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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

 Equal Justice for ALL?

      Its been a wild week in the world of news media.  Ol' Judge Ito is
 apparently getting ready to gag the press even further in the "name" of
 judicial fairness.  IMHO, he's been undeniably PRO prosecution from day
 one.  Seems kinda odd that _he_ simply has to try to silence the press by
 barring them from "his" courtroom.  Then we have the BOOK, now made
 infamous by Ito's emotional reactions, that seemingly "tells all".  Ito
 hit the emotional _panic button_ over The Book being circulated.  He wrote
 to just about every media agency in the country making a futile attempt at
 stifling the reports and planned interviews of the book's author.  Is
 Judge Ito a serious and capable professional who is able to rise to the
 level of the Simpson case or, is he a purposely appointed token of racial
 equality being indirectly victimized by an inept Los Angeles Judicial
 System?  Obviously to many observers, its time to consider his replacement
 with an individual whose judicial qualifications far outweigh any
 possibilities of racial favoritism being allowed to cloud these
 Constitutionally important issues.

      This particular case, the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial, is undoubtedly
 overwhelming for Ito.  As a matter of fact, every responsible jurist in
 the country is deeply concerned that certain of Ito's "decisions" in this
 case will set very dangerous and highly questionable precedents that'll be
 argued in all levels of the courts well into the next decade.  

      Judge Ito is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, bigger or more
 powerful than the Constitution of The United States of America.  Yet it
 appears that Ito and the LA DA's office offers every indication that they
 feel "they are" by their most recent actions.  The entire Judicial
 Conclave "out there" didn't learn a bit about tact and professionalism
 from the Rodney King affair.  They have learned neither humility, respect
 for the ability of the American public to see right through a ruse, or
 attempted to correct the obvious and blatant inside track between the DA's
 office, the LA Police department, the Courts and favorites in the LA

      It seems to be "the order of the day" in Los Angeles for the
 authorities to proceed as "they see fit" regardless of the ultimate
 consequences not only for LA but for the entire country.  The bottom line;
 if LA can't handle the case and it seems they cannot. (Ito & the
 Prosecution are far too emotional and seemingly politically motivated) It
 should then be placed in the Federal Court System.  I'm willing to wager
 the Simpson Case will eventually be heard in Federal Court.  Ito simply
 has to go.  This case is far bigger than he is at this time.     

      While the defense team is extending every effort at being graciously
 agreeable with Ito, its obvious to even the casual bystander that Ito is
 becoming their greatest ally.  Ito's ever so consistent blunders in
 clobbering the first amendment has provided the defense team with at least
 a dozen different appeal opportunities.  That's our opinion.  What's your
 opinion on these matters?
 In another time and place....

      A recent Computer Chronicles Show had an Apple's Risc based Power PC
 "66" prominently spotlighted.  It was a very curious show in that there
 were no Microsoft, IBM or Intel representatives present.  Yet... they went
 on the air with a "lofty" effort to compare a Compaq Pentium 66 to the
 Apple PPC 66.  Of course, they were careful to point out the two machines
 had the same amount of memory 16mb, the same secondary cache and that the
 machines were "equals" in most every way.  They did however point out the
 fact that the Compaq had a Windows Accelerator video card in it.  Now the
 "catch".  You knew that was coming. <g>

      The most important point of all the "points" made was conveniently
 glossed over as in _not made mention of at all_.  The compared costs of
 both machines was obviously missing from this "less than eloquent"
 comparison of two totally different 66mhz machines.  In fact, 66 mhz was
 really the only thing that came close to "equal".  The reps from Apple
 spoke in warm glowing terms of PPC 66 and made it an obvious point to
 indicate the tasking slowness of the Compaq Pentium 66 when it was
 performing the same tasks as the Apple PPC 66.  They (the Apple Reps)
 actually "boasted" of the "wonderful" way the PPC66 ran the emulator of MS
 Windows as an SX25!! (the best PPC can do)  

      In a quick excursion through a few mail order catalogs, it was found
 that.. conservatively speaking, the amount of DOLLARS spent by "Joe
 Consumer" for a 66mhz 16mb fully equipped Apple PPC would have easily put
 Joe into a _90mhz Pentium_ that would have been comparably equipped.  But
 this "little, glaring fact" was never pointed out.  In fact, it should be
 added.. "Joe Consumer" would have had some money left over to take the
 wife out to dinner.

      So.. you see, its not always what you see or hear that are the real
 facts.  It can, in many instances, be what you do not hear or see that
 holds the entire story in its true perspective and proper balance.  The
 "comparison" exhibited on Computer Chronicles was, in this reporter's
 humble opinion, disheartening and less than candid.  One thing is was ...
 it was not accurately informative.  The Price/Performance break was way
 out of line.  Obviously slanted to trash the Compaq and lavishly bestow
 amazement and wonder upon the Apple PPC.  What a way to win consumer
 confidence and influence future sales.  If this is the tack Apple is
 taking... they've got some real navigation yet to do.

                                    Thanks for your support,

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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #43
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******
                  ** IBM Eyes Underwriting Apple Work **
    There is speculation of a proposal for IBM to underwrite massive 
 costs of a new alliance with Apple Computer Inc. Reports say the deal 
 calls for IBM to gain rights to the Macintosh operating system "in 
 return for funding an effort that could easily cost Big Blue well over 
 $1 billion."
    IBM is considering the bold plan as part of an urgent effort to 
 salvage its faltering PowerPC strategy and form a broad alliance with 
 Apple aimed at developing a common hardware platform that would run both 
 Apple and IBM software programs.
    One unnamed industry executive close to Apple said that, at the 
 least, IBM has agreed to provide Apple with a substantial sum to defray 
 the estimated $40 million to $60 million cost of modifying the Mac 
 system to run on IBM's PowerPC design.
                    ** NEC Offers 'All-in-One' PCs **
    "All-in-one" personal computers - integrating a TV tuner, CD-ROM, fax 
 and Windows software - have been introduced in Tokyo by Japan's NEC 
 Corp.  NEC Vice President Tomoo Miyawaki is quoted as saying, "The 
 product is NEC's first step towards moving into multimedia beyond the PC 
    Reports say the "98 MULTi CanBe" offers electronic images such as TV, 
 photo CD and digital books on its 15-inch color display, and is equipped 
 with stereo speakers.  The series comes in six models, with the highest 
 end model incorporating a Pentium processor. Miyawaki hopes to sell 
 400,000 units in the first year.
                       ** Mindscape Acquires SSI **
    Home software publisher Mindscape Inc. says it has acquired Strategic 
 Simulations Inc. for undisclosed terms.  SSI will become a Mindscape, 
 subsidiary. SSI's management will remain in place.
    SSI is a privately- owned developer of computer war games, sports 
 simulations, and fantasy role-playing games for personal computers, on-
 line services and video game systems.
                    ** Apple Boosts Mac Production **
    Apple Computer Inc. says it has boosted Macintosh production in order 
 to keep up with increased customer demand.
    "The tremendous growth in demand for our Macintosh computers means we 
 are producing more computers per day than any time in the past," says 
 Tom Foyer financial controller for Apple's Fountain, Colo. facility. "We 
 are adjusting the work schedules by adding weekend shifts to meet the 
 increased demand."
    The Fountain facility is currently producing over 1 million computers 
                  ** Intel Making DX2-Pentium Upgrade **
    Work is under way at Intel Corp. on a central processing unit that 
 will allow people with old DX2-based PCs to upgrade them to be powerful 
 as Pentium-based computers.
    Intel officials are quoted as saying consumers who buy the so-called 
 Pentium overdrive chip can upgrade their computers at about a fifth to a 
 fourth the cost of buying a whole new Pentium-based personal computer.
    An engineering director at Intel said, "it has twice the temporary 
 storage of a Pentium or four times the temporary storage of a DX2-based 
                      ** Modem Makers Set Merger **
    U.S. Robotics Inc. and Megahertz Holding Corp. say they have signed a 
 definitive merger agreement.  The stock-swap transaction has been approved
 by both companies' boards, and is subject to shareholder approval 
 and regulatory clearance.
    U.S. Robotics manufactures modems and other desktop and data center
 communications systems and products.  Megahertz is a provider of mobile
 communications solutions, including PCMCIA cellular data/fax modems.

                    ** AST Introduces Holiday Line **
    AST Research Inc. is rolling out its holiday line of new PCs this 
 week, like its competitors, is including CD-ROM drives in all consumer-
 oriented machines.
    The company also has created its first models with a built-in monitor 
 similar to Apple Computer Inc.'s original Macintosh.
    Dennis Cox, AST's marketing director for consumer products, said the 
 company is offering a mix of PCs based on '486 microprocessors made by 
 Cyrix Corp. and Pentium chips by Intel Corp.
    AST also:
    -:- Introduced new server computers for networks of PCs in business 
 and government offices. The new machines, powered by Pentium chips, are 
 configured in stand-alone and rack-mounted versions.
    -:- Announced an alliance with Ziff-Davis Interactive to provide a 
 CD-ROM-based library of information and documents for fixing PCs and 
 computer networks.
                    ** Micron Takes Control of Zeos **
    Control of computer maker Zeos International Ltd. has been acquired 
 by Micron Technology Inc. in a transaction valued at about $405 million.
    After the merger is complete, Micron Technology will own 79% of Zeos, 
 the Micron subsidiaries' employees will own about 10% of Zeos and Zeos's 
 current shareholders will own about 11%.
                     ** PowerPC 620 CPU Introduced **
    IBM Corp. and Motorola Inc. say they have achieved development and 
 fabrication of the PowerPC 620 microprocessor.
    The PowerPC 620 is the first 64-bit implementation of the PowerPC 
 architecture. The companies note that the microprocessor is software 
 compatible with current 32-bit applications and extendible to future 64-
 bit applications. The PowerPC 620 is designed to be the volume price/ 
 performance leader for server and high-end workstations.
    The PowerPC 620 provides multiprocessing, numerically intensive com-
 puting and floating-point features. The device -- like other PowerPC 
 microprocessors jointly designed by Apple, IBM and Motorola -- are based 
 on a Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architecture. The PowerPC 
 620 at 133MHz achieves an estimated SPECint92 No. rating of 225 and an 
 estimated SPECfp92 No. rating of 300. It also has a design frequency of 
 133MHz to 150MHz.
    The PowerPC 620 is the fourth chip produced by the Somerset Design 
 Center in approximately two years and is the first chip in a line of 
 server and high- end workstation microprocessors within the PowerPC 
    While the PowerPC 620 completes the alliance's initial wave of 
 PowerPC microprocessors, Somerset will continue to enhance existing 
 lines and also target new markets by developing new implementations of 
 the PowerPC architecture.
                     ** AMD Launches New RISC Chip **
    Advanced Micro Devices announced this week it is launching its K86 
 chip, a fifth-generation, Windows-compatible RISC microprocessor.
    The new chip can execute four instructions per clock cycle, which is 
 twice the capability of rival Intel Corp.'s Pentium processor. AMD said 
 last week it would destroy its inventory of AM486 chips after a court 
 upheld Intel's exclusive right to the microcode contained in the chips.
    "The initial product of AMD's K86 family, code-named K5, is an AMD-
 originated, true superscalar RISC microprocessor," the company said.
    Pricing and availability will be announced later.
                  ** Mosaic Comm to Release Software **
    Mosaic Communications Corp., formed by developers of the Internet's 
 popular Mosaic software, is expected to release at no charge its own 
 version of the program in a bid to establish it as a standard for 
 navigating parts of Internet.
    Marc Andreessen, who started MCC with Silicon Graphics Inc. founder 
 James Clark, said "We want as many people to use the software as 
    Mosaic, which provides a graphical interface for navigating Inter-
 net's World Wide Web, already is freely available on the network. 
 Sandberg adds, "It has become so popular -- about 70,000 Internet users 
 download it monthly -- that more than a dozen software companies have 
 licensed the university-developed software to enhance it for commercial 
    Andreessen said his company will give users a free version of its 
 Mosaic Netscape client software because "that's not where the money is 
 anyway," adding MCC plans to sell the server software to companies 
 seeking to be suppliers of information and goods on the network.
    Andreessen estimated Mosaic Netscape is about 10 times faster than 
 any current version of Mosaic. To run Mosaic, users must have a special 
 "SLIP" or "PPP" connection, which only some Internet access providers 
 offer and which typically costs more than $40 a month.
    "Even so," says Sandberg, "the software can be slow to access infor-
 mation -- sometimes taking several minutes to download complex graphics 
 files. Only users with faster connections, such as corporations and 
 universities, can receive information quickly."
    Mosaic was developed by Andreessen and others two years ago at the 
 National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of 
 Illinois. Swamped with interest, NCSA licensed the software company 
 Spyglass Inc. to handle all relicensing.
    Andreessen, who has since hired from NCSA five other programmers of 
 the original Mosaic, says his company's version has "been completely 
 rewritten from scratch" and "doesn't contain a line" of the original 
                      ** OCR Makers Set to Merge **
    Caere Corp., a leading maker of optical character recognition (OCR) 
 products, says it has agreed to acquire competitor Calera Recognition 
 Systems Inc.
    The companies expect the merger to be completed during the first 
 quarter of 1995, subject to a review by the Securities and Exchange 
 Commission and shareholder approval.
    The companies had combined revenues of $48.3 million during the 1993 
 calendar year. Current plans call for Caere to market and support all 
 major products of both companies and continue existing sales and 
 marketing programs.
                  ** CompuServe to Show FTP Interface **
    CompuServe Inc. this week is set to demonstrate a new interface it 
 has developed that soon will allow members to access millions of files 
 available through the Internet's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) feature.
    A statement today from CompuServe's headquarters says the FTP 
 interface, to be demonstrated at PC Expo in Chicago later this week, is 
 part of the company's "Internet made easy" initiative.
    "FTP is currently in the final stages of testing and will be gener-
 ally available to members within four to six weeks," the statement said. 
 "Internet FTP access will complement the more than 500,000 files already 
 available on CompuServe."
    The interface also will feature enhanced menus that will help members 
 find files more easily, the statement said, adding, "A window of icons 
 representing popular Internet file downloading sites includes logos 
 illustrating each information source. Members looking for files from 
 these popular sites simply click on the icon and the FTP service 
 presents a list of files available at the site. A member can then view 
 or download the files that are of interest."
                    ** IBM Promotes Its Brand Names **
    IBM Corp. this week announced a new marketing strategy that 
 emphasizes the IBM brand name in its personal computer line to make it 
 easier for customers to shop for, purchase and own a PC.
    Reports are that the computer giant will reduce from nine to four the 
 number of product lines. The remaining brand names -- IBM PC, IBM PC 
 Server, ThinkPad and Aptiva -- will be promoted in an aggressive 
 television and print advertising campaign.
    New products will have fewer and simpler names, a common building-
 block design, a build-to-order fulfillment system and exclusive 
 preloaded software.
    In addition, IBM said it will reduce prices on selected models of 
 ThinkPads and PS/2s by up to 17%.
                ** Apple, Lotus Next Takeover Targets? **
    Reports are that Apple Computer Inc. and Lotus Development Corp. are 
 seen as the next potential major targets in a wave of consolidation 
 sweeping the computer software industry.
    Recent industry speculation has focused on Apple as a possible target 
 of a buyout or as a participant in a new strategic relationship with IBM 
    Lotus, which like Intuit has managed to beat Microsoft in a niche 
 market, has been the topic of widespread industry speculation about its 
 future amid disappointing earnings and rumors of impending layoffs.
    Borland also has been mentioned as a possible takeover candidate if 
 it cannot return to profitability within the next six months. However, 
 it's felt that Borland is not an attractive acquisition candidate 
 because of large unknown liabilities from pending lawsuits and other 
                         ** IBM's Earnings Up **
    IBM Corp. this week announced it earned $710 million in the third 
 quarter, compared to a loss of $48 million a year ago.
    The third quarter profit amounted to $1.18 per common share, compared 
 to a loss of 12 cents a share last year. Revenues rose 5% to $15.4 
 billion, up from $14.7 billion for the same period a year ago.
    While IBM's U.S. revenue growth was a modest 3%, it increased 13% in 
 Europe and 16% in Asia.
                    ** Tandy's Profits Up 9 Percent **
    Tandy Corp announced this week third quarter profits of $46.2 million 
 (or 58 cents a share), a 9% increase over profits of $42.6 million (or 
 52 cents a share) reported a year ago.
    The revenues increased 19% on hefty gains in U.S. retail sales, 
 rising to $1.12 billion from $939.9 million. Tandy said sales at its 
 U.S. retail outlets were up 23% in the quarter.
                   ** Compaq's Profits Up 88 Percent **
    Compaq Computer Corp. this week reported an 88% leap in third quarter 
 profits, earning $201 million (or 75 cents a share), compared with $107 
 million (or 42 cents a share) for the same period a year ago.  The re-
 venue for the quarter ended Sept. 30 was $2.83 billion, up from $1.75 
 billion last year.
    Compaq led other PC makers in sales growth, unit sales and profit-
 ability for the first half of the year and appears to have held on to 
 that title for the third quarter, although a few companies have yet to 
 report their results.
                       ** Digital's Posts Losses **
    Digital Equipment Corp. this week reported first quarter losses of 
 $131 million. The losses were less than anticipated and caused Digital's 
 stock to increase.
    The loss for the first quarter of the fiscal year amounted to 98 
 cents a share, compared to a loss of $154 million (or $1.14 a share) a 
 year ago. Revenue was up 4 percent to $3.12 billion for the quarter, 
 compared to $3.01 billion in 1993.
                  ** Unisys' Earnings Drop 50 Percent **
    Unisys Corp. announced this week it earned $42.9 million in the third 
 quarter (or 8 cents a share), a 50% decline from the same period a year 
 ago when the company earned $84.1 million (or 29 cents a share).
    The revenue for the quarter ended Sept. 30 was $1.78 billion, down 
 from $1.80 billion last year. The firm's operating income of $85.5 
 million, a decrease from the $135.3 million of a year ago, was hurt by 
 lower sales to government agencies, as well as higher expenses.
                   ** Info Highway Equals Internet? **
    When asked to define the "information highway," leading corporate 
 information technology users overwhelmingly say "the Internet," 
 according to a survey of attendees at a major technology conference.
    A full 76% of the Fortune 1,000 professionals surveyed - representing 
 a cross-section of top executives, sales and marketing professionals and 
 chief information officers - said the information highway is the 
 Internet, while only 16% cited interactive TV/videos on demand.
    The poll was conducted at the Technology Management Forum, an annual 
 gathering of information industry experts sponsored by market researcher 
 Forrester Research, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
                 ** Professor Threatened After E-mail **
    A Texas A&M University professor says he has been targeted with death 
 threats ever since someone broke into his electronic mail account and 
 sent a racist message to about 20,000 computer users in four states via 
 the Internet earlier this week.
    Calling it "a digital equivalent of a drive-by shooting," professor 
 Grady Blount said, "My door is locked. We canceled a class last night 
 and one today will be moved to another location."
    Blout said his password was used to send hate e-mail Monday to 
 college campuses in Mississippi, Wisconsin, Colorado and Texas.
    A&M spokeswoman Mary McQueen said the school determined the unknown 
 intruder sent the message from off campus.

    The message, signed 'Crusader,' was similar to a flier produced by 
 the white supremacist National Alliance... It urged sending 'minority 
 parasites packing to fend for themselves,' condemned financing black 
 'breeding colonies,' and claimed the government funds '80 IQ welfare 
 mothers' and 'Jewish organized crime gangs.'


 > Western Publishing Goodies STR Review

 The Kids' Computing Corner

                       123 AND ABC WITH HICKORY AND ME

 by Frank Sereno

      The first two programs of Western Publishing's new Step Ahead
 software series for Macintosh and Windows systems feature Hickory, an
 adorable mouse, and Nat, his firefly friend.  Both programs are aimed at
 children ages three to six years.  123 with Hickory and Me teaches number
 recognition, sequence and counting.  ABC with Hickory and Me teaches the
 alphabet, sequence, phonics and matching.  Windows requirements are a
 386sx-20 or greater CPU, Windows 3.1, VGA display of 640 by 480 with 256
 colors, four megs of free ram and 5.5 megs of hard drive space.  Macintosh
 requirements were not stated in the literature provided to me.  These
 programs are also available on CD-rom.

      123 features two play areas with various activities and difficulty
 levels.  The main screen features Hickory sitting on a mushroom while Nat
 hovers nearby.  On the left side of the screen is a small pond.  At the
 back of the pond is a boulder with numbers which serves as the icon for
 the parent's screen.  The parent can set a code number for access and has
 the option of whether the quit button will be displayed to the child. 
 This will prevent the child from leaving the game and possibly creating
 havoc on your system.  To the right of the boulder is a large tree with a
 stop sign hanging from it.  The stop sign is the quit icon and the tree is
 filled with hotspots that trigger amusing animations.  A log lays across
 the pond and that serves as the icon for the counting games.  A small boat
 made from a paper milk carton floats on the pond and it is the icon for
 games teaching number recognition and sequence.  Hotspots in the pond
 start more animations.

      Clicking on the log begins the counting games.  The child can choose
 from three different activities with two skill levels.  This screen
 features Hickory seated upon a log.  As he counts from one to ten, acorns 
 bearing the appropriate numbers will appear.  Below those numbers will be
 three activity icons.  A fourth icon is the branch below Hickory.  When it
 is positioned to the left, games are played at the first skill level. 
 Clicking on it will move it to the right and change the game to the more
 difficult second level.  Default mode is the discovery mode which is
 triggered by a looking glass icon.  Children click on the numbered acorns
 to watch Hickory count that number of moles as they tunnel out onto the
 meadow.  On the first level, the moles are adjacent to one another while
 on the second level there may be spaces between them.

      The next activity is initiated by the 123 icon on the log.  In this
 activity the child counts the animals which appear on the screen and then
 clicks on the acorn bearing the answer.  On the first level, only five or
 fewer animals will appear.  On the second level, up to ten animals will
 appear.  Basic math and subtraction problems are presented when animals
 are added or removed from the screen and the child is asked for the new
 number of critters.  If a child provides an incorrect answer, Hickory will
 tell him that the number is too large or too small and then remove several
 numbers to make finding the answer easier.  When the correct answer is
 given, Hickory will praise the child with enthusiastic adjectives,
 clapping his paws or giving a wink of an eye.

      The final counting exercise involves matching a number of pellets to
 a number of animals.  The child provides the correct answer by clicking on
 the group of pellets which is the same in number as the animals on the
 screen.  Again, the lower level involves numbers of five or less and the
 higher level will use numbers up to ten.  When the correct answer is
 given, the animals will eat their food and then leave.

      After finishing the counting games, the child can go back to the main
 screen by clicking on the mushroom in the meadow.  Or he can go to the
 matching and sequencing games by clicking on the milk carton boat in the
 pond.  The first game involves identifying a number by guiding the boat
 around a pond by clicking and holding the mouse on a location.  On the
 lower level, Hickory shows a picture of the number and all the numbers in
 the pond will be that number.  Clicking on the frog in the pond begins the
 second level of the exercise.  Hickory will only speak the number which he
 wishes to be found and other numbers will be present in the pond.  To add
 to the difficulty, a frog is swimming along in the pond and he will make
 the boat spin in circles if he touches it.  After the child finds all
 examples of the target number, Hickory will ask him to rescue the cheese
 which appears in the pond.  After the child has rescued six cheeses,
 Hickory will recite a poem and then eat the cheeses.

      Clicking on the float (or a bobber as my father called it) on
 Hickory's fishing line will start the sequencing game.  Different numbers
 will appear in the pond the child must collect them in the proper order
 from smallest to largest.  On the lower level, the numbers will be in a
 consecutive sequence such as one, two, three, and four.  Hickory will also
 show the correct number on his yellow screen.  Clicking on the frog takes
 the child to the more difficult level.  The frog will again be swimming
 around the pond.  The numbers will no longer be consecutive such as three,
 five, seven and ten.  In both levels, if the child clicks on the wrong
 answer, Hickory will announce the number that was found and the correct
 answer.  In both levels, clicking on Hickory will cause him to say which
 number the child should find next.

      123 with Hickory and Me is a well-planned and entertaining program. 
 Because the interface, graphics and other qualities are similar to those
 in ABC with Hickory and Me, I will comment on those areas at the end of
 the overview of ABC.

      The main screen for ABC is a kitchen scene.  Two play areas are
 available by clicking on the cheese wedge on the floor and the cuckoo
 clock on the wall.  Other objects are hotspots for short, humorous
 animations.  The cuckoo clock is Hickory's secret hiding place.  Inside
 you will find a red switch for changing between lower and uppercase
 letters.  Three icons represent the activities available in this location. 
 The looking glass starts the explore mode.  The child can click on the
 letters and hear Hickory pronounce the letter, say its letter sound and
 then say a word starting with that letter.  A flashlight is located on the
 right side of the screen.   If the flashlight is on, a picture will be
 shown of the letter, an object using that letter and the name of the

      The next game is "Letters" and it is accessed by clicking on the ABC
 icon.  In the easy mode with the flashlight on, Hickory will ask for the
 child to find a letter, he will pronounce its letter sound and then the
 letter will be shown on the wall.  If the child takes too long to answer
 or if he makes incorrect answers, letters will be removed until only the
 correct answer remains.  With the flashlight off, the letter will not be
 shown and the child will have to listen carefully as Hickory asks him to
 find a letter.

      The final activity in the cuckoo clock is "Names" and it is initiated
 by clicking on the apple icon.  On the first level, a picture will be
 shown on a clock wall of an object with its word and the first letter. 
 Hickory will ask for a letter, pronounce its letter sound and then
 announce the object in the picture.  On the second level, no picture is
 shown and Hickory asks for the letter and says its letter sound.  This is
 the same as the second level in the "Letters" game.  In the Letters and
 Names activities, correct answers cause a short animation to appear and
 Hickory will praise the child vocally.  

      Clicking on the cheese takes the child to two maze games.  The maze
 is the checkerboard pattern of the kitchen's tile floor.  The first game
 asks the child to "pick up" a specific letter.  Move the cursor to the
 location that Hickory should be moved to then hold down the left mouse
 button to have him walk there.  After finding five examples of the letter,
 the child will be asked to pick up the cheese.  After gathering six
 cheeses, Hickory will recite a poem and then eat the cheese.  On the first
 level, Hickory shows a tablet with the letter and only the correct letter
 is in the maze.  By clicking on the cat icon, the child moves to the
 second level.  On this level the floor is covered with puddles which make
 it difficult for Hickory to walk.  A cat is also moving about the screen
 trying to catch Hickory.

      Clicking on the letters icon starts a game in which children must put
 the letters in alphabetical order.  Below the maze window is the alphabet
 minus the letters in the maze.  On the easy level, the letters are chosen
 from those that are adjacent in the alphabet.  Hickory will show the
 letter to be chosen on a tablet.  On the second level, again the floor
 will have puddles and the cat will be trying to catch Hickory.  This time
 the letters will not be adjacent in the alphabet and Hickory will put down
 his tablet.  If the child takes too long to find the correct letter,
 Hickory will tell the child which letter to pick up.

      Graphics in these two programs are very good.  Animations are smooth
 and in sync with the sound track.  Hickory is drawn very cutely.  Bright
 colors are used throughout.  The sounds are excellent also.  All the
 sounds are distinct.  The music is lively and entertaining.  The sound
 effects are used liberally and effectively.  The voice acting is quite
 good with much enthusiasm.  

      The interface is simple and effective.  Only a few icons are present
 on each screen but these make all activities and levels easily accessible. 
 Hickory provides plenty of verbal encouragement and praise.  Hickory
 utters not a discouraging word.  If the child becomes inactive within the
 program, Hickory will ask about the child's whereabouts and then fall
 asleep.  Directions are announced for each game upon entry and will be
 repeated by clicking on Hickory.  The manuals are short but very

      123 and ABC are very fun to play and children should be entertained
 for many hours.  Educational value is good.  Both programs could have had
 more activities but important lessons are learned.  These programs are
 value priced at $25 or less so it may be a sign of greed to expect more. 
 Some words to the wise:  The Step Ahead programs may be difficult to spot
 right now.  I looked for these programs in a Chicago area Wal-Mart.  They
 were located in the Golden Books section of the toy department, sitting
 along side books with nothing to bring the software to the consumer's
 attention.  These programs are well worth making a concerted effort to
 find them.

      Step Ahead programs come with a 30-day guarantee through which
 another title can be exchanged or money can be refunded.  Technical
 support is available by telephone, fax and mail.  If you have questions or
 comments, contact the Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-323-3568.

                          Graphics ............. 9.0
                          Sounds ...............10.0
                          Interface ............10.0
                          Play Value ........... 9.0
                          Educational Value .... 8.0
                          Bang for the Buck .... 9.0
                          Average .............. 9.16


           Brighter Child Software Receives '94 Innovations Awards
                       International Electronics Show

      American Education Publishing's line of educational software is now
 considered one of the most innovative consumer electronics products of
 1994.  At the 1994 International Summer Consumer Electronics Show, four
 Brighter Child software titles won the '94 Innovations Awards.  All
 winning titles were displayed in a special exhibition at the show which
 took place June 23 through 25 in Chicago.  A highly visible brochure with
 the winning products' descriptions was also distributed at the show.

      Members of the software development industry and industry press
 judged the entries on originality, sound, graphics, audio visual effects,
 play action, mechanics, user interface, value and usefulness.  American
 Education Publishing received a distinguished engraved plaque for the
 awards and is now allowed to use the Innovations logo on all of the
 Brighter Child software packaging.  The '94 Innovations Awards were
 sponsored by the Electronic Industries Association.

      Each Brighter Child software title features more than thirty learning
 activities, color graphics and sound.  Full color workbooks that reinforce
 the skills learned on the computer are included in the software package. 
 This workbook / software combination is designed for the children at the
 first, second and third grade reading levels.

      American Education Publishing was founded in April of 1990 by Vince
 Douglas, Lowell Morrison and JMAC, Inc.  The company's goal is to produce
 the highest quality children's literature and to provide parents and
 teachers the opportunity to give themselves a "brighter child and America
 a brighter future."

 Please note that I have evaluation copies of two of American Education
 Publishing's titles: Jim Henson's Muppet\Brighter Child's Letter: Capital
 and Small, and Brighter Child's Reading and Phonics Grade 1.  I will be
 reviewing these titles in upcoming articles.

 Work is progressing on a mailing list that will distribute the Silicon
 Times Report from my "home" BBS via FTP mail.  This list will also allow
 people to post regarding STR, children's software and other interesting
 topics.  Issues of Silicon Times Report will be available by file request
 for those who do not have Internet mail access.  More details as they
 become available.  Meanwhile, you may contact me at these addresses:

                FidoNET:   Frank Sereno at 1:2235/10
                U.S. Mail: Frank Sereno
                           528 West Ave.
                           Morris, IL 60450-1768

                                              I thank you for reading!


 > WUGNET Overview! STR FOCUS!

                       THE WINDOWS USER GROUP NETWORK

 The Windows User Group Network is the premier international organization
 for Windows professionals.

 We offer a number of services and benefits designed to reduce your support
 costs and maximize your use of Windows based software. An enrollment form
 is located at the end of this document.

 Joining our organization will put you in touch with windows professionals,
 PC Managers, MIS staff and consultants located all over the world. You are
 also encouraged to contribute to our Windows Journal. If you are
 interested in contributing articles contact Howard Sobel at 76702,1356 or

 Additional information about WUGNET books published by IDG can also be
 found on the Internet at in the Libertynet

 WUGNET's role is to communicate windows-based technologies
 and applications to an international audience through the WUGNET forum on
 CompuServe, conferences, trade shows, publications, trade books, and
 various membership interactions. WUGNET offers its members a number of
 technical support tools and support resources designed to save them time
 and solve quickly problems.

 These support tools include:  The Online Windows Help versions of the
 popular Microsoft Windows 3.1 resource kits and Windows for WorkGroups
 resource Kits, (available soon) WUGNET System Engineer, a support oriented
 CompuServe FORUM with a private library for members.

 WUGNET's Computing Book Series books are  now available by calling 800
 WINUSER. Windows 3.1 Connectivity Secrets (Connally, Rorabaugh, Hall and
 Rezmovic, and  Windows 3.1 Configuration Secrets by Valda Hilley and Jim
 Blakely (published by IDG Books Worldwide)are now available directly from
 WUGNET for $39.95 + $5 shipping. 

 WUGNET's mission is to:
 * Promote understanding and cooperation among organizations engaged in
   furthering the progress and application of windows based systems.

 * Provide an international clearing house for information and advancement
   systems and technology.

 * Conduct conferences and exhibitions for the exchange of information

 * Provide document based information through the publication of a journal,
   trade and reference books.

 * Provide education for windows based systems

      The Windows Journal newsletter, published bimonthly by WUGNET
 Publications, is the leading independent technical journal focusing on the
 Microsoft Windows operating environment. The Journal is a technical
 resource for consultants, corporate support staff, programmers and
 power-users of the Windows environment. Its mission is to help corporate
 support personnel setup, optimize, and maintain Windows workstations, and
 to provide in-depth technical information for end-users.

 The Journal features extracts from the authors of leading books on Windows
 and keeps readers up to date on the Windows files, drivers, patches, and
 files found on CompuServe. Written and edited by Windows professionals,
 the Windows Journal is the only independent international publication
 focusing on in depth Windows solutions.

 The Windows Journal is a user read publication circulated worldwide to
 approximately 10,000 professionals. Windows Journal readers are expert PC
 users who have made the move to the Windows environment. They are
 technically advanced. At least 75% of our readership is actively
 programming applications in the Windows environment, either through direct
 use of programming tools, application development environment, or
 application customization.

 MIS Professionals, Windows Programmers, and power users from industry and
 government look to The Windows Journal to discover technology advances
 they can use in developing software products or increasing the value of
 their current software technology. Through the Windows Journal, the
 Windows User Group Network acts as an information resource center, making
 available publications and materials from leading software and hardware
 vendors, and specialized consultants.


 The Windows Users Group Network publishes electronic version of the MS
 Windows 3.1 Resource Kit and Windows for WorkGroups Addendum. These are
 disk-based hypertext editions available to members of WUGNET. The Windows
 Resource Kit 3.1 Electronic Edition converts Microsoft's 580-page guide
 into interactive reference, providing immediate access to Windows 3.1
 information. It is designed as to aid technical support professionals
 (corporate help desks, VARs, systems integrators, resellers, developers,
 and trainers) in setup, optimizing, and troubleshooting the Windows
 environment.  The files WFW1.ZIP and WFW2.ZIP (Windows for WorkGroups
 Addendum) can be downloaded directly from private members library 17. When
 you join WUGNET please request access to this area by sending an email
 note to Howard Sobel 76702,1356.

      New Features and Capabilities Result in the Ultimate Control Panel
 for Windows Users

 Media, PA - The Windows User Group Network (WUGNET) has announced System
 Engineer version 2.0, its highly acclaimed Windows Configuration tool.
 This innovative software package allows Windows professionals and power
 users to fine tune their Windows environments. System Engineer gives the
 Window professional a comprehensive set of tools to manage all aspects of
 Windows' configuration on their workstation, whether standalone or on
 networks. In addition to its powerful but easy-to-use interface for
 editing individual sections and statements within Windows configuration
 files, System Engineer provides a complete librarian for storing, managing
 and recovering multiple configurations. Changes to any and all INI files
 or entries are logged in a master file, which creates an audit system that
 allows users to retrace specific changes made to configuration files,
 including support for installation and deinstallation of Windows
 applications and supporting system enhancements.

 Unlocking the Windows Environment
      System Engineer provides access to every SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI
 parameter including:

 * Undocumented parameters for managing memory

 * Undocumented parameters supporting the Windows keyboard interface 

 * Network setting options, including Novell Netware specific options

 * Configuration settings for managing all asynchronous communications port 

 * Parameters for setting Windows EMS memory and Virtual memory management

 * Parameter settings for Windows operation of disk storage devices

 * Parameter settings supporting DOS applications running under Windows

 * Parameter settings exclusive to Windows standard mode

 * System fonts used by Windows

      This release of System Engineer introduces easy-to-use real- time
 monitoring facilities for both expert and non-expert Windows users.

 * The Task Monitor provides a real-time data window displaying all active
   tasks with their task handles.

 * The File I/O Monitor allows users to track what files and devices are
   currently open, and determine read/write privileges. This also supports
   monitoring of open data files and Windows supported devices that are
   shared, protected, or read-only in nature. This information can then be
   used by general users in determining the optimum files, buffers and
   cache settings for particular tasks in Windows.

 * The Memory Monitor is not just a viewer, but a comprehensive statistical
   monitor reporting the memory use of active module components in six
   specific memory classes including fonts and DLL's. Use the monitor
   snapshots to analyze application-specific GDI and USER system resource
   memory heaps, and determine what discardable and non-discardable
   portions of memory a particular Windows 3.1 module or application is
   utilizing. New Features in System Engineer 2.0 Solve Windows Most
   Complex User Issues including

      System Engineer's new interface now includes separate panels for all
 the configuration management tasks in Windows. Windows Setup.exe and
 Control Panel are incorporated into the interface, with additional tabular
 windows for SYSTEM, WIN.INI, INFORMATION and BACKUP support. Version 2.0
 also supports full drag and drop support with Windows File Manager (or PC
 Tools for Windows or Norton Desktop), allowing the user to select an INI
 file, drag it to the SYSTEM ENGINEER icon, and immediately have the INI
 editor with the INI loaded.

      System Engineer 2.0 now includes OTC Corporation's KINGCOM COM PORT
 Driver - an enhanced communications port driver and configuration tool
 enabling System Engineer to manage all data/fax traffic, and eliminate
 conflicts that develop when mutiple applications access the same fax/modem
 hardware. The Windows COM driver is limited to two active serial devices,
 but multiple applications may support the active port. For example, when a
 fax application attempts to access a modem while a terminal communications
 package is loaded the result is an error message. System Engineer's
 inclusion of KINGCOM, developed by OTC Corporation, solves this problem. 
 By creating a "virtual" com port driver, users can designate all their
 software to a specific com port to specific applications.

      The System Engineer INI editing system includes support for
 archiving, library, backup (full and selected) and restoration for Windows
 INI files and Windows applications INI files. For example, any INI topic
 or parameter can include specific comments, deleted, archived into the
 system engineer archive. The INI Editor archive capability allows the user
 to select a topic and store it in the active archive. Once archived, the
 user can selectively restore it to another INI file or use the archived
 library for network system maintenance of other user INI files. Any
 modification through the INI editor is also maintained in a an active log,
 providing insurance and complete UNDO support. Users can use the LOG
 Browser to monitor changes to all INI files made through System Engineer.
 The System Configuration Backup and Restore support has been expanded to
 include Windows GRP, AUTOEXEC.BAT

      System Engineer was developed by the WUGNET support staff in 1990.
 We've helped hundreds of Windows users, both novice and expert since 1988,
 and incorporated virtually every support feature imaginable into this one

 "My first reaction to System Engineer was: 'WOW! It's about time!' Finally
 there is a product that addresses the needs of the systems integrator
 trying to customize the internals of the Windows environment. System
 Engineer is a powerful tool for the service and support industry, and is
 one of those utilities that make you think 'it should have been there in
 the first place.'  I highly recommend System Engineer to anyone who has to
 deal with diagnosing, configuring, and supporting the Windows 3.xx
 operating system environment. Mandatory equipment for the support
 engineer's arsenal".   Randall Kennedy

      Windows professionals, from corporate professionals to consultants,
 communicate in the fastest growing independent technical user forum on
 CompuServe - The Windows Users Forum (GO WUGNET or GO WINUSER). Members of
 the organization are also provided with access to a private library
 containing advance reports on trade shows, technical notes, and product
 appnotes and reviews.

      WUGNET maintains an active private beta testing program where members
 can sign up on line and test new versions of innovative products. WUGNET
 works with shareware authors in helping to promote high quality and
 innovative shareware. THE WUGNET shareware of the week program, makes
 available to and informs forum members about the hottest applications to
 be found on CompuServe.

      WUGNET has a long history of working very closely with shareware
 authors and considers them an integral part of the WUGNET community.


 COMPUSERVE New 24-Hour, Direct Access WUGNET Forum Designed to Promote
 User-to-User and Vendor-to-User Exchanges

 FRAMINGHAM, Mass.-Network World, the newsweekly of enterprise network
 computing, has announced its sponsorship of a new CompuServe forum,
 Windows Connectivity Forum (WINCON), designed to promote user-to-user and
 vendor-to-user exchanges of information regarding Windows networking
 products, applications and issues.

 The WINCON Forum on CompuServe will also be complemented by a weekly
 column in Network World's "Local Networks" section, written by WUGNET's
 technical staff, aimed at helping NW readers make decisions on all aspects
 of Windows connectivity.

 WINCON, which is conducted by the Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET),
 went on-line on CompuServe on Monday, Sept. 27. WUGNET has been active on
 CompuServe since 1988, where it has promoted an exchange of technical
 information and solutions among Windows users.

 "Network World is very pleased to be sponsoring the WINCON forum on
 CompuServe," said Colin Ungaro, Network World publisher. "Our mission is
 to empower IS professionals with knowledge they need for advancing
 enterprise and global networking; WUGNET's WINCON forum will assist that
 process greatly by involving CompuServe's global on-line community."

 "Together, the forum and column will provide users and vendors with a
 wealth of information, support options and software to ease the job of
 Windows networking," explains Network World's Editor in Chief John

 The WINCON forum on CompuServe will provide 24-hour, direct access to
 technical and product representatives from major networking vendors, along
 with the latest network drivers, updates and technical notes. Network
 World's NetAccess software demo library will also be available, as well as
 access to the Windows Internet Library, the largest library of updated
 Windows Internet software, tools and add-ons.

 "WINCON's missions," says Joel Diamond, WUGNET's technical director, "is
 to provide users with as much information and assistance as possible in
 order to maximize their Windows networks and applications. That mission
 has received a great boost from Network World, which has once again taken
 the lead in meeting the needs of IS professionals."

 To get to the Windows Connectivity Forum on CompuServe, type Go Wincon at
 any ! prompt. Network World and WUGNET are currently offering a free
 CompuServe membership sign-up: call 1-800-524-3388.

 The Windows Users Group Network is the largest technical association of
 Windows professionals, with over 8,000 international individual and
 institutional participants. WUGNET publishes a bimonthly technical
 newsletter, "The Windows Journal," and members receive electronic editions
 of Microsoft Windows Resource Kits and value-added resources through
 WUGNET forums on CompuServe. The group has two best-selling advanced
 reference handbooks available through IDG books: "Windows Connectivity
 Secrets" and "Windows Configuration Secrets."

 Network World newsweekly, a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data
 Group (IDG), helps shape the future of network computing in the enterprise
 by empowering IS professionals with the knowledge to deliver the open
 applications and infrastructure necessary to meet their evolving needs.


 Founded in 1988, as an independent organization, WUGNET has positioned
 itself as an industry wide technical resource, rather than as an
 organization committed to any single vendor or groups of vendors.

 For five years, the Windows User Group Network has dedicated their efforts
 to communicating trends and developments, and solutions about the Windows
 environment on an international level. As a result of the technological
 changes experienced in the last few years, WUGNET has evolved into an
 organization which aggressively promotes the interfacing of existing
 technologies with new state of the art technologies to create intelligent
 solutions to today's business problems.

 There are two levels of enrollment: Individual and Corporate (Group
 Gov/Academic). The following membership application be used for Fax, Mail
 or email

 Call for Corporate and Group Membership packages.






 Zip__________Phone Number_________________________



 Save $$$ on our hot new books
 WUGNET COMPUTING BOOKS SERIES (Publisher IDG Books Worldwide, Inc)
 Windows 3.1 Connectivity Secrets    [  ] 39.95 + $5 Shipping
 Windows 3.1 Configuration Secrets   [  ] 39.95 + $5 Shipping
 (Pa. Residents add 6% sales tax)
 For Overseas shipping costs contact WUGNET HQ

 Amount Enclosed _______________________

 Please Charge my Credit Card: AMEX____  VISA_____

 MASTERCARD____ Card Number:_____________________________

 Expiration Date:________ Signature:___________________________

 Prices quoted in US Dollars
 Inividual Membership includes: Subscription to Windows Journal, WUGNET
 System Engineer 2.0 Windows Resource Kits(Windows 3.1 and Windows for
 Workgroups* (when available next month), access to private data
 library--(Send request for access to Howard Sobel 76702,1356 once you

 US Individual Rate: $99.00
 Individual Rates Ovreseas:includes shipping South America $110, Canada
 $110, Europe $140, Pacific $150

 10 Members Program - allows System Engineer and Windows Resource Kit
 (online edition) to be on a network server with access for 10 users.
 Includes 5 subscriptions to the Windows Journals.

 25 Members Program - allows up to 25 users of System Engineer and Windows
 Resource Kits (online edition) to be on a network server. Includes 10
 subscriptions to the Windows Journal.

 100 Members Program - allows unlimited use of System Engineer and Windows
 Resource Kit (online edition) on a single server.

 Please direct all inquires to:

                                 Jim Herndon
                         Windows Users Group Network
                              126 E. State St.
                               Media, PA 19063
                              Email: CompuServe
                                76702,1356 or
                            FORUM InterNet Email:
                    Tel: 215 565 1861. Fax: 215 565-7106
                        Direct Membership Enrollment:
                        800-WIN-USER (1-800-946-8737)


 > USR's Sysop Program STR Spotlight


 PRODUCT                                          PRICE
 Prices subject to change without notice.
 Modems are now shipping with V.34!!!!!!
 The NEW Courier "V.Everything"
 with V.34 utilizes FLASHROM technology, so
 updates are only a software download away!
 COURIER V.Everything w/V.34 & FAX                $ 249
 ComServer 486 for Ethernet w/V.34 & HST          $ 995
 INTERNATIONAL COURIER V.Everything w/V.34        $ 249 
 DOMESTIC POWER SUPPLY (INT'L USERS)*             $  10 

 Product subject to availability
 * European Sysops must now order via our office in France.
 The BBS number is +33 20 05 32 41, voice number is
 +33 20 19 19 59.  Be sure to read their EURODEAL rules as they differ from 

 **International version - a separate power supply must be ordered if the 
 modem is used outside the U.S. or Canada.  International power supply is
 220 volts; Domestic power supply is 110 volts.  At least one (1) power
 supply must be ordered with each international modem. 

 ***For detailed information and technical specifications on the above
 products, call the U.S. Robotics Technical Support Department at
 800-550-7800.  International callers can call 1-708-982-5010. You can also
 FAX at 708-982-0823 or try our Fax on Demand at 800-762-6163 or
 708-982-9061.  In Europe call +33 20 19 19 59 or FAX +33 20 05 32 40.




 This section describes the rules of the U.S. Robotics 
 SYSOP Program.  U.S. Robotics reserves the right to modify or change these 
 rules at any time.


 The U.S. Robotics SYSOP Program permits QUALIFIED SYSOPs to purchase
 current U.S. Robotics products at a reduced price.  The purpose of this
 program is to continue the close relationship established many years ago
 between U.S. Robotics and the Sysop community. Participants should
 recognize that our ability to continue the program is dependent upon the
 strong position U.S. Robotics enjoys in the reseller channel, with the
 distributors and dealers, VARs, etc. that continue to buy and resell our
 products to home and business users around the world.  It is our intent to
 maintain the integrity of our channel relationships by closely
 scrutinizing each SYSOP sale to ensure that we only sell products to
 qualified SYSOPs.

 1.  The SYSOP states that he/she is NOT in the business of reselling
 computer products and/or related peripherals, including modems.  Qualified
 resellers may take advantage of other programs offered by U.S. Robotics by
 calling (800) 342-5877 and asking for the dealer sales representative for
 your area. International callers may call 1-708-982-5010.

 2.  The SYSOP has been operating the bulletin board system for at least
 six (6) months and that this activity can be verified by dialing into the
 bulletin board system.  Typically user logs, activity logs, and local
 message bases are a good source for verifying activity.

 *** The exception to this rule is as follows:

 If you are a registered owner of any of the following software packages US
 Robotics automatically waives the 6 month verification portion of the
 qualifications.  US Robotics is proud to have entered into this agreement 


 The participating vendors are:

 PC Board(Clark Development )            (800)356-1686 Voice Dos
                                         (801)261-8976 BBS

 Wildcat!(Mustang Software Inc.)         (800)999-9619 Voice Dos
                                         (805)873-2400 BBS

 TBBS(eSOFT)                             (303)699-6565 Voice Dos
                                         (303)699-8222 BBS
                                         (303)699-6872 FAX

 Power Board(NUIQ Software Inc.)         (914)833-3479 Voice Dos
                                         (914)833-1479 BBS
                                         (914)834-7830 BBS   
                                         (914)833-3623 FAX

 Searchlight                             (800)780-LITE Voice Dos
                                         (216)631-9285 BBS

 Roboboard                               (819)682-6670 Voice Dos
                                         (819)682-7771 BBS

 T.P Board and Front Door                (201)941-1110 Voice Dos

 RemoteAccess(Wantree Development)       (800)648-9800 Voice Dos
                                         (913)441-0595 BBS

 The Major BBS (Galaticomm, Inc.)        (800)328-1128 Voice Dos
                                         (305)583-7808 BBS

 First Class (SoftArc)                   (416)299-4723 Voice Mac(E-Mail)
                                         (416)609-2250 BBS   

 TeleFinder (Spider Island)              (714)669-9260 Voice Mac 
                                         (714)730-5785 BBS

 AmiExpress   Phone to be announced.... Amiga

 DLG  (TelePro Technologies)             (403)341-7826 Voice Amiga
                                         (403)347-3269 BBS

 Celerity/Alacrity (Lexicon Computing)   (310)693-9405 BBS   Dos

 TEAMate (MMB Development Corp)          (310)318-1322 Voice Unix

 Vision-X (Eid Youssef)                  (613)728-4861 Voice Dos
                                         (613)728-5787 BBS
                                         (613)728-7959 BBS


 3.  The SYSOP understands that the number of modems that may be obtained
 under this program is limited to the number of working, VERIFIABLE data
 lines.  Data lines MUST be dedicated for modem use only and MUST be
 available 24 hours a day for modem access.  Modems purchased under this
 program MUST be used on one of the stated lines.  Furthermore, the SYSOP
 understands that the number of serial cards that may be obtained is one
 for each 2 modems ordered under the SYSOP Program. Participants in the
 Sysop Program beginning 1/1/92 may purchase the Dual Async Card based on
 these rules as well.

 4.  The SYSOP agrees to post an appropriate logon notice, visible to users 
 of the bulletin board, which states that said bulletin board uses and
 supports U.S. Robotics brand products.

 5.  The SYSOP agrees that he/she intends to operate the bulletin board,
 for which these products are purchased, for at least six (6) months post 
 purchase.  The U.S. Robotics logon must remain in effect for six (6)
 months to allow verification that the bulletin board is in place and that
 the U.S. Robotics promotional message is being displayed.

 6.  The SYSOP agrees that, in order to avoid conflict with the U.S.
 Robotics reseller channel, modems purchased under this program cannot be
 re-sold without the expressed written consent of U.S. Robotics.  Violation
 of this policy will result in the SYSOP's being ineligible for future
 participation in the U.S. Robotics SYSOP program.  In addition, any
 warranties on modems re-sold without U.S. Robotics authorization will be
 null and void.

 7.  The SYSOP understands that initialization of the verification process
 may take from one (1) to fifteen (15) days depending on the number of
 orders being processed by the SYSOP Support Department, and difficulty in
 verifying your bulletin board.  Shipment of product will take from two (2)
 to six (6) weeks pending availability of the particular product ordered. 
 U.S. Robotics will ship product(s) to QUALIFIED SYSOPs as soon as possible

   A.   The SYSOP completes the order form and questionnaire found on the 
        U.S. Robotics BBS via the SYSOP command at the main menu.  These
        must be filled-out on-line as no mail-in orders will be accepted.

 Prepaid orders will NOT be processed until payment has been received by 
 U.S. Robotics.  After placing an order on the board, a SYSOP wishing to 
 prepay his/her order should send a money order or cashier's check for 
 U.S. funds to:

                               U.S. Robotics 
                            SYSOP Support Program
                            8100 McCormick Blvd.
                              Skokie, IL 60076

 It is imperative that the SYSOP name, voice phone number and BBS phone
 number be indicated for identification purposes.  A personal or company
 check is acceptable, but shipping will be delayed for ten (10) working
 days to ensure that the check clears our bank.

          ** Wire transfers MUST be pre-approved by the         **
          ** U.S. Robotics Sysop Department.                    **

          $ U.S. Robotics will now accept credit card orders.     $
          $ To pay via credit card please call the 800-550-7800   $
          $ and be prepared to provide the phone representative   $
          $ pertinent credit card information.  Charges will not  $
          $ be applied to the account until the BBS has been      $
          $ verified by a SYSOP administrator.                    $

   B.   The SYSOP understands that once an order is placed, it cannot be 
        changed.  If you are uncertain as to the product you want to
        purchase, you may consult the Information & Text Files file area of
        this bulletin board for product information.  Or, you may call the
        U.S. Robotics Technical Support Department at (800) 550-7800 or
        call our Fax on Demand system at 800-762-6163  or  708-982-9061.  

   C.   Your board will be verified by a U.S. Robotics Online Support
        Analyst.  We MUST be able to connect with your bulletin board to
        verify board status.  In the event that we are uncertain of your
        board status, you will be notified by a U.S. Robotics 
        representative.  We will advise you as best we can as to what you
        need to provide in order to have your board verified (appropriate
        logon, copy of phone bill, software registration, etc.).  In no
        case will we verify a board until we are certain that it meets the
        requirements of the program.

   D.   U.S. Robotics will not accept voice phone-in orders.

   E.   U. S. Robotics reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this 
        program at any time.

   F.   If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 
        (800) 550-7800 for clarification.  

                              *** THANK YOU ***

 We realize that all Bulletin Boards are not the same and we are not always 
 able to ascertain their validity during our normal verification process.  
 In order not to exclude those Bulletin Boards from our program, we may 
 request additional information such as copies of telephone bills, proof of 
 software purchase and/or registration and network and association
 membership.  This information will only be requested by U.S. Robotics in
 rare cases and can not be used solely as a means of qualification.

 Before placing an order, please take steps to ensure the process goes as 
 easily as possible.  

 1. Create a login for U.S. Robotics

 2. Ensure no questionnaires or voting is necessary

 3. If your logon requires information other than password be sure to
    include this information on the order.

 4. Once this is established logon under the U.S. Robotics ID and look for 
    verifiable proof of six months activity.  If you can't find it, odds
    are we won't be able to either.

       ** US Robotics CAN NOT download special software to verify  **
       ** your BBS.  We support the basic communication platforms. **

  U.S. Robotics is determined to provide a SYSOP Program which is fair and 
  equitable to everyone.  Any requests made of SYSOPs in order to verify 
  Bulletin Boards are made in order to ensure that the program serves the 
  entire SYSOP community and protect the USR distribution channel as well.  

  We will make every effort to process each and every order in a
  professional and courteous manner.  Please help us to provide the type of
  service you want and deserve by filling-out the order form as completely
  and accurately as possible and responding to our requests for additional
  information in a prompt manner.

                              *** THANK YOU ***

           Contact Points for U.S. Robotics Inc., USA
           BBS - 708-982-5092
           FAX - 708-982-0823
           Fax on Demand - 800-762-6163  or  708-982-9061
           Compuserve - GO USROBOTICS  76711,707
           FIDO - 1:115/500
           RIME - USRUSA  #174
           PRIME - 98:212/1
           Internet -
           Voice Sysop Support   800-550-7800
           Sales   800-DIAL-USR
 USRobotics Inc.



 > ZEOS International STR InfoFile             STReport Mini-Series

                          ZEOS INTERNATIONAL, LTD.

                               A DREAM SYSTEM!

      Let's begin the second in an STReport mini-series on what can only be
 called a "Dream System" with the ZEOS International 90Mhz Pentium at the
 center.  Through the course of the mini-series, we shall cover in detail
 the installation of each of the custom peripherals which are listed below.
 The Peripheral List:

      A)- 2 1083 Mb Western Digital 31000a Enhanced IDE Hard Drives
      B)- 1 Teac CDROM CD55a 4x Drive
      C)- 1 Mitsumi IDE CDROM Drive

      D)- 1 Archive Viper 250mb SCSI Tape Backup

      E)- 1 Sound Blaster AWE32 Sound Card w 2mb & Roland SCD-15 Daughter
      F)- 1 Maxtor 340Mb SCSI Hard Disk
      G)- 1 Canon IX-4015 SCSI Color Scanner 1200lpi w/ADF 

      H)- 1 Fargo Primera Pro Color Printer 600dpi
      I)- 1 Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 4P Printer 600dpi
      J)- MAG Innovision 17F Color Monitor 17" ni

      K)- 1 USRobotics Dual Standard V.34/V.FC/28.8 External Modem
      L)- Adaptec 1542cf SCSI Busmaster card & EZ SCSI Software
          along with a few other items yet to be made mention of.

                              SOFTWARE TUNE-UPS

      The software setups began with the slight modification of both the
 Autoexec.Bat and Config.Sys files to finally, the installation of
 Quarterdeck's excellent memory manager, QEMM 7.5.  Which, in our opinion,
 is the best.
      Once the seven backup tapes were restored to the new ZEOS P90 system,
 the real fun was about to begin.  The older system had a Diamond Stealth
 Pro 2mb Video card.  It's drivers had to rem'ed out of the config files. 
 Then, since the new system has a Diamond Stealth 64 2mb video card, it had
 to be installed.  The first step was to set the Autoexec and config files
 for the new card.  Then, the video setting for WFWG 3.11 had to be set for
 VGA (generic) until the new video card was properly installed.  The
 installation of the Diamond software was a breeze.  Once installed, the
 improvements over the old card became quite obvious.  The Diamond In-Tools
 control panel was vastly improved (trouble-free changing of resolutions,
 Zoom functions, desktop switches, viewport switches, all on the fly from
 anywhere!) Once this minor event was completed, the enhanced 386
 configurations were about to be addressed.
      Enhanced 386?  For a Pentium 90?  You bet... even though the name
 implies something else, the fact is we are talking about pure, unbridled
 high speed performance.  First the Western Digital WDCTRL.386 driver was
 installed, then the selections for thirty two bit disk and file access
 were set. The permanent swap file was set at 4mb (easily big enough with
 16mb ram) and the 32bd&f was turned on.  The 32bF Cache was set to 2mb.  A
 point to be made known here is that once 32b is activated, Smart Drive is
 disabled when you boot Windows.  There is no loss of performance.  In
 fact, it only gets better with 32b F&D access turned on.  The Hard Disks
 all showed 32b F&D access for all partitions.

      After the preliminary setups were completed, it was time to optimize
 the usage of memory.  Yes friends, until such time as Win 95 hits, we
 are still, unfortunately, "married" to the 640k nightmare.  Once booted, a
 quick check of memory used and available free memory made the 640k barrier
 painfully obvious.  With the various drivers loaded; for the Stealth 64
 video card, AWE 32 sound card and twin CD Roms installed and running, the
 system really needed memory optimization, it had only 505k free.
      Quarterdeck's QEMM 7.5 to the rescue!  The installation of QEMM 7.5
 was begun from within WFWG 3.11.  The Quarterdeck "Quickboot" feature was
 enabled and the installation completed itself with obvious ease.  Now,
 with a fast click of a button and a few moments of sheer amazement..,
 Quarterdeck's Optimize quickly did it's thing... we were now ready to see
 the amount of free memory QEMM 7.5 had provided for this system. It was a
 whopping 646k!  Now, we are all set to "doittoit" any way we wish.

 Next week; the IDE GB Hard Drives and the CD Roms being installed.

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 Fire  up  that  high-speed modem and head for your favorite GEnie Software
 Library!   Effective October 10, 1994, you'll be able to participate in an
 open  beta  test,  offering  access  to  GEnie Services at 9600 bps for as
 little as $5.00 per hour.

 As a result of an arrangement with Sprint, GEnie will be offering 9600 bps
 access  from almost 300 SprintNet locations.  Best of all, this high-speed
 access  will  not  be subject to high-priced surcharges.  The normal $2.00
 per  hour  SprintNet  surcharge  will apply...even at 9600 bps!  This open
 beta test is expected to run through the end of the year.

 To find the number of the SprintNet access number nearest you, simply type
 PHONES  at  any  GEnie menu prompt (or use the "Move To Keyword" option in
 Genie  for  Windows and type PHONES).  Remember, this rate applies only to
 9600  bps  access  via  SprintNet.  So be sure to choose the access number
 showing  "9600" in the "Baud Rate" column AND "SprintNet" in the "Network"

 From  the  "Fine  Print"  department,  please note that the $2.00 per hour
 surcharge for SprintNet access is applicable even during your initial four
 hours of monthly usage.

 So,  whether you're into downloading software, reading bulletin boards, or
 accessing databases, it's about to become cheaper to do it faster!

      GEnie Information Services copyright (C) 1994 by General Electric
             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

        ___   ___    _____     _______
       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
      /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/                 ________________________
   /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/____                  Managed by SyndiComm
  /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)


 Call for Contributors:


                      KPT Power Tools Illustrated Guide

 By Nick Clarke
 Published by Addison Wesley Publishers Limited

 Addison Wesley and author Nick Clarke are current seeking artists,
 illustrators and graphic designers who have used KPT Power Tools to
 contribute images to this exiting book. 

 The book, which is full color through-out will be published in the USA and
 UK early in 1995. Included with it will be Macintosh CD ROM which is
 planned to be a showcase the best use of KPT. 

 We will include your details, contact address and full biography providing
 you give permission to publish your work. We are also looking to publish
 the best works inside the book if you could provide us with details on how
 you created your images using KPT. 

 So if you want massive exposure and you think you can contribute to this
 exciting project: Write, Call, EMail us today. Or send your work to the
 follow address:

 Nicky Jaeger, Senior Editor Computing, Addison Wesley Publishers Ltd,
 Finchampstead Road, Workingham, Berkshire, UK. RG11 2NZ
 Telephone: +44 (0) 734 794000: Telex 846136: Fax: +44 (0) 734 794035:
 E-mail: Applelink: Addiwes.UK. 

 To contact the author: 
 Nick Clarke: Telephone: +44 (0) 61 225 7945: E-mail: or try

 Note: Send your work on Macintosh formatted 45Mb Syquest or HD Floppy: All
 media will be returned back to you.

 Here is a brief press release about the book:

 Kai's Power Tools: An Illustrated Guide
 Nick Clarke

 At last a book for KPT power users!
 This book will put you in control of KPT, the best-selling plug-in filters
 for Mac based programs like Photoshop and Painter.  If you've only begun
 to scratch the surface of possible effects with these mind blowing
 utilities and are eager to explore further 'Kai's Power Tools: An
 Illustrated Guide'  is definitely the book for you.

 Since their release in 1992, the KPT Filter set of image processing
 effects has received critical acclaim from the Macintosh press and the
 design industry. Their low cost and power user appeal have made them the
 most successful set of PhotoShop compatible filters of all time. Many of
 the filters are too complex to explain in words alone which is why desktop
 designers and illustrators will love Nick Clarke's visual approach. 
 Richly illustrated in full color throughout he presents a series of
 work-throughs that explore how to use the filters and shows them in

 Features Include:
 Chapters devoted to each of the major KPT filters including: 

 *    An overview of the interface features, a series of step by step work
      throughs and actual examples of filters in use.

 *    Work-through tutorials illustrated in full-colour.

 *    Easy to follow, step-by-step, instructions that help you get the best
      out of KPT.

 *    A complete reference illustrating the KPT filter set in action.

 *    Ideal book for all PhotoShop and Painter users, young and old.

 *    Filled with creative hints and tips.

 A CD-ROM containing:
 *    Animated examples of filters in action.

 *    A Gallery of Excellence containing images created using KPT from a
      range of designers including Kai Krause.

 *    Demo versions KPT filters (Have HSC agreed to this?)
 *    Software Demos: Adobe PhotoShop 3 and Painter 3.

 *    Online start-up kits from Compuserve and America Online 
 *    Previously unpublished KPT tips from HSC

 *    Foreword by Kai Krause

 Nick Clarke is Senior Lecturer of Computing and Design at University
 College Salford in the UK. For the past eleven years he has been a
 technology consultant for the design, print, pre-press and multi-media

 He is a regular contributor to MacUser magazine where he is the
 Contributing Editor for Graphic Design software. Since 1987 he has over a
 quarter of a million words published about Macintosh software.



                 HP OfficeJet Packs "No-compromise" Features
                                   into a
                            Three-in-one Package
 PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 17, 1994 - Hewlett-Packard Company, the leading
 supplier of printers and plain-paper fax machines, today introduced the HP
 OfficeJet personal printerfaxcopier, a new category of product designed
 specifically for professional home-office users.
      The OfficeJet printerfaxcopier, priced at $959 (U.S.), offers
 customers a complete office solution with functionality typically found
 only in more expensive products targeted at the corporate marketplace.
      "HP's technical strengths in the printer and plain-paper fax markets
 enable us to offer customers with home offices a product that doesn't
 compromise one function for another," said Steven J. Gomo, general manager
 of HP's San Diego Division.  "OfficeJet printerfaxcopier is a
 full-featured printer and plain-paper fax machine as well as a convenience
      "OfficeJet printerfaxcopier was developed based on customer requests
 for an integrated product that is easy to learn and manage and saves
 space.  It helps a small office run more smoothly; there's only one print
 cartridge, one kind of paper and one manual for all three functions."
 OfficeJet Printer Features
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier works out of the box with Windows and DOS
 PCs and is compatible with Macintosh computers through third-party
 solutions such as GDT PowerPrint.  The OfficeJet printerfaxcopier uses the
 same printer technology as the popular HP DeskJet printer.  It is designed
 to print clear, sharp black text with smooth, crisp edges.
      This high print quality is achieved through 600 x 300 dots-per-inch
 (dpi) resolution with Resolution Enhancement technology (REt).  REt varies
 the size and placement of the dots produced by the printer to smooth
 curves and edges on individual characters.
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier prints on plain cut-sheet paper and also
 supports a variety of other media types, including glossy paper and
 transparencies.  Unlike other printers, which require manual adjustments
 to print envelopes, OfficeJet printerfaxcopier features an automatic
 sensor that ensures optimal print quality on envelopes.
      The new device produces 256 grayscale levels in print mode for users
 who want to produce very high-quality graphics.  The personal
 printerfaxcopier comes with 14 TrueType scaleable fonts for Windows(tm)
 users and six built-in typefaces for DOS users.  OfficeJet
 printerfaxcopier comes standard with a high-speed Centronics parallel
 interface, which enables users to transfer print jobs from their PC 10
 times faster than if the device used the more common RS-232 serial
 interface.  The product is compatible with leading software and comes with
 DOS and Windows drivers in the box.
 OfficeJet Fax Features
      In addition to high-quality monochrome printing, OfficeJet
 printerfaxcopier is a full-featured plain-paper facsimile machine.  With
 it, professional home-office users can transmit fax pages in about 10
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier can be programmed to speed dial 65
 locations, including five group locations, and automatically redial busy
 signals up to five times.  The product also can broadcast a fax document
 to up to 10 locations and perform polling, a feature that allows users to
 call another fax and receive a transmission from it.
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier, with its 24-page memory, will receive
 incoming faxes into memory while printing a document.  In addition, it
 stores incoming faxes in memory if it runs out of ink or paper.  The
 product comes standard with a front-loading, straight-through paper path
 and a reliable 20-page automatic document feeder to virtually eliminate
 misfeeds and paper jams.
      The new product can share a single telephone line with an answering
 machine and is equipped with Distinctive Ring detect, a feature that
 enables the device to respond to multiple rings to signal a fax call. 
 This feature, available through some telephone companies, allows a user to
 have two telephone numbers with different rings on a single line.  The
 product meets the CCITT/ITU Group 3 international industry standard.
 OfficeJet Copier Features
      Additionally, OfficeJet printerfaxcopier offers professional
 home-office users the benefit of a convenience copier.  While not designed
 for large copying jobs, OfficeJet printerfaxcopier can save time and
 hassle by eliminating the need to go to a copy center when a few extra
 copies of a document are needed.
      The OfficeJet printerfaxcopier's copy function also is capable of
 document reduction.  For example, it can reduce legal-size documents to
 fit on 8.5-inch x 11-inch paper.  For added flexibility, users can reduce
 a copy by as much as 70 percent of the original document.  In total, seven
 different reduction settings are possible.Combined Features
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier has a convenient, front-loading, 100-page
 paper tray that supports the most widely used media sizes, including
 letter-, legal- and A4-size paper.  The new product's output tray
 accommodates print jobs of up to 100 pages.
      The device, which prints at up to 3 pages per minute, is designed
 around a new user-friendly front panel that integrates printer and
 fax/copy features in an easy-to-read, menu-driven display.  The design
 highlights the most commonly used fax features, enabling users to access
 speed dialing, auto redial, resolution and reception mode easily and
 quickly -- without looking up function codes.
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier is powered by a National Semiconductor
 NSFAX chip set and software solution designed to support multifunction
 products.  Because the product uses HP's inkjet technology for all three
 functions, one print cartridge and plain paper meet all printing, faxing
 and copying needs.
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier is available through HP-authorized dealers
 and retail stores. Replaceable ink cartridges for these models are $31.95
 (U.S.) and print approximately 1,000 pages; they are available at
 office-supply and computer retail stores.
      OfficeJet printerfaxcopier is backed by a limited, one-year Express
 Exchange replacement warranty.  With Express Exchange, customers receive a
 replacement machine within one business day.
      HP is the world's leading supplier of inkjet products. HP inkjet
 technology, which is used in a variety of products from printers and
 facsimile machines to plotters, was developed at HP Laboratories and HP
 InkJet Technology Centers.
      Hewlett-Packard Company is an international manufacturer of
 measurement and computation products and systems recognized for excellence
 in quality and support. The company's products and services are used in
 industry, business, engineering, science, medicine and education in
 approximately 110 countries. HP has 97,900 employees and had revenue of
 $20.3 billion in its 1993 fiscal year.
               Windows is a U.S. trademark of Microsoft Corp.


                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 STReport International Online Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
 and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
 computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

                       DELPHI's 20/20 Advantage Plan 
                           20 Hours for Only $20!

 Advantage Members have always enjoyed the lowest DELPHI access rates
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 online or find some other diversion, don't worry because additional usage
 is only $1.80 per hour.

 20/20 Advantage rates apply for access via SprintNet or Tymnet from within
 the continental United States during home time or via direct dial around
 the clock. Home Time is from 6pm to 6am weekdays. Access during business
 time carries a surcharge of $9 per hour. These rates apply for most
 services, but note that there are some surcharged areas on DELPHI which
 are clearly marked with a "$" sign.

 Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in good
 standing.  Applications are reviewed and subject to approval by Delphi
 Internet Services Corporation.

 It's easy to join. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply
 online -- at any time -- for membership in the DELPHI 20/20 Advantage
 Plan. Your membership becomes active at 4 a.m. Eastern Time on the first
 billing day of the following month. 

 The $20 charge will be billed to you at the beginning of the month to
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 not carry forward into the next month. 

      Advantage rates may be changed with 30 days notice given online.

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 For a limited time, you can become a trial member of DELPHI, and receive 5
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 twice. When you get the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET> again.
 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      I apologize for my "tone" last week.  As you may have noticed,
 the "real job" has been chaotic the past few weeks and it's not getting
 better fast.  I've been in "grouch mode" for a couple of weeks,
 enhanced by irregular hours, shifts, and other oddities.  I'm hoping
 that things normalize within the next couple of weeks, so please bear
 with me if I seem out of sorts via my opening comments from time to

      With that in mind, I'm going to do something which is quite out of
 character for me - and that's to say nothing editorially this week!
 So, let's just move ahead and see what's brewing this week.

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (10/19/94)                       
        (1) NEWDESK AND DESKTOP GUIDE     *(6) HACE NEWSLETTER              
        (2) HSMODA04 SERIAL PORT ACC       (7) FALCON UPDATE ISSUE 6        
        (3) IDEALIST 3.51                 *(8) ESS-CODE V6.2                
        (4) MAGIC SPOOLER 1.09            *(9) E-MAIL LIST                  
        (5) TYPE 1 CONVERTER              (10) PLAYMPEG 0.60 DEMO           
                             * = New on list                                
                              HONORARY TOP 10                               
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                ST REPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  10.42)                 
            ATARI ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 3, ISSUE 12)          
          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.


 > Falcon Toolkit STR Spotlight

                              FALCON030 TOOLKIT

 Press Release -- October 1994

         Trace Technologies is proud to introduce the F030TKIT.
                      Shipping date: AVAILABLE NOW!
                  Special price through November 15, 1994.

                        Plus a discount on FastPath.

  F030TKIT - a 'must have' collection of utilities for ALL Falcon owners!
  Do you have problems deleting folders, printing text or renaming files?
  Tired of losing memory?
  Need quick and easy access to a floppy disk formatter?
  What about one with extensive, simple-to-use options?
  Would you like to configure system parameters to your preferences?
  Then have I got a package for you!

  TraceTech's Falcon030 ToolKit, a demoware package by Keith Gerdes and
  Trace Technologies, offers several answers to those questions and more.
   o What does the Falcon030 ToolKit do?
    The F030TKIT is a multi utility package.
    1) TOS4Trap v2 addresses changes in TOS4's GEMDOS to improve software
    2) From a co-author of DC Formatter, Trace Formatter Jr CPX gives
    you quick and easy access to a floppy disk formatter which has
    flexible options such as number of tracks, DD/HD format, faster
    I/O, etc.

    3) NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) Configurator allows you to setup your
    F030's hardware and system software with simple user preference
    An upgrade to the shareware program, TOS4Trap v1, the _original_
    TOS4 "fix" utility which set the standard for bridging the gap of
    TOS4 GEMDOS compatibility.

      For example: helps pre-STalker 3.03, pre-NeoDesk 4, MaxiFile,
      DeskManager, some GFA compiled programs and many other programs.
      Accept only the best, which gets better in TOS4Trap v2.  v2 also
      ends those memory loss blues.  Simply open and close directory     
      windows at the GEM Desktop to see what I mean.
    fka DC Formatter Jr - A CPX-based floppy disk formatter originally
    scheduled for release in the DC CPXtensions package.
    Available options:
    1) # of tracks - 0, 40 and 80-85
    2) # of sides - 1 and 2
    3) Sectors per track - 9, 10, 18 and 20
    4) Drive - A and B
    5) Format type - Normal and Skewed
    6) Volume label
     + Convenient save configuration feature.
     + Reverse formatting for data safety.
     + Abort feature with continue option.
    Configure various NVRAM settings used by TOS4.
    Special NOTE: Contains a unique bootup setting option for TOS 4.04.
    Available options:
    1) System bootup delay - Time (0-80 seconds)  [NOTE: TOS 4.04 only]
    2) System bootup video mode - ST Low, ST High or No Change
    3) International time format [_IDT] - 12 or 24 Hour
    4) International date format [_IDT] - MMDDYY, DDMMYY, YYMMDD or YYDDMM
    5) Keyboard preference [_AKP] - 8 countries
    6) Desktop preference [_AKP] - 5 languages
    Also related to NVRAM:
    RESETNVR.PRG - reset your NVRAM to default configuration
    DO_BOOTN.PRG - writes an executable boot sector to a floppy which will
                   reset the NVRAM to default configuration on bootup
    Don't be locked out of your computer if your NVRAM gets messed up!
    Run a program with the 68030 cache turned OFF, restored on exit.
  o And updates to a couple of 'DC Programs of the Week'.
  o All programs are 100% assembly.

  o Strong support from one of the oldest developers for the Atari ST
    whose current product line includes Data Diet, Squish II, Data Rescue,
    Load Aladdin, TOS4TRAPv1, FastPath -and soon to be released- FlexMenu
    and Missouri.
  o A demo version is freely available on online services.
    NOTE: Some features are not available in the demo version.
 Purchasing the F030TKIT:
  ****  TOS4Trap v1 registered user notice  ****
   Registered users of the TraceTech shareware product, TOS4Trap v1,
   can apply that paid fee toward this order.  For example, if you sent
   in $5, deduct $5 from the total owed for the F030TKIT.
 [NOTE: Canadian users- please see specific F030TKIT order info below.]
 As an introductory special, order BEFORE November 16, 1994 and save $5!
 Send US$25, which includes shipping & handling.
    o Outside the U.S. - add $5
    o For priority mail in the U.S. - add $3
 To get this discount, your letter MUST be postmarked NO LATER than
 November 15, 1994.
   Orders postmarked AFTER November 15, 1994:
   Send US$30, which includes shipping & handling.
    o Outside the U.S. - add $5
    o For priority mail in the U.S. - add $3
 If you haven't picked up the new FastPath utility yet, it is ONLY $10
 when ordered with the F030TKIT.
 And not to forget MORE MONEY SAVING discounts, contact TraceTech for
 special direct order prices on our commercial products.
 Texas residents must add 8.25% sales tax.
 Please make payment by check (issued by a U.S. bank), U.S. funds
 money order (drawn on a U.S. bank), or postal money order.
  [NOTEs: GEnie gifts of time are not accepted.
          And no credit card order capability.]
  Payable to:
                     Trace Technologies or Keith Gerdes
  Send to:
                        Trace Technologies [F030TKIT]
                                PO Box 711403
                           Houston, TX  77271-1403
 What else do you get for your investment?
   -> Tech support and bug fix updates!
   -> Plus special discounts on future products.
 ==== Canadian users ====
 In order to save you money and offer you quicker turnaround, I
 started a registration service with Howard Carson, a member of the
 Toronto Atari Federation User Group.  Howard will take care of
 processing all Canadian orders- including user registration, money
 transactions and software distribution.
   Please note, tech support and all other support will still be
   the sole responsibility of TraceTech.
 F030TKIT orders before November 16, 1994:
  The Canadian registration fee is $40 Cdn, total amount.
  To get this discount, your letter MUST be postmarked no later than
  November 15, 1994.
 F030TKIT orders after November 15, 1994:
  The Canadian registration fee is $48 Cdn, total amount.
 If you haven't picked up the new FastPath utility yet, it is ONLY $16
 Cdn when ordered with the F030TKIT.
 You can contact Howard for MORE MONEY SAVING discounts on TraceTech
 commercial products.
 Send all Canadian registrations to:

                                Howard Carson
                        #601-2904 St. Clair Ave. East
                              Toronto, Ontario
                               Canada M4B 1N7

 And make all Canadian payments to:
  Howard Carson
 Howard accepts personal cheques and current account cheques drawn on
 Canadian banks and trusts, as well as MO's, drafts and cash.  He will
 try to service registrants within 72 hours (for cash, M.O and
 draft/certified cheque customers), and within 10 days for personal
 cheque customers.  '72 hours' and '10 days', refer to the actual elapsed
 period before an item is mailed/registered/applied (as appropriate).

  ==== Other currencies ====
 If you wish to setup a distribution point for other currencies, please
 contact me.
  Customer support is available via:
    Phone: (713)771-8332  [weekdays 1PM-5PM Central Time]
    GEnie: Category 2, Topic 12 or K.GERDES
   Products mentioned are copyright by their respective owners.
 Reprint notice:
 Reprint permission is granted as long as it is done in entirety.


 > Lexicor News! STR InfoFile!  -  Phoenix/Xenomorph Deal!

 Lexicor Software Corporation -

 * Get Graphical Special International Deal Phoenix/Xenomorph Deal *
 * Object Scanline Renderer - 93% rating in STF *

 Phoenix 1.0 regular retail: 69.00 U$D
 Cybersculpt regular retail: 34.95
                             103.95 U$D
 Phoenix/Xenomorph version 1.0 including manual and Cybersculpt + Manual

 Both together for ONLY 39 U$D for 2 weeks starting from October 1994
 You can later upgrade to version 2.0 for 49.95 U$D only
 for ST/STe/TT'030/Falcon030

 Raystart version 1.1 Analytical Raytracer - RRP: 99 U$D

 40 U$D only, Object Creator, Renderer and Raytracing package in one,
 for ST/STe/TT'030/Falcon030 

 Demo versions on in /pub/atari/Graphics/Lexicor/Demosoftware

 VISA-Mastercard Accepted, news info included in later text

 Lexicor Software Corporation
 36 Queensberry Street, suite 6
 Boston, MA 02215
 Tel: (617) 437 0414
 Fax: (617) 437 9413

 Standard Features of Phoenix

 o Render Objects with smooth shading, no more polygon edges!
 o Objects will render with highlights
 o Objects may be textured with wood grain, marble, or wrap and
   image around the object
 o Each Object may have it's own color palette
 o Number of Objects is limited only by memory
 o 4 different light source type, up to 21 lights in a scene.
 o 3 different camera types. Maneuver the camera anywhere in a
 o Graphical object, light and camera positioning editor. 
 o View and save rendered images as 512 color Spectrum SPC files,
   2 to 256 color GIF files, or true color (24bit) Targa files at any
 o Simple animation capabilities, or render CTL script animations 
   (Cyber Control v.1.1 required for CTL animations) or use the new
   ANM-LINK (Relativity) to render Chronos Key-frame animations with 
   morphs and cycles.
 o Several tutorial and sample objects included
 o Runs in any 80 column color or monochrome resolution
 o Full math co-processor support
 o Plus much much more!

 There is a lot more to the new Phoenix, especially the new powerful
 Color Spline to give you close to absolute texture control. Lexicor
 Software will soon come with a special disk of over hundreds of new
 textures for use in Phoenix, but here is a small list of the Textures
 available straight away in the Phoenix 2.0 disk.

 - Wood 
     User definable with grain color and width, Object Texture
     Ratio, view 
 - Marble 
     User definable with color bands, turbulence, base color, grain,
     view, Object Texture Ratio and more 
 - Image Mapping 
     Load SPC, TGA,GIF or FLC/X animations to map in S map (Plane,
     Cube, Cylinder or Sphere), O Map (Reflection, Obj Normal, Obj
     Center, S Map Norm), Tiling (single or tiled, morph lock, view
     control, turbulence and Mask (no mask, foreground or opaque mask)
     on the object of your choice with your own created image.

  On the Internet you may contact us on or, optionally you may also email

 On COMPUSERVE contact 75300,763 or 73073,142 or visit us in topic 11
 (LEXICOR) on atariarts or atariven (type go atariarts).

 GENIE contact LEXICOR or Y.SIU or visit us at the GRAPHICS RT on page
 1415 (type m1415) in Category 22 (LEXICOR SUPPORT) or just type
 GRAPHICS to enter the forum.

 On DELPHI contact LEXICOR or LEXICORWORLD or visit us in the Atari
 Advantage Area (type go com atari).

 This is an official announcement from LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORPORATION  

 Lexicor Software is extremely proud to announce the release of RAYSTART
 in the U.S.A. It comes, naturally completely in English and is one of
 the best Raytracers around on the Atari Platform.  

 Check out some of the Raytraced Images of RAYSTART in our Lexicor
 Graphics Library. 

 Ray tracing allows you to produce near-photorealistic images and
 animation. The ray tracer can accurately model such lighting effects
 as shadow, reflection and refraction, magnification, mirrors, and
 textured surfaces.

 It is a lovely addition to our family of Graphics Software. Perfect
 for use in Presentation, Multimedia, Animation maybe and definitely

 It has a built in Editor very similar to CAD-3D2 from Antic and is 3D2
 file Compatible which means that you can use your Cyber Models (3D2)
 with it. 

 I will quote Godefroy de Maupeou from the French Magazine ST-Mag. 
 (translated from French into English)

 "Raystart 1.0 is a big surprise. For a price that is usually for small
 Utilities, it is an extremely powerful Raytracer and very easy to use!" 

                                                      Godefroy de Maupeou 

 In the same article he said:  

 "Raystart is extremely fast, judge for yourself. A Sphere in 160x120
 mode TIF with the raytracing option, a mirror of 100% and one solar
 light takes 22 Seconds, without anti-aliasing, 57 Seconds with
 anti-aliasing set to 1 (Four rays per Point rather than one)." 

 He however failed to mention the testing conditions, as RAYSTART v.1.0
 has no Math Co-Processor support these times are extremely fast for
 any raytracer, may it be for a TT, Falcon or just a plain ST. 

 So how do I make a 3D Design and Raytrace it? 

 - Load or make an Object 

 - Confirm the Object for Output 

 - Choose a Color for your Object 

 - Choose a Texture 

 - Choose it's attributes (when a ray of light hit's th Object) 

 - Position the light sources 

 - Position the Camera 

 - Select the method of calculation 

 - While an object is raytraced you have the option to interrupt it and 
   continue later on 

 Positioning the Camera can be done using either a Coordinate System
 just like PHOENIX or a point and click interface like CHRONOS.  

 Parallel, Point, Ambient and Spot light sources  

 Additional options for Interpolation, Mirror, Transparency, Convex, 
 Reflections, Shine, Texture, density, anti-aliasing and more. 

 Functional and Analytical Objects. 

 Intuitive Point and click Graphical User Interface, very easy to use. 
 The Textures Menu have four different types of color deviations (if
 that is the right word): Block, Rings, Spherical and Striped. Each one
 of these Textures can be parametrised with a dozen other features,
 including the random functions. 

 I won't go into detail of each those other functions as they are too

 Distortion Raster 

 The built in Editor allows you to change or distort a previously
 Object via a mathematical function which can be user-defined.  

 System Requirements: 

 Any Atari ST, STE, Mega, TT or Falcon.

 Price: 99.00 U$D

 And from a happy Nova user...

 From: (Dave Smith)
 Subject: Happy Lexicor/Nova User

 D.SMITH200 [Dave]      

 To All Concerned:

 This is a bit of testimony to the excellent support received by this
 Lexicor user:

 I originally bought my Nova 16M VME at the '93 CAF. The card performed
 beautifully until last month, when I booted up and was looking at a
 rather pleasant blue screen with scattered white pixels.

 At that point, Lexicor was going through some transitions, moving it's
 support offices to their present Boston location. Rather than ship the
 board to the original Berkeley location, I thought I'd wait for the dust
 to settle before sending the card in for the needed repairs.

 Then a thought came to mind: Lexicor was going to be present at the CAF
 in Bridgeport on the weekend of the 27th... So why not take the
 1&1/2 hr. drive and see to it personally.

 Well, the Lexicor booth was a very busy place, with the North American
 Debut of the Medusa, and the rest of the product line being demo'ed.

 In spite of the confusion with buyers and onlookers (and the hook-up
 problems for the VCR and the subsequent "disappearance" of their demo
 tape)... Yat took the time to swap out the board for one of the sale
 units, and sent me home with a brand new board, plugged into my original
 interface... with the promise of a free exchange for a totally new board
 if things failed.

 I hooked it back up, booted up, and things were fine for about an hour...
 then the original problem re-surfaced.

 I gave Yat a call Monday, and he stepped me through a debug of the
 interface. It worked.
 Suffice it to say, I'm sitting here with a NEW Nova card, debugged
 interface, at no charge to me. And we're talking about a board that
 was 9 months out of warranty. Thanks, Yat!

 I'm currently playing with the filters in DA's Picture. Look for
 uploads. And look no further for great support.

 Dave Smith


                               Jaguar Section

                             "ALIEN VS PREDATOR"

 Nothing else need be said!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      It's official as of today, but some of us have already managed to
 acquire Alien vs Predator and logged a number of hours (days?) playing
 it!  I haven't had a chance to really get involved with the game yet,
 but I hope to finally have a peaceful weekend with the lights down low
 and the sound up - this game is wonderful!!  The Jaguar areas on
 Compuserve and the Usenet have been deluged with AvP comments.  I've
 seen very few "serious" negative comments about the game.  Just about
 everyone is extremely happy with it.  Rebellion has a real winner on
 their hands, as does Atari!  If you don't have it yet, find it and get
 it - you will not be sorry.
      We're feverishly in the process of putting together two reviews of
 AvP for an upcoming issue.  The game is not one that can be finished in
 a few hours or days; which is a real plus for players.  We want to
 really want to thoroughly explore this game to be able to provide you
 with a comprehensive look.  We know you'll appreciate it.
      We know you're all anxious to get on with the game, so we'll move
 right along ourselves.  Watch your back!!

      Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

    Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

     J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001  Trevor McFur/
            Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
     J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
     JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
     J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.

     Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

             CatBox              $49.95               ICD
             CatBox +            $69.95               ICD

     Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

     J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
     J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
     J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95      


 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

                 -/- Nintendo Patent Suit Dismissed -/-

      A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed a patent infringement
 lawsuit filed by inventor Edward Gussin against Nintendo of America Inc.

      U.S. District Judge Lourdes Baird of the Central District of
 California dismissed the case on five separate and independent grounds,
 ruling in response to Nintendo's motion that Nintendo's Super NES video
 game system, when used with the Mario Paint computer drawing and
 painting accessory, did not infringe Mr. Gussin's patent.

      "Judge Baird's decision to dismiss Gussin's case, along with
 Nintendo's victory against National Semiconductor earlier this year,
 are evidence of the growing trend in which the federal courts are
 willing to weed out meritless patent infringement cases prior to trial,"
 observes Nintendo counsel John J. Kirby. "In light of the complexity of
 patent cases and the difficulty of making complex technologies and
 concepts of patent law understandable to jurors, courts are becoming
 more vigilant against letting meritless claims go to trial. The
 willingness of courts to apply the law to undisputed facts at an early
 stage not only conserves judicial resources but also prevents the
 unjust harassment of innocent businesses."

      Howard Lincoln, Nintendo of America's chairman, adds, "This is the
 second time this year that Nintendo has thwarted an attempt to extract
 money from it based on a meritless patent claim. We are gratified that
 these courts have soundly rejected such baseless attempts to profit
 from Nintendo's success in the U.S. market."

      Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, is a
 wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo Company, Ltd., of Japan, the
 world's largest manufacturer and marketer of video games.

                     -/- Mindscape Acquires SSI -/-

      Home software publisher Mindscape Inc., formerly known as The
 Software Toolworks, says it has acquired Strategic Simulations Inc.
 for undisclosed terms.

      SSI, based in Sunnyvale, California, is a privately-owned developer
 of computer war games, sports simulations, and fantasy role-playing
 games for personal computers, on-line services and video game systems.

      Mindscape is a subsidiary of Pearson plc, a London-based
 international media group whose other interests include Addison-Wesley
 Publishing Co., Penguin Books, Thames Television Ltd., The Tussauds
 Group, satellite broadcaster Sky, and The Financial Times of London and
 50 percent of The Economist magazine.

      "SSI is a cornerstone in our efforts to establish Mindscape as a
 major player in the field of entertainment software," says Bob Lloyd,
 chairman and CEO of Mindscape, which is located in Novato, California.
 "This acquisition augments our already-strong educational and
 informational development efforts with outstanding entertainment
 development expertise."

      Earlier this week, Mindscape announced the acquisition of French
 entertainment software developer Atreid Concept.

      SSI will become a Mindscape, subsidiary. SSI's management will
 remain in place.

      SSI was founded in 1979 with three employees. Today, the company
 has grown to over 80 employees and has published more than 150 games
 and over 470 different versions.


 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

               CATnips... Jaguar notes from Don Thomas ...

 Atari is now beginning a shipment of cinema-quality Alien Vs. Predator
 posters to Atari Jaguar retailers.  These posters are extremely
 impressive. They feature the image seen in the opening of Atari's
 new Alien Vs. Predator video game for the Jaguar 64-bit game system.
 I have obtained permission to set aside a limited number of these
 posters for our VERY patient online Jaguar gamers. Here's the deal...

 While they last in my hot little (actually medium size) hands, you may
 have one poster FREE! There is a catch I'll mention in a moment, but
 this poster is real cool AND is FREE just because everyone has been
 real patient and we like your support and if you like your poster,
 you'll show your friends and they'll buy an Alien Vs. Predator
 cartridge because you told them to.  Whew!

 The catch?!... Oh yea. The poster is carefully rolled in a special
 mailing tube and ready to be slapped with your address. All we ask is
 that you prepay Atari's minimum shipping and handling fee to cover our
 expenses of the tube, label, postage, etc. That fee is only $4.95 each
 poster. The posters are already in tubes, so I cannot double up
 posters and, besides, that wouldn't be fair so don't ask for more than
 one per mailing tube please!
 This is the EXACT same poster you will see in stores soon and it's
 certainly going to become a collector's item.

 To get yours, send $4.95 ($8.95 U.S. funds for Canada) in the EXACT
 amount. Payment may be received in Money order, check, MasterCard or

 I cannot ship out of North America. Other countries should see what
 promotions Atari U.K. may be devising OR make arrangements with someone
 they know in North America to forward it to them.
          CATscan @ 209/239-1552

          Don's Really Nifty FREE AvP Poster Deal
          P.O. Box 61657
          Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657
  (offer good while quantities last - poster offer is independent from
  other offers and cannot be combined with other transactions)
  NOTES TO SYSOPS: Please help spread this offer. Put it in banners if
  possible. Please help make sure all members of your forum are exposed
  to the offer ASAP.


 Sb: Crank the Beach Boys!
 Fm: Steve Watkins 74241,3001
 To: all

 Catchy subject, eh?  It relates to my latest 'Net Surfin' Safari...

 Here's all the rumors that are printed to fit. :)  (From Robert Jung
 who claims to have gotten it from someone inside Atari.  Since this was
 on the 'net and that reaches a couple billion people, I think I'll
 re-post it here.  I'm hoping no Atari heads will roll over this...
 seriously.  I'm not one to START rumors, but I'm not above passing
 them on. :)

 Nothing new, but supposedly the release dates are more solid.

 Here's what he says:

 "  The following list of upcoming Jaguar games release dates dropped
 into my greedy mitts from sources fairly close inside Atari.  Please
 note that (1) it is an INCOMPLETE list, and (2) these represent best
 guesses, not actual commitments.  Take it with a grain of salt, but I
 think most of this list is dead on:

 ========================  =============
 Air Cars                  December '94
 Arena Football League     1Q 1995
 Assault                   1Q 1995
 Barkley Basketball        2Q 1995
 Battlemorph               December '94
 BattleWheels              1Q 1995
 Blue Lightning            December '94
 Brett Hull Hockey         2Q 1995
 Bubsy                     December '94
 Cannon Fodder             November '94
 Checkered Flag            November '94
 Club Drive                November '94
 Creature Shock            1Q 1995
 'Dactyl Joust             2Q 1995
 Demolition Man            January '95
 Doom                      November '94
 Double Dragon V           December '94
 Dragon's Lair             1Q 1995
  Dragon                    November '94
 Dungeon Depths            1Q 1995
 Fight For Life            1Q 1995
 Flashback                 December '94
 Hardball III              2Q 1995
 Highlander (CD)           1Q 1995
 Horrorscope               1Q 1995
 Iron Soldier              November '94
 Jack Nicklaus Golf (CD)   2Q 1995
 Kasumi Ninja              November '94
 Rage Rally                1Q 1995
 Rayman                    December '94
 Robinson's Requiem        1Q 1995
 Soccer Kid                1Q 1995
 Space War                 December '94
 Star Raiders 2000         1Q 1995
 Syndicate                 November '94
 Theme Park                November '94
 Tiny Toon Adventures      1Q 1995
 Troy Aikman NFL Football  December '94
 Ultimate Brain Games      December '94
 Ultra Vortex               December '94
 White Men Can't Jump      1Q 1995
 Zool 2                    November '94

   And now, to REALLY make you tear your hair out...

   Remember the big secrecy Atari had over FIGHT FOR LIFE?  Well, I
 think I also unearthed the names of some of Atari's other top-secret
 projects.  I could spill the beans now, but that'd drive the folks
 at Atari nuts and probably get me into some hot water.  But I don't
 like saying something without proof, so...

   So, as a compromise, here's a censored list of the they-exist-but-you-
 haven't-even-heard-of-them-yet Jaguar games that are in the pipeline.
 Any Atari insiders who want to fill in the blanks and tell me how
 (in)accurate I am are welcome to do so...

 ========================  =============
 B-----t                   1Q 1995
 D---------t (CD)          2Q 1995
 H---r S----e              1Q 1995
 V-l D-----e S----g        December '94
 a-d S----------g

   (Rob disavows all responsibility if something doesn't pan out.  Hey,
 this is grist for the RUMOR mills, kids)"

 There you have it.  Now, here are some strange guesses from other

 " >========================  =============
 >D---------t (CD)          2Q 1995

 Deathknight fits, but I have no idea.

 >H---r S----e              1Q 1995

 Based on what Travis said, Hover Strike

 >V-l D-----e S----g        December '94
 >a-d S----------g

 This must be Val D'Issere (or something like that :) Skiing and
 Snowboarding. I think it's out for the SNES too, but I'm not sure. "

 I'm going to put my vote in saying the Val D'Issere thingy is correct,
 since I can't fathom anything else fitting.  And Dactyl Joust fits for
 the D---------T CD entry.   As for the others?   Who knows.  Only the


 Fm: Steve Horn 74461,637

   Next up for Atari (I got this from Garry) is Club Drive (about 2 to
 3 weeks) then Bruce lee followed almost immediately by Doom and then
 KN and Checkered Flag.

   Sandy, Garry's sec. , told me the KN development crew brought in their
 sleeping bags and worked all this weekend on KN. They're trying their
 best to get it out soon. If I remember right, Garry said it was in final
 testing now.

 #: 56724 S15/Jaguar General
     18-Oct-94  20:40:28
 Sb: Crank Beach Boys Pt Deux
 Fm: Steve Watkins 74241,3001
 To: all

 This 'Net nugget appears to be on the level and it is something I know
 we here haven't discussed (at least recently):

 >>>"Subject: Soccer
 From: (Glenn Williams)
 Date: 17 Oct 1994 08:39:32 +0100
 Message-ID: <37t9nk$>

 We've just finished development of Sensible Soccer for the Jag. it'll
 be in the shops this christmas.

 If your into football, this is the most playable thing you'll find
 on any machine.

 The graphics are not like FIFA but play them both and see which is the

 .Williams Brothers Development.
 20 GOTO 10              (c) 1978 ( I was impressed......)"<<<<

 I have no clue why this soccer game is Sensible <G>, but then again I'm
 not a marketing *genius* <G>


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando
  CIS ID: 73637,2262

      Hey there friends.  Y'know, this part of the column is always the
 hardest to write.  I mean, what can I tell you?  That the Atari market is
 alive and well??  That developers are raking in big bucks??  That we've
 got a long and rosy future with our present machines??  I think not.  Now,
 before some of you decide to get in my face and complain that I'm bashing
 the Atari scene, let me finish.  I intend to continue using my STe and
 Stacy until they die.  They do everything I need them to do.  They're fast
 enough for my word processing needs, they telecommunicate at 14,400 baud,
 they play all of my favorite old games, and they even play those cool
 sound files in MicroSoft WAV format that sysops and DOS/Windows users keep
 telling me that you need an Intel-based machine for.  I remember the first
 time that WAV files became an issue: CompuServe posted a song by Aerosmith
 in WAV format and, before letting you download the file, asked you several
 times if you had:
   1) An IBM compatible computer,
   2) MicroSoft Windows, and
   3) a 8 or 16 bit sound card.

      Well, I have none of those things, but I knew that my trusty STe or
 Stacy could play the file.  All I needed was a $15.00 program by DMJ
 Software called SoundLab.  Since I had SoundLab, I went ahead and
 downloaded the Aerosmith tune.  I kicked it up and, whaddaya know, the
 song came through like it was intended from the beginning to be played on
 an ST.  Yes folks, instead of going out and spending several thousand
 dollars on one of those other machines, I did a bit of looking around and
 found that my STe and Stacy could do what I wanted them to.  When they
 stop doing what I need them to, then I'll think about jumping ship.  I'm
 having too much fun to even think about switching right now.  And I love
 being able to tick off those Windoze snobs once in a while.

      You'd be surprised at the amount of interest, the questions, answers,
 and the facts that surround our favorite machine.  So, let's take a look
 around CompuServe, shall we?

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Simon Moore asks about using his ST to access the Internet:

   "Is anybody accessing the Internet in England through Demon and using
   the software that you can get from them (for the Atari range of

   I want to be able to read the news groups and generally use the Demon
   service like I use Compuserve with Quickcis.  Any Ideas ?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Simon:

   "Hmm..  I've never done that part myself... I've only used demon to
   download files via ftp.  I usually just read the newsgroups here on

 On a related subject, Joseph Zecchin tells us:

   "I have an interest of using my STE to send and receive E-Mail.  I am
   having problems on Internet. Where can I get some help?"

 Bob tells Joseph:

   "There is a whole Forum for Internet help... just  GO INTERNET  right
   here on CompuServe."

 John Masters asks:

   "Can you use QuickCIS to send e-mail to an INET address and if so how?
   I've been trying and keep getting a message back from the mailbase to
   the effect of >>I don't understand the address To: INTERNET:
   Also, if it is possible (perhaps I'm being particularly dense today),
   will the return address be correct. i.e. will I get a reply?"

 Sysop Bob tells John that he's...

   "Just guessing here, but if the address is really in the form you
   listed in your message, try omitting the space after the  INTERNET:
   Also, yes.. your return address should be correct, so the recipient
   can just do a reply and you should receive it."

 John tells Bob:

   "I tried omiting the space but it didn't work. Ended up writing the
   message on WP and uploading it manually, then SENDing it, typing the
   address in when requested. that worked. got a reply within 30 mins.
   Better than Royal Mail and nearly as good as Wells Fargo. <grin>"

 Bob tells John:

   "Great to hear you got it working..!
   It's really amazing how that can work... I was exchanging mail about
   Dungeon Master with people all over the world, and I would sometimes
   receive a reply before I logged off.."

 John continues:

   "It works through an automated mail server. I don't know if you know
   about this, it's probably old hat to you, but I've just come accross a
   way to access the INTERNET using solely e-mail. And that includes using
   gophers, Archie, Veronica, WWW the whole kit and caboodle. It's a
   little slower than direct access but for a doddery old codger like me
   that's not a minus and until Compuserve get  doorway into the NET it's
   the only way in (I think)."

 Bob adds some more info to the mix:

   "According to CompuServe A-Z you go >INTERNET:[Internet address] I
   don't use it that often, but tested it first to my Cix address and it
   seemed to work.  Remember your CIS address is also accessible through
   the Internet by going [CIS ID] only you need to change
   the comma to a stop. Try e-mailing yourself to test it."

 On the subject of telecommunications, Jon Sanford posts:

   "I am using Flash 2 but not the last up grade. Our local CIS connect
   just alowed us to connect at 9600. * Wonderfull *  But now I cant get
   the downloading part of Flash 2 to work?

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine asks Jon a few questions
 to narrow down the problem:

   "Are you using the CIS B protocol?  Also is your terminal emulation
   set for vidtex?"

 Jon tells Albert:

   I have tryed X, CIS B others.. My terminal is probably TTY.  What is
   bothering me is ..nothing has changed from when it worked at 2400 bps
   except changing to 9600bps.
   Nothing happens when I go to the down/up load menu & change choices
   there.  This is when CIS is waiting for me to get in the right mode to

 Albert tells Jon:

   "I think someone mentioned (maybe John T. of Missionware) that CIS has
   different settings for the different baud rates.  So you would have to
   reconfigure it for the particular baud rate you use.  In this case 9600

 John Trautschold, of the aforementioned Missionware Software, tells both
 Albert and Jon:

   "The last I checked, CIS maintains *separate* user options for each
   baud rate you connect at.  You've probably got your CISuser options set
   to Vidtex and CIS B+ for 2400 baud operations, but you may need to
   reset those options for 9600 baud.  Type GO OPTIONS to check your
   Other than that, there's no reason why F2, any version, wouldn't do B+
   uploads or downloads here.  I'm currently online at 14400 and B+
   transfers work just peachie!
   Let us know if you have any more problems."

 Jon, now a happy camper, tells John:

   "I didn't know that, thanks ...I love it when it is so simple!"

 Jon Oliver asks for help:

   "I'll keep this brief.  I'm a software developer that's looking for
   some quick and dirty answers about an Atari MegaST.  It appears that
   you're a proficient Atari user.  Can I shoot you some quick questions?
   1)  How can I cheaply and easily obtain a simple shareware terminal

   2)  Can I download one from CompuServe somewhere?
   3)  If yes to #2, How do I get this file from Win/MSDOS to the Atari?
   4)  Where, in general, is a good resource for burgeoning Atari users?
   This information is of little personal relevance to me, but there's a
   12-year old boy thirsting to get in on the technological world.  I
   thank you for your time and effort.
   Postscript: A little factual information about myself.  I'm a
   27-year-old male physicist, working in Peoria, IL.  I'm a Mac head at
   heart, use IBM's routinely, and wish I knew more about Ataris.  Thanks
   again for the time..."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Jon:

   "There are several [telecom packages] in Library 2 here
   (Telecommunications Library)...

   The Atari machine will read MSDOS disks, as long as they are formatted
   for similar drives.  For instance, if the Atari has a 720k 3.5" drive,
   you have to format the MSDOS disk for that size drive...

   This forum should suffice [as a resource], and there are still BBSs
   around the country which support Atari machines."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine adds:

   "There is a shareware terminal package called STORM and probably a few
   others in the library.  The disk format on the Atari is based on the
   IBM filesystem to a large degree.  So you can format a 720K (3.5 inch)
   disk on the IBM and then use it to move files back and forth."

 Timothy Rollins asks:

   "Does anyone know where I can get a Midimate for my Atari 8 bit

   I have no Midi software or hardware.  I am interested in Midi.  Any

 Mike Mortilla tells Timothy:

   "If anybody on CIS has it, it'll probably be here, but I wouldn't hold
   my breath!
   But the news ain't all bad...  It's not unusual to see used STs for
   cheap around here and you might be able to update the whole system!"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Timothy:

   "I think Mike might have the best idea...  used STs are showing up all
   the time pretty inexpensively, and they not only have the MIDI
   interface built in, they also have fairly well supported MIDI
   applications available.
   The MIDImate interface was a very expensive and almost non-supported
   curiosity.  You'd be completely on your own as far as software and
   compatibility with anything else in the world.
   (As a bonus, the ST comes with at least 4 times the memory and double
   the screen size, not to mention a much faster processor and far better
   software availability overall..)"

 Robert Aries tells Timothy:

   "I'll tell ya, I always hate it when I post a question on CIS and
   someone answers me by telling me to ditch whatever it is I'm looking to
   buy or upgrade and *buy something else*!! <vbg>
   In this case, though, I have to agree with everyone here!  Used ST's
   are getting real cheap these days.  Not only that but my personal
   favorite sequencer program, Dr. T's Omega, has seen its price drop from
   ~$350 to $59!!  I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying that
   this program will blow away any midi software you coul find for the
   8-bit Atari.  Of course if you want to spend more there are other great
   seq. & notation programs for the Atari.
   BTW, do you actually know that you can FIND any midi software for your

 John McCarthy posts:

   "My quasar HD (1gig) doesn't respond to the Falcon when booting up. I
   was told it came pre-formatted and terminated. The i.d is set to 0 as
   it should be since its the only SCSI 2 device connected to the port.
   Before I take it back to the dealer, who is 45 min. away, I'm hoping
   someone in this forum may have a saving suggestion. I hope its just the
   cable but when I walk into a computer store they tell me they know
   nothing about SCSI 2 and wouldnt know how to test it. Am I missing
   something obvious in the connection procedure? Has anybody had any
   trouble with the Falcon's SCSI 2 port? I'd be grateful for any help."

 Robert Aries tells John:

   "I'm not really the right person for this, but I'll try to help.  I
   take it the disk WAS working and then failed?  Is this your boot disk?
   What software are you using to access the HD: Atari, ICD, or another
   I use ICD software; they have a program called ICDBOOT that you can
   run from a floppy when the hard drive goes out.  With this I can mount
   the hard drive and write an auto-boot sector on i.  Once, I believe
   that this sector got scrambled because my HD was no longer recognized.
   Running ICDBOOT and re-writing it solved the problem."

 John tells Robert:

   "I logged on and saw your kind reply to my hard drive problem and
   logged off to try it out.Besides I.D 0 (which seems to be the # the
   drver(?) looks for, I tried #1 and then #6( I assume that would be the
   chains last # if I had other devices) but it didn't wor work. I'm
   taking it back along with the Falcon to get them both checked out. I
   need a RAM upgrade anyway. I'm sure I'll get it back ready to run
   whatever the problem is."

 Albert Dayes tells John:

   "For SCSI-2 cables it is best to ask for one for a Sun SPACE
   workstation.  Then most dealers understand about SCSI-2 cables.  If you
   change the SCSI ID to a different number (ie 1-6) do you get the same

 Robert adds:

   "[ICD's] ICDBOOT program can be set to scan every SCSI number.  When in
   doubt, you just run that program off a floppy and it will mount any
   SCSI drive.  If the drive isn't recognized then, it means there's a
   problem with the cable or the drive itself.
   You still haven't told us what software you use to boot with (or I
   haven't caught it if you did) so it's hard to help.  To the best of my
   knowledge, you must *configure* your boot software to recognize a new doesn't happen automatically!
   And yes, I believe that a HD would be recognized even if it weren't
   formatted; as far as termination, that's probably a different story.
   Incorrect termination screws up the data that travels to & from the
   drive; that could definitely cause problems that would account for what
   you're seeing  Generally, the first & last SCSI device on a chain must
   be terminated."

 John tells Robert:

   "The only thing I have is a file called shdriver.sys which seems to
   address the internal HD, a Conner 85mg.On the language disk that came
   wi with the Falcon there is a prg. that places this shdriver.sys fle in
   the boot drive C: None of the prgs. in the language disk have given me
   any options concerning A SCSI device. There is nothing called ICDBOOT.
   I doubleclicked the shdriver file and then clicked on SHOW and besides
   the usual weird symbols there was first a warning which read: Warning
   You are using an unofficial ROM release of the operating system. This
   driver may not work correctly with it it. Files on your hard disk may
   be damaged." Following some more lettering there appears the same
   message that appears when I normally boot up, "Doing programmed I/O
   for IDE Loading... ATARI Hard Disk Driver AHDI 6.04 Apr. 8 1993 IDE
   Devices: SCSI Devices: Unit 0: not responding"

   I clicked the SHOW of this file a second time and after IDE DEvices:,
   It had ACSI Devices:. I left and then clicked a third time and after
   Unit 0: Not Responding, it said something about" SCSI no
   Identification." Upon booting up the message after IDE Devices, is
   always :Conner Peripherals 85mg (something like that), That's the
   internal HD with which I have no problem. I should add that when
   booting up, the part of the message that reads "SCSI Devices: Unit 0:
   not responding" has always come up, even beford I got the SCSI HD.
   That warning about the unofficial ROM o.s. bothers me.In the Cubase
   manual there is mention of Falcons manufactured before April(?) 1993
   may have proble recording digital audio. What does that have to do with
   the SCSI HD not responding, though? Is my o.s the culprit? Do I need a
   different driver file perhaps? I saved up for a whole year after buying
   the Falcon for Cubase Audio and a fast 1 gig HD. For this??!!!
   Hopefully its just something I missed or the cable,etc.Anyway, thanks
   again for your help."

 Carl Barron jumps into the discussion and adds:

   "SHDRIVER.SYS... that's Atari's Hard Disk Driver. There should be a
   program on your floppies AHDI.PRG, THIS will load the driver from
   floppy. If the driver file shdriver.sys is munged you get a lot of
   problems like you describe.  I use a TT but the driver software is
   similiar, if not identical.   Try AHDI.PRG if that works, then rename
   the driver file on the HD and run install.prg to write a new one from
   the floppy to the hard disk. Then 'maybe' the problem is gone...  Cable
   problems are a possibility."

 John tells Carl:

   "I tried that but the hinstall.prg offered only drive partitions
   c,d,e,or f of my internal hard drive. I did create an icon :g but the
   computer says there is no HD :g. I'm beginning to think that
   shdriver.sys is des designed to drive only the internal disk that came
   with this Falcon. Perhaps I need a different driver. In any case I'll
   try what you suggest once more just to make sure."

 Carl gives John something else to try:

   "If the drive does not exist when the software is loaded, either by
   auto booting, or ahdi.prg after a floppy boot, it does not 'exist'. I
   have a soon to be replaced 30 meg supra on my TT that sometimes 'does
   not exist'  cables are screwed in and original, go figure.

   At least the icd stuff, if needed [apparently will be so] will not
   drive you to the poor house, completely....

   The AHDI.prg I am talking about should write what it is on the screen
   with no windows, and proceed to attempt to load shdriver.sys from the
   floppy, nothing else. HDX contains the formatter, partitioner,bad
   sector finder.  Hisnstall should be the auto boot installer.
   HDX,HINSTALL are gem based.  Ahdi.prg is really an auto folder program,
   but it will work from the desktop."

 Robert Aries tells John:

   "As others have told you, your best bet is to get the ICD software
   instead (it's comercial, 3rd party software; that's why you don't have
   ICDBOOT or HDUTILS.PRG on your system).  Until you do, you may be able
   to get things going if you have the Atari driver software (AHDI.PRG).
   I believe Carl Barron's reply mentions how to use that.
   BTW, when I was using the Atari HD software on my system, I got the
   same "Unit 0 not responding" message when booting from my Megafile 30.
   This is NORMAL; I believe it's because the message refers to SCSI
   devices, and the Megafile is an RLL drive.  In your case, your internal
   drive is IDE, but the same concept applies. (Someone please jump in
   here if I'm wrong...)."

 John posts his findings from runnning AHDI "One last time":

   "...AHDI.PRG gave me a SCSI menu Unit 0, Unit1,etc. but next to all of
   them it said not responding. I pressed OK anyway (to format) and the
   prg. told me to check all connections so at least its been narrowed
   down to that. Faulty cables or faulty SCSI port. Frank Heller's message
   above addresses another problem I'm going to have even after I get the
   cable and/or port straightened out. I'll get those utilities and nip
   that one in the bud."

 Frank Heller tells John:

   "Every problem you've described gets solved by the ICD utilities. Get
   the program. It'l be the best 49 bucks you spend on the Falcon. I had
   to make a mod on the Falcon that added a chip and some jumpers to solve
   an early problem that the Falcons had dealing with digital audio. All
   of the recent Falcons are supposed to have this fixed. If your Falcon
   is less than 6 months old, you're probably OK. Since you're using CAF
   I'm going to recommend a couple of additional programs to make your
   life easier. Diamond Edge by Oregon Research, WARP 9 by Codehead
   Technologies and Diamond Back 3 by Oregon Research. Edge is a very
   robust Defragging prgram (it does other stuff but its main gig is
   defragging) This will make audio files generated by CAF to eventually
   play back more efficiently. WARP 9 is a screen accelerator. CAF really
   taxes the processor and things can look pretty slow. This program helps
   bunches. Diamond Back 3 is a data backup system. CAF comes with
   utility to back up to regular audio DAT's. This program is for
   everything else. Bob Luneski (the author of DB3) tells me he's working
   on a backup routine for CAF within the DB3 shell. We'll have to wait
   and see on that one. My basic advice is: stop screwing around with
   AHDI. This will only drive you nuts. Get the ICD utilities. All of the
   above mentioned programs are Falcon compatable...and work great. ICD,
   Oregon Research and Code head Technologies all have forums in the
   ATARIVEN section. Leave messages there for information. Browse their
   libraries for info and download it...or find out if the dealer who sold
   you the Falcon carries their products."

 John reports on the resolution to his problem:

   "I was able to reach a dealer today who had the ICD instock. I sped
   over and back and I'm sure you know the result.OUTSTANDING!!!!It
   identified the drive, the make,partitions, etc.I cant thank you

   ICD utilities solved the driver problem. The support from people like
   you in this forum has been nothing short of excellent!I was going

 Steve Peters tells us:

   "I'm running my Falcon030 in my production studio.  The hard drive
   constantly whirring away is driving me crazy!  Is there some sort of
   external keybaord I can attach to the Falcon so I can put it under a
   table or in another room?  That way I'd just have the keyboard, mouse
   and monitor in the studio and not have to worry about the noise from
   the hard drive."

 Albert Dayes tells Steve:

   "There is a rackmount case for the Falcon from Wizztronics which would
   probably do something similar for what you need to do..."

 Frank Heller tells Steve:

   "I had the same problem in my studio. First off, more noise actually
   comes from the Falcons cooling fan. The rest is from the HD. My
   solution? I removed the fan. This made the unit heat up from the I unplugged that and now boot from my 1.2gig ext. HD. ICD
   software required for this BTW. Works for me. No problems in over a

 Robert Aries tells Steve and Frank:

   "A while ago I bought a 21 meg floptical drive to use as a backup for
   my hard drive and as storage for my Peavey SP sample playback module.
   I now use it as my MAIN hard drive--no fan, no hard drive spinning
   constantly, no NOTHING.  Pure silence in my music studio! (My hard
   drive is a Megafile 30--The drive with the world's loudest fan

 Frank tells Robert:

   "I have an STe in my office. For a long time I had a Megafile 30
   attatched to it. Even though this isn't in the studio, the noise from
   that unit drove me absolutely insane. I wound up buying a SupraDrive
   52. The Megafile now acts as a very expensive door-stop. The Supra
   isn't totally silent but it at least 30-45dB quieter than that godawful

 Robert tells Frank:

   "Yea, the Megafile is one noisy beast.  I bought it used (got a pretty
   good deal on it), and of course 30 megs seemed to be so much storage
   after years of using only floppies!
   Now, it's actually WEIRD to be using my computer with no fan or disk
   noise at all!"

      Well folks, that's about all the time (and space) we have for this
 week.  I'm glad that you stopped in to check out what's going on.  C'mon
 back next week, same time, same channel, and be ready to listen to what
 they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


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