ST Report: 12-June-92 #824

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Date: 06/15/92-12:13:49 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 12-June-92 #824
Date: Mon Jun 15 12:13:49 1992

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 FONTGDOS is now available (courtesy Atari Corp) in LIBRARY 9  of the Atari
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 -  Information  file  describing  Silhouette  V1.37, the two demo versions
 offered (ST, TT versions),  new  features,  future  features  and purchase

 - SILHOETTE VERSION 1.37 DEMO <TT VERSION>. Contents include Silhouette, a
 help file readable from  inside  Silhouette  (help  key),  and information
 - SILHOETTE VERSION 1.37 DEMO <ST VERSION>. Contents include Silhouette, a
 help file readable from  inside  Silhouette  (help  key),  and information


 Codehead Technologies has uploaded a free patch program for WARP 9 owners.
 See the file W9 UPGR.LZH now available in LIB 16.


 A Video Poker game now available for the Portfolio!   Check out PFPOKR.ZIP
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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Its summer alright, the thunder storms in the area are rumbling away
 every afternoon.  The majestic power of mother nature is a marvel that
 never ceases to amaze me.  Equally amazing is the amount of profuse
 goings on behind the scenes concerning this "exclusive business" even to
 the extreme point of one Atari whig crying about "integrity" and
 "principles" being impugned.  The entire matter was rife with classic
 examples of gross in-experience, bad politics and a total disregard of
 the rights of the loyal, Atari user.  Hopefully, those who are/were
 responsible have learned to hold greater respect for the users.  It
 appears this is exactly what has happened as the "exclusive" and/or 30 day
 thing is no longer in effect as far as Atari files are concerned.  To sya
 it like it is, one must obtain permission from Atari to be able to
 distribute these files.  They are available on Compuserve, Delphi and
 GEnie at this time.

     On another front, ISD has announced the winners to their latest
 contest.  Lord knows this stuff is georgeous!  Make it your business to
 download the winners files.  (all 10 of 'em)  They are simply put,
 knockouts!  Each and every one of them is a winner.  Congratulations to

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    Issue #24

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.


 Calling it the world's smallest disk drive, Hewlett-Packard Co. this
 week unveiled their matchbox-sized HP Kittyhawk Personal Storage Module
 - a 1.3 inch disk drive that can hold 21.4 megs of data.

 According to a spokesperson for HP, "The smaller size of HP's disk drive
 makes it more durable than larger disk drives, which (have) moving parts
 that often malfunction if bumped."

 While HP plans to manufacture the matchbox drives mainly for its own
 machines, it also plans to sell them to companies that might want more
 memory for small portable computers, cellular phones and medical equip-
 ment. HP will sell the devices for $450 each, or for $250 when ordered
 in quantities of 100,000.


 The new Dell 320SLi, a 3.6 pound notebook '386SL system was shown by
 Dell Comuter Corp. this week.  Dell says the 320SLi, is the industry's
 first full-function 386SL system to weigh less than four pounds.  Accor-
 ding to sources at Dell, the unit is 40% thinner than current notebooks,
 measuring 7 3/4" deep, 11" wide and 1.25" high.  The system comes with
 2 meg of RAM, a 3.5" 1.44 meg portable disk drive and a 60 meg internal
 hard disk and has DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows pre-installed.

 It's supposed to start shipping next month with prices starting at


 Chipmaker Zilog Inc. says it has developed a mixed-signal processor with
 modem, fax and voice firmware. The Z89120 chip integrates a 16-bit
 digital signal processor, an 8-bit microcontroller, an analog-to-digital
 converter and a PWM digital-to-analog converter.

 Zilog says the chip "allows for host interface and control using the AT
 command set with voice and fax extensions for the Z8 microcontroller
 portion of the Z89120."

 The modulation and demodulation algorithms support full-duplex V.22bis
 modems with operating speeds of up to 2,400 bps, as well as V.29bis fax
 with operating speeds of up to 9,600 bps for send and receive functions.


 The SPA obtained a search warrant this week authorizing a raid by the
 FBI on 'The Davy Jones Locker', a computer bulletin board system.
 Federal authorities accuse it of illegally distributing copyright soft-
 ware to subscribers in 36 states and 11 foreign countries.

 According to FBI sources, no arrests were made, but several computers
 and various telecommunications equipment was seized, along with business
 records.  The evidence seized will be used in a continuing investigation
 to determine whether criminal charges will be brought against indivi-
 duals involved in the BBS operation.

 The SPA also has filed a civil suit in federal court charging the BBS
 operators with copyright infringement and seeking an unspecified amount
 of compensatory damages.

 According to the SPA, for a fee of $49 for three months or $99 for one
 year, Davy Jones Locker gave subscribers access to a special section
 where they could download copyright software.

 The SPA described Davy Jones Locker as an international business with
 paid subscribers in the U.S. and in foreign countries, including Israel,
 Australia, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Iraq, the Netherlands,
 Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


 A joint report issued by the departmenst of Education and Justice, re-
 commends that youngsters should be taught computer ethics in schools.
 This would help discourage youngsters from getting involved in high-tech
 crime. The report said there is a "critical need" to teach children the
 responsibilities of using computers and other advanced technology.

 With computer crime on the rise and costing U.S. citizens between $3
 billion and $5 billion annually, the report urged schools to teach
 younger children key concepts and legal information in ways they would
 understand, while recommending teenagers be involved in mock trials of
 technology criminals and taught the basics of intellectual property
 rights and technology licensing.
 "Schools have a vital role to play in helping our children understand a
 rapidly changing, information-rich, technology- dependent world," said
 Assistant Education Secretary Diane Ravitch.

 Teaching children ethics -- not just computer ethics -- should be the
 priority, said Charles Catlett, associate director of the National
 Center for Supercomputing Applications in Champaign, Ill.

 "If someone is going to do something malicious like put a virus in, you
 have a bigger problem than teaching them computer ethics. You need to
 teach them ethics," he said, adding that such instruction could help
 students realize that illegally copying a $400 word processing program
 is the same thing as stealing $400 from someone's wallet.


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      ***************** Flash 2 Realtime Conference *****************
                  Missionware Software's John Trautschold
                Wednesday, June 17, 1992 @ 10:00pm Eastern

        Missionware Software's John Trautschold will be our special
      guest in The Flash 2 Realtime Conference.  Here is your chance
      to find out all about the next generation of the venerable and
        popular terminal program, Flash.  Type M475;2 to get there.

          2nd Annual Milwaukee AtariFest sponsored by M.A.S.T.
                    Sunday, June 14 from 10am to 5pm
                Bowlero Red Carpet Lanes in Wauwatosa, WI
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   **************** Silhouette DEMOS from Maxwell CPU *****************
    Maxwell CPU has uploaded two new demos of Silhouette, version 1.37.
     The ST version is file #24384, and the TT version is file #24386.
        There is also a press release, SIL_137.INF, in Library #14.

 ISD is  proud to  announce the  Winners of  the 2nd  Annual Calamus Family
 Creativity and Design Contest. Read all the details  in ASCII  file #24477
 in the  ISD Library  #30. The top 10 winning entries are now available for
 downloading as well. SEArch by Contest, uploader ISD and ENJOY!!

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 I made a mistake  last week  when I  told you  I'd have  more from  CIS in
 this week's  column. I  forgot my vacation starts this week and I wouldn't
 have the time to put  anything  together.  So  when  I  get  back  from my
 vacation, I'll start back up with the posts from CIS.

 Have a good and safe summer.


 I'll see you again in a few weeks.....


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 > The UNTOLD Story! STR Spotlight  PITTSBURGH.... Finally, the TRUTH!


 by DC Signorini
 (c) 1991, 1992, 1992


     [This is part 4 of a 6 part  story concerning  the Atari  arena in the
     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  You are encouraged to read all 6 parts
     in their entirety.  If you  missed  Part  I,  II,  or  III,    you are
     encouraged to read these Parts before reading further.]

                        THE AUA COMES TO PITTSBURGH

     In late  1989, a  member of Atari Elite, Joe Muha, approached me about
 an organization called the  "Atari Users  Association" or  "AUA."   He had
 been in  contact with  a couple  of guys in New Jersey who formed this new
 nation wide organization and asked me if I felt it was worth while for him
 to get  involved.  Of course, I knew that Joe was an eager college student
 and that he would give his best for that group.  I  offered my  help if he
 needed it, and Joe was appointed Public Relations Director of the AUA.

     A few  months went  on, and apparently the founder of the AUA ran into
 some problems.  Joe told me of the situation and  I suggested  that if the
 fellow needed  to get  help that  the Atari Elite would be willing to take
 over his efforts.  Joe relayed this message to the  New Jersey  people and
 they agreed.

     I had  the task  of convincing  the Atari  Elite that this venture was
 worthwhile.  AUA was 200 members strong and Elite could  grow rapidly.   I
 made this  decision without consulting the board because I was pressed for
 time and the Atari Elite board did not meet for  another 2  weeks.   I got
 the  ball  rolling  and  Joe  had  the AUA founder send the AUA membership
 listing.  At that time, AUA had not benefits.   It was  free to  join, but
 you got  nothing in  return.  AUA was small, but the concept was great.  I
 decided that it would  be good  to keep  a free  membership level,  but to
 also add  a newsletter  for contributing members.  I did a lot of research
 and thinking to present the AUA to the Atari Elite board of  directors and
 wanted to  make sure  that they  liked what  they saw  since I had already
 committed the group!    The meeting night came and I had my  chance in the
 spotlight.   I explained  the benefits  of running a group like AUA to the
 board, and they seemed to agree with me.  The only drawback  was that they
 felt that  AUA was  a ton of extra work that would not easily be done with
 the manpower they had.  I agreed to take full responsibility of the AUA on
 my  shoulders  with  no  involvement  from  the  Atari  Elite  at all.  In
 exchange, the  Atari Elite  would help  fund my  start up  costs and would
 provide  the  AUA  with  the  rights  to  their  disk  based  magazine for
 distribution to the AUA contributing members.  We  agreed to  all of these
 terms, and the AUA/Atari Elite venture was born.

     This was the relationship of the Atari Elite with the AUA.  Little did
 I know at the time that the AUA's  association with  Atari Elite  would be
 like an  albatross.   No matter  what I did, the "reputation" of the Atari
 Elite clouded my efforts.  I placed a call to Bob Brodie of Atari  and the
 call was not very promising.  He said that "several people" had called him
 complaining about the AUA's affiliation with  Atari Elite.   He  could not
 elaborate on who these people were except for the fact that they were from
 the east coast.  I called Ron Kovacs of Znet Magazine and he told  me that
 he too was concerned that the AUA was involved with a group like the Atari
 Elite.  I attempted to convince both Bob and Ron that the  rumors they had
 heard  about  the  Atari  Elite  were  false  and  that the AUA was a free
 standing organization.  It was  in  fact  free  standing  in  almost every
 respect.   I ran  it.   No one  from Atari  Elite was  involved.  The only
 affiliation the two groups  had  was  my  involvement  in  both.    When I
 represented the AUA, I did so with complete dedication to AUA.  When I was
 with Atari Elite and did work for them, I did so in  the same professional
 manor, not interlinking the two.

     But there  were those, like Bob and Ron who could not see this because
 they were being fed stories that were intended  to damage  the Atari Elite
 and the  Atari Users  Association.   They could  not understand that I was
 "Derek Signorini of AUA" not "of Atari Elite/AUA."  The  two were separate
 ventures of  my time  and could  not be  assumed to be intertwined.  Yet I
 faced an unsurmountable chore.  I  had to  prove that  the AUA  was a free
 standing organization  and that  it was  one to be respected for its shear
 size potential.  That was all that I asked at that time, and to  this day,
 even though  AUA has proven that it is not affiliated with anyone, respect
 is all that I  ask for.   Our  relationship with  Bob Brodie  has improved
 drastically over  the past  2 years.  While he may not always have time to
 spend with us on the phone or at shows, we understand that he is  at times
 facing a  ridiculous workload.   But  I still know that we have not really
 earned the respect of some people.  We  continue to  strive for perfection
 in all that the AUA does and will struggle on with what little manpower we

                       THE BATTLE TO END ALL BATTLES

     The 1990 PACE show, held at the Chartiers Valley High School cafeteria
 in April  1990 was  perhaps the  final blow that the Pittsburgh area would
 face.  It is, in my eyes, the  straw that  broke the  camel's back.   What
 began as  a possible  conspiracy against  the Atari  Elite years previous,
 blew up in the  face of  it's perpetrators.   The  Atari Users Association
 purchased a booth for the show for $25.00 from PACE.  We were permitted to
 display provided that no mention of the Atari Elite be made.  I told Bruce
 Markey, president  of PACE,  that is  not a  problem since the AUA was not
 affiliated with Atari  Elite.    Bruce  went  on  to  say  in  a telephone
 conversation that  he would  appreciate it if the AUA would give the Atari
 Elite any mailing address information we gained from the show  to keep the
 Atari Elite  quit and satisfied.  He knew of the fuss that Atari Elite put
 on before the 1989 show, and did not want a  repeat performance.   He felt
 that if  the Atari  Elite got  what they wanted, a mailing list, then they
 would keep quite.  I agreed to  give  them  my  mailing  list  as  per his

     I  did   inform  Bruce  that  the  Disk  Magazine  that  we  would  be
 distributing was the Atari  Elite's publication  (we bought  the rights to
 it).   He stated  that as  long as the outside label did not mention Atari
 Elite, or that the disk not be booted at the show, that  he saw  no reason
 for concern.

     Tony Parry  and I  would be  tending to the booth.  We had 1500 flyers
 printed and 200 copies  of the  disk with  us and  we expected  this first
 public appearance  of the  AUA to  go very well.  We had several pieces of
 software donated to us to raffle and had  a very  nice ST  display set up.
 While we  were busy  meeting people  and promoting the AUA, Pittsburgh was
 receiving a thrashing like  none other.   You  see, rumors  of piracy were
 running  rampant.    Vendors  were  complaining  of  slow  sales  and  low
 attendance and developers felt  that there  was something  wrong with this
 city.    One  story  was  that  someone bought a piece of software only to
 return to the booth of purchase 15 minutes later to say "a  friend told me
 where I can download this for free..."

     Tony and  I were  completely unaware  of what  was going on.  Saturday
 went well, and sunday drew to a close.  As we were tearing down our booth,
 Phil H.,  a friend  and member  of PACE  came to me and said, "I think you
 should come with me....just come on."  I  told Tony  that I  would be back
 and followed  Phil to  the coffee room where there were several developers
 seated around the room in a closed meeting.  Bob Brodie was there, as well
 as Nathan Potechin, Darlah Potechin, Ralph Mariano, Rick Flashman, Charles
 Johnson, and a few others as well as a few PACE board  members whose names
 I will  not mention.   I  sat down, uncomfortably, and was informed of the
 nature of this impromptu meeting.  It appeared as though the piracy was so
 bad that  the show was a complete disaster.  The PACE board members blamed
 the Atari Elite's rental  of software  as the  reason for  the problems in

     Questions were directed to me as to what the Atari Elite was up to, as
 well as the relationship between Elite and the AUA.      I first  began by
 explaining  the  exact  relationship  they  were questioning.  AUA was not
 affiliated except by newsletter with Atari  Elite.    I  was  asked  how I
 could be a member of an organization that is suspected of heavy piracy and
 software rental as well as a virgin organization such as AUA.  I explained
 that what I do with AUA is completely separate from Atari Elite and that I
 had  been  searching  for  alternatives  for  the  Atari  Elite's software
 library.    The  PACE  board  members  insisted  that  the  Atari  Elite's
 membership was over 300 and  that  Atari  Elite  was  "crushing"  the PACE
 organization.   I flatly  denied that  membership number and informed them
 that I was at one time in charge  of the  Atari Elite  membership database
 and could easily confirm that figure.

     The PACE  board members were shocked to hear that the numbers they had
 been hearing for so long were  fictitious.   Next, they  insisted that the
 Atari  Elite  was  making  "thousands  of  dollars"  per month on software
 rental.  I countered that they may have  pulled about  twenty or  thirty a
 month in  rental fees -- if that --  and that the library was on its "last

     So the discussion turned to how Atari and developers could combat this
 problem  in  Pittsburgh.    PACE  insisted that many of the attenders were
 Atari Elite members.  Of the 75 or 80 members of the  Atari Elite  at that
 time, I  saw only  3 or  4.  PACE insisted that software rental killed the
 Atari ST in Pittsburgh.  I  knew the  exact figures  on rentals  and could
 flatly deny that insistence.  PACE insisted that the Atari Elite BBS was a
 pirate BBS.  I offered to Bob Brodie, for his use, my password to  the BBS
 so that he could see for himself that not one piece of commercial software
 was present.  Nonetheless,  I was  still asked  to choose  between AUA and
 Atari Elite  and to resign from Atari Elite immediately if "I expected the
 Atari Users Association to survive."  I was told that I would be backed if
 I helped them get to the bottom of the problem.

     Sometime during  all of  this bickering,  Tony walked into the meeting
 and took a seat  next  to  me.    He  remained  silent  during  the entire
 conversation since  he was not a member of Atari Elite and knew nothing of
 the group.  Instead, he remained quiet and took mental  notes.   After the
 meeting, Tony  said that "something did not feel right."  As he sat in the
 meeting, he felt that many of the questions and accusations  he heard were
 "seeded" as  if it  was rehearsed.  Tony has always been a "people" person
 and has had a  great deal  of experience  marketing software  and computer
 products  and  I  respect  his  intuition.  He felt uncomfortable with the
 situation and  at that  time stated,  "Pittsburgh was  set up.   The Atari
 Elite was  set up."   Was  this the  case?   Pittsburgh had  always been a
 "black hole" for Atari as far as marketing and dealers.  Could  it be that
 Atari was  looking for  an excuse  for their marketing failure in the area
 and that PACE had provided them with enough gossip to point the  finger at
 Atari Elite?   While  no one  will ever know, this writer is very curious.
 After the  show,  tempers  flared  on  the  FIDO  network.    Shouting and
 screaming took place on national echoes as well as on GEnie.  Fingers were
 pointed and the Atari Elite was made to look like the bad  guy.   But what
 people were  not seeing  was the  fact that many were misinformed to begin
 with and had been given false reason to  believe that  the Pittsburgh area
 was overrun with pirates.

     This  pre-conceived  prejudice  resulted  with  the  Atari Elite being
 blamed for all of the problems in the city when this is  probably furthest
 from the  truth.   Magazines had in-depth coverage of the events that took
 place, and lawsuits prevailed as a result.  Things got very ugly very fast
 and the  Atari Elite  was left  on a  highway to nowhere.  People insisted
 that  the  Atari  Elite  be  disbanded  immediately.    Others  wanted FBI
 investigations to begin.

     What we  began to  see more  and more  was the  fact that PACE did not
 promote the show as heavily as  they said  they did.   You  see, they told
 Atari that  they spent  X amount of dollars on advertising for the show to
 draw a good number of people.  Rumor has it that they had a very small add
 in the  local paper only weeks before the show.  I have no actual facts in
 this matter and am only relaying what I was told  by third  parties.  What
 was deemed to be an "east coast extravaganza" resulted in a show held in a
 high school cafeteria with  tables covered  in hospital  sheets instead of
 customary table  skirts and  dressings.   Yet by the time that all of this
 information began to disseminate  through the  channels, no  one wanted to
 speak of it.  Pittsburgh had already been swept under the rug and it was a
 closed case.

     Why was a company such as  RiteWay permitted  to hold  a booth  at the
 show when  they advertise a software rental library while the Atari Elite,
 the largest ST group in the area was banned due to their library?
     Why is this city a taboo  subject?   Who was  trying to  hide what and
 why?  Why can't two groups in a city put their differences behind them and
 join to form a good alliance?  I don't have the answers to these questions
 and if  I did, I would certainly let you in on it.  I am disappointed with
 the way Atari handled  the  situation.    Instead  of  asking  Atari Elite
 directly, or  coming out  to see them, they formed a biased opinion fed by
 false information.  If they had simply taken the time  to get  answers for
 themselves, the city would be in much better shape than the current.

   Permission to Re-Print is granted as long as no part of this work is
     changed in any way and credit is given to the Author and the AUA.

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 20574/20574  Lines: 13  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 10, 1992  at 10:09 PM
 Recv : Jun 12, 1992
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Dc Signorini at Fnet Node 19, AutoBoss~Bunola,Pa~Fido129/96
 Subj : Latest STR


 A few comments on the latest STR, STReport 8.23:

 Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

 If there is anything that you or your readers would like to ask me "to
 prove my credibility" as Mr. Biblinski (sp) put it, I am available here on
 your conference.

 As always, keep up the fine work.  You are truly one in a million!

 Derek C. Signorini (ex-atari user and stock holder....<grin>)

 Editor Note;


     We'll present the entire story and if asked, equally provide as much
 background material as needed.  From the very beginning to the lawsuits
 and the "holding of WAACE'90 hostage" to the "infamous conference call"
 and the current blacklist games.  Its time the users knew the underlying
 causes of the unrest.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


 > Blue Ridge Fest! STR SHOW NEWS         Summer Fun with Atari!

                         BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST '92

  Press Release - June 13, 1992


     The Blue  Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
 invite you to participate in the  third  annual  Blue  Ridge  AtariFest on
 Saturday, July  18, 1992.   The show will take place in the Courtyard Shop
 area of  Westgate Shopping  Center in  Asheville, North  Carolina (Home of
 Computer STudio).

  Exhibitor's who have already made a committment to attend include
  (Alphabetical Listing):

  Accusoft-ST (Michael Cooper) ................ PD/Shareware Software
  Atari Computer Corporation (Mike Groh) ......
  ABC Solutions (Peter Zalesak) ............... Publisher ST2, First
                                                Word, First Graph,
                                                tbxCAD, Kuma's
  Clear Thinking (Craig Harvey) ............... EdHak
  CodeHead Software (John Eidsvoog) ........... Midi Spy, TOS Extension
                                                Card, Megapaint II Pro,
                                                Hotwire, G+Plus,
                                                LookIt/PopIt, etc.
  Computer STudio ............................. Visit a 'real' Atari
                                                Dealership in the mall
  DSA (Robert Dytmire & David Munsie) ......... GP Graphics Engine -
                                                New product unveiling!
  Goldleaf Publishing (John Fox) .............. Wordflair II, Didot,
                                                Retouche, Sherlook,
  KAUG (Knoxville Atari Users Group) .......... P/D Library Disks
  KAUG (Seminar by Erik White) ................ "Beginning MIDI"
  Lexicor Software (John Cole) ................ Desktop Video Software
  Reed Mountain Press (Don Terp) .............. Desktop Publishing
  Software Development Systems (Scott Sanders). NewDesk Icon Editor
                                                CPX, Printer
                                                Utilities Pak
  ST Report/ABCO Computer (Ralph Mariano) ..... Seminar on current
                                                events in the Atari
  Step Ahead Software (Nevin Shalit) .......... Tracker ST (Nevin is
                                                Current IAAD Pres.)
  Twilight Zone Software (Wayne Watson) ....... Transcendence BBS
  Willard Productions (Clifton Willard) ....... Professional Desktop
  WorldComm (Ralph Roberts) ................... Author of several
                                                computer books incl.
                                                "Computer Viruses"
                                                and hint books
     Several additional Atari developers have also expressed an interest in
 the show but have not yet made their committment.   The list  is obviously
 still growing!

  For additional information, please contact:

      Sheldon Winick                     Cliff Allen, Show Coord.
      GEnie:  S.WINICK                   GEnie:  C.ALLEN17
      Computer STudio                    Internet:  CALLEN@UNCA.EDU
      Westgate Shopping Center           phone:  (704) 258-3758
      40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
      Asheville, NC  28806
      (704) 251-0201


 > STraight FAX STR Review         Just the FAX man, ....just the FAX!

                              'STraight Fax'

 Program..........: STraight Fax
 Developer........: Joppa Software Development
 Cost.............: $89.95
 Compatibility....: ST/STe/TT
 Version..........: 1.0 USA

 by Kevin-john Conway


     As an automation consultant and someone who will once again be looking
 for work in the next few months, I send a lot of faxes.  I also receive a
 few.  It was, then, with some interest that I saw that Joppa Software
 Development were showing their new STraight Fax software at the Toronto
 Atari Convention and Exhibition (ACE) '92.

     Since getting the 'STraight Fax' software and my fax-modem, I have
 played around a great deal with and have come to love the software.

     Some of the features of the 'STraight Fax' software include:

     *  Manages up to 255 pages in a fax transmission, and 100
        numbers in a phone list.  In addition, up to 30 multiple page,
        multiple destination faxes may be sent.

     *  Ability to send multiple degas, fax, img, or text files
        and ability to send a cover page only.

     *  Support for fax send and receive modems from 2400 to
        14400 baud.

     *  Provides Class 3 fax-modem compatibility via software.

     *  Printer drivers for Pagestream 1.8, 2.1 and Calamus 1.09
        S or SL as well as for GDOS-based applications.  These allow
        fax pages to be generated directly from these applications.

     *  Support for scanners.

     The 'STraight Fax' requires the following:

     *  ST/STe/TT

     *  Hard drive recommended

     *  Two (2) (or more) megabytes of ram recommended.

     *  Class 2 send/receive fax-modem.  Must use Rockwell chips.
        (Zoom and Supra fax-modems are recommended.)

     *  Printer.  Requires a compatible GDOS printer driver to
        print received or generated faxes.

 Ease of Use
     The 'STraight Fax' software is generally quite easy to use, offering
 the user the option of function keys, mouse or keyboard equivalents in
 most cases.  Gem windows and alert boxes are snappy and, for the most
 part, well placed on the screen.

     The principle of the 'STraight Fax' software is fairly simple.  The
 user simply has to create a file to be faxed, select it and select the
 destination phone number.  The software will convert it to a fax format it
 is not already a fax file, dial the phone number and handle the
 transmission of the pages.

     A fax transmission can consist of multiple files.  'STraight Fax'
 supports the  degas and img picture formats, ascii text files as well as
 its own fax files.  A fax transmission can con- sist of any combination of
 30 of these.

     Scheduling a fax transmission is also very easy.  When either sending
 a single page fax or a multiple page fax, the user is presented with a
 phone list from which they select the numbers they wish to send the
 transmission to.  The box that allows scheduling appears on the right hand
 side of the screen.  The user is able to set the time of transmission with
 a simple in- crease/decrease arrow box.  Faxes can only be scheduled for
 the 24 hours previous or following the current time.

     Scheduling a multiple file transmission sets the transmission time for
 all of the phone numbers in the selected set.  It is not possible to set
 individual transmission times for individual numbers to take advantage of
 reduced long-distance rates, for example.  Fortunately the user can save
 selected files in a mul- tiple file transmission as a set.  They can then
 load this set in the multiple file transmission dialogue screen and set
 the scheduled time as necessary.

     The 'STraight Fax' software will let the user take advantage of
 special long-distance dialing services by creating dialing macros to
 access these.  In addition, the user can imbed characters in the phone
 number, e.g. '1-800-55"A"-"TARI".

 Printing FAX files
     One of the most powerful and useful features of the 'STraight Fax'
 software is the ability to use its printer drivers to print 'fax files'
 directly to disk.  ('Fax files' are essentially image or graphic files
 that the software uses to handle transmission of faxes.)

     Since the software supports GDOS applications, I dusted off my copy of
 Microsoft Write that was included with my original 1040STf and booted it
 up.  After some experimentation with the ASSIGN.SYS configuration file and
 the FSMGDOS.SYS driver, I had achieved some results.

     Results often seem to be a strange translation of the in- tended into
 the possible.  This holds true for the 'STraight Fax' FSMGDOS driver as it
 shrinks the output text by at least 30%.  In short, what you seem on the
 screen is not what you get in the fax file nor is it what you would print
 out. The reason for this shrinkage in the outputted text seems to get rid
 of the jagged edges that GDOS output tends to have.  Irregardless, once I
 discovered this, I was able to get some fairly decent results.

     My primary purpose in purchasing the 'STraight Fax' software was to be
 able to generate r sum s and covering letters that have degree of style
 and sophistication but without the cost of laser printing and faxing at a
 printing shop.  With the many fonts that GDOS offers and the special
 effects of Microsoft Write, I have managed to create an attractive and
 effective r sum  that can be sent with the immediacy of the fax.  In
 addition, I now have control over my own faxes and the have greatly
 reduced the time and money I spent in sending them.  I expect that the
 'STraight Fax' and fax-modem will soon pay for themselves.

     The manual is quite well written and has a great deal of useful
 information including a general description of faxes and how fax-modem
 software works.  It has a comprehensive Table of Contents, but
 unfortunately lacks an index.  The typeface is clear and easily read.
 Bolding and italics are used for empha- sis and for headings.  Sample
 screens are given for every popup screen.  Each of these contains a
 illustrative example.

     Other useful information is given on how to use Menu Titles, Text
 Editing key combinations and Sliders as well as Function Keys and other
 user interfaces.  Additionally, context-sensitive help can be accessed
 within in each popup window when using the program.

 Bugs and Problems
     On occasion, the file selector box is called up to allow the user to
 select a cover page or header file.  When this hap- pens, the user finds
 two sets of 'Ok' and 'Cancel' buttons on the screen.  I found this
 confusing and disconcerting at first, but got use to it, although my eye
 is till drawn away from the file selector box to the originally displayed
 selector boxes.

     I found the software quite reasonably intuitive, however, I did have
 some teething pains getting the software up and running.

     Since I have a Mega STe with Tos 2.05, I needed to run the
 'SERPTCH2.PRG' program to fix some problems with RTS/CTS on the modem
 port.  This is not mentioned until well into the manual, and only in
 passing.  It is only mentioned in passing in the 'README.TXT' file.
 Without the 'SERPTCH2.PRG' program, the modem does not initialize
 properly, if at all.  With this patch program, the modem works flawlessly.
     The manual also passes over the installation of the GDOS driver
 somewhat rapidly.  It assumes that the user is using the GDOS printer
 selector or the FSMGDOS system, which is not always the case.  In
 addition, the manual makes no mention that the included 'DRIVPATH.PRG'
 program must be run in order to point the outputted files to the correct
 subdirectories.  If not already installed, installation of the GDOS driver
 may require some degree of techie knowledge.

     The manual does include a 'installation' section in which I would have
 expected to find information about these two problems I had.
 Unfortunately, this part of the manual focuses on the registration of the
 program and the installation onto the hard drive.  In does not attempt to
 cover the sort of problems I encountered save to refer the user to

     There are some other minor bugs:
     1.   Multiple fax files can not be sent.  They have to be degas, txt
          or img.

     2.   The scheduler will not resend fax files.  Same rules as above.

     3.   Some fax files, either received or generated, do not print
          correctly.  They only print as a page of grey fuzz, although they
          can be viewed without problems.

     Pagestream was able to print these, once converted to img format, but
 TimeWorks DTP couldn't.  Adding two megs of memory to bring my machine to
 a total of 4 megs of memory didn't help either.

     None of these bugs greatly affect the use of the program, nor do they
 affect data storage.  They are easily worked around.


     The 'STraight Fax' software is easy to use, well-priced and well
 supported.  It has added further power to my STe as an office computer
 system.  I heartily recommend to anyone who needs to send or receive a
 significant number of faxes.  In the long run, it is far cheaper than
 having a fax machine, and far more flexible.

            Copyright 1992 by Bibliomaniac Library Consultancy
                       Kevin-john Conway, President
    Permission to requote in part or in full freely given provided this
                         copyright notice appears

 Editor Note;  We have it on good authority that "Straight Fax" will
 accomodate Class 1 Fax/modems very shortly.  Version 1.03+  This is good


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe!

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     Due to popular demand BJ Gleason has uploaded a new file containing
 the Pbasic interpreter only. PBASIC.EXE contains only the interpreter.
 Those who want the entire Pbasic package should download PBASIC.ZIP which
 contains the documentation, utilities and sample programs along with the

 FILES.ZIP contains a zipped version of the complete list of files in the
 Portfolio forum libraries. The listing is alphabetical. FILES.TXT contains
 the same information in plain text format.

 CISTRK.WKS is a spreadsheet template that can be used to keep track of
 your CIS time and the associated costs.

 B&P.TXT contains a translation of the brochures and pricelists from the
 German company Becker & Partner. They have many advanced accessories for
 the Portfolio. Translated by Gerd Arnold.

     Don and Carl from Atari have shared a testimonial letter they received
 from a lumber company that uses the Portfolio. See MICHCA.TXT.

     This reporter will be on vacation for the next two weeks. Look for a
 deluxe catch-up forum report in July.


 > Ya Done Good! STR Spotlight            A tough number for sure!

                       PORTFOLIO EARNS ITS STRIPES!

 Reprint of letter received 06/05/92
 Uploaded by Atari Inc.
 Courtesy CIS

 Lumber Company
 Camino, California

 May 27, 1992

 Atari Corporation
 Sunnyvale, CA 94089
 Attn: Customer Support

 Dear Atari folks:

 Enclosed is our broken Portfolio and a check for a new Portfolio.

     I  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity to tell you how useful the
 Portfolio  has  been  in  our  operations.      Michigan-California Lumber
 Company is  a lumber  sawmill and  owner of 75,000 acres of forest land in
 the  Sierra  Nevada.  Our   land   management   activities   include  tree
 harvesting, tree planting and environmental monitoring.

     The Portfolio  has proved  to be an excellent tool for data collection
 in the woods. We use the spreadsheet capability exclusively to  input data
 such  as  tree  planting  information,  tree  survival  data, soil erosion
 monitoring data, tree measurement data and tree harvesting quality control
 information. As you might imagine, the Portfolio has experienced extremes,
 rain, snow, and lots of dust. I've even dropped it  several times  with no
 apparent harm. Throughout it all, the  Portfolio has performed admirably.

     Our Portfolio  met its  fate this  week when a co-worker was measuring
 log quality and fell with the Portfolio in  hand. As  he was instinctively
 bracing  himself,  the  machine  was  slammed  against a sharp branch thus
 damaging the LCD screen. To our surprise the machine still  worked but had
 a crack  with a  much reduced  window on the left side of the screen. Once
 back at the office  we were  able to  upload   all the  information we had
 collected for the day and no data was  lost as a result of the accident.

     We  have  looked  at  other  date recorder computers that are designed
 specifically for forestry  applications  and  harsh  conditions  but these
 machines  cost  5  times  as  much,  are  heavier  and  bulkier  than  the

     We would  like to  commend you  for producing  an inexpensive, durable
 machine  that  has  been  useful  even  for  unintended  purposes.  We are
 anxiously awaiting a replacement.

                                             C.K. Forester



 For immediate release:


 Due to the unexpected reduction in domestic air  fares Mid-Indiana  ST has
 extended the  deadline to  register as  a vendor for MIST Atari Fest IV in
 Indianapolis, Indiana on July 25, 1992.

 The new deadline is July 3, 1992.

 If you were interested in attending MIST Atari  Fest IV,  but the  cost of
 air fare  to Indianapolis was keeping you from committing, then now is you
 chance to participate in "one of the best one day shows in the nation".

 MIST will help you keep costs  low by  only charging  $50.00 for  a single
 booth, providing  special hotel  accommodations at  just $55.00 per night,
 and by providing transportation to and from the airport.

 Contact Dan Ward at (317) 254-0031 or on  GEnie at  D.WARD10 to  receive a
 registration packet and to reserve a booth at MIST Atari Fest IV.

   MIST Atari Fest IV    MIST Atari Fest IV    MIST Atari Fest IV

 All systems  are go  for MIST  Atari Fest IV in Indianapolis on July 25th,

 Vendor response has been fantastic and far exceeds last year's
 interest as of June 1st.  The following list represents ALL
 CONFIRMED vendors who will be attending MIST Atari Fest IV.
      Bob Brodie (Atari Corp.)
      Branch Always Software (GEMulator)
      Clear Thinking (EdHak)
      Codehead Technologies (Calligrapher, Warp 9, TEC)
      D.A. Brumleve (Kid Progs)
      Electronic Spinster Graphics (clip art)
      ICD (power peripherals)
      INAGM (Atari sales and service)
      Mars Merchandising  (Atari ET, Lynx, 8-bit software)
      Maxwell CPU (Silhouette and a BRAND NEW product)
      Megatype (fonts)
      Missionware Software (Flash II)
      MP Graphics Systems (consulting)
      MS Designs (fonts and clip art)
      Rising Star (software)
      User Groups:

 Others who have expressed an interest in MIST Atari Fest  IV but  have not
 confirmed are:

      Joppa Computer
      Lexicor Software
      Paul's Computer Service
      Step Ahead Software
      Synergy Resources

 MIST Atari  Fest IV promises to be another success, with some new, special
 twists to  make  your  visit  to  Indianapolis  more  fun,  enjoyable, and

 Exhibitors  (upon  request)  be  will  driven  to  and  from  Indianapolis
 International Airport and their hotel rooms.  Vendors will receive  a 3.5"
 disk containing a listing of all attendees and prize winners.  All vendors
 are invited to a post-event dinner  the evening  of the  show.   MIST will
 also provide  someone to  watch your  booth so  you can  take a break from
 counting all that money and go to the bathroom, get  something to  eat, or
 just wander around the floor.

 The  first  250  individuals  through  the  doors will receive a free 3.5"
 Maxell SSDD diskette containing  text, data,  and picture  files promoting
 the Atari community in central Indiana.  A special priced "MIST User Group
 Membership" will be offered to all individuals. Several  new and different
 seminars,  geared  toward  "Joe  User"  are  being planned.  Lynx and MIDI
 Tournaments will be offered with  prizes  to  the  top  players.   Several
 styles of  "unique" limited edition T-shirts will be for sale (there's one
 we really think you'll like).  And as  usual, a  spectacular assortment of
 raffle  prizes  will  be  given  away  throughout  the day.  MIST has also
 contracted with  the Quality  Inn Castleton  Suites to  provide single and
 double rooms  at a  reduced rate ($55 a night) for the those attending the
 show.  They can be reached at (317)  841-9700. Make  sure to  mention MIST
 Atari Fest IV to get the special rate.

 We will  be uploading  directions to  MIST Atari  Fest IV  in the next few
 days, or you can request that directions  be  sent  to  you  by  leaving a
 message to  Dan Ward on GEnie (D.WARD10) or by calling (317) 254-0031.  If
 you have any other questions or  concerns feel  free to  contact Dan about
 those as well.

 MIST looks forward to seeing you!!!

                            MIST Atari Fest IV
                          Saturday, July 25, 1992
                            10:00 am to 5:00 pm
                        Castleway Conference Center
                          6385 Castleplace Drive
                           Indianapolis, Indiana



                         FONT GDOS, FRIEND OR FOE?

 by John Deegan

     Mr. Charles F. Johnson's messages from GEnie and Compuserve that were
 re-printed in STReport 823 contain some flawed statements.  One Atari
 person mentioned "CFJ may have never used Font GDOS."  With that thought
 in mind, I present the following.

 1.  The Printer Drivers included with FONT GDOS will work with the older
     GDOS and CodeHead's G+Plus.  CodeHead looks at FONT GDOS as a threat
     to G+Plus, however the FONT GDOS release is more than just a
     replacement for GDOS.PRG.
     The new printer drivers also are faster than the original GDOS printer
 drivers, in that they use the BIOS for sending data to the printer,  where
 the old drivers used GEMDOS.  The new drivers are also configurable with
 the GDOS Printer Configuration CPX.  The new drivers support the
 additional features of FONT GDOS and FSM GDOS, which will not be utilized
 when using applications under the old GDOS.

     In the past users paid up to $29.95 for GDOS printer drivers from
 third party companies.  Compare this to the original IBM PC GEM and
 Windows where a large number of printer drivers are included with the
 package and many others are available from the manufacturer from online
 services like Compuserve.

     FONT GDOS also includes a new driver called MEMORY.SYS that allows
 applications to build a page in RAM which may then be used for whatever
 purpose it wants.  Atari also has a new FSM/FONT GDOS driver builder kit
 that is available to developers to build third party drivers.

 2.  The GDOS Printer Selector ACC/CPX does allow the user to change the
     ASSIGN.SYS and use the new ASSIGN.SYS with out rebooting despite what
     CFJ says.  He is 100% wrong here.  The ability to use different
     ASSIGN.SYS setups is one of the main advantages of G+Plus over Atari
     GDOS.  FONT GDOS and FSM GDOS have this ability, however it is not
     implemented in the exact same manner as CodeHead's G+Plus.

     Effectively the GDOS Printer Selector ACC/CPX allows the user to edit
 the ASSIGN.SYS with out using a text editor, fonts and drivers may be
 easily added using this utility.  The only limitations are that some GDOS
 applications may open the printer workstation at startup, if this is the
 case the updated ASSIGN.SYS will not take effect until the program is
 exited and then restarted.  Some poorly designed GDOS applications also
 allocate almost all of the RAM when they run, if this is the case the
 CPX/ACC may not be able to operate.  However, the CPX/ACC may always be
 used from the GEM Desktop.

     The FSM Printer Configuration ACC/CPX allows parameters of a printer
 driver such as Print Quality (Final/Draft) or Page Size (Letter, Legal,
 A4, B5 or user defined) to be selected.  This allows one driver to take
 the place of several drivers, i.e.  under the old GDOS separate drivers
 would be needed for letter size and wide carriage printer drivers.

     The FSM Font Manager ACC/CPX also allows the selection of the scalable
 fonts for use with FSM GDOS.  Again any change is available without the
 need to reboot.  This ACC/CPX is also used to "trick" pre-FSM GDOS
 applications into believing that the scalable fonts are available as bit
 mapped fonts at pre-set sizes, this is for compatibility with these
 applications until they are updated.

     On another issue about changing the ASSIGN.SYS setup: Many original
 GDOS applications completely missed the boat in this area.  Some newer
 GDOS applications such as Timework's Publisher 2 now support the ability
 to define multiple printer driver/font setups in a single ASSIGN.SYS file
 -- a feature that has been in GDOS since day one.

     GDOS uses device numbers for drivers.  Devices 1 to 10 are reserved
 for the screen.  Devices 21 through 30 are reserved for printers.  Most
 applications assume that the printer is device 21.  It is possible to have
 up to 10 different drivers and font sets in a single ASSIGN.SYS file using
 device numbers 21 through 30.  The application can then let the user
 choose which device number to print to as the default printer device -
 without leaving the application or re-booting the system!

 3.  Some discount the value of the Font Cache in FONT GDOS.  This cache
     needs to only be as large as the largest bit mapped font that will
     ever be used.  The system will never be unable to load a font due to
     memory limitations as the old GDOS is restricted to.

 4.  FONT GDOS does not slow down the system as CFJ suggests.  Again this
     is an area of competition for G+Plus.  An improper setup of FONT GDOS
     _may_ slow down the system a bit and the Font Cache will load fonts as
     needed and this may cause what appears as a slow down.

 5.  The FONT GDOS that was distributed on GEnie was missing some integral
     components that made it difficult to setup properly.  This is not the
     fault of the designers of FONT GDOS, but is a problem in how it was
     distributed.  There is an install program that was omitted from the
     distribution that would have made things a whole lot easier.  In
     addition, bit mapped fonts were not provided due to licensing problems
     (i.e.  Swiss and Dutch fonts at the various point sizes for the
     various printers).

     I also seriously doubt that Atari would have not tested FONT GDOS with
 the available GDOS applications (which probably number less than 20
 serious GDOS applications).

 6.  Please do not discount the value of the Bezier Curve features of FONT
     GDOS.  This is something users have long asked for: i.e.. The ability
     to use PC GEM/3 Metafiles (.GEM files) that contain Bezier Curves.

 The word from Bob Brodie of Atari (in response to CFJ's comments) were:

     "That's incorrect info.  You can reload drivers on the fly.  And
     according to Leonard Tramiel (whom I personally showed CFJ's comments
     to) part of the problem is that Warp 9 breaks the rules.  <shrug> One
     of the features of FontGDOS is that it uses font caching, which means
     a user could have lot of fonts, with very little ram.  The cache is
     designed so that if it is full, and it needs another font, it throws
     out what is in the cache, and loads the font(s) that it needs."

 Editor Note: Warp 9 ver. 3.60 works fine with the NEW Gdos ensembles.


 > MIGRAPH'S OCR STR Review      OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


 MiGraph Inc.
 review Version 1.09b

 by Doyle Helms
 Software Editor @ ST Report

     OCR, what is it?  Well, I will allow the OCR program to answer that
 for itself.  The following text is a direct result of an OCR scan of the
 definition of OCR from  the MiGraph manual itself...

     OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a process whereby
 printed text is electronically converted into computer readable files i.e.
 an Ascii file.  Rather than typing text into the computer by hand, an
 optical scanner is used to scan the text.  The scanner's job is to convert
 the image into a map of black and white dots (pixels) that represent the
 original image.

     When scanned text appears on your monitor screen, an "A" looks like an
 "A", but to the computer it is just a series of black pixels grouped
 together.  OCR software is the vital link that identifies the group of
 pixels as a particular character.  In a simplistic view,the program
 basically says,this is an "a", this is a "b" and so on.

     Previously, OCR programs were raster based.  This meant that the
 program relied upon a database of stored pixel images to identify the
 scanned text.  Unfortunately, if the scanned character did not exactly
 match the size and shape of a character in the database, it was not

     The next step in OCR was trainable OCR.  With a trainable program,when
 an unrecognized character appeared, you could correctly identify the
 character for the program and thereby "train" it to recognize the
 character in the future.  Depending on the quality of the OCR program
 though, you might have to train a program on a character 5, 10, 15 times
 or more before it would recognize the character automatically.

     Then came Omnifont technology.  Omnifont technology uses a
 mathematical definition to identify the characters instead of a raster
 image.  Not only does it identify characters quicker and with a higher
 accuracy rate, but the program itself can be considerably smaller in size.
 Using mathematical definitions also means that the program has a greater
 chance of recognizing similar typefaces, even though it may not have been
 trained on them."

     The above example of MiGraph's OCR application was created and merged
 into this article in about the same amount of time it would have taken
 this author to type about half of the same text.  My fingers are thankful,
 my eyes are thankful and I spent less frustration getting the same amount
 of info across to you.

     Let me not mislead you in that all I had to do was pull my scanner
 across a page and wham-o, there it was.  There are a couple of steps
 involved in order to achieve satisfactory results.  I will delve into
 those shortly.  Let me first give you a brief run down of what you receive
 when you purchase OCR from MiGraph.

     Migraph comes to the user on three (3) double-sided floppies and are
 not copy-protected.  Thank you MiGraph!  The MASTER disk contains an
 INSTALLATION program that will expedite the installation of the program
 and associated data files on your hard drive.  This INSTALLATION program
 in not an absolute must use, whereas the user can install the program
 ALMOST as easily without using INSTALL.PRG.  Really, it is your choice.  I
 recommend the INSTALL.PRG for error-free-sake the first time you place OCR
 on your system.  System requirements are at least 2 megabytes and a
 hardisk. OCR uses harddrive caching, for processing files larger than
 memory available, so a floppy drive would be almost useless as far as
 speed and size are concerned.

     MiGraph OCR package comes with 26 pre-trained typefaces and is easily
 trainable on others as well.  These type faces include;  Artisan, Bookman,
 Brougham, Caroll Pica, Courier, Courier Italic, Delegate, Elite Modern,
 Helvetica, Herald Elite, Letter Gothic, Lori, Lubalin, OCRB, Pica,
 Prestige Elite, Prestige Italic, Prestige Pica, Times, Titan, and Title.
 (NOTE: I cheated on the font name entries, I used OCR to bring them over
 to this article.  Using an OCR while word processing gets to be habit

     Lets take a look at the user interface. MiGraph is well known for
 their clean and intuitive GEM interfaces.  I have not had the pleasure of
 meeting Liz, Kevin or Brien face to face, but I would suspect they have a
 menu bar across their forehead and an icon pad down the right side of
 their face.

     MiGraph has upheld their reputation for solid, functional and easy to
 understand GEM interfaces with OCR.  The program is simple to operate and
 contains your choice of drop-down menus, icon pad or keystroke selections
 for the most used operations.  The OCR program, when executed and
 on-screen looks very similar to Touch-Up. With OCR, the icon choices
 (left side of the screen) are not as many in number as Touch-Up though.
 The Icon pad selections include: Control Panel, Zoom Size, Text icon, Clip
 boxes (2), Point mode icon, Graphic zone and the most important-OCR icon.
 Keystrokes are allowed for most all of these icons.  The drop-down menus
 includes a few extra options such as ROTATE, LOAD FILE, SAVE REGION,
 AS... (save default under an alternate name), CURRENT, QUIT, SETTINGS,

     The user is given two choices for data input for the OCR process.  The
 first choice is the file (graphic) import. The choice of file types are
 either the "standard" .IMG format or the more common .TIFF format.  The
 user can use his/her favorite scanning software (or merging software) and
 save the data as either of the two file formats.  The data can then be
 imported into OCR and processed.  The other data entry option is the
 "recommended" method, scanning directly into OCR with your scanner.

     The user is given the option of either scanning with PORTRAIT or
 LANDSCAPE mode.  The PORTRAIT mode is more useful if you are using a
 flatbed scanner.  The PORTRAIT mode is also handy with the hand scanner if
 you are scanning columns.  Hand scanners cannot cover the full width of a
 page.  The user would loose data if PORTRAIT mode is used with hand
 scanning a full width page.

     So what is a user to do?  Well, the user (hand scanner user) can
 select the LANDSCAPE mode and pull the scanner from left to right across
 the page. Granted, this will only cover approximately 4 inches of the
 page, but OCR allows the user to build several "text regions" to construct
 the page.  These "regions" are defined buy the user via the clip area
 option. The CLIP box options included the basic "box" type and a user
 defined polygon region.  The polygon option allows the user to divert
 around areas of text or graphics that they do not wish to be included in
 the finished text output file.  Graphic regions can also be defined and
 saved as either IMG of TIFF format files.  These text regions are numbered
 and can also be sorted to the wishes of the user.

     The CONTROL PANEL option is where the user sets the parameters of the
 program such as INPUT.  The INPUT option allows the user to choose either
 a previously scanned file or to use the scanning option in OCR itself.
 The DOCUMENT portion of the CONTROL PANEL allows the user to choose the
 dictionary file they wish to use, the language, the option of appending to
 the chosen dictionary or starting a new one, reading a dictionary (using
 the info in the dictionary but not modifying the dictionary), the type
 of text you will be working with (small or normal,pitch of the text, fixed
 or proportional and whether the INTERACTIVE learning is on).  The OUTPUT
 section of the CONTROL PANEL consists of the format of the finished
 document (at present only ASCII is supported), the name of the output text
 (the TEXT OUTPUT can either be selected as NEW or APPEND).  The next
 CONTROL PANEL option allows the user to choose the graphic file format
 being either TIFF or IMG.  The CACHE PATH is also an option for the user
 to define.  Once the choices are defined, the user can then save them in
 either the DEFAULT settings via the SAVE option in the drop-down menu or
 use the SAVE AS.. option to define a user named setting.  The name of the
 dictionary, OUTPUT file and other data will be recalled and ready for
 expeditious OCR work.

     MiGraph heartily recommends the use of separate "dictionaries" for
 different documents.  This does not mean every time you scan your favorite
 article from Atari Advantage magazine that you have to create a new
 dictionary file.  Just have one dictionary for all Atari Advantage
 articles, another for AIM and etc..

     Once the CONTROL PANEL is configured to the users desire/needs, the
 user is ready to dive into the world of OCR.  First, the user either loads
 a previously scanned document or uses the scanning ability incorporated
 into OCR to import a file for conversion.  Let's go thru a quick scan and
 process operation to give you some idea of the simplicity of the program.

     The first step involves choosing the document to scan, configuration
 of the CONTROL PANEL such as scanning DPI, PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE settings.
 The next step involves either loading a previously defined dictionary of
 creating a new one.  To create a new dictionary is as simple as clicking
 NEW in the dictionary selection box.  To use a previously defined
 dictionary simply select the word DICTIONARY and a file selector will
 appear prompting the user for a dictionary file name.  If the user wishes
 to use a dictionary and not ADD to or modify it you simply select READ.
 Nothing could be more simple.  Next the user selects the type of text they
 will be scanning (NORMAL or SMALL), the PITCH of the text (FIXED or
 PROPORTIONAL).  The user decides if they are confident enough about the
 dictionary to allow the program to COMPLETELY process the document without
 user intervention.  This option is called INTERACTIVE LEARNING.  The user
 should ALWAYS use INTERACTIVE LEARNING when processing a document the
 first time or when processing a document with poor quality text like 2nd
 or 3rd generation Xerox results.

     The present version of OCR (1.09b) is relatively bug free.  I read
 thru many message threads on GEnie and Delphi (ST Advantage) concerning
 users likes and dislikes of the program.  I found that up to at least
 version 1.05 there were MANY problems with OCR on both the ST/e/TT
 systems.  Bugs and crashes galore.  The problems soon became evident the
 memory management by OCR was to blame.  Users were reporting that they
 would only be able to process one document and either the program would
 report errors or drop back to the desktop.  Other problems encountered in
 the earlier versions varied according to user.  I am delighted to announce
 that with version 1.09b I did not have one single crash, bomb or lock up
 of any kind.  Version 1.09b is SOLID!  In the next installment I will give
 some examples (before editing) of OCR in action.  I will explain the
 character recognition phase and what it is telling the user and how much
 editing of an average document is required for final-finish quality
 output.  If you need or want to buy OCR from MiGraph there is no reason
 not to order up now and begin working to happier DTP/word processing

     OCR (1.09b) from Mi-Graph is dependable, easy to use and most of all
 it WORKS AS ADVERTISED!  Till next week...



                      ISD CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


 Tuesday, June 8,1992

     ISD Marketing,  Inc. is  proud to  announce the winning entries in the
 2nd Annual Calamus Family Creativity and Design Contest.

     To recapitulate; the entries could have been either  text, graphics or
 a combination  of both.   Submission  could and did include; business card
 designs,  logo's,   fonts,  freehand   drawings,  posters,  illustrations,
 cartoons and  graphical effects just to name a few examples, using any one
 of the Calamus family  of products,  including, Calamus,  Outline Art, the
 Font Editor or any combination of the three.

     This  year's  contest  effectively  ran  from  August  20,  1991 until
 February 28, 1992 and  just about  everything that  could possibly disrupt
 proceedings, did  so.   Murphy reigned  supreme in fact.  Finally, winners
 were selected from the files uploaded into our  Email address  on GEnie at
 ISD or  mailed directly  to our  offices.   The 3  actual judges this year
 were: Geoffrey Earle,  General  Manager  of  Atari  (Canada)  Corp., Mario
 Georgiou,   ISD's   own   Art   Director   and   in-house  graphic  artist
 extraordinaire and Jesus Diaz, Art Director of Atari Explorer Magazine.

     As stipulated in the original Rules,  although the  author retains any
 copyrights to their entry, all winning files shall be considered 'publicly
 distributable files'  and  may  be  made  available  for  downloading from
 CompuServe,  Delphi  and  GEnie.    As  well,  the winning entries will be
 published in Atari Explorer magazine, our official magazine  sponsor, with
 the appropriate Author quoted and the prize won indicated.

  *** "Art always comments on both its subject and -- reflexively -- on
  *** its medium." Diaz says. "When art is produced on computer, using a
  *** sophisticated program such as Outline Art, it always tends to
  *** reveal something of the computer and the software, as these shape
  *** the artist's vision."

  *** "But what surprised us about this years entries" continues Georgiou
  *** "is how well-integrated the influences of computer and software
  *** tended to be with the overall process of artistic creation."

  *** "We think the Atari is a great tool for artists" concludes Geoffrey
  *** Earle. (Editor's Note: He is certainly biased but I happen to agree
  *** with his conclusion.)

 I would  like to  take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you
 that submitted an entry. This year  the entries  were truly  remarkable in
 many areas  and I  am quite  proud to have had the pleasure once again, of
 co-sponsoring this contest. I would also like to take this  opportunity to
 thank John  Jainschigg and  Atari Explorer,  who acted as co-sponsor. Wait
 until you see the top 5 winners in  the upcoming  issue. I  think you will
 join with me in congratulating their efforts.

 AND THE WINNERS ARE............

     Winner of  $1,500.00 worth  of AGFA Compugraphic fonts for use in both
 Outline Art  and  Calamus,  (compliments  of  ISD)  has  been  won  by Dan
 Marusich of Absolute Visuals out of Tucson, Arizona.  His logo designs are
 simply first class!

     Winner of an Atari SLM605 laser printer (compliments of Atari) goes to
 Rolf Berger  of Images  Unlimited in  Ottawa, Ontario.   Some of you might
 already be familiar with Rolf's Acura and F16.

     Winner of a complete Calamus SL  package (compliments  of ISD  which I
 happen to  know he already owns so I will replace it with equivalent value
 in fonts and new Calamus SL modules if he so  chooses) goes  to a familiar
 face,  Joey (REALM) Sherman, whose "Grog, Bob, and the Almost Oval-Looking
 Red Thing with No Real Purpose," a personal favorite of mine, can  only be
 described as incredible!  In fact, it must be seen to be believed!

     Winner  of  complete  font  packs  compliments of and from both Cherry
 Fonts and MS Designs,  as well  as $100.00  connect time  usable on either
 Compuserve, Delphi  or GEnie,  (compliments of the respective service) has
 been won by Jamie Todd of  Chimera.   Jamie and  his band,  Radio Silence,
 also use their Atari equipment for music composition and performance.

     Also Winner of complete font packs, compliments of and from Ms Designs
 and Cherry Fonts as  well as  $100.00 connect  time to  either Compuserve,
 Delphi or  GEnie, (compliments  of the  respective service)  goes to Steve
 (T-Shirts are my life) Kaleita for his T-Shirt design, ROBOT.  Some of you
 might be  familiar with  Steve's entry, in fact, you might even be wearing
     All of the above Winners plus  the following  5 entries  receive a one
 year  subscription  to  Atari  Explorer  Magazine,  compliments  of  Atari

           James Tackett's excellent Clipart font, CLIP001.CFN.

               "Flowers of the Mind" by DON HARRIS. WOW. :-)

               A stylized glider design by MARTYN PHILLIPS.

           MICHAEL NILSEN'S entry presents his vision of a city.

           ROBERT GILLIES submitted an amazing Saxophone Player.

     I will upload all of the  above entries  to the  online services.   In
 most cases  you will  require either Calamus 1.09, Calamus SL or a Calamus
 DEMO version of either to view them.   Once again,  my thanks  to all that
 submitted entries  to this  year's contest.   Your participation made this
 contest a great success for the entire Atari community.

                                        Nathan Potechin
                                   President ISD Marketing, Inc.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - New York City, NY            ANNUAL MEETING & REPORT CAUSE STIR

 Hi Fellow Atarians,

     Sorry but I couldn't make the  stockholders' meeting.   I  got Atari's
 annual  report  on  Friday,  and  the  annual  meeting  was slated for the
 following Tuesday, June 2nd.  I  couldn't possibly  re-arrange my schedule
 to go on such short notice.

     I'm really  P.O.'ed at  their untimely delivery of the meeting notice,
 and some of the things in their annual  report.   They only  spent $20,000
 odd on advertising, which is a paltry sum for a company who's gone public.
 They also lent six figure amounts to six different employees.  I was going
 to rail  about that,  too!!!   Sheesh!  Atari is a computer company, not a
 lending institution!

     Well, I'll find some other way of making  my views  known, and getting
 this company on track.  As promised, here are the names of the individuals
 to whom Atari lent fairly substantial  sums of  money including  the exact
 figures.    I  trust  you're  sitting  down.    It's  listed under Certain
 Transactions  on  the  last  page  of  the  Notice  of  Annual  Meeting of

             Name               Purpose       Amt of Loan    Outstanding*
             ----               -------       -----------    -----------
       Samuel W. L. Chin      Personal Loan   $130,000.-     $ 99,000
       Steven M. Kawalick     House Loan      $290,000.-     $ 61,000
       Richard Miller         House Loan      $145,000.-     $145,000
       August J. Liguori      Personal Loan   $111,000.-     $ 76,000
       Alwin Stumpf           Personal Loan   $795,000.-     $795,000

     All of  the loans  were made  at an  interest rate  of 7% *as of April
 24th, 1991.  $20,129,000 was spent for Advertising in 1991.   What  a drop
 in  the  bucket  for  a  company  with  numerous  overseas branches who is
 competing against IBM and Apple (not  to mention  Nintendo, Sega  etc., in
 the computer games division)!

     Seems this  lending of  company funds has gone on for a while.  In the
 annual report itself are  some other  lists of  loans being  made and paid
 off.  Here they are (this is from page 34 of the annual report):

 Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1989

       Name            Amt. Owed      Int. Rate
       ----            ---------      --------
 Robert Gleadow       $300,000.-         12%
 Eli Kenan            $151,000.-         12%
 August Liguori       $ 45,000.-         12%
 Richard Miller       $145,000.-         10% (unsecured loan)
 Gregory A. Pratt     $125,000.-         10%
 Alwin Stumpf         $795,000.-         10% & 12% (2 unsecured loans)
 Paul Welch           $115,000.-         12%

 Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1990

 Samuel W.L. Chin     $130,000.-         10% (unsecured)
 Eli Kenan paid back  $134,000 & Atari wrote off $17,000.
 Steven M. Kawalick   $290,000.-         10% (unsecured)
 August Liguori       $ 85,000.-
                      (borrowed another $43,000 @ 10% unsecured this year
                      and paid back $3,000.-)
 Richard Miller       Hasn't paid back any of the money he borrowed in
                      1989, but there are no new loans to him.
 Gregory A. Pratt     $ 10,000.- (hasn't paid back previous loan.  New
                      loan is unsecured at 10% interest)
 Alwin Stumpf         Hasn't paid anything on his 1989 loan
 Paul Welch           Hasn't paid anything on his 1989 loan
 Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1991

 Samuel W.L. Chin     $ 88,000.- Paid back $42,000 of what he borrowed.
 Robert Gleadow       His note was cancelled & related stock reacquired
                      by the company.
 Steven M. Kawalick   Paid $10,000.- of the $290,000.- he borrowed
 August Liguori       Borrowed another $11,000.- unsecured at 7% and paid
                      back $111,000.- on previous loan.
 Richard Miller       Paid nothing on his loan
 Gregory A. Pratt     Paid $25,000 on his loan and now owes $110,000.
 Alwin Stumpf         Paid nothing on his $795,000 loan
 Paul Welch           His note was cancelled & related stock reacquired
                      by the company

 Unless otherwise noted, all of the loans were secured.

 At the bottom of page six of the Notice of Shareholders' Meeting had this

     "In November  1991, the Company repurchased 75,000 options to purchase
 75,000 shares of stock from Gregory Pratt, a  Director of  the Company for
 $1.00 per share for a total price of $75,000.  Mr. Pratt has resigned as a
 Director and employee of  the Company  in January  1992, at  which time he
 transferred  to  the  company  63,150 shares.  Shares transferred together
 with the $75,000 were  used  to  repay  Mr.  Pratt's  indebtedness  to the
 Company of approximately $135,000.-"

     Well, that's  the story.   This  is what  they're doing with our money
 (STOCKHOLDERS).  Cute, isn't it!

                                         ---Beth Jane Freeman---


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From CIS

 J#: 63700 S8/Hot Topics
     05-Jun-92  08:32:54
 Sb: #63590-#FONTGDOS games
 Fm: GST Software 71351,332
 To: John Townsend @ Atari 70007,1135 (X)

 But not for GEM fonts of which GDOS fonts are a subset. In addition the
 "accepted practice" had started to be ignored (certainly in Europe) and
 this was pointed out to the Atari companies over here several times
 before this program was available. In essence the program effectively
 ignores the contents of the ASSIGN.SYS and is incompatible with the rest
 of GDOS and FONTGDOS which allow this. Claiming accepted practice is not
 good enough when that practice has clearly been found wanting as is
 evidenced by the abandonment of that scheme by several people as more
 fonts have become available. In addition it is debatable whether the term
 "accepted practice" really applies or whether the case is rather that
 until recently most GDOS packages have been supplied with (same) fonts
 sourced from Atari. It does seem the case that comments made over here
 about potential problems and shortcomings (or plain bugs) in this product
 have been ignored or just filed in a (presumably) large pile somewhere.

 Speaking personally I am becoming rather tired of the farce which
 FONTGDOS and its bigger brother have become over the last few months.
 When the version which is publically available over here seems to be less
 reliable than its previous beta versions -  to quote another developer "a
 strange problem which causes the most recent batch of Font GDOS drivers
 to crash with any GDOS program (the previous set were OK)". A program
 which causes a Mega STe to lock up with three bombs when booting if it
 cannot find a file (extend.sys) has more things to worry about than mere
 compatibility or speed compared to other GDOS clones - when it prints it
 does so very quickly, unfortunatly the important word there is 'when'.

 Tony  (not speaking on behalf of GST)

 From CIS

 J#: 63738 S8/Hot Topics
     05-Jun-92  13:39:42
 Sb: #63700-#FONTGDOS games
 Fm: CodeHead Software 76004,2232
 To: GST Software 71351,332 (X)


   You're not the only one whose comments have been sent to the "round

   - Speaking personally I am becoming rather tired of the farce which
   - FONTGDOS and its bigger brother have become over the last few
   - months.

   Amen.  Just want to point out that FSMGDOS and FONTGDOS have been
 promised for a lot longer than a few months -- the original release date
 for FSMGDOS was almost TWO YEARS ago.

   I agree that it's totally unacceptable for system software to bomb
 (!!!) if it can't find a data file.

 - Charles @ CodeHead Tech

 From the FNET

 Conf : AEOnline
 Msg# : 10204/10220  Lines: 12  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 10, 1992  at 2:49 PM
 To   : Bob Brodie
 From : Bob Dolson at Fnet Node 168, C.C.B.B.S. - Bridgeton, N.J.
 Subj : Re: <9995> VOODOO

 Hey don't feel bad....... I've been accused of having a 'Voodoo STe' by
 the Codeheads!! It's all because the update to Warp 9 makes it so
 Hotwire's auto menu doesn't come up if I have the W9 accessory active.
 I've been going back and forth with them about it ever since the upgrade
 came out. It works fine on my friend's 1.6 TOS STe, but this 1.62 STe is
 the one that has the problem. They say that it CAN'T be the TOS version.
 They might be right but the only other difference between my STe and my
 friend's is the TOS and the fact that mine has that weird DMA sound
 clicking problem that has never been resolved and that other STe and MSTE
 owners have also reported. Both of us have an ADspeed installed by the way
 and this problem with W9 and Hotwire also occurs if they are the ONLY auto
 programs and acc. installed.....Strange eh??

 From CIS

  #: 64010 S8/Hot Topics
     07-Jun-92  21:09:38
 Sb: #63824-#FONTGDOS games
 Fm: Ron Kovacs 75300,1642
 To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454 (X)


 It is interesting how you change with the wind??  I see that you state in
 your latest online offering that you have stayed out of the matter and
 yet I see you here bashing away.

 You reprint messages and offer NO assistance with the matter with the
 goal to further the problem and create more headaches for those who don't
 know about what is actually going on.

 Yet, you are tired of the favoritism and behind the scenes politics and
 vast amounts of energy being wasted on vendettas and obsessions? Weren't
 you one of the parties that called ST-Format to attempt a change with the
 files uploaded to GEnie?

 Looks to me that you are obsessed with not being the point of attention.
 You are not high on the list of respectable people anymore and yet you
 must wonder why?  You continue to screw around with people behind the
 scenes and you don't like it when others, (in your opinion), are
 seemingly doing the same thing.

 Parts of this entire matter could have been solved more quietly without
 your involvement as I am sure you are guilty of stirring the pot just
 enough to get a few people's anger up.

 For this we have to now read you are tired......  Well, stop playing the
 games and I am sure there will be less of this for you to be tired of.
 And keep the sarcastic comments to yourself.....

  Editor Note:

   Mr. Kovacs,

      I thank you for your eloquently worded reply and wish you all the
   best  in overcoming your present difficulties in communicating on an
   intelligent level.  Please, do not concern yourself about the effect
   on others by your  problematic behavior  as I  fully understand that
   this undesirable  manifestation will  eventually fade into obscurity
   with the attainment of adulthood....

 From CIS

 #: 64043 S8/Hot Topics
     08-Jun-92  01:41:40
 Sb: #64014-FONTGDOS games
 Fm: CodeHead Software 76004,2232
 To: Ron Kovacs 75300,1642

 Ron Kovacs,

   I've been a Compuserve subscriber for almost 12 years, and I'd like to
 let you know that you have now been responsible for the most unpleasant
 series of hostile messages that it has ever been my misfortune to read on
 this network.

   I look forward to Compuserve.  For the most part, there's a very
 congenial atmosphere here; and many of the people at whom you are
 unleashing blasts of venom are the most helpful and selfless people I've
 seen online anywhere.  I feel almost as if you had walked into my house
 while I had guests, and started ranting at them, insulting them, and
 calling them names.  If it WERE my house, I would throw you out.

 - Charles @ CodeHead Tech

 from the FNET

 Conf : AEOnline
 Msg# : 9851/9875  Lines: 17  Read: 1
 Sent : Jun 06, 1992  at 7:27 AM
 To   : Boris Molodyi
 From : Ron Kovacs at Fnet Node 593, Z*Net News Service - NJ
 Subj : AEO??

 In reply to:
 -BTW, I've seen Charles F. Johnson's (CodeHead) comments on FontGDOS on
 -CompuServe... Gee, they screwed this thing up. Among other things, it do
 -not use workstation info in the standard way (info, as I understood him,
 -returned by vq_extnd  call). One of the side effects is that Warp 9 (or
 -similar accelerators, which depend on workstation info present) will be
 -much slowed down. He predicts 50% slowdown compared to G+PLUS...
 -Also, you still can not reload drivers on the fly, like in G+PLUS.

 I think what is interesting is that Johnson has a commercial product that
 is nearly (or even better) then the original and is now upset because
 tehre are TWO products from him that are now in chaos.

 You can't please everyone all the time and I feel that perhaps a little
 human nature is behjind his complaints because it scars his own products.

 From CIS

 J#: 63739 S8/Hot Topics
     05-Jun-92  13:49:24
 Sb: #63738-FONTGDOS games
 Fm: bob wilson 72355,1637
 To: CodeHead Software 76004,2232 (X)

 Charles, I ran into that system bomb when I deleted EXTEND.SYS to write
 up an installation guide for  FONT GDOS since there wasn't one in the
 file. Good thing I had my floppy with the Hard disk booter or I would be
 SOL on using my mega STE. Rather incredible is a bit of an
 understatement. As to FSM I really do not expect to see it in general
 distribution. If they can't get something like FSM or the book out on
 time how are they ever going to get out a Falcon, and would you want to
 buy one undrer the circumstances. Heck FONT GDOS may double the sales of

 From the FNET

 Msg #17683 ( 19 of 20 ) Date:  06-06-92 (24:04)

 I'm sorry that the release of FontGDOS was handled so poorly from your
 perspective. The two biggest resources that I'm lacking at the moment are
 time and people! <grin> With a bigger staff and more folks I'm sure that
 things would have gone more smoothly.

 As I indicated in another message, you really don't need the intall
 program. I deleted it because it was intended originally to be used with a
 joint release of FSM and FontGDOS. Since I was not permitted to release
 FSM, I had strong reservations about how the install program would work
 without all the files that it expected to find.

 Read the docs, carefully. They tell you how to go about setting things up.
 And I highly recommend the use of the CPXs, they're much nicer than using
 the ACCs IMHO.


 Bob Brodie

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 From the FNET

 Msg #17686 ( 12 of 20 ) Date:  06-06-92 (13:15)
 To  : ALL
 Subj: AEO_9203.LZH
 Here's the edition of Atari Explorer Online that went out last week on
 GEnie. This issue DOES NOT have the file FNT_GDOS.LZH that was included in
 the archive posted on Z*Net Golden Gate or Z*Net News Service.

 The feedback that we have gotten off of GEnie from people having
 difficulty in using the file have caused me to delay releasing FontGDOS
 further until we have evaluated their comments fully. We will release
 FontGDOS via the FNET as soon as possible.

 My apologies for the delay in the release, this is/was entirely my fault,
 not Ron Kovacs.


 Bob Brodie

 [ConfMail: AEO_9203.LZH attached.  (55586 bytes)]

 *Origin: Fnet Node 706, Z*Net Golden Gate - California

 From the FNET

 Msg #20533 (  7 of  12) Date:  06-06-92 (14:35)
 When it comes to computers... The question most customers want to have
 answered is what kind of support does this computer receive from third
 party developers.  The fact is, in the United States, Atari has almost
 none.  Atari is not worthy of holding IBM's shoes.

 The Atari ST may be a great machine, but without support, it will not
 amount to much of anything.
 I have a question myself.  After years and years, why has Atari not
 learned to be user friendly.  Every business prides itself with the
 understanding that the customers are always right.  Not Atari, they think,
 US FIRST.. That is another reason why they will NEVER rebound.

 All Atarians should work together, toward a common goal.. To help the
 Atari strive.  It is not ONLY Atari's job.  It is every users obligation.
 I have been trying to pull the Washington Area Atari BBS's together to
 form a support group, but the response from the SysOp's has been less than
 positive.   And Bob Brodie.. What is the matter with you.  I realize you
 do not care for certain people.  All of us have positives and negatives..
 All of us have people we do not care for and people we do respect.  But
 the bottom line is, you can not ignore them because you do not like them.
 Especially right now, when we need to pull together.  The Atari usersbase
 is in disarray.  It is not united.  Bob, sometimes you have to tolerate
 people.  Even if you do not agree with the way they handle themselves, or
 the way they handle their business.  WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER..  If we
 continue to nitpick (ST REPORT AND BRODIE) we will never accomplish
 anything.  By your unwillingness to work together everybody will suffer.

 Now then, I do not even want to see one response from Brodie or ST-Report
 saying, well, he does this, and they do that.  Brodie and Ralph, you both
 have the right to your opinions, I don't care what you do not like about
 each other.  What I do care about is the Atari ST.  Something the both of
 you should try to do... TOGETHER that is!!

 *Origin: Fnet Node 556, Thieves Guild-#556-Suitland-MD

 Editor Note: I am willing to try... anything is possible.

 From the FNET

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 20558/20590  Lines: Extended  Read: 42
 Sent : Jun 10, 1992  at 1:35 AM
 To   : Chris B. Herting
 From : Mark K. at Fnet Node 18, ///Turbo Board Support BBS
 Subj : Re: <20533> ATARI EXPLORER - THE HARD

 The european market will not always be there. There are some famous
 authors that already switched to a non-Atari computer. Markus Fritze who
 is the author of the best Assembler package for the Atari ST (number #1
 rated ST package in german as well as french magazine) has switched and is
 currently programming on the Macintosh line of computers. He still has the
 Atari ST computer, however he probably will no be realising any other
 major software packages for the ST. The reason he never realised his
 package with the english manual is very simple - It's not worth the
 trouble and money.

 Another example is - Steffen Fischer from the group Delta Force (also
 known as Newmode). He put it very simply, ATARI DOESN'T SUPPORT THEIR
 COMPUTER. This all comes from a)european programmers, where the market is
 "blooming" b)people who produced quality software c)believed in Atari

 Those are just two examples and people that I have personally spoken to.
 It's a sad but very true reality!

 As far as Mr. Brodie goes, I think it is very unfair of him accusing Mr.
 Mihoka on producing only "utility" software and nothing productive. Also
 making occusations that he threatened the Tramiel family, even though Mr.
 Mihoka is not on this network and can not give his side of the story.
 It is clear to me that Mr. Brodie clearly represents the views of Atari
 corporation, which are not fair and at times very strange. With a sentence
 like the above he is basically claiming that programmers that produce
 software packages that will present the Atari computers on shows as "wow,
 what a machine" are worthwhile talking to, while others are not.

 If you would really be interested in what people want, he can post a
 message with a series of questions of the new line of Atari computers and
 take a poll. He clearly is not interested since he hasn't done it, thus
 users are not worthwhile talking to. That's the image Atari Corporation is

 From CIS

 Read action !
 J#: 64389 S1/Forum Business
     10-Jun-92  11:45:42
 Sb: #64366-where's AEO online?
 Fm: Tom Craig (Edinburgh, UK 100042,14
 To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466

 Hi Bob,

 (This'll really put the cat amoung the pigeons <g>)

 I've been reading and occasionally contributing to items on this forum,
 also to a few BBS's here in the UK, for quite a few months now. This
 GENIE thing seems to be a pretty hot topic. I do tend to agree with your
 point though; What, Where & Who is/runs GENIE? I've never seen any blurb
 in the computing press from them. Is this the *official* on-line home of
 the Atari Corp.? (Aside: If so, thanks for telling me guys!) Maybe GENIE
 is more of a metaphor than its originators had intended!

     This small section of CIS has taught me more about the ins & outs of
 Atari computing in the last three months than Atari Corp. has in the last
 three years. I continually hear people saying that they are not sure
 where Atari is going, should they buy an Apple or an IBM, is the TT
 really going to take off, are Atari going to fold next year and leave
 everyone in the lurch etc.

     Basic law of Marketing: Find out the customers' needs and SATISFY
 them. I think that Atari customers have been left to satisfy their own
 needs to a large extent; my right hand is getting pretty tired<g>!

 from CIS

 J#: 33040 S5/Music/MIDI
     10-Jun-92  13:05:42
 Sb: #33034-MIDI Hook-up
 Fm: Atari Advantage magazine 70007,3615
 To: SYSOP*John Davis 76711,127 (X)

 CIS, is great ... its just like "I wish for a ..." --- then someone gives
 a complete essay on everything you need to know.  All the answers for
 nothing and if only CIS was free. (GRIN)

 - Albert Dayes


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