ST Report: 5-June-92 #823

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/07/92-08:18:49 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 5-June-92 #823
Date: Sun Jun  7 20:18:49 1992

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     We are pleased to announce another real-time online conference! Please
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 Forum  (GO  ATARIARTS)  for  our  conference  with  John   Trautschold  of
 MissionWare,  the  folks  who  bring  us  FLASH  II! John will be happy to
 answer your questions about  the sequel  to the  popular telecommunication



 SILDEM.INF   - Information  file describing Silhouette V1.37, the two demo
 versions offered (ST, TT  versions),  new  features,  future  features and
 purchase information.

 S137TT.LZH   - SILHOETTE  VERSION 1.37 DEMO <TT VERSION>. Contents include
 Silhouette, a help file  readable from  inside Silhouette  (help key), and
 information file.

 S137ST.LZH   - SILHOETTE  VERSION 1.37 DEMO <ST VERSION>. Contents include
 Silhouette, a help file  readable from  inside Silhouette  (help key), and
 information file.


 Codehead Technologies has uploaded a free patch program for WARP 9 owners.
 See the file W9 UPGR.LZH now available in LIB 16.

                           NEW FOR THE PORTFOLIO

 A Video Poker game now available for the Portfolio!   Check out PFPOKR.ZIP
 now in LIBRARY 4 of the Atari Portfolio Forum (GO APORTFOLIO).

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     My goodness, the games people play, why all the smoke and mirrors when
 a little truth would go a long, long way?  It appears that there are those
 concerned with the "summer slowdown" and thus are bent on creating some
 action on the majors.  But must it be done at Atari's expense?  Atari has
 enough to do without becoming involved in "favoritism" and other light
 headed shenanigans.

     A rather large number of our European readers have already expressed
 their aggravation at the 'new exclusive rule' applied here last week in
 the States.  Many of these good folks are on either the FNET or subscribe
 to Compuserve's European affiliates.  The question most asked is "where do
 WE get FontGdos from?"  To the majority I responded that I only knew of
 two other outlets for the files in question and directed them to nodes 706
 and 593 in the FNET.

     In my opinion, Atari should not allow itself to become involved in
 this sort of nonsense.  Before this business of exclusive was tendered to
 the users... the ramifications, all of them, should have been taken into
 consideration.  Its obvious this was not done.  While I have no problem
 with the exclusive availability of Atari Explorer and its online edition
 on GEnie.  The manner in which the files from the ST Format magazine disk
 were handled was atrocious.  It has created ill-will for ST Format and
 certainly has not won friends for either Atari or GEnie.  Additionally,
 the making _exclusive_ of system files is an outrage.  Are people who have
 been members of CIS, Delphi and BIX expected to DROP their memberships
 with these services?  I think NOT.

     While I am aware that many people out there expected a vivid display
 of outrage by myself and my staff over this, the latest "event".  I feel
 its better left alone as the actions themselves speak far more loudly than
 any words from any of us.  The userbase is quite capable of seeing through
 the facade and distractive chicanery.  Odds are, when the smoke clears,
 the users will have made themselves heard from all point of the globe.
 This is what needs to be done, nothing more and nothing less to be sure.
 ATARI NEEDS ALL THE FRIENDS IT CAN GET.  They must have the consumer's
 support and positive response, else all is lost.  Hopefully, they'll reign
 in those who are unwittingly trying their best to alienate users.

     On another front, Silhouette 1.37 is available and the demos are on
 all the services at this time. Also included is a special TT version.

     The software developers around the world are waiting patiently for
 Falcons to arrive.  Word has it that they beginning to arrive in developer
 hands as we speak.  Although not in large numbers, the machines are real
 and arriving.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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    Issue #23

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Zeos Unveils New Color Notebook

 Zeos International Ltd. started taking orders this week for its new
 color notebook computer.  The notebook will be price at $3,295 and based
 on the 25MHz Intel Corp. 386SL microprocessor and incorporating a
 passive-matrix VGA color liquid crystal display made by Sharp Corp.
 According to Zeos President, Greg Herrick, the Zeos notebook will be
 targeted at competitors' similar offerings.

  -- Apple Expanding Mac Sales Lines

 Moving into more traditional retail outlets, Apple Computer Inc., is
 launching a pilot program this summer to sell selected Macintosh LCII
 and the Classic II computers in 56 locations of electronics chain Silo,
 and in office product superstores Office Depot and OfficeMax.  Last
 month, Apple said that it will start selling some of its products at The
 Office Center at Sears stores.

 The selected Macintosh LCII and the Classic II computers have been cus-
 tomized to include applications software and one year of toll-free
 telephone support and one year of on-site service.

  -- 'Sub-Laptop' Market to reach $54.4 Billion by 1998

 Researchers at Market Intelligence are predicting the market for "sub-
 laptop" computers will grow from $7.26 billion this year to $54.4 bil-
 lion in 1998.

 Researchers forcast that pen computers will be the fastest growing part
 of the market with an annual growth rate of nearly 85% for the next six
 years, with U.S. shipments of pen computers increasing from 97,900 this
 year to 1.27 million next year and 12.2 million in 1998.

  -- Motorola and Samsung to Join Forces

 Combining Motorola's exerience in wireless communications with Samsung's
 experience in PC development, the two companies have signed an agreement
 to jointly develop by year's end a palmtop computer capable of wireless

 The palmtop computer will use a pen to enter data instead of a keyboard,
 which will offer users, especially those working in the field in such
 areas as sales, deliveries and public safety, higher productivity.

  -- Sun Hires NeXT Inc. Founder

 One of the founders of NeXT Inc., engineer Guy "Bud" Tribble, has been
 hired by workstation maker Sun Microsystems Inc.  Tribble said he resig-
 ned at NeXT to become a vice president of SunSoft Inc., a software sub-
 sidiary of Sun Microsystems.

 Last December, Sun hired Bob Glass away from Apple for the company's
 "human interface engineering" team.  Since then, it has added Bruce
 Tognazzini of Apple, Annette Wagner of Apple, Frank Ludolph of Apple and
 Xerox Corp., Hal Shubin of Digital Equipment Corp., and some engineers
 from Hewlett-Packard Co. and small software companies that did business
 with IBM.

  -- Hayes and Rockwell Agree

 Hayes has announced it has settled its dispute with Rockwell over the
 use of the Hayes escape sequence -- +++ --- which is used in conjunction
 with a one second delay at the beginning and end of string, to switch
 modems into a local state.

 Under an agreement announced this week, Rockwell has taken a license
 which will allow users of modems incorporating Rockwell chipsets to use
 the Hayes escape sequence with guard time without infringing on Hayes'
 patent for the technology.

 The Rockwell license is the latest step in a series of discussions
 between Hayes and other modem manufacturers over the use of the patent,
 known as the Heatherington '302 patent. The escape sequence first
 appeared in Hayes' Smartmodem range of modems in 1981 and, since then,
 has become a defacto industry standard.

 Hayes caused a stir in the modem marketplace a few years ago when it
 announced it was seeking patent fees from other modem manufacturers over
 the use of the technology.

 Dennis Hayes, Hayes' president and co-founder, said that the licensing
 deal confirms Hayes' position over the escape sequence. "When a major
 corporation like Rockwell comes to the table and obtains the use of this
 patent, it further confirms the importance of the technology to the
 industry. By licensing Rockwell, we're making it easy for all modem
 manufacturers to use this standard technology," he said.

 Hayes said that the whole escape sequence affair, which has resulted in
 legal action against some US modem manufacturers is a lot more than
 merely an intellectual rights matter.

 "Rather, it's an acknowledgment of industry standards and practices and
 Rockwell's support for such standards. Our business charter is to enable
 customers to build the very best products and this agreement is just
 another step towards that goal," he said.


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 From the Atari ST RT

                     New Files in Your Library

   No.  File Name    Address     Description
  ----- ------------ -----------  -------------------------------------
  24371 MONU_DEM.LZH GRMEYER      demo of Monochrome emulator
  24370 JCLABEL3.LZH GRMEYER      JC Label mailing label maker
  24369 CRT0.ZOO     M.DORMAN2    GCC runtime startup files.
  24367 REMEMACS.LZH D.BROWN65    Remote Micro Emacs for BBSs
  24366 FONTKILL.LZH TOAD-SERV.   Removes unwanted TYPE ONE fonts
  24365 PATTERNS.LZH SGUBER       Wallpaper Generated Graphics
  24364 MIST4.LZH    D.WARD10     MIST Atari Fest IV Flyer (PGS)
  24360 POPULOU2.LZH S.KIPKER     Here is a DEMO/Sale for Populous 2
  24359 NEWWMAUG.TXT D.SCARPA     NEW INFO on Western Mass Atari BBS
  24358 SPARPRS1.TXT D.HALL23     CalAssist. & PageAssist. upgrades!
  24355 CM64SYEX.ARC P.PODESSER   Roland CM64 MIDIEX effects commands.
  24351 AUA.TXT      E.LAMBETH    AUA May 1 Press Release - Reupload
  24347 JAMES12.LZH  GRMEYER      James the Desktop Butler desk acc
  24346 GHOSTWRT.LZH GRMEYER      Ghost Writer online text utility DA
  24342 TX2_DEMO.LZH D.HOLMES14   DEMO of TX2 Text Processor 1.50
  24341 FIND_ALL.ARC M.CAWTHON1   Find any string in a group of files
  24338 SPIDSPEL.LZH D.A.BRUMLEVE Spider Spell, spelling game
  24336 CONQUER.LZH  S.KIPKER     A Demo of Conquorer Tank Simulation
  24334 RECIPE30.LZH A.WATSON6    Recipe Database
  24333 X_SPECS.LZH  C.SANCHEZ2   BBS Express! ST Specifications
  24332 ET_13.LZH    C.SANCHEZ2   Express Times Issue 13, 1 Jun 92.
  24331 BBSX9206.LZH C.SANCHEZ2   BBS Express! ST monthly list
  24329 EMPIRMAP.LZH W.HUBER3     Grand total of maps on Genie
  24327 SED_DEMO.LZH OUTRIDER     Soft-Sci Screen Saver Editor DEMO!
  24326 STSAVER2.LZH OUTRIDER     FUN Color/Mono Screen Saver!
  24324 LMP244_M.LZH D.HOLMES14   Graphics for GEnie Lamp #2.44 (MONO)
  24323 LMP244_C.LZH D.HOLMES14   Graphics for GEnie Lamp 2.24 (COLOR)
  24322 LMP244.LZH   D.HOLMES14   GEnie Lamp #2.44 (TX2)

  Don't forget to look for bargains in the For Sale/Wanted Library (26)
  Sale/Wanted is also available in the Bulletin Board Category 27.

  Looking for an old message? Miss an RTC? Need an answer? Check out
  the Atari Archives in Library 13.
         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature        "...a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 This week we will start out with a quick post from Dave Small and then
 visit the Productivity area of CIS.  There was so much good information
 in the CIS Productivity area, that I had to break it into two parts.
 The second part will be next week.


 From Cat. 4, Topic 44, Msg. 174 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   We at Gadgets have been closed down for two weeks plus. For those of
   you who don't get over to the Gadgets RT, my son Eric was hit by a
   car, and spent much hospital time with a broken upper leg. After
   surgery, he is recovering fast -- they do at age 10! -- and is even
   back in school, with a steel rod in his leg.

   If you've been trying to get ahold of us, that is where we've been.
   I'm sorry, but I needed to sleep down at the hospital, and here it's
   been get-up-three- times-a-night type stuff.

   Eric's up and around and with any luck it'll be a memory in a month.
   We were very lucky.

   Many kind people here on GEnie and elsewhere took time to send cards
   and email to Eric; thanks to all of you who did!!

   We're slowly getting back to normal here. There's an enormous pile of
   incoming FAXes to fill, for instance, and the telephone messages...

   A large number of SST's are being built up now and will be shipped
   shortly. We've discovered some rather nice things now that we have
   experience with widely varied machines and all this helps the SST work
   out quite well.


 Guess who's back in the States and in the ST market?  Alan Page, the
 original author of Flash.  The following are a few posts and comments
 from Alan on CIS...

   I spent a year in England and was out of touch with CompuServe for the
   whole time. The company I was originally working for broke apart a
   couple of years ago. The whole thing just fell apart. The company in
   England fared a bit better, but just couldn't overcome the recession.
   When they couldn't pay me a decent salary (not even enough to cover
   rent) I bailed out. I have been learning to program Windows recently.

   ....I have signed a contract for a program on the ST, but I don't wish
   to announce what it is quite yet, because the design is not yet well
   worked out.

   ....It's been a rough few years. For a while, I was actually selling
   the photo-mugs and t-shirts in a shopping center in England, cause the
   company couldn't sell the systems and otherwise could not afford to
   pay me.

   ...I am working on a program at the moment. Contract is signed. I did
   apply for a job as technical support for a local PC software company a
   while back, got an interview, but no job. I think they wanted a lot
   more PC and MAC experience.

   ....I spent the first 3 months of this year learning Windows. I wrote
   a couple of programs, one which I released PD and which was picked up
   for inclusion on a multimedia CD-ROM 'magazine'. I have to tell you
   that I find Windows far easier to program than GEM and a lot more

   Drawing in a window in GEM involves a lot of extra code to handle
   overlapping windows, scaling and transforming coordinates, and hiding
   and showing the mouse.

   In Windows, just set the origin and scaling to what you want it to be
   and draw to the window. Windows takes care of overlapping windows and
   hiding and showing the mouse. And because it is done at a low level,
   it is a lot more efficient than GEM. e.g. the mouse is only hidden
   when it needs to be.

   Windows user interface resources are easier to hook into and vastly
   more powerful. Most user interface resources are actually windows in
   themselves. In fact, you can create a powerful text editor, just by
   placing a multi-line editable control in a window and adding a menu
   bar. Windows user interface is also much more standardized than GEM.
   In GEM, every program has a different idea about cursor keys and
   function key. It's a real mess.

   Windows has a powerful Help system with hypertext. Many Windows
   programs use this to give you full help on using the program. By
   contrast, few GEM programs have much of a help system at all.

   Not to mention _far_ better documentation and software tools, object
   linking and embedding, interprogram communication, multitasking,
   outline fonts, and multimedia.

   There are many more examples, but you will have to take my word for it
   as someone with experience with both systems. GEM is like beating your
   head against the wall. Windows is challenging because there are
   hundreds of features to learn. Once you understand it, it is vastly
   more powerful and yet still easy to use. All the nonsense that GEM
   puts you through is done for you by the OS, as it should be.

   Windows is not popular just because it is on the PC and is pushed by a
   large company. OS/2 (original edition) is on the PC and was pushed by
   a large company and it certainly didn't take the world by storm.

   Why is GEM _not_ going to take the world by storm?

   GEM is still largely unchanged. While the GEM desktop has had a number
   of improvements, the underlying operating system has remained fairly
   static. By contrast, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM have poured vast re-
   sources into enhancing their graphical user interfaces with outline
   font technologies, interprogram communication, multitasking, hypertext
   help systems, device drivers, object linking and embedding, hyper-
   media, etc.

   I believe that software drives hardware purchases more and more now,
   and not vice versa. I think there is a smaller percentage of hardware
   junkies out there that will buy a piece of wonderful hardware and
   worry about software later, or even write it themselves. A lot of
   graphics and sound cards on the PC are being pushed because they
   enhance Windows and Windows Multimedia. Just try to sell a sound or
   graphics card that won't work with Windows. People who think that new
   hardware from Atari (with the same old GEM) is going to sell like
   hotcakes are putting the cart before the horse.

   GEM is still sadly lacking in documentation. The GEM programmer's
   guide in the Atari developer's kit is little more than a bare listing
   of function calls with perhaps a few dozen pages that really deal with

   The sample source code is pathetic. They are still using the original
   DOODLE source code from DRI as an example. Can't they do a little
   better than that? Tim Oren's GEM programming series probably has more
   really useful information about GEM than the entire Atari developer

   You can get dozens of books that lead you step-by-step through how to
   program for Windows. And they include complete source code for a
   number of useful applications.

   ....It's not that you can't write powerful GEM programs. But you have
   to go through so much extra work re-inventing features that should be
   in the operating system. And you have to do it with second-rate docs
   and tools.


 Question from Robert Aries...

   A friend of mine is running a small business, and has been using an
   Atari ST for mostly word-processing stuff. He needs to find some
   software that will do payroll stuff for him (i.e.,keep track of a
   small database of employees and print out checks). Also, he is using
   Word Writer ST but wants to find another word processor- One that's
   WYSIWYG but allows mail merge and has better reformatting

   Any ideas, or are we going to watch another Atari owner bail?

 Answer from Boris Molodyi...

   I don't know about payrolls, but may be ST Accounts from ISD can help
   here. I hope somebody will answer that.

   As for WYSIWYG word processor with mail merge, there are a few. Major
   players are WordFlair/WordFlair II, with WordFlair II having built-in
   drawing, database and spreadsheeting features, and full FSM GDOS
   (outline scalable fonts) WYSIWYG. You can use old GDOS fonts as well.
   Then there is That's Write, as WordFlair it's distributed by Goldleaf.
   It uses, currently, only bitmapped GDOS-like fonts, and has quite good
   mail-merge features. Output on Atari laser is _very_ fast. And I mean

   And finally, Calligrapher family, distributed by CodeHead. The very
   fact of CodeHead distribution says something. :-) This one has really
   powerful mail merge, drawing, text bending, etc. tools. It uses hinted
   outline fonts and standard GDOS fonts...From what I know, it's program
   comparable with such as MS Word and latest WordPerfect.

 Another question from Robert Aries...

   Thanks for the recommendations, I've passed them along to my friend.
   He tells me that the WP software he gets must be very simple to use as
   his secretary is not especially computer-literate. Calligrapher looks
   good but may be overkill for his needs. I suspect that something
   similar to Word Writer but with better re-formatting would be just
   fine. (I could never get the reformatting in WWriter to work myself!).

 Reply from Boris Molodyi...

   Well, I guess that Write On (lite version of That's Write) or
   Calligrpaher Junior (if CodeHeads release it) could be OK. Then, 1st
   Word Plus is a nice program (not too feature laden, tho ;-)
   Seriously, I've seen Write On adverised for well under hundred bucks,
   and if you do not need big spell-checker and index-building, it should
   be just fine.

 Reply from Ian Braby....

   If you really just need something fairly simple, but which includes a
   decent spell-checker, my money would be on 1stWordPlus. If you
   _really_ want to go cheap - get 1stWord from a PD source (why not
   here?!) and just forego the spell-checker. WordPlus does also add
   mail-merge, of course!

 Reply from Gary Gray....

   Royal Software sells Payroll Master, 503-683-5361. I hope the phone
   number is current. I or your local dealer can order it through Pacific
   Software.  713-580-0133


 From Craig Harvey at Clear Thinking...

   The latest version of EdHak is 2.33. If/When the assembly version ever
   gets done, it will be 3.0. Please keep in mind that I started the
   assembly version almost a year and a half ago, so please don't hold
   your breath for it or put off upgrading to 2.3 if you haven't done
   that yet.

   ...A new spiral bound greatly expanded manual came out about a month
   ago. It now includes index, table of contents, info on all the new
   features since 2.0 (when the old manual was written), and some good
   "novice hacking" reference info. The manual is available for $5.00 US.

   If anyone who already has 2.30-2.32 wants the new manual, I'll throw
   in a 2.33 disk for free. Otherwise the disk is also $5.00 to
   registered users.

   The changes from 2.30 to 2.33 are very minor, but from 2.25 to 2.3
   they are major. Outside the US, please add $3 for shipping. Note that
   if you have TOS 2.06 or 3.06, there is still a scroll bar bug I'm
   chasing down with the help of a couple people who have 2.06 like Paul
   Gee. I expect to have that fixed within a couple days.


 From Greg Wageman....

   I just recently installed the John Russell Innovations' "RAM+" board
   in my 1040ST. This board can be installed in a 512ST, 1040ST or Mega
   2. It uses up 4, 1 Meg by 8 SIMMs.

   Installation is complicated, and not something I would recommend for
   the faint-hearted. Since Atari produced a whole bunch of different
   mother board revisions for the ST, there are a number of possible ways
   the board can be installed. The JRI instructions cover them all.
   Installation can require a moderate amount of resistor removal and
   soldering of wires, even though the board uses a pair of ribbon cables
   for most of its connections. One cable plugs into the shifter socket,
   the other is tack-soldered onto an existing RAM chip.

   Depending on your machine, upgrading the MMU may be required. I was
   lucky; my 1040 had a socketed shifter chip and the preferred MMU.
   Nonetheless, I had to remove one bank of the existing RAM chips
   because of excessive buss loading.

   On the plus side, this RAM expansion is small enough to fit inside the
   existing RF shielding without modification. The documentation is
   complete and clear. By adding a second shifter chip to the additional
   socket provided with the expansion, you can get a 4096-color palette
   (using the provided software patch).

   Like my hard disk, I don't know how I ever used the ST without 4 Megs
   of RAM!


 Until next week.....


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 > CLEVELAND FREENET! STR InfoFile           Great Atari Support!

                             CLEVELAND FREENET


     I have been asked to expound  on the  topic of  the Cleveland Freenet,
 and I shall indeed.

     The Cleveland  Freenet is  (as its  name implies) a free system to the
 general users sponsered by Case Western University.  I live  about 5 hours
 from Cleveland, so as you can see, you don't have to be close to access it
 what you need is the ability  to telnet  there.   For anyone  who has this
 ability (usually easiest from a college computer lab) simply telnet to one
 of the following addresses:


     I would reccomend the 'b' address as a first try as it is normally the
 speediest, however  if that address says that is has the maximum amount of
 users, try the others.  At peak times, all the nodes may be in  use so you
 may have to just keep trying to connect.

     Once on,  if you  have never  been there, signon as a visitor (it will
 show you how), and take a look around, it has a fairly easy menuing system
 to guide  you.   If you like what you see, apply for an account.  You will
 get an agreent in the mail to sign and send  back, and  in approximately 2
 weeks you  will have  your very own freenet account.  As stated, there are
 absolutely no charge for this service.

     What do you get once in?  Well,  quite a  lot actually  from USA paper
 articles to numerous computer and gaming sigs to access to the usenet news

     The Atari SIG is relatively small, but we do have a dedicated group of
 folks on  the system.   We  are currently undergoing a restructuring which
 should make the SIG more intuitive that I hope will be complete within the
 coming month.   We have full information on the BART mail archive  service
 to the umich atari archives that many of you have heard about  but may not
 have been able to access.  The postings as of late have been light, as the
 users we  have seem  to be  more of  the news  oriented types  (we do have
 fairly quick posting of any Atari developments, online mags and the like).

     Our  groups  of  sysops  form  a  varied knowledge base that is always
 available to attempt to respond to questions.   If you  have any questions
 about access or in general feel free to drop me a line.

     I'll stop  now, don't  want to  turn this  into a novel, but that in a
 nutshell is a  beginner's  intro  to  the  Cleveland  Freenet,  its  not a
 substitute for  any of  the pay  services, but  does indeed hold a special
 place for a number of us.

     Coming shortly after the restructuring  will  be  scheduled  real time
 conferences also,  last month  our conference speaker was Jeff Wiener, the
 maintaner of the atari archives and Umich... quite interesting.

                              Whew... I'm done for now.. honest :)


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                           Effective Immediately
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 CALASSISTANT the  online helper  for Calamus  has been  updated to support
 Calamus v1.09N.  The program interface and help files have been rewritten,
 as well as the manual -- now 40 pages. Including:

      * Print function. Used to output the help file to the
        connected printer.
      * The help text and image data are now displayed within a movable
        GEM window. You now have immediate access to CalAssistant while
        using Calamus!
      * A few of the topics discussed in the rewritten 40 page manual
        are: Calamus Frame Types; Calamus Frame Modes; Clipboards;
        Working With Text; Text Macros; Master Pages; Layout Tips,
        Special Design Effects; Layout Tutorial; Numbering Pages;
        Automatic Attribute Pickup; Reverse Type; Initial Cap, etc.
      * The manual includes an extensive index.
      * The pop-up menus and program interface have been redesigned.
      * Two text display size to choose from.
      * Supports TT 640x480, TT 1280x960, ST 640x400 and Moniterm.
      * Installs as a desk accessory or program.
      * The help text and image files are indexed into two separate
        data files.
      * And much, much more!

 The upgrade cost is $7.50 + $3.00 shipping,  for the  program diskette and
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      * The pop-up menus and program interface have been redesigned.
      * Two display text size are available.
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 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 on CompuServe

 Judith Hamner  75300,2161

 Another new game has been uploaded this week.  Look for SGP.ZIP which
 contains a Starglider game for the Portfolio.  MACPOR.ARC is a re-packaged
 version of MACPTX.SIT and MACPOR.SIT files.  This file is in ARC format.
 The files describe the technique for connecting the Mac to a Portfolio.
 BJ Gleason is conducting a survey.  Drop him a line and tell him what your
 favorite Port programs are.


 > The UNTOLD Story! STR Spotlight  PITTSBURGH.... Finally, the TRUTH!


 by DC Signorini
 (c) 1991, 1992, 1992


     [This is  part 3  of a  6 part story concerning the Atari arena in the
     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  You are encouraged to read all 6 parts
     in their  entirety.  If you missed Part I or II, you are encouraged to
     read these Parts before reading further.]

                          AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON

     Another example  of the  "bad feelings"  that existed  between the two
 groups in  Pittsburgh, Atari Elite and PACE, is concerning the annual PACE
 show sponsored  by that  organization.   The first  show I  believe was in
 1988.   PACE would  not allow  the Atari Elite to have a booth at the show
 because they felt that Atari  Elite  was  "competition"  to  PACE.   Other
 usergroups  were   invited,  but   Atari  Elite  was  not  allowed  to  be
 represented.  One of Atari Elite's members owned  a retail  computer store
 and was  granted a  booth at the show providing that he in no way promoted
 the Atari Elite.  He agreed,  and from  what I  understand, was  forced to
 sign an agreement to this extent.  He paid for the booth, and attended the
 show, while Atari Elite sat on  the sidelines.   The  show was  a success,
 however, PACE complained that the mentioned vendor did in fact "allude to"
 Atari Elite while at  the show.   The  vendor denied  the accusations, and
 rightly so,  but was  banned from attending any future shows.  Plans for a
 show in 1989 hit the waves in Pittsburgh, again sponsored  by PACE.   This
 year, the  said vendor  was prohibited from the show and a new restriction
 was placed on the Atari  Elite  to  further  insure  that  they  could not
 attend:   Only Atari  recognized groups  were permitted  to attend.  Atari
 Elite was not recognized by Atari.  Not  because of  their reputation, but
 rather because John Karlovich did not see a need to do so.  His philosophy
 was that Atari had  changed User  Group coordinators  so often,  that once
 Atari Elite  filled out  the necessary forms, they would have to do it all
 over again for a new coordinator.  I insisted to John at that time  that I
 would take responsibility for doing so, but the President of the group had
 to be the one to submit the forms.  Atari Elite went on un-registered.

     So, an argument took place as to whether Atari Elite was recognized or
 not.   And, of  course, because of all of the slander that had taken place
 up until now, Atari Corp. had a really nice picture of the  Atari Elite to
 look at.  This picture was unfortunately smudged a bit by un-knowledgeable
 and selfish individuals.  Atari Elite, nonetheless, sent PACE money  for a
 booth and  awaited PACE's  decision.  PACE argued that because Atari Elite
 was not recognized, and the fact that they had a  software rental library,
 they would  not allow  them to  have a  booth.   Jim Laux, the treasure of
 Atari Elite, and myself visited them at their board meeting one evening to
 plead with  them to  let the  Elite attend.  Atari Elite had a lot of hard
 working individuals who could  help PACE  with the  show, yet  PACE wanted
 nothing to  do with  it.  Jim and I left the meeting with a sharp "no" and
 were very disappointed.  Atari Elite were the "bad guys"
 and could not play in PACE's reindeer games.

     At the Atari Elite board meeting that month, we discussed  ways of how
 the Atari  Elite could  boycott the  show.  Should AE distribute flyers to
 everyone pulling into the parking lot of the show site?  Do  a direct mail
 to users  and vendors?   Plead to Atari for intervention?  While our anger
 was evident, we all elected that we should  passively let  this water flow
 under  the  bridge  and  concentrate  instead on building the organization
 instead of wasting energy elsewhere.  A few wanted to  actively pursue the
 "ninja" approach  but it was voted down.  Atari Elite would not attend the
 show.  Period.

     The following is a  re-print from  the "Keeping  PACE" newsletter that
 appeared during this time frame.  It was captured from the PACE BBS and is
 believed to be presented here in its original form:

            ***** Written by the President of PACE in 1988 ****

      Your comments on Monday night helped me sort out where  I think
      we should  be going  and I  think you  will be more comfortable
      with following approach.   Let me  start out  with a  couple of
      assumptions relating  to the  Elite and P.A.C.E., some of which
      are different  or modified  from the  thoughts I  had on Monday

      I do  not believe  that the Elite are ever going to be taken to
      court over the software rental.    They  will  never  be  a big
      enough to be worth the  trouble.    They are probably organized
      as a  corporation like  we are  but may  pay out  dividends.  I
      doubt  that  they  are  a  partnership.  As  a  corporation the
      officers are protected.   Their members  are not  at risk under
      either arrangement.   If  they are  unlikely to  be sued we are
      even less  likely.   We have  already demonstrated  that we are
      separate from  them and  through our  normal course of business
      do enough to make that separation  evident.   We don't  need to
      disclaim affiliation  for the purpose of limiting our liability
      which makes any concerned that disclaimer would provide  a form
      of advertisement  moot.   The legality  of software rental is a
      matter of interest to the Atari community but  talking about it
      will not  cause them rethink their position on rental.  Talking
      about the Elite is  also  an  item  of  interest  to  the Atari
      community.    It  should  be  limited to reduce its advertising
      potential but need not be avoided.  Our problem with the rental
      of software  is that  it is  not compatible with the vendors we
      are trying to attract to the  Show and  has nothing  to do with
      its legality.   We  have many  advantages and capabilities that
      will always be attractive to a large group of users, if we keep
      doing what  we have  been doing.  The Elite will draw a certain
      type of user but many people will be  part of  both clubs.   We
      may be  able to draw some of their members to our club.  We are
      both going to be  around.   We are  going to  compete with each
      other which  will keep us on our toes.  Nothing we do will make
      them stop renting software  or  go  away.    We  need  to start
      looking forward  to the next Show and making plans to avoid the
      problems we ran into at the last Show.

      What this all boils down to  is that  the real  problem we have
      with  the  Elite  is  over  the Show.  Software rental is their
      gimmick and the Show is ours.  The Show and  software rental do
      not mix.  They know that we can't have them at the Show and try
      to use this situation to their advantage.  As long as we do the
      Show there  will be  a problem  between the  two groups at Show
      time.  Our Show has the potential to be a  moneymaker, provides
      tremendous benefit  to Atari users and sets P.A.C.E. apart from
      other user groups.  It is strategically important  for P.A.C.E.
      to be  able to  put on  this event.  The only time P.A.C.E. and
      the Atari Elite can not peacefully co-exist is at the Show.

      We should find out whether we  can  expect  to  go  through the
      process  we  went  through  last  April.    If both groups know
      sufficiently in advance that the  Elite  are  not  going  to be
      invited to the next Show and their and our members have time to
      adjust and accept that fact, maybe the Elite  won't be  able to
      stir the  pot as  effectively as  they did.  On the other hand,
      if, for some reason, we can  not exclude  the Elite  or if they
      are likely  to do things that will make the Show less likely to
      be profitable for P.A.C.E. then we need to  find out  before we
      get too  committed and  are unable to make needed adjustments.
      We may as well  see what  their reaction  to exclusion  will be
      while  the  last  Show  is  relatively fresh in people's minds.
      This is better than waiting until we are in the thick of trying
      to  do  all  the  work  for  the Show and are least prepared to
      handle it.

      I have  written some  additional paragraphs  to the President's
      report that  get us pointed toward discussing the next Show and
      that we intend  to  we  will  exclude  software  renters again.
      Regarding  the  response  to  Mark  Spires,  I would rather put
      something in the newsletter than appear  to ignore  him or have
      to  answer  him.    What  I have written is consistent with the
      request he  made  and  is  better  than  reprinting  his entire
      letter.   This also  eliminates the  need to  for me to explain
      what is inaccurate in his letter.  Hopefully we can  change the
      focus from the last Show toward the next.

      I think  the "Software Rental" article should still be used.  I
      think it is timely with the activity on the BBS  and might help
      people  understand  some  of  the  issues  surrounding software
      The following is what I  propose  be  added  to  the President'
      Report.    Please  give  me  a  call  if  there  is  anything I
      overlooked or even  if  there  is  something  that  doesn't sit
      right.   My trip was cancelled so I will be at the Monday night
      ST meeting.

      President's Report
      (additional paragraphs)

      Most of you know by now  that  we  are  planning  on sponsoring
      another  Atari  Computer  Products  Show in 1989 and perhaps as
      early as February or  March.    In  last  month's  newsletter I
      pointed our  that we  were not  as successful  as we would have
      liked  in  keeping  an   organization  that   rents  commercial
      software  from  having  representation  at  our last Show.  The
      experiences of the last Show pointed out a  few areas  where we
      will improve  on the handling of this issue.   First, we didn't
      make our policies and  rules  well  known  to  the  members and
      potential  vendors  early  enough  before the Show.  Second, we
      didn't provide sufficient incentives to those renting booths to
      ensure that only authorized organizations would be represented.

      There are  many vendors who sell software and very few who rent
      commercial  software.    Those  who  sell   software  are  more
      interested  in  attending  a  Show  where there are no software
      renters than in attending one that  is  open  to  all  types of
      organizations.   We think  we can  get more software vendors to
      our next Show by being  overt  about  our  policy  of excluding
      those who  rent software.     The sponsors  of other Shows like
      ours outside of Pittsburgh have found it desireable  to exclude
      specific vendors  or certain classes of vendors like mail order
      or businesses without  a  storefront.    We  hope  to  find out
      whether similar  restrictions in addition to excluding software
      renters would also benefit  our  next  Show.    By  setting the
      criteria  for  booth  rental  and making this known to vendors,
      user groups and other organizations interested in our  Show, we
      expect that we can get greater  vendor participation and have a
      better quality Show for  local Atari  users than  we can  if we
      were to  leave Show open to everyone.  For the present the only
      type of organization we  will  exclude  are  organizations that
      rent  commercial  software  and  we  will  keep  you  aware  of
      additional restrictions.

      In response to last  month's President's  Report, I  received a
      letter from Mark Spires on the subject of his booth at the last
      Show.   In his letter he said that he would appreciate  it if I
      would clarify  his intentions in this newsletter.  He stated in
      the letter that he intended to  gather names  and addresses for
      the promotion of his own business and that he did not intend to
      promote the Atari Elite at the Show.

                        ***** End of Reprint *****

     Many of you may be wondering why the Atari Elite did not sponsor their
 own show?  Well, there were many reasons.  The most substantial reason was
 the fact that Atari Elite had very little operating cash.   PACE  had been
 around  for  many  years  and  had  a  substantial budget built up.  Also,
 revenues from previous shows were used  and very  little was  derived from
 membership  dues.    Atari  Elite  simply  did  not have this convenience.
 Secondly, Atari  Elite was  already fighting  a battle  against the rumors
 started by  certain individuals  in the Pittsburgh area.  It was felt that
 to overcome that  would  be  difficult.    And  thirdly,  Atari  Corp. was
 frowning upon  the Atari  Elite because of all they heard from third party
 individuals.  Without the support  of  the  mother  company,  it  would be
 nearly  impossible  to  pull  off  a  successful  show.    So, Atari Elite
 concentrated on internal affairs instead of show promotions.

   Permission to Re-Print is granted as long as no part of this work is
     changed in any way and credit is given to the Author and the AUA.


                         IS THE AUA SERIES UNFAIR?

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit>
 J38274 1-JUN 23:52  General Information
 RE: STR (Re: Msg 38267)
 From: BIBLINSKI    To: DPJ (NR)

 My only concern about all this is that we truly hear _all_ sides to the
 story.  If 'bad' things are printed about someone, that person should have
 a chance to defend himself (or herself) in that same issue, if not the
 same story.  Even in an objective story, things can be skewed to show
 someone in a bad light.  It's all in how the story is told.

 So far, the series has been one-sided.  It's all being told by a single
 person, whose credibility is unknown.  And, for most of us, unknowable.
 Should I really believe him when he says there was no piracy being done in
 the Atari Elite?  What proof do I have?  What proof, besides his word, did
 he give?  Maybe some kind of validatable proof will be presented in a
 future article.  I hope so.  So far, it all seems pretty straight, but
 I've known enough bullsh*tters in my life to be a little skeptical.  I
 hope we'll read articles in future issues that will provide us with other
 points of view.  Developers who felt they were ripped off, Atari personnel
 More?  who were involved, disinterested observers...  When I've heard it
 all, I'll draw my own conclusions.  But, until I hear it all, I won't
 accept being told that the conclusion is obvious.

                          A REPLY FROM THE EDITOR


     I can  appreciate  your  observations  but  they  lack  the retrospect
 needed in  attempting to  be fair  and to understand exactly what is going
 on.  You  see,  this  all  began  quite  some  time  ago,  first  with the
 accusations  being   made  in   a  school   kitchen  during  an  impromptu
 inquisition on a Sunday afternoon and second, with  the public castigation
 (without proofs)  of the  Atari Elite  Usergroup by  some rather prominent
 individuals  in  the  Atari  community.    Without  a  doubt,  the current
 presentation  is  a  well  informed  rebuttal  to everything that has been
 presented publicly condemning both the AUA and the  Atari Elite Usergroup.
 To  continue,   shortly  thereafter,   it  became   obvious  that  certain
 individuals found it necessary to hold  the upcoming  WAACE show "hostage"
 (under boycott)  until their  'demands' were  met.  Namely, the barring of
 the Atari Elite Usergroup from attending!    I  am  well  aware  that this
 series of articles may _seem_ one sided but truly, all one need do is read
 the entire accounts of the others  as  they  were  also  present  in their
 entirety in STReport.  The conclusions to be drawn are very obvious.

     Should you  believe him?   Do  you have any reason to NOT believe him?
 Other than  the  unfounded  and  unproven  accusations  of  those  in this
 community who  seem to  relish surrounding themselves in the "white robes"
 of pure innocence, there is absolutely no proof of wrong doing on the part
 of anyone  in the Atari Elite Usergroup not now, not then, not at all.  In
 fact, they established  quite  a  track  record  in  regards  to providing
 excellent  public  relations  for  Atari Corp. with their documented multi
 media expositions to various large business communities in  the Pittsburgh

     Actually,  the   series  of   articles  are  meant  to  present  Derek
 Signorini's impressions of went on and  how  it  effected  the  AUA.   The
 bottom  line  is  that  there  is  sufficient  information to lend serious
 credibility to  his accounts.   Especially  where the  inferences are made
 that deliberate  and calculated efforts were undertaken to torpedo the AUA
 from the moment it was "assumed" to be part of the Atari Elite Usergroup.

     Also, it should  be  known  that  Atari  Elite  Usergroup  initiated a
 number  of  legal  proceedings  relative  to the unfounded accusations and
 indeed did become the object of a great deal of  animosity as  a result of
 taking a  legal stand  in protecting  its good name and reputation.  As an
 aside, the legal aspects of the entire matter  had sufficient  merit to be
 placed  on  the  docket.    However,  due  to  the intervention of certain
 concerned individuals in the Atari Community, the matter  was resolved and
 the lawsuits dropped.

     In  closing  it  should  be  made  clear  that the AUA is/was and will
 continue to be an excellent organization.  Its concept is  fine, "In unity
 there  is  strength",  the  whole  idea  being to give the USERS a unified
 voice.  Unfortunately there were/are those  who feel  such an  entity is a
 threat.   Those individuals  have made  themselves very well known through
 their continued efforts to muffle the  'questioning voices",  the views of
 "those  who  oppose  blind  complacency"  and finally, those who refuse to
 "follow the company line".  The  users  are  being  shortchanged  at every
 turn, they  DO pay  the bills, they DO keep the platform going, the SHOULD
 and DO deserve to have adequate  representation  in  order  to  provide an
 independent, respected  and informative interface with Atari and the other
 companies doing business in the Atari community.


 From STReport # 4.18 05/04/90

 - The Editor's Podium

     The PACE show in Pittsburgh last weekend had  many things  that can be
 said for  it, most  of which  are not too complimentary.  However, for now
 lets look at a few of  the more  positive comments  made and  heard at the
 show for the first time.

     During the  STReport seminar  a strong  indicator of things to come in
 future was clearly illustrated.  After polling the audience to  see if any
 realized just what the indicator was, (most had no idea) the indicator was
 described.   Atari has set a marvelous precedent with the STe.  Not a soul
 in the hall realized the outstanding significance of the STe.  It is the
 FIRST  machine  ever  released  by  Atari  (under  the  Tramiels)  that is
 upgradable in the field. And  further,  it  was  indicated  that  this was
 designed into  the machine at its inception.  This landmarks the fact that
 Atari is listening  to  the  users  and  has  indeed  begun  to positively
 respond.   Hopefully its not too late.  The time is right for the userbase
 to continue its valuable input to Atari Corp.   Never,  in Atari's history
 have they  been so  responsive as now.  Even though, the handwriting is on
 the wall, if they don't get the product out to  market NOW  the developers
 are not going to hang on to empty promises and broken dreams.

     The course  of current  events is truly unbelievable at this time, the
 software theft going on in the  Atari arena  is at  what appears  to be an
 all time  high or,  in our  opinion the  level is the same, its the brash,
 blatant manner in which they are  going  about  their  activities  that is
 making it  all the  more visible.  The final analysis is that Atari has to
 get off its duff and begin to ship machines in the USA earnest.  This
 business  of  "talk  with  no  action"  has  really  gone far enough.  The
 userbase has, because of  Atari's  inactivity,  received  a  far different
 message  than  most  of  us  who  are  in  closer  contact with Atari have
 received.    They  feel  that  Atari  has  forsaken  them  and   that  its
 "free-for-all" time.  This is sad.

     While  a  frustrated  and  deprived  userbase  is a very dangerous and
 volatile situation Atari continues  to seriously  procrastinate.   This is
 now MAY 1990 and still NOTHING of note has hit the dealers.  What the heck
 is going on out there?  Another dealer  has sadly  closed his  doors right
 here in Jacksonville, Fla.  The userbase appears to be of the opinion that
 Atari is "not interested in the USA market and they (the users)  are going
 to "get  what they  can" while the getting is good.  This is Atari's fault
 plain and simple.  Sure, time  can  correct  this  situation,  but really,
 time is getting quite scarce.  Five months into 1990 and we still wait...


 - From GEnie Atari RT

 Category 11,  Topic 11
 Message 95       Mon pr 30, 1990
 BOB-BRODIE [AtariCorp.]     at 19:21 EDT


 The group  in question did not have a booth. They did have members present
 at the show, I  am told.   What  was incredible  was the  blatant way they
 discussed  their  practices  *RIGHT  IN FRONT OF THE DEVELOPERS*!!!!! They
 had an obvious affect on the sales of software at this show.  GRIBNIF sold
 about 1/10th  of what  they usually  do.  An example: someone bought a new
 paint program at the show from one of  the software  companies.   About 45
 minutes  after  making  the  purchase,  he brought it back, requesting his
 money back.  The vendor was surprised, as  he gave  an excellent  price on
 the product,  and it was still shrink wrapped. The explanation was that he
 wanted to return it because "his friend knew  where he  could get  one for

 As far  a future  show for  that area,  good luck. I can't go to Atari and
 recommend we go back to that area.  Word reached  me before  I got  to the
 show about  what was  going on,  and I  was angry when I got there.  Angry
 because these developers are my personal friends, angry  because there are
 complaints about  Atari not  having a  dealer (and  now we know why!), and
 angry that the people at the show would be so  cavalier in  their attitude
 toward the  developers.

 We all  have to  fight this type of activity any way we can. Here's what I
 did: I had gotten approved a very nice selection of  door prizes  for this
 show,   a MegaFile 60, six sets of TOS 1.4, Gauntlet for the Lynx, Airball
 for the eight bit, AtariWriter 80 and an XEP-80.  Quite similar  to what I
 did for  the MidWest  Swapfest, except  it was a 60 Meg HD instead of a 44
 Meg removable. When I heard what was going on in  that show,  I decided to
 return all  of the  prizes to  Sunnyvale. It  is a  shame, as perhaps some
 legitimate users might have won a nice door  prize. But  from what  I saw,
 we just  would have  helped the  wrong people out.  So, all of the product
 came home with me, over $1000 worth of door prizes. I'm not going to go to
 Atari  and  ask  them  to  support  a  group/show that doesn't support the
 developers and dealers that show upto support them. It just isn't  right.

 BTW, I was in Rochester the day before, and I did give  away everything to
 them that  I planned  to. They  got the  same prizes that I had planned to
 give at the PACE Show. that... was on GEnie JOe!  Much  more national than
 this!   Wait to  you read  STReport this time around!  The Elite MUST stop
 rentals NOW!!!  Atari  is demanding  it!   Your comments  will be  sent to
 Atari so  they know whereyou stand......also, we are distributing the list
 to software companies who plan to not support people that endorse piracy.

 From STReport # 4.19 05/11/90

 Dear Mr. Brodie (Atari User Group Coordinator),

     I am from Pittsburgh, PA and  I  own  a  business  that  has supported
 Atari since 1984.  In 1982, I received my official Atari service  training
 from Atari Dallas when Atari had three  Regional  service centers and gave
 diplomas.   That was  quite a  long time ago.  Since 1984, I have serviced
 Atari computers in the Pittsburgh Area.  I also have been a member of PACE
 since 1984 and a member of the Atari Elite Organization since 1986.

     I am  telling you  that you  know very little about the Atari dealers,
 the Atari User Groups,  or the  Atari people  in the  Pittsburgh, PA area.
 For  the  record,  I  believe  that  you  have  publicly reacted and spoke
 detrimentally about this area, and caused irreparable damage (of which you
 could care less about).  All this  was done prematurely, before you really
 could know the facts about everything.  What  you have  verbalized to many
 has been oblique, biased, and without neutrality.

     The main  reason why  PACE's Atarifest show did not do well is because
 there were only two Pittsburgh area dealers at the show  (one music dealer
 and one 8-Bit dealer).  There has always been a lack of supporting dealers
 in the Pittsburgh area.   This  has been  because Atari  can not  HOLD any
 dealers in  this area.   This  problem has  existed even  years BEFORE any
 "software library"  existed.  The lack of  dealers is NOT  piracy related!
 I personally  have known ALL the dealers that have come and gone.  MOST of
 the dealers have had  disagreements  with  Atari  and  MOST  of  them have
 discontinued their  dealerships with  Atari because of their problems with
 Atari.  These are facts that  only I  could know,  because Atari  has gone
 through several corporate and personnel changes through the years.

     Since 1985,  I have  had the  ONLY listing  for the  Atari name in the
 Pittsburgh Yellow pages (I have copies of all the ads).   That  means that
 since 1985,   NO  dealer has  even considered advertising for Atari a real
 shame!  Why?  Because Atari can not consistently  deliver product or offer
 consistent  policy  towards  their  dealers!   The dealers that sold Atari
 computers are  NO longer  in business  or supporting  Atari.   If there is
 little or  NO Atari  hardware being  sold, how  do you expect any software
 sales?  There  are  NO  software  houses  in  Pittsburgh  that  sell Atari
 software (such  as B.  Dalton's, Software  City, or Electronics Boutique).
 What is unreal, is the fact that most of the Atari computers in Pittsburgh
 just simply  change hands because people can not find software or anything
 for their machines.  I know that this  is true  because I  continually get
 calls from  many people that own Atari computers, who ask me these type of
 questions:  "Where can I get  rid of  my Atari  computer"?   "Will you buy
 my Atari"?  Or, "Can you sell my Atari computer for me"?  NO dealers means
 NO new  machines or  dealer support.   NO  new machines  or dealer support
 means a DECREASE in the user base.  And a significant DECREASE in the user
 base in our area has meant  a major  DECREASE in  the PACE  Atarifest show
 attendance and performance.  The logic is simple and undeniable.

                       So who is to blame for this?!

     Certainly not  PACE, and  I feel  that you, who represent Atari to the
 User  Groups across the USA, have done an injustice to a good organization
 by denying  them of  their PROMISED  door prizes for their show.  How dare
 you punish a good User Group because you felt that the door prize would go
 to a  pirate!  By now, I wonder how many of your previous door prizes have
 been plundered by  pirates in other areas of the  USA.   I hope  that this
 does not  send the  wrong message to all the other User Groups in the USA.
 Your job at Atari is to SUPPORT the User Groups!  I think that Atari needs
 a more knowledgeable and educated user group representative.

     Certainly not  the Atari  Elite Organization either.  I have sold much
 more software to members  of the  Atari Elite  Organization than  to PACE.
 They are  more aware  of software availability due to their review library
 and to the European magazines that I sell  (I have  the receipts  to prove
 this).   I have  been to  most of  PACE's and Atari Elite's meetings and I
 have heard the presidents of both  user groups  condemn piracy (especially
 the president  of the  Atari Elite,  who in just about every other meeting
 "preaches" against piracy).  I personally know at least 90% the members of
 both user  groups and  they are people of good integrity.  Both groups are
 Non-Profit and provide many good services  to their  users.   The software
 review library  is a  service that fills a software VOID in the Pittsburgh
 area.  The Atari Elite organization has done much to support the  very few
 local dealers in the Pittsburgh area and continually sends them customers.
 Both Atari Elite and PACE do not practice piracy at any of  their meetings
 or condone it outside of their meetings.

     I attended  the PACE  show both  days and I personally knew just about
 every one that attended the show.  Every Atari Elite and PACE  member that
 I had   talked  to at the show had purchased software - because I took the
 time to ask many of them individually.

                       So who is to blame for this?

     If you want to blame people, then blame  the pirates  outside the user
 groups that  want to  flaunt their  piracy in  front of the vendors.  What
 pirate that would have the gall to flaunt their bounty, would really NEED
 a user group or vendor anyway (except for bragging purposes and checking
 out the new stuff)?  Pirates   are  everywhere, in  and out  of every user
 group, in the Pittsburgh area as well as any other area.

     If you   want  to blame  a company,  blame Atari  for its inconsistent
 dealer policies and lack of product for the US market.

     If you want to blame one person, blame yourself for not supporting the
 Pittsburgh area - by punishing PACE or blaming the Atari Elite.

     I believe  that you  have made a serious mistake by blaming two of the
 Atari User Groups that  down through  the years  have supported  the Atari
 line of computers when others have not.

     This message  is my  only message concerning this, and it will be left
 by whoever will post it.    Any  person  who  posts  this  message  is not
 responsible  for  these  views  in  any  way.    This  message is free for
 distribution anywhere and is not to be modified in any way.

                            Mark Spires,

                           At Your Service
                           Pittsburgh, PA.

                         AND THE OUTRAGE CONTINUES

  AutoBoss\Atari Elite Bulletin Board Electronic Mail System
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  Electronic Mail
  Sent : May 8, 1990  at 8:00 PM
  Subj : Pittsburgh Show

 I'm a little more  than  discouraged    about  the    reviews  i've   been
 reading  about  the  recent  Pittsburgh  show.  As a representative of the
 Atari Elite, would you care to make a comment on the allegations  that the
 Atari Elite  actively encourages piracy and in fact rents atari commercial
 software?  Also, please indicate  what  parts  of  the  coorespondence you
 will  allow  to  be  posted  on  local  BBS's in my area as well as Z-NET.
 Please respond at your  earliest convenience  to LARRY  HACKETT (not Larry
 Hackett  Mage,  as  I  erroneously  logged  in as...)  Please note that NO
 response would be taken as a "no contest" to the allegations.
                                             Thank You.
                                             Larry Hackett

     This message was sent to John Karlovich, President of the Atari Elite.
 We   have reprinted  it here  for all  to see  the sad  state of affairs a
 witchhunt can and will promote.  While we do not for a moment believe that
 our colleagues  at Znet  would condone such nonsense,  we can find it very
 easy to believe that an individual in search  of the  ever elusive "scoop"
 could perpetrate  such a  nasty deed.  On behalf of all of us in the press
 corps. we apologize for the actions of this "overzealous" individual.

 From STReport # 6.20 05/18/90

 - RENTALS.. OK? STR Spotlight         What's the story, Jerry?

                         THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND

  by Dick Biow

     A few years ago, I got  some solid information  about the  legality of
 renting copyrighted  software, as  presented by  the legal department of a
 multi-million-dollar software publisher.  I'd wanted  to write  a story on
 software piracy  for an  ST-related mag.   So  I told the legal expert, "I
 want to rent a copy of your software from a rental house.    I'll keep all
 records and  turn them  over to  you.   Then you take action against these
 rental chiselers, I'll testify,  let the  government jail  them, and we'll
 accomplish some healthy goals."

     My great  journalistic crusade never got started because, as the legal
 expert made clear, it was legal to rent software, just as long  the rental
 materials supplied  were original  docs and original disks.  The procedure
 is illegal *only* if pirate copies  are supplied,  which most  renters are
 too smart to do.

     The  publisher's  legal  staff  that  I  contacted  had hoped to lobby
 Congress to pass a  bill making  *all* software  rental illegal.   I doubt
 that such  a bill  has been passed by Congress, or every computer magazine
 in the U.S. would have featured the resulting  change in  copyright law by
 now.  (I have not checked this recently with an attorney.)

     What does  this all  mean?   It means  that a  bunch of self-righteous
 clowns have  probably  --  and  most  unfairly  --  smeared  members  of a
 Pittsburgh Atari  association, whose providing of rental programs may well
 be as legal as ambling across the street on a "walk" light.    They've fed
 one  another's  indignation  with  blatant accusations based on ignorance.
 As a group, they owe apologies.   As individuals,  if they  continue their
 accusations, they  have a  bit of  a cause to worry about playing the part
 of defendants in slander suits.  (I didn't have to consult an attorney to
 write this article.  But *they*  should have done so before playing with
 the possibility of slander.)

     How do we prevent such folly in  the  future?    Let's  get  our facts
 straight before  charging into the fray with loud allegations.  If we feel
 that software rental should be made  illegal  (as  I  most  certainly do),
 let's    write  letters  to  our  Congressmen, not just to our favorite ST

     We'll never  gather  supporters  by  raging  at  renters.    And we'll
 certainly   never persuade  the renters  to stop  renting by accusing them
 unfairly of crimes!

 - SEZ WHO? STR SOUND OFF      "Let he who is without sin cast...."

                                              READER MAIL OF NOTE

  Dear Ralph,

     I am not a  particularly good  writer, but  I feel  there may  be some
 facts that  have been distorted a bit surrounding the Pittsburgh menagerie
 that must be brought to light.

     I have been following the messages and articles  concerning the events
 that  took  place  in  Pittsburgh  the  weekend  of  April  28-29  in your
 publication and on GEnie and one  very  interesting  comment  was  made in
 error.  You see, I attended the show both days in Pittsburgh and you could
 say that I was in the right  place  at  the  right  time  to  over  hear a
 conversation between  Gribnif and  the vice president of PACE.  Let me set
 the record straight, however, before I go on.  I am not a member of either
 user group  in Pittsburgh.   I was a member of PACE, a while back, but let
 my membership expire for several reasons.  I  do however,  have friends in
 both groups, and have a good friend who is an officer of PACE.  That's why
 I ask that you not reveal my name.

     Well, let me paraphrase a message that appeared  on GEnie  and in your
 publication last  week.   It was  mentioned that  a certain individual had
 been speaking with Rick of Gribnif  Software and  had a  purchased copy of
 version 1.0  of NeoDesk that he wanted to upgrade.  Rick told him that the
 upgrade would cost $20.00 and the gentleman was offended by  the price and
 stated that  he could  get it  cheaper "somewhere  else."   Rick was taken
 back by this because he knew that NeoDesk could not  be purchased anywhere
 for that  price and immediately concluded that the individual was going to
 pirate the software.

     The funny thing about this is  that all  of the  PACE representatives,
 such as  Phil Hanze,  Bruce Markey,  and Jeff  Solomon and even Bob Brodie
 have stated  that this  person was  a member  of the  infamous Atari Elite
 club.    Well,  let  me  tell  you  that  these  people  where  either  1)
 Misinformed, or 2) trying to  cover  something  up.    The  person  we are
 talking about here is the Vice President of PACE, JG Thayne!!!

     Now, my  question is  this:   What the heck is going on in Pittsburgh?
 Is someone is trying to 'frame' the Atari Elite and pin this entire piracy
 issue on  that group  when they  can be no more accountable for the piracy
 problems than PACE?!  If PACE was aware that their  Vice President goofed,
 and I  am told  that even Bruce Markey, the President of PACE was aware of
 this situation,  then why  have they  turned this  event up  side down and
 claimed that it was an Atari Elite member who made this comment???!!!

     Does it  not seem  a little  strange that  this story got twisted by 4
 different people, all of which are members of  PACE and  want nothing more
 than to see the 'other group' go down in flames?  Interesting is it not?

     In closing,  I feel  that I  must make  a statement here to all of the
 Atari people who have been following the events of April 28-29.  Do not be
 too  quick  to  make  a  decision  to  condemn  the  Atari  Elite group in
 Pittsburgh until you have filtered through all of the facts and fantasies!
 It appears that a lot that we are seeing message wise coming from PACE may
 be a bunch of rubbish brought  about to  try to  end a  cross town rivalry
 that has  been going  on now for 5 years!  Time will tell, however, and we
 will soon see who really is  responsible for  the deplorable  situation in
 this city.


                              NAME WITHELD AT WRITER'S REQUEST
                                    Donora, Pennsylvania

 From STReport # 6.21 05/25/90

    PITTSBURGH SPEAKS! STR SOUND OFF        A different viewpoint...

  STReport Reader Mail Call

 Item    4394729      90/05/22        19:43
 From:   J.THAYNE           J. Gregg Thayne
 To:     ST.REPORT          Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: My Response to Donora PA

 Dear Ralph:

     I would  like to  comment on the letter that you received from Donora,
 Pa. in the last issue of STReport.  I feel  that I  have to  comment since
 that he did not hear the ENTIRE conversation, and I want to set the record
 straight, so that Pittsburgh can move on to the real problems at hand.

     From now on, I will refer to the letter writer as Mr. X.   While it is
 true that   I had  a conversation with Rick from Gribnif Software, the way
 that Mr. X paraphrased it left out a lot of the IMPORTANT things.  Here is

     While at  the North-East  AtariFest I wanted to get my copy of NeoDesk
 upgraded to a more  current  version, since  I can't  use it  with all the
 programs  that  I  use.    I  went  to the Gribnif table and talked to the
 gentleman there, which happened to be Rick of Gribnif Software.  I asked
 him how much it would be  to upgrade  from version  1.x of  NeoDesk to the
 current version that they were selling and promoting at the show.  He told
 me that it would be $20.00.   I ran back over to the PACE booth, where I
 was 90% of the show, and got my original disk, then went back to Rick.

     I said,  "Here is  my original  disk, but  I have the Docs at home, if
 you need, I can bring them in tomorrow  if you  need them,  now what  do I
 have to do?"  He then informed me to fill out this card that he handed me,
 and that they would send me my new version in 2-8 weeks.  I  asked him why
 he could  not just upgrade to the current version that they had there.  He
 told me "We don't do it THAT way."  I  then explained  that my  friend had
 that done  at a  previous show  within the  last year, and he repeated the
 above, but in a way that I did  not like.   His  tone was  starting to get

     Since I  really wanted  the program  at that  time, and that I use the
 program often, I asked him if the $35 price was what they were charging to
 buy it  new, and he answered "Yes".  I then brought up the fact that there
 were several vendors there that had  the product  NEW and  the new VERSION
 for a lower price.  He then told me in a very harsh tone,  "You can't find
 the program at a lower price."   I then gave him  figures from  two of the
 vendors at the show, and said that I could go over there and buy it new
 for at least $5.00 cheaper than they were selling it new, and I would have
 it NOW.  Not to mention the fact that I could do  what a  lot of  the show
 attendees   did, and  tell the other vendor with the higher price that the
 other vendor had it at a lower price,  and they  would then  match or beat
 the price,  so I  expressed that  I could  probably get NeoDesk for around
 $25.00.  That would only be $5.00 more  than the  upgrade, and  I wouldn't
 have to  wait WEEKS  to get  the new version.  After expressing my dislike
 for his policies, I then  DID say, "I will just get  the program (NeoDesk)
 at a lower price elsewhere."

     Now the  last quote was what I said, and if heard without the previous
 conversation, it could be  taken wrong,  but if  Mr. X  was there  for the
 ENTIRE conversation,  then he  would not have been misled.  One final note
 about my experience with Gribnif is that  while I   was  walking away from
 the booth,  after saying  that I would get the program at a lower price, I
 overheard Rick say a few nasty things about "that guy...",  and  I was not

     On to better things.  I can understand the problems that the show had,
 and even some of the good things that  happened, but  the REAL  problem is
 that   we, as  Atari Users, must UNITE and stop the petty wars, and get to
 the heart of the problem, and that being Atari.  How can  we as  users try
 to   gain new  members when  there is  a shortage  of Atari product in the
 U.S.A.?  I have talked to  the latest  Atari Dealer  that we  HAD, and his
 reason for not supporting the Atari line of products anymore was "Problems
 with Atari."  It was not competition from local or  mail-order places, but
 it was the problems of Atari itself.
     I feel  that until the users can stop their bickering, and focus their
 attention on the real problems, we will never get anywhere, and we may end
 up as orphaned computer users.   We  must  let  Atari  know  that  we want
 SUPPORT, product  and advertising.   I can't remember the last time that I
 saw an ad in a MAJOR magazine for a ATARI computer.  We need to let people
 know that Atari is more than just the game machine  that they  still think
 of.   Atari has  to get  off their  duffs and get on the ball.  Atari does
 well outside of the  U.S. but  has problems  here,   I don't  want to hear
 about the  FCC and how strict they are, IBM and other companies don't have
 these problems when they sell their  products  both  overseas  and  in the

     These opinions  are my own, and in no way represent those of PACE, the
 Pittsburgh Atari Computer Enthusiast.   And  another note,  I am  the PACE
 Atari 8-Bit   SysOp, and not ONE of the Vice Presidents.  I was last term,
 but that was before the AtariFest.

                                     Thanks you for your time;

                                     J.G. Thayne
                                     Greentree, PA
                                     PACE 8-bit Sysop


 Editor Note:

     Amazing, here we are June, 1992  and the  complaints appear  to be the
 very same  as they  have always  been!  Guess it proves the old adage that
 you can't teach an old dog  new tricks.   Aside  from showing  Gordie that
 there  was  indeed  very  heavy  coverage  (there's much more than this in
 subsequent  issues)  of  the  AUA/PACE/Atari  Elite  matter,  the  overall
 complaints from  the users  seem to be the very same things we are hearing
 today.  Apparently, the new "wonder  kinde" in  Sunnyvale haven't  done as
 well as they'd have us believe. <sigh>


 > SILHOUETTE 1.37 STR InfoFile

 Date: June 2, 1992

 Demonstration Version of;

                          Silhouette Version 1.37

 Thank you for your review of Silhouette, a powerful bit-image
 and  vector graphics program with auto-tracing function  that
 is offered at an exceptional price.

 Silhouette  Version  1.37  is  an  update  version  for   any
 registered Silhouette users with version 1.25 or higher.  For
 registered users on GEnie and Compuserve, update versions are
 uploaded directly to users via electronic mail.

 Two  versions  of  version 1.37 have  been  uploaded  to  the
 bulletin  boards  - an ST version and a TT  version.  The  ST
 version will run on any ST or TT machine,  but the TT version
 is for the TT owners exclusive use.


 You must install GDOS at boot-up in order to run  Silhouette.
 If you already have a GDOS program installed on your computer
 system,  then Silhouette can share the ASSIGN.SYS file  setup
 that is available.

 Place the files - SILOETTE.PRG, SILOETTE.RSC, HELP.SIL in the
 same directory path.  The last file is the demo's help  file.
 Silhouette will ask you if you want to load the file.


 Read the start of the help menu to get going. It is important
 to recognize that drawing functions are started with a single
 left mouse click, the object is shaped with the mouse buttons
 up, move with the left button down, and finished with a right
 mouse  button click.  Furthermore,  there are  many  exciting
 features  available through the  CONTROL/ALTERNATE/SHIFT  key
 combinations  and other keys as well.  Read the help file  to
 learn them.

 Silhoette runs on any ST or TT with 1 MB or more of RAM,  and
 in  ST High or TT High Resolution.  It will also run  on  the
 Moniterm  monitor.   Two  versions  of  Silhouette  are   now
 available - an ST version and an exclusive TT version.


 Through  the developer support system at  Atari  Corporation,
 Silhouette's developer has acquired a TT computer. Silhouette
 has  now been thoroughly tested on the TT as well as the  ST.
 Also it has been tested in TT high resolution.

 Many  features have been added to Silhouette since  the  last
 demo  (version 1.07) was uploaded and many new features  have
 appeared even since version 1.25.

 GEM file handling has been greatly improved. The creation and
 editing of bezier curves has been totally renovated.


 The  use of Bezier curves in the auto-tracing  functions  has
 been improved.  'Polyline Edit' edits not just polylines  but
 b-splines and beziers.  Beziers,  when edited,  will have the
 tangental lines of the control points displayed.

 Graphics  output is in the formats:  SGF  (Silhouette),  GEM,
 GEM3, EPS, DXF and IMG bit-image.

 Graphics  input  is  in  the  formats:  SGF,  GEM,  GEM3  and
 MacPaint, IMG, DEGAS, TINY bit-image formats.

 Other New Features:

 -  Full  FSM  support including conversion of  FSM  fonts  to
    bezier curves.

 -  GDOS Print function directly from Silhouette.

 -  Conversion of Ellipses to bezier curves.


 We  are now shipping version 1.37 of Silhouette at a cost  of
 $94.94  for  the ST version and $103.95 for the  TT  version,
 plus  shipping cost.

 Silhouette                $100
 Arasbesque + Convector    $250
 Avant Vector              $500

 Silhouette  is  an american made product that  continues  the
 philosophy  of  Atari Corp.  - power  at  low  cost.  Current
 registered  users  can upgrade for $9.00 to the  TT  version.
 Silhouette  is  also becoming available  through  more  Atari


 -  Interface  support  for  ScanLite.   Scan  directly   into
 -  A Silhouette + Drawing Tablet package at far less than the
    cost of Avant Vector.
 -  Silhouette version 1.5 - CVG,  EPS Illustrator format, new
     advances  in auto-tracing.  Big improvements for  just  a
     $15.00 upgrade fee for current users (V1.25 or higher).

 For more information,  assistance in running the demo program
 or to purchase Silhouette:

                                Maxwell CPU
                          2124 W. Centennial Dr.
                           Louisville, CO 80027

                     (303)666-7754, M-SaT., 8AM - 5PM



 STAR*LINX BBS 602 464-4817  |   |   |   |   |G  |C  |   |   |L  |P P|    |
 GAME RATING & REVIEW SYSTEM |   |   |   |   |A  |O  |   |   |O P|A R|    |
                             |   |   |S  |M  |M  |M  | E |   |N L|C E| O  |
 --==May 3, 92 Standings==-- |   | A |O  |U  |E  |L  | X | C |G A|K S| V  |
                             | G | N |U  |S  |P  |Y  | C | H |  Y|A E| E  |
      +------------------+   | R | I |N E|I  |L  |N F| I | A |T A|G N| R  |
      |  5: Outstanding  |   | A | M |D F|C  |A D|X E| T | L |E B|I T| A  |
      |  4: Great        |   | P | A |  F|A S|Y E|  A| E | L |R I|N A| L S|
      |  3: Good         |   | H | T |  E|L C|  S|  T| M | E |M L|G T| L C|
      |  2: Fair         |   | I | I |  C|  O|& I|  U| E | N |  I|  I|   O|
      |  1: Poor         |   | C | O |  T|  R|  G|  R| N | G |  T|& O|   R|
      +------------------+   | S | N |  S|  E|  N|  E| T | E |  Y|  N|   E|
 Klax                        |4.5|4.2|4.9|4.3|4.5|N/A|4.2|4.7|4.3|3.8|4.33|
 STUN Runner                 |4.6|4.8|4.0|3.2|4.6|N/A|4.8|4.8|4.4|3.2|4.22|
 Qix                         |4.3|4.3|3.3|3.6|4.6|N/A|4.3|4.3|4.3|4.3|4.11|
 Toki                        |4.4|4.4|4.4|3.6|4.4|N/A|4.2|3.8|3.8|4.2|4.11|
 Shanghai                    |4.5|4.0|3.7|4.6|4.5|3.6|3.7|4.4|4.5|3.9|4.10|
 Awesome Golf                |4.5|4.2|3.7|3.2|4.7|3.5|4.2|4.5|4.5|3.2|4.00|
 Checkered Flag              |4.3|4.4|4.0|3.2|4.4|4.2|4.1|4.1|3.6|3.3|4.00|
 Warbirds                    |4.1|4.5|3.2|2.9|4.4|4.7|4.1|4.1|4.1|4.2|4.00|
 Slime World                 |4.4|4.5|3.5|2.7|4.1|4.5|4.0|4.1|3.9|3.4|3.90|
 SuperSkweek                 |4.0|5.0|4.0|3.0|5.0|4.0|3.0|3.0|4.0|3.0|3.80|
 Chip's Challenge            |3.3|3.4|3.2|3.5|4.4|N/A|4.0|4.6|4.2|3.4|3.77|
 Crystal Mines 2             |3.7|3.5|3.5|3.2|4.5|N/A|4.0|4.2|4.2|3.0|3.77|
 Robotron 2084               |3.0|3.0|5.0|4.0|4.0|N/A|4.0|4.0|4.0|3.0|3.77|
 Chess Challenge             |3.6|3.3|2.3|2.3|4.3|4.6|3.6|5.0|4.0|4.3|3.70|
 A.P.B.                      |4.0|4.0|4.4|2.9|3.7|N/A|3.8|3.9|3.5|3.4|3.66|
 Blockout                    |4.0|4.1|2.8|2.8|4.2|N/A|3.4|4.2|4.1|3.4|3.66|
 Zarlor Mercenary            |4.4|4.1|3.3|3.1|4.0|3.4|3.8|3.7|3.2|3.5|3.60|
 Road Blasters               |4.0|3.6|3.6|3.6|3.2|N/A|3.3|3.7|3.1|3.6|3.55|
 Blue Lightning              |4.2|4.2|3.2|2.6|3.7|N/A|3.7|3.5|3.1|3.2|3.44|
 Gates of Zendocon           |4.1|4.0|3.4|3.3|3.6|N/A|3.4|3.5|3.3|3.0|3.44|
 Viking Child                |4.3|4.0|3.6|3.6|3.3|N/A|3.3|3.6|3.0|2.6|3.44|
 California Games            |3.8|4.0|3.0|3.4|3.2|3.8|3.3|3.5|3.4|2.9|3.40|
 Xenophobe                   |3.8|3.8|3.5|2.6|3.3|3.3|3.4|3.5|3.3|3.4|3.40|
 Electrocop                  |4.0|4.0|3.3|3.2|3.3|N/A|3.1|3.8|2.7|2.9|3.33|
 Ninja Gaiden                |4.4|3.9|3.0|3.0|3.1|N/A|3.2|3.5|2.9|3.4|3.33|
 Scrapyard Dog               |4.1|4.0|2.7|2.7|3.2|N/A|3.1|3.5|3.2|3.1|3.33|
 Hard Drivin'                |4.0|4.0|3.0|2.0|3.0|N/A|3.0|4.0|3.0|3.0|3.22|
 Ishido                      |3.5|4.0|2.5|2.0|3.5|N/A|3.5|4.0|3.5|2.5|3.22|
 PacLand                     |3.7|3.5|3.0|3.5|3.2|N/A|2.7|3.5|2.7|3.7|3.22|
 Rampage                     |4.5|4.2|3.0|2.7|3.4|3.5|2.5|2.1|2.5|3.5|3.20|
 Xybots                      |3.0|3.0|3.0|3.0|4.0|3.0|3.0|4.0|3.0|3.0|3.20|
 Bill and Ted's              |3.6|3.3|2.3|2.6|3.0|3.3|2.6|3.0|3.0|3.0|3.00|
 Ms. PacMan                  |2.8|3.0|3.1|3.1|3.3|N/A|3.0|3.2|2.7|3.2|3.00|
 Rygar                       |3.5|3.7|2.7|2.5|3.2|N/A|3.0|2.9|2.4|3.1|3.00|
 Turbo Sub                   |4.1|3.5|2.6|2.5|3.0|3.1|3.0|2.7|2.4|2.7|3.00|
 Gauntlet 3                  |3.1|3.5|2.7|3.0|2.9|3.1|2.4|3.0|2.3|2.7|2.90|
 Paper Boy                   |2.4|2.4|2.4|2.0|2.6|N/A|2.2|2.8|1.8|3.4|2.44|
 Cyberball                   |2.6|2.0|3.3|3.0|1.3|3.0|2.0|2.0|1.6|2.6|2.30|
 Robo-Squash                 |2.5|2.5|1.9|1.9|2.0|3.0|2.0|2.2|1.8|2.3|2.20|
 A tip for invincibility for Slime World, thanks to the folks at STAR*LINX

 At the title screen with the Slime World logo that falls with a crash, do
 the following:

     1) Press and hold Option 2
     2) Press and hold Option 1 while holding Option 2 down
     3) Move the joypad to the upper right, while holding down both Options

 After that, release your fingers, and if desired, turn the music back on.
 There is no indicator of your success, until you start playing.  Things
 behave very strangely in multiplayer mode tho, so be warned!


 > FONTGDOS? STR Spotlight     Where... is the FULL FSM Package??

                       FONTGDOS - GIFT OR NIGHTMARE?

 From FNET's STReport International Conference
 Date: 05/30/92

   This message  was posted  on another service (GEnie) as a warning to
   those who think they are getting  a  full  and  complete  version of
   FontGDOS.  Be advised read this note below very carefully.

   Hello, Folks, A quick warning, don't use the FontGDOS package within
   Atari Explorer Online, issue  AEO_9203.LZH.  The  DOCumentation file
   does not  describe how  to set  it up properly (it refers to a SETUP
   program that's not included in the archive) If you try to set  it up
   by copying  the new  GDOS into  the AUTO folder, then rebooting, the
   system will hang up because of a missing EXTEND.SYS file. I did this
   on my  hard drive,  and ended up having to boot from disk to get the
   system back. I suggest waiting  for  the  promised  full  version of
   FontGDOS.  (Or  perhaps  someone  will  tell  us  how  to create the

                                                   Jim Burton
   Additionally, I might add the warning to NOT  overwrite any previous
   file you  may have (WordFlair owners) that have the same names.  You
   may find that your existing versions of FSM may have some problems.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 From GEnie's Atari RT

 Category 32,  Topic 3
 Message 78        Mon Jun 01, 1992
 CODEHEAD [Charles]           at 01:42 EDT


   No, there's absolutely no reason to switch from G+PLUS to FONTGDOS; in
 fact, there are some pretty good reasons NOT to switch.
   1) FONTGDOS does some really screwy things; without getting too
 technical about it, essentially with FONTGDOS, Atari has abandoned their
 own workstation structures.  Information that was formerly placed in these
 structures is now ... NOT placed in these structures. (This kind of stuff
 makes me crazy.)  As a result, since Warp 9 relies heavily on these
 workstation structures, and the data it needs is NO LONGER THERE when
 FONTGDOS is installed, Warp 9's acceleration effect is cut just about in
 half when it's used with FONTGDOS.  Argh and double argh.  And there is NO
 WAY to fix this in Warp 9.

   2) FONTGDOS does not allow you to change fonts without rebooting your
 computer.  The CPX they call a "Font Manager" is really just an
 "ASSIGN.SYS" manager -- all it does is manipulate the ASSIGN.SYS file. If
 you change your installed fonts, you have to reboot to actually use the
 new font setup.  G+PLUS is _still_ the only GDOS replacement that lets you
 change fonts without rebooting.

   3) FONTGDOS slows down overall system speed by about 10%, which _is_
 better than the old GDOS (although not by much).  But G+PLUS slows things
 down by no more than 3% ... so G+PLUS is _still_ significantly faster.

 - Charles @ CodeHead Tech
   Sunday, May 31, 1992  10:27 pm


 From Compuserve's Atari Forum

 J#: 63330 S8/Hot Topics
     02-Jun-92  11:04:03
 Sb: #63323-FONT GDOS
 Fm: CodeHead Software 76004,2232
 To: bob wilson 72355,1637 (X)


   We've gotten several inquiries from people asking if they should now
 replace their copy of G+PLUS with the recently released FONTGDOS.  Well,
 despite the comment in the FONTGDOS documentation about how much "better"
 it is than the "GDOS clones" on the market, here's our perspective on

   There's absolutely no reason to switch from G+PLUS to FONTGDOS; in
 fact, there are some very good reasons NOT to switch.

   1) FONTGDOS does some really screwy things; without getting too
 technical about it, essentially with FONTGDOS, Atari has abandoned their
 own workstation structures.  Information that was formerly placed in
 these structures is now ... NOT placed in these structures. (This kind of
 stuff makes me crazy.)  As a result, since Warp 9 relies heavily on these
 workstation structures, and the data it needs is NO LONGER THERE when
 FONTGDOS is installed, Warp 9's acceleration effect is cut just about in
 half when it's used with FONTGDOS.  Argh and double argh.  And there is
 NO WAY to fix this in Warp 9.  If you continue using G+PLUS instead of
 FONTGDOS, Warp 9 will operate almost twice as fast.

   2) FONTGDOS does not allow you to change fonts without rebooting your
 computer.  The CPX they call a "Font Manager" is really just an
 "ASSIGN.SYS" manager -- all it does is manipulate the ASSIGN.SYS file. If
 you change your installed fonts, you have to reboot to actually use the
 new font setup.  G+PLUS is _still_ the only GDOS replacement that lets
 you change fonts without rebooting.

   3) FONTGDOS slows down overall system speed by about 10%, which _is_
 better than the old GDOS (although not by much).  G+PLUS, on the other
 hand, slows things down by no more than 3% ... so G+PLUS is _still_
 significantly faster.

   4) FONTGDOS is NOT compatible with "every program that uses GDOS" as
 the documentation states.  In fact, I've been reading messages on GEnie
 complaining about _many_ GDOS programs that will not run with FONTGDOS.

   FONTGDOS does have a couple of features that G+PLUS doesn't.  One is a
 new bezier curve drawing function (that no program currently on the
 market uses), the other is a font caching mechanism (and all programs
 that need this sort of thing have long since found their own ways to do
 it).  It simply isn't worth giving up the speed and compatibility of
 G+PLUS just for these unused features.  If you're a G+PLUS owner, stick
 with it; you made the right choice when you bought it, and it's _still_
 the right choice.


 > FALCON!! STR FOCUS!           MORE Falcon Specifications!

                        BLACK with YELLOW Markings!

 These are the Falcon Specifications found in one of last month's german

 CPU: 68030 @ 16-33 MHz.
 RAM: 1, 4 or 14 mb configurations operating in page mode.
 ROM: 512 Kb internal, 128 Kb cartridge port.
 Ram: Cards  512k - 5 mb
 DSP: 56001 @ 32 MHz, 32 Kwords (96 Kb) of 0 wait state private RAM.
 DSP: connector to allow for modem/fax/voice mail/direct to disk,
     JPEG/MPEG codecs.  External Box w/software-9600bps, (100.00
     approx) FPU: Optional (68882)
 Internal direct processor slot for 386SX emulation, or other processors.

 Super VGA : 640x480 256 colors.
 True color 16 bits mode : 320x200 or 640x480, 65536 colors
 Accepts external video sync. (Gen Lock & Multi-Media)
 15-bit overlay mode for video tiling and special effects.
 Programmable overscan
 262144 possible colors
 Hardware assisted horizontal fine scrolling and BLITTER graphics

 Independant 10 channel 16-bit digital audio DMA record and playback
 channels with up to 50 MHz sampling rate.  Stereo 16 bit DMA audio output
 through a Bitstream 1-bit DAC, 80 times oversampling.
 Stereo 8 bit DMA audio input.
 RASCAL and SDMA audio signal coprocessors.

 SCSI 2 port with internal DMA
 High speed LocalTalk compatible LAN port.
 Connector for RVB ST or modulator.
 2 RS 232C serial port.
 Bi-directionnal CENTRONICS port
 Cartridge port.
 MIDI in and out.
 Stereo microphone input.
 Stereo audio output.
 Two joysticks ports.
 Two 15-pin enhanced digital/analog controller connectors.
 Integrated Keyboard
 1.44mb floppy disk.
 Internal 40-80mb (IDE) hard drive.

                   Anticipated retail cost 700.00 - 900.00

 In ST COMPUTER magazine (Frankfurt) May 1992, there is a picture of the
 Falcon computer.  It IS in a 1040ST case, but black with yellow letters on
 keyboard keys and NO external keyboard.  Once again, Atari listens to its
 customer's wants...... <sigh>


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Sunnyvale, CA                          ALAN PRATT LEAVES TODAY

     According to  our sources,  Alan Pratt,  the guru of Multi-Tos, worked
 his last day at  Atari  today.    Pratt  long  known  for  his programming
 prowess, has  accepted a  positon with Taligent, the joint venture between
 Apple and IBM.  Ken Badertscher  is slated  to assume  Pratt's duties with
 Multi-Tos.   Recent changes at Atari have shown some merit in planning for
 the future.  Congratulations to James  Grunke!   James Grunke  has assumed
 all of Don Mandel's responsibilities.

 - Weisbaden, Germany                      Atari Germany Staff Reduced

     Atari has  reduced the  size of  the staff at Atari Germany comparable
 to that of Atari  Canada.   Atari Germany,  long the  bulwark of  Atari in
 Europe, undersent the size reduction due to undisclosed reasons.

 - Jacksonville, FL               MouseBoot 3.5d Update Available
     MouseBoot  Ver.   3D.5E  is   a  highly  sophisticated  and  extremely
 configurable Boot-up program that is second to none.  Unique  to MouseBoot
 is the  revolutionary graphical  interface.  Works in _ANY_ resolution and
 is by far, the most eye pleasing presentation to date.  Now TT030 ok, with
 much greater  flexiblity &  power!  Brought to you exclusively by STReport
 International Online Magazine. ** EXCLUSIVE TO ALL ATARI USERS! **


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"         "...of snake oil sales & shell games"

                 "Reasons do not make an action right....
          they only make the wrong ones easier to live with....!"

                                  ....Doyle C. Helms Jr. (Original)


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""        --------------------------------

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                 NOTICE:  ABCO will BEAT OR MATCH * ANY *
         Advertised or Invoiced price *  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

                        ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)
                      - Available for all Platforms -

                      * MAXTOR - SEAGATE - QUANTUM *

                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
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                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!

             *** NEW!!! ULTRA MODERN "SUPER STYLE" CABINET ***
                DELUXE 2 bay Cabinet W/65w Auto PS & Blower
                      *** 90 DAY LIMITED OFFER!! ***
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         Cabinet & ICD ADSCSI Plus Host [Hard Disk Ready] $259.95

                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
                SGN4951      51Mb  3.5"      Y       419.00
                SQN1096      83mb  3.5"      Y       519.00
                SQN2055     120mb  3.5"      Y       574.95
                SQN1296     213mb  3.5"      Y       839.00
                SQN4055     340mb  3.5"      Y      1310.00
             Standard "Shoebox Cabinet style is also available
              ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY "SUPER CABINET" w/250+w PS

              MODERN TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!
                   Many other configurations available.
                               20mb - 3.5gb

                     NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE
         SPECIAL PURCHASE! * 83mb - 1345mb * Hard Disk Mechanisms
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               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
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                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******


          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
          --->> LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 579.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -> ONLY $489.00 ****
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                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  69.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 339.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     SPECIALLY PRICED ** $895.95.00 **
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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

         ** 50mb SQG51S   $759.00     105mb SQG105S    $959.00 **
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                  ABCO CD-ROM $359.95 (limited time only)

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           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

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       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits
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         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
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                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
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                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
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                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is PROUD to announce the acquisition of
               the exclusive U.S.A. distribution rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This fine Atari ST BBS system software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

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