GAME SOLUTION: 9 Princes In Amber

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/19/90-07:51:47 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: 9 Princes In Amber
Date: Fri Jan 19 19:51:47 1990

                             NINE PRINCES IN AMBER
                                   Part One

         This is a very complex game with an enormous data base.  Unlike
       many  adventures,  it is highly interactive in that varied player
       responses to different situations can cause the game to branch in
       many  possible directions.  Some paths through Amber will lead to
       a   dead   end.    Others   will  lead  to  partially  successful
       conclusions, and a few paths will culminate in total victory.  As
       Prince Corwin, your final goal is to become a popularly acclaimed
       King  of  Amber.   To do this, you'll need the support of some of
       your  family  members and you'll have to deal with those who mean
       to  destroy  you once more as they tried to do in the past.  This
       walkthru  will  guide you along one of the shortest paths through
       Amber  to victory.  You should be aware that there are many other
       paths  that  can  be taken and lots of exciting things can happen
       when  you  explore  the  possibilities of other routes.  A lot of
       enjoyment  can  be  had  by  experimenting  and  discovering  the
       richness   of   this  game.   I'll  try  to  suggest  other  (not
       necessarily  successful)  branches  as  we  go along.   HOSPITAL,
       FLORA,  RANDOM As the adventure starts, you wake up in a hospital
       bed with casts on both legs and a man is about to give you a shot
       to  make sure you don't stay conscious.  Act quickly and HIT MAN.
       Now  that  he's in dreamland, BREAK CASTS to gain some mobility.
       You  need  to  escape, so EXCHANGE CLOTHES, which will give you a
       disguise  and  some  money in the pocket.  READ CHART to find out
       who  you're supposed to be and who put you there.  LEAVE puts you
       outside  on  the street, and instead of wandering about, TAKE BUS
       or  TAKE  TAXI,  which will get you to your sister's house in the
       suburbs.   Having  nothing better to do, you KNOCK which gets you
       admitted  to  the  house and escorted to the library to meet your
       sister.   HELLO,  you  say,  and your sister's response tells you
       your real name is Corwin and she wants no trouble from you.  Just
       say  YES at this point; other responses may get you thrown out or
       torn  apart  by  her vicious dogs.  You want her on your side, so
       FLATTER her and SUPPORT her and generally AGREE with anything she
       says.   She'll  depart shortly, leaving you alone in the library.
       Get  some  flavor  of the game with EXAMINE BOOKS and READ BOOK.
       THen  get  nosey  and  SEARCH  DESK, which will get you a pack of
       Tarot  cards.   At  this point the phone will ring, so you ANSWER
       PHONE.   When  the caller asks if Evelyn is there, you say NO and
       say  CORWIN  when  asked  for  your  identity.  It's your brother
       Random  and  he  needs your help.  YES, you say and he hangs up.
       Now, EXAMINE CARDS and you get some information about your family
       and  discover  that  Evelyn  is  really  Flora.  If you want more
       descriptive  detail,  you  can check out the Trumps one at a time
       with  commands  like  EXAMINE  BLEYS,  etc.   You  don't  want to
       alienate  Flora,  so RETURN CARDS and Flora will come back to the
       library  none the wiser.  Random will show up and get on his side
       with  statements like AGREE, SUPPORT RANDOM and ALLY WITH RANDOM.
       A  bunch  of ugly creatures burst in and since you have no weapon
       THROW  STATUE  (or CHAIR or DESK) and the baddies will be subdued
       with  an  assist  from  the  hounds.   SMILE or SHRUG at Random's
       comment and AGREE when he suggests a walk.  He finds Flora's car,
       gets  it  running,  so  you  GET  IN CAR and off you go.  When he
       starts  questioning  you,  play  along  with statements like YES,
       anything.  You can get more information if you ASK ABOUT AMBER or
       ASK  ABOUT  ERIC.   When he asks permission to head for Amber say
       YES and your world changes dramatically.

                             NINE PRINCES IN AMBER
                                   Part Two


           As  you and Random proceed through the changed world, you are
       intercepted  by  brother Julian.  GET OUT OF CAR when prompted by
       Julian  and  when threatened, PULL JULIAN FROM HORSE, putting him
       at  your  mercy.   An alternative here would be to DRAW SWORD and
       enter  the  fencing  game  (be  sure  to  SAVE before drawing the
       sword).   Good  sword technique will defeat Julian but it's a lot
       easier  just  to  pull him out of the saddle.  There's no need to
       kill him, so TAKE JULIAN HOSTAGE and the three of you will end up
       at a cliff.  Now THREATEN JULIAN and ASK JULIAN and he agrees not
       to  bother  you  if  you  let him go, so you AGREE.  Random heads
       north  and  you  FOLLOW  him.   It gets dark and Random notes the
       danger of using the road so you LEAVE ROAD and you see a clearing
       ahead.   APPROACH  CLEARING and you find your sister Deirdre held
       captive  by  Eric's  men.   At this point if you ABANDON DEIRDRE,
       you'll  open  a whole new path through Amber and get to meet some
       folks you won't otherwise see.  This will not lead to victory, so
       save  that  idea  for  future  experimentation.   Instead, RESCUE
       DEIRDRE, and when she asks for suggestions, say GO TO AMBER.  She
       doesn't  care  for that and departs, leaving you with Random.  If
       you   had   chosen   to  CONFESS  (about  your  amnesia)  another
       interesting  branch  would have started.  You and Random are soon
       accosted  by  Eric's  men and you WAIT to see what happens.  Eric
       shows  up  and  you decide to ALLY WITH ERIC and when he asks for
       your  fealty,  you AGREE and FOLLOW him to Amber.  Had you chosen
       to  CHALLENGE  ERIC  and  fence with him, another path would have
       started.  Try it some other time.  At Amber, Random asks you what
       in  hell you think you're doing and you decide to CONFESS and ASK
       FOR  HELP.   He  decides to send you to Rebma to walk the Pattern
       and regain your memory and magic powers.  He contacts Deirdre via
       her  Trump  and  you  TAKE HAND when Random has her on the line.
       Presto,  you are in Rebma and ready to take the next step on your
       quest.   REBMA AND THE PATTERN At Rebma, FOLLOW DEIRDRE until you
       arrive  at the Pattern.  SAVE the game at this point, in case you
       mess  up in negotiating the Pattern.  Then WALK PATTERN until you
       have passed through all five veils and stand in the center of the
       Pattern.   The only thing you can do here without ending the game
       is to IMAGINE AMBER and you are transported to the library at the
       very  center  of  Amber and now things are getting interesting.
       BLEYS,  ERIC, ESCAPE, DEIRDRE In the library, a deck of Trumps is
       in  a  glass  case.  Your dagger is too dull to pick the delicate
       lock,  so  you  EXAMINE  your CLOTHES and find a rose pin holding
       your cloak.  You PICK LOCK WITH ROSE and get the Trumps.  Attempt
       to  LEAVE and Julian shows up.  Use any one of the friendly verbs
       and  he'll sulk and leave.  Aha!  Someone's trying to contact you
       on  the  Trump line.  ACCEPT the contact and it's brother Bleys.
       Say  NO  when he asks if you're for Eric and say ASSASSINATE ERIC
       when he asks about your plans.  Bleys likes the idea and asks you
       to  bring him through to the library.  TAKE HAND and there he is!
       (Other  paths  can  be  tried here, such as CONTACT RANDOM or not
       telling Bleys you want to assassinate Eric.  Try them some time.)
       DISCUSS  PLANS  with  Bleys  and  Eric  shows  up.  Just what you
       wanted,  so  you and Bleys KILL ERIC and that's all for him.  But
       what's this?  Bleys is threatening you with his sword and has the
       drop  on  you.   Treachery!  You are forced to SURRENDER and when
       Bleys  offers  you  a  regency you say NO.  He marches you to the
       door  at  sword-point,  you OPEN THE DOOR and he escorts you to a
       dungeon  cell.   Following  orders you OPEN THE DOOR of that cell
       and  he  forces  you  inside.   It  looks  bad, but his attention
       wanders  as he fumbles for the key and you FLEE!  Bleys is in hot
       pursuit,  so  you  pull out your Trumps and CONTACT DEIRDRE.  She
       responds  and  pulls  you  through  to  Rebma.  Safe for the time
       being.   Deirdre  wants  to know what's going on and you TELL THE
       TRUTH  to your sister.  She accepts your story and warns you that
       you  can  stay  only  a  short  while before being discovered and

                             NINE PRINCES IN AMBER
                                  Part Three


        While  staying at Rebma, you try to CONTACT BRAND and find he is
       a  prisoner  and you get a picture of the tower where he is being
       held.  Since it's dangerous to hang around Rebma you decide to GO
       TO  BRAND and soon find yourself at a tower guarded by a fearsome
       serpent.   You find you can kill him if you STAB SERPENT IN EYES.
       You ENTER TOWER and KILL GUARD.  There's Brand chained to a wall.
       Using  your  trusty sword, you CUT THE CHAINS and free Brand, but
       he's  unconscious.  You CARRY BRAND from the tower but the guards
       are  alerted  and come after you.  But you are a Prince of Amber,
       so  you  WALK  SHADOW and escape with Brand over your saddle.  As
       you  ride,  you  encounter  a  mysterious Black Road.  This looks
       dangerous  so  you  go  ONWARD and arrive in Avalon where you are
       confronted by your brother Benedict.  You GREET BENEDICT and when
       he  asks  about Brand, you must BLUFF, since you don't know if it
       was  Benedict  who  was  responsible  for  Brand's condition.  He
       accepts your story and takes you to his camp and deposits you and
       Brand  in  a  tent.  You WAIT and Brand revives and you ASK BRAND
       what is going on.  He won't discuss it and leaves, saying you may
       follow  if  you wish (try it sometime).  Instead you STAY and you
       get  a  Trump  call.  You ACCEPT and it's Fiona, who's heard that
       you  rescued  Brand.  You say YES and to get more information you
       ALLY  WITH  FIONA.  She implies that it was Bleys that imprisoned
       Brand  so  that  he could claim the throne.  She breaks contact.
       Benedict  comes  in  and  asks  you to go to Amber with him.  You
       AGREE and go with him, setting the stage for the finale.   FAMILY
       MEETING AND CONCLUSION As you enter Amber, you note that the city
       is under attack by the evil forces of Chaos.  You and Benedict go
       to  the council chamber where the family is gathered.  You decide
       to  TELL  THE  FAMILY  ABOUT BRAND.  A bombshell!  When asked for
       more  details,  you  EXPLAIN  ABOUT BRAND and ACCUSE BLEYS of the
       crime.  Bleys is exposed and Benedict banishes him.  Now, showing
       your  leadership,  you  GO TO BATTLE and Amber wins the day.


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