ST Report: 3-Sep-93 #936

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/05/93-11:52:33 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 3-Sep-93 #936
Date: Sun Sep  5 11:52:33 1993

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (September 03)

 The history  of Atari is posted  as file  ATARI.TXT in LIBRARY  17 of  the
 Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO) (from the Internet system).

 The second  set of  "20 QUESTIONS"  submitted by  Atari Forum  members and
 answered  by Atari Corp  (specifically Bob Brodie, Bill  Rehbock and James
 Grunke) is available for download as file 20Q_02.TXT in  LIBRARY 15 of the
 Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).

 See files OMEGA_.ZIP and OMEGAF.ZIP in LIBRARY 12 of  the Atari Arts Forum
 (GO ATARIARTS) for a very well done European demo for the STE and TT. Well
 worth the download time.

 Download  file JAPANE.ZIP from  LIBRARY 4 of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for  a program  which  makes  it possible  to  display the
 Japanese and  input single-byte  katakana, double-byte katakana,  hiragana
 and more than ten  different series of special  symbols which are assigned
 to symbol keys.

 Download  file DRIVRS.LZH from LIBRARY  11 of the Atari  Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for  the latest  PageStream import modules.   Updated 10-AUG-93.
 This  archive contains ALL  of the import modules  currently shipping with
 PageStream  2.2b.    Included are  new Illustrator,  EPS, and  TIFF import
                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN





 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      Its the long Labor Day Weekend.  The end of summer and the beginnings
 of the Fall Season.  School starts or has started depending on your
 location.  Please drive carefully, the kids are loose again!  
      Since it is a long weekend and everyone seems to have "said it all"
 online, a period of cooling off appears to be very much in need.  The
 Lexicor/STRT/IAAD fiasco is not going to go away but.. the least we can do
 is use the long weekend to re-examine the situation and perhaps, by the
 time the weekend is over, things will appear differently.  Its a very sad
 state of affairs that's for sure.  After all, even the developers who were
 only "associated" with Lexicor were expelled simply for being associated
 with Lexicor.. this is very wrong.  Additionally, the late entry and
 interference coming from Bob Brodie is unwarranted and totally uncalled
 for, but... that's his call and he'll have to live with it.  In the
 meantime, STReport stands by every word published relative to this matter
 and will continue to report what its goings on until such time as the
 matter is declared resolved by all parties involved and concerned.
      The users have been told a number of times of an underlying story
 that "caused" all this.  This is true.  In fact, the friction started over
 GEMVIEW and escalated from there.  The underlying story appears to have
 provided an easy way out for some of the "players" in this horrendous
 happenstance.  The captures from the IAAD area have arrived and now,
 without a doubt, we have the backgrounder in hand.  STReport has given its
 word to never reveal the contents of such files and that will stand good. 
 Unlike those we gave our word to... we will stand by our commitment.  This
 much can be made known; the substantive matter that was used to expel
 Lexicor from the IAAD is pretty flimsy if not ridiculous.  In fact it only
 makes the matter look worse... much worse.  So much so as to lend further
 credence to the stories that this incident has finished the IAAD as a
 viable entity in the Atari community.  Not to mention the reflection it
 has had on the STRT.

      The clock is ticking on the Lexicor/STRT/IAAD matter as well as on
 certain "business associates" of Nathan Potechin.  We all wait for the
 questions asked of Nathan Potechin by ordinary users to be answered.  We
 also wait patiently for the questions asked of the IAAD to be answered. 
 If honest and truthful answers are not forthcoming, the continued silence
 will only grow into a deafening, thunderous roar confirming the worst.


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 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho friends and neighbors.

      Time to travel that electronic highway again and, if you've got to
 travel a highway, you might as well travel one with a nice even surface
 and lots of scenery.  There are two major differences between the regular,
 run-of-the-mill highway and and an electronic highway like CompuServe:  On
 the electronic version you can't get rear-ended (at least not on
 CompuServe) and, you don't have to stop for gas every couple of hundred
 miles.  Hey, I know that these aren't really profound thoughts or
 anything, but give me a break, it's late thursday night and I'm out of
 profound ideas.  Anyway, there's lots of stuff to be found on CompuServe
 this week, so let's get right too it...

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Jay Craswell posts:

 "I wish I had a way to get into internet...  Is there a phone book of
 places that might allow some "extra" people to use there machine?"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Jay:

 "There are some info files in the UNIXFORUM that list public access sites
 to the Internet..  I'm not 100% sure what the filename is, but I think
 something like PUBNIX.. (that seems to stick in my mind for some reason).

 Another thing to check into are BBSs in your area that have connections
 into the Internet..  there's a couple here in Ann Arbor (I know Pattie
 uses one of them for access to the net), and they're popping up all

 David Hagood posts some observations on MultiTOS:

 "I just got MultiTOS, and thought I'd share some problems and
 solutions with the world.

 Problem:    MultiTOS prints the message "could not execute
             c:\gulam.prg: MiNT exitting".
 Cause:      the files MINT.CNF and GEM.CNF were placed in C:\MULTITOS,
             not C:\
 Solution:   Move these files to C:\

 Problem:    The system fails with a memory protection fault after
             loading the accessories. 
 Cause 1:    the accessory RAMBUFFR.ACC was allocating memory for a RAMDISK
             that was not globally accessable.
 Solution 1: Remove memory protection for RAMBUFFR.ACC

 Cause 2:    The program DESKPIC.PRG and the DESKPIC.ACC were
             allocating memory for the picture that was not globally
 Solution 2:  Remove memory protection for DESKPIC.PRG and DESKPIC.ACC

 <The moral to these two problems: If it allocates memory somebody else
  uses, remove memory protection>

 OK, now for the problems I've been unable to solve:

 Problem:    Kornshell crashes when trying to run a program. This is
             strange since Kornshell is MiNT specific and was running
             fine under MiNT 0.95

 Problem:    QuickCIS 1.75 crashes when loading. This too ran fine
             under MiNT 0.95

 Problem:    No documentation on environment variables that GEM and
             MultiTOS use. It looks like you can tell GEM where to find
             the accessories via the ACCPATH variable. However, it
             doesn't work: only ACC's in C:\ load.

 Problem:    No way t load ACC's except at boot time. I thought under
             MultiTOS you could just double-click on an ACC to start

 Problem:    The CHPROT program that comes with MultiTOS, used to
             change the memory protection flags, doesn't tell you the
             current or new state of the protection flag.

 Problem:    The SOUND.CPX suppled with MultiTOS indicates "No DMA
             sound present". Rather a surprise, considering I'm running
             a TT030!!

 I know several of you out there have MultiTOS, so let's share

 Greg Kopchak tells David:

 "Put the FPATCH1.PRG in your AUTO folder. A TOS bug causes the DMA sound
 to be initialized wrong with some TOS versions. A version should be posted
 here in the libraries. Anyone know the name?"

 Dazzz Smith jumps in and tekks Greg:

 "The current version is FPATCH2 guys. (It still causes a slight problem
 with Bconmap as well, but nothing too serious.)"

 David adds:

 "What's weird is that the older version of the SOUND.CPX works quite
 nicely.  Just the newer version fails. Also, what kind of "minor problems"
 does the patch program cause?"

 T.Colman Nilan Jr. posts:

 "A friend of mine owns a 520ST w/ GEM Dos. He knows nothing about
 computers; I know knothing about Atari. Are there any applications
 available on Compuserve or elsewhere? Is GEM Dos the best he can do?
 If anyone could point us in the right direction it would be greatly

 Oscar Steele of Purple Mountain Computing tells "Collie":

 "If he's looking for software priced right, we have over 1000 titles of
 recycled software.  Ask him to call send for a free issue of CompuNews
 which lists everything.  Also, he can send $1 for a disk catalog we have
 that also lists over 5000 books (including a lot of helpful Atari ST

 Dick Paddock tells Collie:

 "As Ron Luks, chief sysop (and all-around good guy) (or anyone else) here
 will tell you, the libraries are full of free-, share- and demo-ware. Some
 of the freeware/shareware is unmatched by any commercial stuff (as is true
 on any platform, I guess.) So browse as you like, and welcome!

 As to your first question, about GEM Dos, it is properly called GEM TOS
 (The Operating System-no false modesty here). There are enhancements, but
 no real replacements except for upgrades, which are advisable. There are
 some replacement operating systems, OS-9 and Unix (I think), but if it's a
 true 520ST (only 1/2MB of memory) these are impracitcal as they take real
 memory, whereas TOS is wholly ROM-resident."

 Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software adds:

 "Well, there's always our Geneva (shameless plug).  It enhances the OS to
 be multitsking (similar to Windows on the PC), tear-off menus, 3D buttons,
 unlimited applications and accessories (limited by free memory), etc."

 Lars Borgh posts:

 "Remember me, the one from Sweden with a diskdrive problem? You help
 me beforeso I'm hoping you can work this out as well! I'm planning on
 buying a 1.44 Mb drive for my Mega STE. The internal drive I have
 should fit just perfectly in my 1040 ST, which doesn't have a workable
 drive at the moment. So I tried, disconnected my Mega drive and placed
 it in the 1040. It didn't work. Is there any differences between the
 two computers? Is there any jumpers or switches thats different. The
 one in the Mega is a Epson SMD-380. (I have already tried to set the
 34 pin cable both ways)."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Lars:

 "I remember you.  In the MegaSTe you need TOS 2.06, the AJAX chip and a
 1.44 meg drive to work correctly.  Also something else about a 16mhz
 signal in the right place as well.

 I know some have used 1.44 drive (mechs) on normal STs but the performed
 some operation so that the drive will only sense low density.  I'm not
 technically familar with what they did."

 Lars tells Albert:

 "Oh, I didn't know that I needed Tos 2.06 to get a 1.44 Mb drive to work.
 I thought it was enough with a new controller and a suitable drive. That's
 bad news upgrade in Tos :-( About the internal drive in my Mega, it's a
 regular 720 drive, why can't I use that one in my ST?"

 Bob Retelle, Sysop Extrordinare, tells Lars:

 "I know you said you tried the wide ribbon cable both ways, but the
 symptom you described (the drive light comes on and stays on all the time)
 is usually caused by the drive data cable being plugged in upside down.

 It's possible that the Mega drive has the connector opposite the way the
 one in the 1040 is set up..."

 Hal Dougherty tells Lars:

 "I replaced the drive in my old ST Mega 2 with one from a 1040.  To get it
 to work, the cable had to be turned upsidedown.

 It's another STrange ST problem."

 When Grosvenor Barber asks about differences and similarities between
 WINDOWS (affectionately called "WIN-DOZE" by many) and GEM, Woodrow
 Windischman tells him:

 "Windows and GEM are *similar* but not identical.  The APIs are different,
 but they follow the same Menu, Icon, Mouse paradigm pioneered by Xerox and
 popularized by the Mac.  Subtle differences are that, In Windows, Each app
 has a main window, which contains the menu bar.  In GEM, there  is a fixed
 menu bar at the top of the screen.  In GEM, the Menu drops down when the
 mouse hits it, in Windows you need to press the mouse button to drop the
 menu.  Windows also has been using a 3d effect for its last few versions.
 At the API level, they both offer programmers facilites to create all of
 the primary screen elements, but Windows has a lot finer control.  In
 contrast, the GEM interface is MUCH easier to write to."

 Rick Flashman at Gribnif Software tells Woody about his least
 favorite Windows "feature":

 "Windows STILL lacks a "proportional" scroll bar.  This is a real pet
 peeve of mine, as I can never tell where exactly in a document I am
 and how big that document is."

 Jay Craswell tells Woody:

 "A friend who did applications in both systems said that writing "any"
 program was like learning to walk.  Writing a GEM app was learning to
 drive a car. And doing a windows program was piloting a rocket to the
 moon.  He said that sanity soon leaves you as you try to do simple
 things under windows too!"

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 Scott Evans tells us:

 "I have downloaded 101.lzh. can I play this with my dos machine?  I try to
 use lha to uncompress it but it will not uncompress, example Lha
 e/c:\open\101.lzh c:\a nothing, it can't find 101.lzh Lha
 x/c:\open\101.lzh c:\a " " lha e / c:\101.lzh c:\a -- I moved 101.lzh to
 the root and booted. nothing tryed with x and still nothing."

 Sysop Bob Retells tells Scott:

 "Scott, unfortunately the file you downloaded, 101.LZH, is a demo of a
 game called "Resolution 101", which is an Atari ST rogram...  it won't
 runon your DOS machine...

 Just for reference though, Albert is right... the command to use LHA.EXE
 in this case would be:   lha x 101.lzh  (assuming you are in the same
 subdirectory as the .lzh file)." 

 George Yamagata posts his feelings about an ethnic slur that
 apparently appeared in ST FORMAT (I say apparently because I haven't
 seen it yet):

 "This message is to announce that I will no longer be doing the ST Format
 summaries due to the racial slur printed in that magazine. The title of
 this message is the editted version of what is printed. I was not going to
 respond to this, except that I was prodded by STeve Kipker on this issue. 
 ST Format summaries will therefore not be a thing of the past.  I just
 will not be doing them.

       ST Format now advertises itself as the World's Best Selling ST
 Magazine.  When you go global, I feel you have take in consideration the
 sensibilities of your cosmopolitan constituency or readership, something I
 tried to address once before on CIS.  The reason that the statement raises
 my ire, is that the racial epitome, 'Jap', has never been used in my
 presence in anything but a derisive manner.  Annecdotally more recent than
 in my youth (pre-graduate school), I was at a departmental function at UCD
 and I met a British Gentleman that used the ethnic slur with vemon and
 vehmenence.  He was one of a handful of survivors of the torpedoing of the
 HMS Prince of Wales, the cruiser that encountered the German pocket
 battleship, Bismark, and had observed the sinking of the Hood.   The
 cruiser was sent from the North Atlantic to the Pacific to help in the
 defense of Singapore.  The British gentleman survived the Imperial air
 attack only to spend 3 years in a POW camp in Malay suffering degradation
 and deprivation at the hands of his Imperial Japanese captors.  So, I
 suspect that there are a number of British males at retirement age that
 will fully embrace the STF statement with enthusiam.  They may even engage
 in the STF to win the program that is listed in the number 1 slot.  That
 thought raises my blood pressure.

       The second thought is that if Andy Hutchinson was editor, I would
 know that such a statement was a veiled editorial statement, but with
 Paula Richards as editor, I am uncertain.  I remember when the rallying
 cry around the world was that the Japanese were coming to take over the
 home computer market.  MSX was the system that was going to make total
 networking of home appliances possible and what was going to make the home
 appliance automation, envisioned by Ray Bradbury in the '50s a reality. 
 Well, in this day of Michael Crichton's RISING SUN, keeping the Japanese
 industrial might, especially in the electronics industry, at bay is a real
 or imagined thing of concern for many.  As a note it is interesting that
 it is Jack Tramiel, then at the helm of Commodore Business Machines Ltd.
 that is credited with delaying MSX's introduction to the world markets
 with the VIC 20, long enough that the 16-bit computer made it impractical
 to market MSX in the US and impact the sale of MSX in Europe and even in
 Japan.  If you want to read about the fear that the Japanese and MSX
 instilled in the US home computer industry, just pick up a copy of BYTE or
 Compute! from 9 to 12 years ago.  Fear of Japan's competition in world
 markets and Japan bashing is nothing new.

       The last thought is that I am sensitized on this issue, not only
 from personal experience, but by the fact that the civil rights
 organization, the JACL, of which I am a member, is currently fighting a
 legal and media battle in a township in Texas.  The city council there saw
 fit to name an avenue, Jap Avenue.  The city council maintains that it is
 only an abbreviation, used on the street signs. The mayor of the town has
 confided to reporters that he considers it an ethnic slur.  That this
 happened in Texas is an affront to history. In the Black Forest of
 Germany, a battlion of Texans was encircled. The Japanese American 442nd
 regiment was sent in to save less than 600 Texans at a loss of 1200 killed
 and wounded and over 900 more reported missing (mostly captured).  This ST
 Format advert caption comes at a time when this is still an issue.  Well,
 this is one American of Japanese ancestry, that will be "kept at bay" from
 reading another issue of ST FORMAT."

 Editor Emeritus Lloyd Pulley posts his thoughts:

 "While I might disagree with use of the word "Jap" in the title,  I  also
  think you're over-reacting.   Was the article itself racist,  or did the
  author/editor just use a bad choice of words in the title?   Are you re-
  ading more into the article/title than is actually there?   As you  said

    "The  second thought is that if Andy Hutchinson was editor,  I  would
    know that such a statement was a veiled editorial statement, but with
    Paula Richards as editor, I am uncertain." I would have to assume the article wasn't blatantly racist or  you
  wouldn't be uncertain.

  I have no idea of Paula Richards' age or background,  but it asn't  too
  long  ago that such terms were part of normal conversation  and  weren't
  meant to be a racial insult.  Where/when I grew up (Kansas City/60's) it
  was normal to use such terms as "dago",  "whop", "hunky" (sp), etc.  And
  we used these terms in speaking _to_ each other, not necessarily in tal-
  king  _about_ someone.   I had friends who lived on 'dago hill' and  I'd
  call them 'dagos' all the time ("Hey Tony,  you ugly 'dago', what's hap-
  pening?") and they would do the same back ("Lloyd,  you dumb flat-headed
  Dutchman, who let you out?") [Note: I'm not Dutch but my step-father was
  and  everyone assumed I was also partially Dutch.]  It wasn't the  term,
  it was the TONE that mattered (and why I asked about the article, it set
  the tone for the header - IMO).   If Paula Richards' came from a similar
  background, she might not have thought the title was racially

 Editor Note:
      There  was no  "pocket"  battleship  in the  German Navy  called  the
 Bismark.  In fact The Bismark was far from a "pocket battleship".  Perhaps
 the poster was referring to  the pocket battleship Graf Spee.  I too, feel
 the matter is a gross  overreaction.  I'd like to see  how the families of
 the GIs who marched the infamous  Bataan Death March would feel.  Or,  the
 families of  the crew of the Arizona would also feel.  Maybe we should ask
 the surviving family members of the liberators of Iwo Jima?  Or, the loved
 ones who survived the victims of the  fanatical Kimikaze Raids?  There  is
 no cure for the hurt savage viciousness leaves none at all.  To protest an
 abbreviation of a word as  a dire transgression to me is akin  to grabbing
 at straws.  It also adds to rekindling the burning hurt that time seems to
 cool down.

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Dazzz Smith asks a question of Sysop Ron Luks:

 "Ah but if you sit a TT next to a Falcon but at a lower price which would
 you pick?"

 Ron tells Dazzz:

 "What would I pick if I had to choose between a Falcon and a lower priced
 TT?  Very tough choice.  The TT had some annoying aspects to it (ST vs TT
 ram, etc.) but it is much more expandable, has a faster CPU, uses SIMMS.
 However, the Falcon has the DSP chip..."

 Tom Mynar asks a question of ICD:

 "I recently sold my ELS85S to Mike Mortilla.  His LINK doesn't aknowledge
 the drive is there at all.  Yet, my old ICD (with PAL daughter board)
 seems to accept the drive with no problems.  There are no PARITY jumpers
 on this drive, thus, parity must be disabled by s/w.

 Seems strange to me your OLD controllers work but the NEW controller
 doesn't, Why is this ?  What were the features you added which caused

 I'm very curious as this is a very new and fast drive.  It is unfortunate
 that he can't use the thing yet it served me just fine.

 BTW, maybe you guys could come up with a quick program like you did for my
 Conner motor-start-command problem last year !"

 Jim Ness tells Tom:

 "As you know, I also just bought an ELS85S, and ran into the same problem.
 The drive does not have a parity jumper, and must have parity disabled via
 software, so that it works with host adaptors that don't support parity.
 Some ICD products do support parity, and won't have problems with the
 ELS85S. Some don't, and need to have the ELS reprogrammed, for it to work.

 To reprogram the ELS, you need to plug it into something that DOES support
 parity, or you can't talk to it to tell it to disable parity.  ICD
 suggests a Falcon or TT SCSI port, or one of the ICD host adaptors that
 supports parity.

 You just run the BOOTFIX.PRG to take care of the problem, once you find a
 device you can plug the ELS into.

 The text also says that only newer ELS drives have a EPROM that accepts
 the command to disable parity.  If you don't have the newest EPROM, you
 have to get one."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Alan Ogden tells us:

 "A friend has just purchased a Portfolio (used) for 25 pounds but the
 label showing the serial number is missing.   Is there any way of finding
 the serial number from, say, the ROM?"

 Don Thomas of Atari Corp tells Alan:

 "I know of no way to redefine a serial number once it has been lost. The
 serial number has its greatest value to Atari during manufacture for
 international distribution, lot changes, etc. The consumer is best served
 by referencing the DOS (DIP Opearting System) number. In the U.S., that
 will be either 1.052 or 1.072."

 Ralf Ludwig posts:

 "I need the parallel card for the Atari Portfolio ...
 but i can't find them in any store...

 Who can help me...?"

      For anyone who's interested, Toad Computers in Maryland usually has
 parallel interfaces for the Portfolio in stock... in addition to just
 about everything else!

      Well folks, it was short, but the Portfolio Forum was represented
 this week.  Now perhaps Sysop BJ Gleason and Don Thomas of Atari will
 stop giving me a hard time....


      Well, at any rate, that's it for this week.  Be sure to tune in again
 next time (same time , same station).  Be ready to sit back and relax,
 take your shoes off and listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING



 This is an Official Press Release by LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE

 by ADDA Technologies
 Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce that we have got direct distribution rights from
 ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey is the fitting Link that bridges your VGA Signal, be it TT
 Medium,Falcon or NOVA Graphics Board resolution to your Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has not only got a Composite Video Output but also
 a S-VHS Output for prime quality. Add your Television, VCR and large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your presentation from the VGA Monitor to the world of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and powerful internal design, the AVerKey can be quickly
 installed to convert a number of VGA Modes eg. 640x480 to NTSC or PAL

 As an added feature, the AVerKey features a state-of-the-art built in
 flicker filter. This filter helps overcome the inherent flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.

 The Averkey adjustment control's the brightness of your TV (Video)

 Since VGA scan rates are almost twice that of a Television the display
 quality of the Television signal is inferior to that of VGA. This is
 especially true of picture stability when displaying single line. Single
 line display will result in television flicker unless a flicker free
 function is employed. The AVerKey has such a built-in "flicker-free"
 feature which stabilizes VGA Graphics on a television Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in either
 Prism Paint, Da's Vektor, Chronos, Phoenix or any other Atari Software
 that will work in VGA Modes. Besides helping reduce flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availabitlity: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind of VGA based System. This includes NOVA Graphics Card and TT
 Medium.  The Averkey has not been tested with any other Atari Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available end of September.
 However Software is not required to run the Averkey. The Software will
 however allow the Averkey to switch down its scan rates to as low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode in 256, 32k, 64k or even 24bit in NTSC or PAL (720x400 in
 Max.) 800x600 mode if using Cirrus, CL-GD 6410 VGA chip or Tseng Labs.
 ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237 in PAL. One VGA Input
 Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector
 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector
 1 x RGB Output
 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey GENLOCK Board which will allow your Averkey to have Genlock

 Lexicor Software and ADDA Technologies are working closely together to
 give you the best possible value for our Customers. We Believe that the
 Averkey is one of the best VGA to Video Scan Line Converters for the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

      STReport International Online Magazine is available every week in the
 ST Advantage on  DELPHI.  STReport readers are  invited to join DELPHI and
 become a  part of  a  friendly community  of enthusiastic  computer  users

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                               JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

      DELPHI's Basic  Plan offers access for  only $6.00 per hour,  for any
 baud  rate.  The $5.95  monthly fee includes your first  hour online.  For
 more information, call: DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005 DELPHI is
 a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, MA.

                         Try DELPHI for $1 an hour!

      For a  limited time,  you can  become a  trial member of  DELPHI, and
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 again.  Then, just  answer the questions  and within a day  or two, you'll
 officially be a member of DELPHI!  
                         TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (9/1/93)                        
                         (1) ST ZIP 2.3                                    
                         (2) STREPORT 9.35C                               
                         (3) AEO: VOLUME 2 ISSUE 14                        
                         (4) AEO JAGUAR SPECIAL                            
                         (5) SYSTEM INFO, TELLS ALL!                       
                         (6) WORLDWIDE 9600 TYMNET/SPRINTNET               
                         (7) XCONTROL PANEL 1.31                           
                         (8) AEOPJ1.ZIP                                    
                         (9) GEMBENCH 3.03                                 
                        (10) DESKTRACKER V1.11                            
 All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
 least one week  after the posting of  this list.  Please Note that  in the
 case of online magazines,  only the most current issue in the  database at

 the time of this compilation is considered for the Top 10 list.  Also, for
 all files,  a submission is  eligible for  the Top  10 list for only  four
 weeks after its original uploading.          
                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                             GENERAL AGREEMENTS
                             OUTSIDE OF GERMANY

 All agreements with Cybercube Research Limited are herewith reinstated.
 Cybercube has been granted the right to collect and bundle registration
 applications on my behalf. Cybercube will send these applications to my
 address in Germany for registration.

 Lexicor requested the right to provide customer support. Lexicor has
 been granted the right to explain the registration procedure on my
 behalf. However, Lexicor is not authorized to accept or relay any
 registration applications, cheques or payments.

 1) The SHAREWARE versions of GEM-View may be freely copied.
    These copies of GEM-View must be provided as:
                   a) a SHAREWARE product, and
                   b) free of charge.
    In case the GEM-View copy is being requested by mail, a maximum $3
    shipping and handling fee may apply.

 2) All interested users may discuss GEM-View related topics. Efforts to
    explain the formalities of the registration process will be kindly
    appreciated. Discussions must be limited to the existing and
    available SHAREWARE versions. The creation of any new GEM-View forum
    or topic requires my prior written permission.

 3) The right to accept registration applications and the handling of
    such applications requires my prior written permission and may be
    obtained if applied for. No charges greater than $1 per GEM-View copy
    should incur to the user due to such services.

 4) I will solely and personally handle all registrations of the
    SHAREWARE versions. The user will, depending on the version, either
    receive a personalized registered copy or his personal registration
    key directly from me. The party that collected and bundled the
    registration applications will not be involved in the actual
    registration process.

 5) GEM-View must always be provided on its own disk(s). If GEM-View is
    being distributed on a disk or disks containing files or applications
    which are not a part of the existing GEM-View package, a special file
    containing an appropriate copyright notice must be obtained through
    me and added on the same disk(s) along with the other GEM-View files.
    Users that obtain their copy of GEM-View from such disks still have
    to register their copy. It is not allowed to include the registration
    fee in the price of the disk containing the GEM-View package. In all
    cases, I require prior notification of any intentions to provide
    GEM-View in conjunction with other files, applications or utilities
    and a copy of such a disk must be forwarded to my address.

 6) Any interested party may compile and distribute any form of
    documentation for GEM-View. Special care must be exercised to make
    the user aware of the fact that he still has to register his copy of
    GEM-View even if he acquires any such documentation.

    - customers must be made aware of the additional registration.
    - if the documentation is being provided in printed form: a special
      notice on the cover page must be included, stating that an
      independent third party is responsible for the contents and that
      the author of GEM-View was not involved with the process of
      compiling the documentation.
    - if the documentation is being provided on a disk or other form of
      electronic media: a special notice on a highly visible area (e.g.
      label) must be included, stating that an independent third party is
      responsible for the contents and that the author of GEM-View was
      not involved with the process of compiling the documentation.
    - If the customer requests both, the documentation and a copy of
      GEM-View at the same time, the distributor/retailer must make sure
      to avoid any suggestion or impression that the customer acquired the
      rights on the GEM-View program as well. The customer still has to
      separately register his copy. I would greatly appreciate the
      receipt of a sample of any such documentation made available for
      GEM-View users.

 7) All of the above listed rules apply to the SHAREWARE versions of
    GEM-View only. These are (at the present date) all versions up to and
    including 2.40! SHAREWARE versions can be easily identified in the
    dialog box 'About GEM-View'.

 Dieter Fiebelkorn, 1993


 > BUTTONFILE STR InfoFile    Database Manager for Windows

                        WHY DO YOU NEED BUTTONFILE?


 ButtonFile is a personal database manager for Windows. No other program 
 gives you such quick & easy access to the essential database tasks. Manage
 mailing lists, team rosters, phone directories, inventory lists, catalogs,
 recipe collections, and more! Auto-dial any phone number, and create a
 list of frequent speed-dial numbers. Design and print mailing labels,
 envelopes, Rolodex(R) and 3x5 cards, and a myriad of reports. buttonFile
 does all this better than a Rolodex and with more ease than a full-blown
 database manager.


 Because buttonFile is so simple, so useful, and so inexpensive. Whether 
 you're a novice computer user who needs to manage a mailing list, or an 
 experienced computer user who doesn't want to spend a lot of time with 
 programming languages, macros, and query languages to keep track of your 
 company's personnel information, buttonFile is the answer. It's the
 perfect marriage of a no-learning-curve interface with the database
 essentials --storing, sorting, searching, and printing. And because it
 imports and exports the most common formats, it makes a great companion to
 the other programs you use everyday.


 ButtonFile provides over a dozen pre-defined decks that you can be using 
 within seconds after opening buttonFile. And you can quickly design custom
 databases from scratch or by starting with pre-defined template as a
 pattern.  Because it's fully graphical, you use a click-and-drag interface
 to place the fields on a card...Then start entering your data!


 *Book Library           *Home Inventory         *Recipes
 *Business Contacts      *Mailing Lists          *Rolodex Cards
 *Credit Cards           *Music Collection       *Software Library
 *Data/Boxes             *Notes                  *Video Library
 *File Folders           *Personnel Records


 Using a Rolodex-like interface makes understanding and navigating in 
 buttonFile intuitive even for novice users. Cards (records) are "stacked"
 on the screen so you can click on the one you want to see. Or view your
 records in a familiar spreadsheet-like table. You can browse through the
 deck a screenful at a time, or click on the handy index buttons to jump to
 the first card in a group. And buttonFile provides powerful yet
 understandable searching, so you can locate exactly what you're looking
 for without query languages or confusing syntax.


 ButtonFile comes with over 100 pre-defined forms for printing on all
 common labels, cards, envelopes, and paper sizes, including most Avery and
 Dennison laser and tractor-fed forms. Professional looking output of your
 data has never been so easily accessible.

           Address Labels          Lists                   3x5 Cards
           Mailing Labels          File Folder Tabs        Index Cards
           Shipping Labels         Envelopes               Rolodex Cards
           Diskette Labels         Index Tabs              Name Tags
           Cassette Labels         Post Cards              Rosters
           Video Labels            Catalogs                And More!


 Ideal for both small or large businesses, the buttonFile Network Version
 pack lets up to five people access the same data simultaneously--Add,
 Modify, Search, and Print using shared information. Need more than five
 people? Just add more "packs".


 1. Be up-and-running instantly with over a dozen pre-designed templates to
 choose from. Or design your own cards using a point-and-click interface.
 No programming!

 2. View your data as stacked cards on the screen or in a spreadsheet-like 

 3. Print on all the common business forms including over 100 pre-defined 
 Avery and Dennison laser and tractor-fed forms: Mailing & shipping labels,
 Rolodex cards, envelopes, name tags, lists, rosters, catalogs, and more.

 4. Easy yet powerful searching using "begins with", "contains",
 "sounds-like", "greater than", and "less than"--just to name a few.

 5. Import & Export your data to a variety of programs and data
 formats--dBase, PC-File, Windows Cardfile, WordPerfect, and ASCII comma
 delimited (CSV).

 6. Dial phone numbers stored as data or use "quick dialing" (same as your 
 telephone's speed dial feature) to dial your most common phone numbers

 7. Sort your data in up to three levels. And re-sort at any time without 
 re-keying data.

 8. Protect sensitive data with a password and data encryption.

 9. The multiple document interface (MDI) lets you work with multiple data 
 files on the screen at the same time.

 10. The handy button bar gives instant access to the most common
 activities including index buttons that jump immediately to a group of
 cards for easy browsing.


 Maximum fields size:                    256 characters
 Maximum number of fields:               40
 Maximum notes field size:               8192 characters
 Maximum number of notes fields:         1
 Data Types:                             Character 
 Maximum indexes per file:               1 
 Maximum fields (keys) per index:        3
 Recommended record limit:               200,000 (true limit is disk

 The files containging buttonFile are

 You need ALL 5 files to run buttonFile.


 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

 As of Monday  19th July 1993,  the Special  NOVA Deal  offered by  Lexicor
 Software for the NOVA Graphics Card is over.

 The NOVA Mega and  the NOVA VME 16M  will now both have the  same price of
 599.99 U$D.   The price for  the SUPERNOVA has not changed  and will cost:
 999.99 U$D

 The 32K Graphic  Card is only available on Special Order and will cost 429
 U$D both  the Mega and the  VME. For  these Card's there  may be an  added
 handling Price.  Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable                : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO


 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz

 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes
 RAMType                   : VRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradeable               : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VMG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For more  information check  our previous releases  on the  NOVA Card. The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable via the VMG.  The VDI of the NOVA  has
 proven  to be very compatible  with our  Software and many  other Software
 applications as well.

 There  is also  a NOVA  Special  disk available  soon  that has  some NOVA
 Specific program's on it,  including NOVA Mines, the game, and the special
 Calamus  SL driver  that will  enable Calamus  SL to  run  in 15/16bit  in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.
                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

                      NVN - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

      The  Atari computer  platform has  support on  yet another  top notch
 telecommunications service!   National Videotex Network (NVN) maintains an
 area just for our favorite computers.  Type GO ATARI Order an extended NVN
 Membership of 6 or 12 months, pay for it in advance and receive a bonus in
 connect time at no additional charge.

                    NVN lowers its connect time charges!
   $5/hour non-prime time (EST. 7pm - 9am weekdays and all day weekends)
                $8/hour prime time (EST 9am - 7pm weekdays)

 Choose from two great subscription plans:

                             6-Month Membership

 Pay just  $30 for  a 6-month Membership  and receive a  usage credit  that
 entitles  you to  $15 of  connect-time in  the Premium   services  of your
 choice.  Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!

                            12 Month Membership

 Pay $50 for a full year's Membership  and get even more free time on-line.
 We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite premium services
 or try  out new  ones. You  could save  as much  as $45. NVN   now  offers
 Electronic  Funds  Transfer (EFT).   For a  $2 per  month service  charge,
 customers  may have their  NVN  online charges  automatically debited from
 their personal checking accounts.  Please contact Client Services for this
 new feature!

             For more information about either of these plans..
                 Please, give us a call at; 1-800-336-9096.

                    You can join NVN one of two ways...
              By voice phone 1-800-336-9096 (Client Services)
                     or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.

                               NVN Highlights

 1.   For the newcomers ....
 3.   A library built *just* for business people
 4.   Board Certified Psychiatrist heads up the new Substance Abuse Forum
 5.   VETERANS: Please report to the Military Forum <GO MILITARY> for C&D.
 6.   Step out into the Great Outdoors Forum <GO OUTDOORS> 
 7.   We've got just the cure for your medical information needs 
 8.   The Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Support Forum is now online.
 9.   SOUND OFF!!! Take our Game Survey 
 10.  Let's talk about Coins 
 11.  Call all DISNEYphiles!  Join the gang!  <GO AMERICA>.
 12.  Amiga Forum now available for Amiga and Desktop Video enthusiasts!
 13.  NEW Email enhancements are on-line. Including personal mailing lists!


 > PROCOMM PLUS 1.02 STR InfoFile

                           DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES
                             ANNOUNCES RELEASE
                      WINDOWS VERSION OF PROCOMM PLUS!

 DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES, publisher of PROCOMM PLUS, which is ranked as  the
 world's best-selling communications software program for the IBM PC by the
 leading computer magazines and distributors, is currently shipping PROCOMM
 PLUS for Windows version 1.02.

 According  to  DATASTORM  Vice  President  of  Marketing  Stephen  Monaco,
 "PROCOMM  PLUS for Windows contains the features most frequently requested
 in our  customer surveys  and wish lists," including  34 popular  terminal
 emulations  and 10  error-correcting  file  transfer  protocols  including
 Zmodem.   Also included is  an Action  Bar(tm) for easy  access to program
 features;  a  fully   automated  dialing  directory;  Windows  ASPECT,  an
 extremely  powerful script  language;  support for  Dynamic  Data Exchange
 (DDE); File Clipboard; a  graphical dialog box editor; keyboard remapping;
 and a GIF utility for viewing graphics files as you download them.

 The  new  Windows program  also  includes unlimited  voice line  technical
 support and easy to understand user and script language reference manuals.
 PROCOMM PLUS for Windows  requires Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher, a hard
 disk, and  an EGA, VGA  or higher video  graphics card.  PROCOMM  PLUS for
 Windows will also run on  the IBM-AT and PS/2 family of  computers as well
 as any compatible  capable of running Microsoft  Windows 3.0 or  higher in
 standard or enhanced mode.

 Current users of PROCOMM  PLUS (DOS version) may purchase PROCOMM PLUS for
 Windows for $69  by calling 314.443.3282 and charging to  their MasterCard
 or  VISA cards.   Corporate  site licensees  are being  offered a  special
 discount on a software license for PROCOMM PLUS for Windows for a fraction
 of their current PROCOMM PLUS licensing fee.  Call  the  Sales  department 
 at 314.443.3282 for additional information on corporate licensing.

 PROCOMM  PLUS  for  Windows  software  comes in  3.5"  disk  format (5.25"
 available if you prefer) and is available at most software retailers  with
 a limited introductory suggested retail price of $179.


 Setting Terminal Window Size and Colors


 You have installed PROCOMM PLUS for Windows.  Now you want to customize
 your terminal window, setting its size and colors.  Here are some
 specifics to help you make the program look the way you want it to look.


 The Terminal frame (the "window" through which you view data received from
 another computer), occupies only part of your screen.  There is a large
 border around it you may want to minimize or eliminate.  You want to know
 how to adjust the font size and th e screen colors as well.


 It's possible to do these procedures with PROCOMM PLUS "windowed," but be
 aware that, although you may change the size of the program's window, the
 actual Terminal frame will not change.  The procedures that follow assume
 you have maximized PROCOMM PLUS for Windows, opening it to full screen
 mode.  To do so, click on the up arrow in the upper right hand corner of
 the program.

 Two methods
 There are two principle methods to size the Terminal frame.  You may
 adjust it by changing the size of the characters being received, or you
 may fix the character size and adjust the Terminal frame independently. 
 Which method you use is a matter of preference, since the outcome is

 You will actually size your Terminal frame by setting options under the
 Terminal Settings menu.  Note that these settings are specific for each
 terminal type in the program.  Make sure you select the terminal emulation
 you want to adjust before making the following changes.

 Enabling/disabling Autosizing
 1. Click on the Setup icon from the program's Action bar.
 2. From the Setup menu, double-click on the "User settings" option.
 3. At the next menu, under "Autosize", click a radio button beside either
    "Window based on font", "Font based on window" or "No autosize".
 4. Click on OK in the User settings menu.
 5. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 Choose from the following procedures based on the selection you made in
 the "Autosize" window.

 Sizing the Terminal window, Autosizing on ("Window based on font")
 1. Click on the Setup icon from the program's Action bar.
 2. From the Setup menu, double-click on "Terminal:" with your terminal
    choice selected.
 3. Click on "Font select" in the Terminal Settings menu.
 4. Click one of the font sizes to select it.
 5. Click on OK in the Font select menu.
 6. Click on OK in the Terminal settings menu.
 7. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 Sizing the Terminal window, Autosizing on ("Font based on window")
 1. Click on the Setup icon from the program's Action bar.
 2. From the Setup menu, double-click on "Terminal:" with your terminal
    choice selected.
 3. In the "Terminal Size" box, click on the arrow next to the "Rows"
    select box, and select the number of rows you want to display by
    clicking one of the row numbers.
 4. In the same box, click on the arrow next to the "Columns" select box,
    and select the number of columns you want to display by clicking one
    of the column numbers.
 5. Click on OK in the Terminal settings menu.
 6. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 Sizing the Terminal window, Autosizing off
 1. Click on the Setup icon from the program's Action bar.
 2. From the Setup menu, double-click on "Terminal:" with your terminal
    choice selected.
 3. In the "Terminal Size" box, click on the arrow next to the "Rows"
    select box, and select the number of rows you want to display by
    clicking one of the row numbers.
 4. In the same box, click on the arrow next to the "Columns" select box,
    and select the number of columns you want to display by clicking one
    of the column numbers.
 5. Click on OK in the Terminal settings menu.
 6. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 Removing the Display frame
 You can gain some additional room for the Terminal frame by removing the
 Display frame around it.

 1. At the menu bar across the top of PROCOMM PLUS for Windows, click on
 2. From the drop list, click on "Custom colors".
 3. In the following window, click the arrow button by "Screen element".
 4. From the list that follows, click on "Terminal workspace".
 5. In the next menu, click to uncheck the "Display terminal frame" option.
 6. Click on OK to exit the Window menu.

 Removing the Action bar and Metakey buttons
 Finally, you can gain yet more space for the Terminal frame by removing
 either or both the Action bar at the top of the Terminal frame, and the
 Metakey bar at the bottom.  To set them off by default,

 1. Click on the Setup icon from the Action bar to open the Setup menu     
 2. Click on System settings from the list.
 3. Under "Display at Startup", click to uncheck the "Action Bar" and
    "Meta Keys" options.
 4. Click on OK to exit the System settings menu.
 5. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 To open the Setup menu without the Action bar, simply press ALT-S from
 Terminal mode.

 Change Terminal Colors

 PROCOMM PLUS for Windows allows you to define how an emulation displays
 character attributes.  For example, a blinking character can be displayed
 truly blinking, or it can be displayed in a specific color; similarly, a
 bold character can be displayed in a bold font, or in a specific color. 
 Emulations that allow the host to define the color of the screen, such as
 ANSI-BBS, do not allow the selection of colors for attributes.  You may
 define the Normal Attribute for these emulations, which will be used as
 the "default attribute," before any other attributes are defined by the
 host.  For example, the Normal Attribute is used when you clear the

 To change the colors for a specific terminal emulation,

 1. Open the Setup Window, click on the Terminal button and choose a
 2. Double-click on the Terminal button to open the Terminal Settings
 3. Click on the Color Select button.  PROCOMM PLUS for Windows displays
    two selection dialogs.  In the left dialog, the attributes for the
    current color combination are displayed, while in the Color Selector
    Window you'll see all the allowable color combinations under the
    current video driver.
 4. Select the attributes to modify from the left dialog -- then choose
    the colors for those attributes from the right dialog.
 5. Click on OK to exit the Terminal Settings dialog.
 6. From the Setup menu bar, click on "File" then "Exit and save".

 Datastorm Technologies, Inc.                 Tech Support:   314.875.0530
 P.O. Box 1741                                         Fax:   314.875.0595
 Columbia, MO 65205                                    BBS:   314.875.0503

               Copyright 1993 by DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
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                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

 | Welcome to the GEnie - MUG RT

 | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 |   The GEnie - Macintosh Users Group RoundTable
 |   ============================================
  |========================= Tonight in the RTC=========================|
  |     SUNDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!!      x       THE GEnie-MUG HELP DESK!!    |
  |                                x                                    |
  | The weekly GEnie Mac Users     x   Having problems with your Mac?   |
  | Group gathering. Please, come  x   Stop by the Macintosh Help Desk  |
  | fully prepared! Anything goes! x   for the answers!                 |
  |                                x                                    |
  | 9pm EDT -- ROOM 3 (605;2)      x  10:30pm-12am EDT - ROOM 1 (605;2) |
  |========= Hosted by... ============== Top 10 Downloads - 07/93 ======|
  | Kent Fillmore ......... DRACO ||   29484 TIDBITS#186/26-JUL-93      |
  | Erik C. Thauvin .... MACSPECT ||   29452 CARD SHELL.SIT             |
  | David W. Reid (Unk) DAVE.REID ||   29445 THE ARCADE GAME.SIT        |
  | Eric Mueller ... (DLAND.ERIC) ||   29416 TIDBITS#185/19-JUL-93      |
  | -- SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS -- ||   29476 GUARDIAN M1.SIT            |
  | Education ..(Rob) R.WHITELOCK ||   29465 STUFFIT EXPANDER 3.0.3     |
  | Hardware ... (Nick) N.PASSINO ||   29419 DATAMAN.2.0.2.CPT          |
  | Games ...... (Bart) MAC.GAMES ||   29437 HANDWRITING PS.SIT         |
  | Telecommunity .. (Kent) DRACO ||   29431 TRIST                      |
  | PowerBooks (Doc) D.E.JOHNSTON ||   29478 MAC SE - FOR SALE          |
  | ------SOFTWARE LIBRARY------- || __________________________________ |
  | Chief Librarian . RANDY.SIMON || For COMPLETE information & TIPS on |
  | Asst Librarian........ S.MACK || dnloading be sure to read: item #4 |
  | Asst Librarian..... ANNE-INDA || on page 605 "About The RoundTable" |
  |==== Weekly RTC Schedule ====||==[]======= Help Desk Schedule =======|
  |     (All Times Eastern)       ||            (All Times EDT)         |
  |                               ||                                    |
  | Education Mac Mon:9:45pm Rm 3 ||   Rm 1  Mon-Fri   9:00pm-12:00am   |
  | Hackers' I M480;2 10:30pm Rm 1||   Rm 1   Sunday  10:30pm-12:00am   |
  | PowerBooks Tue 9:45pm Rm 2    || __________________________________ |
  | HyperTalk M480;2 10:30pm Rm 1 ||   To enter the GE-MUG RTC, type    |
  | Telecom Wed.  9:45pm  Rm 2    ||   MOVE 605;2 and choose room #1    |
  | Mac Games  Wed. 10:30pm  Rm 3 |!____________________________________!
  | Mac Hardware Thr. 9:45pm Rm 2 |.____________________________________.
  | Hackers'II M480;2 10:30pm Rm 1||======== Online Servant RTC ========|
  | Sunday Nite Fights 9:00pm Rm 3||""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""|
  |                               ||   Every 2nd Sunday of the month,   |
  | Type M605;2 to enter the RTC  ||   in the MacPro RTC, page 480;2    |

     |=[]============== GE-MUG RoundTable Announcement ================|
     |  Apple has just released some new 'goodies' which are currently |
     |  available in GE-MUG Software Library, page 605;3 -- Lib #16.   |
     |  The file numbers are:                                          |
     |                                                                 |
     |      29710 SOFTWARE UTILS UPDT 1.0                              |
     |      which include MacCheck 1.0.4 and Disk First Aid 7.2        |
     |                                                                 |
     |      29714 LW 8.0 INSTALL-1.4MB.SIT                             |
     |      which include the LaserWriter 8.0 printer driver           |
     |      29715 LW 8.0 DISK 1(800K).SIT  }  800K disk version of     |
     |      29716 LW 8.0 DISK 2(800K).SIT  }  file #29714              |


      STReport in its ongoing efforts, is now beginning a new era in
 computer coverage.  In this area, will appear our new, APPLE/MAC coverage.

 We are seeking an individual who would enjoy the long hours of thankless
 toil, loss of sleep, blood, sweat and tears.  We are seeking an editor for
 the MAC area in STReport.  One who is willing to carry on the time-proven
 tradition of Saying it like it is.  To keep the users in the forefront of
 consideration at all times and most of all, must have a very thick skin. 
 Oh and last but not least... have a strong desire to help.  Call; 904-783-
 3319 anytime and leave your info.  We will return your call.
      Sig Ops, RT Sysops, and all other sysops, if you know of such an
 individual please inform them of this "wonderful opportunity".





  On-Line Tutorials Take "Tell and Show"
  Approach in Helping Users

 OREM, Utah WordPerfect  Corporation announced the licensing of QuickTutors
 for use  in WordPerfect  Presentations 2.0 for Windows.  An advanced  help
 technology designed  and  developed  by  Usability  Sciences  Corporation,
 QuickTutors are on-line tutorials  that demonstrate how to  perform common

 "QuickTutors  will not only tell  our users how to perform specific tasks,
 but will  show them how  to perform those tasks,"  said Richard Whitehead,
 product  marketing manager,  WordPerfect  Presentations.  "The information
 presented in these visual tutorials will be easier for users to assimilate
 and remember."

 "QuickTutors were  developed as  a result of our  extensive experience  in
 usability testing.  They provide  help  the way  users want  help  without
 requiring a significant time commitment," said Jeff Schueler, president of
 Usability  Sciences  Corporation.   "Usability  support  products  such as
 QuickTutors are becoming an increasingly important part of PC software  as
 companies strive  for usability enhancements  as well  as a lower cost  of

 QuickTutors  are   easily  accessed  from  the   Help  pull-down  menu  in
 WordPerfect  Presentations   2.0  for  Windows.  Users   simply  click  on
 "QuickTutors...,"  select  a QuickTutor  from  the  dialog  box,  and  are
 presented with a description of what they  are about to learn.  They press
 the  spacebar  or click  on  a button  in the  InfoBox and  the QuickTutor
 describes  the action  about  to  take place.  Every action  necessary  to
 perform the task is demonstrated and explained at the users' own pace, and
 at  the conclusion of the  QuickTutor a QuickCard appears  giving them the
 opportunity to work through the steps and accomplish the task in their own

 QuickCards  are also accessible for times  when a user just  needs a quick
 reference  card as  a reminder  on how  to perform  a task.  The QuickCard
 provides a list of steps  that stays on the screen while the user performs
 the task outlined on the card.

 For more  information on WordPerfect Presentations  for Windows, customers
 can call WordPerfect Corporation  at (801) 225-5000. For more  information
 on QuickTutors, customers can call Usability Sciences Corporation at (214)


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


      Reports are rapidly filtering in about a NE developer of custom
 hardware accelerator cards having more to do with lawyers than he cares
 to.  Seems there is a group in the NW USA in hot pursuit of this developer
 to the tune of $25,500 plus interest.  The group claims the developer
 received the funds for a specific job to be done under contract.  The
 group claims nothing was ever done in relation to the contracted project
 the money was paid for.  Further it was rumored, the money had been spent
 on unrelated projects.

      In a another matter, during a recent deposition, taking place in
 Springfield, N.J., a signed contract was produced by the defendant's
 attorney while the developer (witness for plaintiff) was busy stating
 "there was no signed contract".  Additionally, it was indicated there were
 another thirty one irregularities discovered in the developer's "sworn"

      Further in another, totally different and separate action, it appears
 a group of users have banded together in hopes of bringing suit to recover
 funds deposited with this very same developer for product the users claim
 they've waited over a year for.  Allegedly, there are well over one
 hundred users who have come forward and claimed they are involved at
 approximately three hundred dollars each.  Reportedly, this action is
 reaching all the way into Canada, thus becoming international in its



 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 Lexicor's Lee Seiler makes some exciting announcements about NEW Lexicor

 #: 42205 S11/LEXICOR Software
     03-Sep-93  02:21:31
 Sb: Prism Paint II is here!
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763

 Hi all,

       As is my habit from time to time I like to make some-what informal
 announcements. comments and what-evers.  This is one of thoses times......

       Lexicor is ready to begin the release of its Fall line of software
 and hardware for the Atari user.

       First: RAY START.  This is a wounderful full function Ray-tracer
 which loads 3D2 files and produces its own object files.  Ray Start is
 very fast as Ray Tracers go and produces a number of different kind of
 rendered file formats. out put can be used as stock for animations in
 Prism Paint II.

       Yes! Prism Paint II is here, an ol'e friend with many new tricks.
 P-II supports the .ANM-Link, builds and previews 24bit animations and
 supports color printer output. Also, it runs on just about every thing in
 every resolution. Its fully compatable with the NOVA.

               Rick!.... It also supports the Crazy Dot!....


       For those owners of the "HIGH END" Cyrell grafix card, a special
 version is available for just $225!

       All other P-II versions suggested retail is $189.00

       Up date info available Sept 15th. 93'

 Lets see what else?

       Lexicor is offering 2nd WORD, a great DTP application for all
 systems that support mono chrome.  Special release offer.. Trade in any
 copy of Calamuss and pay just $59.  More details on this great DTP RSN.

       Blow-UP; "a-must-buy" product anounces ST magazine in a recent
 issue.  This application comes in three forms.  Software and two hardware
 versions.  Software version $49.

       So what does Blow-up do?  It increases the resolution on the Falcon
 (a Falcon specific product), from 1 to 800%, how about 1280X960 in 16
 colors?  Sounds neat to me..  if you own a Falcon I am told you can run
 Calmus in a high res-16 colors or so the manufacturer tells us.

       Also the 15/16 bit calmus drivers for NOVA will be ready for release
 on the 15th.

       The .ANM-LINK and Phoenix patch will be ready once we get done
 teasing you with all the current demo's... :-)

       Top top off the list Lexicor will be distributing a full line of
 AVer-Key line of products, with such things as Gen-locks, AVer-Key/2 with
 Audio and sound.  In addition, there are image
 captures and other neat stuff to be coming this month.

       There is more..  watch this area for our formal announcements in the
 next few days..  updated Nova drivers, new tools, players, and maybe even
 a few more DTP applications.

                           Have a great three day week-end.....



                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"     "Seeing the TREES AND the Forest!"

                         "WHO HAS THE MOST TO GAIN 
                               AS A RESULT OF
                       WHAT'S HAPPENING TO LEXICOR?"

                                   ... The Old, Lamplighter                

 > DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""          ---------------

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                      CUSTOM - MADE TO ORDER HARDWARE
                      SOFTWARE, SUPPLIES & INSTRUCTION
                              COMPUTER STUDIO

                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                       40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                          Authorized Atari Dealer
            (DEALERS; to be listed here, please drop us a line.)

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