Revolution Handbook - Abridged

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 12/23/89-09:29:36 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: Revolution Handbook - Abridged
Date: Sat Dec 23 21:29:36 1989

This is an abridged version of The REVOLUTION Handbook.
It contains the main points of the handbook but we still encourage you to
read the complete version.

                 The REVOLUTION(tm) HANDBOOK
                  by Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
                   =1989 ARTISAN SOFTWARE
                    all rights reserved


  INTRODUCTION ......................................
  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS .............................
  GENERAL PRINCIPALS ................................
  BENEFITS TO ENTREPRENEURS .........................
  PLEDGES ...........................................
  HOW TO APPLY THIS HANDBOOK ........................
  ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACTS ...........................
* WHAT I CAN DO AS AN INDIVIDUAL ....................


There is a war going on in the United States and, if you are
an  Atari  computer  user, you are a part of it.  The allies
are   the  manufacturers,  publishers  and  users  of  Atari
computers.   They  are the front line people doing what they
can  to see that the system survives.  They, as you, are the
people who face the ridicule from the universe of IBM, Amiga
and  Macintosh  proponents  to  support  a conviction in the
really best computer value available.                       

To  proclaim a war, there must be a cause... essential basic
values worth fighting for.  In this case, these values hinge
on  the need to expand our family of Atari owners and users.
We  must  face the reality that our family of Atari users is
not  growing  in  the United States... it's shrinking.  This
fact  should be disturbing to you.  The passion you have for
your computer will likely crumple to disgruntled aggravation
as fewer companies support your investment and more and more
users switch to a more popular system.                      

Many of us have been waiting for Atari to fight this war for
us.   We have listened to commitments to run advertising and
support  users'  groups  and trade shows.  We have also been
exposed to Jack Tramiel's philosophy that "Business Is War".
In  many  instances,  Atari  has  made  admiral  efforts  to
strengthen  their domestic position.  For instance, over $67
million   dollars   was   poured  into  a  chain  of  retail
electronics stores known as the Federated Group.  The theory
was  that  by owning a significant retail outlet, they could
dictate  the  amount  of shelf space and customer assistance
dedicated  to  Atari  computers and games.  While the theory
was  sound,  they  were  not  prepared  to  invest the added
millions  of  dollars  it  would  take to salvage the risk. 
Atari  has also supported the user shows with their presence
and  dealer  support  by  loaning equipment for the show and
providing seminars.                                         

Atari's  dilemma  is  that the return on invested dollars is
best  paying  off  overseas  right  now.   Prices are higher
there,  piracy is a lesser threat, and the consumer can view
the  Atari line of computers without a tainted prejudice for
another  system  which  is not as well established.  Yes, it
appears Atari can not get a fix on what needs to be done for
the  U.S.,  but there is already enough work keeping up with
European  demand.   "Business Is War" means exactly that and
Jack  Tramiel  is  going  to  fight  for  businesses' primal
need... PROFITABILITY.                                      

Looking  into  the  crystal  ball, Atari will certainly find
some  success  with  the  Portfolio  and  other  attempts to
approach  the  PC  market.  They may see their domestic cash
flow  swell  when  they  do.   As a result, an increasing PC
consumer  base  will be supporting the Atari name which will
drown out our cries for support with our XL, XE, ST and MEGA
machines.   Already,  the  Atari  magazines have covered the

Artisan  Software  believes  that  there is a hidden army of
Atari  users  who  realize that, if anyone is going to fight
this  war,  we  must do it ourselves.  Since Atari Corp. and
third  party developers are simply profit machines, they are
always  going  to  spend as little as possible to sell their
products.   After  all,  that's what business is all about. 
Yet,  if  someone  were  to mastermind an ultimate attack to
enhance  United States sales of Atari computers, Atari would
support its' success.                                       

Artisan  Software  is  asking you to join in on the ultimate
user-based  campaign  to  attract  an  expanding universe of
Atari owners and users.  You may participate as intensely as
you  wish,  but  your  every  effort  will  go a long way by
reading this material and doing whatever you can.           

The  campaign  is  called  "THE  REVOLUTION".  It will be in
effect throughout 1990 and scheduled to continue through the
90's.   The  premise  will  be  to  optimize  the  power  of
"word-of-mouth"  advertising.   This  form of advertising is
the  least  expensive and the most effective.  Concentration
will  be on a calendar of projects which will strike targets
in  cumulative  force.   You will find participation fun and

No  one  appears  to  have  a firm idea how many Atari users
there  are  in  the  U.S.,  many  say there about 100,000 ST
compatible machines out there, but that can not be verified.
Atari,  understandably,  keeps  this a secret so they do not
scare  away potential developers.  Regardless how many there
are of us, we have the potential to exercise a lot of power.
If united, we can not be ignored.                           

The  benefits  you  reap  from  this project are plentiful. 
First  of  all,  you  will see Atari users ban together as a
nation   for   the   very  first  time.   You  will  witness
significant  news  coverage and experience the growth of new
companies  emerging  to  support your system.  You will also
discover   it   increasingly  easier  to  find  friends  and
colleagues  using  an Atari computer.  Best of all, you will
have fun.                                                   


Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
President, Artisan Software

                   QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Below   are   some  questions  and  answers  regarding  "The
REVOLUTION".   You  may be able to satisfy any inquiries you
have by reviewing this material.                            

Q. WHAT IS "THE REVOLUTION"?                                

A. "The REVOLUTION" is a structured user-based campaign     
   design to enhance Atari computer sales in the United     
   States by primary use of "word-of-mouth" advertising.    
   It is made up of users and companies across the nation   
   who wish to support the cause.                           

Q. WHAT IS "WORD-OF-MOUTH" ADVERTISING?                     

A. "Word-Of-Mouth" Advertising is the most valued form of   
   advertising for any reputable business.  While paid      
   advertising boosts public awareness, it is often by      
   someone's recommendation that high ticket purchases are  
   made.  In basic terms, word-of-mouth advertising is the  
   act of voicing your opinion about a product or service   
   in a favorable way.  In addition, "The REVOLUTION"       
   campaign is designed so that all our voices are focused  
   toward specific targets at any one given time.           


A. ARTISAN SOFTWARE President, Donald A. Thomas, Jr., plans 
   to coordinate the campaign.                              

Q. WHAT IS ARTISAN SOFTWARE?                                

A. Artisan Software is a California based software          
   publisher dedicated to the Atari ST and MEGA computers.  

Q. WHY IS ARTISAN SOFTWARE DOING THIS?                      

A. Artisan Software currently offers three products for the 
   ST computer.  This is not the place to talk about them,  
   but you will find separate ASCII text files about them   
   on this diskette.  While Atari users support their       
   products, it has become disenchanting to realize that    
   the Atari user base is not large enough to keep sales at 
   a profitable pace.  Rather than diverting attention to   
   non-Atari computers, it has been Artisan Software's      
   decision to expand the Atari computer user base.         


A. Although Artisan Software publishes only ST/MEGA         
   compatible titles, it is recognized that the 8-bit       
   community has just as much to be proud of over their     
   systems too.  Atari video game systems, cartridges and   
   PC compatible products are not represented here.         

   "THE REVOLUTION"?                                        

A. Frankly, a lot.  First, Artisan Software will expand its 
   exposure of it's products to the existing base of Atari  
   users.  Secondly, this base will grow and, therefore, so 
   will sales.                                              


A. Not necessarily.  As an individual, you are asked to     
   become a registered participant by making a minimum      
   pledge of $15 to help initiate the cause for the first   
   year.  Pledges for more than that amount is encouraged,  
   but you are not required to pay any amount at all to     

   Part of your pledge will cover the costs of              
   distributing "The REVOLUTION HANDBOOK" and other costs   
   such as phone use and coordinating costs.  Corporate     
   pledges are also invited if you wish to show your        
   company's support and benefit from the campaign.         

   Other costs to you depend on the projects you            
   voluntarily elect to work on.  In most cases, it is      
   simply a few letters and postage stamps per week.        

   It is important to register your participation           
   regardless of the size of your pledge.  Your             
   registration becomes an integral necessity to provide a  
   statistical analysis as to the size of the movement, the 
   primary use of the computers and estimated growth        
   patterns.  It is also important that you register        
   individually.  Individual and group registrations are    
   maintained by separate accounting methods to insure the  
   integrity of individual participation statistics.        

Q. WHAT ELSE WOULD MY PLEDGE COVER?                         

A. There is a form in this HANDBOOK which you are requested 
   to complete and mail-in.  It requests information about  
   you, your profession, the computer(s) you own and what   
   you use it for primarily.  This and other information    
   will be combined with all the other participants for     
   many reasons.  These statistics help provide a marketing 
   "map" for decision making and planning.  Your            
   pledge will help subsidize this effort.                  

   Artisan Software also hopes to connect a special         
   on-line modem hotline for 24-hour access to news and     
   data exchange.  Artisan Software's voice line will       
   double as a verbal hot line for questions and answers    
   as well.  This will also serve as a tool to inform       
   potential new Atari owners of user group activities      
   and the location of dealers in their area.               

Q. HOW DO I KNOW IT WILL WORK?                              

A. Try to imagine the impact at the 20/20 news studios in   
   New York if they receive 10,000 to 50,000 letters in one 
   week informing them of a movement and requesting         
   coverage.  As responsible reporters, they will not be    
   able to ignore it.  The national coverage will be        
   obtained free of charge and this is only one project     
   for the first year.                                      

   Consumers are most effectively swayed by the vocal       
   majority and we have the power to yell and scream within 
   a coordinated effort.  WE WILL SELL MORE ATARI COMPUTERS 
   THAN EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.                              


A. You do not even have to own an Atari computer to         
   participate.  You simply have to be living and breath{ing 
   and willing to support the issues described in the       
   campaign.  There are no age requirements and absolutely  
   no discrimination based on color, creed, sex, religion   
   or species.                                              


A. The Tramiel family took the reigns of Atari nearly five  
   years ago and, if you look at the facts, has made        
   incredible progress in that time.  Jack Tramiel is one   
   of the shrewdest entrepreneurs alive today and this is   
   documented by having founded Commodore and his short     
   turnaround time of Atari.  The overall Tramiel           
   expertise, however, lies in business decisions based on  
   financial variables as opposed to marketing and research 

   It is the opinion of Artisan Software that user          
   dedication and commitment to the Atari computer is more  
   intense than it ever was by Commodore users when Jack's  
   Commodore introduced the Vic20 and the C64.  It is       
   unlikely that Atari Corp. could conceive that a          
   coordinated "army" of Atari users might be formed to     
   make a difference in the foreseeable future.             

   This HANDBOOK describes activities which are designed to 
   provoke news coverage.  While we may not obtain the      
   specific goals detailed, the news it generates will be   
   quite healthy for the cause.  Atari could not be as      
   successful by taking this course of action because their 
   motives would be seen purely self-serving as opposed to  
   benefiting all involved.                                 

Q. HOW SOON WILL RESULTS BE SEEN?                           

A. This project is directed toward the new computer buyer.  
   Those people have been convinced by propaganda that      
   other systems are better.  The efforts to "deprogram"    
   this thinking is a long process which snowballs as time  
   wears on.  With the estimated current base of Atari      
   users, however, substantial progress should be seen by   
   end of 1990.                                             

Q. HOW WILL RESULTS BE MEASURED?                            

A. Atari has declared that their computer sales by nation   
   is confidential.  The success of this program is based   
   on that statistic.  It is hoped that many Atari Dealers  
   will join the crusade and report sales growth compared   
   to last year in the form of percentages.  This keeps     
   actual figures confidential, but still provides a        
   measure to evaluate success.  Third-party increased      
   sales can also be measured this way.                     

Q. HOW LONG MUST I PARTICIPATE?                             

A. Chances are you already participate by subscribing to an 
   Atari computer magazine, attending user group meetings,  
   buying quality software and peripherals and recommending 
   the Atari computer to friends.  The difference is that   
   these same activities will be focused in a nation-wide   
   campaign to gain attention outside of the current Atari  
   user family.                                             

   You will be working on projects sychronized with         
   thousands of users elsewhere in the nation.  If we all   
   stomp our feet at the same time, imagine the tremors we  
   can create.  We hope we can count on you for quite some  

Q. OK, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO SPECIFICALLY?                   
A. Your participation is needed on four levels.             

   First, read this HANDBOOK and fill out the form          
   included.   Send the form to Artisan Software today.     

   Secondly, go out of your way to discuss "The REVOLUTION" 
   with your user group or other Atari users.  Provide them 
   copies of this HANDBOOK.  Verbally encourage them to     
   participate.  Also, approach your local dealers.         
   Encourage them to distribute copies of this HANDBOOK to  
   their customers.  Permission is granted to copy and      
   distribute this HANDBOOK if the copyright and authorship 
   is acknowledged when you do.  Exceptions to this include 
   professional duplication in a bound and covered book to  
   be sold for profit.  The distinction should be clear,    
   but contact Artisan Software if you have any questions.  

   Your active involvement to spread the word about this    
   campaign is a critical component to its' success.        

   Third, write your favorite Atari magazine and ask them   
   to provide consistent coverage of this campaign.         

   Finally, follow this HANDBOOK as completely as you are   
   willing and able.                                        

Q. WHERE DO I SEND MY REGISTRATION?                         

A. Send all correspondence, including registrations to:     
   Manteca, CA 95336.                                       

                     GENERAL PRINCIPALS                     

There  are some basic principals which are important for all
of  us  to agree to.  These principals become our foundation
for all other participation.                                

One  of  the  most  significant principals is that we all do
what  we  can  to  stop  the  most blatant forms of piracy. 
Artisan  Software's  philosophy  that  passing to a friend a
copy  of  a  program,  to determine if he likes it, is not a
high crime.  This is IF the friend buys it after deciding to
use it.  This philosophy is not shared by all publishers nor
is  it,  technically,  legal.  This philosophy's downside is
the  difficulty  of paying for something you already have in
your possession.                                            

Slowing  piracy  plays  a critical role in Atari's success. 

Even  if,  per  capita,  piracy  is  no  worse  in the Atari
community  than  other  computer communities, our lower user
base  amplifies the problem.  While any form of unauthorized
duplication  and  distribution  is  wrong, the foundation of
"The REVOLUTION" is to pay for the software you use.  If you
obtain  a  title and never use it, you must turn to your own
values,  otherwise,  "The REVOLUTION's" policy will ask that
you  buy  it  through  legitimate  means.  In addition, "The
REVOLUTION"  urges  you  to  report pirate boards to Artisan
Software  or  persons  who  profit  by  selling unauthorized
copies of software.  Please understand that these people are
destructive.   Type:  "I'VE  JOINED  THE REVOLUTION!" if you
come across these boards and hang up.                       

If   we   make   any  effort  in  this  area,  we  will  see
improvements.   In  short  order,  publishers  will  see the
difference and be even more encouraged to support our common
cause.   In  addition, cleaning our closet will attract more
publishers and new users.                                   

Another  critical  principal is to be prepared to accept all
fellow  members  and  our  growing  base  of Atari owners as
family.  Be prepared to assist them and depend on them.  New
customers will be referred to "The REVOLUTION" members.  The
impression  you  offer  them will make a difference in their
buying decisions.  Be positive and supportive.              

If  we  get each others way, take an initial approach that a
combined  effort  may  prove  beneficial.  Recently, closely
scheduled  Atari  shows caused for there not being a show at
all  in  that area.  We need to look for ways to avoid these

Another significant principal is that of good communication.
Remind  others  what  needs  to be done, offer new ideas and
creative  approaches  and  never  hesitate  to proclaim your
status  as  an  Atari user to anyone.  Apply a great deal of
friendly peer pressure.                                     

It   is  encouraged  to  capitalize  on  "The  REVOLUTION's"
concepts  and  strategies  to gain recognition for you, your
company  or  user  group.   Please  do  not do this directly
against  a  competitor.  Do not use this campaign to attempt
to  pull  user group members away from an existing one or to
sell products away from another dealer in this way.         

Be  supportive  of  activities  enacted  by  other groups or
individuals.   Thank  them  for their interest and help.  If
there  is  a show in your area, try to attend.  Join a users
group.  Contact Artisan Software to help you find one or for
advise on starting one.                                     

Please  encourage  your  relatives, neighbors and friends to
participate,  but  never participate under an alias to boost
representation.   We  have  an  obligation  to maintain real
numbers  and a visual integrity.  One individual can destroy
the  efforts  of  all  of  us by participating with wrongful
actions or under false pretenses.  You may write letters for
other  people if you have them read, sign and understand the
position they are representing.                             

To  insure  consistency  within the campaign, label each and
every   project   "The  REVOLUTION".   This  will  reinforce
retention and give us strength.                             

Please  remember that what we wish to accomplish is make the
consumer aware of the Atari alternative and its' benefits of
owning  an Atari computer.  The sales will come naturally as
a  result  of  accomplishing  just  that.   We will not sell
everyone  and  would  be  fooling ourselves to think so.  We
just want our computer on their shopping lists.             

                 BENEFITS TO ENTREPRENEURS                  

If  you  profit  in  any  way  from  the  existence of Atari
computers,   you  are  being  asked  to  help  support  this
campaign.   You have many benefits coming to you as a result
of the inevitable success of us all working together.       

With  an  annual  registered participation, you will receive
the following benefits:                                     

1) Access to the list of registered individuals who support 
   the campaign nationwide for a nominal charge.  This list 
   consists of qualified Atari enthusiasts who will be the  
   prime prospects for any direct mail advertising you may  
   wish to implement.                                       

   Artisan Software will also maintain a list of Atari      
   dealers throughout the U.S. and this list is available   
   as well.                                                 

2) Marketing data and information can be assembled using    
   the registration forms.  A verifiable count of Atari     
   consumer trends can be established while Atari maintains 
   their secretive policy to such statistics.  This         
   information may assist your considerations to release    
   new products or decide where your advertising dollars    
   might best be spent.                                     

3) You will also have limited rights to integrate "The      
   REVOLUTION" in your marketing plan with promotional      
   stickers and/or literature such as "WE SUPPORT 'THE      
   REVOLUTION'".  A logo is being assembled and will be     
   sent to you for such purposes.                           

4) An effort to educate the consumer of the harms of piracy 
   and piracy-like activities will be an integral part of   
   the campaign.  Your pledge will assist in this           

5) Companies can make one phone call to Artisan Software    
   and have the network of Atari publications exposed to    
   the latest news and information regarding their          
   products.  A professional press release will be written  
   in your behalf and issued directly to their offices.     

6) As participation grows, other companies may provide      
   discounts to other companies who participate.            


choose  to pledge any amount you wish.  The funds will cover
administration  of  press  releases,  public relations and a
host  of  other  functions.  The  use  of  the word "pledge"
references  your  endorsement of the marketing plan and your
purchase of the services the plan provides.                 

The  plan  is  an  unprecedented  campaign  to  benefit  the
exposure of Atari computers.  It is a commodity packaged and
marketed  by  Artisan Software.  As participation grows, you
will  find  access  to  a  network  of  benefits increase in
context  to  this  manual.   YOU  ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE A

  Have yourself counted as an individual user of Atari      
  computer and a member of this marketing plan.             

User Groups                                                 
  Users' Groups are highly endorsed by this campaign and    
  you have a nationwide network of users, dealers and other 
  groups backing you up.                                    

  We are going to get people in your area to shop you more  
  often anhT2 help you develop a low-budget public relations  
  campaign.  Many projects suggested can put money directly 
  in your pocket.                                           

  Make the commitment to back a campaign that backs you and 
  all of your dealers.  Your registration helps to keep us  
  informed of the important businesses which make up the    

Software Publishers                                         
  If you are small, we know how hard it is to make it with  
  Atari computers.  We want to help you.  We will help with 
  marketing strategies, recommend ad designs, and look for  
  every way possible to get your name known and recognized. 

  If you are sizeable software company, you have a lot of   
  Atari titles at stake with the success oM?~ this campaign.  
  Help assure the longevity and get some healthy PR for     
  supporting a worthwhile marketing plan.                   

Third Party Hardware Developers                             
  Now is your opportunity to back a solid campaign to       
  attract more customers.  We need your help to do it.      

Atari Publications                                          
  For an entire year, this campaign endorses subscriptions  
  and advertising in your publication.                      

                 HOW TO APPLY THIS HANDBOOK                 

A  good portion of this HANDBOOK details specific activities
by classification.  Many participants will fit more than one
category.   Everyone is asked to refer to the section titled
"WHAT  I CAN DO AS AN INDIVIDUAL".  This section is the most
critical  because  it includes the comprehensive calendar of
activities  for  1990  by  week.   Other  sections should be
referred to depending on your position in the Atari computer
world.   There are separate sections for Atari publications,
software developers, users' groups, dealers and more.       

Please  bear in mind, that you are only being "requested" to
participate  with any of the activities.  It is of paramount
importance  that  you believe in the premise of the activity
and   are   prepared   to  stand  by  your  convictions  and
statements.   Do  not  succumb  to  peer  pressure to do any
suggestion   stated  here  if  you  do  not  believe  in  it

It  must  also  be  stated that none of these activities are
malicious   nor   meant   to   be.    If  representing  "The
REVOLUTION",  be  polite, straight forward and non-abrasive.
Artisan  Software  assumes  no  liability  for false claims,
slander,  or  any  violation of law as a result to following
these  suggestions.   If  any  of  these activities, for any
reason,  is  a  violation  of your state or local law, it is
your  responsibility  to alter or refrain from that activity
according  to the law.  There really are not any suggestions
made  herein that should put anyone at such risks, but it is
critical that you understand the point made anyway.         

Some of the activities may invoke the curiosity of reporters
who may contact you for more information.  You may represent
the "The REVOLUTION" under the following conditions:        

1) The concept of "The REVOLUTION" and the organization of  
   activities herein are protected by copyright.  You may   
   not elude that you, or an independent group or company,  
   are in a position to speak on an official capacity of    
   having created or organized this program.  You may speak 
   freely of your convictions representing yourself.  Share 
   any information regarding the program as published and   
   speak about the specific activities you participated in. 

2) If referring to Atari computer specifications, please    
   make certain your facts are correct.  If you are not     
   certain, declare that fact.  Never knowingly make false  
   statements about the computer's abilities or about       
   any company's policies.                                  

3) Do not speak poorly of other brand computers in a        
   spiteful way.  Always indicate Atari's known             
   superiorities while maintaining respect for the          
   competition.  The competitor makes fine products,        
   whether we like it or not, and we will lose integrity if 
   you put them down.                                       

4) In most cases, you should not make any quotes which      
   specifically names a price.  If you are needing to use a 
   price, then refer to it as an approximation.  We are all 
   working as a team and we do not wish to obligate dealers 
   to a misquoted price.                                    

5) While we may have occasional frustrations with Atari, do 
   not voice them on an official basis.  Every company has  
   its shortcomings and it is in our interest to attract    
   new buyers with the confidence of a solid company        
   backing their purchase.  Do not lie about these issues,  

6) Refer to the campaign as "The REVOLUTION".  Do not       
   officially refer to the program as "The ATARI            
   REVOLUTION".  Since this campaign does not belong to     
   Atari, Atari would have every right to not wish its      
   trademark as a part of the campaign name.  On an         
   official basis, our motive is to "build consumer         
   awareness about the best computer values" which happens  
   to be the Atari computer.                                

7) "The REVOLUTION" does encompass all XL, XE, ST and MEGA  
   compatible computers.  It does NOT include video games,  
   PC compatible or other non-related products.             

8) Please refer unanswerable questions or uncomfortable     
   approaches to Artisan Software.  You may also refer them 
   if you simply do not wish to speak to them or merely     
   wish to pay courtesy.  Ask them to call (209) 239-1552   
   or write P.O. Box 849, Manteca, CA  95336.               

9) Keep checking Atari publications for progress, news and  
   other information.                                       

10) If you desire to use the Atari namesake, for various    
   purposes, contact Atari for permission first.  Artisan   
   Software will be happy to put you in touch with the      
   right people.                                            

Please  continually  communicate  with  Artisan Software and
offer suggestions, report success stories and other relative
details.   As  registered  participants,  you have access to
Artisan  Software  24  hours a day.  It is expected that you
use that privilege.                                         


The contents on "The REVOLUTION HANDBOOK" are copyright 1989
by  Artisan  Software,  however, Artisan Software waives the
right  of  protection  to copy and distribute the book.  You
may  not sell the contents of the book, but you may sell the
materials  used  to  copy it and the cost of distribution as
long as it is done at a nominal charge.                     
"The REVOLUTION(tm)" is a trademark of Artisan Software.  To
utilize  the  power  of  the  name  for  profit (printing on
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                  ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACTS                   

It may be helpful to understand the full implication of this
program  if  we  make some statements believed by many to be
fact.   The  point  is  that  people believe these are facts
whether  they  are  or  not.  It will be our duty to set the
facts straight.                                             

ATARI IS A GAME COMPANY . . .                               
Following  Atari's  tremendous success in earlier years with
the  2600,  many  people still believe that Atari is a video
game company who makes games look like computers.  They also
continue  to  see  professional Atari games in the arcades. 
These  are  built by a separate company now, but this is not
widely  known  or  easy  to explain.  This impression people
have  makes  it  difficult  for  them  to  imagine  buying a
business  or educational computer with the Atari logo on it.
It will be our obligation to persuade people that Atari is a
computer company who also makes great games... not the other
way around.                                                 

ATARI WENT OUT OF BUSINESS . . .                            
Since   so  many  companies  have  been  shut  down  by  the
viciousness  of the industry and the fluctuation of consumer
demand,  many  think Atari is out of business.  Even if they
see the product in stores, they feel the retailers are still
trying to unload overstock.  Buyers stay away from perceived

Once  people  are exposed at all to the Atari computer, they
instantly  recall not having seen any compatible software at
the stores they frequently shop.  This makes it difficult to
convince  them  that plenty of software is truly available. 
In  addition,  you  and  I  are accustomed to mail order and
driving  distances  to  obtain such software.  Others have a
point  when  they  indicate they would not have that problem
with another system.                                        

This  statement  can be so aggravating because they often do
not  need  "compatibility"...  they  just  think  they  do. 
Irregardless,  the  populous is convinced the Atari computer
is incompatible to anything else.  If we point out emulation
software/hardware  they  feel  they may as well get the real
thing to begin with.                                        

Recently,  Artisan  Software  experienced  a defective Atari
monitor.  When attempting to get it repaired, it was pointed
out  that  only Atari can remedy the situation by exchanging
it  for a fee.  No one could even test to see what was wrong
first.   This  example  of  odd servicing, combined with the
scarceness  of  dealers,  contributes  to  the  feeling that
service and support is difficult.                           

THERE ARE NO DEALERS IN MY AREA . . .                       
Often an Atari dealer may be closer than one thinks, but due
to  strapped  advertising  and  leasing budgets, they may be
tucked  away  in  some  corner.   We are going to help those
dealers obtain exposure.                                    

In  some  cases,  this  may  be  true.   Likewise, the other
computers  may  not  be  able  to do what the Atari can do. 
Chances  are,  the  Atari can do MORE than the others at any
given  price  point.  It will be our job to help communicate
the proper facts regarding this issue.                      

               WHAT I CAN DO AS AN INDIVIDUAL               

This  is  the  heart  of  the  campaign.  If ever you heard:
"Every  vote  counts!",  it  certainly does here.  The first
portion  deals  with  a  national  schedule  of events.  The
second  part  of  this  section deals with general things we
could  be  doing.    The  calendar  not  only represents the
specific  things to do, but what the rest of the nation will
be  doing  simultaneously.   This  collaborated  effort will
enable  us to be noticed by doing individual projects all at
the  same time.  It's like all the atoms in a chair shifting
to  one  side  at one time; all of them have to move to make
the chair jump, but what an accomplishment when they do!  If
you  do  not  understand  the  projects  mentioned  or  have
comments,   please   contact   Artisan   Software  at  (209)

It   is   important   that  you  do  not  take  the  actions
recommended,  until  the scheduled date.  Attempt to prepare
your letter writing projects over the prior weekend and have
them  in  the mail by Noon on the Tuesday of that week.  The
impact  will  only be felt if Atari users across the country
are  seen  following  a movement in a synchronized pattern. 
Please  look ahead and consider any group projects which can
be  prepared  in  advance.   Users'  Groups may wish to help
pre-print form letters to pass out at meetings.             

If  you  go  on vacation or are away from home, we encourage
you  to  take  and follow this calendar while you are on the
road.  That's how important every individual is!  If nothing
else,  please  make  an  attempt to catch up if you miss any
WEEK... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.                             

Some  of  you will understand the "marketing" value of these
projects    more   than   others.    Please   explain   your
understanding  and encourage others to participate.  You may
wish  to help others write effective letters or become their
"REVOLUTION"   team   captain  by  coordinating  events  and
communicating with Artisan Software about your progress.    

Do  not become discouraged.  We can tell you right away that
many   projects   will  seemingly  not  have  any  immediate
measurable  results.   This program is carefully designed to
maximize   exposure  of  the  Atari  computer  and  you  are
guaranteed  to  accomplish  this.   There  may be reasons to
reinforce  some  activities.   For  instance, if some of the
targets  for letter writing receive this HANDBOOK, they will
know  in  advance  what  to  expect.   Therefore, you may be
notified  through  your  favorite  Atari  publication  of  a
follow-up  activity  or  slight  changes  to  the  scheduled

The  designations of "NATIONAL WEEK" herein are not official
government  declared  holidays.   They  are  referencing our
national efforts for that particular week.                  

<<< The Calendar is posted in another section >>>

             OTHER THINGS AN INDIVIDUAL CAN DO              

1) Whenever you are in Toys 'R Us or another store that     
   sells computer software, act as if you do not know and   
   ask employees if particular titles are "Atari            
   compatible". Be polite, but walk away when they say      

2) Start a Coffee and Donut Club at work.  Take any         
   proceeds and buy yourself some enhancements for your     
   Atari computer.                                          

3) Learn a programming language.  Some are really not that  
   difficult.  Develop software for fun or profit.          

4) Learn a few specifications about your Atari computer     
   which makes it different from other computers.  Study    
   why those things make the Atari computer better.         

5) Be as optimistic about Atari's future as possible.  You  
   now have the power to make big things happen in it's     
   favor.  Avoid unnecessary criticisms.                    

6) If you are an investor, put a little money behind Atari  
   stock when you see Atari make positive moves in favor of 
   your computer.                                           

7) Support Artisan Software's continuing efforts to see     
   "The REVOLUTION" through.  Register your participation   
   with the enclosed form.                                  

<<< The registration form is in another section >>>

You may be able to capture the registration by just switching the number of
lines to 60 in the system configuration menu on Free-Net then you won't have
the problem of having to edit out the "press space to continue" message.
Just print it out, fill it in, and send it in...



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