ST Report: 27-Aug-93 #935

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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 27-Aug-93 #935
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 The history  of Atari is posted  as file  ATARI.TXT in LIBRARY  17 of  the
 Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO) (from the Internet system).

 The second  set of  "20 QUESTIONS"  submitted by  Atari Forum  members and
 answered  by Atari Corp  (specifically Bob Brodie, Bill  Rehbock and James
 Grunke) is available for download as file 20Q_02.TXT in  LIBRARY 15 of the
 Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).

 See files OMEGA_.ZIP and OMEGAF.ZIP in LIBRARY 12 of  the Atari Arts Forum
 (GO ATARIARTS) for a very well done European demo for the STE and TT. Well
 worth the download time.

 Download  file JAPANE.ZIP from  LIBRARY 4 of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for  a program  which  makes  it possible  to  display the
 Japanese and  input single-byte  katakana, double-byte katakana,  hiragana
 and more than ten  different series of special  symbols which are assigned
 to symbol keys.

 Download  file DRIVRS.LZH from LIBRARY  11 of the Atari  Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for  the latest  PageStream import modules.   Updated 10-AUG-93.
 This  archive contains ALL  of the import modules  currently shipping with
 PageStream  2.2b.    Included are  new Illustrator,  EPS, and  TIFF import

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 This week, I must defer to Lee Seiler of Lexicor Software.  Elsewhere in
 this issue is his latest interview and Press Release.  Please, take a
 moment to read what he has to say ...carefully.  It has a great deal to


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 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

      Well folks, its that time  again... the almighty schedule calls and I
 answer.  Gee, wouldn't it be nice if  the Mars Observer answered when NASA
 called it?  This has  been a big disappointment for me.   I had hoped that
 the space craft  would begin us on an  important, and if I  may say so,  a
 long  overdue, return to space...  the spirit of discovery, the nation all
 pulling as one, everyone sitting there in front of  the television in mute
 amazement at the view of open space or of a planet or  moon that had never
 seen up close before.  These are the kinds of things that made us leaders.
 Leaders in exploration and leaders in technology.   I just hope that  this
 one mishap, the first loss of a planetary probe in 27 years, doesn't put
 even more  constraints on  our space program (and  other science  programs
 like the Superconducting Super Collider).
 Well, at  any rate,  its time  for us  to tune  in to the  hints and  tips
 available to us in the Atari Forums on Compuserve.  Let's get busy...

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Rob Rasmussen talks a bit about monitors:

 "I'm not familiar with the difference between the various Atari SM mono
 monitors. You say you can get yours to display 1024 x 496 with your
 graphics card. From what I've learned so far, since ST mono mode uses more
 pixels than medium or low, the faster monitor is used to redraw the screen
 more frequently (70 Hz instead of 60) and with a faster horizontal scan
 rate (36.75 KHz instead of 15.75). For color mode, I liked Dave Troy's
 description of a guy with a garden hose that squirts paint, running along
 a row of 640 buckets and filling each one with paint, and repeating this
 for all 00 rows. He can only run at a fixed speed, and he has to do the
 whole thing 60 times per second. Wow. Anyway, a mono monitor is faster but
 I didn't think it could go any faster than 70 Hz - 36.75 KHz. Seems like
 there would be a lot of flicker on the display you're talking about, but I
 guess I'm not really up on these different monitors.  Apparently hardly
 anything other than the older Atari monitors uses the lower scanning rate
 and redraw speed. Since higher rez is more common, I thought a multiscan
 monitor would be needed. At least for color."

 Chris Gray tells Rob:

 "I am in danger of getting out of my depth here but...

 The graphics card has its own video RAM (1M pixels = 128 KB), and it has a
 ``dot clock'' crystal which I believe to be 50 MHz.  This difference in
 frequency seems to match up quite nicely with the increase in pixels, if
 my mental arithmetic is still functioning (50:35.75 640).  It seems there
 is enough headroom in the SM 124/144 bandwidth to handle this. (I have an
 SM144, the manual always refers to the 124).

 So far as I know the screen refresh rate is still 70 KHz --- it certainly
 looks that way.  For any resolution above 1024x496 (1024x960 is possible)
 I have to go into interlaced mode, which on my SM144 flickers like hell
 and is frankly unusable.  At 1024x496 I have to admit that fine detail can
 be a little blurred, particularly towards the edge of the screen (then
 again, it wasn't all that brilliant in good ol' 640x400).  Your mileage
 may vary according to which batch of monitor you have --- mine seems to be
 one of the more mediocre 144s.  Maybe the SM124s had a more persistent
 phosphor which would make the interlace mode acceptable. According to
 reports I have read (I haven't had a chance to connect an SM124 to my
 system here) the SM124s were much better focussed and suffered less from
 pincushioning and related diseases.

 I mostly use the 1024x496 resolution with a 1024x800 ``virtual screen'',
 meaning that the bottom 304 lines scroll into view when I mouse down below
 the physical bottom of the screen.  The scrolling is as smooth as silk ---
 it's the graphics card doing this, GEM just sees a 1024x 800 screen to
 write to.  Ironically, I normally log on to Compu$erve using an emulation
 mode which blits the standard 640x400 screen into the card's video RAM,
 'coz my comms software throws a fit of agoraphobia otherwise...

 I also use Screenblaster on the cheap multisync SVGA monitor I bought to
 use with my Falcon.  I get quite noticeable moire patterns with some
 background fills, illustrating the difference between a mono monitor
 (continuous phosphor) and a color one (phosphor dots).

 Hope this makes everything clearer ;)"

 On the subject of compression methods, Shawn Laughlin asks:

 "Ok, what do I need to unzip AEPJ01.ZIP ? Neither of my unzippers seem to
 work ("Unknown compression method"). You don't know how irritating it is
 to need help just to *open* a _%$#!@_ file <GGG>.   I suppose I'm going to
 need that 150K one eh? I'd like to know though, before I spend 20 minutes
 downloading it.  The lovely thing about compression is it saves online
 time <G>."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Shawn:

 "It was zipped with ST ZIP v2.3."

 Shawn posts:

 "Yup, I believe that's the 150K one <g>. Thanks."

 For whatever reason, Jody Golick asks:

 "Do we know of a text editor that allows one to delete, say, the first ten
 characters of every line in a document, regardless of what those
 might be?"

 Rick Flashman at Gribnif Software tells Jody:

 "Tempus II can do what you want.  I am not sure if you can still find a
 copy for sale, you might want to call Toad Computers.  We use it ourselves
 quite a bit."

 Carl Kreider asks:

 "Can any hard disk experts lend a hand?  My ST-296N is developing errors,
 so I tried to parallel a spare Quantum PRO-105 to it to back up to (and
 maybe even switch to).  But I can't format it with the Atari 5.0 disk
 software - says too many bad sectors.  And I can't just partition it since
 it complains that it wasn't formatted with HDX 5.0.  Catch 22. Any ideas?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine asks Carl:

 "Have you tried Supra hard disk software?"

 Carl tells Albert:

 "I can't since I don't have any Supra hard disk software (or hardware
 either).  Is it available here?"

 Albert Dayes tells Carl:

 "The software should work on any hard disk system regardless of host
 adapter.  You can download it from the (GO ATARIVEN) forum."

 Tom Mynar tells Carl:

 "Make sure you remove the terminating resistors from the drive that is
 between the host adapter and the last drive.  Also insure that parity on
 the Quantum is set to "OFF" or "NONE"."

 Carl replies:

 "I did both.  The problem is mainly that you can't format a PRO-105.  But
 HDX wants it formatted.  Any further thoughts?"

 Tom tells Carl:

 "Your only alternative is to use the Supra software.  Of course,
 technically speaking you are supposed to only do this if you have Supra

 Luckily, I have a few of their controllers laying around in my parts bin
 so I felt *legal* to do it.

 The software will have NO problems with the Atari host adapter.  However,
 it might not know what a 105 is - you may need to select "other" and enter
 the cylinders/heads/tracks-per.  You can get this neat information from
 the IBMHW sig - there's a file up there with an incredible number of units

 The LPS105S shows 4 heads/1219 cylinders/42 sectors per track
 The PRO1052 shows 6       1019           43?

 Good luck."

 Brian Gockley of ST INFORMER asks:

 "Does anyone know if I can control an IDE drive from a Mega/STE or TT. If
 so, what do I need?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Brian:

 "No way that I know of unless you want to design the hardware, and write
 the drivers yourself."

 Brian explains:

 "That's what I thought :( I found a 200mb IDE for $200, so I was

 John Amsler asks about using Spectre GCR, the Mac emulator for the
 Atari ST series of computers:

 "If I "Spectrize" the L partition, can I put System 7 in there yet put all
 the other Mac files (executables and data files) in Atari partitions ...
 or do all the Mac files have to reside in and be called from a Mac

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells John:

 "If you "spectrize" the L partition all Mac files have to reside in the
 partition including system software.  System 7 is not currently supported.
 They also have Spectre support in the (GO ATARIVEN) forum from Gadgets by

 You can have a few partitions in Spectre format.  And have different
 system software in each one.  So you can boot with 6.04, 6.05 or 6.02.  If
 you are using ICD or Supra's software you can have 12 partitions total
 (GEM, BGM, OOP, ACK, etc)."

 Dick Paddock tells John:

 "All the Mac software needs to reside on one or another Macintosh
 partition. The use of the "Spectre-ized" partition (old Macintosh File
 System, as distinct from the new Hierarchical File System) is to allow the
 Spectre's TransVerter program to transfer files from Atari/PC-formatted
 disks to the Mac side.  It should be possible to have more than one HFS
 partition if you wish, but with Mac's System 6/7, there isn't a practical
 limit to the size, except convenience. Albert is correct, that Version 7
 of the Mac System does not run on Spectre. I have seen at least one person
 here mention using 6.0.7 or 6.0.8 as being in use, but I stick with 6.0.5.
 It's stable and does the job. In fact, I don't know what the higher
 revisions of 6.0.x do. 7.1, of course, includes all kinds of goodies, like
 multi-tasking a la MultiTOS or Geneva (more like MultiTOS, really.) System
 6 had multitasking in the mode of the PC's DesqView, i.e., multiple
 applications open, all but one sleeping (as memory allowed.)"

 Jonnie Santos posts:

 "Okay, for years I've turned on my hard drive, waited for it to beep and
 then turned on my ST (now a STe).  The other day for some reason I turned
 on the hard drive and the STe at the same time and it booted just fine. 
 I've repeated this many times since  - anyone got any ideas?"

 Mike Mortilla suggests:

 "Maybe you left the disk out of the ST drive? There is also a program
 around here (Ataripro?) that writes a delay onto the floppy disk that
 forces a "wait" for the HD. Seems ok so far."

 Jonnie tells Mike:

 "I've tried it with the disk in and out - same results.  It's just funny
 in a way because for years I thought how great it would be if one switch
 would turn on my ST versus the multi-turn-on routine.

 Here's my setup in case you see anything that stands out as a bit weird...


 datadiet.inf datadiet.prg dcflight.prg foldr200.prg hdaccel.prg
 hotwire.prg rtc_auto.prg warp9_st.prg


 GramSlam Hotsaver Diamond Find Data Diet Control Panel

 PC - STE('91), 4Megs, Rainbow Tos (version 1.62 according to UVK)
                                   (version 1.98 according to German utl)

 HD - Supra 20Meg('87), MiniScribe M8425, 88ms access speed"

 Tony Barker of Moving Pixels adds:

 "Wasn't the OS in the STE altered (as all subsequent versions have) to
 include a delay on boot up so that all peripherals would have time to come
 on line."

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 Charles Cartwright tells us:

 "I look on my newly acquired STe as an interim measure while I wait to see
 where Falcon and Atari are going (if anywhere). I don't think now is the
 time to go investing substantially in anything too different be it a
 Falcon or even a PC.  Interim could of course turn out to be quite a few
 years as may end up waiting for the dust to settle from the next PC
 'revolution'! But enough of this philosophizing.

 Yes, life with a hard disk can be very frustrating without some sort of
 boot utility. I used to run with the absolute minimum of auto programs and
 accessories and still had compatibility problems. I now use Superboot and
 have just finished installing the latest version which supports some of
 the STe features.

 I have also found some pre-STe programs that failed on my old machine but
 work with the new one. I think it must be just a TOS compatibility

 As for obscure languages I am quite a connoisseur of these. I have tried
 Forth and also Lisp but APL has to be the weirdest!"

 Jon Sanford tells Chas:

 "Although I am inactive in programming I still consider my self a
 connoisseur of computer languages. APL is associated in my mind with the
 U.S. Dept. of Defense. Or am I thing of something else?  I am waiting for
 a new paradigm. The assembly language comes out of the High pressure
 process of getting competitive new chips "out the door" as fast as
 possible. I wonder how much study is given to how mnemonic the mnemonics
 actually are. Once code is engraved in silicon or a large installed user
 base, there is inevitably much resistance to change.  Programmers seem to
 pride themselves on an ability to remember lots of tricks and glitch
 arounds. However as an older person I begin to value simplicity an clarity
 for very practical reasons. ( my memory ain't what it used to be). As
 systems get larger the old hacker methods will become disastrous. ... to
 be continued if your interested...

     You see I have no problem with philosophy. Lisp is very nifty. I have
 only played with a PD version for the AtariST.

     I upgraded to a Mega16STe last year. I expect 4 or 5 years before I
 can think about new hardware. I never heard of Superboot. Is it okay?"

 Chas tells Jon:

 "Super Boot is great. It is shareware and has been distributed with
 several of the ST magazines here in the UK. I am not familiar with the
 features of XBOOT so I cannot make a comparison. A particularly convenient

 feature of Super Boot is the ability assign various boot combinations to
 function keys.

 As Dick Paddock says, Ada is the DoD language. It is named after Ada,
 Countess of Lovelace (Lord Byron's daughter) because the name originally
 suggested, DOD0, was considered too inauspicious. I have been on a
 training course learn Ada but never had the opportunity to use it. It is a
 Pascal like language intended for embedded systems. APL on the other hand
 started life as a mathematical notation and was turned into a computer
 language at IBM. APL programming is just something I dabble in at home. At
 work I program mostly in FORTRAN with a bit of C. As for assembly
 languages, I have worked professionally with both 8086 and 68000. Of the
 two I much prefer 68000 as it is much 'cleaner' and better thought out
 instruction set.

 Regarding new paradigms, I have my doubts about 'object oriented' methods
 being the universal panacea their proponents claim."

 Dick Paddock tells Jon:

 "The "A" language I associate with DoD is Ada..."

 Jon tells Chas:

 "Is APL related to PL1? I read a book about that a long time ago it seemed
 clearer than a lot of more modern Languages. Superboot isn't the PD prg. I
 tried. XBOOT is very sexy. I took a course in FORTRAN we used TRS-80s it
 was weird. OOPS scares me it is a conspiracy to indoctrinate Hierarchical
 social control structures in to the soft quivering wet ware of innocents.
 If I wasn't gifted with a symmetrical brain learning impairment. 68K assm.
 would be my choice also. I think  will just wait for "direct implants"

 Sysop Ron Luks jumps in and adds:

 "APL (A Programming Language) and PL1 (Programming Language One) are
 totally different.  APL is a very cryptic, very mathematically oriented
 language developed for remote terminals.  PL1 was an IBM creation which
 was extremely, extremely powerful, hard to learn, and not very popular in
 the computer community.  I studied both in college and liked them both but
 neither garnered widespread commercial success."

 Richard Blake asks:

 "Could anyone tell me which of the graphics files I can view on my HP PC.
 I have several graphics programs, (Corel Photopaint, CorelDraw, WinCIM,
 Picem) but I am unfamiliar with the formats. I am specifically interested
 in the RRated ones.

 Can any be converted with utilities?"

 Chas Cartwright tells Richard:

 "Any files with the .GIF extension should be viewable on a PC. I do not
 know whether any of the programs you mention can load GIF files directly.
 However, you will be able to find plenty of GIF viewer and conversion
 programs for the PC on CIS. Try GO GRAPHICS for these and a great variety
 of picture files.  Graphics corner (GO CORNER) is particular well endowed
 in the R-Rated department. However, the files in this forum's libraries
 are mostly in Atari specific formats which are not viewable or convertible
 on a PC as far as I know. Programs are available for the ST to convert
 these formats to GIF but in my experience there is some loss of quality in
 the translation. As this is a Atari forum do you also have access to an

 Bill Gibson asks:

 "What's the best program to de-compress the *.ZIP files in the libraries
 here. I have several but they all choked on some text files."

 Sysop Keith Joins tells Bill:

 "Visit the AtariPro forum (GO ATARIP) and look in library 4 for the latest
 ST Zip program.  I _think_ the filename is STZIP2.??? but a command of BRO
 STZIP* in that library should locate it.  If you can't find it leave a
 message there and I'll get you the exact filename."

 Curtis Miller asks:

 "How can I run an archived file of a picture?  After I download it to my
 computer I then "unsqueeze it" or whatever the terminology is. But then
 when I try to "run the File I get a "bad command or file name". I  get it
 on both LZH, and ARC picture files."

 Sysop Bill Aycock tells Curtis:

 "Once you get the file downloaded and decompressed, you need an
 appropriate viewer program to look at the picture. Our viewers and
 utilities are stored in LIB 14 here; you can find the one you need there,
 or let us know what extensions your picture files have (like .PC1, .GIF,
 .SPC) and we can recommend a viewer or two."

 Sysop Bob Retelle posts:

 "Ummm...  Curtis, "Bad command or File Name" is an MS-DOS error message...

 Are you trying to view Atari picture files on a PC..?

 If that's the case, you'll need a picture viewing program that will allow
 you to see the picture files.

 If the pictures are normal GIFs, any PC viewer, like COMPUSHOW will work.

 If the pictures are any of the "proprietary" graphics formats from the
 Atari ST, then it's not so simple.

 There's a PC program that will display pictures created with the DEGAS art
 program (ones that have filename extensions of .PI1, .PI2 or .PI3) in the
 GRAPHSUPPORT forum.  I believe the filename is something like DEGAVIEW..
 (searching in the IBM File Finder with a keyword of DEGAS should find it).

 If the pictures have an extension of .SPC, .SPU, or .SPX, it means they
 were created with the Spectrum 512 at program, and currently there is no
 MS-DOS program that can view them."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Michael Robillard tells us:

 "I'm thinking about upgrading my present MEGA2 w/TOS102 and would to ask
 about the following.1)Accelerator Boards. I keep reading that the 8MHZ
 ATARI is on the way out and that I should upgrade to 16MHZ can I go beyond
 16 or will it make my machine incompatible. 2)Hand Scanners.Do I need a
 monochrome monitor or do they work with color monitors too? 3)Hard Disks.
 For storage and access is a Hard Disk my best choice and if it is what
 should I be looking for to be sure that I can use it with my
 MEGA2.4)Modems Can I use a FAXMODEM as a regular modem or is it only used
 to send faxes.Also when buying a new modem besides speed what else should
 I be looking for to make sure it's compatible. If there are any other
 areas I should be upgrading please let me know."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Mike:

 "In reverse order (just because I'm in that kind of mood this morning):

    4) Faxmodems are modems that *ALSO* have fax send/receive capability
 with the proper software.  Highly recommended because you get all the
 features of a standard modem *AND* fax capabilities.  I highly recommend
 the Supra unit with Charles Smeton's STraight FAX software.

    3)  You definitely need a hard disk.  The bigger the better.  Let your
 wallet be your guide.

    2) Hand scanners (don't know much about these)

    1)  I cant recommend any of the current accelerator boards with the
 possible exception of Dave Small's.  I don't know what his shipping status
 is, but if he is shipping, his is the ONLY one I'd consider.  That will
 give you a 68030.  You will lose some software compatibility but gain some
 processing speed."

 Scott Mueller asks a few questions:

 "I am using my Atari Mega 2 ST mainly for my sequencing and studio work. 
 I am running the C-Lab Notator software with full SMPTE hardware.

 I recently bought a Leading Edge 486sx computer with a 213 Meg Hard Drive,
 and now the thought of using the Atari without a hard drive seems

 I have lived for years without retail support for my Atari, and now I am
 in a position where I need some hardware.  Where would I go to get a Hard
 Disk for my computer?

 Will regular HD work with the Mega 2?  Or must it be an Atari

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Scott:

 "I know ICD did make an internal Host Adapter for the Mega ST series but
 I'm not sure of the current Status.

 There is also ICD's LINK as well.  The software I like current is ICD

 SCSI hard drives prices very, check with your dealer on prices.  ICD
 prices are close to $100 which includes the HOST adapter or ICD LINK and
 software (hard disk utilities).

 There are also Atari dealers that will put one together for you if you
 don't wish to "roll your own"."

 John Zangrando tells Scott:

 "I use my MSTE primarily for NOTATOR but have found many other uses for
 it.  I use all the Codehead stuff and got a very fast 130 Meg Maxtor H.D.
 WITH the ICD Link and software  at TOAD COMPUTER.  I am very happy with

 Sysop Bob Retelle explains to Scott about using SCSI hard drives with
 the ST series:

 "To try to simplify things a little, you CAN use a "regular" Hard Drive
 on your ST, but it has to have an Atari specific interface.

 The easiest way to go about it is to buy a Hard Drive unit that is
 specifically set up for use on an Atari.  In that case it's just a matter
 of plugging it in and using it.

 You can also assemble a Hard Drive yourself from components sold by
 various suppliers if you're handy with electronic devices.

 I don't know if Atari Corp is still selling any Hard Drives as separate
 units.  Most of the recent models have the drives built-in.  There are
 several other choices available for ST hard drives, including ICD, Supra
 and ABCO."

 Mike Mortilla asks about ICD's "The Link":

 "Will the Link work with a Quantum ELS85S? I'd like to purchase one used
 and run it from an ST using the Link (this will be the second Link I'll be
 buying from you!).

 Your prompt reply is appreciated as the seller would like to get the thing
 shipped and out of his life <g>."

 Jim Ness tells Mike:

 "Yes, the Link will work with any SCSI drive, which the ELS85S is.  Since
 you're buying it used, it will even have the jumper settings right.

 I'm getting mine new, and I have to remove the parity jumper - assuming I
 can figure out where it is - and make sure the device ID is set right.

 The only question on the Link is whether the ICD software has a "copy" of
 the ELS specs, so it can format the drive.  Since ICD is the industry
 leader, I'm sure it's covered, or can be via an update of the formatter."

 Mike does some checking and tells Jim:

 "...I checked with ICD voice today and was told that it will
 only work with the ELS drives if parity is disabled. Being a total nerd
 when it comes to the programming end of this sort of thing, I'll have to
 call the seller and find out if it has been disabled. But ICD said that
 parity must be disabled thru software. <sigh>

 Would this drive fit in my Stacy I wonder??? Hmmmmmmmm."

 Jim replies:

 "I believe this drive would fit the STacy.  It's a 1" high 3.5" drive, and
 I think that's the form factor Atari used in the STacy.

 But, my understanding is that disassembling a STacy is a nightmare."

 Mike tells Jim:

 "I've heard all about the Stacy nightmare!!!

 Any thoughts on parity? If it is disabled via software or physically? If
 via software, once it's disabled, does it need to be disabled after a
 crash (will it default to enabled?) ICD said the ELS drives need to be
 disabled (parity) in order to work w/ the ST and the Link and that it
 could only be disabled via software on a TT.

 Hmmmmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser."

 Joe Moses posts:

 "In the latest Gemulator ver. 3.0 (by PMC) they state 'Spectre/GCR will
 not be supported at the request of Gadgets by Small.'   I am wondering

 Mark at Gadgets by Small tells Joe:

 "I have not spoken with Dave regarding this matter but I can probably
 guess the reason.  I believe it would have something to do with the fact
 that Gemulator was/is providing a spot on the board for the Mac ROMs. If
 that be the case, someone could use the Spectre software without the need
 for the Spectre cartridge.   This could result in some dishonest persons
 "borrowing" a copy of the Spectre software and running Spectre on their
 Gemulator.  Gadgets wouldn't receive any monies for the use of their

 Again, this is just my guess.  But I betcha it's pretty close to the

 Joe tells Mark:

 "I understand the concern you have.  Perhaps, Dave could release a special
 version of Spectre (say a version 4.0) that would support this Gemulator
 option?  Or perhaps a hardware "key" in combination with a new software
 release would work?

 Point I'm trying to make is, the power and appeal of the Gemulator, once
 it can run MAC software, will, in a word, be LARGE!

 As developers and power users, should we stand in the way of this

 Mark tells Joe:

 "One of the other considerations is if it is financially feasible to
 create a special release of Spectre (which probably would require some
 other form of hardware "key") for Gemulator.  When you consider that
 68040-based color Macs are selling for under $1200, a business has to
 wonder if they will get any kind of a return on their investment.

 Doing it because it is a "hacker" thing or just to prove that you >can< do
 it is one thing.  Paying the bills is another ballgame."

 Dazzz Smith asks Rick Flashman of Gribnif Software:

 "How's the Beta testing of Geneva going Rick?  I haven't heard anything
 publicly from any of the Beta testers yet?"

 Rick tells Dazzz:

 "Pretty good and pretty hectic!  We've receive incredible valuable
 information from our beta testers which has helped solve 3-4 problems that
 were affected a whole series of programs that we had never tried.  Most of
 the reports we get now have been already fixed.  We are not concentrating
 on one or two remaining ones, getting MiNT working right (easier said than
 done), and the Geneva manual."

 Dazzz, not one to leave questions un-asked, continues:

 "So your still on schedule for the release version of Geneva then?"

 Rick tells Dazzz:

 "Pretty much.  Dan and I are having a meeting about that tomorrow.  The
 program seems to be there, though there are one or two things we would
 like to try out (Cubase for example).  The manual is taking form pretty
 well.  I think at this point we "could" ship it by Sept. 1st, but I think
 we are going to maybe wait until Glendale (two weeks after that) to see if
 we can get those one or two issues resolved."

      Well folks,  I didn't realize  that this  column had gotten so  long.
 I'm going  to leave  out the Portfolio  Forum this week,  but never  fear;
 it'll be back in spades next week (besides, both Sysop BJ Gleason  and Don
 Thomas  would hunt me down and kill me if I  left the "Port Stuff" out two
 weeks in a row.

 C'mon back  next week and be  ready to "get  educated" about your computer
 among some  of the  most knowledgable  people around.    Just remember  to
 listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING




 by ADDA Technologies
 Jong-Ho County, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 We are proud to announce that we have obtained direct distribution rights
 from ADDA Technologies for this great piece of Multimedia Hardware.

 The Averkey is the fitting Link that bridges your VGA Signal, be it TT
 Medium,Falcon or NOVA Graphics Board resolution to your Video System in
 either PAL or NTSC. It has not only got a Composite Video Output but also
 a S-VHS Output for prime quality. Add your Television, VCR and large
 screen display to your computer hardware.

 Move your presentation from the VGA Monitor to the world of Video with

 AVerKey features reflect the latest in multimedia hardware design. Through
 its compact size and powerful internal design, the AVerKey can be quickly
 installed to convert a number of VGA Modes eg. 640x480 to NTSC or PAL

 As an added feature, the AVerKey features a state-of-the-art built in
 flicker filter. This filter helps overcome the inherent flicker problems
 which arise when linking the VGA environment with video.  The Averkey
 adjustment control's the brightness of your TV (Video) Display.

 Since VGA scan rates are almost twice that of a Television the display
 quality of the Television signal is inferior to that of VGA. This is
 especially true of picture stability when displaying single line. Single
 line display will result in television flicker unless a flicker free
 function is employed. The AVerKey has such a built-in "flicker-free"
 feature which stabilizes VGA Graphics on a television Monitor. This
 feature greatly improves the display quality of your Animations in either
 Prism Paint, Da's Vektor, Chronos, Phoenix or any other Atari Software
 that will work in VGA Modes. Besides helping reduce flicker, this feature
 even further reduces brightness to a comfortable level.

 Price: $289.00 U.S. Dollars.

 Shipping and Tax not included.

 Availability: Now

 System Requirements:

 Any kind of VGA based System. This includes NOVA Graphics Card and TT
 Medium.  The Averkey has not been tested with any other Atari Based
 Graphic Card and can therefore not guarantee it running on anything else.


 DOS Software already included, Atari Software available end of September.
 However Software is not required to run the Averkey. The Software will
 however allow the Averkey to switch down its scan rates to as low as

 Display Mode Supported:

 All standard VGA Modes.

 640x480 mode in 256, 32k, 64k or even 24bit in NTSC or PAL (720x400 in
 NTSC Max.) 800x600 mode if using Cirrus, CL-GD 6410 VGA chip or Tseng
 Labs. ET-4000 with frequency synthesizer as ICS 2494-237 in PAL. One VGA
 Input Signal (Analog RGB 15 pin display connector, 0.7 Volt p.t.p.)

 Four Output Signals:

 1 x Composite Video, 1.0 Volt peak to peak RCA Jack Connector

 1 x S-VHS Y and C Video, Mini-DIN 4 pin connector

 1 x RGB Output

 1 x Standard VGA card Signal (15 pin)

 FCC Warning:

 It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A
 Computing Device pursuant to subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are
 designed to provide reasonable protection in a commercial environment.

 Additional hardware to the Averkey:

 Averkey GENLOCK Board which will allow your Averkey to have Genlock

 Lexicor Software and ADDA Technologies are working closely together to
 give you the best possible value for our Customers. We Believe that the
 Averkey is one of the best VGA to Video Scan Line Converters for the

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE U.S.
                           1726 Francisco St.
                           Berkeley, CA 94703

                  Tel: (510)848-7621 Fax: (510)848-7613

                         LEXICOR SOFTWARE EUROPE
                             Cottagegasse 69
                              A-1190 Vienna

                   Tel: (1) 36 75 91 Fax: (1) 36 91 787


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                         TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (8/25/93)                       
                         (1) STREPORT 9.34                                
                         (2) ST ZIP 2.3                                    
                         (3) AUTOMOTIVE CLIP ART 2                        
                         (4) AEO: VOLUME 2 ISSUE 14                        
                         (5) SYSTEM INFO, TELLS ALL!                       
                         (6) AEO JAGUAR SPECIAL EDITION                    
                         (7) WORLDWIDE 9600 TYMNET/SPRINTNET               
                         (8) GEMBENCH 3.03                                 
                         (9) XCONTROL PANEL 1.31                           
                        (10) BOB BRODIE CONFERENCE                        
 All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
 least one week  after the posting of  this list.  Please Note that  in the
 case of online magazines, only the most  current issue in the database  at
 the time of this compilation is considered for the Top 10 list.  Also, for
 all  files, a submission  is eligible  for the  Top 10 list for  only four
 weeks after its original uploading.          
                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                     BT-GNS TYMDIAL 9.6 WORLDWIDE ACCESS
                                           DIALUP ACCESS            M
                            PROV             100'S BPS              N
  NODE  CITY                 ST CNTRY DENS  3 12 24 96 ACCESS NO.   P 
  ----- -------------------- -- ----- ----  ---------- ------------ - 
  14037 ADELAIDE                 AUS  PAC           C  (8)272-8944  Y 
   4621 BRISBANE                 AUS  PAC           C  (7)846-1022  Y 
  14370 CANBERRA                 AUS  PAC           C  (6)280-6911  Y 
   7313 MELBOURNE                AUS  PAC           C  (3)415-1066  Y 
  14035 PERTH                    AUS  PAC           C  (9)321-6446  Y 
   3335 SYDNEY                   AUS  PAC           C  (2)299-6322  Y 
   5024 ANTWERP                  BEL  E1    C C  C  C  (3) 226-3120 Y 
  11114 CALGARY              AB  CAN  CANH          C  403/264-5472 Y 
  14077 VANCOUVER            BC  CAN  HIGH          C  604/683-7453 Y 
  10122 HULL/OTTAWA          ON  CAN  CANH          C  613/563-3777 Y 
   6416 OTTAWA               ON  CAN  CANH          C  613/563-3777 Y 
  10122 OTTAWA               ON  CAN  CANH          C  613/563-3777 N 
  11326 TORONTO              ON  CAN  CANH          C  416/361-3028 Y 
   3422 MONTREAL/ST. LAURENT QU  CAN  CANH          C  514/748-8057 Y 
   3422 ST. LAURENT          QU  CAN  CANH          C  514/748-8057 Y 
  15060 AGANA HEIGHTS            GUM  *             C  671/477-1123 Y 
  11061 HONG KONG                HKG  HK            C  526-9474     Y 
   7406 OSAKA                    JPN  PAC           C  06-266-1718  N 
   7406 TOKYO                    JAP  PAC           C  03-5275-3829 Y 
  14434 SEOUL                    KOR  PAC           C  (2) 503-0090 Y 
   2477 ALKMAAR                  NLD  E1    C C  C  C  (72) 155190  Y 
   2245 AMSTERDAM                NLD  E1    C C  C  C  (20) 6692401 Y 
   7315 EINDHOVEN                NLD  E1    C C  C  C  (40) 466000  Y 
   5174 AUCKLAND                 NZL  PAC           C  (9) 302-2372 Y 
   5175 WELLINGTON               NZL  PAC           C  (4) 472-3853 Y 
  14324 MANILA                   PHL  PAC           C  (2) 815-8791 Y 
  14324 MANILA                   PHL  PAC           C  (2) 815-8792 Y 
  13543 SINGAPORE                SGP  PAC           C  (65)733-8441 Y 
   3453 BIRMINGHAM           AL  USA  HIGH          C  205/942-0297 Y 
  14006 GADSDEN              AL  USA  LOW           C  205/543-4200 Y 
  11727 HUNTSVILLE           AL  USA  MED           C  205/882-9199 Y 
   3054 MOBILE               AL  USA  MED           C  205/343-9215 Y 
   4252 MONTGOMERY           AL  USA  LOW           C  205/272-6041 Y 
  14425 NORTHPORT            AL  USA  LOW           C  205/750-8524 y 
  14470 FAYETTEVILLE         AR  USA  LOW           C  501/442-3742 Y 
  11313 LITTLE ROCK          AR  USA  MED           C  501/666-1224 Y 
   3663 MESA/PHOENIX         AZ  USA  HIGH          C  602/258-4528 Y 
   3663 PHOENIX              AZ  USA  HIGH          C  602/258-4528 Y 
   2016 TUCSON               AZ  USA  LOW           C  602/544-4130 Y 
   5341 ALAMEDA/OAKLAND      CA  USA  HIGH          C  510/638-7904 Y 
  11357 ALHAMBRA             CA  USA  MED           C  818/289-1035 Y 
   2644 ANAHEIM/NEWPRT BEACH CA  USA  HIGH          C  714/752-1493 Y 
  13413 ANTIOCH              CA  USA  LOW           C  510/778-0982 Y 
  12477 BAKERSFIELD          CA  USA  LOW           C  805/325-8771 Y 
   6301 BELMONT/REDWOOD CITY CA  USA  HIGH          C  415/367-0334 Y 
   5341 BERKELEY/OAKLAND     CA  USA  HIGH          C  510/638-7904 Y 
   6563 BURBANK              CA  USA  LOW           C  818/558-1508 Y 
   4616 CATHEDRAL CITY       CA  USA  LOW           C  619/324-0728 Y 
   4046 COLTON               CA  USA  MED           C  909/872-0394 Y 
   5777 DIAMOND BAR          CA  USA  MED           C  909/860-2881 Y 
   3120 EL SEGUNDO           CA  USA  MED           C  310/536-0657 Y 
   6637 EUREKA               CA  USA  LOW           C  707/445-2458 Y 
  12741 FAIRFIELD            CA  USA  LOW           C  707/434-1040 Y 
  14101 FREMONT              CA  USA  MED           C  510/498-4400 Y 
  10072 FRESNO               CA  USA  LOW           C  209/442-3475 Y 
   5341 HAYWARD/OAKLAND      CA  USA  HIGH          C  510/638-7904 Y 
   7533 INGLEWOOD/VERNON     CA  USA  HIGH          C  213/588-8128 Y 
   2644 IRVINE/NEWPORT BEACH CA  USA  HIGH          C  714/752-1493 Y 
  13757 LONG BEACH           CA  USA  LOW           C  310/435-0282 Y 
   3725 LOS ALTOS/SAN JOSE   CA  USA  HIGH          C  408/432-0804 Y 
   7533 LOS ANGELES/VERNON   CA  USA  HIGH          C  213/588-8128 Y 
   4402 MODESTO              CA  USA  LOW           C  209/491-0590 Y 
  11142 MOORPARK             CA  USA  LOW           C  805/531-9840 Y 
  14550 NAPA                 CA  USA  LOW           C  707/254-7001 Y 
   2644 NEWPORT BEACH        CA  USA  HIGH          C  714/752-1493 Y 
   5341 OAKLAND              CA  USA  HIGH          C  510/638-7904 Y 
   6301 PALO ALTO/REDWD CITY CA  USA  HIGH          C  415/367-0334 Y 
  14100 PLEASANTON           CA  USA  MED           C  510/484-1025 Y 
  12575 PORT HUENEME         CA  USA  HIGH          C  805/984-5636 Y 
   7307 REDDING              CA  USA  LOW           C  916/245-0308 Y 
   6301 REDWOOD CITY         CA  USA  HIGH          C  415/367-0334 Y 
   4046 RIVERSIDE/COLTON     CA  USA  MED           C  909/872-0394 Y 
   7542 SACRAMENTO           CA  USA  HIGH          C  916/442-0992 Y 
  14220 SALINAS              CA  USA  LOW           C  408/754-8722 Y 
   4046 SAN BERNARDINO       CA  USA  MED           C  909/872-0397 Y 
  14054 SAN CLEMENTE         CA  USA  LOW           C  714/489-0986 Y 
   3510 SAN DIEGO            CA  USA  HIGH          C  619/497-0050 Y 
   7417 SAN FRANCISCO        CA  USA  HIGH          C  415/495-7220 Y 
   3725 SAN JOSE             CA  USA  HIGH          C  408/432-0804 Y 
   3044 SAN LUIS OBISPO      CA  USA  LOW           C  805/549-7811 Y 
  11660 SAN RAFAEL           CA  USA  LOW           C  415/453-6025 Y 
   2644 SANTA ANA/NEWPRT BCH CA  USA  HIGH          C  714/752-1493 Y 
  13704 SANTA BARBARA        CA  USA  MED           C  805/962-6636 Y 
   3725 SANTA CLARA/SAN JOSE CA  USA  HIGH          C  408/432-0804 Y 
  14165 SANTA CRUZ           CA  USA  MED           C  408/464-0292 Y 
  14151 SANTA ROSA           CA  USA  LOW           C  707/523-1667 Y 
  14003 SHERMAN OAKS         CA  USA  MED           C  818/995-0517 Y 
  14011 SO SAN FRANCISCO     CA  USA  LOW           C  415/588-2074 Y 
  14067 STOCKTON             CA  USA  LOW           C  209/463-5881 Y 
   3725 SUNNYVALE/SAN JOSE   CA  USA  HIGH          C  408/432-0804 Y 
  14072 VALLEJO              CA  USA  LOW           C  707/553-2616 Y 
   7533 VERNON               CA  USA  HIGH          C  213/588-8128 Y 
  10762 VISALIA              CA  USA  LOW           C  209/635-4289 Y 
  12364 VISTA                CA  USA  LOW           C  619/941-9793 Y 
  10221 WALNUT CREEK         CA  USA  MED           C  510/935-9806 Y 
   6651 AURORA/DENVER        CO  USA  HIGH          C  303/830-8530 Y 
   6651 BOULDER/DENVER       CO  USA  HIGH          C  303/830-8530 Y 
   2470 COLORADO SPRINGS     CO  USA  MED           C  719/592-1161 Y 
   6651 DENVER               CO  USA  HIGH          C  303/830-8530 Y 
   3557 BLOOMFIELD           CT  USA  HIGH          C  203/243-9446 Y 
  14043 BRIDGEPORT           CT  USA  MED           C  203/334-5662 Y 
  14250 DANBURY              CT  USA  LOW           C  203/790-6651 Y 
   3557 HARTFORD/BLOOMFIELD  CT  USA  HIGH          C  203/243-9446 Y 
  12044 NEW HAVEN            CT  USA  MED           C  203/789-1848 Y 
   2752 STAMFORD             CT  USA  HIGH          C  203/324-2297 Y 
   6264 WASHINGTON/FAIRFAX   DC  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6265 WASHINGTON/FAIRFAX   DC  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
  14430 DOVER                DE  USA  MED           C  302/734-5018 Y 
  14626 WILMINGTON           DE  USA  MED           C  302/888-0174 Y 
   3737 CLEARWATER           FL  USA  MED           C  813/443-4515 Y 
  13631 FT MEYERS            FL  USA  LOW           C  813/332-0933 Y 
   6770 FT. LAUDERDALE       FL  USA  MED           C  305/779-3445 Y 
  14224 GAINESVILLE          FL  USA  LOW           C  904/335-2004 Y 
   6770 HOLLYWD/FT. LAUDRDLE FL  USA  MED           C  305/779-3445 Y 
   2521 JACKSONVILLE         FL  USA  MED           C  904/724-5994 Y 
  14177 LAKELAND             FL  USA  LOW           C  813/853-8509 Y 
  10355 LONGWOOD/ORLANDO     FL  USA  MED           C  407/839-0555 Y 
   7724 MIAMI                FL  USA  HIGH          C  305/592-2357 Y 
  13632 NAPLES               FL  USA  LOW           C  813/261-3366 Y 
  10355 ORLANDO              FL  USA  MED           C  407/839-0555 Y 
  14415 ORMOND BEACH         FL  USA  LOW           C  904/673-6237 Y 
  14651 PENSACOLA            FL  USA  LOW           C  904/474-9283 Y 
   6770 POMPNO BCH/FT. LDRDL FL  USA  MED           C  305/779-3445 Y 
  14661 SARASOTA             FL  USA  LOW           C  813/365-8089 Y 
  13676 TALLAHASSEE          FL  USA  MED           C  904/422-0016 Y 
  13240 TAMPA                FL  USA  HIGH          C  813/932-1091 Y 
  14166 ATHENS               GA  USA  LOW           C  706/354-1368 Y 
  10254 ATLANTA/DORAVILLE    GA  USA  HIGH          C  404/451-1546 Y 
   5526 COLUMBUS             GA  USA  LOW           C  706/327-4214 Y 
  10254 DORAVILLE            GA  USA  HIGH          C  404/451-1546 Y 
  10254 MARIETTA/DORAVILLE   GA  USA  HIGH          C  404/451-1546 Y 
  13772 MARTINEZ             GA  USA  LOW           C  706/650-0207 Y 
  10254 NORCROSS/DORAVILLE   GA  USA  HIGH          C  404/451-1546 Y 
  13774 SAVANNAH             GA  USA  LOW           C  912/233-9032 Y 
   2437 WARNER ROBINS        GA  USA  LOW           C  912/922-7551 Y 
  13476 HONOLULU             HI  USA  MED           C  808/599-1501 Y 
  14657 IOWA CITY            IA  USA  LOW           C  319/354-6108 Y 
  14150 W DES MOINES         IA  USA  MED           C  515/255-1864 Y 
  14160 BOISE                ID  USA  MED           C  208/345-5977 Y 
   6324 CHICAGO              IL  USA  HIGH          C  312/427-7579 Y 
  11160 CHICAGO              IL  USA  WATS          C  800/###-#### Y 
  13732 GLEN ELLYN           IL  USA  MED           C  708/469-2694 Y 
  5605  LOVES PARK           IL  USA  MED           C  815/877-8759 Y 
  14660 O'FALLON             IL  USA  LOW           C  618/628-4758 Y 
  14514 PEORIA               IL  USA  LOW           C  309/674-8607 Y 
   5073 ROCK ISLAND          IL  USA  MED           C  309/788-0892 Y 
  14254 SPRINGFIELD          IL  USA  MED           C  217/544-5878 Y 
  14215 URBANA               IL  USA  LOW           C  217/344-4466 Y 
  14210 FT WAYNE             IN  USA  LOW           C  219/422-0295 Y 
  14133 GARY                 IN  USA  LOW           C  219/884-2630 Y 
   5672 INDIANAPOLIS         IN  USA  HIGH          C  317/687-0305 Y 
  14222 SOUTH BEND           IN  USA  MED           C  219/233-3588 Y 
  13254 LAWRENCE             KS  USA  LOW           C  913/843-3553 Y 
   4653 MISSION              KS  USA  HIGH          C  913/384-0071 Y 
   4653 SHAWNEE/MISSION      KS  USA  HIGH          C  913/384-0071 Y 
  14117 WICHITA              KS  USA  MED           C  316/681-0931 Y 
  5311  LEXINGTON            KY  USA  MED           C  606/269-0461 y 
  13136 LOUISVILLE           KY  USA  MED           C  502/499-7730 Y 
  14362 BATON ROUGE          LA  USA  HIGH          C  504/293-2955 Y 
  11376 NEW ORLEANS          LA  USA  HIGH          C  504/524-1738 Y 
  14142 SHREVEPORT           LA  USA  LOW           C  318/688-2018 y 
  14120 BEDFORD              MA  USA  LOW           C  617/275-5077 Y 
   4060 BOSTON               MA  USA  HIGH          C  617/330-5110 Y 
   4713 BOSTON               MA  USA  HIGH          C  617/330-5110 Y 
   4060 CAMBRIDGE/BOSTON     MA  USA  HIGH          C  617/330-5110 Y 
   4713 CAMBRIDGE/BOSTON     MA  USA  HIGH          C  617/330-5110 Y 
  13756 LAWRENCE             MA  USA  LOW           C  508/682-0685 Y 
   3321 LOWELL               MA  USA  LOW           C  508/458-0623 Y 
  14122 MARLBOROUGH          MA  USA  LOW           C  508/229-0041 Y 
  14012 RANDOLPH             MA  USA  LOW           C  617/961-4809 Y 
   4713 TEMPLETON            MA  USA  HIGH          C  508/939-4459 Y 
  14022 WORCESTER            MA  USA  LOW           C  508/754-4107 Y 
  10034 BALTIMORE            MD  USA  HIGH          C  410/659-7460 Y 
   6264 BETHESDA/FAIRFAX     MD  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6265 BETHESDA/FAIRFAX     MD  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
  14507 MYERSVILLE           MD  USA  LOW           C  301/293-2460 Y 
  13751 ROCKVILLE            MD  USA  MED           C  301/309-1501 Y 
  14510 SALISBURY            MD  USA  LOW           C  410/543-8575 Y 
  14512 PORTLAND             ME  USA  LOW           C  207/828-0072 Y 
  10307 ANN ARBOR            MI  USA  MED           C  313/973-0166 Y 
   5623 BATTLE CREEK         MI  USA  LOW           C  616/964-7733 Y 
  6012  BURTON               MI  USA  LOW           C  313/743-5396 Y 
   7005 DETROIT              MI  USA  HIGH          C  313/964-1225 Y 
  10715 FREELAND             MI  USA  LOW           C  517/695-9766 Y 
  14105 GRAND RAPIDS         MI  USA  MED           C  616/458-9252 Y 
   3146 JACKSON              MI  USA  LOW           C  517/783-1114 Y 
  12320 KALAMAZOO            MI  USA  MED           C  616/388-4340 Y 
  14114 LANSING              MI  USA  MED           C  517/372-9511 Y 
  11010 SOUTHFIELD           MI  USA  MED           C  313/557-2106 Y 
  14337 MANKATO              MN  USA  LOW           C  507/345-4177 Y 
   2377 MINNEAPOLIS          MN  USA  HIGH          C  612/338-0845 Y 
  13762 ROCHESTER            MN  USA  LOW           C  507/288-1864 Y 
  13750 ST. CLOUD            MN  USA  LOW           C  612/656-0991 Y 
   2377 ST. PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS MN  USA  HIGH          C  612/338-0845 Y 
  6676  BRIDGETON            MO  USA  HIGH          C  314/291-6744 Y 
  5350  SPRINGFIELD          MO  USA  LOW           C  417/889-9209 Y 
   6515 CHARLOTTE            NC  USA  HIGH          C  704/329-0104 Y 
  14073 DURHAM               NC  USA  HIGH          C  919/406-0076 Y 
  14650 GREENSBORO           NC  USA  MED           C  919/274-0719 Y 
   6170 WINSTON-SALEM        NC  USA  MED           C  919/765-0500 Y 
  13711 BISMARCK             ND  USA  LOW           C  701/223-9365 Y 
  14253 LINCOLN              NE  USA  LOW           C  402/464-2103 Y 
  14000 OMAHA                NE  USA  MED           C  402/393-5935 Y 
  13734 MANCHESTER           NH  USA  LOW           C  603/626-0040 Y 
   4771 NASHUA               NH  USA  MED           C  603/882-4168 Y 
  14374 ATLANTIC CITY        NJ  USA  LOW           C  609/441-8290 Y 
   2340 ELIZABETH/NEWARK     NJ  USA  HIGH          C  201/824-4201 Y 
  5463  ENGLEWOOD            NJ  USA  MED           C  201/816-1642 y 
   2340 JERSEY CITY/NEWARK   NJ  USA  HIGH          C  201/824-4201 Y 
   2340 NEWARK               NJ  USA  HIGH          C  201/824-4201 Y 
  13366 PATERSON             NJ  USA  MED           C  201/523-8622 Y 
   6314 PENNSAUKEN           NJ  USA  LOW           C  609/665-0637 Y 
  10716 PISCATAWAY           NJ  USA  HIGH          C  908/562-0570 Y 
  10153 PRINCETON/SO. BRNSWK NJ  USA  HIGH          C  609/452-8388 Y 
  14536 RAHWAY               NJ  USA  LOW           C  908/574-9278 Y 
   6013 RED BANK             NJ  USA  LOW           C  908/224-0873 Y 
  10153 SOUTH BRUNSWICK      NJ  USA  HIGH          C  609/452-8388 Y 
  11305 UNION CITY           NJ  USA  HIGH          C  201/617/9069 Y 
   2340 UNION/NEWARK         NJ  USA  HIGH          C  201/824-4201 Y 
  12760 ALBUQUERQUE          NM  USA  MED           C  505/243-0699 Y 
  14031 LAS CRUCES           NM  USA  LOW           C  505/527-8593 Y 
  14325 CARSON CITY          NV  USA  MED           C  702/885-0188 Y 
   6674 LAS VEGAS            NV  USA  MED           C  702/795-3700 Y 
   3520 ALBANY               NY  USA  MED           C  518/446-0054 Y 
   7011 BUFFALO              NY  USA  MED           C  716/893-9622 Y 
   3540 HEMPSTEAD            NY  USA  MED           C  516/565-0111 Y 
  14671 MELVILLE             NY  USA  HIGH          C  516/420-4190 Y 
   3540 MINEOLA/HEMPSTEAD    NY  USA  MED           C  516/565-0111 Y 
  10067 NEW YORK             NY  USA  HIGH          C  212/269-4640 Y 
   2304 NEW YORK             NY  USA  HIGH          C  212/269-4640 Y 
  10070 NEW YORK             NY  USA  HIGH          C  212/269-4640 Y 
   7162 PERINTON/PITTSFORD   NY  USA  HIGH          C  716/586-4100 Y 
   7162 PITTSFORD            NY  USA  HIGH          C  716/586-4100 Y 
   7162 ROCHESTER/PITTSFORD  NY  USA  HIGH          C  716/586-4100 Y 
  14647 SYRACUS              NY  USA  MED           C  315/463-4636 Y 
   7240 WHITE PLAINS         NY  USA  HIGH          C  914/761-5377 Y 
   6454 AKRON                OH  USA  MED           C  216/434-0014 Y 
  14161 CANTON               OH  USA  LOW           C  216/453-6407 Y 
   7140 CINCINNATI           OH  USA  HIGH          C  513/489-1032 Y 
   4063 CLEVELAND            OH  USA  HIGH          C  216/696-0545 Y 
   2272 DAYTON               OH  USA  MED           C  513/454-2044 Y 
  14576 DUBLIN               OH  USA  HIGH          C  614/798-2131 Y 
   5345 TOLEDO               OH  USA  MED           C  419/255-7146 Y 
   6506 OKLAHOMA CITY        OK  USA  HIGH          C  405/787-0684 Y 
   3051 TULSA                OK  USA  HIGH          C  918/585-8400 Y 
  13747 EUGENE               OR  USA  LOW           C  503/343-2524 Y 
  13275 PORTLAND             OR  USA  HIGH          C  503/225-1918 Y 
   3077 BETHLEHEM            PA  USA  MED           C  215/882-3883 Y 
  10133 ERIE                 PA  USA  LOW           C  814/459-0307 Y 
  14264 LANCASTER            PA  USA  LOW           C  717/581-9350 Y 
  14664 LEMOYNE              PA  USA  MED           C  717/975-8168 Y 
   2145 NORRISTOWN           PA  USA  MED           C  215/666-1984 Y 
   3707 PHILADELPHIA         PA  USA  HIGH          C  215/629-0567 Y 
   6570 PITTSBURGH           PA  USA  HIGH          C  412/642-2271 Y 
  14673 READING              PA  USA  LOW           C  215/796-9108 Y 
  14734 WILKES BARRE         PA  USA  LOW           C  717/823-5523 Y 
  14252 YORK                 PA  USA  LOW           C  717/848-4595 Y 
   2657 PAWTUCKET/PROVIDENCE RI  USA  HIGH          C  401/751-8030 Y 
   2657 PROVIDENCE           RI  USA  HIGH          C  401/751-8030 Y 
   2657 WARWICK/PROVIDENCE   RI  USA  HIGH          C  401/751-8030 Y 
  12024 COLUMBIA             SC  USA  MED           C  803/771-6608 Y 
   7272 GREENVILLE           SC  USA  MED           C  803/370-9014 Y 
  14277 MYRTLE BEACH         SC  USA  LOW           C  803/626-9335 Y 
  13763 SIOUX FALLS          SD  USA  LOW           C  605/331-6467 Y 
  14505 CHATTANOOGA          TN  USA  MED           C  615/266-9693 Y 
  11755 KNOXVILLE            TN  USA  MED           C  615/693-5324 Y 
  12045 MEMPHIS              TN  USA  MED           C  901/521-1303 Y 
   3611 NASHVILLE            TN  USA  HIGH          C  615/889-4044 Y 
  13776 AMARILLO             TX  USA  LOW           C  806/359-1124 Y 
   3523 AUSTIN               TX  USA  HIGH          C  512/448-4611 Y 
  13165 BRYAN                TX  USA  LOW           C  409/823-4900 Y 
  11054 CORPUS CHRISTI       TX  USA  MED           C  512/289-1981 Y 
  13120 DALLAS               TX  USA  HIGH          C  214/637-3012 Y 
  13137 EL PASO              TX  USA  MED           C  915/533-0035 Y 
  10571 FT. WORTH            TX  USA  LOW           C  817/332-5923 Y 
  10713 HOUSTON              TX  USA  HIGH          C  713/870-8381 Y 
  13707 LONGVIEW             TX  USA  LOW           C  903/757-3355 Y 
  14432 LUBBOCK              TX  USA  LOW           C  806/799-8993 Y 
  14410 MIDLAND              TX  USA  LOW           C  915/561-8108 Y 
  13724 SAN ANGELO           TX  USA  LOW           C  915/653-3300 Y 
   7524 SAN ANTONIO          TX  USA  HIGH          C  210/225-3213 Y 
   3043 TYLER                TX  USA  LOW           C  903/509-2707 Y 
  13720 WACO                 TX  USA  LOW           C  817/776-0773 Y 
  14427 WICHITA FALLS        TX  USA  LOW           C  817/723-6248 Y 
  10046 PROVO                UT  USA  LOW           C  801/373-5614 Y 
  13246 SALT LAKE CITY       UT  USA  HIGH          C  801/364-7605 Y 
  14263 ALEXANDRIA           VA  USA  LOW           C  318/448-0174 Y 
   6264 ALEXANDRIA/FAIRFAX   VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6265 ALEXANDRIA/FAIRFAX   VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6264 ARLINGTON/FAIRFAX    VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6265 ARLINGTON/FAIRFAX    VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
  11310 CHARLOTTESVILLE      VA  USA  LOW           C  804/977-9610 Y 
   6264 FAIRFAX              VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
   6265 FAIRFAX              VA  USA  HIGH          C  703/385-7587 Y 
  14707 NEWPORT NEWS         VA  USA  MED           C  804/595-7180 Y 
  11740 NORFOLK              VA  USA  MED           C  804/858-2707 Y 
   5142 RICHMOND             VA  USA  MED           C  804/330-0002 Y 
  14203 ROANOKE              VA  USA  LOW           C  703/344-0412 Y 
   4453 BELLEVUE/SEATTLE     WA  USA  HIGH          C  206/283-3677 Y 
  12517 KENNEWICK            WA  USA  MED           C  509/783-2201 Y 
   4453 SEATTLE              WA  USA  HIGH          C  206/283-3677 Y 
  12517 SPOKANE              WA  USA  MED           C  509/455-7091 Y 
  4513  VANCOUVER            WA  USA  LOW           C  206/576-6830 y 
  13753 EAU CLAIRE           WI  USA  LOW           C  715/833-7608 Y 
  14363 GREEN BAY            WI  USA  LOW           C  414/432-0293 y 
   6675 MADISON              WI  USA  HIGH          C  608/242-1016 Y 
   2404 MILWAUKEE/BROOKFIELD WI  USA  HIGH          C  414/796-1087 Y 
  14136 CHARLESTON           WV  USA  LOW           C  304/342-6413 Y 
   * Node 4003 is listed for many different countries.  It represents the
     Enhanced Global Connection Service which includes nodes: 2576, 3512,
     3513, and 4003.
   B=BELL 103/113 (300 bps) or BELL 212A (1200 bps) compatible modems
   C=CCITT V.21(300 bps) or CCITT V.22 bis(2400 bps) or CCITT V.32
     compatible modems
  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  SPRINTNET  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                              V.32 9600           V.29 9600
 ST AC     CITY                  BPS                 BPS            CLASS
 In-WATS 800                  546-2500            546-2000            -
 AL 205 Birmingham            328-5719                                B
 AR 501 Little Rock           375-4177                                B
 AZ 602 Phoenix               254-1903            254-0040            A
 AZ 602 Tuscon                620-0658                                B
 CA 714 Colton                824-5571                                B
 CA 619 Escondido             738-0203                                B
 CA 209 Fresno                233-6928                                B
 CA 714 Garden Grove          898-3132                                B
 CA 818 Glendale              507-0511                                B
 CA 213 Los Angeles           937-5526            937-0233            A
 CA 310 Marina Del Rey        306-3450                                B
 CA 510 Oakland               836-3844                                B
 CA 415 Palo Alto             856-4854                                B
 CA 916 Sacramento            448-0820                                B
 CA 415 San Carlos            591-8578                                B
 CA 619 San Diego             233-1025                                B
 CA 415 San Francisco         956-2256            956-6317            A
 CA 408 San Jose              294-9067                                B
 CA 310 San Pedro             548-7146                                B
 CA 714 Santa Ana             558-1501                                B
 CA 805 Santa Barbara         965-3326                                B
 CA 707 Santa Rosa            523-1048                                B
 CA 818 Woodland Hills        887-7420                                B
 CO 719 Colorado Springs      632-0278                                B
 CO 303 Denver                745-3285            337-3304            A
 CT 203 Bridgeport            332-7400                                B
 CT 203 Danbury               778-2022                                B
 CT 203 Hartford              560-1385                                B
 CT 203 New Haven             624-5945                                B
 CT 203 Stamford              961-8371                                B
 DE 302 Newark                477-1745                                B
 DC 202 Washington            659-2733            429-9145            A
 FL 407 Boca Raton            367-0732                                B
 FL 305 Ft Lauderdale         764-0318                                B
 FL 904 Jacksonville          353-1137                                B
 FL 904 Gainesville           331-3799                                B
 FL 305 Miami                 358-5349            372-9684            A
 FL 407 Orlando               246-0851                                B
 FL 813 St Petersburg         327-7024                                B
 FL 904 Tallahassee           222-0533                                B
 FL 813 Tampa                 221-3713                                B
 FL 407 West Palm Beach       820-9391                                B
 GA 404 Atlanta               688-1212            523-5512            A
 HI 808 Oahu                  536-3886 (1)                            -
 IL 708 Arlington Heights     670-9522                                A
 IL 708 Aurora                896-9802                                B
 IL 312 Chicago               938-5462            938-4401            A
 IN 317 Indianapolis          299-2593                                B
 IN 219 Ft. Wayne             422-8013                                B
 IN 219 South Bend            288-2355                                B
 IA 515 Des Moines            288-4626                                B
 KS 316 Wichita               729-9888                                B
 KY 606 Lexington             231-7717                                B
 KY 502 Louisville            583-1209                                B
 LA 504 New Orleans           524-7442            524-7337            A
 LA 504 Baton Rouge           293-6010                                A
 MD 410 Baltimore             244-0470            727-2044            A
 MA 617 Boston                338-0002            292-9522            A
 MA 413 Springfield           747-3700                                B
 MA 508 Worcester             791-7630                                B
 MI 313 Ann Arbor             741-8488            996-0035            A
 MI 313 Detroit               965-3011            964-3133            A
 MI 616 Grand Rapids          774-5958                                B
 MI 517 Lansing               482-0120                                B
 MI 313 Warren                573-7300                                B
 MN 612 Minneapolis           332-0033            341-0324            A
 MO 816 Kansas City           421-5783            221-9407            A
 MO 314 St Louis              421-1376            421-0872            A
 NE 402 Omaha                 341-4622                                B
 NV 702 Las Vegas             737-1752                                B
 NV 702 Reno                  324-1718                                B
 NJ 908 Freehold              780-2680                                B
 NJ 201 Hackensack            488-1726                                B
 NJ 609 Marlton               424-1144                                B
 NJ 201 Morristown            605-1836                                B
 NJ 908 New Brunswick         220-0405                                B
 NJ 201 Newark                624-8843            623-0900            A
 NJ 201 Paterson              279-4515                                B
 NJ 609 Princeton             799-2266            799-0244            B
 NM 505 Albuquerque           246-8950                                B
 NY 518 Albany                433-0092                                B
 NY 716 Buffalo               847-8181                                B
 NY 516 Deer Park             254-6021                                B
 NY 516 Hempstead             292-2820                                B
 NY 212 New York City         206-0256            633-1117            A
 NY 914 Poughkeepsie          471-6728                                B
 NY 716 Rochester             546-6998                                B
 NY 315 Syracuse              448-0021                                B
 NY 914 White Plains          949-6878                                B
 NC 704 Charlotte             332-4023            332-3705            A
 NC 919 Greensboro            299-6600                                B
 NC 919 Raleigh               781-9976                                B
 NC 919 Res Tri Park          549-0542                                B
 OH 513 Cincinnati            579-1593            579-1583            A
 OH 216 Cleveland             575-0811            575-1308            A
 OH 614 Columbus              461-8671            463-9110            A
 OH 513 Dayton                461-4600                                B
 OH 419 Toledo                255-7010                                B
 OK 405 Oklahoma City         270-0028                                B
 OK 918 Tulsa                 584-6935                                B
 OR 503 Portland              295-0337            295-2936            A
 PA 215 Allentown             435-8118                                B
 PA 717 Harrisburg            236-1186                                B
 PA 215 King of Prussia       265-2812                                B
 PA 215*Philadelphia          854-0589            977-9303            A
 PA 412 Pittsburgh            281-8326            281-8782            A
 RI 401 Providence            453-5353                                B
 SC 803 Charleston            723-7342                                B
 SC 803 Columbia              254-0038                                B
 SC 803 Greenville            232-7832                                B
 TN 615 Knoxville             523-4031                                B
 TN 901 Memphis               525-5201                                B
 TN 615 Nashville             726-1213                                B
 TX 512 Austin                929-0078                                B
 TX 214 Dallas                653-0840            748-3541            A
 TX 817 Ft Worth              332-1015            332-8424            B
 TX 713 Houston               228-0705            227-1760            A
 TX 915 San Angelo            944-0376                                B
 TX 210*San Antonio           225-1191                                B
 UT 801 Salt Lake City        355-9030                                B
 VA 703 Herndon               787-6719                                B
 VA 804 Norfolk               340-8930                                B
 VA 804 Richmond              225-0021                                B
 WA 206 Seattle               625-1386            625-9008            A
 WI 608 Madison               257-8330                                B
 WI 414 Milwaukee             271-2420            271-2238            A
 (1) International data rates apply.
 * An asterisk indicates a change in number, a service upgrade or a
   new location.  Refer to the 'New' listing for further explanations
   of these changes.
  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  SPRINTNET  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
 COUNTRY     CODE   CITY           300/1200 BPS     2400 BPS     9600 BPS
 Australia+     8   Adelaide           373-4734     373-4734     373-4734
 Australia+     7   Brisbane           236-1082     236-1082     236-1082
 Australia+     6   Canberra           257-5055     257-5055     257-5055
 Australia+     3   Melbourne          764-0421     764-0421     764-0421
 Australia+     9   Perth              481-1122     481-1122     481-1122
 Australia+     2   Sydney             281-0800     281-0800     281-0800
 Austria        1   Vienna             504-2811     504-2811     504-2811
 Belgium        2   Brussels           725-3400     725-3400     725-3400
 Bulgaria       2 * Sophia               73-361       73-361       73-361
 Canada       514   Montreal           392-0202     392-0202     392-0202
 Canada       416   Toronto            594-1121     594-1121     594-1121
 Canada       604   Vancouver          684-4696     684-4696     684-4696
 Colombia       1 * Bogota             320-3811     320-3811     320-3811
 Denmark+       1 * Copenhagen       32-96-1511   32-96-1511   32-96-1511
 Finland        0   Helsinki           146-3022     146-3022     146-3022
 France         2 * Lille              065-3260     065-3260     065-3260
 France         7 * Lyon               864-5095     864-5095     864-5095
 France         1   Paris             6928-0404    6928-0404    6928-0404
 France         9 * Sofia Antipolis    296-0049     296-0049     296-0049
 Germany       69   Frankfurt          666-9151     666-9151     666-9151
 Germany+      40   Hamburg            279-5411     279-5411     279-5411
 Germany+     511   Hannover           879-1800     879-1800     879-1800
 Germany+      89   Munich              369-031      369-031      369-031
 Hong Kong    852   Hong Kong          754-8442     754-8442     754-8442
 Indonesia     21   Jakarta            386-1044     386-1044     386-1044
 Ireland        1   Dublin             661-4466     661-4466     661-4466
 Italy          2   Milan             953-01301    953-01301    953-01301
 Japan          6   Osaka              910-7111     910-7111     910-7111
 Japan          3   Tokyo             3794-6381    3794-6381    3794-6381
 Kuwait+            Kuwait City        484-4133     484-4133     484-4155
 Luxembourg         Echternach          727-788      727-788      727-788
 Netherlands 01719  Noordwijk (Amsterdam) 46370        46370        46370
 New Zealand+   9   Auckland           358-4491     358-4491     358-4491
 New Zealand+   4   Wellington         499-3617     499-3617     499-3617
 Norway        66   Oslo                845-011      845-011      845-011
 Portugal       1   Lisbon             395-5445     395-5445     395-5445
 Romania        0   Bucharest         1311-2525    1311-2525    1311-2525
 Puerto Rico  809   San Juan           273-7400     273-7400     273-7400
 Singapore     65   Singapore          738-0566     738-0566     738-0566
 Spain          3 * Barcelona          335-9000     335-9000     335-9000
 Spain          1   Madrid             766-2122     766-2122     766-2122
 Sweden+        8 * Stockholm         751-15-15    751-15-15    751-15-15
 Switzerland   31   Bern                26-1049      26-1049      26-1049
 Switzerland   13   Zurich              02-8868      02-8868      02-8868
 U.K.          25   Basingstoke        660-0061     660-0061     660-0061
 U.K.          31   Edinburg, Scotland 459-1290     459-1290     459-1290
 U.K.          71   London             973-1030     973-1030     973-1030
 U.K.         061 * Manchester         747-5000     747-5000     747-5000
 Venezuela      2   Caracas            993-0364     993-0364     993-0364
 * An asterisk indicates a change in number, a service upgrade or a
   new location.  Refer to the 'New' listing for further explanations
   of these changes.
 + Please note dial-in access procedures are slightly different than
   standard SprintNet procedures.  If you need assistance, please contact
   Customer Service in Reston, VA at 703-318-7740.
 !!!!!!!  Please note, the foregoing includes only 9600 <complete> access, 
 some slower nodes are listed, however, many other access points exist at 
 speeds lower than 9600.  Some of these numbers support 9600 and lower 
 speeds, most are 9600 only, with the exception of the Sprintnet 
 international listings, which include only those cities where 9600, as 
 well as lower speeds, are available.  I did not edit out the low speed 
 numbers there, but did edit out all points where 9600 access was not 
                          "AP7, High speed Guru?"


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

                      NVN - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

      The  Atari computer  platform has  support on  yet another  top notch
 telecommunications service!   National Videotex Network (NVN) maintains an
 area just for our favorite computers.  Type GO ATARI Order an extended NVN
 Membership of 6 or 12 months, pay for it in advance and receive a bonus in
 connect time at no additional charge.

                    NVN lowers its connect time charges!
   $5/hour non-prime time (EST. 7pm - 9am weekdays and all day weekends)
                $8/hour prime time (EST 9am - 7pm weekdays)

 Choose from two great subscription plans:

                             6-Month Membership

 Pay just $30  for a 6-month  Membership and  receive a  usage credit  that
 entitles  you to  $15 of  connect-time in  the Premium   services  of your
 choice.  Your total savings using this plan would be over $20!

                            12 Month Membership

 Pay $50 for a full year's Membership and  get even more free time on-line.
 We'll give you a $25 usage credit to use in your favorite premium services
 or try out  new ones.  You could  save as  much as  $45. NVN   now  offers
 Electronic   Funds Transfer  (EFT).   For a  $2 per month  service charge,
 customers  may have their  NVN  online charges  automatically debited from
 their personal checking accounts.  Please contact Client Services for this
 new feature!

             For more information about either of these plans..
                 Please, give us a call at; 1-800-336-9096.

                    You can join NVN one of two ways...
              By voice phone 1-800-336-9096 (Client Services)
                     or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.

                               NVN Highlights

 1.   For the newcomers ....
 3.   A library built *just* for business people
 4.   Board Certified Psychiatrist heads up the new Substance Abuse Forum
 5.   VETERANS: Please report to the Military Forum <GO MILITARY> for C&D.
 6.   Step out into the Great Outdoors Forum <GO OUTDOORS> 
 7.   We've got just the cure for your medical information needs 
 8.   The Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Support Forum is now online.
 9.   SOUND OFF!!! Take our Game Survey 
 10.  Let's talk about Coins 
 11.  Call all DISNEYphiles!  Join the gang!  <GO AMERICA>.
 12.  Amiga Forum now available for Amiga and Desktop Video enthusiasts!
 13.  NEW Email enhancements are on-line. Including personal mailing lists!


 > NOVA CARD NEWS! STR InfoFile              NOVA SPECS and UPDATE NEWS!


                          SPECIAL NOVA CARD UPDATE

 Announcement from Lexicor Software Corp.

 As of Monday 19th July 1993, the Special NOVA Deal offered by Lexicor
 Software for the NOVA Graphics Card is over.

 The NOVA Mega and the NOVA VME 16M will now both have the same price of
 599.99 U$D.

 The price for the SUPERNOVA has not changed and will cost: 999.99 U$D

 The 32K Graphic Card is only available on Special Order and will cost 429
 U$D both the Mega and the VME. For these Card's there may be an added
 handling Price.

 Shipping cost are excluded from these prices.

 Technical Specifications

 NOVA Megabus 16M
 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90Mhz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1024x768 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 768x512
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x400
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable               : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VAG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 90MHz
 Video RAM                 : 1 Megabyte
 RAMtype                   : DRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1088x832 in 256 Color's
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 800x600
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 640x480
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradable               : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VAG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : NO

 Maximum Frame Rate        : 135MHz
 Video RAM                 : 2 Megabytes
 RAMType                   : VRAM
 Maximum Color's           : 16,7 Million Colors (24bit)
 Maximum Resolution (>70Hz): 1280x1024
 Maximum Resolution (15bit): 1024x768
 Maximum Resolution (24bit): 800x600
 Virtual Resolution        : YES
 Automatic REZ Switch      : YES
 Upgradeable               : YES
 VDI for 24bit             : YES
 VAG                       : YES
 HARDWARE Accelerator      : YES

 For more information check our previous releases on the NOVA Card. The
 Virtual Resolution are programmable via the VAG. The VDI of the NOVA has
 proven to be very compatible with our Software and many other Software
 applications as well.

 There is also a NOVA Special disk available soon that has some NOVA
 Specific program's on it, including NOVA Mines, the game, and the special
 Calamus SL driver that will enable Calamus SL to run in 15/16bit in
 15/16bit color mode.

                                                   Yat Siu
                                              Lexicor Software Europe

                      LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                        1726 Francisco ST.

                        Berkeley, CA 94703

                        Phone 510-848-7621
                        FAX   510-848-7613


 > WP & D.O.D. STR InfoFile

                        WORDPERFECT 5.2 FOR WINDOWS 
                                SELECTED FOR
                        DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PACKAGE

      WordPerfect 5.2  for Windows  Selected for Ease of  Use and  Powerful
 Features.   WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows  is now part of  a complete office
 automation package offered to the Department of Defense through the  Small
 Multiuser  Computer contract.  EDS, awarded  the SMC  contract in  1990 to
 provide products  and services  to  the  Department of  Defense,  recently
 announced that WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows is included in the SMC software
 package  along  with Harvard  Graphics, Superbase,  Lotus 1-2-3  and Lotus

 "SMC is providing this new  product package to ensure  that the Department
 of Defense community  has access to the most advanced  computer software,"
 said Kim  Luke, SMC program  manager for  EDS. "We want  to offer products
 that facilitate the department's move to Windows-based applications."

 According to  Luke, WordPerfect  5.2  for Windows  was  added to  the  SMC
 product lineup because it is one  of the best-selling word  processors and
 comes with both  Grammatik 5, the best-selling grammar checker,  and Adobe
 Type Manager.  Grammatik 5  works intuitively  to proofread  documents for
 grammar,  style, and  punctuation while  ATM  improves  the on-screen  and
 printed appearance of fonts.

 "After  comparing the  leading word  processing software  applications, we
 selected WordPerfect 5.2  for Windows because it  offers user-friendly and
 powerful  features,"  said Luke.  "We think  WordPerfect  5.2  for Windows
 offers members of the  Department of Defense community the tools they need
 to increase their efficiency."

 EDS  has operations  in more than 30  countries, employs  more than 70,000
 people, and is  a leader  in applying information technology  to meet  the
 needs of businesses and governments around the world. The company's  stock
 is  traded on the New York Stock  Exchange under the symbol GME.  Revenues
 for 1992 were $8.2


 > ATARI UNITED! STR InfoFile                         An Overview......

                     WHAT IS THIS ATARI UNITED! THING?

      When  ATARI UNITED!  was  first announced in  an online conference on
 DELPHI,  some DELPHI members had questions,  which  I'm sure others share,
 about   the  intent,   focus and    reasoning  behind  ATARI UNITED!.    A
 bit of   history about  the  development  of  this organization might help
 begin to answer those questions.

      ATARI  UNITED!   was born  out of the  suspicion that more  Atari TOS
 computer   owners   exist  than  most in  the   active   Atari   community
 realize.    Patti and I have both had  many experiences in which   we have
 come  into  contact with  owners  who had  no idea  that a  thriving Atari
 community still existed.   We have both been responsible for bringing   ST
 owners 'out-of-the-closet'  and renewing  their use  of  their machines.  
 And,  of course,  with every renewed Atari owner comes some  degree of new
 spending on equipment and/or software.

      ATARI  UNITED!   has been organized with the intent of  searching out
 these isolated owners  on a nationwide scale,  with  the   hope that these
 users will expand the active userbase.   And as a result will promote  new
 business for our loyal developers.  

      ATARI  UNITED! seeks  to repair  the disintegration  of communication
 between   users and  developers   in the Atari market,  especially because
 of  the demise of many printed Atari-specific magazines that all too often
 are an owner's only link to the community.

      A  late   night conversation about the  dismal state  of   the  Atari
 market   in  the US  led to  a discussion  about ways  that it  could   be
 improved,    independent    of  direct Atari    Corporation   involvement.
 Obviously,   we   concluded     that   the   creation  of   a   nationwide
 database   containing     information   about    users,     dealers    and
 developers    was   the  first   step  in   rebuilding the lost   lines of
 communication.    This has become the first  priority  of    our fledgling
 organization.    While  it   is  being  compiled,  other projects are  and
 will be  developed,  so  that  our   database can be utilized  to its full
 extent when more complete.

      Atari user groups  have always been a  valuable means of keeping  the
 Atari community  together, and  it was obvious  that user  groups were the
 best  place  to begin   compiling  information.   Bob  Brodie, Director of
 Communication for Atari Corporation,  and former  User Group  Coordinator,
 was  contacted,  provided an outline  of  our purpose  and plan of action,
 and asked for a list of user  groups that could be used in the effort.  He
 was happy to provide  us with the necessary information, and so,  the work

      The  name ATARI  UNITED!  was chosen,  and again,   Bob  Brodie   was
 contacted.  Permission  to use Atari's name was  granted, so long as   the
 organization  was used to support Atari  products  and  their users.    As
 this was the very foundation of the  organization, an  informal  agreement
 was quickly reached,    and ATARI  UNITED!  became    our  official  name.
 It  was  further   determined  that  AU!    should  be   a  not-for-profit
 organization,  similar to the general form that  Atari  user  groups  have
 taken over the years.     ATARI UNITED!  does   not  exist  to bilk  Atari
 users  out of  their money.   Actually,  we'd prefer  that their  money be
 invested  in hardware  and software,   so our loyal developers  can make a
 living.    We intend to make   all ATARI UNITED! services and  projects as
 affordable as possible.  Registration is free of course,   and many of the
 other benefits   we  will be able to  provide will be free of cost to  the
 user also.

      ATARI  UNITED!'s first  project beyond the  database is a   quarterly
 DiskMagazine.   It  will  be  geared to  provide  developer  news, product
 reviews,   game hints,   help columns,  and a  few surprises.  Eventually,
 program demos  might be included,  so a taste  of what is up   and  coming
 can be given as wide  an  audience  as  possible.  While  similar   things
 are now available in the online  magazines, it   is   important to realize
 that most  of  the   Atari   community members are  not  'modemized',  and
 that  many  TOS computer  owners have  no real link with  the  rest of the
 market.   So,  it is  not so  much  a matter  of duplicating  what already
 exists,  as a matter  of distribution  where  that kind of information  is
 so     desperately  needed.    Kinda   like  being   modern  technological

      The  potential  for   ATARI  UNITED!   is   enormous, for  both   the
 developers and  the owners  of TOS  computers.    With better  channels of
 communication,      developers  will  be  able  to  sell  more   products,
 encouraging them to  continue  investing in the TOS market.  We, as users,
 will  continue   to be able to purchase  new  products,   and find support
 for the old.

      One  particular benefit for user groups will grow as the  database of
 TOS    computer owners  grows.    User  groups who  register   with  ATARI
 UNITED!   will have their contact  information made  available  to  anyone
 who inquires about  TOS support in  their   area.   User  groups will also
 periodically be given  access to information about local   users contacted
 by us.   Just as the developer and the user can be  connected,  so too can
 user  groups and  users.     It's all  a part   of     strengthening   the
 communication  channels  throughout the  entire  market.

      In   addition to communication between  groups and  owners,   we  can
 also help  on the  individual level.   When an  owner has  a problem  with
 his/her system,  or  with a piece of software,  it   is  often helpful  to
 contact someone nearby with  the knowledge to solve   the problem.    Even
 if a  user doesn't have a 'problem'  per  se,  the exchange of information
 and ideas can only benefit the  community.  Some users are lucky enough to
 have a  local dealer,   but for many,  'local'   is a  term that can  mean
 several hundred  miles.    All  of those in that predicament will be  able
 to   locate  owners   nearby.  Just   consider   us   a  friendly   dating
 service  for  your  Atari computer!

      Some of  our future projects are  not far enough  along to  be openly
 discussed,  but   there are some exciting possibilities out  there.  It is
 important  that we don't take on  too much too quickly, only to find  that
 we can't handle  our  first  priorities.    Too  often a  well-intentioned
 enterprise fails while  trying to do too  much  all at once.   Instead, we
 want to grow slowly with  the aid and support of everyone  involved in the
 Atari  community.    With  this in   mind,  the number  of staff  at ATARI
 UNITED! is being kept very small.  We have received many offers from users
 volunteering to help with  our project,  and we are  encouraged by all the
 offers.    But in these early stages,  it is essential  that  our focus be
 maintained.  Too  many people  with  too  many ideas  would  only serve to
 dilute our efforts at this point.  However, as we grow,  we will be adding
 to our little group, to better serve the Atari community.

      ATARI UNITED!   intends to  succeed in its effort to  strengthen  the
 Atari  community.    Time and money  have already been  expended   to that
 end,   and  we are  fully  ready to  expend  more.   But,  it'll take  the
 cooperation and  support of TOS computer owners  all across the US to make
 ATARI  UNITED!  the   best it  can be.   To  help us  help all  of   you, 
 register  now,   while  you  are  thinking  about   it!  Together, we will
 make the Atari community stronger!

                                Gordie Meyer
                               ATARI UNITED!

 To register:
 Complete the registration form below, and send to:

                                  ATARI UNITED!
                                  P.O. Box 691
                          Mountain View, CA  94042-0691

                                or via e-mail to:


     Name (Last, First, MI):  _________________________________________
     Mailing Address:         _________________________________________
     City, State, Zip:        _________________________________________

      Computer Model:          ___ 520 ST     ___ 520 STe    ___ TT
                               ___ 1040 ST    ___ 1040 STe   ___ F030
                               ___ Mega ST    ___ Mega STe

     Computer Serial Number: (OPTIONAL)________________________________

     User Group (if a member):_________________________________________

              =======For further information, contact:=======

         Patti Barbiero                               Gordie Meyer
         P.O. Box 691                                 P.O. Box 1982
     Mountain View, CA 94042-0691       or        Ames, IA  50010-1982
        (415) 903-9787                               (515) 232-1627               


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 The Atari ST Emulation Card For PC Compatibles

                           Branch Always Software
                     14150 N.E. 20th Street, Suite 302
                        Bellevue, WA  98007, U.S.A.


                - SEE IT AT THE GLENDALE SHOW

                         - NEW DEMONSTRATION VIDEO

                                  - LOW UPGRADE PRICE

                                           - FREE NEWSLETTER

 Branch Always Software announces Gemulator 3.0, the Atari ST emulator  for
 PC  compatibles. With standard  features such as TOS  2.06, SuperVGA color
 graphics, 1.44  megabyte floppy  disk support, and expandability  up to  8
 megabytes  of RAM,  Gemulator 3.0  turns a  plain  386 or  486 PC  into an
 awesome Atari ST clone. With PC prices at an all time low, there has never
 been a better time to "gemulate" your PC, especially when you consider the
 cost of upgrading an existing ST with TOS 2.06, high density floppy, extra
 memory, etc.

 Gemulator  3.0 will be  released on  September 18th 1993, at  the Glendale
 Atari Show in Glendale California. The price remains at $229 U.S. complete
 and will be available from various Atari dealers. Current Gemulator  users
 can  upgrade to version 3.0 for only $30  before September 3, and only $10
 if the product was purchased after July 1.

 Gemulator  3.0 consists  of  a  plug-in  card,  TOS  2.06 ROMs,  Atari  ST
 emulation software,  Atari 800  emulation software,  a screen accelerator,
 benchmarking  software, and  some  public  domain and  shareware  Atari ST
 programs. Simply plug the card into any  unused 8-bit or 16-bit card  slot
 and run the emulation software. GO FROM DOS TO GEM IN SECONDS!

 Any PC or laptop meeting the following requirements can run Gemulator 3.0:

     - a 33 Mhz 386 processor (or faster)
     - at least 4 megabytes of RAM
     - DOS 5, DOS 6, Windows 3.1, or OS/2 2.1
     - a VGA card and VGA monitor (SuperVGA is optional)
     - one empty 8-bit or 16-bit ISA card slot
     - a hard disk and at least a 720K 3.5" floppy disk
     - an AdLib or Sound Blaster sound card is optional
     - a mouse is optional but recommended for use with GEM based programs

 The following features of the Atari ST / STE / Mega ST are emulated by
 Gemulator 3.0:

     - 3 graphics modes (320x200, 640x200, and 640x400)
     - a 4096 color palette
     - one or two floppy disk drives
     - support for up to 4 hard disk partitions
     - one serial port and one parallel printer port
     - 3 voices of sound
     - mouse and keyboard (including numeric keypad)
     - real time clock
     - ROM based cartridges
     - 512K to 8 megabytes of RAM

 Gemulator 3.0 also adds these enhancements not found on your standard ST:

     - 640x480 color graphics (with any VGA card)
     - 800x600 color graphics (Video7, ATI, Tseng, or VESA SuperVGA card)
     - maximum ST memory is 8 megabytes, double the limit of an ST
     - 1.44 meg high density floppy disks are supported
     - support for multiple TOS ROMs

 Imagine running any of hundreds of Atari ST and Atari 800 programs on your
 PC, including (but not limited to) these:

     ArcShell                        Multi Writer
     Avante Vector                   Multidesk
     Calamus                         MultiTOS (68000 compatible versions)
     Calamus SL                      Neodesk
     Codehead Utilities              NVDI
     Data Master                     Pagestream
     DC Desktop                      Pha$ar
     DC Utilities                     Prism Paint
     Degas                           Publishing Partner
     Degas Elite                     Quick Index
     Deskcart                        Quick Manager
     Diamond Back II                 Quick ST
     Extended Control Panel          Quick View
     EZ Calc                         Silhouette
     First Word                      ST Writer
     First Word Plus                 ST Xformer II
     Flash                           Sudden View
     FontGDOS                        Supra hard disk utilities
     G+Plus                          Tempus
     GDOS                            Tempus II
     GemBench                        Thunder
     GEMvelope                       TOS 1.0
     GFA Basic                       TOS 1.2
     Gribnif Geneva                  TOS 1.4
     HDX hard disk utilities         TOS 1.6
     Hotwire                         TOS 2.06
     Interlink                       Turbo ST
     Key Master                      UIS III
     Laser C                         VT52 Emulator
     LDW Power                       Warp 9
     LHArc                           Word Flair
     Madmac                          Word Flair II
     Magic Sac                       Word Up
     Maxifile                        Word Writer

 About the only things that  Gemulator 3.0 does NOT support are MIDI ports,
 copy  protected disks  (typically  games), and  very machine  specific  or
 timing dependent software such as Spectrum 512.

 With 8 ROM sockets on each Gemulator card, there is plenty of room for you
 to  plug  in  other versions  of  TOS  and cartridge  ROMs.  If  you  have
 particular software that  does not run with TOS  2.06, you can easily plug
 in TOS 1.0 or TOS 1.4  and use it instead. Or if you have cartridges  like
 Deskcart, simply remove the ROMs from the  cartridge and plug it into  the
 Gemulator card.   Gemulator 3.0 can  automatically detect  up to 4  cards,
 providing you with a total of 32 ROM sockets!

 On fast 486 machines, Gemulator 3.0 runs 2 to 3  times faster than the ST.
 It  scores a GemBench  speed index  of over 270% running  on a  66 Mhz 486
 based PC. That's  without the use of accelerators such as  Warp 9 or NVDI,
 which are supported on Gemulator and give similar speed improvements as on
 a real  ST. If  you don't  have a  copy of  Warp 9 or  NVDI, don't  worry.
 Gemulator 3.0 comes with its own custom screen accelerator which runs even
 fast (it  is similar to our  Quick ST accelerator  but optimized using 386
 machine language).

 In addition  to the 3 standard Atari ST screen  resolutions, Gemulator 3.0
 also  supports 4 VGA  screen resolutions:  640x480 monochrome,  640x480 16
 colors out  of a  4096 color palette,  800x600 monochrome,  and 800x600 16
 colors out of a 4096  color palette. If you run your Atari ST  software in
 the  800x600  mode you  get  almost  double the  screen  resolution  of  a
 monochrome  Atari ST  monitor. Twice the pixels  means twice  as much text
 visible  on the  screen or  twice  as much  area  of a  desktop publishing

 Gemulator  3.0 now  supports the  serial  port allowing  you  to run  your
 favorite Atari  ST terminal  software with your modem.  Take advantage  of
 such features  as auto  redial, type ahead buffers,  and editable  capture
 buffers, features not found in most PC telecommunications software. 

 Gemulator 3.0  emulates the Atari ST's  3 voice sound  by using  your PC's
 Sound Blaster, Sound  Blaster Pro, AdLib, or AdLib compatible  sound card.
 Simply have a sound card installed and Gemulator 3.0 will use it.

 Gemulator 3.0  reads your Atari  ST floppy  disks directly, and now  gives
 your Atari ST software access to all of your PC's hard disk drives. Simply
 use your existing Supra or  HDX hard disk driver to activate the hard disk
 support.  And  using  the HINSTALL  utility  (which  is part  of  the  HDX
 utilities) you  can even autoboot  from the hard disk allowing  you to put
 your AUTO folder programs and desk accessories on the hard disk.

 And if  you're a  die hard Atari  800 user, you'll  be glad  to learn that
 Gemulator  3.0's improved  compatibility  now  allows you  to run  the  ST
 Xformer emulator  on it. Run Atari  BASIC, DOS 2.5,  and any other program
 that is supported by ST Xformer. We include a free copy of ST Xformer 3.0,
 an upgrade  from ST  Xformer 2.55,  which contains  several bug fixes  and
 speed improvements.

 Interested in  finding out even more  about Gemulator 3.0?  We now  have a
 free 5 page newsletter which describes more of Gemulator 3.0's features in
 detail. To receive the newsletter, write to:

                 Gemulator 3.0, c/o Branch Always Software
                     14150 N.E. 20th Street, Suite 302
                            Bellevue, WA  98007
                          United States of America

 We are  also updating  our demo  video to  include Gemulator  3.0's latest
 features.  The demo is available on VHS videotape  for only $20 and may be
 ordered directly from Branch Always Software at the above address.

 All current Gemulator users may upgrade to version 3.0 for only $30 before
 September 3,  1993. Users who  purchased Gemulator after July  1, 1993 may
 upgrade for  the even lower fee  of only $10  with a copy  of your receipt
 showing  the date of purchase.  After September  3, 1993 all  upgrades are

 Gemulator  3.0  will be  shown  September 18th  and  19th at  the Glendale
 Atarifest  at the  Glendale Civic  Auditorium. Drop  by the  Branch Always
 Software  booth to  say hi  or to  pick up your  Gemulator. We'll  even be
 taping part of our demo video at the show to  get real life reactions from
 Atari users using Gemulator 3.0.

 In North America, Gemulator 3.0 can be ordered from the following dealers:

                               Toad Computers
                           570-F Ritchie Highway
                          Severna Park, MD  21146
                 phone: 800-448-8623     fax: 410-544-1329

                           Rising Star Computers
                               P.O. Box 20038
                             Dayton, OH  45420
                 phone: 800-252-2787     fax: 513-254-7970

                             The Floppy Wizard
                           217 Memorial City Mall
                             Houston, TX  77024
                 phone: 800-798-0064     fax: 713-461-7751

                         Purple Mountain Computers
                    15600 N.E. 8th Street, Unit #A3-412
                         Bellevue, WA 98008, U.S.A.
                            phone: 206-399-8700

                              Xanth Computers
                           14100 NE 20th St. #105
                            Bellevue, WA  98007
                            phone: 206-643-9697

 In the United Kingdom, Gemulator 3.0 is available from:

                                  ST Club
                                 2 Broadway
                            Nottingham   NG1 1PS
                phone: +44 0602 410241  fax: +44 0602 241515

                 In Europe Gemulator 3.0 is distributed by:

                                Postbus 5011
                            NL-2000 CA  Haarlem
                              The Netherlands
                phone: +31 023 351100   fax: +31 023 361444

 ACN  provides  Gemulator  packages  for  the  U.K.  as  well  as  versions
 translated into French and German with appropriate TOS 2.06 ROMs.

 Users  of the GEnie online  service can come ask questions about Gemulator
 3.0  on  August  18th  at 10pm  during  a  special  RTC in  the  Atari  ST
 roundtable.  If you wish to call Branch Always Software, we may be reached
 at 206-885-5893.  This is a voice number before 2pm eastern time and a fax
 number at other times.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


      Reports are rapidly filtering in about a NE developer & IAAD member.
 The maker of custom hardware and accelerators is seemingly involved with
 lawyers than he probably cares to.  Seems there is a group in the NW USA
 in hot pursuit of this developer to the tune of $25,500 plus interest. 
 The group claims the developer received the funds for a specific job to be
 done under contract.  The group claims nothing was ever done in relation
 to the contracted project the money was paid for.  Further it was rumored,
 the money had been spent on unrelated projects.

      In a another matter, during a recent deposition, taking place in
 Springfield, N.J., a signed contract was produced by the defendant's
 attorney while the developer (witness for plaintiff) was busy stating
 "there was no signed contract".  Additionally, it was indicated there were
 another thirty one irregularities discovered in the developer's "sworn"

      Further in another, totally different and separate action, it appears
 a group of users have banded together in hopes of bringing suit to recover
 funds deposited with this very same developer for product the users claim
 they've waited over a year for.  Allegedly, there are well over one
 hundred users who have come forward and claimed they are involved at
 approximately three hundred dollars each.  Reportedly, this action is
 reaching all the way into Canada, thus becoming international in its


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From Compuserve's Atari Fora

 #: 31901 S9/Lexicor Software
     24-Aug-93  16:18:38
 Sb: #Lexicor support
 Fm: Jim Ness 75300,3155
 To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763 (X)

 Are you guys entirely done with GEnie, now?  I noticed Darlah has
 apparently done away with the Lexicor category, merging old messages into
 the general graphics category.


 #: 31934 S9/Lexicor Software
     25-Aug-93  17:34:05
 Sb: #31901-#Lexicor support
 Fm: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155 (X)

 How very, very predictable.   <sigh>

 #: 31937 S9/Lexicor Software
     25-Aug-93  21:22:59
 Sb: #31934-#Lexicor support
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: [F]  75300,3155 (X)


       So far as I know we are gone for good. It was quite clear to all of
 us that we were not wanted, in spite of words to the contrary.

       It is sort of not what you say as what you do the speaks volumes
 about intentions (sic).

       We will be posting a press release this week with more details about
 our Genie absence. If you would like to have a chat on the subject feel
 free to pick up the tel'e....


 #: 31941 S9/Lexicor Software
     26-Aug-93  01:18:24
 Sb: #31937-#Lexicor support
 Fm: Louis F. Trapani 70730,122
 To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763 (X)

         Sorry things worked out they way they did. My concern would be for
 Lexicor users.


 #: 31942 S9/Lexicor Software
     26-Aug-93  04:10:43
 Sb: #31941-Lexicor support
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: Louis F. Trapani 70730,122


       My sentiments too, but we were given no other choice.  And as things
 stood, there was no real way we could continue and have any thing of value
 left untouched.  It is hard to explain the issue of confidence.  But for

 what it's worth...

       In the military and I think some high risk High tech worlds they
 speak about a system having a confidence rating.  This means that under
 any given set of conditions a certain piece of hardware or software has a
 certain confidence rating.

       Now in the case of information, it's gathering, storage, 
 transmission and capture, there is always a risk of losses.  In some cases
 this loss might be just a part of the information, or it could be the risk
 of corruption, or it could be the risk of being intercepted.  The
 interception of data might be total or it could be partial, in which case,
 some information leaks through.  This leakage might or might not carry the
 original meanings. It would depend on the particular circumstances.

       In our case, we finally came to a point in time where we felt that
 the confidence level of information transmission was such that we could
 not rely on getting all information intended for us or that our
 confidential information retained it's integrity.  Under these
 circumstances and the more obvious superficial efforts to control and
 dictate to Lexicor made it quite obvious over the past 10 weeks that we
 would not be allowed to remain on genie.  As I see it, it was just a
 matter of time.

       It's really worse for the general Atari graphics community than it
 is for Lexicor. I feel that open and honest competition is a healthy and
 valued part of our (USA) system of government.  Any time you have a
 monopoly or interference in the free marketplace you soon find.. ..well
 you know what I mean.


 Recv'd in Email

 To: STReport - Ralph
 From: Bruce Miller
 Topic: Lexicor/IAAD
 Subject: Disappointed

 To whom it may concern;

      I've watched this thing between Lexicor and the IAAD carefully for
 the last six weeks and the only thing I see is an earnest effort being
 taken by the IAAD president D. Brumleve to cover something up.  When is
 the double talk going to stop and the truth be revealed?  Are the users in
 the Atari userbase so gullible as to go for the nonsense in that IAAD
 statement?  If the users in this area ever intend for it to be taken
 seriously, they had better speak up and demand ethical behavior on the
 part of their developers and constituents.  

      Why did the IAAD allow two of its board members to vote Lexicor out
 when both of them appear to have "hidden agendas" of their own?  WHY? 
 Only THREE board members voted???  That in itself is a JOKE!  Especially
 when two of the three were Jim Allen and Nathan Potechin!
      It's time the IAAD told the true reasons why Lexicor fell into
 disfavor and ultimately, expulsion form its membership roles.  Why all the
 doubletalk and energy waste on coverups?  Tell the truth!  Tell the users
 what is really going on!  Else, reverse your outrageous actions!
                                         Bruce Miller


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