The Revolution Calendar of what to do

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 12/23/89-09:32:09 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: The Revolution Calendar of what to do
Date: Sat Dec 23 21:32:09 1989

                        THE CALENDAR                        

WEEK 1                                                      
PRIOR TO AND INCLUDING January 6, 1990                      
LET'S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!                             

  Write a letter, once a week each to the following three   

  SAM TRAMIEL, President        PRODUCER                    
  Atari Corporation             20/20, ABC TV               
  1196 Borregas Ave             1330 Avenue Of The Americas 
  Sunnyvale, CA 94086           New York, NY  10019         

  The Editor's desk of your local newspaper.                

  Tell Sam Tramiel that you have joined "The REVOLUTION"    
  and are prepared to wage the war in favor of better       
  consumer exposure of the Atari computer lines.  Ask for   
  his recognition and support.  This will leave no doubt in 
  Atari's mind that the campaign has substance and they     
  better be building a few more computers next year for     
  the U.S.                                                  

  Tell 20/20 and your local paper, in your own words, that  
  you have joined "The REVOLUTION"; a consumer interest     
  movement organized to build public awareness about the    
  best available computer values.  Tell them the            
  organization has chosen Atari as a well rounded computer  
  which is easily adapted for education, business, music    
  and leisure.  As an active member, tell them you request  
  their coverage of the campaign.  This activity will be a  
  major step to alert the media that they need to be aware  
  that something is going on.                               

WEEK 2                                                      
January 7 through January 13, 1990                          

  During this week, choose one or more Atari orientated     
  publications.  There are many. Artisan Software can       
  provide you with addresses or phone numbers of your       
  favorite publication if you wish.  When subscribing,      
  include "My subscription is in the spirit of 'The         
  REVOLUTION'!" on your order.                              

  Also during this week, choose a topic concerning "The
  REVOLUTION" and write a minimum of two paragraphs about   
  your opinions of it.  Send it to the editor of your       
  chosen publication.                                       

WEEK 3                                                      
January 14 through January 20, 1990                         
NATIONAL RUBBER STAMP WEEK                                  

  Rubber Stamp week?  Yep... that's what the man said!      
  Every office supply store offers them and they are not    
  expensive.  Write:                                        

                          Join The                          
                   Use an Atari Computer!                   

  on a piece of paper and take it to your office supply     
  store or local printer.  In less than a week, you will    
  have a powerful tool to stamp on every envelope you mail  
  out and your message can reach dozens of people with each 
  letter.  Mail sorters and carriers, the recipients and    
  their families or co-workers will see the growing         
  movement advertised on every envelope you mail.  You will 
  need to get a stamp pad; please use red.  Go stamp happy  
  and stamp everything you can.                             

  It may cost a little more for the convenience, but you    
  may order this stamp from Artisan Software for $22.       
  California, add 6% sales tax.  Send your order to:        
  Artisan Software, P.O. Box 849, Manteca, CA  95336        

WEEK 4                                                      
January 21 through January 27, 1990                         

  There are two things two do during this week.  First,     
  review your library of computer software and see if there 
  is any you own that you may have "inadvertently" received 
  and did not pay for.  Choose a title you use from time to 
  time, or admire because of its quality.  Send a check to  
  the publisher, anonymously if need be, and thank them for 
  their Atari software support.  Shareware qualifies.       

  Secondly, find a non-Atari software publisher in          
  magazines or by asking around.  Write a letter addressed  
  to the President of that firm and ask them why they do    
  not support the Atari computer and if they will please    
  consider it.  Ask them for a reply.  Be polite.           

WEEK 5                                                      
January 28 through February 3, 1990                         
NATIONAL "GO TO A BARR" WEEK                                

  Let's band together for a special episode of ROSEANNE...  
  the most popular sitcom now being broadcast.              

  In this episode, the family wins a home com5}uter (an      
  Atari) with a "REVOLUTION" strike force around every      
  corner to help them set it up.                            

  Write to:                                                 

                   ROSEANNE BARR                            
                   c/o ABC TV                               
                   2040 Ave OF The Stars                    
                   Los Angeles, CA  90067                   

  Tell her your nifty plot idea (as stated above) and ask   
  for a special episode to be produced.  Tell her every     
  Atari fanatic in America will watch.  Who knows, if they  
  do it, maybe we can get Atari Corp. to sponsor it.        

WEEK 6                                                      
February 4 through February 10, 1990                        
NATIONAL GOODWILL WEEK                                      

  In honor of Valentine's Day on February 14, call your     
  local Hospital and ask for the name of a child who may    
  benefit form a little recognition and attention.  Design  
  a large outline of a heart on a paint program.  Print it  
  out and write: "On behalf of 'The REVOLUTION"; a national 
  Atari computer user interest group, I wish for you a      
  speedy recovery.  We admire your strength!" Sign and send 
  it to the address the Hospital gives you.  You may make   
  the "card" as fancy as you wish, but artistic skills are  
  not required.                                             

  Parents, have your children pass out Atari generated      
  Valentine's to classmates.                                

WEEK 7                                                      
February 11 through February 17, 1990                       
NATIONAL PRESIDENT'S WEEK                                   

  In honor of President's Day, let's wish Mr. George Bush a 
  pleasant one.  To insure the publicity value, send your   
  wishes to have a "REVOLUTIONARY PRESIDENT'S DAY" to the   
  President in care of:                                     

                    CBS TV                                  
                    51 West 52nd Street                     
                    New York, NY  10019                     

  Send a cover letter to the network asking them to wish    
  the President well in our behalf over the air.  Mention   
  our cause in your letter.                                 

WEEK 8                                                      
February 18 through February 24, 1990                       

  If you do not belong to a user group, find one in your    
  area and join.  If you already belong, make it a project  
  to ask a minimum of one friend to be your guest to the    
  next meeting.  It's preferred that your invited friend    
  does not own an Atari computer.  This will be an          
  opportunity to share information on why they may wish to  
  consider one.                                             

  Call your local newspaper and ask for the local news      
  desk.  Ask them to print announcements of meetings for    
  your local group on a regular basis.                      

WEEK 9                                                      
February 25 through March 3, 1990                           
NATIONAL CAR WASH WEEK                                      

  Get with your local users' group and organize a benefit   
  car wash to raise money to buy an Atari computer for the  
  school.  Set a goal of one 520ST and go from there.       
  Groups exclusively centered around 8-bit can set a goal   
  of one XE system.  Contact the school in advance for      
  their permission and to help organize the event.  Most    
  local gas stations will donate space and even water       
  access to do this since you will be attracting customers  
  for them.  Volunteer to help the school to set the system 
  up.  Make certain your local dealer participates and      
  invite him to hand out flyers during the event.  Put up   
  Atari posters at the site.  Also make certain to use "The 
  REVOLUTION's" namesake for the event.                     

  Write to Atari and ask them to send you a window sticker  
  for your car.  They were available and, if not, they will 
  just have to print more.  Request one for each car you    

WEEK 10                                                     
March 4 through March 10, 1990                              
NATIONAL ATARI IN SCHOOLS WEEK                              

  Continuing an effort to get Atari Computers in schools,   
  write a letter to the largest school in your area and     
  tell them that you would prefer that they use Atari       
  computers for education.  List 25 reasons why in your     
  letter.  Ask your family to send similar letters under    
  separate cover.  Invite the school to contact your local  
  dealer for information.  Include your dealer's phone      

WEEK 11                                                     
March 11 through March 17, 1990                             

  In advance, locate a store in your area that sells helium 
  filled balloons.  Look for a green, non-metallic one.     
  Users' groups may wish to obtain a tank or two from a     
  local supplier.  Listings are easily found in most phone  
  books.  Write a note stating: "SAVIN' O' THE GREEN... use 
  Atari Computers" and sign it: "The REVOLUTION".           

  Tie the note to a string attached to the balloon you      
  purchase in a timely fashion to be launched on Saturday,  
  March 17 at Noon in your time zone.                       

  You may singly launch the balloon from your back yard or  
  organize a full blown event with your users' group.       
  PROJECT.  Larger groups should contact the local          
  newspapers in advance for coverage.                       

WEEK 12                                                     
March 18 through March 24, 1990                             

  "The pen is mightier than the sword" and we're going to   
  prove it again.  Let's target David Horowitz this time.   
  Write a letter to:                                        

                 David Horowitz                             
                 c/o NBC TV                                 
                 3000 Alameda                               
                 Burbank, California  91523                 

  Tell him that you are a member of "The REVOLUTION" and    
  wish to have a show which demonstrates the value of       
  Atari computers.                                          

WEEK 13                                                     
March 25 through March 31, 1990                             
NATIONAL BOOK STORE WEEK                                    

  Write letters to the three following Booksellers:         

  7505 metro Boulevard               201 High Ridge         
  Minneapolis, MN  55435             Stamford, CT  06904    

  CROWN BOOKS                                               
  3300 75th Avenue                                          
  Landover, MD 20785                                        

  Tell them you are frustrated with the lack of Atari book  
  support in their stores and you would like them to look   
  at that issue earnestly.  Tell them you are a member of   
  "The REVOLUTION" and would like to see a special, highly  
  visible assemblance of Atari books in the front of their  

Week 14                                                     
April 1 through April 7                                     
NATIONAL FOLLOW UP WEEK                                     

  Call, call the following networks:                        

                   ABC  NY (212) 887-7777                   
                   ABC  CA (213) 557-7777                   
                   CBS  NY (212) 975-4321                   
                   NBC  CA (818) 840-4444                   

  Ask to speak to the producer or a representative of the   
  shows mentioned in previous weeks assignments.  Ask them, 
  if you do not know, if they have plans to follow up in    
  response to the letter writing campaign.  If they have    
  done so already, congratulate them and tell them you hope 
  to see more in the future.                                

WEEK 15                                                     
April 8 through April 14                                    
THE NATIONAL ATARI EGG HUNT                                 

  In celebration of Easter, organize an egg hunt in your    
  back yard for neighborhood children or in a public park   
  with your user group.  Advertise the event by posting     
  signs in stores and by asking the newspaper to print an   
  announcement.  Proudly publicize that the event is        
  sponsored by members of "The REVOLUTION".  The            
  non-computer attraction of the event will offer an        
  opportunity to hand parents brochures about the           
  educational value of Atari computers.  Dealers can        
  advertise special educational packages to the attendees.  

WEEK 16                                                     
April 15 through April 21, 1990                             
NATIONAL PHONE BOOK WEEK                                    

  Pick three random names out of your local phone book.     
  Write a letter to each of them.  Tell them that their     
  names were randomly chosen as part of a national          
  "REVOLUTION" campaign to heighten the exposure and use of 
  Atari computers.  Tell them that you would just like them 
  to look at Atari if they consider buying a home or        
  business computer.  Aggressive enthusiasts may wish to    
  send three letters per day to random selections during    
  this week.  Be certain to offer them a phone number of    
  you or your local Atari dealer.                           

WEEK 17                                                     
April 22 through April 28, 1990                             

  Pick three small unrelated businesses from ads in the     
  daily newspaper, send a letter to the owner asking him to 
  check with __________ Atari dealer when he's ready to     
  shop for a business computer.  Be cautious not to make    
  promises your dealer can not keep and do not state        
  prices.  You are merely recommending your dealer as a     
  token of your appreciation for his services to you in the 

WEEK 18                                                     
April 29 through May 5, 1990                                
NATIONAL 60 MINUTES HOUR WEEK                               

  Spend an hour and write 60 Minutes.                       

                    60 MINUTES                              
                    c/o CBS TV                              
                    51 West 52nd Street                     
                    New York, NY  10019                     

  Ask 60 Minutes to cover the activities of "The            

WEEK 19                                                     
May 6 through May 12                                        
IT'S A WOMAN'S COMPUTER TOO WEEK                            

  Mother's Day is coming up... a great time to boost        
  exposure to the professional woman.  This time the target 
  is Oprah Winfrey:                                         

                Oprah Winfrey                               
                c/o ABC TV                                  
                1330 Avenue Of The Americas                 
                New York, NY  10019                         

  Tell Oprah that you would like to see a show on how the   
  Atari computer can benefit the professional woman.        

WEEK 20                                                     
May 13 through May 19, 1990                                 
NATIONAL ATARI PHONE JAM                                    

  On May 17, 1990, let's remind Atari that we are all       
  behind the issue of building an expansive consumer base.  
  Call (408) 745-2000 and ask for Sam Tramiel.  You         
  probably will not have have an opportunity to speak to    
  him, but ask anyway.  If you get through to anyone, ask   
  them what they are doing to support "The REVOLUTION" or   
  thank them if they are already.                           

WEEK 21                                                     
May 20 through May 26, 1990                                 
LET'S MAKE SOME TIME                                        

  Get your pens and pencils ready, we are targeting TIME    
  Magazine.  Write:                                         

                 Time, Inc.                                 
                 Time & Life Bldg.                          
                 Rockefeller Center                         
                 New York, New York  10020                  

  Tell them you want a pictorial review of the campaign's   
  progress and how Atari computers can be used in business. 
  Mention "The REVOLUTION" by name and offer them your      
  number to obtain more information.                        

WEEK 22                                                     
May 27 through June 2, 1990                                 
A MONTH OF PIZZAS                                           

  Do you have any idea how many Domino's Pizzas are         
  delivered each month?  I am not certain either, but I bet 
  they would not mind selling a few more.  Here is an       
  address for you:                                          

                Attn: Marketing Director                    
                DOMINO'S PIZZA                              
                30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive                 
                Ann Arbor, MI  48105                        

  Ask Mr. Marketing Director if Domino's would help "The    
  REVOLUTION" by placing stickers stating "'The REVOLUTION' 
  urges you to demonstrate an Atari business and education  
  computer.  Call (209) 239-1552 for the dealer nearest     
  you." on to the boxes they deliver.  We would like this   
  done for an entire month.  In exchange, you will repay    
  them by ordering a minimum of one Pizza per week for a    
  month.  You will also encourage your friends to buy from  
  Domino's for a month too.                                 

  Please, if you make this exchange commitment, honor your  
  side of the bargain and order the pizzas.                 

WEEK 23                                                     
June 3 through June 9, 1990                                 
NATIONAL FATHER'S DAY PREP WEEK                             

  This year, for Father's Day on June 17, get your Dad      
  something he can use for his Atari computer.  Shop the    
  local Atari dealer or mail order something he has been    
  wanting.  Even just an Atari magazine subscription would  
  be thoughtful.  This is the week to shop for that         

  With a little extravagance, you can get an Atari system   
  for your Dad if he does not already own one.              

WEEK 24                                                     
June 10 through June 16, 1990                               

  Here's an opportunity to branch out just a little by      
  doing any one of the other projects suggested in this     
  HANDBOOK.  You may also devise a highly visible project   
  of your own.  If applicable, send pictures from your      
  event and tell us how the event went.  Artisan Software   
  will route the information to all Atari publications.     

WEEK 25                                                     
June 17 through June 23, 1990                               
NATIONAL PRIDE WEEK                                         
  Summer officially starts this week.  Celebrate this       
  entire week, wear anything that has an Atari logo on it.  
  This may include buttons, T-shirts, caps... anything.     

WEEK 26                                                     
June 24 through June 30, 1990                               
WRITING AN AFFAIR                                           

  A Current Affair is another news orientated syndicated    
  program which is just itching to give us news coverage.   

                A Current Affair
                c/o ABC TV                                  
                1330 Avenue Of The Americas                 
                New York, NY  10019                         

  Tell them about the campaign and kindly ask for coverage. 

WEEK 27                                                     
July 1 through July 7                                       
LET'S MAKE SOME FIREWORKS!                                  

  This week is full of events.  You may be at a family      
  reunion or merely waiting to rub elbows with other        
  mosquito bitten fireworks admirers.  Wear your Atari      
  shirts, when possible, but also hand out business cards   
  provided by your local Atari dealer.  Ask your dealer if  
  he can provide an "introductory" computer price for       
  people who present these business cards.  While at the    
  fireworks show, walk up to passerbys and hand them a      

WEEK 28                                                     
July 8 through July 14, 1990                                
NATIONAL "GROUND UP" WEEK                                   

  Writing letters directly to the top of TV networks is     
  highly productive, but we should not forget the local     
  stations either.  During every business day this week,    
  call a different local station.  Radio stations are OK    
  too.  Tell them you are calling in behalf of "The         
  REVOLUTION" and want to know why there is not more        
  coverage about the campaign.  Directory assistance can    
  easily give you the numbers you need for your area.       

WEEK 29                                                     
July 15 through July 21, 1990                               
THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE                                      

  Here's a project which could bring tremendous results.    
  It's going to take more effort, but could be worth the    
  while.  Get your typing fingers ready because you are     
  going to write a lot of letters to:                       

                 MARKETING DEPARTMENT                       
                 Purchase, New York  10577                  

  Tell them you like their products and have enjoyed the    
  commercials they run in association with Michael Jackson. 
  Tell them you would like to see a Pepsi commercial        
  produced with Michael Jackson in an environment which     
  promotes "The REVOLUTION".  Send separate letters.  Send  
  a minimum of 6 and an optimum of 10 letters per day for   
  this campaign during the entire week.  Ask all of your    
  friends and relatives to send letters too.  Please be     
  certain you briefly explain what "The REVOLUTION" is and  
  that you are an active member.                            

WEEK 30                                                     
July 22 through July 28, 1989                               
ARM YOURSELVES FOR BATTLE CREEK                             

  Here's another highly productive campaign.  Write:        

               MARKETING DEPARTMENT                         
               1 Kellogg Square                             
               Battle Creek, Michigan  49016                

  Back off to only five letters this week, but request that 
  Kellogg prints on the cover of their packaging "Proud To  
  Acknowledge 'The REVOLUTION'".  Ask them to isolate one   
  cereal and print information regarding "The REVOLUTION"   
  on the back side of the package.                          

WEEK 31                                                     
July 29 through August 4, 1990                              

  Refer to the assignment for WEEK 8.  This time, take two  
  new friends to your local user group instead of just one. 

WEEK 32                                                     
August 5 through August 11, 1990                            
SEND YOUR PAPERWORK TO THE JOHN!                            

  Do you think Johnny Carson ever reads his mail?  Let's    
  find out!  Send three letters during this week to him;    
  one from you and two you write for a relative or friend   
  and have them sign.  Address your letter to:              

             "The REVOLUTIONARY" Johnny Carson              
             c/o NBC TV                                     
             3000 Alameda                                   
             Burbank, California  91523                     

  Tell Johnny about your membership in "The REVOLUTION" and 
  ask him to have a guest on the air to talk about it.      

WEEK 33                                                     
August 12 through August 18, 1990                           
NATIONAL SEARS WEEK                                         

  Sears, Roebuck is one of the largest department store     
  chains in America.  They have a computer department in    
  most stores and a separate business computer division.    
  Do they sell Atari computers?  No?!  Why not?  Let's ask  

  During this business week, make at least one phone call   
  to (312) 875-2500 and ask for the head buyer over         
  computers.  They may bounce your call around a bit, but   
  insist on talking to someone related to that area.  Ask   
  him(her) if Sears sells Atari business and education      
  computers and why they do not sell them.  Also ask if     
  they are aware of "The REVOLUTION" and that the campaign  
  wishes they would please consider selling the computers   
  and advertising them frequently.                          

WEEK 34                                                     
August 19 through August 25, 1990                           
NATIONAL SCOREBOARD WEEK                                    

  Contact the sports stadium in the largest city nearest    
  you.  Call directory assistance and obtain their address. 
  Write a letter addressed to their Marketing Director and  
  ask if they would donate a few minutes on their           
  electronic message board throughout the next season.  Ask 
  them to display:                                          
                        Join the
                   Use an Atari Computer!                   

WEEK 35                                                     
August 26 through September 1, 1990                         
NATIONAL TELETHON WEEK                                      

  Labor Day is around the corner and Jerry Lewis will most  
  certainly be at it again.  Prepare, in advance, to work   
  with your local user group a fund raising activity during 
  this week.  It should be soliciting sponsorships or       
  donations from non-Atari users.  It can be another car    
  wash, candy sales or any other group activity to generate 
  cash.  Have the user group's treasurer be responsible for 
  the money.                                                

  Watch the Labor Day Telethon as much as possible and      
  designate for your treasurer to call in with the pledge   
  representing the user group's fund raising efforts in the 
  name of "'The REVOLUTION' for Atari computers".  Ask them 
  if they will please acknowledge the pledge over the air.  
  If you are personally inclined to pledge any funds,       
  please consider doing it in behalf of "The REVOLUTION".   
  This will be just another example of how our nationally   
  united participation can even help nonprofit              

WEEK 36                                                     
September 2 through September 8, 1990                       
NATIONAL ATARI PUBLICATIONS WEEK 2                          

  Please refer to WEEK 2 instructions and subscribe to one  
  more Atari publication.                                   

  Also, go through your back issues and put a stack         
  together of them that you do not use any longer.  Donate  
  them to your local library or doctor's office waiting     

WEEK 37                                                     
September 9 through September 15, 1990                      
NATIONAL COMIC WEEK                                         

  Send a letter to:                                         

                   MARVEL COMICS                            
                   387 Park Avenue South                    
                   New York, NY  10016                      

  Ask them to put together a special Spiderman comic book   
  involving aspects of "The REVOLUTION" and Atari           
  computers.  Tell them countless Atari users will want a   
  copy if they do and ask them to inform Artisan Software   
  as to a publication date.  Give them Artisan Software's   
  address and phone number.                                 

  Also address a letter to:                                 

                     c/o Mr. Jim Davis                      
                  United Feature Syndicate                  
                      200 Park Avenue                       
                    New York, NY  10166                     

  Ask Garfield if he can "pencil in" a plug for us in an    
  upcoming strip.  Mr. Davis is highly creative.  He will   
  be able to think of something.                            

WEEK 38                                                     
September 16 through September 22, 1990                     
NATIONAL PHONE BOOK WEEK 2                                  

  Repeat the instructions from WEEK 16 except, if you can,  
  use 5 names.                                              

WEEK 39                                                     
September 23 through September 29, 1990                     
NATIONAL SPEAK-UP WEEK                                      

  Make the commitment to tell 5 non-Atarians this week that 
  you own an Atari computer.  Conservatively work it into   
  conversation OR radically walk up to strangers on the     
  street or in the office.                                  

WEEK 40                                                     
September 30 through October 6, 1990                        
NATIONAL RADIO CALL-IN WEEK                                 

  In most cities, there is at least one radio station with  
  a talk show format.  In advance, call directory           
  assistance or listen to the station for their phone       
  number.  A station which discusses general call-in issues 
  is preferred.  On the evening of October 4, 1990, call    
  that station as a member of "The REVOLUTION" and speak    
  your mind.  Remember, we want to get the statement:       
  "Atari education and business computers" out to the       

WEEK 41                                                     
October 7 through October 13, 1990                          
NATIONAL BUY A BOOK WEEK                                    

  Support the publishers of Atari orientated books by       
  making the commitment to buy one title.  Shop your local  
  dealer or special order one through a prominent book      
  store if they do not normally carry them.  When you       
  receive the book, red it and write to the publisher.      
  Tell the publisher that, as an active "REVOLUTION"        
  member, you enjoyed the book and hope they will           
  publishers others like it.                                

WEEK 42                                                     
October 14 through October 20, 1990                         
NATIONAL CAR SALES WEEK                                     

  Pick an auto dealer in your area and write to the owner.  
  Tell him about your participation in "The REVOLUTION" and 
  ask him to advertise a promotion where every qualified    
  car buyer in the month of November receives an Atari      
  computer.  Minimally ask him to hold a drawing to give    
  one or more away during November.  Offer him your local   
  Atari store's name, address and phone number.  Call your  
  Atari store and tell him which auto dealer you are        
  writing.  Ask the Atari store to follow up your letter.   

  ATTENTION ATARI DEALERS: Work out a deal to sell the      
  computer to the car dealer at cost in exchange for        
  mentioning "The REVOLUTION" and your store by name in his 

WEEK 43                                                     
October 21 through October 27, 1990                         
NATIONAL HALLOWEEN PARTY WEEK                               

  Have a costume party through your user group or in your   
  home.  Pack the house with guests and conduct a raffle    
  for an Atari computer.  Proceeds can benefit the user     
  group.  Arrange activities and games centered around the  
  Atari computer such as high score competitions, a         
  computer scavenger hunt and more.                         

WEEK 44                                                     
October 28 through November 3, 1990                         
NATIONAL HALLOWEEN SCREAM WEEK                              

  Scream out the message about "The REVOLUTION" and Atari   
  computers this week.  Use your stamp purchased in WEEK 3  
  and prepare a hundred slips of paper with the stamp's     
  impression on them.  Hand out these slips with your candy 
  on Halloween.  You may also invite people to call you for 
  more information on those slips too.                      

WEEK 45                                                     
November 4 through November 10, 1990                        
NATIONAL RADIO PROMO WEEK                                   

  Contact the Promotions Manager at the most prominent      
  radio station in your area.  Ask them to contact your     
  local Atari dealer and make an arrangement to give away a 
  complete Atari computer system with a week long call-in   

WEEK 46                                                     
November 11 through November 17, 1990                       
NATIONAL CLASSIFIED AD WEEK                                 

  We are coming up to the Holidays fast and we need to      
  remind consumers to shop the Atari computer.  Most        
  newspapers offer low rates for classified advertising.    
  Call your local newspaper and place the following three   
  line ad:                                                  

                        Join The                          
                   Use an Atari Computer!                   
           (Phone number of your closest dealer)            
  Request it's placement in the "Computers For Sale         
  classification". Have it run a minimum of one day and up  
  to as long as you wish.                                   

WEEK 47                                                     
November 18 through November 24, 1990                       
NATIONAL GROCERIES WEEK                                     

  Everyone is shopping for Thanksgiving turkeys this week.  
  Make out a few index cards with the message stated in     
  WEEK 46 and post them on the message board most grocery   
  stores provide in the front.                              

WEEK 48                                                     
November 25 through December 1, 1990                        
NATIONAL SALES WEEK                                         

  This is the hottest retail selling week of the year.      
  Arrange an information flyer with your local user group   
  and your Atari dealer.  Help pass out the flyers on cars  
  in parking lots and hand them out in prominent places.    
  Ask non-Atari stores if they will help by bag stuffing    
  the flyers to their own customers.  Please take necessary 
  precautions not to violate local laws through this        
  distribution.  Make certain your local dealer's name and  
  address is on every flyer.                                

  If you can not distribute the flyers for any reason,      
  everyone pitch in to mail or hand deliver them to 15      
  random area residents per person.  A user group of only   
  50 members will reach 750 people this way.                

  Your dealer will likely help to pay for the printing of   
  the flyer.                                                

WEEK 49                                                     
December 2 through December 8, 1990                         
NATIONAL HOLIDAY CARD WEEK                                  

  Coordinate the mailing of your greeting cards during      
  this week.  Make certain all of the envelopes you send    
  out have the impression of the stamp you obtained in      
  WEEK 3.  Send five additional greeting cards out to       
  random phone book listings.                               

WEEK 50                                                     
December 9 through December 15, 1990                        

  For yourself, or someone you know, buy one Atari          
  compatible peripheral item from your local Atari dealer   
  as a gift.                                                

WEEK 51                                                     
December 16 through December 22                             
NATIONAL HOLIDAY PARTY WEEK                                 

  Individually, or through your user group, arrange a       
  Holiday Party for this week.  Have raffles, contests and  
  games centered around the Atari computer.                 

WEEK 52                                                     
December 23 through December 29                             

  If you have followed every step suggested or made every   
  effort to do what you can, CONGRATULATIONS!  During this  
  week, call one other Atari user and Congratulate him or   

WEEK 53                                                     
December 30 through January 5, 1991                         
NATIONAL NEW YEARS WEEK                                     

  There's an excellent chance that you have witnessed       
  significant progress in our efforts.  This is the time    
  to review your work and the fun you had.  You probably    
  made some new friends through your efforts and learned    
  even more about the Atari computer.  Renew your           
  commitment.  With even the slightest of inevitable        
  success, Artisan Software will publish an updated         
  HANDBOOK for 1991.  Make certain you obtain a copy and    
  continue to support the best computer value on the        

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