Z*Net: 24-Jan-92 #9204

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/27/92-04:42:26 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 24-Jan-92 #9204
Date: Mon Jan 27 16:42:26 1992

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 The Z*Net Conference is going to be included on AtariBase which debuts
 March 1, 1992 in FNET.  Beta-Test and hardware set-up is taking place
 right now and all users and user groups are enouraged to sign-up for
 the Z*Net Online Fnet Conference.  Bob Brodie will be participating via
 AtariBase, to be called officially, Atari Corporation Online, in the
 Z*Net Conference, the Lynx Conference, Star Trek Conference, FoReM
 SysOp's Conference and others to be named later.

 An additional note, User Groups are encouraged to hook-up to FNET via
 FoReM BBS software where Atari will call into your node direct so that
 all registered Atari User Groups can participate in the Atari User Group
 Conference.  This conference, set-up exclusively for Atari User Groups
 will provide a communication link to Atari and Bob Brodie from all over
 the country.

 If your interested in more information on the Z*Net Atari Online
 Conference or the Atari User Group Conference, send email today to Node
 593 in FNET.  Stay tuned for further details as they become available.
 Since there is a month before the official debut, some of these comments
 may change.  You can also contact Node 593 directly at 908-968-8148.


 Last week re ran an article detailing a way to upgrade a 520STFM to 1
 meg.  There were some errors noticed in the article and the following
 message has been captured from the Z*Net Conference on GEnie.  The
 response following was captured from Delphi.

 Category 31,  Topic 2
 Message 41        Sun Jan 19, 1992
 R.MATISKA                    at 05:30 EST

 I thought I recognized Stephen Brown's upgrade article in ZNet 9203, and
 sure enough, I found it in ST Report #19, dated January 27, 1988.  I
 tried to upgrade my 520STFM in accordance with the article about 2 years
 ago, and it didn't work.  There are 8 resistors (67 ohm, 1/8 watt)
 between the MMU chip and the second (non-existant) ram bank in my
 machine and since only 5 were necessary to drive the 512K the machine
 had, the other 3 were left out.  It was only after I added the missing
 resistors that the upgrade worked.

 Others who try this upgrade must make sure they have all 8 resistors;
 apparently Steve's machine did, but not all 520's do.  John Kessler's
 2-part upgrade in the May and June issues of ST Informer, 1990, explain
 the upgrade in much better detail.  (My machine now has the Z-Ram 4-meg
 upgrade....I wasn't satisfied with 1 Meg for long!)

 (Editor Note:  ST-Report Issue #19 was one of many original issues done
  by our staff, before the present publisher took over.)

 35024 21-JAN 22:00 General Information
  Ram Upgrade Issue #9203

 Dear Z*Net,

 Re: 520STFM Ram Upgrade to 1 meg

 I performed this very operation (that appeared in the BAACE
 newsletter) to my 520STFM and It got TRASHED!!!  Please warn your
 readers to avoid DRILLING out the solder pods.  Instead Desolder using
 the Radio Shack type desoldering Iron , or Braid.  When I drilled (using
 the specified "wire" drill Bit, It actually removed traces running
 through the holes from one side of the motherboard to the other.

 The board is a very sophisticated Layered Board, and has circuits
 running from both sides!  My mother board had to be replaced! Est.
 $199.00 for a new one!

 Thank you,
 George Cyr


 A few months ago, Z*Net published a Soft-Logik User Group offer for a
 free copy of PageStream to Registered Atari User Groups.  Soft-Logik has
 asked the User Groups that responded to the offer for their registered
 Atari User Group number, which is non-existent.  Atari's Director of
 Communications, Bob Brodie does NOT assign any numbers to the groups.
 Soft-Logik has been made aware of this and there is no longer a need to
 call Atari Corp directly for this number.

 Discover Magazine, recently purchased by Disney will include a center-
 fold advertisement from Atari for the Portfolio and the new Atari Music
 Division.  This ad will appear in the February 15th issue.  This "World
 of Science" subcriber base exceeds 1.2 million readers.

 On December 2, 1991, the Atari Portfolio was unleashed into 20 CompUSA
 stores.  Last week in Tampa Florida, Atari made arrangements for a
 talking Robot powered by a Portfolio for the opening of the store there.
 The store sold out several hundred Portfolio's on the opening day.  Next
 week there are similar openings scheduled in the Philadelphia and
 Chicago areas.  Atari is also said to be assisting in radio and print
 advertising for these stores and events.

 Intel will introduce over 30 variations of its Intel486 and Intel386 SL
 microprocessors in 1992.  These processors will be in addition to the
 introduction of a new generation of Intel's X86 microprocessor line,
 code-named the P5.  It will contain 3 million transistors and will offer
 performance in the 100 MIPS range.  Intel will also offer a variety of
 new microprocessors for the portable computing market, for example,
 Intel will offer 3.3 volt 386 SL, 3.3 volt 486 SX, and 3.3 volt 486-
 class version of the SL microprocessors in 1992.

 Mitsubishi Electonics has introduced a high-resolution desktop color
 printer for under $15,000 that produces letter-size photographic-quality
 output at 100 seconds per page -- more than twice as fast as any other
 dye-sublimation printer on the market.  The DiamondColor Print 300 uses
 a dye-sublimation process, which provides true continuous-tone color.
 Mitsubishi 714-220-2500

 Microsoft announced that its first-ever television advertising campaign
 will begin in March.  The ads are designed to build on the success of
 the Microsoft Windows operating system and Windows-based software
 applications, demonstrating the benefits of Windows-based computing to
 a new audience.  In addition to championing the Windows operating
 system, the initial Microsoft commercials will promote two of the
 general business software applications -- Microsoft Word for Windows,
 and Microsoft Excel for Windows.  The ads are scheduled to run on both
 network and cable programs.

 * NAMM - A First Person View                               by John Nagy

 Atari Corp was virtually the only computer being seriously shown at the
 National Association of Music Merchants show last week.  Sounds simple
 enough, just another trade show, right?  Well, yes and no.  NAMM is held
 twice a year in fashion similar to that of COMDEX (computer trade) and
 CES (consumer electronics products).  Its a conclave of everything from
 sellers of guitar picks to makers of turn-key recording studios for the
 stars.  It's a trade show in the same sense and scale as the others, but
 the emphasis on the musical arts makes it a very different affair... in
 the people it brings out.

 The Winter NAMM is traditionally held in the Anaheim Convention Center,
 just down the street from the original Disneyland in metropolitan Los
 Angeles, California.  This year, it was Friday through Sunday, January
 10-12.  Spanning three huge interconnected convention halls, this NAMM
 offered more, louder, and more varied music products this year than in
 the past.  Last year's Winter event was quite subdued, occurring just
 after the start of the Gulf War.  The Summer event (in Chicago) was
 still smaller and lackluster.  Recession or no, this NAMM made up for
 lost time.

 But the mix of PEOPLE was different, too.  Far less green hair and see-
 through leotards.  About the same amount of leather.  Far more suits and
 ties (Brooks Brothers with Dreadlocks was an "in" look).  And more
 serious business attitudes all around.  In the middle of this musical
 phantasmagoria was Atari Corp's booth.

 I won't repeat the details of the new Atari Music Division or the FOSTEX
 announcements, as they were given in depth last week in Z*Net.  But the
 "feel" of the show is news in itself.

 The Atari area was the largest yet at any NAMM, apropos of Atari's new
 commitment to its official new Music Division headed up by James Grunke.
 An open area accommodated as many as 25 work stations manned in COMDEX
 fashion with a host of third party developers.  They included music
 specialty developers Hybrid Arts, Thinkware, Roland, Steinberg-Jones,
 Dr.T's, C-LAB, Fostex, JLCooper, Interval, Pixel, Korg, Hotz, and many
 more, each showing off their latest products for the Atari platform.
 For a change, non-musical software was also being shown.  Codehead
 products, Tracker-ST, Calamus, PageStream, DiamondBack, and many other
 productivity titles were shown to musicians who had, in many cases, not
 considered using their MIDI computer for anything else.

 About a third of the Atari booth was a glass sound studio in which
 musicians were able to witness real-time use of Atari computers and
 software in a live and recording studio atmosphere.  Here is where
 fairly continuous demos and press conferences were offered, educating an
 eager public to the virtues of Atari.

 And eager they were.  Where prior NAMM showings brought respectful
 attention to Atari, this one brought a searing spotlight.  It may be
 that only now are musicians realizing their need for computerized help,
 and Atari was the ONLY computer company with a satisfying booth.  Or it
 may be that Atari is increasingly understood as the overall winner in
 price, performance, and accuracy when it comes to MIDI applications.  I
 expect it is both.  No APPLE/MAC at this show.  No AMIGA.  A trifling
 IBM booth showing... windows?  Atari alone had the music technology
 specialty offerings for the entire conflagration of Music Merchants to
 view.  And they did more than view.

 They Bought.  They Bought BIG.  In the first half day of the three day
 show, Atari had already penned more deals at higher bucks than at the
 entire show last year.  And the sales pace kept up throughout the show.
 A major piano and organ chain opened its first purchase of Atari
 hardware with a six-figure order.  To start.  The crowds never let up
 inside the Atari booth, even when the isles and surrounding booths were
 on the wane.  That was unlike any trade show Atari performance I have
 ever witnessed.  It was EXCITING.

 It got more exciting when COMPUTER CHRONICLES, the National PBS computer
 series, arrived to interview, tape, and profile lots of people in the
 Atari booth.  While their special show on MIDI/MUSIC that will air the
 week of February 25 will feature all platforms, expect a MAJOR portion
 of it to be about the Atari.  They were visibly impressed, and filmed
 for hours.

 It stayed more exciting as countless face-recognition entertainment
 personalities sauntered through the booth, picking out what they planned
 to get next -- for their Atari.  The usuals, including the towering Mick
 Fleetwood, of course.  Plus everything from jazz to classical to acid to
 punk to funk.  I recognized many of them by face (thanks to MTV), but
 their names aren't part of my repertoire.  They signed a big autograph
 board, but I couldn't read most of them.  Sorry.

 The hottest news of the show was the new alliance of FOSTEX and Atari,
 with C-Lab, Dr. T's, and Steinberg working together to create the first
 automated/computerized control studio.  Fostex has integrated MIDI
 control of multiple track tape systems.  Now, from the Atari console,
 full control of any and all tape functions can be executed or assigned
 to infinite combinations of controlled MIDI events.  The motto is
 "Thread it and forget it."  The Atari makes it possible, for the first
 time.  The impact of this was NOT lost on the endless legion of
 professional recording engineers that stood, mouths open and drooling,
 over the equipment.

 Nor did they miss the impact of the remarkable Hybrid Arts Digital
 Master direct-to-disk recording and editing system.  Featuring an Atari
 ST as the head end, this unit RETAILS for under $5,000, complete, and
 can record with CD digital perfection, up to 12 minutes of fully
 editable stereo sound.  The EX version, to be ready for sale shortly,
 will feature 16 tracks and 4 output tracks, for true full recording
 studio power in an noise-free ALL ELECTRONIC media.  Cheaply.

 And the STBook wasn't missed either.  As a replacement for the STacy,
 the STBook was a hit as the ONLY "notebook" computer anywhere with
 built-in MIDI.  Atari promised shipping in quantity for March '92.  The
 line has formed already.

 Innovative incentives made potential dealers into signed dealers.  A
 promotion called "Do the Loop" invited dealers to visit each and every
 station in the Atari area, qualifying them for a drawing for a TT030
 system.  By the time they were qualified, they were typically convinced
 to be dealers, too.

 The TT gathered support as a new top professional option for MIDI work.
 All of Dr. T's products work on at TT, CUBASE has been upgraded for the
 TT, and C-Lab has committed to upgrade ALL of their products for use on
 the TT030 by year's end.

 A music developer conference, numerous press conferences, and a party in
 James Grunke's suite on Saturday night firmed up more contacts and
 contracts than Atari ever imagined or hoped.  NAMM '92 was an
 unqualified smash sucess for Atari, establishing it as, if not the ONLY
 serious music computer manufacturer, at least the ONLY one who cared
 enough to come to the musicians with the tools they need, want, and can

 If this is "Atari '92," we are in for a GREAT year.



 From adding onboard MIDI ports in 1985 to offering computer control of
 three Fostex multitrack recorders in 1992, Atari Computer continues a
 tradition of leadership in bringing computer control to more and more
 MIDI devices.

 Available in 8,16, and 24 track configurations, these Fostex reel-to-
 reel analog multitracks allow users of Atari sequencing programs such as
 Dr. T's Omega, Steinberg/Jones' Cubase, and C-LAB's Creator and Notator,
 to operate all the machines' controls from WITHIN the MIDI sequencing
 environment.  The key point behind this development was to allow
 musicians to control the recording process entirely from one interface,
 thereby minimizing technical effort and enhancing creativity.

 With the exception of threading tape at the beginning of a session,
 Fostex/Atari system users are freed from direct handling of the tape
 deck for the remainder of the session.  Enthusiasts refer to this aspect
 of the system's ease-of-use as "thread-it-and-forget-it."

 Lockup to tape is achieved by the sequencing software's SMPTE
 "instructions" being read by the Fostex recorders' onboard SMPTE
 interface.  By combining locking capability with full transport, record,
 and playback controls, the musician or recording engineer can automate
 punch-ins and punch-outs using note values, measures, SMPTE frames, or
 other timing cues resident in the sequencing software.

 A related bonus of the Fostex/Atari marriage is the ability to
 automatically "preroll" before punch-ins.  Through a common feature of
 most MIDI sequencing programs, sophisticated automated "preroll" and
 other "autolocate" functions have heretofore been unavailable on
 affordable multitrack decks.

 For example, a system consisting of an Atari 1040ST, Fostex R8 8-Track,
 MIDI/SMPTE converter, and sequencing software, starts at $4500.  With
 one tape trak reserved for SMPTE striping, such a system delivers 7
 tracks of analog (with Dolby C noise reduction), plus 16 virtual tracks
 (the minimum virtual tracks of any of the above-mentioned software),
 yielding a 23-track automated recording system, (without bouncing) at
 less than $195 per track.**

 ** Note: The above cost breakdown is ultra-conservative.  Most MIDI
 sequencing packages offer significantly more than 16 tracks, so cost-
 per-track in most cases will be much less than $195.


 In an innovative move that will change the way people make music with
 computers and tape machines, Steinberg in cooperation with Fostex, have
 upgraded their already world famous CUBASE sequencing software with
 remote control capabilities of Fostex'x G16 and G24 multitrack tape
 machines.  Studio control is available from an Atari ST computer running
 CUBASE software (Atari ST version also supports Fostex R8).  CUBASE,
 already accepted as probably the most complete music software program
 with its ability to control virtually any MIDI component from its MIDI
 Mixer, now can control not only the basic G16/G24 tape functions like
 play, start, record, fast-forward, and rewind, but you can also auto-
 locate to any position, program punch-in and punch-out markers, stripe
 SMPTE to tape, and put tracks in and out of record.

 Sequencer users have long been aware of the ability to synchronize their
 MIDI tracks along with the audio tracks of a tape machine.  Up until
 now, however, the tape machine was always the master transport control;
 the only way to play back the MIDI tracks while syneed to tape was to
 put the tape machine into play.  Now, thanks to the cooperative efforts
 of Fostex and Steinberg, you can control playback and transport
 functions from either CUBASE or the G16/G24 tape machines.  These new
 capabilities mean you have to walk over to the tape machine again, once
 the tape has been loaded all functions are available from with CUBASE.
 CUBASE offers this level of control by way of two seperate M*ROS (MIDI
 Realtime Operating System) software drivers, each designed specifically
 for the G16 and G24, respectfully.  People using these Fostex machines
 can activate the appropriate driver.  Then, a single button on the
 computer screen (appropriately labeled SYNC) is how the link between the
 computer and tape machine is made.  These capabilities represent a
 milestone in computer controlled studios, and marks the beginning of a
 persperous relationship between these two companies, which engineers
 and composers around the world will enjoy as well.


 C-LAB Software announces a powerful integration between their
 internationally respected MIDI sequencing and notation software, NOTATOR
 /CREATOR 3.1, and the industry standard Fostex series of MIDI controlled
 tape machines.

 In magazines worldwide NOTATOR/CREATOR 3.1 has been praised as the most
 powerful, intuitive MIDI software on any computer, and has over 60,000
 users worldwide.  NOTATOR/CREATOR is available exclusively for the Atari
 series of coputers, and provides integrated realtime sequencing and
 notation capabilities.

 With version 3.1 the analog recording of vocals, guitars, bass and more
 become controllable via the digital world of realtime MIDI sequencing.
 Once connected the user need never touch the Fostex machine again,
 except to change a reel of tape - it's that easy.  Complete control of
 the Foxtex R8, G16 and G24 MIDI controlled multitrack tape recorders is
 seamlessly integrated into version 3.1 of NOTATOR/CREATOR, with all
 commonly used functions supported.  Play, record, rewind, fast-forward
 as well as track enabling for recording are all possible from with the
 C-LAB programs.  Advanced programmable functions like Auto-Punch IN/OUT,
 Cycle/Loop Record and a unique "Scrub Chase" feature can be used in the
 new Graphic Arrange mode, all under realtime SMPTE control.

 The uniting of NOTATOR/CREATOR 3.1 and Fostex series of recorders
 provides musicians with the most powerful production package available
 for MIDI and tape-based music.

 C-LAB Software is distributed in the United States by Ensoniq Corp, for
 more information contact them at 155 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA
 19355 (215) 647-3930.

 * LIVE CONFERENCE FROM NAMM        (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie

 On January 18, 1992, an online conference from the Atari Booth at the
 current NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) was
 scheduled.  As can often be expected, problems arose with getting a
 clean line out of the booth that Atari could use to participate in the
 conference.  As a result, Bob Brodie, Atari's Director of
 Communications, called in by voice on a phone off the NAMM Show floor.
 His comments and answers to questions were relayed first by Nathan
 Potechin (ISD) and later by Sandy Wilson (SANDY.W).

 This was in informal conference so it lacked the normal structure of one
 of our formal conferences.  As a result, the exchanges between those
 present in the RTC and Bob are a bit chaotic to read because things jump
 around quite a bit.  But the read is worth the effort!  <smile>

 Comments made in the RTC that were not relevant to Atari at NAMM have
 been edited out of this transcript.

 January 18, 1992

 <DARLAH>  Bob is on the phone, having problems getting online.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Anybody know the booth phone number at NAMM?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Hmmm.  Line noise?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Hi ALL.  Its Nathan with Bob on my phone.  He
 couldn't get a clean line out of his hotel.  Hi Everyone!  Bob says hi
 to all too.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> So, what's happening at this whacky NAMM

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Signing up NEW Dealers.  Including LARGE Piano and
 Organ chain in California

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> That oughtta please Lloyd.

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> They held a Developer Conference today for all the
 Music Devs which went  extraordnarily well.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Which companies were represented there, Bob,
 at the Dev Con?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Last developer conference that I (BOB) attended was
 a few years back.  This one went much much smoother, probably because we
 fed ISD> them :-)  One of the more exciting developments is that we have
 Computer Chronicles filming the Atari music booth and interviewing us
 about our place in the market.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> All right!  When will it air!?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Airing Nationally the week of February 25, 1992.  I
 recall that I (Nathan) along with a few others appeared on Computer
 Chronicles once upon a time.  It was scary.  I'd never done TV. :-)

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Hey, this is great!  Our group has that one
 videotaped.  You were really cute on camera, Nathan.

 <SANDY.W> I think I still have a tape of that, Nathan <evil grin>

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> This particular show will come MIDI Music including
 coverage of the entire NAMM show, coverage of those other platforms too
 so it will not  be exclusively Atari but we should do real well by them.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Are the other platforms present in equivalent

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Two Press Conferences have been held so far, both
 of which have been standing room only events. (wild applause from

 One of the things that has caused the greatest stir here is the alliance
 between Fostex, Atari. Dr. T's, Steinberg and C-Lab to bring state of
 he art midi control to multiple track tape systems.

 Any questions please?

 <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3> In general, how has the response been to Atari, as
 opposed to other systems?

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Which devs came to the dev conference?  Did
 devs who normally write for other platforms come?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Ted, the only other system exhibiting at the show
 is IBM.  Neither Apple nor Amiga deigned to participate.  The Developers
 that attended the conference were most everyone in the music midi field
 as they are all long-time Atari supporters regardless.  Hybrid Arts,
 Amadeus, Codehead, C-Lab, Steinberg Dr.T's, etc..

 <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3> Is Atari making any new converts?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> Ted, ABSOLUTELY, reflected and proven by the fact
 of NEW DEALER SIGNUPS  at the show WITH opening order in hand!!!!!!!

 We will be making the IAAD aware of the identity of the new Dealers so
 that we can broaden their horizons. :-)

 As Nevin, the IAAD President is in attendance, he's right on top of

 For those that have just joined in, I have BOB with me on the phone as
 his telephone line acted up on him.

 <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3> Outstanding!  Will they primarily be MIDI/music
 stores, or computer dealers?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> This is the NAMM show. The primary thrust is
 certainly midi.  Make that Midi. :-)

 <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3> What is the response like to the notebook?

 <[BOB on Phone] ISD> I've lost Bob (sigh) He's been having really bad
 trouble with his line but he's about to call Sandy's. :-)

 ** <[Nathan] ISD> was <[BOB on Phone] ISD>.

 <SANDY.W> I've got Bob now.
 ** <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> was <SANDY.W>.

 <A.DIPIETRO> What will Computer Chronicles cover? Also, any print

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> The ST Book will ship in quantity in March.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> The CC thing will cover the whole NAMM show,
 not just us.

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> The commitment is for a 4 meg machine only.
 Figure price is to be in the area of $2300.

 <A.DIPIETRO> So we'll see as much as ABC Business World!  Great!

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> Machines of 1 meg configuration will be made
 available to developers sometime next month.

 <A.DIPIETRO> is the 1.44 drive in yet?  and why not! :)

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> A promotion for new dealers at the show only is
 called "Do the Loop".

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> What loop?  Must be one of those MIDI-ese

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> When they place an order at the show, they then
 visit each station at the Atari booth, carrying a card that we provide
 them listing the stations.  Once they complete the stations, they are
 eligable for a drawing for a TT system.

 <A.DIPIETRO> How are MIDI users responding?  Any pick-up in Atari sales

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> New dealers are signing up including one of the
 largest piano/organ dealers in California

 <A.DIPIETRO> What about New York City?  Have they heard of the East
 Coast out west?  You remember us????  Without us the WEST would be owned
 by somebody else! :-)

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> There are already too very large music dealers
 in NY.  Sam Ash and Manny's.  Along with another "little" outfit called
 J & R Music World.

 <[Baaad Dot] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Are they in attendance?

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> They are in attendance.

 <A.DIPIETRO> Seriously, though, any idea on Atari's direction (MIDI or
 otherwise) for Europe when they go as one?  Hey J&R doesn't have Amiga
 in this catalog but they still have atari and now Apple...yuck!

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> There are some European developers in
 attendance, there will be an equivalent show in Europe later this year.

 <[Ted] J.PATTERSON3> Has most of the interest been for ST's, ST book,
 TT, or software?

 <A.DIPIETRO> Will Atari be able to supply these dealers?  Are they sure?
 And will this effect other dealers?

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> Ted - It has been a combination of both.  Atari
 has an excellent name in the music market place.  There is substantial
 interest in the hardware.

 <A.DIPIETRO> What's the name? Tell us!! Tell us!

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> There seems to be particular interest in Mega
 STe's.  We are excited that Hybrid Arts has returned to the market with
 such zeel, under new leadership.  Cubase has been upgraded to work on a
 TT.  All of Dr. T's products work on a TT.  C Lab has comitted to
 upgrade their products to work on the TT by the end of the year.
 (Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades! <grin>)

 <[John Cole] J.COLE18> Is that new Mono monitor there?

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> John - Yes it is, and it is being very well
 received by the dealers.

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> If there are no further questions, thanks to
 everyone for coming.  There will be copies of all the NAMM press
 release in this week's Z*Net.

 <[John Cole] J.COLE18> Is Atari going to make a deal with a speaker CO.
 to provide a coupon or something so Atari people can get a decent (how
 about BOSE) speakers system for our computers? (This is a hint BTW)
 Seems like NAMM should be a good place to set that deal up!

 <[Bob on phone] SANDY.W> We have a working relationship with Fostex.
 They make high quality multiple track tape recorders.  I like your idea
 and will look into it.

 * ATARI ADVANTAGE MAGAZINE                                Press Release



 Atari Advantage Magazine!

 The authoritative magazine for ST/STE/TT computer systems.

 From the creators of ST Informer Magazine comes the most comprehensive,
 information packed Atari specific magazine ever.  Atari Advantage will
 continue ST Informer's style of hard-hitting in-depth product reviews,
 informative articles, wide spread show coverage, and most importantly..

 It will be just as fast!

 We are also going to include more up to the minute new product
 announcements and upgrade information, a much expanded business
 department, more industry news, constant coverage of personalities in
 the Atari community, educational reviews, and a renewed committment to
 the use of MIDI and the Atari.

 We at Atari Advantage have wanted to create a publication to satisfy the
 needs of the new breed of Atari user.  Now that we have the chance, look
 out!  When you see our first issue you'll see what we mean.  Atari
 Advantage will offer something for everyone.

 Want to experience the Atari Advantage?  Just print this simple form,
 fill it out (yes, even the signature...), and send it in.  What you'll
 get in return is a free sample issue sent right to your home, with no
 obligation to buy.  That's right!  You can still get something for
 nothing!  (Well, o.k. it will cost you some paper and a stamp, but heck
 that's almost nothing... right?)

 Already know you want to get the Advantage every month?  A one year
 charter subscription is only $11.00 (cheap!)  That's half the regular
 subscription price of $22.00!  Of course there is a catch, we have to
 receive your subscription and payment before March 15th in order to

 Atari Advantage Magazine
 PO Box 803
 Merlin, OR 97532
 (503) 476-3578

 ( ) YES! I want to take advantage of your special offer.  Send me the
     next 12 issues (1 year) of Atari Advantage for the charter
     subscription price of $11.  I understand that my order must be
     received before March 15, 1992 for this special offer.

 ( ) BILL ME.
 ( ) Payment enclosed.

 ( ) YES! Please send me the charter issue of Atari Advantage.  I will
     look it over and then decide whether to subscribe later at the full
     price of $22.  The charter issue is mine to keep.

   * In Canada and Mexico add $6 for postage; outside the U.S., Canada
     and Mexico add $10 for postage.  Subscriptions payable in US funds.

 Name ____________________________________________________________

 Address _________________________________________________________

 City ____________________________________________________________

 State, Zip ______________________________________________________

 Phone _____________________________

 Signature _______________________________________________________
                   (Signature required for processing)

 * NEW SUPRA FAXMODEMS & SYSOP DEAL                         News Release

 Supra will be releasing 2 new 9600 modems - the 9600 Supra FaxModem v.32
 and the 14400 Supra FaxModem v.32bis at a retail price of $299.95 and
 $399.95 respectively.  The v.32bis will be available in late January
 1992 and the v.32 will be available in February 1992.  Supra will offer
 these two modems at a special price for Sysops.

 Both modems support 300-2400bps (Bell 103/212A, V.21/22A&B/22bis/23),
 v.32 (9600bps), MNP 2-5/10, V42bis, 9600 send/receive fax (v.27ter/29),
 class 1/2 (fax software-fax modem communication standard), caller ID and
 voice. (Voice and caller ID can be enabled through low-cost, user-
 installable firmware upgrades available mid-1992.)  The v.32bis model
 adds v.32bis (14400bps) and v.17 (14400 fax).  This is all packaged in
 Supra's famous small case (1" high x 4.5" wide x 6.5" long).

 The modems will have 4 lights (RD/SD/OH/TR) and a LED display.  The
 display will show the connection rate, compression protocol, error
 correction protocol, etc. in a rotating fashion.


 This year the price of v.32/v.32bis technology will tumble to new lows.
 Supra is continuing its proud tradition of being a leader in using new
 chipsets to lead the modem industry to a new price point.


 Supra is using a new Rockwell chipset which condenses several of their
 older chips into 1 chip.  Rockwell is the leader in building modem
 chipsets.  A majority of current 9600 modems are based upon the older
 Rockwell v.32 technology.  We do not foresee any problems, but if a
 problem does occur, Supra is committed to solving it as quickly as
 possible.  Supra also offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee for products
 that are purchased directly from Supra.


 The maximum baud rate you will connect at with a HST modem is 2400.
 Depending on the age of the HST modem, you may also get a v42bis data
 compression connection.  If the user uses the USR Dual Standard modem,
 and it is setup correctly, you will connect at a baud rate of 9600 (or
 14400 if using v.32bis).  We expect that most owners of the HST modems
 will be upgrading to v.32 modems.


 Supra Corporation has been providing personal computer users with high-
 quality, low-cost peripherals since 1985.  In addition to manufacturing
 a very successful line of modems, Supra makes a variety of peripherals
 for Mac, IBM, and Amiga computers.  Supra has excelled because of its
 unique combination of quality products, competitive prices, and
 excellent customer support.

 Supra has a complete line of modems from a standard 2400 modem to a 2400
 v.42bis, a 2400 FaxModem, a 9600 FaxModem and a 14400 FaxModem.  We have
 internal versions of most of these modems for the IBM and Amiga.  As
 with most of our products, every modem that we manufacture is tested and
 burned in on our test machines.

 To obtain one of the new modems under this Sysop offer, please complete
 the following information and send it to:

 Supra Corporation
 7101 SW Supra Dr.
 Albany, OR  97321
 ATTN: Sysop Order
 or FAX the information to 503-967-2401.

 If you have any questions, please contact either Supra's Sales
 Department or the Technical Support Department at:

 503-967-2400  (main 8-5pst)
 503-967-2401  (Fax)
 503-967-2410  (Sales 7-5pst)
 800-727-8772  (Sales 7-5pst)
 503-967-2440  (Tech Support 9-4pst)
 503-967-2444  (BBS, 2 line v32bis)
 CompuServe       76004,565
 GEnie            SupraTech
 Bix              SupraCorp
 American Online  SupraCorp2

 BBS Name:________________________   BBS Software:________________
 BBS Phone:_______________________   Type of System:______________
 No. of Phone Lines:______________   Type of Modem used:__________
 No. Calls per Month:_____________   No. of Modems:_______________
 How long in operation:___________

 BILL TO:_________________________________________________________
 City______________   State_____   Zip________   Phone____________
 Contact Name:____________________________________________________
 Circle one of the following:     VISA     MASTERCARD     COD
 Card Numbers__________________________   Expiration Date_________
 SHIP TO:_________________________________________________________
 City______________   State_____   Zip________   Phone____________
 Referred by:_____________________________________________________
 Model:                    Price:                   Quantity:
 SupraFAXModem V.32        $199.95 (modem only)     _____
 SupraFAXModem V.32bis     $249.95 (modem only)     _____
 Route:                    Price:                   Quantity:
 ___ Ground                $ 5.00/pc                _____
 ___ Blue Label            $ 8.00/pc                _____
 ___ Express               $12.00/pc                _____

 * PERUSING GENIE                                  Compiled by Ed Krimen

 In the "ISD Product Support" category (16)
 from the "Calamus" topic (2)

 Message 316       Sun Jan 19, 1992
 L.ROCHA1 [Lou Rocha]         at 14:25 EST

 Wayne, it sounds like you DON'T have a speedboard. Therefore, let me
 tell you a little about my experience with Fast Technology's T-25.

 When I ask Calamus to print a 1.09 N document, it processes the page and
 sends the print command in 3 to 10 seconds, depending on how much
 graphics are on that page.  The SLM804 kicks out the first page in 15
 seconds, with 4 more copies in less than a minute!

 Using the Calamus SL demo, the T-25 processes and prints first copies in
 less than 45 seconds on average.  With the re-optimized version of SL
 that will be released, I would expect SL documents to print just as fast
 as those created in 1.09N.

 In addition to printing speed, the T-25 is a lightning bolt at redrawing
 pages with or without graphics.  A truly marvellous enhancement for the
 ST computer.

 In the "Software Library and Other Utilities" category (2)
 from the "Diamond Back -- HD Backup utility" topic (42)

 Message 71        Mon Jan 20, 1992
 M.LIGAS [Mark]               at 00:12 EST

 Hey, can I get some info on Diamondback?

 1) Does it work with the PowerDrive (1.44M Disks?)
 2) Does it support backing up to=> Syquest Drives?
 3) Does it do compression?
 4) How much $

 Thanks Potential customer.
 Message 72        Mon Jan 20, 1992
 J.MEEHAN3 [>> Joe M << ]     at 07:13 EST


 1) Yes, PowerDrive 1.44 suported
 2) Yes, Syquest support, I think (I don't have one) [;-(
 3) Yes, Compression, quite nicely
 4) My copy was $44.95 list price

 >> Joe Meehan <<

 In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 from the "Atari's new TOS 2.06" topic (8)

 Message 156       Thu Jan 16, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 04:01 EST

 Steve, Jim, et al:

 I am far from the head of TOS Development.  Leonard Tramiel is my boss
 and he is the person that could qualify for the title of "Head of TOS

 And just so you are aware, there are about 6-7 people working on TOS
 directly and about 10-15 more working on various other things relating
 to TOS.  For example, 3-4 people (mostly three) worked directly on
 FSMGDOS for quite some time.  4 people (myself included) worked on the
 Extensible Control Panel, etc.

 The number of people doing software has increased over the years.  We
 rarely have people leave from this department of the company and we work
 on LOTS of stuff relating to maintaining/improving TOS.

 BTW.. In case you were wondering, Leonard's offical title is Vice
 President of Software.  His counterpart is Richard Miller who is Vice
 President of Hardware (I think his title is something like that) and
 both report directly to Sam Tramiel, CEO and President of Atari Corp.

 If you have any other questions, please ask away.  Just wanted to clear
 up the misconception about our software development here at Atari.
 There are actually quite a few people in the department (We are a good
 sized department, nothing close to what you would find at IBM or Apple,
 but not 2-3 people either ;-) and from what I hear, we could be
 expanding in the future (LOTS and LOTS of stuff to do !!)

 In the "Goldleaf" category (35)
 from the "Lattice C" topic (7)

 Message 27        Tue Jan 21, 1992
 HISOFT                       at 13:48 EST

 Lattice C/TT exists as a beta.  Much (most ?) of the functionality will
 appear in the next release.  I hope this is less than 4 weeks away.
 Regarding FPU support, all library options *will* be supplied.

 On your other two Q's:

 Yes a 68881 is identical to a 68882 in user mode, but *not* in
 supervisor mode.  Fortunately Motorola make detection of important
 parameters easy so that even in supervisor mode code should be upwardly
 compatible (as far as I'm aware our code will cope on a 68881, 68882 and
 68040 (assuming your 68040 as an FPU support library)).

 The extra -f option you want is -fa, and its already there (its the
 flavour DynaCADD uses for its ST version), although the performance is
 about 1/10th of what is possible on a TT using -f8.

 Alex Kiernan, HiSoft.

 In the "Programmers and Programming Software Discussions" category (3)
 from the "Ask _ANY_ Programming Question" topic (31)

 [This message thread started with the question from one individual who
 wanted to know if his nephew should use another computer other than an
 ST to learn programming.]

 Message 197       Thu Jan 16, 1992
 D.A.BRUMLEVE [kidprgs]       at 22:28 EST

 My son, age 13, has marketable skills in this area and he did it all
 with an ST.  He started with GFA Basic at 8 and picked up C through
 programming classes here online last year.  He expanded that knowledge
 with Clay Walnum's book.  My son uses Lattice C on an upgraded 520.
 Last summer, he took another programming class at the high school; he
 knew more than the teacher.  Now he is programming an international
 online MUD (a type of role-playing game) using both C and UNIX.  The
 transition to UNIX has been trivial; he uses the UNIX by accessing a
 mainframe from his 520.  He's been paid for programming at the local
 University (of Illinois).

 There's no need for your nephew to switch platforms in order to gain
 these skills.  I highly recommend the MUD route once he has something to
 bring to it; the MUDs are accessed through the internet.

 In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 from the "Font Scaling Module -- The New GDOS" topic (18)

 Message 28        Fri Jan 17, 1992
 SFRT-ASST [Kene @ SFRT]      at 23:29 EST

 What's the latest on the release date of FSMGDOS?
 Message 29        Sat Jan 18, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 16:54 EST

 Since Bill Rehbock is currently out of town.. I will attempt to answer
 for him.  The latest information that I have is that we are still
 working on packaging.  We had some foul-ups with the company we were
 working with and that has pushed us back on a release date.

 We are still working on it and hope to have the packages available soon.
 Trust me, we want to sell this thing to you as much as you want to buy
  -- John
 Message 35        Mon Jan 20, 1992
 SFRT-ASST [Kene @ SFRT]      at 19:09 EST

 Will future machines come with it?  Is there about to be a "standard"
 Atari setup with TOS 2.06 and FSMGDOS?

 Be still my heart.
 Message 36        Tue Jan 21, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 02:02 EST

 I know that we are planning to put it on all of your systems with Hard
 Disks.  In fact, I believe that FSMGDOS will be pre-installed, setup,
 and ready to run your favorite GDOS applications! <grin>

 As for when, I not really sure.  I hope soon.  Sooner the better!

 -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

 PS. If I hear any news on this subject, I will be sure to let everyone
 know right here in this topic.

 In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 from the "Notebook and Pad?" topic (7)

 Message 27        Wed Jan 22, 1992
 B.REHBOCK [Bill@Atari]       at 03:08 EST

 We are going to produce approximately 700-1000 1 meg ST Books (most are
 already spoken for).  After that, production will be moved to the 4 meg

 Gregg, I don't have any pics to scan for you (yet).  Send e-mail to
 MIKE-FULTON, he may have a couple he can scan for you.

 Nathan, send me a check, we're taking developer orders! :-)

 In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 from the "Mega STE" topic (14)

 Message 213       Sun Jan 19, 1992
 JEFF.W [ST Sysop]            at 16:57 EST


 >Can I run a hirez to a TV on the RF output?

 No.  Even if you could, you wouldn't be able to read it or you'd go
 blind trying.  Your SC1224 has a much superior display.  Use it in
 medium resolution until your mono monitor is fixed/replaced.

 In the "Flaming - Debating - Discussions - Rumors" category (18)
 from the "Antic Publishing's Demise" topic (11)

 Message 108       Thu Jan 16, 1992
 D.BECKEMEYER [David @ BDT]   at 03:49 EST

 Here is the name of the Law Office that has contacted me representing
 Antic.  They must have some relationship with them if they are trying to
 collect on old bills (long since paid BTW).  One would think that they
 have a contact at Antic.

 Frank Reiche
 Law Offices of Forest D. Hill
 (213) 397-3212

 In the "Lynx - The Game Machine" category (36)
 from the "Games - What is out there??" topic (2)

 Message 163       Mon Jan 20, 1992
 J.KOVACH                     at 03:18 EST

 According to the information I gathered at Winter CES, NFL Football is
 scheduled for April release, along with a number of other sports games:

 Baseball Heroes
 NFL Hockey
 World Class Soccer

 Of all the sports games I had the opportunity to test out, NFL Hockey
 was my favorite.  Great gameplay and several screens of stats.  Don't
 count any of the other games out tho, they all looked good, and 5 min
 isn't time enough to get an accurate opinion of a product.  One thing I
 am confused on is the number of players each of the sports games will
 have.  I have contradictory information in my notes vs. what has
 appeared in some magazines.  I will be contacting Atari this week to get
 this straightened out.

 Here are some other notes on CES:

 January: SuperSkweek-Cute game with really sharp graphics.  200+ levels,
          this game is situated on a grid, and you must walk on every
          'tile' to change it's color.

 February: Toki-Great conversion of the arcade game, with terrific sound.
           I had to ask if there were more than 16 colors on-screen!
           Surprisingly enough, there weren't.  This game appeared
           complete at CES.  I loved it.

           Crystal Mines II:  The long awaited release from Color Dreams.
           Wish I knew why it took so long!!  200+ levels, similar to the
           computer classic Boulderdash, but with many more game

 March:    Hyperdrome-Similar in appearance to the computer classic Ball
           Blazer by Lucasfilm games, but with some additional twists.

           Lynx Casino-The version I saw at CES was incomplete, but the
           final will feature craps, poker, blackjack, slots, and
           roulette.  The box art features a black Atari limo, but the
           one I rode in was WHITE.  And had the Lynx logo on it...

 April:    Dirty Larry, Pit Fighter, Baseball Heroes, Basketbrawl, NFL
           Football, Hockey, and World Class Soccer are all scheduled for
           this month.  But I feel you may see these releases begin in
           late March and continue thru May.  And Pit Fighter might be
           out late.  But those are just my gut feelings...

 Also got some sneak peaks at a few other titles under development:

           The Guardians: Storm Over Doria--This was an older EPROM of
           the game, and they are now a lot further along, but what I saw
           looked great, especially the map which scrolls several screens
           in every direction.

           Daemonsgate I: Looks to be a great RPG.  Viewed from overhead,
           and you can zoom out a number of times, until you are finally
           looking at the entire game map.  24 ingredients to combine to
           make potions, and quantities matter!!

           Kung Food:  Fight food in your refrigerator and freezer.
           Sounds ridiculous, but the graphics were awesome!

           Dino Quest:  This looks like a must-have game.  You control
           cave dudes (one at a time), and each level is a quest to
           obtain something at the end of the level.  Your guys are
           scattered throughout the level, and you must position them in
           different ways so that at least one of them can make it to the
           end...  Similar to Lemmings, but you control one guy at a
           time, and they are large and detailed on your screen.  With
           Option 2, you can switch to a mode where you are viewing the
           entire level, and your men are about 3 pixels high...

 Also shown were Battlezone 2000, Hydra, and Steel Talons.  I invite Todd
 Ellering to share his comments on those games, and to add his comments
 about the others too.  You listening Todd?

 In the "Lynx - The Game Machine" category (36)
 from the "Lynx accessories" topic (18)

 Message 161       Mon Jan 20, 1992
 J.KOVACH                     at 03:32 EST

 Two new Lynx accessories were announced and privately shown at Winter

 First of all, an update to an existing Lynx accessory, the sunscreen.
 Shown was a new model for the new Lynx.  It snaps on, gripping the
 ridges on the top and bottom sides of the Lynx.  It doesn't matter
 whether you put it on for left or right handed play, as there is a hole
 for the power light on either side.  Also, the lid had the Atari logo on
 it, instead of the smooth surfaced lid of the sunscreen for the original
 Lynx.  The sunscreen itself retains it's pop-up tent design.

 Secondly, a battery pack is coming!!!  No, it does not cost $40+ like
 some battery packs for some other system.  No, it cannot be recharged
 while the batteries are in it.  And no, it does not give you an
 additional 6-10 hours playing time.  What it does do is give you 25-30
 hours of playing time, using D batteries.  Of course, you can always use
 rechargeables in it, and you can't beat the price--around $15.  Has a
 belt clip and a shoulder strap.  Also can serve as a weapon if you are
 getting mugged :).

 Both of these accessories should be hitting the stores any time!!  They
 are sure to sell out quick, like the original sunscreens and Lynx cases


 ISD Marketing, Inc.
 Toronto Canada January 17, 1992

 Over the course of the past few months I have been observing one new
 release or upgrade after another, in the field of desktop publishing on
 the Atari platform.  I was well aware of the fact that Atari-based
 desktop publishing was coming of age with some notable releases,
 definitely comparable to the best available on any other computer
 platform.  The old axiom "last but not least" almost applies in this
 case because Calamus SL is certainly not "least" in comparison to any
 other desktop publishing software and I suspect it won't be the last
 either.  :-) I've followed the marketing hype surrounding new product
 and have made a point of staying mostly quiet, knowing that my time was
 fast approaching.  I have not pre-sold nor pre-advertised.  What I have
 done is insure that Calamus SL would be released in North America,
 Australia and New Zealand exactly at the correct time.  And that time is

 It brings me great pleasure to announce the release of Calamus SL.  For
 those of you that have waited patiently for so long, please accept my
 sincere thank you.

 Calamus SL Transforms Calamus

 ISD is proud to present Calamus SL.  Consider this a new entry into the
 field of desktop publishing.  SL marks the transformation of Calamus
 from an excellent desktop publishing program to an expansive DTP
 environment.  With its new modular design, Calamus has become the center
 of a powerful and ever-expanding universe of DTP tools.

 As a Calamus owner, you will be able to purchase modules to suit your
 specific needs.  Development continues on many additional modules.

 WYNIWYG  "What You Need Is What You Get"

 ISD brings "WYNIWYG" to desktop publishing.  The modular concept means
 that you purchase exactly what you need today, with the knowledge that
 additional modules are available when you require them.  Your choice is
 now easier and more economical since you will be purchasing specialized
 modules rather than entire packages.

 We believe that you will enjoy working with Calamus SL, not only
 because of its new power, but because of its similarity to Calamus
 1.09N.  The skills you have already developed will still be applicable
 in SL and your productivity will increase.

 The basic Calamus SL package contains the following:

 *  A new 600 page manual.
 *  Three program disks

 and eight standard modules:

 *  Clipboard Module
 *  Page Module
 *  Frame Module
 *  Text Module
 *  Text Style Module
 *  Line Module
 *  Raster Area Module
 *  Document Converter

 We have also decided to bundle two additional modules (for a limited
 time only) with your Calamus SL package.

 *  PKS Write
 *  Raster Generator

 Further, we will also bundle two AGFA Compugraphic font families with
 Calamus SL; specifically CG Times and CG Triumvirate.  (Note: For those
 that already own these fonts, we will provide you with equivalent value
 fonts instead.)

 While the interface and command structure are essentially unchanged from
 earlier versions, the standard elements have been greatly expanded.

 Calamus SL contains dozens of new features and powerful enhancements:

 * Above all else, The ability to accept modules, internal or 3rd party;

 * The ability to process and pre-process large passages of text with
   speed and precision.

 * Extended raster control with freely definable raster angles and
   widths.  Intensity and contrast can now be corrected, while an
   integral histogram allows you to optimise an image for your output

 * The PKS-Write Text Editor provides standard wordprocessing functions
   plus the ability to edit layout information.

 * The addition of Cache and Virtual Memory speeds up and extends memory-
   dependent functions.

 * Create hundreds of macros, each assigned to a definable key binding
   which can be saved and automatically installed in each work session.

 * Open up to seven documents at one time allowing cut & paste to your
   new scrolling clipboard.

 * Create and assign master pages (style sheets).

 * Create and save text style lists.

 * Create registration and crop marks for overlay and finishing work.

 * Expand, compress and skew text.

 * Rotate and mirror frames.

 * Control frame placement and size to 7 decimal places.

 * Print parts of pages (tiling).

 * Define more than 16 million colors and save in color lists.

 * Set units of measurement for pages, fonts and lines.

 * Choose from three frame display modes; Transparent, Opaque and

 * Align frames to other frames.

 * Define vertical alignment settings.


 Currently, more than a dozen modules and scores of drivers are available
 for use with Calamus SL.  We will publicize the availability of new
 modules, drivers and upgrades through our normal Customer Support
 channels, as well as through periodic mailings to our registered users.

 Calamus SL has a suggested retail price of US $795.00.  We do take into
 consideration your previous purchase.  Calamus 1.09N retails for US
 $299.95, a difference of approximately US $500.00.

 Our upgrade charge to our REGISTERED 1.09N customers is US $200.00
 which includes the new manual and program as well as the AGFA
 Compugraphic fonts and modules as indicated on the preceding page.  Our
 personal commitment for 1992 as a company, is to offer unprecedented
 VALUE and SUPPORT to our customers.


 We currently have three modules available for separate purchase, as part
 of our decision to offer you "WYNIWYG"; Speed Line (auto-tracer) Module,
 Color Separation Module and Vector Graphic Editor Module.

 Speed Line Auto-Tracer

 Speed Line brings Monochrome Auto-tracing to Calamus converting
 illustrations into vector graphics. It automatically creates vectors
 utilizing (Bezier) curves, lines and areas.  The simplified user
 interface offers several optimizing functions to enable you to define
 line, angle and pixel correction together with conversion options for
 Bezier curves and line art.  The Speed Line Auto-tracer converts a
 raster graphic to a vector graphic within seconds, which can then be
 modified by any of the existing Calamus drawings tools, particularly
 those contained in the Vector Graphic module or Outline Art.  Your cost
 US $49.95.

 Color Separation

 Our color separation module allows you to define separation filters,
 including the definition of undercolor removal and adornment (spot
 color).  This module allows the use of CYMK, CMY and IHS models, as well
 as the capability to support new models such as Pantone, HKS and
 Truematch, once they become available.  Your cost for this module is US

 Vector Graphic Editor

 Our Vector Editor allows the creation and editing of monochrome or color
 vector graphics, editing of polylines for irregular text flow and much
 much more.  I have enclosed a few snap shots of the many features.  This
 is the perfect internal tool for editing of auto-traced graphics.  You
 can join sub-paths, distort and freely rotate all elements or even apply
 different colors to every vector graphic part.  Your cost for this
 module is US $99.95.

 Please, place your order for Calamus SL NOW as well as ordering any of
 the three additional modules you may require.  Orders can be sent in
 Email to ISD along with your Visa or Mastercard number, by telephone at
 (416) 479-1880 or by mailing in your money order to:

 ISD Marketing, Inc.,
 2800 John Street, Unit # 15
 Markham, Ontario
 Canada L3R 0E2

 Expect 3 new modules to become available within the next 60 days
 including Dataformer, (both raster and vector), Mount & Print and Job

 TURBO 030 from Fast Technology

 I am pleased to announce the release of the new TURBO030 board designed
 and built by Jim Allen of Fast Technology.  I have had the pleasure of
 working closely with Jim over these past months, testing the TURBO030
 board with Calamus, Calamus SL, DynaCADD, Cranach Studio and more.  The
 result is truly amazing.  In fact, I am taking this one step further and
 have formed an association with Mr. Allen in order to offer this product
 directly to my own customers.

 TURBO030 performs as if specifically designed for Mega ST DynaCADD/
 Calamus owners... and it was.  For those of you using our products
 professionally, it becomes very easy to justify the cost of the TURBO030
 board based on the obvious and immediate increase in productivity.  I
 have been examining this issue from all sides, based upon my own
 knowledge of the market.  Taking into consideration the investment you
 have already made in your system i.e., Mega ST4, SM124, Moniterm or ISAC
 board and associated monitors, an investment none of us have any wish to
 forfeit, the TURBO030, in my opinion, is a natural upgrade path.

 The TURBO030 offers a substantial increase in speed=productivity, while
 preserving your previous investment.

 Using the TURBO030, screen redraws in Calamus are instant.  The
 Printer.CDK, for example, heads for the SLM605 in about 5 seconds while
 DynaCADD can repaint the T20 Tigershark in about 3 seconds flat instead
 of 72 seconds.  If time is money to you, this board is a MUST!!

 The TURBO030 is a complete MegaST system enhancement.  Using a 68030
 processor running at 40 Mhz, and an optional (US $299.95) 68882 FPU math
 coprocessor running at 50 or 60Mhz, the TURBO030 provides state-of-the-
 art processing speed.

 Backing up the 68030 is 4 Megabytes of 32 bit burst mode ram which
 REPLACES your MegaST4's 16 bit ram.

 Accompanying the 68030 is a standard 68000 chip to ensure complete
 software compatibility with older software utilities.

 The TURBO030 design is totally ST compatible, so it runs Calamus,
 Calamus SL, and DynaCADD without difficulty.

 The speed increase, compared to other upgrade options, either from Atari
 or other third party developers, is truly impressive.

 The suggested retail price of the TURBO030, fully loaded as described
 above, is US $1,995.00.  For a limited time only, the cost to registered
 customers of ISD is US $1,495.00, a savings of $500.00.

 For those who are more budget conscious, we have also arranged a saving
 on Jim's second board configuration, specifically, the 40 Mhz TURBO030,
 equipped with a Static Ram Cache which will bring your system up to TT
 speed.  The suggested retail price of this board is US $1,195.00.  To
 all our registered customers, this board is only US $995.00, a savings
 of $200.00.

 Note:  It is not recommended that you install this board yourself.
 Either make arrangements to have this done by your local Atari Dealer or
 we can have it done here, for Canadian customers, or at Fast Technology
 for US customers, for a flat fee of $100.00.  Please allow up to 6 weeks
 for delivery.  However, if you currently own a T16, you can simply
 remove the T16 and insert the TURBO030 into the socket.


 CALAMUS SERIAL NUMBER________________________

 NAME __________________________________________________________________
 ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________
 CITY ___________________________PROVINCE / STATE ______________________
 COUNTRY _________________________POSTAL CODE / ZIP CODE _______________
 TEL. # WORK ____________________________HOME __________________________
 VISA <>  M/C <> # ____________________________________EXP. DATE__/__/__
 SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________________

                                              US $       CDN $

 Upgrade to Calamus SL                     $200.00      $229.00
 Vector Line Art Editor Module              $99.95      $115.00
 Speed Line Auto|trace Module               $49.95       $55.00
 Color Separation Module                    $49.95       $55.00
 The Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing    $29.95       $34.95
 (ends Feb. 28/92)                         $149.95      $169.95
 Vector Clip Art Library (all 3 sets)       $99.95      $119.95
 The Calamus Font Editor PROMOTION          $49.95       $59.95
 Fast Technology's 40 mhz TURBO 030       $1495.00     $1695.00
 Fully loaded
 Fast Technology 40 mhz TURBO 030          $995.00     $1155.00
 Static Ram Cache 68030

 AGFA Compugraphic Fonts. SPECIAL (ends Feb. 28/92) BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE

 Ontario residents, please add 8% Sales tax.  Canadian customers please
 include 7% GST

 * THE SOFTWARE SHELF                                  by Ron Berinstein

 "Well think of it this way," I said to my wife, when asked about all
 that time I spend in front of my computer.  "Think of all the money I'd
 have to spend at the commercial software houses in order to get
 satisfying programming.  This allows me to pay the lower cost of
 shareware software,  and give you the difference."  Immediately, she
 brought me a pillow for my chair.

 A lot of entries in this week's software sweepstakes!  I can remember
 when ST Writer received it's "last" update.  So much for folks who say
 "never."  ST Writer Elite is now at version 4.5!  Foreign language
 versions have been released as well.  This week everyone has been
 talking about, "Superboot Sunday parties" Version 7.2 has been released!
 Hmm, I wonder why the NFL calls their port of this standard ST program,
 "Superbowl?"  And talking about backing up files always brings to mind
 Turtle, and guess what just crawled in the door.  That's right, the all
 new version!  Add to these a Clean Up Demo, and the new ICD host adaptor
 support programs, and you have a mighty good opprtunity to enjoy
 yourself this weekend.

 So, ladies and gentlemen, these and more are all posted for your
 pleasure.  Step right up and for the price of one thin cable, a modem,
 and a little more, we'll put you in a seat with a pillow!

 So, let's ZIP right along!

 STZIP11.ZIP  STZIP Version 1.1 incorporates a GEM interface!  It also is
 fully compatible with PKZIP from the IBM community.  That means you
 should be able to extract any file compressed with PK and PK should be
 able to extract any file you compress w/ STZIP.  In this file, you will
 find a program file (Gem), and a TTP file.  Both of these files run
 perfectly after having been compacted.  (PFX etc..)  All docs are
 included and are in English as are the programs.  Use any ST unzipper to
 open this archive.

 UNZIPSRC.ZIP   has C source code for UNZIP version 4.1 (1991) the ZIP
 portion was uploaded in ZIP_CSRC.ZIP.  Part of the portable zip series
 that is on usenet (the unix network).

 ZIP_CSRC.ZIP   ZIP and UNZIP C source code ... part of the portable ZIP
 project that has been floating around the UNIX usenet networks.
 Mentioned recently in the Jan 1992 issue of the C Users Journal.

 And while on the subject of archivers...

 UNARJST.LZH  This file decompresses *.ARJ files which are found in many
 IBM BBS's.  Tested on a TT030.

 And for moving things right along...

 SPBT72.LZH  (also SUPRBT72.LZH)  Super Boot V7.2 -- Lets you select
 which desk accessories, auto programs, and DESKTOP.INF file to use.  Set
 the date, time, write verify, and more.  Lets you select GEM programs to
 autoboot.  Use function keys to select commonly used sets of files.
 Password protection of your hard drive.  Graphic Welcome Screen &
 digitized sound.  NEW: Now works on all ST & STE models & all TOS
 versions, new sequential picture/sound mode, new status screen, bug
 fixes, more.... Look for version 8.0 soon as well.

 RUFTRN.LZH  This file contains the translated doc files for RUFUS, the
 telecomunications program.  Also, a "patch" program that will translate
 your copy of RUFUS.PRG and RUFUS.RSC into English is in this archive.
 You need to have RUFUS version 1.02 to use the patches.  The patch WILL
 NOT work on any other version, sorry.  If you have RUFUS v1.02 in
 German, you need this file!  Also includes a CISLOG file to get you onto
 CIS and a RUFUS.RUF file.

 QPXTERM.ARC   QPX is a system that allows viewing of pictures over the
 modem.  In this system a 160 x 100 pixel picture can be received and
 displayed at 2400 baud in less than 10 seconds.  Pictures contain up to
 8 grey levels.  color req'd. TT Compatible.

 HSFIX.LZH  HSFIX.LZH is a High Speed Fix for those who use TOS 1.4 or
 higher AND a 16Mhz or higher upgrade.  Stops Character loss and speeds
 up the oerall performance.  With the MSTE use this and Serial Patch 2 to
 correct problems with the serial port's behavior.

 SET MEGASTE CPU SPEED  contains two small utilities for changing the
 MegaSTE speed betwixt 8 and 16 Mhz.

 RAPSHEET 1.4  (also RAPSHT.ARC)  Rapsheet time logging program.  Allows
 you to keep track of how much time is spent on various tasks (on your
 computer or elsewhere).  Breaks down tasks by type (work, play, etc.).
 Great for keeping records of how much of your computer is for work and
 how much for play (for tax reasons).  Also great for recording time
 spent on various tasks at work for billing.  New features in version 1.4
 are sorting of tasks, longer task names, use as ACC or PRG (ACC only
 works for registered users).

 CLDEMO.ARC   This is a demo of Cleanup ST, ICD's hard disk diagnostic
 and repair program.  The demo does everything the real version does
 except write its changes.  Confused FATs, disheveled directories, and
 corrupt clusters are no match for this program.  Both the demo and the
 real program require an ICD host adapter.

 So, what's the good word?

 STWEL4.ARC   (also STWEL45.ARC)  V 4.5 of ST WRITER ELITE word
 processor.  Formats 1.44 Meg floppys on ST's and TT's with 1.44 Meg
 drives.  Configurable formatting options.  Plus, it now works with DC

 STW4GS.ARC  German and Spanish versions of ST WRITER ELITE V.4.5 word
 processor.  It has the misspellings corrected.  Fully configurable
 formatting settings, tabs, background color, default file specifier.
 Works in all resolutions on all ST's and TT's.  And for DC Desktop
 users, this version will make you happy.

 ACAPTU.LZH   You've just read your E-mail but forgotten to open your
 buffer so you have to re-read.  Auto-Capture solves this problem by
 saving all incoming text to a disk file.  Full documentation included.

 Game players alert...

 WIZZ35.LZH  (/\)izzard's BBS online game. Version 3.5!  This is the long
 awaited ARENA version.  It is fully enabled and has been throughly beta
 tested.  Some think it is real good!

 TADS VERSION 1.2   This is version 1.2 of the Text Adventure Development
 System (TADS).  TADS is actually an Object Oriented Language compiler,
 especially designed to create text adventures.  It is also platform
 independent, so if you write a game on your ST, it can be compiled and
 played on the PC and Mac as well.  The shareware fee is only $25, and
 you get a well-written 144 page manual, an equally well-written 32 page
 v1.2 Update Notes and some extra programs to make your own programs more
 polished.  It is well worth the shareware fee if you have an interest in
 developing a text adventure or two.

 REVENGE OF THE MUTANT CAMELS-LH5   Revenge isn't quite as flat-out manic
 as Llamatron.  You may or may not be relieved to hear that.  Revenge has
 the same gameplay modes as Llamatron: Solo, Droid (called CPU ASSIST in
 Revenge) and Two-Player.

 SOLDIER SCENARIO CREATOR  This is the Scenario Builder for Barry Kolbe's
 popular shareware game SOLDIERS.  This is the fully functioning version
 of the program.  It allows you to create new levels and troop layouts

 RAILROAD TYCOON 4MEG FIX FROM UK  is from MicroProse UK's Peter Moreland
 to help your Railroad Tycoon 4 Meg Blues.

 YATZE.ARC  This is just a normal yahtzee game.  It runs in low
 resolution.  Written in GFA Basic.  For one player, two players, or you
 against the computer.  Bug fixed from first upload.

 Programmer's corner:

 MAKEME.LZH  Make menu, is a little program that allows you to create
 dropdowm menus for use within GFA BASIC programs.

 GNU C COMPILER (VERSION 1.40)  This is the GNU C compiler (version 1.40)
 for the Atari ST/TT family of computers.  It is a ANSI C compiler from
 the Free Software Foundation, Inc.  To use this, it would be best to
 have at least 2 megs and a hard drive.

 GDB14_15.LZH (LH5)  Another major revision of the ST port of GDB the
 Free Software Foundation's source-level debugger.  The README file
 advises that "TOS 1.4 or better is required unless you recompile ... ",
 and "Please get rid of gdb Patchlevel 14 or older" . :') Sources and
 diffs are available via anon. ftp at atari.archive.umich.edu.

 MREF.LZH  This file is a simple C (and C++) cross-referencer that shows
 variable names and the lines that they appear on in a report format.
 Written in 100% assembly language using DevPac 2.

 BINKLEYTERM ST SOURCE CODE is the C Source code for BinkleyTerm-ST
 version 3.01.  BinkleyTerm-ST 3.00 is (C) Copyright 1990,1991 Steven W

 SZADB2IS.ZOO  is SZADB 2.1, the Sozobon C symbolic (machine code)
 debugger, extensively revised and updated by Michal Jaegermann and
 Anthony Howe.  It currently works with Alcyon, Sozobon, GCC with the GST
 extension, Mark Williams, and SozobonX (extended) symbol tables.  This
 archive contains the C source code to SZADB.

 SOZOFIX.LZH   Sozobon 1.33i had a slight bug in the minstart.o code.
 This archive contains a replacement (fixed) minstart.o and a description
 of the problem thanks to one of the Internet folks!

 How does this sound to you?

 CDPLAYER.LZH   NT/ST .MOD player for STE's.  This emulates a CD player
 stacked on top of an amplifier.  It has most of the basic controls you'd
 expect on a CD player and amplifier, and features horizontal light
 meters for left and right channels, as well as four vertical light
 meters that emulate a graphics equalizer.  Plays up to 32 .MODs
 consecutively!  This is a good for any STE owner with a COLOR MONITOR.
 (Mono NOT supported!)  Will not work on a TT.

 DANCER.LZH   Color Dancer is a MIDI driven slide/light show.  Loading a
 group of DEGAS low rez pictures and connecting a MIDI device into the
 MIDI Input port, the colors of the image will be controlled by the
 dynamics, rythym, tempo, chords and notes of the MIDI music.  The result
 is a slide show to the rythym of your music.  Low Res.


 MTCON2.LZH  Bi-directional METRIC/US Converter - again!  This version
 runs in TOS 1.04 or higher Medium and Hi-Rez...  Has full original GUI..

 UPGRADE TO STALKER 3.01   Upgrade patch to STalker 3.00.  You need your
 original STalker 3.00 disk.  This is of NO USE TO YOU if you don't have
 STalker 3.00.  This will upgrade you to 3.01.

 RESMOD12.ARC  are the most recent versions of M2Converter and CConverter
 included.  .TTP and wildcards are now supported.

 FONES12.LZH  version 1.2 is now released containing interface

 TX2CNVT1.LZH   This is the first released update to the TX2 Converter in
 quite a while.  It will convert Z*Net, STReport, and GEnie Lamp PR to
 the TX2 format, with plenty of special effects and an index!  It can
 also convert between ST Writer and TX2 files, so you can create and edit
 your own TX2 files.  This new version creates Level 4 files only.

 FUJIMAUS.LZH  Latest (bug free) enhancements to FujiDesk.  A mouse
 pointer that looks where it's going and falls to dreamland after a
 period of inactivity!  A ticking watch replaces the busy bee!  It would
 be even nicer though if the watch actually was an indicator of progress.
 A spinning or rainbow Fuji adorns your menu bar.  PLUS!  At LAST!  A
 "fix" for nasty alerts that have NO MOUSE POINTER!

 JETLOPE2.LZH   JETLOPE ver 1.1 is a update to the previous file
 uploaded.  It was converted over from the IBM side to the ST.  It will
 display your address info as it will look when printed.  TURTLE.ARC
 Hard disk back up program, version 3.20. Requires 1M or more of memory,
 any resolution display.

 ICDHOST.ARC   This file contains the latest versions of all ICD host
 adapter support programs.  Check the file VERSIONS.TXT for specific
 version numbers (included in this archive and separately).

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie, Compuserve,
 and Delphi online services.

 To sign up for DELPHI service, call (with modem)  (800) 695-4002.  Upon
 connection,  hit  <return> once or twice.  At Password:  type ZNET  and
 hit <return>.
 To  sign up for GEnie service call (with modem)  (800) 638-8369.   Upon
 connection type HHH and hit <return>.   Wait for the U#= prompt and type
 XTX99436,GEnie and hit <return>.
 To sign up for CompuServe service call (with phone) (800) 848-8199.  Ask
 for operator #198.   You will be promptly sent a $15.00 free  membership
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