This will
loosen his lip but not enough. Show gun again. He will tell you the
location of the house and the password.
 The big bruiser, Rocco, guards the door. Say "TINPLAYER" then enter.
Lock the door. Search fireplace. Take scrap of paper. Go east through
the curtain. Take the candlestick and wait. Hit Rocco with the
candlestick. Go east and exit back door.
 RITA'S APARTMENT. You'll get hit over the head and tied by your wrists
to the ceiling beams. There is a table nearby. Look at table. Get the
matches and the candle. Light match then light candle. Burn twine.
(Amazing what you can do with your feet!) Search the kitchen. Take
Receipt. If you search enough, you'll find a key but getting it now will
cause you problems. Oh, well, go ahead move the stove and get the key.
Now your hands are burned and you can only carry a few things. It would
be best to visit the doctor now.
 DOCTOR'S OFFICE. Tell the nurse you are a patient. You'll see Mongo
through a doorway. He is receiving medical treatment. Don't call
attention to yourself; listen. Search desk. Take the bandages. If you
have already burned your hands, *APPLY* bandages to your hands. Ah,
that's better!

    Part 2

 SHACK. In case you haven't found the shack, it's at the west end of
First Street (just west of the hot dog vendor). Break the door. Untie
Mavis. Take the tube and the novel. Read the novel and take the bookmark
-- it's a claim stub!
 DORIS POLK'S APARTMENT. (Intersection of Pershing and Polk) Talk to
Doris. Ask her about Mongo, Lebock, Farnham, etc. Show stub to Doris.
This might be a good time to visit the car park.
 STILES' SAFE PARK. If Jake is there alone, leave and return later. If
two men are there fighting, help Jake. Get gloves and cans. Show
evidence to police. You should have: (1) cans, (2) gloves, (3) stub, (4)
tube, and (5) receipt. Mongo will tell you about the key and the P.O.
 TRASH PILE (First Time). Search trash. Get bone. Remember, this might
be a good place to hide.

 VISIT FARNHAM. (85 West Polk) A tough looking guy guards the door. Talk
to man. Enter building. Talk to Farnham. Notice the dogs and what
Farnham says to them.
 HOUSE WITH FENCE AND DOGS. Say HIYO to the dogs. Enter house. Talk to
Shuman. Untie Rita and Wainwright. Talk to Rita. Talk to Wainwright. Get
report. Police will take Shuman away.
 BRUCE LIGHT'S HOUSE. (Sixth West of Main, blue brownstone) Knock on
door. Enter. Look at bottles. Wait for Light to appear. Ask Light about
Mongo, Farnham, etc. If he's reluctant to talk, show gun. Go upstairs
(big deal, huh?) Search. When Light is able to talk, question him again.
 P.O. BOX. (Post Office) Unlock box 999. Get poem. Read it. There's a
number written on the back. Head for the Park.
 PARK. (6th and South Main) Go south of the statue to Tool Shed. Set
lock to 6316. Get shovel. Dig at statue. Get suitcase. Go north. Thugs
are chasing you from south, north and east. Go west. Hide in Trash Pile.
 TRASH PILE (Second Time). You are hiding from the thugs. Give bone to
dog. Wait. When dog starts to bark again, go east. You should now have
enough evidence against Farnham to go to the police.
 END GAME. Take evidence to Police Station. Tell police to arrest
Farnham. You should have the following evidence: (1) Report (from
Wainwright), (2) Scrap of paper (from Lebock), (3) Suitcase (from Park),
and (4) Folder (from the suitcase).


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